Climate Activists Take Over Pelosi’s Office

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November 19, 2019 3:54 PM ET

Climate activists from the group Extinction Rebellion are occupying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office for a hunger strike until she agrees to convene with them.

89 thoughts on “Climate Activists Take Over Pelosi’s Office

    • My thought exactly, Sunny. The video should be of them in handcuffs, being marched outside.


      • No security means they have tacit agreement to squat the office while Peolsi is out of town.

        A hunger strike is something you do until you die. eg Bobby Sands MP in UK.

        Not eating for a few days is called FASTING. It’s a good practice, I recommend it. However it is not a reason for anyone else to bend to your demands.

        These pretentious bourgeois eco-loons are a dishonour to anyone who every really had the commitment to go on hunger strike. Totally shameful.

      • Of course Pelosi’s office is complicit , otherwise they would have been removed immediately. Try invading some prominent representatives office and see how long you last.

        If they think they need “sodium supplements” on the first day of fasting they should talk to someone who has actually done it.

        I tried searching for some update on this and can’t find any reports fresher than 3days ago when the coordinated PR burst started. Is this “global hunger strike” even existing at this point. Or was it just for one day?

  1. Remember when Pelosi said “…if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.”?

    This is what you get with a society filled with people who don’t have to work and can’t find anything better to do with their time.

    • For myself, I’d prefer to see that anyone depending on the public teat to survive be required to fill two large garbage bags with discarded trash (real pollution, not imaginary) every day before they can collect their undeserved daily stipend.

      But hey, that’s just me.

    • Nancy has more problems than the Trump attempted coup. ExR. are full of dingbat greenies.
      maybe some female will glue he naked torso to Nancy’s desk like a woman didn in england to a traffic circle.. (didn’t work out too welbtw..)

  2. Just precious! It’s likely that privately Nancy wants them to drop dead of malnutrition. But she can’t say anything because it’s her lunatic base.

  3. Lock the doors and place signage stating…
    Gone on vacation for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving.
    Will return in early December.
    Be sure they can see the notice after the doors have been locked.

  4. Close the door.
    Turn out the lights.
    Turn off the heat.

    Let them see what life is like when their “solution” in implemented.

    Return in a week with the cleaning and fumigation crew to make the office habitable again.

    • That’s one way to think about it, Gary, but I wonder if I could submit just a couple of minor changes to your method. Let me know what you think.

      Or . . .

      OPEN the door.
      Turn ON the lights.
      Turn ON the heat.

      Let everyone see what life is like when policy makers who are also self-described champions of CAGW have their offices stormed by true believers justifiably accusing them of hypocrisy.

      Return in a week and ask the stormtroopers if they need anything.

    • All great suggestions on top of Bryans!

      Don’t forget to lock the bathrooms too.
      And shut off the water in the basement to the building.
      XR has promised vandalism as part of their puerile attention grabbing tantrums; the security guards have got to protect the building.

      Schiffty would be so disappointed if he found someone else’s water in his office. No one would notice his tears.

      Also warn the local pizza parlors, sandwich shops, food trucks and food stores that aiding terrorism is an accessory to the crime.

      It would help if the Washington Mall guards shut off the nearby street lights too. We wouldn’t want to rob XR of any valuable sleep because it’s to bright.

      Then remind XR, those conditions is what they are demanding of the rest of us.

  5. Well, that explains why the House hearing is taking so long. She doesn’t want to go back to her office. Can’t say as I blame her, either, and where in the blue-eyed world are the security people in all of this?

    • She let them in Sara, if she wanted them gone, they would be gone. Part of the fund-raising gravy-train, “Yes, we’ll give you the money Nancy, but we need you to do a little thing for us.”, etc.

  6. LOL, and appropriate. Let her spin her wheels on ER for a while and see what it does for her party. Couldn’t be any worse than the current impeachment fiasco.

  7. From the video it looks like they stayed all of a bout an hour, drank some salt water to stay “hydrated,” and then left when they got bored and hungry.


    • Usually, drinking salt water has a laxative effect and also the body needs to eliminate the salt via urination in order to maintain electrolytic balance. It’s difficult to understand what they were thinking.

      • They probably saw it Utube. They obviously know nothing about fasting.

        I can’t find any info so far on even the second day of “occupying ” her office and not eating. They probably went for a pizza. To hell with the planet, I haven’t eaten for near six hours, now.

        • Fasting rejuvenates the body. Get past the first three days & Ghrelin cycles reduce, making it easier to continue the fast. Dr Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist. He has pioneered the use of therapeutic fasting regimens for weight loss and type 2 diabetes control with great success. Follow his advice on YouTube. It continues to work for me, although I do not have Type ll Diabetes. Five days of fasting per month keeps the doctor at bay.

          • If by “fasting” you mean not eating between meals I’m with you. If you mean not eating for five days you need to see a psychiatrist and stop watching YouTube.

      • Total idiots. To keep the body hydrated you need water. Extra electrolytes are only needed if they are being lost through vomiting or diarrhoea. Drinking salt water is a known way of inducing vomiting.

    • Like the XR fools in London, most of them are Trust Fund babies. Financially secure thanks to family money, so no need to work.

  8. Given these are extinction Rebellion I am sure their “Hunger Strike” is based on The CBC Chief Teresa Spence Model Hunger strike.
    Where over 6 weeks CBC assured us,this woman was on a hunger she gained weight.
    A quote by the Oatmeal Savage summed it up.
    “CBC told us a woman was on a hunger strike,Ezra(Now Rebel TV) counted her chins”.
    But I do like the idea of just locking the doors for a few weeks,turning off the heat and lights and giving these posers what they demand for us.
    How could they object,that would not be cruel and unusual punishment when they are demanding such conditions?
    Or are those conditions only for the rest of us?

  9. Ye Gods, effing simpletons.

    Not XR, the security staff. Any one of them could be carrying something that goes bang.

    XR themselves are just pinko commies wanting a bit of what everyone else has, without bothering to work to get it.

    The saying ‘children should be seen and not heard’ is truer now than it’s ever been.

  10. “…until she agrees to convene with them.”
    Doesn’t sound very CONVIVIAL, does it? Or will it be just another climate CONVENTION? But in these days of woe and rebellious extinction, a hunger strike is probably no more than one more INCONVENIENT FACT.

  11. The cure for global warming is much worse than anything that might be caused by it. It’s really important that the extremists get a voice. The public needs to know what’s being demanded of them.

    The worst case is if the the public is lulled into believing that they can fight CAGW and not affect their standard of living.

  12. No action required.
    Just turn off the cameras.
    A hunger strike is self-solving, eventually.
    Now, If the protesters were REALLY serious, they would hold a breathing strike.

  13. Do you suppose that they left San Fran Nans office to go over to Jim Jordans office? Now that would result in some extinction!

  14. What a sickening display of affluent, self-deluded, self-important ignorance, pretending as if throwing an impromptu party disguised as a … hunger strike ® shows any sort of REAL intelligent action!

    So sickening!

    • Stevek
      November 21, 2019 at 1:47 pm

      No, you’re far too kind. An underground coal mine in China would be best…tell them smoking is permitted everywhere in China and stand back.

      If that’s too cruel just end them to Africa to see what hunger in the real world looks like.

      • Alastair, I’ll go you one better, send them to the toxic rare earth material mines and manufacturing plants in China where they make the precious renewable energy!

  15. This must have been a privilege and delight to have so many evolved super-beings visiting. She must feel quite special and important. I hear they perspire superglue and quip immature sentiments when you pull their string! Assembled Knights of the Order of the Stupor, set your frowns to very-naughty and say as one, “How dare you!”

  16. ER videos and interviews give the impression that these folk are a little unsure what they are supposed to be about. Their weirdly calm, ‘reasonable’ demeanor and empty phraseology has a zombie/ opioid aspect. Compare the Gilêts Jaunes anger or Black Lives Matter folk.

    I would feel perfectly safe but terminally bored if I went to discuss whatever the issues might be with these polite quiet ineffectual people. They seem to have recognized this fecklessness in themselves by glomming onto the climate meme. Climate wasn’t their original schtick.

  17. I guess they just showed their “Left-Wing Nut” pass to the her security people.
    They same pass that got them into the halls during the Kavanaugh hearings.
    (In the entertainment industry such are called a “Staged Pass”.)

  18. They drink salt water with the emotional calm and sense of pleasantness of drinking fine wine. They look well fed and relaxed, as if they are at a party being held in a wealthy friend’s house.

    All this is put forth in the name of doing something useful, but I guess this is how terminal idiots party.

    They can do it for a few hours for fun, just to feel good about something, but then they go home to their many civilized comforts to eat a hardy meal, enjoy the heat and safety of their privileged surroundings, as they rest up and get bored again to stage the next social-justice … “protest” or … “hunger strike” … or other thing that they choose to defile a word meaning to describe.

  19. This is just too rich . . . assuming it’s not a staged stunt, under Adam Schiff’s new definition, Pelosi will be offering them a bribe if she agrees to meet with ER representatives in return for them vacating her Senate office.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    N.B. For all WUWT readers outside the US who may not follow US national news all that closely, Adam Schiff is a Democratic Party representative in Congress currently chairing the House impeachment inquiry proceedings concerning President Trump.

  20. What most offends me about these types, is that they seem to think they are so virtuous that their opinion matters more than yours or mine.
    Instead they want to bypass the democratic process. They are queue jumpers! (Or “line jumpers” if you prefer.)
    They would get a lot more respect from me if they simply formed a political party, campaigned on the basis of their beliefs, and accepted the verdict of the electorate

    • Like the Blues Brothers they are on a mission from God
      When you are right it excuses any action
      the cry of the zealot over centuries as they went on crusades or witch hunting etc

  21. These people are not activists. With this action they are clearly terrorists and should be dealt with as such.

  22. This is a clear example of people too wealthy to think or worry about anything else. I wonder if they would think differently if they traded places with someone mining cobalt in The Congo?

    Me thinks not!

  23. Good grief, what is wrong with you America?

    Obviously, this is staged – no security, allowing a trespasser to paste an XR sticker on your tie, etc.. It was too calm. The staff seemed to join in, provide them with water and even laugh with them.

    Drinking a half teaspoon of “salt” in a champagne glass of water – seriously? How did that taste? Judging by the lack of reaction, I don’t think it was salt.

    Also, note the accents of the English contingent, upper-middle class, the sort of person who goes to uni and studied drama because Daddy’s allowance pays for their “hard work”.

  24. If she wants to do something to help the overpopulation problem in california then she should wait to go back to her office until they are all dead. Such action would help keep others from doing the same thing. Of course she has no power over climate anyway.

  25. These people are obviously sincere and willing to exert a serious effort towards what they think is a just cause.
    Since we are having a climate optimum, not a crisis, they are being completely counterproductive because they were misled by their climate religion high priests.

    Too bad. There are hundreds of worthy causes to help the less fortunate in this world that they could be connected authentically to, where their efforts would be productive and make the world a better place.

    That’s the saddest thing about the fake climate crisis. Wasted resources on a non problem with solutions that would all make the human condition on our planet worse, while doing zero to affect the weather and climate……which has been the best in the last 1,000 years on this greening planet.

  26. This is getting to be an annual thing, it was just last Nov. that a group of young environmental activists were occupying Nancy’s office with a list of demands.

  27. This is your free sample of Dem’s stage play and mind games. They have a lot more for like robocalling of messaging.

  28. How long can civilized people coexist peacefully with increasingly radical and increasingly violent behavior?

    At least in the States, the police aren’t on the side of the nut jobs as much as it appears they are in Britain. Police cover up of thousands of gang rapes by muslim immigrants is incredibly evil. (for articles, search on Duck Duck Go…Google won’t work). Have the Brits become willing to sacrifice their daughters to the Leftist madness? Back in the 1960’s these raping criminals would have often “come up missing”. Today they come up PROTECTED !!

    Unbelievable madness.

    To go much LOWER and DEGENERATE would require a repeat of early Nazi Germany. Seriously. No exaggeration. Societies that tolerate the gang rape of their young girls by the thousands are way closer than is comfortable to a society willing to perform a few thousand…then million “CLEANSING” executions.

    Google appears to be complicit in the cover up.

    Google “gang rape England” then do the same search on DUCK DUCK GO. The difference in the search results is alarming.

    • Although if you simply google “Rotherham grooming gang” you will find all the MSM reporting on the story.

      Yes, the authorities were crap at their jobs, but the lowlife that carried out these appalling crimes were convicted (and still are being caught and convicted), and hopefully are getting the treatment they deserve in prison.

  29. At least in the States, the police aren’t on the side of the nut jobs as much as it appears they are in Britain

    Depends on the state/county. Go to Portland, and you’ll find the police (or at least the orders they have to follow from the mayor) are on the nut jobs side (or at least don’t lift a finger to stop them).

  30. Mixing Walmart brand salt (the Great Value line), into water in fancy glasses, then stirring with a plastic spoon moved me to tears…

    Of laughter

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