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Oct 17th 2019, 40 tweets, 14 min read Bookmark Save as PDF My Authors Thread about the recent farmer protests in the NL

>Parliament flooded with tractors
>Doors rammed
>Army deployed
>Angry politicians

This has had little to no traction outside the Dutch sphere, so Ive decided to make an English thread detailing the events on the 3 major protests


This day had been in the books of farmers for a while, but little attention was paid to it by the media. Most normies, including me, didn’t know a large scale protest was coming until a morning traffic record was already broken.

Tractors on all highways.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


People woke up greeted with over 1200km of traffic
The average amount is 6km.

Note they weren’t blocking the highways, they were just on their way to parliament, on their tractors.

Despite initial confusion, I met nobody that day that was particularly mad at the farmers


Not much was told about their motivation in the media.

The farmers gave harsh climate change and environmental protection laws as their primary goal, also complaining about being treated as lower class scum by media elites.

The media ran with the latter.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


The goal was the Malieveld, a field near parliament. The government originally said only a few tractors were allowed on the field, which was later changed to 75.

They had fences and security in place to regulate this.


The deal with local law enforcement was that the farmers would park their tractors away from the city centre and be taken with busses to the field.

Already a compromise, but the deal wasn’t even met. Understandably angry, they decided to not honour their part either.


So some of the farmers found a breach in the back and rammed through two lines of fences to get on the field anyways.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


Others decided to go for a ride on the beach, as that was apparently near the spot they were supposed to gather for the busses.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


A little more than just the 75 ‘allowed’ tractors ended up on the Malieveld.


Several politicians ended up visiting to hold speeches about their opinions. Some of these planned and on a stage, some of them among the farmers


The pretty-much-but-unofficial-immigrants-party leader came around and got bood and heckled until he left.


Not much was agreed upon. Most leftists stuck to their policies. Most centrist and ‘right wing’ parties released statements supporting the farmers, but they were loose words and the strict environmental laws weren’t changed.

A new protest on the 16th was already planned.

DAY 2 – 14 october (~2 weeks later)

Inbetween the first day and 14 october various smaller scale protests happened, but on the 14th the farmers again went out in larger numbers.

This time the goal was occupying the provincial houses, in an attempt to repeal the laws.


Soon after the farmers arrived, the provincial house of Friesland announced they would repeal the controversial nitrogen agreements. That’s 1 province down.


The other provinces didn’t budge as quickly, and it often was a hassle arriving to the provincial houses. Even with all the commotion, nothing really violent was happening.


Several of the less urban provinces quickly budged and repealed the environmental laws. The very diverse and urbanite provinces refused co-operation altogether.

One of the most farmer-rich provinces was keeping out however. Groningen (top right) would not give a response.


The farmers made a quick ultimatum. Let us in the provincial house to discuss this, or we’re going in ourselves.

They went in themselves.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


That didn’t last long. They had police set up in there.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


Groningen kept the nitrogen measures and didn’t discuss anything. In the end half the provinces did repeal the laws, so it could be called a succesful day for the farmers.

DAY 3 – 16 october

Yesterday there was another large scale protest near parliament. This one was announced well in advance and most people knew about it.

Farmers from the islands left before midnight already.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


Once again, once morning came, the entire grid was clogged with tractors. Despite it likely attracting more protestors than the last, the grid handled it better. People were expecting it


In fact, people around the country came to watch the farmers drive by and cheered them on.


Construction workers saluted them with their cranes, commuters honked their horns on their way to work, they have an approval rating above 80%.

Compare this to non-grassroots Extinction Rebellion, which gets broken up by the public if they block a road for half a minute. DAY 3

The state deployed the police and the army to block off major roads leading into the Hague.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


Important parts of the city
Like fast food chains, apparently


One major connection was blocked off, leading to a flooding of the road with tractors.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


The excessive reaction of the police and government was out of place. Nothing really violent had happened aside from various fences being run over.

Here’s a farmer spraying cops and journalists.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


Truckers helped block the roads for the farmers so they could get where they wanted to go.
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


The message this day was the same. Repeal the strict laws against farmers, and respect the farmer. A very apolitical message it would seem.

Still, the divide was clear. Left wing politicians like Green Party leader Jesse Klaver were not liked.


Meanwhile the ‘right wing’ politicians were quite popular


Once again the farmers rammed on the Malieveld. It was clear that the people were behind them except left wing urbanites. No real change was made that day, but a lot of sympathy was shown and gained.

Here’s the farmer youth force on patrol
Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos


While the protests themselves were quite meaningless in their origin, nitrogen pollution laws, the catalyst here is the big divide between the more urban and more rural parts of the Netherlands.

They are two completely different ways of life, it seems. Even I, who grew up in a decently sized town (10k>) was completely culture shocked once I started interacting with Randstad urbanites. The ways I communicated at home are vastly different to what urbanites are used to. Much more American and ‘proper’. Keep in mind the Netherlands is basically one giant city. I lived 2.5 hours by car from Amsterdam. Americans probably wonder if that isn’t just still Amsterdam. In my town and region it was normal to openly mention race, and a lot of jokes were based on it. In general it was pretty clear what the consensus was on race, homosexuality, and Americanisation. It was assumed you agreed with the rest. In the cities, this is completely the other way around. It’s common to hear native Dutch girls throw English sentences into their conversation, or even converse in mostly English. Their politics are as Americanised as they are.

I can’t communicate with a lot of urban youth. I can only imagine the situation in other European countries. I’ve heard in Germany and Austria the taboos reach even into the countryside, but I wouldn’t be surprised of similar situations in Scandinavia. This feeds into the popularity of the protests.

The nitrogen laws were actually brutally strict once you do look into them, but that’s not why people were cheering farmers on, at all.

“Respect for farmers” is maybe a part of it, but I doubt it’s much of it. I interpret the popularity of the farmers protest as essentially the vast majority of the Netherlands cheering on the ‘rural’ way of life.

An outlook on life that isn’t straight from a California campus. I definitely notice the type of people excited about the protests are the type of people I could talk to without having to watch my words. Wether they’re urban or not.

On the side of the people cheering, this was much more cultural than it was about nitrogen.

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October 20, 2019 6:31 pm

Thanks, detgrim. Excellent post. I hope it ends well for the NL, but I suspect that this is just a skirmish in a long and very important war.

Reply to  Mike Jonas
October 21, 2019 2:35 am

It’s We The People against the ECB puppets in Brussels and local ECB puppets. Climate is just one of the many tools to create the Big Brother slave state.
That’s why elections these days don’t change a thing. You can choose between Central Bank puppet A, B or C. Our vote and our money have no value anymore. We became numbers and numbers have no rights.
A power structure that wants to know everything about us and thru direct taxation gives itself the right to do so. Not snow but freedom is a thing of the past. Eliminating the fiat banknotes and coins will be the last nail.
We became less than slaves. In their eyes we are just livestock.

Reply to  Robertv
October 21, 2019 4:36 am

The dutch suffered enough under the Third Reich, they are not ready to accept the Fourth.

Netherlands was the second country to reject proposed European constitution which would have ended all national sovereignty. France was the first. Ireland also voted against but were told to try again under threat of ECB shutting off their banking system and throwing the country into anarchy.

The same tactic they used against Greece.

EU showed its true tyrannic nature in the way they destroyed Greece. I don’t think that went unnoticed in other EU countries.

Reply to  Greg
October 21, 2019 10:27 am

You’re arguing for Communism by saying the Reich was somehow worse than slavery to foreign people whom have never met them?

Reply to  David
October 21, 2019 12:19 pm

I’ve read your statement 4 times, and still have no idea what you meant to say.

Reply to  David
October 24, 2019 5:27 pm

Ditto to MarkW’s comment.

Reply to  Greg
October 21, 2019 10:32 am

Fourth Reich is spot on. Germany didn’t manage it by war but have gaining it by politics and economic bureaucracy.

The American axis of Wall Street, Washington and the Media is accomplishing the same thing here

Reply to  Bear
October 21, 2019 11:44 am

And behind the curtain the Federal Reserve money printer.

John McClure
Reply to  Mike Jonas
October 21, 2019 5:58 am

Charles the Moderator,
Many thanks for posting Detgrim’s Twitter thread!

The thread frames the farmer’s pushback against poorly defined and unscientific legislation. Legislation without proper due diligence is garbage with consequence.

Detgrim framed the protest activities insightfully.

The real issues here are far more complex.
– the farming community, across the entire country, seek to be included in future review of the scientific criteria used for policy decisions.
– the farming community requests an independent and unbiased source for scientific data related to farming related climate issues

The Catch 22:
A math error was included in legislation which, if implemented, will result in bankruptcy for numerous farms during a lawsuit process that could take years for a verdict.

Proper due diligence is the issue in all legislation yet to find government jumping the shark, without consulting constituents/citizens, this is repugnant.

John McClure
Reply to  John McClure
October 21, 2019 6:46 am

It’s heartwarming to see the number of Provinces who repealed flawed legislation.

What’s Up With the others?

Reply to  John McClure
October 21, 2019 10:29 am

Indoctrination and Communism. That’s what’s wrong with them.

Reply to  John McClure
October 21, 2019 11:58 pm

All those tractors sure look like 97% consensus…

Listen only to climate scientists on matters of climate. But don’t listen to Farmers on matters of farming.

October 20, 2019 6:35 pm

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos
So what videos did I miss? Do they change the overall narrative?

Reply to  Ken
October 21, 2019 12:41 am

No not really. I did not see the videos either, but being from the Netherlands the story written and the pictures tell you enough. The conclusion about urban vs rural is the core of the story and plays in all countries. If you dive deeper in the story you only find out how imcopetent our policy makers really are. The imcompetence is masked, by how good things are still going in our country.

Stephen Richards
Reply to  Jeroen
October 21, 2019 1:03 am

The urban / country theme certainly plays like that in France. That’s why Napoléon has attacked the yellow vest people. That’s why they are on the streets. I don’t know what’s happened to our farmers. They are nowhere to be seen.

Reply to  Jeroen
October 21, 2019 5:07 pm

Geographically it does appear to be urban versus rural, but I suggest it is ignorant and self-aggrandizing versus those who actually make and do things. Many who you would call urbanites are merely those who seem to have forgotten that while water is abundant, it doesn’t magically appear from holes in their walls, neither does electricity nor gas.
It seems a bit of education is in order.

October 20, 2019 6:37 pm

I’ve been looking but haven’t seen a manure spreader in the mix. How can you have a farmer-led political protest without manure spreaders? They’re really effective:

Mike McMillan
Reply to  Spetzer86
October 20, 2019 11:48 pm

That’s real organic farming.

Reply to  Spetzer86
October 21, 2019 1:45 am

For those who don’t know.

This is Plumpton hall farm, Lancashire.

The actress Emma Thompson had set up an anti fracking event on this farmers private land.
She & her sister were doing some activist level great British bake off for publicity.

Ironically using gas stoves and ovens whilst protesting fracking on someone’s private land.

Before anyone goes on about how the police should have been called and the farmer shouldn’t have done this… the police were called, turned up and then in their words “felt it was not needed to maintain presence”. Which is bullshit speak for they don’t give a shit. Which is common with our policing.

The activists/trespassers were not once hit with any spray, nor was any of their property. The farmer had the decency to respect their property despite their lack of respect for his.

It’s all out there, proper information online. Just search “Emma Thompson sprayed” and you’ll get it all.

(thanks to shugo541 )

Reply to  saveenergy
October 21, 2019 4:29 am

thanks for the background.

Trespass is a civil offense in English law , the farmer was wise to resist what must have been a very strong temptation to blast the lot of them but would probably have resulted in criminal charges against him.

Reply to  saveenergy
October 21, 2019 6:03 am

‘farmers private land’ ? property ?

If you pay property taxes it is not yours.

Reply to  Robertvd
October 21, 2019 12:28 pm

I was once told what I consider a basic truth about property ownership. “We pay the government property tax for the privilege of maintaining the governments land. ” Modern society does not own land even with a deed in hand saying we do. You don’t own property if you have to ask the government permission to do anything on it then pay them for that permission.

Richard S Courtney
Reply to  Robertvd
October 22, 2019 8:50 am


You have it backwards. A person who does not own land does not pay property tax on it.


October 20, 2019 6:38 pm

How odd. My browser has never had problems with embedded videos before.

Good on the farmers. Might I suggest a simple answer for the provinces that won’t play ball? Stop delivering to towns and cities in those provinces. Due to panic buying the shelves will be empty by the end of the first day, two days after that the urbanites will be violently protesting in the streets in front of the Parliament.

I suggest an argument along the lines of “Since the government of this province is making it impossible for farmers to do business here, we won’t in the future.” Keep the message simple.

Reply to  JohnB
October 20, 2019 8:00 pm

Think how much reduced the nitrogen footprint of these zones will be when they run out of food and stop flushing.

I can’t think of anything more absurd than government run farms. In the US, government can’t even run the post office. Many of our farmers are college AG grads. Running a successful, well sustained multi generational farm is complex. Letting ignorant loonies run the show has been tried with uniform and predictable failure resulting in shortages and starvation. The left will blame the farmers, not the idiots that screwed it up.

Reply to  JohnB
October 21, 2019 4:34 am

bloody brilliant convoys and support
and your ideas good, seeing as the truckers who carry the food support the farmersit appears..Im sure theyd agree to non delivery to the areas who dont think farmers matter

Reply to  ozspeaksup
October 21, 2019 6:04 pm

Mate, I’ve long thought our dairy industry should do the same. The contracts they are put under are bloody criminal. So, with the message “We can’t make a living doing this, so we’re just going to dump it.” they stop supplying the cities.

Milk supplies disappear on the first day and by day 3, no Cornflakes for breakfast and no lattes for the city set. Coffee and tea only available in black. Game over.

October 20, 2019 6:39 pm

It’s common to hear native Dutch girls throw English sentences into their conversation, or even converse in mostly English.

I am told that in at least one of the institutes of higher education in Rotterdam the language of instruction is English.

October 20, 2019 6:46 pm

Impressive, thank you.

Reply to  Scissor
October 20, 2019 7:15 pm

Yes, I was under the impression (thank you media) that it was much smaller.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Jean Parisot
October 20, 2019 7:31 pm

Didn’t even hear about it in the Australian media. But the Australian media can’t get enough of Greta.

Elle Webber
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 20, 2019 11:26 pm

Not a murmur about it in Canada either.

It actually scares me that Canada’s media refused to tell us about it. Every XR protest, every Greta burp seems to be dwelt upon to the tiniest detail. But somehow this isn’t allowed to be newsworthy? My forebears lived under totalitarian regimes, and, sadly, this type of censoring of news that goes against the party line is all too familiar.
Reply to  Elle Webber
October 21, 2019 5:47 pm

I’m not surprised, Trudeau basically bought out the news media here in Canada, and they totally lean to the left.

Having grown up on a farm, this convoy of tractors warms my heart. Well done!

charles nelson
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 20, 2019 11:55 pm

The language is filthy…but it’s still hilarious.

Reply to  charles nelson
October 21, 2019 1:48 am

Brill !!!

Reply to  charles nelson
October 21, 2019 4:47 am

Love it
saving this gem
best laugh in ages
thanks heaps!!

Patrick MJD
Reply to  charles nelson
October 21, 2019 6:26 pm

Comedy GOLD!!!!!

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Patrick MJD
October 21, 2019 6:24 pm
steve case
October 20, 2019 6:51 pm


My survey of one says this has been in the news about a week ago. I don’t watch TV news much or read the paper so I had to ask.

October 20, 2019 7:18 pm

““Respect for farmers” is maybe a part of it, but I doubt it’s much of it. I interpret the popularity of the farmers protest as essentially the vast majority of the Netherlands cheering on the ‘rural’ way of life. ”
OR MAYBE, just maybe, people like to eat.

J Mac
October 20, 2019 7:21 pm

As an old farm boy, I support the Dutch farmers whole heartedly! In return, I’d ask our Dutch friends to not paint all Americans with a stereotype brush.

Reply to  J Mac
October 21, 2019 12:44 am

Our media copies straight from the New York Times and the Washington Post. Our movies come from Hollywood. I think the stereotype is going to stick for a while.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Jeroen
October 21, 2019 3:38 am

If Americanization means NYT, WaPo, and Hollyweird, I’m against it, too!

Reply to  Jeroen
October 21, 2019 12:39 pm

You forgot the Communist News Network.

J Mac
Reply to  Jeroen
October 21, 2019 4:17 pm

The stereotype will last as long as you accept it and reinforce it. When you start saying to others “That isn’t true!”, the stereotype of ‘the ugly american’ will begin shriveling up. There is a lot of Dutch ancestry here in the United States…. and a lot of farmers also. Both are true for my extended family. You are needlessly maligning friends and family…..

Reply to  Jeroen
October 22, 2019 8:58 am

Jeroen, just for your info, I guarantee farmers/rural people in the US are quite similar to yours in the Netherlands.

Boulder Skeptic
October 20, 2019 7:42 pm

I grew up on a farm. One of the most forgotten and/or under-appreciated vocations/ways of life is that found on the family farm. Yes there are corporate farms, but even these are vitally important to feeding us all. What’s that line about biting the hand that feeds you…? Farmers are better caretakers of the land than green eco-terrorists will ever be. Some people get it.

Reply to  Boulder Skeptic
October 21, 2019 9:33 am

Well said, Boulder Skeptic. It’s the farmers that produce our food – and keep us alive, it’s as simple as that!

Carl Friis-Hansen
Reply to  Boulder Skeptic
October 21, 2019 12:25 pm

We need a Dutch speaking to do a dobbing in Dutch on this one, so the farmers can show it to the Dutch government officials – best with a Frislandish accent.

Bill Treuren
October 20, 2019 7:46 pm

Nobody in Europe has managed to break the rural lobby and this in my view is not likely to be the first

October 20, 2019 7:46 pm

It seems to be pretty much the same in most developed nations, the disconnect between the inner city lefties/greens and everyone else.

October 20, 2019 7:47 pm

If I were advising these farmers I’d provide them with the following:

– Keep it a “GrassRoots” movement. Stick to the Farming issues that brought you together.
– Set one or two messages/themes, no more. Then use that one or two unifying message(s) in easy slogans and signs and have no single central leader/speaker for those grievances.
– Stay in loosely banded groups by region but all on the same message.
– Rotate the speaker/leader duties to the media and for travel between well-spoken farmers within each group.
– Use private (encrypted) instant messaging like iMessage between members until the last moment, then post finalized plans, announcements on open, public social media spaces like FaceBook, Twitter.
– Realize the government/military/police are monitoring everything on you post on open social media. Do NOT allow members to post anything on social media group pages that you wouldn’t want to see repeated on the front Page of major Dutch newspapers.
– Do not allow the government or Left Wing activist groups to single-out any one person/speaker, that keeps them off balance always wondering who will speak next. Rotate group leadership. Diversify the faces.
– Use different routes if possible to your planned rally points in the cities and do not advertise it until the last minute.
– Keep your demands actionable to something politicians can deliver. Do not demand wholesale resignations of party leaders; that simply won’t happen.
– Identify your political opponents if speeches. Freeze, put them on the defensive, them by showing their rhetoric (cfe: Greens’ policies) are infantile and childish demands that accomplish (climate-wise) nothing but economic misery for everyone including consumers.
– Appeal to traditional Dutch culture values wherever you can: Family, hard work, providing valuable food to the cities, and Farmers are the best stewards of the land they control.
– The Left will try to take the moral high ground from you with Globalist ideas, but remember “All politics are local.” That is the parliament politicians have to get elected by the local voters, so keep the issues “local.” Don’t let a politician you elect sell out your local demands to UN demands for Islanders in the Pacific for example. Put them on the spot, demanding they tell you who the represent.
– When the Greens throw-out global SLR under CC: say, “The Dutch have been engineering against sea level rise for 600 years. Another 30-40 centimeters in 100 years or so is nothing that our Dutch ingenuity and engineers can’t handle.”
– Watch out for trouble-makers/subversive moles planted into your groups from the Left. Identify strangers that might seem to be infiltrating your ranks and check their bona fides. Know who they are. The organized professional radicals of the Left love to insert trouble-makers into the opponent’s ranks to cause bad PR. Call them out if you have to. Make sure you know who your leaders-spokespersons are and ensure they are part of the farming group you have long known.
– At organized demonstration sites where tractors come together… clean up any and ALL TRASH and litter. Leave no trace. This demonstrates you are good stewards of the land. Do not let others in your group leave trash behind. Even to the point of having group members designated to use shovels and hand tools to fix tractor tire ruts in the Parks/green spaces you occupy. Then show pictures of how the Greens” and Climate activists leave fields of litter and trash in their wakes.

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 21, 2019 5:02 am

oddly enough I really dont think any organised radical would have the balls to try iton with these people;-)
theyre not weak bodied city folks but solid country people who take no crap;-)

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 21, 2019 7:56 am

I think I would only have one suggestion for them: instead of ‘invading’ the large cities where they won’t repeal the laws, block all roads going in and out of them. Lay siege. See how long they can survive without daily shipments of food.

October 20, 2019 7:54 pm

California? Who gives a twaddle about California? Why keep mentioning it? People need to understand that America is not California and vice versa.

Reply to  markl
October 20, 2019 9:53 pm

Because California is where most of this BS originates from.

It’s not like the Federation in Star Trek was based in Durham or Stuttgart. It was San Francisco.

And that’s the future the insane leftists think they’re building.

It doesn't add up...
Reply to  MarkG
October 21, 2019 2:45 am

Dutch farm guys are hip

You wish they all could be Californian

October 20, 2019 8:32 pm

In general it was pretty clear what the consensus was on race, homosexuality, and Americanisation

It’s common to hear native Dutch girls throw English sentences into their conversation, or even converse in mostly English. Their politics are as Americanised as they are.

It sounds like “Americanisation” means left-wing, politically-correct, social-justice politics. That’s not popular in America either. In fact it’s a view held by a minority of Americans, most of whom live in big cities. I understand why Europeans may see it as Americanisation because American media and news networks all hold the same view and that’s where Europeans get their view of America. Follow FOX News or conservative media and you get a vastly different view of American ideals; more traditional, rural, and still more popular than the leftist brainwashing that pollutes most of the mainstream media in America.

Reply to  stinkerp
October 20, 2019 9:06 pm

“Americanisation” = “Baizuo” in Mandarin slang.
Baizuo is a derogatory Chinese neologism and political epithet used to refer to Western liberal ideologies. Think AOC and her posse of ignorant Leftists.

Bill Murphy
Reply to  stinkerp
October 21, 2019 12:05 am

RE: “That’s not popular in America either. In fact it’s a view held by a minority of Americans, most of whom live in big cities.”

EXACTLY! Far too much of the world judges the USA by Hollywood and CNN. Both of those are fantasy worlds, unconnected to any reality except a pampered urban delusional make believe world that can only exist because it is fed, clothed, warmed, cooled and housed by the efforts of farmers, foresters, miners and oil roughnecks, most of whom have little in common with and no respect for the likes of LA and NYC.

October 20, 2019 8:49 pm

I think it is another popular uprising.
In response to too much in-your-face and in-your-wallet government.
They date back to Ancient Egypt. In the mid-1970s, astronomer Barbara Bell outlined that they occurred as a series of poor floods reduced crop production. The governing classes controlled the food and were living well. The public was not living so well. The palace guards were of the people and when push came to shove,
the guards laid down their spears. Dynastic change.
Much the same happened in Eastern Europe when in 1989, the border guards laid down their AK-47s.
Now the “border guards” are the reporters, who while supporting the governing classes, are not senior people.
The media could join the popular uprisings.
The last successful popular uprising took down the Berlin Wall and official Communism.
We should be so lucky.

October 20, 2019 8:54 pm

That is a lot of tractors. What a sight!
“The peasants are revolting!”

Urban politicians: “They sure are.”

h/t Wizard of Id

October 20, 2019 8:54 pm

Still haven’t seen what NL stands for, New What???
looked at the article and scanned the comments !!!

Reply to  Jon P Peterson
October 20, 2019 9:23 pm

may…be “Netherlands” ????
Just a guess.

The Netherlands, informally Holland, is a country in Northwestern Europe with some overseas territories in the Caribbean. In Europe, it consists of 12 provinces that border Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, and the North Sea to the northwest, with maritime borders in the North Sea with those countries and the United Kingdom.”

Mike McMillan
Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 20, 2019 11:52 pm

Carl Friis-Hansen
Reply to  Mike McMillan
October 21, 2019 12:11 pm

Worked for five years in the Netherlands/Nederland and never got such a wonderful explanation before 🙂 Probably non of the natives I spoke to could figure it out anyway 🙁

Reply to  Jon P Peterson
October 20, 2019 9:57 pm

NL: country code for the Netherlands.

It doesn't add up...
Reply to  Jon P Peterson
October 21, 2019 2:51 am

It is the standard bumper plate identifier for vehicles registered in the Netherlands. Under international rules vehicles that travel outside their country of origin temporarily are supposed to display one.

J Mac
October 20, 2019 9:23 pm

Netherlands or NederLands…..

Flight Level
October 20, 2019 9:24 pm

Imagine if these were crop-dusters…

Reply to  Flight Level
October 20, 2019 9:38 pm

… they’d be running pesticide-delivery sorties against Brussels and The Hague.

Flight Level
Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 20, 2019 10:12 pm

A high-five is waiting for you bro 😉

Ed Zuiderwijk
Reply to  Flight Level
October 21, 2019 1:47 am

Pig manure does the job nicely. And is totally organic. What’s not to like?

Flight Level
Reply to  Ed Zuiderwijk
October 21, 2019 3:26 am

I’ve heard many good things of the Turbo Thrushes even for viscous fire fighting liquids, so, time to throw a match in the can and align the gyros…

October 20, 2019 9:31 pm

Just as with AGW, people are not using the proper terms here. Burning fossil fuels does not lead to carbon emission; you get carbon dioxide.

Cars (specially diesel vehicles) do not emit nitrogen (N2); they emit some form of nitrogenoxide (NOx). Nitrogen is a harmless inert gas, that is the most abundant gas in our atmosphere. Roughly 78% of the air that we breath in is N2. NOx causes a brownish colored sky and can be the nucleus of small particulate matter (fine dust).

Jaap Titulaer
Reply to  Peter
October 21, 2019 2:26 am

You are right, the issue is that none of the politicians involved have any relevant scientific degree.

Hence the terminology has been simplified for them (…), and is just wrong.

They call it a Nitrogen-Crisis (Stikstof-Crisis), yet Nitrogen (N2) is about 3 quarters of air.
What they actually mean is two different ‘problems’ which they have lumped together. With different causes and different ‘solutions’.

Part one: NH3 – Ammonia
That is what the farmers’ revolt is about. We have had a drop of 25% in NH3 emissions in NL over the last decade. We are now at the EU emissions levels. So there is no problem, yet the idiot politicians think we have a problem.

Part two: NOx – Nitrogen Oxides
This is mostly caused by emissions from cars, and because we also have an issue with small particle dust, also caused by combustion engines, and which is called “Fijnstof” (‘Fine Dust = small particles), some politicians and other alpha’s confuse this with Stikstof (Nitrogen).

The Ammonia issue gets even funnier, some politicians argued that action is required now because the measurements in ‘nature’ are now getting too high (they are not of course), and (!) this is also shown by acidification of the soil (!!).
NH3 is a base, not an acid. And indeed after NH3 emissions dropped 25%, the acidity of the soil has slightly increased. That is because we’ve already decreased Amonnia emissions.

And another said that the soil was getting LESS acidic because the acidity levels (as measured by pH) had dropped another 2.5% or so (… in case you were sleeping in Chemistry 101: lower pH means more acidic, not less).

And of course, some used the maps of NOx to indicate that the NH3 issue was oddly very strong close to major roads (and vice versa).

Confusion galore.

Reply to  Jaap Titulaer
October 21, 2019 4:07 am

Bless you! Just so.

Reply to  Jaap Titulaer
October 21, 2019 12:33 pm

“Fijnstof” also from tires.

Jeff Alberts
October 20, 2019 9:49 pm

“I lived 2.5 hours by car from Amsterdam. Americans probably wonder if that isn’t just still Amsterdam.”

Not even close. I live 2 hours from Seattle, and have to pass through/by many other towns and cities to get there.

Rod Evans
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
October 20, 2019 11:06 pm

Jeff consider yourself lucky. If you were in the UK 2 hours travel by car would get you from the outskirts of London into central London.!! Why anyone would bother is another question, but people do. Oh and another thing, the Mayor of London decided it would be a great idea to charge people to actually bring their car into London. The irony of it being called a “congestion charge” still hasn’t dawned on them.

shortus cynicus
October 20, 2019 11:10 pm

EU comunists gets “New Holland” treatment.

October 21, 2019 12:15 am

“The Netherlands is a tiny country; its presence on the list is to the high value of flowers and live plants (the Netherlands supply two-thirds of the global total) and vegetables (the Netherlands is a leading supplier of tomatoes and chilies).”

Matthew Sykes
October 21, 2019 12:21 am

What the hell are these nitrogen laws? I thought the Dutch had voted FvD recently, surely they quashed this kind of meddling?

October 21, 2019 12:38 am

Well look, nitrogen pollution in the water supply isn’t a climate issue… it is a serious pollution issue with human health impacts…

eutrophication of waterways and algal growth, blue baby syndrome in infants…

There’s no doubt Dutch waterways are suffering from levels of nitrogen above the limits…

This really isn’t something Dutch farmers can ignore, is it?

Reply to  griff
October 21, 2019 8:22 am

That document is from 5 February 2015.
It can be ignored.

Reply to  griff
October 21, 2019 1:15 pm

The water from the dutch streams is for the biggest part comming froim the river Rhine and Meuse River, it is water from Germany, Switserland, Austria, France, Belgium and only a
small part from the Netherlands. Why should Dutch farmers be responsible for this?

A C Osborn
October 21, 2019 2:13 am

You probably won’t read much in the MSM about the French protests that still go on every weekend, or the 9 killed by the police in those protests and hundreds injured.
The MSM do not want to talk about European problems.

George Steele
October 21, 2019 2:37 am

Farmers can starve the cities. Don’t the urbanites get this?
Farmers are Atlas holding up civilization. If Atlas shrugs, no civilization.

Reply to  George Steele
October 21, 2019 11:53 am

“Farmers can starve the cities. Don’t the urbanites get this?”

No. They think food just appears on supermarket shelves.

French geographer
October 21, 2019 2:47 am

Strange ! We did not see anything about these magnificent Dutch farmers protests at the french TV. Isn’t it because french TV is in the hands of green activists ?

October 21, 2019 3:19 am

Thank you detgrim, it’s very good to have more background on these events and to spread the knowledge to a wider audience.

I was looking at this issue yesterday, and to find anything more about it than I had previously seen here at WUWT, I had to google Dutch language web sites and re-activate my very rusty Dutch. It was a most worthwhile exercise however, and some of you might like to take a look at the essay I wrote as a result, here:

I can’t be absolutely certain about this, but the issue would seem to be bound up with the “national emissions ceilings” directives being imposed by the EU. These cover emissions of a lot more things than just ammonia and nitrogen oxides. These ceilings are completely arbitrary, and no politician in a so-called democracy has ever had any right to agree to any such things without the consent of the people. In Holland, it seems, these matters are addressed at the provincial level, which explains why changes in national government don’t seem to make much, if any, difference. But it’s cheering to see that the farmers have so much support from the general population.

I may be being unduly optimistic, but I hope this protest may prove to be something of a turning point. No-one with a realistic view of the world is going to support any measure that unfairly harms the farmers, because we know where our food comes from! So this could turn out to be the issue, over which the real working people of Europe join forces against the politicians, bureaucrats and luvvies that have been pushing the green agenda for the last 30+ years.

Once again, thank you detgrim for a fine article.

Reply to  Neil Lock
October 21, 2019 2:16 pm

The culprit seems to be RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).
Poor measurements, poor models with uncertainties up to 70% are being scrutinized by farmer associations.
RIVM stated that they have year on year model output to give a robust trend. The up to 70% uncertainties make robustness a laughter.
Denmark and Germany have much better regulations.

Hearings by the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer, ~ the House of Representatives in the US and ~House of Commons in the UK) shows an utter innocense aka stupidity of most of the “chosen ones”.

October 21, 2019 3:36 am

Remember, farmers, you are not alone. Brexit was followed quickly by President Trump, Gilets, Jaunes, Salvini. This is a transatlantic revolt against the “globalists”.

Only a 4-power aliance of the USA, Russia, China and India can actually deliver on this.

Which of course is why the blatant ongoing coup against Trump, the ouster of Salvini, the sabotage of Brexit, and state brutality against the Gilets Jaunes.

The immanent financial crash is driving these globalists completely nuts. They know full well this time around Glass-Steagall, banking separation, is Trump’s card. Bank of England chief Mark Carney is in full flight forward with the Green Finance Initiative, GFI.

Not a peep about Holland, nor even the IMF warnings on German TV, just next door.

As regards Holland, this “rural-urbanite” thing is not knew – remember William of Orange (the silent) who invaded England with untold slaughter? England became in 1688 with “the Glorious Revolution” officially an oligarchy of the Venetian model which had based itself in Amsterdam. To this day the Anglo-Dutch model of liberal finance, Venetian, has become a globalist derivative pestilence, with the City of London and WallStreet centers, and is about to implode.

Carl Friis-Hansen
Reply to  bonbon
October 21, 2019 11:53 am

What you are saying really makes sense. It ties it all together.

October 21, 2019 7:43 am

Love the lines of tractors on the field.

Anywhere else and there would have been chaos. But in Holland, they came, they protested, and all the tractors were lined up in neat rows. Well, we cannot have chaos, can we…..!!


October 21, 2019 8:15 am

Next marching on the EU!

Reply to  TomRude
October 21, 2019 11:46 am

Brussels is next door of The Netherlands.

October 21, 2019 11:01 am

But the great urbanist squeeze will continue. Ignorant whims with no cost tend to persist.

Rudolf Huber
October 21, 2019 12:54 pm

Politicians always forget one thing: people need to live with the crap they decide over our heads and they isolate themselves because they know what a reaction would be. No political party really fights for the little people but those people make up the majority of any democratic country. It’s not surprising that the day of reckoning will come. There will be more like this, it will be bigger, it will happen in all countries that are run by the green extremists, and one day it will turn real ugly. Dutch farmers are a civilized, well behaved and restrained bunch. Not everyone is. Green extremism is setting us on fire. That’s what they want.

October 21, 2019 2:00 pm

Meanwhile: most major construction work has been postponed due to “nitrogen”.

Farmers Make Way for Labourers as Construction Sector Talks of Protests

October 21, 2019 2:09 pm

Great post. A few XR idiots protest in the UK and its all over our media , Holland gets shut down by thousands of farmers and not a peep.

October 21, 2019 4:14 pm

Great post, Detgrim.

Sadly, your urbanites are not getting a correct view of Americans.
All of the American leftist media are very anti-Trump, Anti-conservatives, anti-rural, anti-Constitution and anti-Bill of rights.
The view painted by them and the BBC are as different, if not more, than you are from your city dwellers.

Try; another wordpress site for a decent conservative blog like WUWT.
Or try for news source that publishes far more than leftist progressive sites ever will.

October 21, 2019 7:13 pm

Thank you, Detgrim. I live in rural America and empathize greatly with your conclusion.

October 22, 2019 12:21 am

Tractor design sure has stalled and solidified around a very homogenized style. Like a fleet of Model T’s.

Reply to  Zack
October 22, 2019 4:43 am

Form follows function. Existence precedes essence.

Michelle Z
October 22, 2019 7:50 am

IF the Left wins total control of any place they would refuse any compromise and enforce all the horrible laws they want. If it came to the point where farmers were no longer able to provide food in sufficient quantity they would then go on to blame the ‘selfish’ farmers and perhaps nationalize the farms. And that is the start of the short walk to massive famine, most of which in modern times were political in their roots and serving of some faction’s total self interest.
Fortunately the Left does not have total control in the Netherlands nor anywhere else in Western Europe. A Venezuela situation becomes unlikely, while the provinces where the Left runs things will have its farmers disadvantaged and unable to be as productive as those in the areas where repeal took place.
Sadly, leftist voters and governments do not often pay attention to the outcome of their experiments in disastrous governing and run blithely along until they figuratively run out of track and go off the rails to the total train wreck (cf Venezuela).

October 22, 2019 7:58 am

Google translate:
“Thousands of farmers protest against German agricultural policy. Minister of Agriculture Klöckner wants to help them financially, while Environment Minister Schulze demands more protection for insects.”

In German:

Carl Friis-Hansen
October 22, 2019 8:08 am

Just saw on German RTLTWEI News that tractors federal wide are on demonstration against being bullied and the federal politics.

Where could they have gotten this idea from?

Questing Vole
October 22, 2019 1:12 pm

“Compare this to non-grassroots Extinction Rebellion, which gets broken up by the public if they block a road for half a minute. ”
Three cheers for the Dutch public! If we tried that in UK we’d be arrested before the XR crusties.

Questing Vole
October 22, 2019 2:04 pm

“Compare this to non-grassroots Extinction Rebellion, which gets broken up by the public if they block a road for half a minute. ”
Three cheers for the Dutch public! If we tried that in UK we’d be arrested first, before the XR exhibitionists.

October 23, 2019 3:03 am

This was really interesting, thanks for posting.

October 23, 2019 6:50 am

Hi all,

Jus a few remarks from the Netherlands.

As always it’s a bit more complicated than stated above.

Currently as a European country we have an issue with complying to the European standards on NH3/NOx emissions and deposition.

On the one hand we want to preserve the (cultivated) nature spots in our country and on the other hand we have to produce our food and go about our other business.

We did a little business with the European government on that.

To comply with the NH3/NOx deposit levels the Dutch government invented a system to compensate for the growing business by compensating that with preserving and cultivation of nature. It was a theoretical system with a computer model and should be validated in daily practice.

The measurements and the validation raised some questions.
We are preserving cultivated nature which can only survive with very low fertilising
So you can’t deposit very much.

As one of the stakeholders the farmers got their budget for the emissions.
In the meantime the courts ruled that the N2 system didn’t meet its objectives.

So we got a full stop in our economy on new projects in construction, farming, and many other sectors.

The Dutch government has to come up with a new system to handle this and accommodate new projects.

In the meantime the Dutch provinces thought that by taking away the unused emission budget of the farmers, they could get other projects going again for the time being.

That’s were the farmers got in action and mounted their tractors. First to the Dutch government in The Hague and second to the provinces that wanted to take their unused emission rights. Some provinces got back on their decisions, some did not.

Yes, there is lot of sympathy for the farmers. We have to come up with a well balanced emission scheme which suits all sectors, including preserving nature. Perhaps a bit less nature and a bit more clustered spots.

On the other hand there is a severe discussion over the contribution of the sectors.
When the ministry of infrastructure states that the farmers contribute in the emissions by 45% and the aviation by only 0,1%, it doesn’t smell good.

So it’s only the beginning of a new and hopefully better and fair regulation.
We are not there yet.

Just to set the record straight.
There was some damage to the doors of the province house in Groningen and to the field at the Hague. The farmers are going to compensate for those losses.

Reply to  Wilco
October 23, 2019 8:36 am

“As always it’s a bit more complicated than stated above.”

Of course, but the bottom line is: man seems not to be part of nature.
That is the political reality in the European Union.

October 23, 2019 3:39 pm

Way to go farmers ! Enough is enough .
i would love to see the white supremacists in the Extinction Rebellion
try to stop a farmers march .

Tractor vs couch potato . Not going to end well .

The politicians better wake up . The earth has a fever con-job is over
despite what Greta Handlers say .
Hug a farmer they know the truth .

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