Some Heroes Wear Smocks

As we saw in the Canning protests earlier this week, people are getting fed up with sanctimonious, virtue signaling, climate change, “protesters”.

Here are a couple of recent examples.  Warning: profanity.  Not work safe.

Smock Man

Here’s another.  In N Out workers fed up.

[update. another angle]

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  1. “Not work-safe”?

    My whole platoon loved it, once I figured out how to get my laptop talking to the PA system. Where do you assume I work, Charles? The library at a pre-school for kids with sound-sensitive migraines? That’s frankly a little offensive.

  2. What ugly people!! They think they can do as they please, yet nobody can touch them! Why use a loud speaker in the face of a gentleman who is at work 😐 these climate cult members are making people hate them, I know I do!

    • I don’t know how the employe stood there and took it. Lets just say that if the activist had done that to me I would have left there in handcuffs and he would be in a hospital getting that loudhailer surgically removed from his mouth. No one should have to put up with this crap.

  3. A lot of restraint shown by the In-N-Out employees, especially with the bullhorn being stuck in their faces.

  4. I’m due to visit London shortly. Anybody glues ‘emselves to a window or a train I’ll say, “Let me help you with that, mate”, and riiiiip!

    You wanna leave some skin on a train? That’s down to you.

  5. Doing the job cops should be doing in the first place. The current state of partial anarchy is a result of unlawful blockades # 1 through # 793 that weren’t police terminated. Even the video where the cops make an arrest, was at least minutes late. The restaurant owner shouldn’t have had to get physical himself, and risk stupid lawsuits. The cops have more legal powers, and more importantly insurance.

    I’d consider pushing a megaphone into a cops face and yelling to be an assault (ear pain & hearing damage) That guy should have been contestant #2 at the county jail.

    • Have you forgotten that the cops actions, and even speech, are both controlled by elected officials more concerned with votes than honor?

      • Kenneth Hunter

        They also protect you 24/7.

        I never heard anyone squealing about officials concerned with votes and honour when I was helping people.

        In fact, the first people the extinction rebellion morons will turn to is the police, dare anyone touch them. Yet they want a new world order, whilst being perfectly happy to continue with the current world order until theirs begins. One in which there will be no police I suppose.

        They couldn’t think their way through a crossword puzzle.

  6. Bad move climate charlatans…never be stupid at an In and Out Burger. That places is a coveted institution.

  7. Using a loudspeaker at close range exceeds the Health and Safety regulations. It is causing physical harm to an employee in their workplace.
    That is assault.

    He is the one doing the assaulting.

    • “I’m sorry, Your Honor, but I was so disoriented by the incredibly loud and painful noise that I stumbled and accidentally smashed that loudhailer into his mouth, breaking several of his teeth. Oops.”

  8. I wonder what a cup of water or even better soft drink (more conductive and sticky) chucked into the loudhailer would do to its performance. Would this be a chargeable offence? Could the restaurant owner plead self defense, the loudhailer was damaging his hearing?

    • Property owners have quite a bit of power. In particular, they can pitch people off their property and use reasonable force if the people refuse to leave.

      Freedom of speech doesn’t exist on someone else’s property. If someone is disturbing the customers or staff, that is sufficient to kick them off the property. If someone refuses to leave, the owner or his delegate can hold that person until the police arrive. Where I live there is a criminal trespass offense.

      It’s always a good idea to check the law in your own jurisdiction.

      • Where I live, as long as I give you warning and sufficient time to leave, I can shoot you if you don’t leave my property.

    • Rapid-set expanding foam spray seems to be effective with loudhailers. Water doesn’t work because they need to be spit-proof.
      Not sure about other traditions, but under English Common Law principles, unauthorised entry (or authorised entry that is subsequently revoked) is trespass. If the perpetrator refuses to leave it is permissible to use reasonable force to remove them. There are numerous precedents that support this principle, but of course in this age, there are crooked lawyers trying to subvert it, along with weak-minded judges who are prepared to go along with the subversion. Bashing the loadhailer away is covered by right of self-defence. Unauthorised filming of oneself can be subject to direct action, but chucking the phone through the air could be deemed excessive. Obstructing a right of free passage is assault under some jurisdictions. Study the precedents, make sure you have witnesses, then do it.
      Under the Queensland Criminal Code, it is a misdemeanour carrying a penalty of up to 3 years for setting a “spring gun, mantrap, or other engine calculated to destroy human life or to inflict grievous bodily harm” but it is interesting to note that under s.327(3) it is not an offence to set such a device for the control of vermin, or for setting the device “at night in a dwelling house for the protection of the dwelling house.”

  9. Ok, here’s a suggestion: Have a bottle of lighter fluid, squirt some the protestors, hold up a pack of matches and tell him or her they have three seconds to get the h out of there. That should clear them out quickly.

    Could probably have just water in the bottle. They likely wouldn’t know the difference.

  10. Love the guy who threw that b**ch’s phone.
    You can see the blue sky going around and around a dozen times as he put nice spin on his throw.
    With any luck it was one of $1,000+ new iPhones totally trashed.
    Then she just stands in the intersection having a hissy fit that her phone is gone.
    If you listen to audio you can hear the guy yell at her when they yell “what’s wrong with you?!”
    He yells back, “They gotta go to work.”

    These snowflakes think they’ve got license to pull this shit and not get a hard push back.

  11. It seems to me there will come a point where they manage to goad someone into a really violent reaction. They act like that is exactly what they want.

    • It’s what their Fuehrer intends, but not what they expect. Their entire purpose is to create conflict, to divide us. They don’t realize that the forces behind them are just using them and would prefer they get beaten to a pulp or even killed so people who object to being abused can be sued.

    • I think they’re too naive and stupid to realize that they are pulling on a tiger’s tail. They feel entitled to disrupt others’ lives without challenge, and are horrified when people push back.

      • Not different, psychologically, from the ’60s anti-war protesters.
        From Lee Harris’ Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology
        “What I saw as a political act was not, for my friend, any such thing. It was not aimed at altering the minds of other people or persuading them to act differently. Its whole point was what it did for him.

        And what it did for him was to provide him with a fantasy — a fantasy, namely, of taking part in the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed against their oppressors. By participating in a violent anti-war demonstration, he was in no sense aiming at coercing conformity with his view — for that would still have been a political objective. Instead, he took his part in order to confirm his ideological fantasy of marching on the right side of history, of feeling himself among the elect few who stood with the angels of historical inevitability. Thus, when he lay down in front of hapless commuters on the bridges over the Potomac, he had no interest in changing the minds of these commuters, no concern over whether they became angry at the protesters or not. They were there merely as props, as so many supernumeraries in his private psychodrama. The protest for him was not politics, but theater; and the significance of his role lay not in the political ends his actions might achieve, but rather in their symbolic value as ritual. In short, he was acting out a fantasy.

        It was not your garden-variety fantasy of life as a sexual athlete or a racecar driver, but in it, he nonetheless made himself out as a hero — a hero of the revolutionary struggle. The components of his fantasy — and that of many young intellectuals at that time — were compounded purely of ideological ingredients, smatterings of Marx and Mao, a little Fanon and perhaps a dash of Herbert Marcuse.”

        Just a different fantasy, is all.

        • On this one, I disagree with Mr. Harris more than I used to.

          If ordinary people were just props, the Socialists’ superiority fantasy would not require their harm and humiliation. These are power displays; attempts to demonstrate that they are above the law and we are below it.

  12. You can tell that the protesters use just as much fossil fuel as anyone else; they are not dressed in grass skirts furs and using Flintstone type stone cars.

  13. Many years back (1980’s), I was an engineering student at University of Wisconsin – Madison. An antinuclear group decided to block the access doors to the Mechanical Engineering building because it contained an operating nuclear reactor. I told one of the police present that I was supporting myself through college, had classes in the ME building, and asked if they were going to clear access for the students needing to attending classes. I received a ‘We can’t interfere with a legal assembly’ response. Undeterred, I and 4 other stout friends gathered up all of the folks that were trying to get to their ME classes and told them “Get behind us. We’re going to form a wedge and push our way through the crowd blocking the doors.” And we did just that! About 40 people gained access behind us, as we held the doors open for them. The police did not intervene, much to the ineffective screeching chagrin of the mob.

  14. ER = Emergency Room, a prophetic acronym, a forward-looking choice, smocks served at progressive prices.

    Color me skeptical, bu I think they are poor players, masquerading as actors, in the conventional PC, Population Control, scheme, the end of the world is Nye… nigh, another secular cult from the Penumbra.

  15. Just curious – were the bullhorns and cellphones these obtuse nitwits possessed made of bioplastics, or of petroleum-based plastics? Not that there would be any hypocrisy exhibited by such self-righteous “climate warriors”.

  16. The criminals that push these idiots in the streets want exactly this :

    – violent reactions with the hope of some tragic events so that they can say that people went violent “because climate change”.

    And the establishment will use this to further “educate” the populace.

  17. The average citizen is not going to put up with this kind of disruption of their lives for very long. Expect the pushback to increase.

  18. I’m not a lawyer but I believe a case could be made to say screaming in someone’s face with a bullhorn being assault and taking it away or and destroying it being self defense.

  19. Really, winter is coming, y’know. Fine time to wash off the sidewalks after you sweep, especially when there’s trash blocking passage.

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if protesters like the XRhypocrites were sprayed with skunk musk or the equivalent. Not in the face, of course, but below the chin. That stuff takes a while to wear off. 🙂 Just sayin’. And then ,there’s always that wonderful stuff called bear spray, which is supposed to repel bears, but does them no harm.

    Hanoi Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston were arrested in WDC. I have news for all of these idiots: this ain’t the 1960s, when REAL issues were being thrashed around in the public forum. The morons can’t protest that dreadful thing called The Draft, because it was dropped early in the1970s, and all those things that were on the table have been addressed. This generation of braindead nitwits has nothing – NOTHING – real to complain about, so they make stuff up. If they’re on welfare/dole, then ID them and take the lazy f***s off the rolls.

    Seriously, they’d complain if someone them the ice sheets are reforming up north and down south.

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