Extinction Rebellion: Metro Climate Protest Attackers were Stressed by Ecological Collapse

Tredegar Square East London
Tredegar Square East London – scene of ecological collapse? By Reading Tom from Reading, UK – Tredegar Square, CC BY 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Extinction Rebellion’s official website, the angry commuters who attacked the protestors holding up their train reacted violently to the protest because they are stressed by climate change.

Today’s tube action: how it happened
October 17, 2019 by Extinction Rebellion

This morning, members of Extinction Rebellion climbed onto trains at Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell. At Canning Town, members of the public pulled two rebels from the roof of the train.

Some of those involved in the planning, on hearing the feedback, chose to step back from the action; but some of those involved continued and ultimately carried it out.

It’s no less through love and fear, and due to the same conditions of oppression that we face ourselves, that we saw such a disturbing reaction from some of those on the platform at Canning Town. These were commuters trying to get to work so they can support their loved ones. We recognise that disruption at Canning Town affected those already suffering the hardships of a toxic system – those who are the most at risk from the effects of climate and ecological collapse.

Read more: https://rebellion.earth/2019/10/17/todays-tube-action-how-it-happened/

I used to work in East London, regularly went for a beer with friends, mostly in the pubs around beautiful Tredegar Square in Mile End, just down the road from Canning Town where the climate protestors were attacked.

The East Londoners I met are proud, hard working people. Like any inner city community they have their issues. They have a strong sense of community, they don’t suffer fools who want to mess with them or their families. They love and care for their precious green spaces. I don’t recall anyone in East London ever telling me their top concern was “climate and ecological collapse”.

95 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion: Metro Climate Protest Attackers were Stressed by Ecological Collapse

  1. they are stressed by climate change. They forgot the word activist.
    they are stressed by climate change activist.

    • Climate activists have a form of mental illness that makes them extremely susceptible to group think paranoia. A classic symptom of the disease is the projection of one’s fear onto others.

      Classic reactions of those immune to paranoia, but allergic to paranoiac projection, are rashes, lacerations and swelling breaking out on the bodies of the paranoid in this case categorized as Extinction Rebellion activists.

      I personally do not advocate mistreatment of the mentally ill but it is often necessary to contain and restrain them. We need XR treatment hospitals STAT.

      • If these “rebels” are advocating a return to the medieval era then medieval methods of treatment of the mentally ill seem apropriate.

    • Extinction Rebellion are calling for ‘citizen assemblies’ to replace democracy, yet, when an assembly of citizens lets them know what they think of them, they don’t like it much!

      • a well made point lost on them. Since their definition of “Citizen Assembly” is one appointed by Central Planning do institute the will of the activists against the individuals.

        Under their model an assembly of citizens would be gunned down in the streets by the central planners “citizens assembly” otherwise known as the militia.

        Its kinda like they have been doing in Hong Kong when the assembled citizens demanding their liberty are gunned down by the citizens assembly

      • Sounds remarkably like what used to be known a Soviets ?

        Maybe they also seek a Dictatorship of the Climate Aware 🙂

  2. Lolololol What utter rubbish, lies pure lies! I live 10 minutes from the heart of east london, eastham, Stratford, ilford, barking, People are hard working life lovers, the culture, shops and general atmosphere is lovely, stratford, Westfield is always busy, the olympic complex, its lovely and across the road from Westfield.. Apart from one lady across the street from me, nobody has ever complained about the weather. The lady went to a xr meeting about a new tunnel being made in silver town, as a dog owner she was told No pets, now she swears at xr and hope they go extinct 😂

    • Ohhhh mammmaaaa … you describe such a … toxic … environment. The rebels must be sooooo stressed. Oh the toxicity! The toxicity. The toxicity!!

      Let’s tear it all down maaaaaan !!!

  3. Too much of in-your-wallet and in-your-face government forced removing the idiots.
    Sadly, these activists are agents of authoritarian government.
    Probably paid too.

  4. A common pattern in climate science attribution of convenience is that if it is a good thing there’s less ans less of it because of climate change and if it is a bad thing there’s more and more of it because of climate change.

    • Causes for the modern outbreak of crazy:

      (1) Easily led low-IQ
      (2) Unemployed dysfunctionals
      (3) Lousy food; brain has nothing to work with
      (4) Social Media
      (5) Drugs (either on ’em or need ’em)

      Static-electricity crazy being channeled into Malthusian hysteria knowingly by Marxists now right out in the open; the “long march through the institutions” having now become “in your face.”

      • I would go with this order; 5, 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you watched some of these people in posted videos, such as the woman spraying her body fluids at people, that sort of behaviour is drug induced.

        Even one of the founders of XR admits to being stoned when she received her epiphany.

  5. the locals took “climate activist” action
    well done those people
    a few more doing this might end the protests far faster

  6. Displaced anger. They are angry about something they can’t control, like addiction, their own fecklessness, or some other kind of abuse. So to feel better they join a mob and act out.

  7. The commuters reacted as a stressed parent finally dishing out what obstreperous children deserve. Perhaps a spanking would have made an impression.

    XR reaction is delusional.

    • The commuters acted like kidnap victims who see an opening to strike back at the kidnapers. They were kept in the station against their will by ER’s deliberate actions. The first actual blow was struck by the ER agent who kicked the man trying to reach the top of the train. The police should have taken down those ER idiots immediately.

  8. I loved seeing the video of the two protesters being dragged off the roof of the Tube train at Canning Town. I watched it over and over again. The passengers were not going to put up with two arrogant protesters who think they know better. Everyone I have spoken to since feels the same as me.

    Londoners are heartily sick of XR and this anarchist group has gained a great many enemies in the last two weeks. XR are totally delusional and ignorant of the science if they they think the world will end in the next few decades. Have any of these idiots read the IPCC reports? Read the science basis in the AR5 and there is no mention of imminent disaster – in fact so many opinions are hedged with caveats and contradictions one wonders if they have any merit whatsoever.

    • “….in fact so many opinions are hedged with caveats and contradictions one wonders if they have any merit whatsoever.”

      Wonder no more. It’s mostly crap.

    • But XR say that the IPCC reports are not correct and it is much worse than they say. If you watch an XR dolly being given a hard time by Andrew Neil on the climate change propaganda channel the BBC, you will hear her say it and offer up a famous name who supports their view. None other than arch climate crook Michael Mann!!!

  9. Perhaps they’re stressed by working for a diminishing standard of living while having people with nothing but affluence and free time get in their face about how they need to sacrifice more to suit other people’s political vanity.

  10. I am definitely stressed by the change in our social climate, especially those exemplified by Extinction Reds. Makes me see red.

    • Yes indeed. Just seeing them on the news makes my blood boil. I have no idea what would happen were I to meet any who were being disruptive in the streets – but I have a feeling it wouldn’t end well.

  11. It seems to me there is cause for a class action lawsuit here. These XR folks are not protesting within their rights to protest but are causing damage to the very people they are trying to influence. How is taking away ones ability to get to work really different from damaging their car?

  12. You may have noticed that nearly all protests inconvenience people and that may be the goal.
    Further any action that is being advocated is almost always harmful to some group of people and sometimes to the whole planet.
    Advocating for positive change is rare and even then the unintended consequences are seldom considered.
    I often wonder how activists can continue to harm the majority and still have an influence on policy makers.

    • “I often wonder how activists can continue to harm the majority and still have an influence on policy makers.”

      ‘Activists’ exist to provide stories for the media which the ‘policy makers’ can point to as a justification for doing things that they want to do but the voters won’t support.

      No-one really thinks that two idiots standing on top of a train is going to have any effect on global temperature. It’s all to give the media a story to publish.

  13. That is obviously Marxist language from people that worship the biggest intellectual fraud of the past 500 years. I didn’t even make it past the preface of Das Kapital before determining that Marx had serious narcissistic personality disorder, and I’ve noticed this same trait among his worshipers.

  14. I have a feeling that XR is probably going to see the light when a few more of them get a little more “climate anxiety” right in the doo dads. Probably not before then, though.

    “Your violent response is not related to our childish antics, it’s just you plebs acting up for reasons you don’t even understand”. Hilarious.

  15. It’s easy to mock XR and their ridiculous, fact-free statements, but we should be cheering them on.

    In a few months they have done more to discredit climate alarmism in the eyes of the general public, than the climategate emails, the debunked hockey stick, critiquing the logic of the “one model can’t predict future climate but 100 models (that can’t predict future climate) can predict future climate” hypothesis, exposing the adjustments homogenization scam and earnest reiterations of The Facts About Climate Change have done in a couple of decades. Their stated objective of replacing democracy with some sort of centrally planned (by them, of course) collectivism is there for anyone who cares to read about it. The kid-glove treatment of XR by fawning governments, councils and their police forces are also there for all to see.

    I do hope I’m right, and not just grasping at straws.

    • Smart Rock, I fear you are, indeed, grasping. Here in California (where we literally have to grasp for plastic ( i.e., useful) straws), I have been saying for years that it has to get worse before it can get better, but I now am afraid it just will continue to get worse. You and I forget that these zealots never acknowledge they even could be wrong, they always have an excuse consistent with their dogma—as this article proves. You and I have failed to grasp that everything is “because climate change.” In fact, it is climate change itself that has made people like us skeptical about climate change. When enough followers of this sort of “logic” support politicians and secure a degree of legitimacy via popular media—for example, a Los Angeles Times that officially and expressly refuses to publish any climate change skepticism (yes, I am serious and accurate)—then facts, let alone contrary opinion, simply die a dusty death. California’s geologic fault lines are no match for its climate change and similar zealots in the race to cause the state to break off from the continent and sink into the Pacific. Many of us have had enough of straw-grasping and are breaking out our buyout bags sooner than we had thought would be necessary and are shrugging Galt-like off to what we hope are less hopeless locales.

      • Jeff,

        Where are those less-hopeless locales? Even Texas is going “purple” (probably owing to California exiles who can’t figure out why they left California).

        Seriously, where is a reasonable place to which to move? My wife and I would like to know.

        • Jim, great question. Notice I did not say “better” locales, only “less hopeless.” The search is on; I take some solace in the fact that some cities are actively discouraging Californians from moving there, a la Boise, Idaho. I may have to move incognito!

          • Two friends have recently moved from Southern California to Boise. Must have gottten in under the radar.

          • @ Jeff. Us Oregon natives tried to stem the inflow of poison from California 40 years ago but the tsunami overtopped the Siskiyou Mountains and putrefies the Willamette valley (where over 1/2 the population lives) ever since.

    • No you’re right, the media must be cringing at their antics. and what ever the media may be, they don’t want to be seen backing the wrong side, it’s bad for business let alone their personal lives

  16. XR = MARXISM, currently with its claws drawn in.
    Although I’m not sure so much about the claws as I only have indications about what is happening behind the scenes.

  17. What a load of rubbish. But hang on, yes I am stressed by being continually assailed by this rot.

  18. It does seem rather silly to attack the very means of transport they are trying to force us all into. And even sillier to project on to others, not only their own failings, but also their own flawed diagnosis of their failings.

  19. “We recognise that disruption at Canning Town affected those already suffering the hardships of a toxic system – those who are the most at risk from the effects of climate and ecological collapse.”

    Clue to the clueless: the toxic system is called LIFE. And you fools are trying to remove the very thing that has fueled the immeasurable reduction of life’s hardships.

  20. I know a leader of protests who hated her father, a man without warmth for wife or children, apparently. I came to understand that it is not uncommon among chronic ptotesters that they have such types of personal issues. Everytime I see a large protest peopled by uni students, I find it easy to pick out the zealots from the recruited sheep. In essence, the ptotest is one against their fathers (or other family members).

    We’ve let “progressives ” erode family, education and discipline in schools and in society at large. Hence the growing population of aimless drones to recruit into protests. Lack of self-discipline required for developing productive satisfying lives is evident everywhere. No wonder Jordan Peterson is such a sensation among millions who want to restore it. J P is, of course, hated by miserable progressives whose work is being undone.

  21. Based on models, they predicted that if the wilderness were to be fragmented into blocks of X size, Y number of species will die out.
    Based on this, the activists went out and started acting as if all the predicted species had already died. They didn’t need to name the species, because according to the model they were already gone.
    Problem is, when actual scientists went out into the actual world and started counting noses. The species that were supposed to have died out, didn’t.

  22. Imagine the reaction of the commuters if they were delayed in getting to the football match of their favorite club?

  23. This might be one of the most perverted, self-serving, bastardization of reality, rationalizations I’ve ever heard.

  24. “…the angry commuters who attacked the protestors holding up their train reacted violently to the protest because they are stressed by climate change.”

    I’m admittedly no Stephan Lewandowski, but that sure seems like a steaming heap of ‘Motivated Reasoning’ on the part of XR.

    • Please! It’s Stephan Lewandowsky, not Stephan Lewandowski.

      An easy way to get the correct spelling is to take “what Lysenko spawned,” and simply rearrange those letters to get Stephan Lewandowsky.

  25. I was a commuter for 30 years on the London Underground.

    We put up with poor unreliable service, overcrowding, being too close to your fellow man set your nerves on edge and on occasion people we knew and work with got BLOWN UP BY JEHADI BOMBERS. The slightest unusual behaviour caused a disproportionate emotional response.

    Then along comes an idiot from XR, I am not surprised at the reaction!

  26. Today these utter crackhead fools, blocked Oxford street 😐 they are absolutely hated across london, maybe all of england.

  27. The louder they squawk, the more they act like stupid, self-centered spoiled brats – well, the reaction is that the more they will turn off anyone who might give them some attention and maybe a whiskey jigger’s worth of empathy.

    I would like to know just where they get the information that XX number of species have just gone bye-bye for good. There is no dearth of bugs, birds or blossoms in my area and as far away as 500 miles from my house. The only thing that shuts off bugs is incoming cold weather, which -since it’s nearly November – is going to happen soon. IF I’m lucky this weekend, I may just see some latent dragonflies zipping around, looking for mates, but generally the dragons and butterflies and moths are going in for the winter. Squirrels already have dense coats and layers of fat. Late season plants like compass plants and goldenrod are gone now, because that is what Mama Nature does. It’s all part of the cycle of life, which those imbeciles in XR don’t understand.

    Everything will be back in the spring, maybe even a little early, if the OFAlmanac is close in their forecast. Supposed to be warm and wet next spring and summer, which will mean more chances for shooting trilliums, cranebill, mayapple, woodland anemones, etc., never mind the birds that will be returning on time and setting up housekeeping.

    And these XR morons think everything is gone extinct???? They have to prove it! And proving it means they show exactly what it was and where the extinction happened in the REAL world, NOT in their imaginary world of made-up catastrophe. I doubt that even one of those morons can name a bird species or a plant species or even knows what are mosses and what is algae.

    The XRs are too ignorant for words, have ZERO understanding of basic biology, know nothing at all – NOTHING!!! – about the natural world, and are led by grasping, soul-sucking charlatans who see them for what they are: ignorant useful idiots. Here in my area, they’d be arrested for being a public nuisance, and anything else that can be attached to them.

    They get zero sympathy from my end of the train car.

    • A little info here on the census of bugs: 925,000 SPECIES of insects have been identified so far. The estimate on the total number of species of insects, including those as yet unidentified, is somewhere between 2,000,000 and 30,000,000 SPECIES.
      That does not includes the spiders. In the order Aranea, there are 48,200 named species of spiders worldwide, including ticks, mites, and scorpions. The guesstimate on how many species in Aranea are not yet identified and named is somewhere between 90,000 and infinity, since there a billions of spiders of all sorts everywhere. Spiders are found in fossils, too, really, really old fossils, back to the Carboniferous era.

      Knowing that little amount should allow anyone who is serious to trip up these weisenheimer XRs and hand them a brief, but savory defeat.

  28. How does it make sense to protest around mass transit? Isn’t mass transit supposed to be the green option for commuting?

  29. They were stressed out because they were trying to get to work on time like responsible people and some self righteous wankers were stopping them.

  30. The big problem is the media coverage.

    No media coverage and encourage Joe Public to start forcibly getting ER timewasters out of the way.

    ER is nothing without media coverage..

  31. London Underground Recent History.

    On 7th July 2005 52 people lost their lives to Jehadi Terrorist Bombers on the Tube, travelling to work.

    On 21st July 2005 4 failed terrorist bomb attempts were made on passsengers going to work.

    On the 22nd July 2005 the Metropolitan Police shot dead an innocent Brazilian Man on the Tube as they wrongly identified him as a fugitive bomber from the day before.

    Along come the idiots from Extinction Rebellion, climb on the Trains, I am surprised they only got punched and kicked, the Brazilian man got shot 3 times in the head!

  32. Dear Mr Worrall

    ” … just down the road from Canning Town where the climate protestors were attacked.”

    The ‘protestors’ were not attacked, they were the attackers. The public were defending themselves. Good for them.


    • I have a lot of sympathy for the commuters, but the fact is if they had just stood back there would have been no physical confrontation. Of course if the police did their job properly and arrested this rabble there would have been no motivation for people to take the law into their own hands.

      • I am tired of a relatively few nut cases being allowed to disrupt the lives of the masses and think they have a right to be protected when doing so. If you aren’t civil then you have no right to expect people to be civil to you.

        • I get it Rah, if I still worked in London and had suffered weeks of disruption from these freaks, with stuff all response from the useless London mayor, I would be really mad as well.

      • The “protesters” were breaking the law, acting irresponsibly, intimidating innocent commuters. That is an act of terrorism and they were dealt with, by the public, and rightly so.

        These people get away with a docile public, too scared to take action, leaving any action to police, who, as we have seen, do nothing.

        It is time for the public to react and in this case the public did. If XR don’t like it, they should think twice. This is the first incident, I expect to see more reactions from the public.

        This “rebellion” needs to be crushed.

  33. These people are scaring young children into believing they are going to die if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions very quickly…..I was 12 years old in 1962 and living in London. I was likely to be killed by nuclear bombs at the height of the Cuban Crisis….I remember the Evening News paper with the headline S.O.S Stay Off Shore….as the Soviet ships were heading towards Cuba. I was scared with good cause. These protesters haven’t got a clue about what they stand for. They are scaring children with mass hysteria based on corrupted and often wrong information.

  34. A quick check of the weather on 17th Oct shows that London had a temperature range of 7-13 degrees C and the long term average is 8-14. Therefore it is absolutely not possible for the protesters to claim climate stress as an excuse for their actions on this day. This BS really needs to be called out and hefy jail time needs to be dealt to make sure this type of anti-cocial behaviour gets nipped pronto.


  35. What do you do when your child throws a tantrum at the supermarket and refuses to move? That is how these people should be treated.

  36. Listened to the ER spokesperson on the BBC interview tonight . . .
    the new Buss word was

    ” Climate Breakdown `

    used somewhere in almost every sentence he uttered.

    `Breakdown` is far more scary than the current benign “Climate change”

  37. In the immortal words of an anonymous petroleum trader during a 2005 invasion of his workplace by Greenpeace activists,

    Sod off, swampy!

  38. Of course. It was nothing to do with XR “protesters”! Nah, couldn’t be them because they are saving the planet.

  39. These XR people disrupting others’ lives reminds me of spoiled toddlers having a temper tantrum when they don’t get what they want.
    Glad there were adults in the room.

  40. Anyone who has travelled on the tube in rush hour knows that the environment down there is toxic and those enduring it are likely to react badly to anyone who tries to keep them in it for longer. Believe me, after 15 minutes with your nose in someone else’s armpit (I am small) you come out and breathe great gulps of London air with pleasure

  41. “According to Extinction Rebellion’s official website, the angry commuters who attacked the protestors holding up their train reacted violently to the protest because they are stressed by climate change”

    Yes of course. That makes perfect sense. If it weren’t for climate change there wouldn’t have been the Extinction Rebellion and if it weren’t for Extinction Rebellion there wouldn’t have been the stress that caused the retaliation against those childish morons of Extinction Rebellion.

  42. My (second) favourite video clip of the XR protests (behind – of course – the idiot being unceremoniously hauled off the Tube train, and being treated to the business end of some size elevens) – is of the co-founder of XR (who’s name escapes me) chipping away at the glass front of the Department of Transport building, with a sissy hammer (which she’d obviously never handled before) and a little chisel (ditto) – and getting nowhere.
    Comedy gold….

  43. I hate to admitt it, but I geel sympathy for XR and believe they have a point worth considering. The commuters acted like stressed animals in a circus. It is true we live unnatural lives with high levels of stress we are not supposed to cope with. We should be stressed once a week or month. Now we are stressed daily, that wears us down. I think XR are wrong on science of climate, but kind of right on social psychology and economics. Truth is often spread out on both sides.

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