Police use a battering ram to break into Extinction Rebellion warehouse in Kennington, south London

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  1. That may sound like a battering ram, but it is not.
    It is the sound of inevitability.
    Warms the cockles of me heart, it does.

      • I must say, I found this “battering ram” video very disappointing. I was hoping for Grond, the giant metal wolf’s head with fire in its mouth..

        • While watching it, all I could think was: That is one hell of a door.
          And not much of a battering ram, although it eventually did break the door.
          It did not seem to have broken the lock or the door jamb, just that panel.
          I am curious what sort of a lock was on that door.

    • It is the sound of inevitability.

      Isn’t that a line Agent Smith uses in The Matrix to describe the approaching metro train, in his attempt to kill Neo?

      Not that I have any sympathies toward Extinction Rebellion. They’re destructive and idiotic.

      • Yes, Pat, good catch.
        That is the source from which I borrowed that phrase.
        I did not really give any thought to the context in which Mr Smith used the remark, though.
        Like you, I see these people as incredibly misguided fools.
        I think it is clear to anyone paying attention that extinctions and such have pretty much zero to do with what they hope to achieve.
        They are socialists (translation: Communists) who want to bring about the destruction of our civilization, and whatever excuses they give for their behavior are just that, excuses.
        I expect that few people who are not similarly deluded and destructive have much if any patience for their antics, and at some point all tolerance for their methods will evaporate clean away, and they will be treated as the criminals they surely are.
        At least I hope so.
        With any luck, they will be as successful in their mission as agent Smith was in that movie.
        Given the strong likelihood that most people are happy to live in a modern civilization, and would hate to find our prosperity suddenly some to an abrupt end, groups of people with such evil intent may indeed find out that their doors will be battered down, just prior to them all being hauled away to prison.

    • A lot of Londoners will be happy about the police action particularly after a couple of ER nutters interviewed on the BBC this morning stated that their next course of action to support their “cause” will effectively block the Westminster area including access to a major London Hospital – St Thomas’.

      • These fools complain that they’re “non-violent” but although that may (or may not – same meaning) be true, their brainless disruptions can cost lives, even if they don’t target a hospital.

    • “This escalation of pre-emptive tactics by the government and police is a sign that we are being heard and acknowledged as a significant movement.

      Yeah right!

      Everyone else thinks that the police just arrested some thugs!

  2. The disrupters being disrupted. I love it👍👍👍 That is what we pay our police to do.

  3. XR spokesman Boardman said the protests could be five times bigger than those in April, when demonstrators took to the streets for 11 days, sitting down to blockade roads, bridges and intersections. Police made more than 1,100 arrests.

  4. First, who funds XR?

    Secondly, as well as the planned disruptions and strikes, is there a “triggering” effect on gullible people. Some people in my county with mental health problems of a paranoid nature or learning difficulties have been wandering out of their various institutions, sheltered accommodation and supported accommodation and then attaching themselves to rail tracks and roads. The people seem to have no direct connection with XR and certainly not deliberately controlled by them but seem to be imitating what they see on the television or in newspapers, presumably because they mindlessly and irrationally misconstrue it as acceptable behaviour that they are under pressure to replicate. I guess that this sort of “copycat” behaviour is known to psychologists and psychiatrists. Left unaddressed, it could lead to individual suicide or mass suicide. My daughters’ schools’ management board also seems to back XR and does not seek to discourage the children from “striking”.

    • Child soldiers can be especially cruel because of a not yet fully developed frontal cortex . Most mass murderers suffer the same or other brain problems.

      Robert Sapolsky frontal cortex

    • I would like to know who finds them as well. Anytime you see protesters carry professionally made signs you know money is involved.

    • SuffolkBoy,
      Presumably your question “who funds them” is rhetorical.
      It is no secret that the usual marxist/satanists gives them the money.
      Look up George Sorearse, Gates, Bloomberg, Tom Steyner(?) That millionaire Grantham, Hewlit Packard etc etc. In other words, all those who made a fortune as capitalists and are now determined to deny the peasants any opportunity to emulate them.
      They know what is best for the sheeple.

      • All swamp figures/puppets but not the wizard behind the curtain. Follow the yellow brick road to the money changers/printers in the temple.

      • On the right track – add in the Getty heirs, Kennedy heirs, and a host of others.

        It’s a small tightly knit wealthy group – which just cannot bear the 7.5 billion deplorables.

        Jonathan Swift already saw this in 1729 – and made a Modest Proposal, taken up at AOC’s townhall meeting with devastating satire.

        • Soros will probably have his ashes shot into the Sun.
          Order your asbestos dancing shoes early.

          Auto -sharing your distaste for Soros, but not having the same attitude to exercise. Sorry

    • These AstroTurf “peoples eco movements” are as phony as a Tides Foundation “charitable” Tax Statement. Who Funds these groups? Puhleeze …

    • Who funds XR? The usual suspects.

      Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

      If verified, this confirms Extinction Rebellion is disturbingly flush and well-funded: over £1 million raised this year, half of it still unspent, according to the documents.
      Major donors are said to include — inevitably — George Soros; Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe Corre (the saucy underwear and dildo tycoon, worth $48 million); the European Climate Foundation (which funnels money from far-left American philanthropic foundations to European climate projects); Greenpeace; the far-left Tides Foundation; and a little known Swiss asset management company, called Furka Holdings, founded by a banker with Russian links, which gave £50,000.

    • ” My daughters’ schools’ management board also seems to back XR and does not seek to discourage the children from “striking”.”
      Isn’t their primary duty to ensure that children attend school. On the face of it they should be prosecuted for failing to discharge their statutory duty.

    • Answer to question 1 : the billionaire Sir Chris Hohn is a major funder of XR. He has used his charity CIFF to give them several hundreds of thousand pounds over the last two years, complying with charity law as the donations were for “education” As he is a true believer he has quite probably given XR cash directly as well – the Finnish XR leak suggested that he recently gave them $200,000.

    • @SuffolkBoy
      First: Kids aged sixteen are open for “justice”, revolution” etc.. And those aged 12 are looking up to them. They are vulnarable because of their age and a lack of life experience. And they and their teacher are victims of carefully planned propaganda and this for many years. Look at this:
      “The Rules of the Game, Principles of Climate Change Communications”
      is the title of an really carefully made handbook, made by british green PR-agency FUTERRA with and for the british government in 2005!! on how to influence people on climate change (in the internet there is just one website of the left which still has it). You can read that the Climate change debate has to be brought to schools. Futerra used parts of that also for the public and UNEP.
      After Climategate they made a new version for the public, the second half of that seems to be a little bit more interesting than the rest. “New Rules – New Game”
      FUTERRA also coordinated the recent demonstrations and actions of 365.org and Extinction Rebellion in the UK.
      As you see, there is an long lasting process at work. Its not only the NGO´s influencing your kids, also government agencies via schools an politics are in volved in this.

  5. what is it with everyone using twitter for news?
    damned annoying when its so called reporters doing it as well
    that aside Id say that upsetting the Ye olde building residents yesterday ie banksters;-) might have got the police response while annoying the hell out of normal citizens could be ignored by the ptb with the green leanings

    downunder theyre talking of cutting the govt benefits to protesters of the ex reb
    seeing as most arrested are recipients its sort of apt.

    and i loved the list of what was removed ALL of which were fossil fuel made items
    no grass matting and room temp water for them, or public loos etc
    will be interesting to see how many turn up to the next rally after this

    • There’s never been anything like twitter for getting instantaneous news anywhere without the filters. It has turned anyone into a journalist and upended the established order. About 95% of twitter is like that festival in India where everyone throws feces at each other, but the remaining 5% is priceless for the views into the world it provides. I’ve learned to filter out all of the crap, but sometimes even that is very useful for understanding the mental illness the world has descended into.

      • icidil,
        I think the priceless ones on Twitter are far greater than 5% but, then, I do make liberal use of the Block and Mute buttons. I agree with your last sentence and that’s why I often use Mute instead of Block. If I see an interesting response to one of the nutters, I can read what idiotic comment they made and it does give me insight into, as you say, the mental illness into which the world has descended.
        However, I think it goes farther than that. It is quite clear who the paid trolls are and gives insight into who is paying them and what their topics of concern are. I and others have found “noble, virtue signaling” Twitteres who have, one way or another, vested financial interests in Renewables and AGW/CC. They do get so mad when we catch them and call them out.
        There is nothing better for breaking news and, as you say, Twitter gives a voice to citizen journalists as well as, in my opinion, professional journalists who are outside the MSM sphere of influence. They are the best.

      • MarkW October 6, 2019 at 6:28 am

        [] each of the twitter posts show up twice because it’s

        – one for the twitter

        – two for the show / resp. “normal browser content”

        – three to start twitter, go twit go!

  6. With the economies of the major economic powers in the EU headed south with no relief in sight and the continuing concentrated fight for Brexit, I really don’t see the climate wackos gaining much headway for some time to come despite the backing of many in government. I get the sense that Europe is entering a period of extended unrest driven by social and economic realities clashing with the socialist one world ideology. I strongly suspect that events like this and the yellow vest protests in France and elsewhere are just small time precursors of much larger broader and probably much more violent and persistent civil unrest to come for many of the nations in the EU. The bottom line is that the workers refuse to become serfs to an EU system of government which is specifically designed to insulate it’s self from the concerns of it’s citizens.

    • The bottom line is that the workers refuse to become serfs to an EU system of government which is specifically designed to insulate it’s self from the concerns of it’s citizens.

      OH my, my, ….. rah, …… a couple “changes” and your above is still “right as rain”, to wit:

      The bottom line is that the workers are finally refusing to remain serfs to a US system of government which has specifically evolved to insulate its self from the concerns of its citizens

  7. “Equipment confiscated from #ExtinctionRebellion included these pink bean bags, which remain under heavy guard from the Met’s territorial support group.”

    Thank goodness those are in safe hands now.

    • My guess is they have only been trained in “gender equality” courses…as well as “Muslim” outreach programs.

    • I could also say they didn’t want to be there as they knew it was an exercise in futility. What is important is what was on that taped sign on the door. The rest is just speculation.

  8. ““This escalation of pre-emptive tactics by the government and police is a sign that we are being heard and acknowledged as a significant movement.”
    By that measure that puts you in the same camp as ISIS and the IRA or other ideological nihilists, or to be slightly less extreme, anyone who wishes to destroy the economy.

    • They say they are a significant movement, but so were the anarchists in the early 1900’s, but that does not necessarily mean they are a legitimate movement if they disrupt people’s lives,
      Eg: blocking a man from seeing his dying father, making people miss their appointments for chemotherapy, etc.
      No doubt considered to be all for a noble cause.

  9. This is the world they want. Their demands can only be brought about by a totalitarian state interfering in every moment of every citizen’s life, by force.

    • Since we have a direct tax system we live in a totalitarian state interfering in every moment of every citizen’s life, by force.

      Just try not to pay them.

      • Robertvd – Please don’t exaggerate. We pay taxes for civic responsibilities and national security. We don’t have private armies as that is the preserve or true totalitarians like drug cartels. In all my years I have never had government forces interfering in every moment or any moment of my life. I’ve been stopped by the police a couple of times but that is their prerogative.
        To suggest the UK is a totalitarian state is a huge insult to those that are in such states or have survived any. After all if the UK was totalitarian you wouldn’t be able to drive a fire engine up to a key government building with the press waiting?

        • civic responsibilities and national security.
          OK, you’ve covered about 15% of the taxes that we pay.

          As to not having the government interfere with your life, you must never have tried to run a business, or had a disagreement with an agent of the government.

          • OK. Fair point. I think that is more about the type of person that has managed to insinuate themselves into self important positions. They used to be called ‘jobs worths’ or ‘time wasters’ although there does seem to be more of them. However, this is still not totalitarian, although the environmental activists might want to take us all in that direction.

        • Really? Have you tried posting a blog post on the actual historical facts of the religion of peace and its actions throughout history? You would have the police at your door so fast your head would spin. Do the same for the abuses of the Catholic Church and you will be hailed a hero.

          That is the very definition of a police state. You may not speak certain truths in public without the heavy hand of the state.

          • Glad I live in the USA where we still have free speech. But not if the leftist-pig democrat-socialist-communists get in control.

        • I’m not against taxation as long as it is indirect. A direct tax is different because it gives those in power the right to know everything about you. You are guilty until you can prove you’re innocent. For me a Big Brother system is totalitarian.

    • I think it’s time for me to watch my dvd Vendetta before bed tonight, just so that I can dream nice things! The very thing these loons want to bring down is merely to replace them with their own version of them! I seem to recall they used to call it Socialism/Communism, symply put, one system of oppression replaced by another one in the guise of defending the planet! Power & money, nothing has changed in several thousand years!

  10. I would like to know what was on that taped sign on the door. I suspect it was an eviction order that, eviction bailiffs were not able to, “lawfully” execute. Now in the UK, “squatting” is “illegal”. Very grey areas within the law there.

    With property prices skyrocketing in London, owners are taking “physical” action, “within the law” to evict “tenants” (As “squatters” were once called).

    Seem like to me the “residents” knew what was going to happen and made it “difficult” for law enforcement to comply with orders. That door was strongly barricaded.

  11. I didn’t think it looked much like a warehouse door. Turns out to be a closed court building – how ironic for a law breaking activist group to use it to store stuff for its criminal activities.

  12. The XR people should study this closely.

    Police turn up at correct address
    Police dont end up glued to anything
    Police can actually use the tools they have

    Tricky real world stuff

  13. Yes, this post was annoying … with all the fragmented links/videos.
    It was not an article, but a Hodge-podge of videos or whatever with many duplicates, etc.

    Annoying post.


  14. Can’t see them gaining much traction in the UK. The funniest thing is at every even they stage it is usually attached to some fossil fuelled vehicle.

  15. “This is not what democracy looks like”
    No, it’s what law and order looks like when faced with terrorists.

    • By an amazing coincidence the people DIDN’T vote to have crazy domestic terrorists running amuck in the streets and disruptting traffic.

      But hey, I guess that just means they don’t know how democracy works either.


  16. Extinction Rebellion = Occupy
    And so it goes:
    Extinction Rebellion<Rising Up!<Compassionate Revolution<Occupy

    Extinction Rebellion
    faqs 1.2, answers to questions 5 and 6
    "We started as a group of activists who have been working together since 2016 in a group called Rising Up! "
    "Rising Up! is the group that set up Extinction Rebellion as a project."
    "In 2016, people from several groups (Like Earth First! Occupy Democracy, Plane Stupid, Reclaim the Power) were asking how to design a strategy that might win. Roger Hallam was writing about How to Win! and Gail Bradbrook has designed an online system for collecting “conditional commitments” as part of Compassionate Revolution, which was created after Occupy Democracy."

    Rising Up
    "Rising Up! was formed by activists who have also been part of Compassionate Revolution, Earth First! Occupy, Plan Stupid, Radical Think Tank and Reclaim the Power. Rising Up! is linked to Compassionate Revolution which was birthed in the Occupy movement."

    Compassionate Revolution
    "Compassionate Revolution was birthed in the Occupy movement."
    "We understand that people may be willing to undertake acts of defiance, some of which could be illegal) in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and they may wish to share their actions with others. Our site and processes are designed to support such sharing."

    Guerrilla Foundation = part of the financial network of XE
    "The Guerrilla Foundation supports activists and grassroots, social movements working towards bringing about major systemic change across Europe."
    Guerrilla Foundation is supported by the network: Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen, ARIADNE, EDGE FUNDERS ALLIANCE.
    Part of EDGE are, for example: Open Society Initiative Europe (= Soros) and the german „Bewegungsstiftung“ with ATTAC and GREENPEACE at the board of trustees.

    • These groups are inviting civil war.
      The difference of media treatment between them and Yellow Vest demonstrates that ER is a tool of the system used to subvert democracy, just like Greta is one too since she would never have been able to achieve her feast in a year without the tacit support of the system she denounces.
      Soros has long arms: Pope Francis named a Canadian cardinal who wrote parts of Laudato Si and who is pro-migrant…

      • @TomRude
        Tom, if you have a closer look at the websites cited above, you will find the old communist paroles, especially at Compassionate Revolution. The former OCCUPY (Wallstreet) guys have created a new green looking network, supported by the usual well known people and organisations, trying again to overthrow our democratic societies. Green lacquered communists they are, Yoda would say. Another interesting aspect of Extinction Rebellion is, that they pay you up to 400 british pound per week for participating on their actions. For people short of money: Go to their website, there they have a form to fill out for this.

  17. I view this as much-deserved harrassment of an extremist group intent on law-breaking and making life difficult for everyone. Good job, but they need to keep the pressure on. Those supplies and equipment can be easily-replaced. They are well-funded.

  18. These idiots are talking about blockading Westminster, which includes a major A&E hospital (ER to our American friends).
    IMHO, we should reintroduce transportation to some nice little island, South Georgia or one of the South Sandwich islands comes to mind.

    • I think the uninhabited Prince of Wales Island would be highly appropriate given its eponym.

      Over the year, temperatures range from 23 degrees to 60 degrees, F. They ould no longer need worry about warming temperatures, though they may start praying for it.

  19. “…eight activists had been arrested on conspiracy to cause a public nuisance …” Well, that’s interesting. Someone finally had enough of their stupid crap and wanted them O-U-T. ‘Bout time, too.

    All they do is trash whatever spot they’ve decided to “occupy”. They don’t pick up after themselves. Everything they do is pointless and amateurishly stupid, more aimed at getting attention for them than making a real point.

    And on top of that, winter’s on its way and that means cold weather everywhere in the northern hemisphere. So the trashers get busted. The junk they’ve collected is confiscated. Winter is coming on and may be a harsh one, depending on where you are. And this bunch of ne’er-do-wells is a collection of welfare recipients, if I understand that correctly.

    Fine by me. Nail ’em.

    • No they’re not. It’s what happens when different twitter links are copy/pasted into some online formats, basically because twitter sucks in terms of application execution. Most journalists haven’t figured out yet how to use twitter in their online articles. The best way is to quote the twitter comment and provide a link to it. Repeating and stacking things the way they do is extremely annoying.

  20. “Damien Gayle@damiengayle

    Police admitted they had no warrant to enter the…”

    Damien, Damien, the Police would never admit to that. Just think of the lawsuits!!!

  21. Yes, Mr. Anderson!!!! heh, it’s gif you can easily find on the net.

    I keep wondering what they had planned for the giant beanbags. A giant bean bag gun? A catapult? What ?

  22. London police using a battering ram? Isn’t that a bit extreme for them — I hope they tried politely knocking first… 🙂

  23. An excessively redundant post.
    Useful information herein could have been presented in fewer than 50 words. Why do we need to see photos repeated?
    Please stop with the repetitive wording and photos.

  24. Just heard on CBC that XR is going to block the Burrard Street bridge in Vancouver BC starting tomorrow (Monday) morning and continuing all day. Words fail me.

  25. Just heard on CBC that XR is going to block the Burrard Street bridge in Vancouver BC starting tomorrow (Monday) morning and continuing all day. Words fail me.

    • If only the police were Somehow made aware of the anarchists intentions to block the burrard street bridge they could stop it. Oh, wait!


  26. This is good to hear. I hope more of these raids happen. XR should be considered to be a terrorist group.

  27. When I opened this article all the Twitter captures appeared for about one second, and then everything disappeared except the WUWT introductory comment:

    A twitter thread”

    Then just below that is an advertisement, and that’s all I see. WUWT?

    • Harumph. I was using Comodo Dragon (a version of Chrome that allegedly closes some of the security weaknesses deliberately constructed to favor Google advertising) as my web browser. When I switched to MS Internet Explorer (I hate that program) the Twits hung around for me to see and read them.

  28. Police are going too far, way too far.
    Preemtively arresting people for future crimes on basis of leaving and entering a building?
    I dont like this a bit.
    The chances these eco terrorists would harm someone are very small. Let them do their crimes, if any, then throw the book at them. This Orwellian nonsens leads to no good outcome.

  29. MarkW October 6, 2019 at 6:28 am

    [] each of the twitter posts show up twice because it’s

    – one for the twitter

    – two for the show / resp. “normal browser content”

    – three to start twitter, go twit go!

    but don’t you step on their blue sued shoes
    you can do anything
    but don’t you step on their twitter shoes!

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