Michael Bloomberg: Chinese President is “Not a Dictator” Because of Climate Change

Michael Bloomberg. By Bloomberg Philanthropies – https://www.flickr.com/photos/bloombergphilanthropies/29828795984/, CC0, Link. President of China, Xi Jinping arrives in London, 19 October 2015. By Foreign and Commonwealth Office (China State Visit) [CC BY 2.0 or OGL], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Michael Bloomberg, President Xi Jinping is not a dictator because he listens to the people’s demand for climate action.

MARGARET HOOVER: The United States currently accounts for 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. China accounts for 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. How do we, even if we get to zero, how do you get India, China, and the other countries to be good partners.
MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: China is doing a lot. Yes, they’re still building a bunch of coal-fired power plants
HOOVER: And they’re still burning coal.
BLOOMBERG: Yes they are. But, they are now moving plants away from the cities. The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public. When the public says ‘I can’t breathe the air,’ Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents, or he’s not going to survive.
HOOVER: He’s not a dictator?
BLOOMBERG: No, he has a constituency to answer to.
HOOVER: He doesn’t have a vote, he doesn’t have a democracy. He’s not held accountable by voters. Is the check on him just a revolution?
BLOOMBERG: You’re not going to have a revolution. No government survives without the will of the majority of its people. He has to deliver services. The Chinese Communist Party looks at Russia and they look for where the communist party is and they don’t find it anymore and they don’t want that to happen.

Source: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/27/michael-bloomberg-chinas-communist-leader-xi-jinping-not-a-dictator/

Below is a video of Bloomberg explaining why President Xi Jinping is not a dictator;

Who needs an election to tell you what the people want, when it is so obvious the people demand climate action?

Back in 2017 President Xi Jinping presided over the kind of policy disaster which would get a Western politician ejected from office, as ambitious local executive committees raced to meet Jinping’s Communist quotas for converting cities to gas, without anyone pausing to ensure sufficient gas supplies were available.

This left millions of Chinese people to suffer a harsh Northern Chinese winter without home heating.

Some of the local Communist officials involved in the conversions knew there were problems, but they had no choice but to follow the direction of their President.

Chinese officials point fingers as gasification crisis worsens

In China, policy targets are trickled down to the village official level with the objectives generally understood to be the minimum to be achieved.

“If we did not meet the target, we will get bad performance reviews and we will start worrying about our careers,” the inspector said. She declined to specify the targets.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-pollution-gas-criticism/chinese-officials-point-fingers-as-gasification-crisis-worsens-idUSKBN1EG0N9

In 2018, in the wake of this disaster, the Chinese Communist Party accepted Xi Jinping’s request to abolish term limits on his presidency, to allow Xi Jinping to remain President for as long as he wants the job.

96 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg: Chinese President is “Not a Dictator” Because of Climate Change

        • Ditto for Boris here in the UK all the media and talking heads are telling him he’s wrong and everyone that matters want us to stay in the EU but he wants to give us plebs what we asked for in the best way he can despite the mess he was given to work with.
          I think his predecessor worked on the idea that if it was messed up as much as possible it wouldn’t happen.

          James Bull

      • “Big” T? Just fyi – would you mind coming back and gloating next November after the election? Oh, wait….

      • Bloomberg wants very much to be a dictator, ….. and that’s why he is partial to them.

        Instead of praising the actions of Emperor Xi Jinping, ….. Bloomberg should put his money where his mouth is, ….. like he did here in the US, ….. and give the Chinese advocates fighting CAGW $200 or $300 million dollars to close those coal-fired electrical generating plants.

        Or does Bloomberg just “hate” the American populace that made him a billionaire?

  1. So the Bloomberg has spoken. Now there is no such thing as a dictator. There never has been. That random collection of letters is totally void of meaning. There are a lot of dictionaries that need amending, and countless books that must be re-edited.

    • “No government survives without the will of the majority of its people.”
      Like North Korea or Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

      • That’s sort of true. No dictator can survive without strong support. Your support group can decide to remove you. The first example that comes to mind is Nikita_Khrushchev. IIRC, he was abroad and his first clue when he got back to Moscow was that all the phone numbers had been changed.

        The trick is to keep your support group at each other’s throats so they can’t take cohesive action against you. I doubt that he ever read The Prince, but Saddam Hussein seemed to be the master of that technique.

        • All successful dictators must not only keep potential opponents at odds, it not exterminated, but also suppress possible rivals. As in Hussein’s case, and many others, this unfortunately means that you can’t have a competent military.

          • Exactly so. For that reason, during the Russian – Finnish war and at the start of WW2, the Soviets had no competent generals.

        • I guess you haven’t studied the histories of Stalin or Mao. That is precisely what Mao did. Stalin? He just killed everybody.
          Their support was based on terror.

      • “No government survives without the will of the majority of its people.”

        Bloomberg is not the first to express this thought.

        From the Nuremberg transcripts:

        “We repeatedly called on the people to express unequivocally and clearly what they thought of our system, only it was in a different way from that previously adopted and from the system in practice in other countries. We chose the way of a so-called plebiscite. We also took the point of view that even a government founded on the Leadership Principle [Führerprinzip] could maintain itself only if it was based in some way on the confidence of the people. If it no longer had such confidence, then it would have to rule with bayonets, and the Fuehrer was always of the opinion that it was impossible in the long run to rule against the will of the people.”

        • “No government survives (FOR LONG) without the will of the majority of its people.” That is key (FOR LONG). Whether it takes years or “months” is the obvious question. History will report on such events of the contest badly, but the winners will do the future talking. Bloomberg is OK with the size of your drink and limits your freedom. Minimize government laws as they will control you and that is the goal.

    • Yes, Bloomberg revealed much. President for Life Xi is not a dictator. Stalin was not a dictator (by his logic). Hitler, Mussolini, the kings of Europe, the caesars of Rome, Genghis Khan, Idi Amin, Fidel….no dictators. What a complete waste of time our founding fathers went through when arguing over the US Constitution. What a funny guy Bloomberg is!

      I think I’ll go have a big slurrpy in his honour.

    • He likely has a higher approval rating in China than most Western leaders.

      Jimmy Carter has some interesting points:

      “Of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored,” said former President Jimmy Carter “I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.” By way of contrast, the U.S. election system,with its emphasis on campaign money,“is one of the worst”

      Carter also disclosed his opinion that in the US “we have one of the worst election processes in the world, and it’s almost entirely because of the excessive influx of money,” he said referring to lack of controls over private campaign donations.

      “U.S. Is an ‘Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”

      Carter said the United States is “the most warlike nation in the history of the world” due to a desire to impose American values on other countries, and he suggested that China is investing its resources into projects such as high-speed railroads instead of defense spending.

      And, finally:

      11 dead
      76 seriously injured
      2500 injured
      23 protesters lost an eye
      5 protesters lost a hand
      thousands arrested
      45 weeks of protests

      No, this is not HK, it is France after 45 weeks of protest.

    • Good point.

      Castro, Maduro, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Xi= wise and responsive political leaders.

      Trump, Netanyahu=dictators

    • Bloomberg has clearly been taking lessons from Nick Stokes, you just redefine anything to make your argument. You can’t argue with them because they are all the classic “educated idiots”, they can string an argument together which is complete garbage but sounds technical.

    • Big Government by definition is a dictatorship. So the US(Federal Reserve System) by definition is a dictatorship. Without a free market system there can be no We The People only we the slaves (Form 1040)

  2. Ironically, President Xi Jinping is doing a much better job of ignoring the mad Green ‘Climate Change’ Schemes for CO2 and energy deprivation than most of the West’s elected Heads of State. Perhaps it’s just Chinese common sense coming through.

  3. How does moving the coal-fired power plants away from the cities do anything about global warming? The CO2 still goes into the same atmosphere. What a moroon!

    And yes, Xi is a dictator. Ask the people of Hong Kong.

    • jackbenimble333. LOLOLOL exactly, so as long as the coal plants are away from cities every country can start building them?

    • He is probably stupid, but I think it is also part of a move to start conflating “AGW”, “Climate Change”, “Bad Weather and its consequences (i.e., flooding, destruction, etc.)”, “General Pollution”, “Just picking a stupid place to build houses”, “concentration of melamin in skin”, etc. into one giant marxist social justice issue.

    • moving the coal-fired power plants

      Replace many local inefficient burners with a lot fewer distant ones that are more modern. City air becomes more breathable. CO2? Who cares.
      This is a strategy followed in the USA and England. See, among others …
      1948 Donora smog
      1952 Great Smog of London

  4. Bloomberg only shows that he understands very little about either Chinese politics or the Chinese political system.

    While there is always the risk that internal political rivalries and intrigue could overthrow Xi Jin Ping as a result of unpopular measures, there will be no revolution as long as the Chinese Army supports the government, and as long as the cadres in the mid-levels of the Chinese Communist Party also remain supportive and willing to enforce Communist policy. It is a more delicate balance (and less totalitarian) than it was under Mao, and average people have a few more basic economic (and social) freedoms than they had under Mao. But rest assured, this is still a dictatorship, one that is willing and able to brutally oppress, stamp out, and imprison its enemies, real and imagined, rather quickly (e.g. Uighurs, Moslems, etc.).

    • Bloomberg isn’t stupid, he’s a “more equal pig” who stands to make a ton of money from the Chinese so he is defending them.

    • Gee Tex, its a scary idea that “progressives” that adhere to China as a model for what is planned for us in the New World Order don’t understand anything about Chinese polotics.

    • So the US and most of the Western countries are dictatorships. Just try not to pay your direct taxes. Direct taxation gives ‘government’ the authorisation to know like the Stamp Act (1765) everything about you.

  5. The man bans Winnie the Pooh because people said that the bear looks like him, but Xi is not a dictator. The country has a firewall that ensures only information that the party approves of appears, but Xi is not a dictator. The country has a social credit system that prevents you from doing basic things like take a train if you do things the party does not approve of, but Xi is not a dictator. The country makes Hollywood change movies else they won’t let the movie be shown in China, but Xi is not a dictator. The country essentially bans religion unless that religion kowtows to the Communist agenda, but Xi is not a dictator. Makes sense.

    What Bloomberg news really meant was Xi Jinping has the type of government they covet. So they have to be portrayed in the best possible light.

  6. Bloomberg’s comments are just what one would expect from one who is a wantabe dictator himself. His lack of physical stature weighs on his intellectual stature like a huge chip on his shoulder.

    • Bloomberg I suspect merely prefers to own the President.
      Being President is very tough, hard work.
      Better to be just an arrogant billionaire throwing your money around to buy Democrats.
      Why not try to buy Republicans you ask? Because the biased, hypocritical media has a double standard, a high standard for Republicans if they get caught taking money, and no standards for Democrats.

  7. It looks to me like Mikey Bloomberg is demonstrating that Xi Jinping is much smarter that he is. Who in full posession of their faculties would think of China as non-polluting, carbon or otherwise?

  8. Bloomberg is right. You people are wrong. Wrong, Wrong, WRONG.
    Allow me to educate you.
    The Soviet Union, like China today, are communist societies.
    That means that The People have seized the means of production. The Proletariat own everything. In a post-Capitalist system, this is all-important. As the people own all the productive capacity, they also control all the Wealth. As we know, this is where the real power lies. In turn, the leadership must do the bidding of the people or face the consequences. So you see, the leadership are not dictators.

    {As a side note: If the “people” really did control the “means of production”, the first thing they would do is to divert a small fraction of the country’s productive capacity to the mass production of combat rifles and distribute them to the masses. (Cf. Schindler’s List)}

    (No, I am not going to use a “sarc” tag, if this breaks the internet, too bad.)

  9. …I guess only Republican or Conservative Presidents can be “dictators”…soon to be added to the list..Libertarians,,,,Vote Smart

  10. There’s sn unofficial competition among famous people; who can spout the most arrant, crass rubbish linked to climate alarmism that will be swallowed by the gullible believers. Mickie just raised the stakes to Oscar winning levels.

    In the draft manuscripts of 1984 George Orwell wrote some similar things but omitted them from the final version as being too nonsensical to be credible.

    • This is lowballing. How much enthusiasm would you have answering the same questions? She looks tired. She is 16 and has a lot of pressure on her.

      The science is sound enough that we don’t need to attack people, right?

      Ironically, it was this girl who said, look at the science. I did. It fell apart rather quickly, regrettably. I was excited to try to solve a big problem, but the problem doesn’t seem to be there. However, the biodiversity issue still exists, and that mainly seems to be related to poor people burning forest for farm land/cattle and unsustainable fishing. Solve hunger agroeconomically in a cycle and solidarity economy (mandate of UN FAO) and this could help solve the biodiversity issue. Imagine that. Save people, save the planet.

      I don’t think action will be taken to solve the biodiversity issue unless it is incidentally addressed by CAGW. The world will be destroyed. It will affect you send you tend to live there, so we must limit co2. We limit c02 by preserving biodiversity. The foundation is sort of a means justifies the end, but I’m okay with that if the end result a healthier planet and more sustainable economies come about.

      This assumes competency in the UN. This assumes money won’t corrupt the same system. Ironically, the same economic incentives are there, so until “money” itself is a bases of economy, long term wealth distribution to solve the biodiversity problem (wealth trickles eventually to poor) will take a period of time where we might lose 100 million years of genetic diversity.

      Ironically, I don’t the global warming via C02, or naturally, is problematic. I’m also not sure how problematic it’ll be if they get there way and effect policy. If they can solve the biodiversity problem, I’ll get out of there way, a 100 trillion dollar price tag notwithstanding. Do you guys have a better idea that will force policy action? You guys can probably solve the biodiversity action with 100 billion dollars, but can you force the policy to get the funds? Do you have the people on your side or can you get them before the biodiversity loss is doubled, etc? To me, this is crux of the situation, as simplistic as it sounds.

      Feel free to tear into my analysis all you want. I find it is a good thing to face my inadequacies and naivety.

  11. Hey Bloomberg:

    NPR reported in April:

    “Edward Cunningham, a specialist on China and its energy markets at Harvard University, tells NPR that China is building or planning more than 300 coal plants in places as widely spread as Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Philippines.”

    • The World Bank and many western banks will no longer finance coal fired power plants. So the Chinese do the financing. They can both make money and increase their sphere of influence around the globe at the same time. Boy the World Bank sure showed them.

  12. Nanny Bloomberg got so much blow-back and ridicule when he tried to ban super-size Soda cups in NYC.

    Bloomberg, Steyer, the Rockefellers, Soros… that all deserve to be ridiculed mercilessly and heaped with scorn and derision.

    • On the last industrial project I worked on in China we were contacting by several human rights groups concerned the Chinese would use political prisoners as forced labor on the project. They agreed to include a contractual provision in all contracts against the use of forced labor. Then they just smiled.

  13. Bloomberg is a bloomin’ idiot, but he very craftily does something lots of Warmunists do: when the subject is an uncomfortable one as in this case, where it’s specifically about CO2 reductions and “net zero” he immediately switches to air pollution and the issue in China with dirty air, especially in cities. And in that regard, China “listened to the people” (yeah, right) and began doing things to help clean up the smog in cities, which clearly was a huge embarrassment for them.

  14. The Uighurs and ethnic Tibetans were unavailable to comment on Blithering Idiot Bloombergs’s statements.

  15. How did such an idiot become so wealthy and a mayor? I think that would be harder to understand than quantum mechanics.

    • Bloomberg knows how to get what he wants. Until Bloomberg, NYC mayors were limited by law to two (2) terms. Otherwise, Guilianni would have easily won a 3rd term. Somehow, Bloomberg served three (3) terms.

  16. If China held free elections tomorrow, Xi Jinping would win in a landslide.

    He is a dictator but an extremely popular one within China today. He is driven to do what’s best for China and the Chinese people and he’s proven to be very, very effective.

    • If he were that popular, he would hold free and fair elections, right?

      Seems to me that communist parties in ex-communist countries don’t do so hot.

    • Xi Jinping might well win a free election – but he doesn’t seem willing to take the risk of holding an election.

    • When you control the media and have the ability to disappear anyone who troubles you, it’s amazing how popular you become.

  17. Echos of some Westerners’ admiration of Soviet Russia in the 1920s and ’30s: ” “I have seen the future, and it works” (Lincoln Joseph Steffens after a visit to Russia in 1920s).
    In an agreement with Stalin, Henry Ford set up a factory near Moscow, that and the Great Depression lured thousands of US citizens to migrate to USSR.
    Upon arrival they were required to surrender their passports, things went fine for a while until the ‘Great Purge’ when many were arrested and never heard from again:
    It was a Roosevelt Government disgrace that many pleaded for help to get out but were turned away by the embassy, subsequently arrested, ‘interrogated’ and shot or swallowed-up in the Gulag and forgotten.

  18. No dictatorship in China? I guess it must have been my imagination where a briefcase carrying protestor got run over by a tank a few years ago. I guess that poor guy wasn’t aware that the will of the people of the people was that he get squashed flat.

  19. Don’t forget about that millions-strong religious movement that incorporated stretching exercises got suppressed. And about the kidnapped Hong Kong publishers.

  20. So Bloomberg likes the “not a dictator” in China, let’s treat Bloomberg as the “not a dictator” treats people who disagree with him. First we’ll make Bloomberg a non person, then we will throw him in jail, then we will strip him of all his worldly goods, never to be heard of again, because that’s what China’s “not a dictator” does to people who disagree with him.

  21. Bloomberg did a typical dishonest dodge…when he mentioned China is moving Coal Plants away from city centers to improve urban air quality. That’s got nothing at all to do with CO2 emissions and that was the topic. And the infobabe (yes, that was a sexist derogatory term since she isn’t doing her damn job) let it pass…or she was too stupid to call him on it.

    We need to get outa China. They need us but we don’t need them. They cheat and steal. China will never be an honest trading partner so the sooner we disengage with them the better.

    AND ALL THE FRICKEN domestic GLOBALIST ENEMIES OF AMERICA like Bloomberg are invested up to their eyeballs with the ChiCommies.

    Any American Companies that move INTO CHINA from now on should be boycotted into nonexistence. Nixon’s experiment is over and it has failed.

    We should not even TRY to COEXIST with the current Chinese regime…or the current American Democrat Socialist Party regime. Americans have nothing in common with either group when it comes to fundamental principals.



    • I agree Doc…at least until the fascist dictator Xi is driven from power, and China becomes a responsible global citizen and plays by a standard set of rules that most everyone else follows. This is what President Trump has made this trade war all about. The only way to get China’s ear is to get ahold of their wallet, at least with regards to trade with the USA. The only other thing that China understands is a boot on their neck, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that any time soon, although I fear that is the only thing that Emperor Xi will understand.

    • “Bloomberg did a typical dishonest dodge…when he mentioned China is moving Coal Plants away from city centers to improve urban air quality. That’s got nothing at all to do with CO2 emissions and that was the topic.”

      Actually, the coal-to-gas conversion in Inner Mongolia creates considerably MORE CO2 than simply burning the coal would.

  22. Funny no-one mentions Falun Gong and Bannon.
    Only a matter of time I suppose at WUWT.
    London is not getting Hong Kong back.

  23. Is this guy on drugs? Or has early senility set in? I can’t believe anyone with the remotest semblance of intelligence would spout such an ignorant statement.

    • He is a billionaire.
      He wants to make billions more in China.
      He is smart.
      Nobody who wants to get into the China market can tell the truth about the Chinese govt.

  24. By their actions, it is evident that the Chinese do not really believe that CO2 causes adverse climate change. They are trying to gain an economic advantage any way that they can.

  25. dictatorship in China: I don’t know. China is the Government Type X . They do not have “paper money” on mainland China. People get paid in “credits”. Credits are exchanged for goods and services. So far so good, right? The Government decides what a person’s worth will be, therefore the “party leaders” are worth the most. If a person go against the “Party Line” credits are taken away to a point of house arrest or “reeducation camps”.

    They do have private companies and small businesses but again they are subject to the credit system.

    What China’s style government X model has created is an “Ant Colony”. Progress socialist love it. I give it 75 to 100 years before there is a civil war in China.

  26. Of course he’s not just as much as Stalin, Hitler and Mao they were all greatly misunderstood.

    James Bull
    Oh yeah sarc

  27. The money and businesses that globalists like Bloomberg have dropped in China’s lap are now being used to fund the Green Blob and the Progressive politicians who kowtow to them. I imagine he has great respect for a system where the ruling elite can do whatever it likes and the plebes do as they are told.
    Remember, the Progressive cult was quite enamored of Hitler and Mussolini until that little fracas with Stalin came about. Now the Nazis are reviled as murderers while the Communist dictators, who killed at least TEN TIMES as many of their own citizens, are glorified. Why would Xi deserve any less?
    The whole Gorebull Warming hoax is nothing but bald faced attempt to take the whole world economy and put it under the control of an enlightened Progressive elite! What could go wrong with that? I mean look how well they have handled the Aral Sea and Chernobyl!! We peons should be thankful that Great Ones like the Bloomberg deign to trouble themselves with our existence and betterment. We can tell how much they care for us by looking at our most excellent public school system!/snarc

  28. Churches frequently demolished.
    Christians are persecuted. Even ‘The Guardian’ recognises it:
    In China, parents are not allowed to take their children to church.
    But Buffoonberg presumably thinks the Chinese Communist Government does this to maintain public support.
    Just like the one/two-child policy which led to forced abortions.

  29. Read about Mao’s China. This sort of top down system was has been in force since 1950.
    It was the direct cause of the Great Famine.

  30. I wonder what kind of deals he’s been doing with China… by any chance, did they help him make his billions? No rational person would voluntarily shill for a dictator like Xi, who is answerable to no one, otherwise.

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