Greta Thunberg & Allies File Climate Complaint Against 5 Countries (Not China)

From Breitbart

Swedish teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg and 15 other children filed a complaint with the United Nations on Monday, accusing five countries of inaction on combatting so-called climate change.

The complaint, filed with the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, accuses Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey of failing to fulfill their obligations to act against climate change, placing them in violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a three-decade-old human rights treaty which sets out the “civil, political, social, and cultural rights of children.

“Change needs to happen now if we are to avoid the worst consequences. The climate crisis is not just the weather. It means also, lack of food and lack of water, places that are unlivable and refugees because of it. It is scary,” Thunberg said in a statement upon announcing the complaint.

The 16 petitioning children range from 8 to 17 years old and hail from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Marshall Islands, Nigeria, Palau, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, and the United States.

The complaint was filed through the Third Optional Protocol, a mechanism which allows children to formally request the U.N. take action regarding the petitioner’s cause of choice.

The complaint does not name China, which accounts for 30 percent of global emissions, because it has not signed the part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty allowing children to seek justice for breaching the agreement. The establishment media over the weekend remained silent on Beijing’s ban of Climate Strike events throughout the country, despite the participation of over 150 counties raising awareness for purported “global warming.”

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122 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg & Allies File Climate Complaint Against 5 Countries (Not China)

  1. Sigh. The leftist/environmentalist wackos seem to be out in force (or is it “farce? Lol!) these recent days. I consider their using Greta Thunberg as a tool to advance what is essentially a political agenda, not a climate agenda, as a particularly egregious form of child abuse.

    • My prediction is that St. Greta will be named Person of The Year by Time magazine, then later she will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

      But in the end, a scandal of some kind will erupt and she will return to anonimity.

      The left always eats their own. It’s only a matter of time.

    • So how many of these 8 to 17 yo children are capable of taking such an initiative on their own. They are clearly just names being used by adults who have an agenda to push.

      Ask as 8yo what the UN is and you will get a blank look.

      Ask any 17 y.o. what the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child is and they won’t have heard of it until this week.

      • “Ask an 8yo what the UN is and you will get a blank look.”

        Ask “anyone” what the UN does and you will get a blank look!

        • optical illusions work….she’s 16….they make her look 10….and people are falling for it

          …even the wording she uses…..’childhood’

        • I bet none of those kids were familiar with “the Third Optional Protocol”, and how it was applicable to their CAGW protests. Some adult manipulator had to show them the way.

          This whole CAGW/UN situation is just too bizarre. Big Bureaucracy is what we have here at the UN. Big Bureaucracy that is trying to rule the world using fear of CAGW as their means of control. Authoritarians to the left of us; authoritarians to the right of us.

          • Greta`s complaint will not be successful. The Third Optional Protocol of the Childrens`Rights Convention only allows complaints pertaining to the childrens rights specified in articles 4…41 of the first section of the convention and in protocols I and II. Since climate change or any of its possible consequences or potential dangers are not included in this very detailed catalogue of rights, the complaint is unfounded and the case will be thrown out.

            Furthermore, before a complaint may be filed with the UNO, it must be heard by the courts in the country of origin of the plaintiff, and there again the criteria of the convention apply. Only after a final negative judgment a complaint can be filed with the UNO if it meets the above criteria. None of this has happened yet or will ever happen.

      • “They are clearly just names being used by adults who have an agenda to push. ”

        Today St. Greta was awarded $100,000 by the Swedish government because climate.

        Perhaps the true agenda that the adults are pushing is the love of filthy lucre.

      • This is spot on, Greg. She has to remind herself of her anger several times looking at her notes almost every sentence.

      • Neanderthal knowing that the climate was changing and getting no help from modern man decided it was better to not have children than to bring them into a world of no glaciers.

        • Given that 3-4% of northern European and central Asians have Neanderthal Blood.
          Some breeding had to take place.

          • How can that be?

            For decades we were told by the experts that Neanderthals were big and stupid, they were definitely not sexy in any way.

            Apparently some of our ancient female ancestors didn’t agree.

          • Or possibly some Cro-Magnon woman lost a bet with her female compatriots and had to mate with a local Neanderthal
            Or another possibility would be for a few Neanderthal males having their way with an occasional Cro-Magnon female or two.
            Maybe it’s true what they say about foot size and Neanderthals

    • They were smart enough to not slap the Dragon in the nose..
      Someone must have told them the dragon is (partly) the money source..

  2. Funny. Of all the countries in West self-immolating themselves at the Altar of Climate Virtue it is Germany and Angela Merkle.
    And Greta is suing them for not doing enough.
    Just further proves that with the Progressive Left there is “Never Enough.”
    No matter how much one gives, and how much they demand, it’ll always fall short in the next round of their demands.
    Best to just tell them to shut-up and like the children they are, not be heard.

  3. OK, they can’t complain about China and the United States. But they can complain about India which does belch a lot of CO2. Why didn’t they do that?

    Some treaties I can understand. The world would be a better place without random land mines all over the place, for example. Others, like the Rights of the Child, are just trouble. Some folks think it threatens things like home schooling.

    The United Nations is a wonderful place for the nations of the world to get together to talk. It should not morph into a world government. That would be like the EU on steroids.

    • Why can’t they complain about the US? Everyone tends to blame all their miseries on the US – why is this different? Is it because the US has actually reduced its CO2 emissions?

      • Bill Clinton (admin) signed it in 1995 but it died in the Senate. After all, the Left never encountered a treaty they wouldn’t sign.
        Still, it’s one of the few examples in the last 100 years where the Republic concept actually works.

        • The Clinton’s weaponized the phrase … “think of the chilllllllldren” … as a means to stop all further debate or logic. Who doesn’t love the sweet face of a young child? How could you conservatives be so “mean”. Don’t you carrrrrre about the children?

          Do we really make crucial, complex, strategic decisions based on such shallow emotionalism? Sadly … yes.

        • no , were and still are
          because of the sheer volume of people averaging it out
          which is why we Aussies cop shit
          only 25mil or so of us so our percapita looks bad, even though individually we prob use less than many other nations, and they count the ores/coal we mine but don’t use ourselves against us

      • Because a high fraction of India’s population is dirt poor.
        The same condition the greens want for the rest of us.

      • Isn’t maths great whereby one can choose a formula to prove one’s point?

        Emissions per capita is a case in point. Why not use emissions per acre or emissions per metre in height of the highest point in the country?

        I seem to recall that countries such as Africa are producing the most CO2 due to burning dung and other non-fossil combustibles (possibly one of the OCO(?) satellite outputs). Let’s ask them to curtail their world-destroying activities.

        • The use of emissions per capita as a unit of measure is all part of the foolish shaming tactics used by the AGW crowd. Emissions are largely a function of a country’s geography, size, climate, level of economic development and degree of industrialization. It can also be affected when governments go out of their way to raise energy costs through taxation and/or regulation. .There is nothing “good” or ‘bad” about a specific level of emissions per capita

  4. Where can anyone seek justice for the financial crime against humanity arising from the knowingly incorrect science used by the IPCC to support the policy goals of the UNFCCC.

  5. Dr. Greta Thunberg doth protest too much! No Nobel prize for Greta but I would bet she is awarded an honorary degree from some institution sooner than later.

    She must have forgot to include India, Russia and the USA in their complaint. Actually, the USA has managed to reduce emissions more than any other country, so perhaps she realizes that is a dead horse to cast blame here. And not very polite while you are a guest in the good old USA. But you would think she would at least acknowledge that.

    • They just said on German SAT1 that St. GT will be rewarded the Nobel Price joint with two or three others. I assume it is the peace price.

      • OMG…results from Google.

        Greta Thunberg wins ‘Alternative Nobel’ prize for her climate activism. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is among four people named Wednesday as the winners of a Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel.”

        Proof positive that the world is going bonkers.

  6. How comes the u.n. has become the only business that can save the world 😐 They did absolutely nothing in civil wars and other places of trouble… in Africa they were forcing women to have sex with them for food, and now they are the only people who has the power and ideals to save the world… How did we let them become so controlling? Also shouldn’t the co2 seeing puppet be in school??

    • The UN does not trust agent 007 to save the world, because they know he would succeed, as he has done so many times in the past decades.

  7. Why is it teenagers always incorrectly believe older people know nothing at all, and only they are full possession of the truth? They really don’t know how much they don’t know, they have not even learned how to think clearly yet, but they always know better than anyone older.

    Anyone who remembers what it was like when they were 16 knows this girl has no idea how ignorant she is. The saying, “a little bit of knowledge is dangerous,” comes to mind.

    • It’s called infantile omnipotence.

      The sense of omnipotence that arises in the fundamental misapprehension of reality … persists into childhood and is found among prehistoric and preliterate peoples who overestimate the power of wishful thinking and the real-world effect of psychic acts.

      This misapprehension of reality is also to be found among university educated left leaning people who think theory explains everything. It mimics schizophrenia.

      • Words fail me.

        “The Sigma Xi Awards Committee has made a recommendation to the Board of Directors to recognize Greta Thunberg for honorary membership in the Society. The recommendation is now being considered by the Board of Directors. The decision will be made public after the Board has voted.”

        Jamie Vernon
        Executive Director and CEO
        Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society

    • “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”–Mark Twain”


    • No kidding Voltron. China buys coal from Australia and uses it to lift its people out of poverty while Australia builds solar and wind farms and increases it’s citizens energy costs 🙂

  8. Thunberg is the gift that keeps on giving

    This list is especially interesting “Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey” make up a combined contribution of only ~6% of global emissions. Greta is effectively saying that 94% of emissions are good and 6% bad. But it gets worse. For example Argentina and Brazil both have lower per capita emissions than her home country of Sweden, yet Sweden is a good nation. Germany has spent more money and progressed RE more than any other nation, creating massive social issues on the way, only to prove RE can’t run a grid. Of course China’s 30% elephant in the room status is not just ignored, they even get praised as a good climate citizen and climate leader.

    The takeout from this is simple. Strive to become the biggest nastiest emitter of CO2 and particulate pollution on the planet aka China and you get praised. Strive to transition your economy to RE, causing hardship and reduction of prosperity aka Germany and you get damned.

    The choice is easy !

      • Not 89% anymore. Hasn’t been for some time. It says so on my electricity bill. Our government; with the aid of german windmill dumpers, has been erecting turbines at a massive pace which is why my electricity bill, once the cheapest in europe is approaching two thirds the most expensive.

        They are attacking the most stupid governments. The weakest leaders as they see it.

          • The article states burning wood in a power station gives 1.5 % more c02 than burning fossil fuel because of the water content in wood, that sounds like a excuse to me, power stations receive unseasoned wood ,it does not take a large leap to understand seasoning the wood will reduce the water content which will give a cleaner hotter burn,wood is the hottest burning material if treated correctly,if this simple fix is applied burning a sustainable fuel will see it near a carbon neutral fuel.

            The article states new growth forests are slow on carbon capture for the first few years,that depends on the species, which the article does not draw a distinction, for instance if I plant a sapling the first year of growth(sitka spruce) will be slow, after the roots have spread the species will grown in hight around 500mm a year and its uptake of carbon is not restricted by the season,although temperature will play a role in its growth,there is nothing slow in half a metre a year growth,the article implies the time for a tree to mature takes many decades because of slow growth ,this again is a ambiguous statement,with no reference to specific species the species I refer too is harvested in 35,40 years even in high elevations with poor soil types,the outer trees of these stands are often discarded because there so huge the harvesting machinery cant handle them the saw mills cant handle them the outer trees are some 40/50% bigger than the main crop,these trees are giants with a growth rate the article would rather not mention,

            The above mentioned species is not only a fast crop tree it supplies the building trade with quality timber,pulp,and fire wood,for domestic and industrial use,

            The article mentions when forests are felled there is a massive time gap before carbon recapture starts ,this is misleading at best, modern forestry practice rarely clear fells a forest, stands are taken out in the forest then replanted, this keeps regular employment for the forest industry, keeps a % of tree cover throughout the forest in question which in simple terms means there is no forest loss,there is reduced tree coverage, that is replanted within the felling licence agreement,species have no loss of habitats, and mixed species trees are often planted ,

            The article I would say is misleading and disrespectful to the forestry industry,with little regard to how real forests work.

  9. My conservative (old fashioned) parents used to kind of joke, when we children got too loud: “Children should be seen, not heard”, where after we would put up a face like St. Greta’s.

    • We are not off the hook. The media are creaming themselves, demonising Trump at every opportunity and praising Greta over and over again. Greta understand the science, all of it, apparently. The media and, it seems, most of Australia are foaming at the mouth and creaming their pants at every mention of this child.

      Three years to the next Federal election here in Aus. The economy is in tatters, people are unhappy. We will see an ALP/Green coalition in 2022/2023.

      She is damaged. She is being used and abused, and she will forever regret this period in her life, once she understands what has happened. The adults in her life should be charged with child abuse IMO.

      • she will forever regret this period in her life, once she understands what has happened.

        That assumes she ever does understand what has happened. She’d need to escape the climate cult her parents have indoctrinated here into first, then like most former cult members, she’ll need to be deprogrammed. Sadly her chances of her ever understanding what has happened doesn’t look to good.

  10. Great! 31,487 scientists including 9,029 PhDs signed a statement that there is no evidence linking human originated CO2 with climate warming (ref htts://, yet politicians around the world prefer to heed a schoolgirl.

    What are Greta Thunberg’s scientific qualifications? Ditto her co-signatories.

    • Well her parents are in the entertainment industry, her mother is trying to promote her greenie book, and her interest in sailing probably stems from her father co-owning a boat with a Rothschild according to the rumour mill.

      • Rob jm.. is there any way to get solid proof about the boat and the Rothschild link.. could the boat she sailed on to america be from the rothschilds?

        • Most informed people in Sweden refer to Thunberg and Rothschild joint boat ownership. Just as Thunberg goes with Rothschild, so does Soros goes with Rothschild.
          An interesting article about George Soros:

          where you will find a statement in a radio interview with Soros:
          The mystery of his success in world-wide speculation George Soros explained in a surprisingly honest statement, during an interview he gave to the Swiss weekly “L”hebdo” of May 1993.

          He said,


  11. Who is the biggest moron?

    CTM and WUWT !!!

    Biggest Morons In The World !

    Enough Already.

    This GT critter does not deserve the attention. The attention just encourages it.

  12. What utter arrogance from these people who are pulling her strings. They should be ashamed of taking advantage of a 16 year old who acts like an 8 year old. Why on earth do any sensible adults wish to listen and applaud the ramblings of a child who is being manipulated by her parents and other fanatics. Even though I am not a fan of the UN. I do hope they treat this as a joke, and leave the complaint on the table.

  13. Children, not even 15 year old idiot-savants, get so involved in such political matters that they would even think about writing a complaint to the UN.

    So, who are the adults pulling the strings on the marionette that is little Miss Thunberg?

    And when she’s served her purpose, what becomes of her then because no normal person would consider her a suitable candidate for employment, particularly as she hasn’t finished her education.

    • john in cheshire

      She has a future as a professional activist.

      Degenerating into mental health issues and self abuse.

  14. Friends,

    It is strange that China is exempted from the criticism of Greta et al. when China is the only state to have deliberately, publicly and successfully opposed UN intended action on climate change.

    In December 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen to agree a successor Treaty to the Kyoto Protocol that set binding constraints on a ‘basket’ of greenhouse gas emissions (notably CO2) and would end in 2012. The Leaders arrived with fanfare for what Gordon Brown called “twelve days to save the world”. They left having failed to agree anything because China successfully opposed any agreement. (Amusingly, Copenhagen suffered a blizzard which hindered the Conference, and a snowstorm forced a change to the airport of the US President’s returning plane).

    The BBC tried to put a positive spin on the total failure at Copenhagen, but even they had to admit,
    “It is difficult to foresee the order that may result from the chaos of the Copenhagen climate change conference (COP15), but as the dust settles, traces of a path forward are becoming visible.

    The outcome – a decision to “take note of” an accord drawn up by a core group of heads of state on Friday evening – is far from the legally binding treaty which some had expected and for which many hoped.”

    No subsequent UN IPCC Conference Of Parties (COP) has been attended by most leading Heads of State because the Chinese may again embarrass them by stopping their plans as happened at Copenhagen.

    So, why are Greta and her friends not complaining against China?


    • Because China didn’t sign onto the treaty under which the complaint was filed. Same reason they left the US off the list, while Clinton did sign the treaty, Congress refused to ratify it so it has no force of law in the USofA

  15. It is impossible to respond to a phenomenon like Greta with facts and analysis because she is not about facts, analysis, knowledge or sensible policy. She is all about passion and outrage based on her utter belief in the propaganda she has been fed. She is a tool of an unprincipled and ruthless movement that has totalitarian tendencies, and she is dangerous because the naive and uninformed are moved by her theatrics. Perhaps one might find a young person who lives without electricity or modern energy services who could speak to world leaders from experience about what the world will be like if governments are so foolish as to do what people like Greta demand.

  16. Is this the place for this? British Petroleum (BP) has a website which has 2018’ s energy supply and consumption analysis cut various ways by type, by country, sector, da da. World energy consumption went up by 2.9% in 2018 which is double the 2007-2017 average. ‘Europe ‘ fell by 0.2% – expressing economic decline. Coal was easily the largest provider of electricity at 38%, the same proportion as 20 years ago, gas and oil following. Europe came easily top with 18.7% produced by ‘renewables ‘. Well Done! UK’s CO2 contribution to global is 1.2% so however much Lord Gummer wants to wreck our economy, it will not make the slightest difference.
    BP does another study on the future to 2040 including ‘decarbonisation’ scenarios which are quite unrealistic. There is some interesting stuff about the proportion of world population using under 100gigajoules per year (80%) we will need 25% more energy by 2040 – equal to Chins’s entire 2017 output. Take a look, guys

  17. Even her appearance (red) and accent remind me of a Young Pioneer.

    Someone needs to tell her she got her colors reversed. Red needs to be on the inside; green goes on the outside.

  18. If you want to see unmitigated pollution and filth go to India. Not to mention China. But they are the so-called “developing” nations so they can do whatever they please. And how can any person with a heart frighten a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome so much (with climate propaganda) that she literally has an emotional breakdown on global TV? Greta Thornberg needs therapy, not a stage.

  19. So angry and sad. I suppose any kid would be who was manipulated by her parents to be afraid all the time.

    It’s actually child abuse.


    Greta Thunberg
    “I’d rather report her mother to the police than review her book for the newspaper. It’s horrifying reading,” Danish journalist Mikael Jalving has said of the book “Scenes from the heart” about Swedish teenage climate activist and icon Greta Thunberg, penned by her own mother.
    I have dropped this into tips n notes last night aussie time as well

  21. This should be interesting. No country is under any obligation to “do anything” about the global climate.

    When it gets to court (the General Assembly), either the country reps will either have to cave, or present factual information that the whole thing is a scam to overturn democratic institutions and impose a more fascist type of administration combining the private sector and government, run by unanswerable bureaucrats who cannot be removed. (Read the Copenhagen Agreement from end to end – its available on line.)

    They could live by example and turn off the power in the UN building. I have access to some of those glass jar LED lights. They can be charged in 4 hours of sunshine.

  22. I’ll bet many here saw the movie “Children of the Corn” where Nebraska kids are enticed to violence .

    Well Fox host Laura Ingraham is waiting for Stephen Kings sequel “Children of the Climate”.

    Marc Morano likened this to selling fear and environmental “witchcraft”.

    Interesting that President Trump slammed the latest harrassment as “witchcraft”.

    Somehow I am worried that Monty Python’s “How to tell a Witch” episode might not be allegorical !

  23. Why are they after the western world? Who is paying greta, why hasn’t anybody asked why she isn’t in school? What science does a 8 year old understand? Or a 16 year old who doesn’t go to school 😐 We need a full post about gretas family and how much money they have gotten since greta has been used as a puppet… her mum doesn’t work, and I read on this site that her dad mite have a boat with one of the Rothschild family members…

  24. We live in interesting times as the saying goes. The GT phenomena validates our worst criticism of the Green/Red beast. Meanwhile strap in for the impeachment show from Washington DC. On climate alone I will vote for the re-election of DJT. When a politician is doing this much good just by getting up every morning it’s a beautiful thing.

  25. Greta Thunberg’s parents should be charged with child abuse for telling this damaged child that she can never fulfill her dreams because the world’s adults drive cars, and for convincing her that it’s a great idea to give her a world microphone to shame the people including the world’s poorest among us that the fossil fuels that will enable them to fulfill their dreams and pull them out of grinding poverty constitutes the planet’s greatest evil. How DARE they?

  26. Without hypocrisy, hypocrisy and more hypocrisy would the CO2 fraud have anything to say? Like the lies of a desperate addict in withdrawal the climate lies keep coming fed by the greed of power mongers (read politicians) and slimy windmill salesmen.
    My one question that keeps coming up is why oh why won’t a greater percentage of scientists stand up and say enough?? Have some integrity people!

  27. This wolf is clothed in a simple dress on an abused 16 yo with a mental problem. It says much about the wolf.

    • The wolf in sheep’s clothing is also the 16 year old girl who is crying “WOLF”!”.
      Mixed up metaphors to describe the mixed up climate “science” this mixed up teen has gone OCD on.
      That sounds about right.
      (Can’t think of a metaphor to mix in for those who raised and home schooled their “poor little pup”.)

  28. I guess Germany and Turkey were not awarded bonus points for their genocide efforts of the past in carbon reductions by population drop and the present value of those millions lost in the timeline.

    An appeal is in order, or maybe copies of the instruction manuals for the current globalist design team.

  29. Greta did say one thing that actually is true, and this is crystal clear. Instead of speaking at the UN, she should have been at home, in Sweden, in school, learning some science.

  30. One reason to scare the young is that when you propose radical social and economic re-constructionist ideas in the name of “fixing” the climate some time in the future, they’ll be met with limited resistance because you’ve created a generation of scientifically ignorant zealots you’ve duped into ready complicity. Whether this has been carefully orchestrated or is a fringe benefit of a new ideal of educational stupification won’t matter because how and why it happens will be overshadowed by the disaster of what will happen.

  31. This girl makes me think to Caligola, the Roman emperor who nominated his horse a senator.
    The establishment is insulting us with this operation

  32. Greta Thunberg, Severn Suzuki, Brittany Tilford – Full Speeches at the UN
    1992 Severn Suzuki
    2012 Brittany Tilford
    2019 Greta Thunberg
    Who and when is next?
    Then there were the British bedtime stories and the German H….. Jugend.
    Children taught the right choreography are useful.
    I give highest points to GT for best expression of false emotions – something in direction of crocodile tears. She has herself the gift of wonderful life and opportunities, living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, going sailing in an awesome sailboat and going on “Free School” a school form chosen mainly by the rich left.

  33. Lovely Greta Climate Maid
    Where would we be without you ?
    With a posse across her shoulder
    Made her look so much older

    Oh lovely Greta climate made
    Give us a pout and jet your show away .
    Missing school now that’s a shame
    but drama lessons were worth the pain

    Lovely Greta climate made
    when a normal life is all you crave
    Agent Orange blew you off
    So fake news had to scoff
    Give us a wink and sail away .
    Lovely Greta nearly made .

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