The best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find

This is one of those “share the hell out of this on Facebook and Twitter” type posts, because it carries a clear and simple message: Greta has no idea what she is talking about.

The data in the graph is well known, from the International Disasters Database and was graphed by Bjorn Lomberg.

Thunberg made the pronouncement during her speech to the U.S. Congress this past week.

Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.

I’m sorry Greta, that’s just wildly wrong and not rooted in reality. It’s the worst sort of alarmism there is.

213 thoughts on “The best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find

  1. The graph is of natural-disaster-related deaths only – doesn’t include death from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, other illnesses, accidents, murders, suicides or mass-shootings, right?

    • If you include everything, the death rate is 100%.

      So, why the decrease in weather related deaths. It looks to me like the weather is somewhat predictable whereas volcanoes, tidal waves, and earthquakes are not. We can see a hurricane coming for nearly a week and get ready for it.

      • Our increased ability to predict hurricanes is an example of the way our increased technology makes it possible to accommodate ourselves to whatever happens.

        If Malthus had been right, we would already be back groveling in caves and scraping for bugs to eat. Why wasn’t Malthus right? Our increased technology makes it possible for us to get by with less raw material and to substitute if a particular material becomes rare. So, in spite of Malthus’ predictions, we haven’t run out of any critical materials.

        If the greenies manage to cut back civilization, technology will suffer and we will lose the ability to accommodate for whatever comes at us. It will be like a self fulfilling prophesy.

        Buckminster Fuller was right. David Suzuki et al are disastrously wrong.

      • Bob , there are not percentages in that graph. They are numbers of deaths.

        Jim, as indicated on the graph, they are natural “catastrophes” , climate and a non-climate. Nothing about health issues, road deaths, gun ownership or crime.

        Mind you I’m sure any “real” climate activist would point out that volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes are also caused by man made emissions of CO2 and “dirty” coal..

        • so, given that population has increased since the 1920’s that means the percentages have fallen by significantly more than 90%???? I note also that earthquake volcano and tsunami deaths have remained more or less static so, after allowing fro population increase the percentages for these have fallen as well. As to deaths from disease are we really saying now that CO2 affects these as well? Do people in the tropics suffer from greater rates of disease than people in Alaska? Does it mean that if we move to Antarctica we can live forever?

          The universal evil, does it also affect the strength of steel and concrete leading to building and bridge collapse. Once one starts on that path one is so far into fantasy world that anything is possible – maybe more CO2 will make hyperdrive possible so we can colonise other planets? Opps, that would be something positive, cant possibly allow that!

      • One reason for the terrible death tolls of hurricanes in the past is that people didn’t see them coming. Satellites save lives.

        Of course, booster rockets make far too much smoke. Therefore we are moving on to solar powered rockets. Or perhaps wind powered. (This I’ve got to see.) (Along with the electric tanks the English army is contemplating.)

      • Actually earthquake prediction is a thing now. Also just like hurricanes and many other significant factors of our daily lives it is strongly tied to the sun.

        Sounds wild, but I can provide you the basics of the science others have proven. Cosmic radiation has long been known to be modulated by the amount of crap the sun ejects in CMEs and solar wind. Cosmic radiation is also known to be partially shielded by the Earth’s magnetic field. This is the point most people ask WTH cosmic radiation has to do with anything… a LOT. Remember the high school physics experiment with the cloud chamber that showed tiny condensation trials from ionizing radiation (it can be gamma, neutrons, high energy electrons etc)? Well that happens in the atmosphere and increases the amount of cloud cover and has been proved to strongly affect hurricanes as well.

        That same cosmic radiation, some of which passes through the entire planet, also has significant effects on the mantle and silica rich molten rock everywhere. The Sun also strongly effects the weather and earthquakes in other ways aside from weakening cosmic radiation.

        check out

        • “Actually earthquake prediction is a thing now.” Climate prediction is a thing now too. Probably a bit more spendy than $1.99 a month.

      • Those weather satellites were not too good back in 1920 when the graph starts. When I was a kid in Florida, forecasting was nothing like today. In 1947 I can remember my Mother waking me up (I was three.) in the middle of the night at Fort Myers Beach to go home to Fort Myers, for the hurricane. The satellites are so much better. A few weeks back there was a big kerfuffle among the alarmist that there were 6 tropical storms in view for the first time in history. That history only goes back 40 years.

    • Such a whack web-site. The Int’l Disasters Data Base you mis-quote only seems to list ‘short term’ events – fires,floods, landslides – and seems to view them as unrelated to the Big Picture.
      Do they include the millions of climate refugees fleeing famines caused by altered weather patterns ? The weather patterns we see because we melted the Arctic and broke the Jet-stream ?
      For example how many drowned in Texas in four feet of ‘normal’ storms this week ; compared to how many will die because they are now homeless/jobless/rootless ? Remember when the Sahara Desert went to France -Twice- this summer… Or how about Russia in 2010 ? Do you even know how to speak your own @#$’n language ?

      • Do they include the millions of climate refugees fleeing famines caused by altered weather patterns ? The weather patterns we see because we melted the Arctic and broke the Jet-stream ?”

        What a crock of ***t.

        There are millions of refugees in EU , they are fleeing war or simply migrating for a better standard of life and eternal govt support by pretending to be refugees. NONE of them are “climate refugees”.

        My neighbour is a Syrian refugee. A coptic christian from Kobani. He has never mentioned “climate crisis” as one of his reasons for fleeing with his family.

        “We ” did not melt the Arctic. This years sea ice minimum is exactly where it was in 2007 when Al Gore started all this BS. We have been releasing ever more CO2 yet melting has not slowed but had gone nowhere in 12 years. This is NOT consistent with “run away melting cause by ” we melted the Arctic”.

        Or how about Russia in 2010 ? Do you even know how to speak your own @#$’n language ?

        I can only assume that this means that you think someone who picks a pseudo “commieBob” must be a Russian ( cos well all know Russia is full of commies , right ? ) rather than being from uber-woke California or working for the UNFCCCP to bring about global redistribution of wealth and world government.

        Thanks for that insight into the level of intelligence we are up against, it’s worse than we thought. This may take some time.

        • “I can only assume that this means that you think someone who picks a pseudo “commieBob” must be a Russian”

          He was likely referring to the Russian heat wave of 2010. As was documented on WUWT at the time, Russia had had worse heat waves in the 19th century.

        • I hope for your sake the fossil fuel death merchant’s are at least direct depositing cash.

          If you think the arctic isn’t melting I’ve got a bridge to sell you..

          The last 4 years are literally the hottest on record.

          This isn’t about ‘us’ versus them, it’s about survival.

          • Hey Jan,
            We are not even back to temps of the Roman Warming period but approaching those of the Medieval Warming. Get your facts straight or stay out of the debate.

          • “If you think the arctic isn’t melting I’ve got a bridge to sell you..”

            Take a look at the data which are graphed on the chart below and then tell me what I’m supposed to be worried about.


            “The last 4 years are literally the hottest on record.”

            ‘On record’ means in the last 150 years since the end of the Little Ice Age. Look at the temperature history of the earth since the last ice age, as shown by O18 isotopes in the Greenland ice cores.


            It’s not as warm today as during the Roman Warm Period or the Minoan Warm Period or several of the other warm periods.

            As CO2 was stable throughout this period, perhaps you could explain what caused all those previous global warming episodes. Then give me a cogent reason why whatever caused the earlier warmings isn’t also causing the current warming.

            “This isn’t about ‘us’ versus them, it’s about survival.”

            Of course, nothing survived after the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, the Minoan Warm Period, etc ……. We’re all living in ‘The Matrix’, aren’t we.

      • Nonsense. There are no “Climate Refugees”….those fleeing are doing so because their governments are corrupt or they are getting massacred by Islamic terror groups or their home countries have massively exploding populations.

        The Arctic hasn’t “melted” any more or less than is natural.

        The Jet-stream is always changing position, it hasn’t “broke”.

        Sub-tropical rain deluges are common around the world.

        The “Sahara went to France?” ….can you definitely prove that this was caused by the addition of 100 parts of CO2 to ONE MILLION parts of air?

        But all you Climate Freakiods want to do is ban fossil fuels, ban nuclear power and plunge the richest parts of the planet into the Dark Ages.

        I’m not interested in what Greta has to say at all, she’s no Fun Berger at all. She wants our children to “Panic” thus turning their childhood’s into nightmares.

        You climate alarmists are just vile people.

      • To answer the question, the death toll in the Texas weather event last week (tropical depression Imelda) has risen to 5. That’s five deaths. Less than one per million residents in the area, the majority due to driving into flooded streets and underpasses against abundant advice and warning.

        Two years ago, hurricane Harvey, a much more widespread flooding and wind damage event, resulted in ~100 deaths over a much larger area. A similar number of deaths resulted from hurricane Rita, which threatened but did not hit Houston. One-third of the deaths in Rita resulted from evacuation efforts, including 20 senior citizens who died when their bus caught fire.

        Contrast these storms to the Galveston hurricane of 1900 that killed more than 10,000 people when the regional population was much much smaller. Similar storms, but better infrastructure, more and better means to shield and rescue, along with vastly improved information and communication (all due to access to reliable energy) make today’s population far more resistant and resilient.

        What are you talking about?

        • The 1901 Galveston hurricane killed around 5,000 people because they weren’t adequately warned because the hurricane was not adequately predicted. Had they evacuated the number would have been less. Their houses would still have been destroyed but not them. Same with the 1938 hurricane in New England which didn’t kill as many people but many did not heed warnings even those on islands yards away from the town dock. Lack of human evacuation in storms and floods is the problem. An exception might be earthquakes.

          Some of the worst hurricanes were many decades ago. I’m not buying the “…but more frequency” due to human behaviors. It depends where you live. Not the case in New England!

      • “Remember when the Sahara Desert went to France -Twice- this summer”

        No. The Sahara Desert definitely did not go to France this summer. Ridiculous hyperbole went to France twice this summer. This climate alarmism is turning too many people into shrill liars.

      • Rattenbury: clearly you don’t understand climate science otherwise you would not put such ridiculous comments to your name.

      • So, weather. Patterns change all the time. So what? We should huddle in caves because there are rotating dry spells around the world? Hell, the Sahara used to be a swamp.

      • So you have any actual evidence to offer that human actions have significant effects on climate?
        Of course not. It’s all speculative and its purpose is to accrue political influence, which people like you do as a matter of course. “Well, these guys seem to know what they’re talking about so what they say must be true.: I suggest that you read some of the publications of scientists who disagree with the press and politicians. Their interest is facts, not political donations.

      • Do they include the millions of climate refugees fleeing famines caused by altered weather patterns ? The weather patterns we see because we melted the Arctic and broke the Jet-stream ?

        What a crock of ***t indeed! Get your your head out of your backside and go for a nice walrus skin on wood frame kayak ride around the ice free Arctic. Happy trails, LOL.

      • “Paul Rattenbury September 21, 2019 at 11:47 pm

        Such a whack web-site.

        For example [] Remember when the Sahara Desert went to France -Twice- this summer…”

        whack web-site, and that’s “news” for you:

        Sahara dust every year fertilizes the amazon. What do you expect where the soil in the Amazon basin should stem from.

        “Every year, millions of tons of nutrient-rich Saharan dust cross the Atlantic Ocean, bringing vital phosphorus and other fertilizers to depleted Amazon soils. For the first time, scientists have an accurate estimate of how much phosphorus makes this trans-Atlantic journey.”

        “Dust from the Sahara Desert has surged into the Caribbean and may funnel its way toward the Gulf Coast” –

    • This article is complete rubbish and all part of the smear Greta campaign. When the children, young people and adults speak up, speak out and speak loudly politicians, the establishment, corporations and big business feel the smearing campaign rears its ugly head. Entirely predictable really but we will ignore it!!!

      • The Dem’s are using history to know how valuable the easily indoctrinated young are to their effort. The Mao Red Guards and Lenin youth would turn in their own parents for punishment. I wonder if the Dem’s desire for power is reaching this level. The supported “Anitfa” have some parallels and may be a beginning in this process.
        Vladimir Lenin: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
        The first Red Guards groups were made up of students, ranging from as young as elementary school children up to university students. As the Cultural Revolution gained momentum, mostly younger workers and peasants joined the movement as well. Many were no doubt motivated by a sincere commitment to the doctrines espoused by Mao, although many speculate that it was a rise in violence and contempt for the status quo that motivated their cause.
        The Red Guards publicly humiliated teachers, monks, former landowners or anyone else suspected of being “counter-revolutionary.” Suspected “rightists” would be publicly humiliated — sometimes by being paraded through the streets of their town with mocking placards hung around their necks. In time, the public shaming grew increasingly violent and thousands of people were killed outright with more committed suicide as a result of their ordeal.

        • Red Guards were eventually killed too because they became a political liability. That kind of thing happened under Stalin too; alliances changed. Happened in Iran too during the late 70s revolution. Leftists there in Iran, some educated at our top universities, were indoctrinated with Marxist ideals that they became intent on ousting the monarchy to solve problems and supported a religious cleric! They didn’t ask enough questions nor read the Ayatollah’s books. He lied to them…didn’t tell them he would make Iran an Islamic State. They were surprised, tried to fight back and people not toeing the Khomeini line were executed much more than the kings.

          The UN isn’t even lying about its Agenda 2030 world government socialism and had outright said that climate change would be used to usher in a new world economy. That would admittedly entail loss of freedoms and sovereign choices and universal laws. If the youth should panic about anything, it should be that. Read Agenda 2030 that revised Agenda 21 which is what they wrote up. There is much about education and Western countries giving billions of dollars to countries with dictators who are already stealing funds from their people. Our money.

      • Dean, there is data out there, and facts out there. Either dispute the data or agree with it.

        There’s no logic in labelling it a ‘smear campaign’, especially if it happens to be quoting an accurate data set.

      • She’s from the same age demographics that need to be told NOT to eat tide-pods… you bowing down to media hyperbolic frenzy with your full on convictions – well it’s amusing. Maybe more exclamation marks next time.

    • The graph is a bit suspect. The Non-climate deaths seems to be a bit off. Wasn’t there 220,000 plus deaths attributed to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami? But the graph above shows about 50,000!

      • Please read the headings of the graph. I taught Building Codes at a local college, and part of my regular first class rant was: “when reading a table or graph, read the headings and sub headings, read the side headings and sub headings, read ALL footnotes, then review the table or graph for understanding.”

        “Dearth (sic) per year, averaged per decade”

        Not saying the graph is “correct”, but it does show a rise around 2004, averaged over 10 years, 220,000 is 22,000 per year, well within the 40,00 to 50,000 either side of 2004.

        Just saying.

        • It would be useful to have included the actual yearly numbers on that graph, to get an idea of the variation in the dearths. I would expect to see wide fluctuations in a yearly plot, and known disasters could be identified.

    • Yes, why have we joined the “climate-related” band-waggon ???

      Only after we’ve had 30+ years of similar weather related events can you show a possible climate change.

      Are we also going to start calling the gas CO2, a solid C…. just to be PC ???

        • Hmmm. I bet you could stir some interesting responses if you told specific groups that the ‘war on black carbon’, i.e., coal, was code for ‘war on blacks’.

          • If you think about it, perhaps the war on ‘carbon’ is a war on ‘blacks’. Because UN and EU inspired anti-global warming pressure prevent some Africans from having access to reliable power and sanitation because they’re being forced to use renewables.

            Which begs the question; is man made climate change covert racism?

      • The EPA states emissions in terms of metric tonnes of Carbon. That number captures both CO2 and methane in one number. But most other groups report emissions in metric tonnes of CO2.

        • Joel, It has nothing to do with methane containing carbon , since CH4 is counted in terms of its supposed effect relative to CO2 , not the number of carbon atoms.

          “Carbon emissions” is used because it sounds a bit more snappy than “carbon dioxide emissions” and because carbon is black and “dirty” like they always use a sunset photo of fluffy white condensing water vapour looking black against the sky, when illustrating articles discussing invisible non toxic CO2 emissions.

          It’s all PR and BS , don’t look for a scientific explanation.

          • You mean black clouds in the sky when it rains, are not full of carbon? (lol)
            This whole Greta thing is nonsense. Has anyone asked the school children for some ways to tackle ‘Global Warning’? (lol again) How about: Stop being driven to school in a 4×4?

          • Greg
            September 22, 2019 at 1:25 am

            “…invisible non toxic CO2 emissions. ”

            Sorry, you’re wrong…Greta’s mum claims she (Greta) can see CO2. She really is wonder woman/child.

      • Actually it is called carbonic acid or sometimes carbonic acid gas because .. well .. that’s what it is. I do not see the need for the chemistry notation of CO2 when you are not .. well .. doing chemistry.

    • Roald, I was going to say the same thing.

      It’s always funny when you see a news story with a “climate event”…

    • I think it would be safe to say that if you died as result of the “climate”, you were I’ll-prepared. E.g. freeze to death in Antarctica or die of heatstroke in the Simpson Desert

  2. I really dislike this co2 seeing child… She is being used to basically destroy our way of life, and being autistic, she probably doesn’t realise what’s happening… Has anybody looked in to the family’s finances since she started lying??

    • She is amazing!
      Yes, she is being used as a spokeswoman for the theme.
      She just crossed the Alantic Ocean
      She just went nose-to-nose with Congress

      She’s great yet her education on the topics are sadly lacking.

      Blame the scientific community for her lack of insight!!

      • Blame the adults around her for child abuse. Including child abuser Nancy Pelosi for letting on the House floor to speak.

        • No Abuse across the board – Greta is amazing.

          The “pelosi” will let anything into the chamber to serve her purpose.

          The blame is yet to come…

          • Using a child, especially one with issues, to spread alarmism is abuse of the child. Who picks up the pieces when Greta loses the fame and has nothing? She was depressed, went on hunger strikes, etc, before all of this. I can’t imagine how she can deal when she’s dropped like a rock when her handlers find a new “messiah”. It usually doesn’t take long for that to happen, either. Setting the child up for failure and depression is abuse.

          • Sheri,
            I completely agree, Greta is being used like a pawn on a failed concept.

            Yet, she now has the eyes to see.

            She is going to be fine.
            Will she turn the corner and help others to see?

          • Absolutely, she is nothing but a figurehead, easily replaced if need be, a patsy and a pawn in an indefensible game played by control freaks who, I sincerely hope, have finally bitten off more than they can chew and will pay the penalty for it. I’m sure she’s quite sincere, but I”m also very sure that she is nothing but an exploited pawn in this stupid, destructive game these people are playing. And I hope that THEY pay for it, and pay dearly.

          • Greta was quite clear she is “terrified” and want everyone else to be terrified too.

            Apparently we need more eco-terrorists to terrify us.

          • Sheri, she comes from a wannabe celebrity household, so she is well on her way to fitting in perfectly with her future crowd.

          • I think most people understand that Greta is not the enemy, and from her early appearances, I urged caution about directing criticism at her personally.
            However, we also know, she hasn’t the first clue what she’s talking about. So she has been manipulated by those who should know better. They certainly don’t have her best interests at heart, but for them, she is useful to promote an agenda, regardless of the consequences of her being ridiculed and ultimately, when her usefulness expires.This is clear abuse by taking advantage of a vulnerable (fragile apparently) child/ adolescent. It’s an abuse of her trust. It takes advantage of her condition (Asperger’s) that has made her open to being manipulated the way she has been. So yes, it is appropriate to call it abuse.

        • I don’t think a gullible and ignorant 16 year old high school drop out is ‘amazing’. What is amazing is that anyone would consider her to be ‘amazing’.

          Dude, put the doobie down and inhale some fresh air!

      • ‘Blame the scientific community for her lack of insight!!’

        OR we could point out that she was home-schooled by activist parents – who have drip fed their ideology into every pore of this young woman’s life.

        Hence the lack of credible insight.

        I doubt she will be thanking her Parents, if she ever stumbles across the truth.

        • She has a precarious future for sure, compared to normally raised children. I suspect her parents care more about the cause than they do the consequences.

        • In 30 years time we will be able to look up ‘What ever happened to Greta Thunberg?’ I guess she will be retired in an apartment in Stockholm living off the royalties from her books and movie rights. Oh, and enjoying her cross country skiing adventures during early autumn. I hope she will be happy

      • Amazing?

        She’s a protected and cosseted child-actor playing a part in which she has been well-coached.

        We’ve seen it all before.

        • This girl terrifies me. She reminds me of the old newsreel showing a little kid beating the drum for the Nazis. Determined, but with no idea of the ideology that she represents.

      • Most of the Congressfolk and senators lack education on the topics too.

        People who get brainwashed are those who have no discriminatory powers in a particular field.

      • She and her handlers are vile stealers of childhood innocence. They want kids to panic and she has said so.

        • Because the adults in her life let her.
          (meaning those over 18, since mentally and emotionally I don’t see any adults in her life)

        • She is made up to look like a child of 12 intentionally by her parents and promoters. So far it’s working.

          Ever notice that you never see her parents, they are scuttling about in the background but you never see them on camera. If a journalist took a minute to interview them, it might ruin the Greta narrative and the cash gravy train that goes along with it. So they stay out of sight.

  3. Greta has claimed she can see carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is a physical impossibility. There are only two options;
    1. She is lying and knows she is.
    2. She is suffring from a mental illness involving delusion.

    In either case we should be paying no attention to anything she says.

    • Her mom now claims that that passage in her book was figurative, but that’s not at all how it reads. It was meant literally.

      But Greta might have been simply ignorant rather than delusional. She might have confused visible chimney emissions with CO2.

      • Autism is like intelligence, it is a sliding scale.

        She has Asperger’s, which means she’s plenty smart, not mentally handicapped in terms of intelligence, per se, but rather in terms of approach and attitude…

        Wikipedia definition:
        “Asperger’s is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.”

        I knew somebody with Asperger’s – He had absolutely no tact whatsoever and so he would ask a burly 6 foot eight tattooed and frowning biker dude on his phone outside of a rough bar in a rough neighborhood why he was FAT.

    • Another possibility is that she sees something and has been told by somebody that it was CO2.
      My guess it was either steam or heat refraction in the air causing optical distortions.

    • Maybe she can detect co2 through her nose in the same way that bats detect obstacles or prey through echo sounding.

  4. I’m sure there’s a 16 year old conservative male out there with a hobby debunking the fraudulent climate crisis. No doubt the media, in their continued best efforts to be fair and balanced, will be insisting that he has an opportunity to testify before congress. /sarc

  5. It’s the new children’s crusade.

    Fortunately, since the 13th century, the rest of society has grown past taking them as slaves.

    Those who have encouraged it, though, should be chased out of town.

    • Or maybe it’s the Western version of the Red Guard from the cultural revolution in China.

      Only now they are the Green Guards.

      Could end up being every bit as nasty, given a little more support from above.

  6. I taught students Greta’s age know that they think they know everything but really don’t know anything science related. The hard to believe part is that there are adults that think she knows what she is spewing. These students need to stay in school and maybe learn something instead of being let out as if they have mastered the world of learning.

    • Sciwiz,
      The point, the scientific community failed educators and the disinformation is now perceived fact in K-12 classrooms.

    • The word sophomore was coined because of people like Greta. The word comes from the words for wise and moron. Second year students are sophomores because they have a reputation for thinking they are wise when they are not.

    • I have heard her compared to Joan of Arc.

      CO2 @ .04% of the atmosphere is extremely difficult to see, even if it was coloured bright pink (sarc.)

  7. I wish we could somehow get Chris Martz in front of congress so they can see how a brilliant high school student who doesn’t look for reasons to skip classes views climate change.

    • Weather has a standard variation, and climate also has a standard variation. It all depends on the time scale. Seasonal weather has a variation, annual weather has a statistical variation, decadal weather patterns have a statistical variation, and climate on the multi-decadal to multi-millennial scales has a variation. And with variation comes outliers.

      The ignorant Left wants everyone to be ignorant of simple statistics of a mean and variation. They want people to believe that any deviation from an “average” must be abnormal.

      Ask any teacher who gives a test to her students and then afterwards tells them what the average score was. That average is meaningless without a standard deviation. If the average on a test (possible 0 – 100 points) was 85, and the standard deviation was 10, would be the kid that got a 96 be abnormal? or kid that got a 72 be abnormal? No those scores would be expected in a typical setting. But if everyone got an 88 (deviation = 0), then the teacher and everyone else would know either there was wholesale cheating or she wrote a very poor test.
      A non-variance from the average would be abnormal. It is the ignorant Left that wants people to think that both climate and weather varying from an average is abnormal.
      Thus the abnormal ones are the Left with their ignorance of statistics.

  8. Find out and expose the the wicked person who has ” bent” her brain. Then you will have started the expose of the worlds greedy humans who are trying to corrupt us all. I am not joking.

    Reporting what the wicked are doing is the starter.

    The public are thirsty for facts. We must give it to them and shrivel the lemon heads who call themselves politicians!!

  9. From the article: “Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.”

    Actually Greta, that one degree C warming you are referring to has dropped by about half (0.5C) in the last three years.

    We are headed in the right direction Greta. CO2 is going up, but the temperatures are going down. Stop worrying so much. There is no evidence humans are affecting the Earth’s climate detrimentally.

    • From a cool start at the end of the little ice age I would be very surprised if 1 degree is anything but positive. Don’t forget most of the warming is outside the tropics, where we could use it.

      The Copenhagen Consensus group analysed the ’97 El Nino and found about 4 billion in damages to the US economy. Meanwhile in benefits they found about 15 billion. Only with the recent El Nino has it gotten appreciably warmer than that so the world economy has most likely been benefiting to a similar degree all along.

      I believe they also projected future additional benefits to the IPCC’s projections of warming levels that finally end in 2080 and start to become a net cost, I think after 2 degrees of warming. The UN’s projections of cost are that they will be high even at 1.5 degrees. I trust the Copenhagen economists over them but it’s worth noting that the UN projects costs of 2-4 % of GDP in 2100. High cost near term reactions to proposed warming costs will cost much more than their benefits even according to the UN numbers. R&D is the only cost effective climate policy for the next few decades.

  10. Mister Watts,
    You should be ashamed of yourself to slap a child who just crossed the Atlantic, peers in tow, and when nose-to-nose with Our Congress!

    She is fantastic, our Scientific community failed her proses.

    Ps don’t bitchslap insights – especially from youth

    • So we shouldn’t fight back against lies, just because the lies come from a child?

      What are proses?

      What insights?

      • “What insights?”
        Her mom implies she has CO2 in sight.
        Meanwhile, Mrs Martz hasn’t yet revealed her even yet more gifted child to the press.

      • Thanks,
        “Prose is a form of language that exhibits a natural flow of speech and grammatical structure rather than a rhythmic structure as in traditional poetry, where the common unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme.”

        The point, never slap a women or child.

        PS Thanks for pointing out my spelling errors.

    • Insights are worth no more than the evidence and logic from which they are derived.

      In this case, they are worse than useless.

      Coming from a deluded child does not make them valuable. Being carted across the Atlantic like a bundle of baggage does not make either wise or well-informed. Being INVITED to adress a roomful of adults without having to deal with even a rigorous cross-examination does not make her brave. Merely pretentious.

      Boosting her value by posting falsehoods does not do anything for her credibility….. or yours.

    • Mister Mclure

      You’re being emotionally liable – I’ve always found that anyone who does that sort of malingering to be exceedingly toxic and not worth the effort of a relationship of any kind.

  11. It isn’t just the child-abuse lies of Greta. But she is emblematic of the wholesale deception underway.
    The whole Climate Change scam is based on pseudoscience and a massive, well-funded and coordinated propaganda campaign of misinformation. Climate change is merely the Marxists’ Trojan Horse that contains their poison pill for western capitalism and resource abundance for the middle class. And that Marxist poison pill is death, disease, famine and war — the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse unleashed on Western democracies and then the world at large.

    There is a coming pan-genocide if the western Marxists succeed in their climate fraud with the on-going climate lie propaganda campaign they have unleashed, mostly with money from the GreenSlime. That pan-genocide will make today the “good-old days;” a period when free-capitalist nations have the economic resources to allow their populations to be survive and recover from natural calamities that have always happened and will continue.

    – The massive infusion of resources from FEMA into natural disaster recovery from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires occurs because we are a rich nation.
    – The massive infusion of agriculture grants and loans to farmers during droughts and floods occurs because we are a rich nation.
    – The ability to secure clean community water systems and sanitary solid and liquid waste disposal systems occurs becasue we are a rich nation.
    – The ability to have programs like Medicaid for the poor and Medicare for the elderly occurs because we are a rich nation.

    All of the Marxists’ climate policies will ensure the US (and Canada, and Europe, Australia) are no longer rich nations. The wealth and political will be concentrated into the hands of a few at the very top, as all Marxist-Socialists bring.

  12. Now, we just need to plot the CO2 concentration on the right axis and calculate the (strongly negative) correlation to “climate related deaths”.

  13. I just can’t take this article or the graph seriously when the axis label has death misspelled. What did they throw this together real quick like?

    • In another of today’s articles, one of the Democrat presidential candidates is proposing bringing back the draft in order to have free labor for their various climate schemes.

  14. Um. As far as I recall, the Stern Report said that the first degree or so would be BENEFICIAL for humanity….

  15. Nobody ever died of climate anywhere. And as to Greta, somebody should have a serious conversation with her parents. And as to people using children for climate campaigns or any other political agenda: shame on you.

  16. Climate does not kill, weather does. Old chart room saying.

    We deal with weather every day. And somehow we can not see it warming that much. To the opposite indeed.

    So if weather goes towards cooling then how come climate goes warmer ?

  17. Why is my previous comment still awaiting moderation? All I did was ask for a header correction on the graph due to the misspelling of catastrophe. Looks a bit sloppy to post to Twitter.

  18. “Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.”

    So what would be an “acceptable” loss, Greta?

  19. Greta is so thoroughly brainwashed, she actually believes her own rubbish. This also applies to many of those brainwashed climate strike zombies. We need to review the tactics that were used after WW 2 to deprogram the brainwashed German people. Hopefully it does not get to the stage of mass atrocity before people have that penny-drop moment, that moment of clarity when they see through the barrage of lies and deceit-they pick that known lie, that inconsistency or it is just too ridiculous to believe. In that moment of clarity-the light bulb moment, the Emperor is wearing no clothes. It was all a scam from day one, how could we have fallen for this rubbish.
    To paraphrase Voltaire-Those that can persuade you to believe absurdities can persuade you to commit atrocities.
    At the climate strike rally in Sydney, some of the placards were drifting toward advocating execution of deniers. Should have photographed them. A couple of memorable ones- Climate denial=treason. Even unicorns believe in climate change. (hello-those unicorns that believed in climate change are extinct.) My conclusion is that those believing in climate change will become extinct.
    As for the graph, this is a good one to add to the totally bleeding obvious pile.

    • The current indoctrination of western education systems will undoubtedly advance socialism, one funeral at a time. (Got that Mosh?)

      • Of course, I assume you are meaning anthropogenic climate change, as climate changes constantly throughout the paleo-record.

  20. She is just reciting what she has been told. She has a general science mentality and does not have enough intellectual mentality to realize some of the material that she had to memorize for school may not be correct.

    • Have you EVER tried to get a sixteen year old to recite what she has been told by adults? You really do need to brainwash them, first.

  21. Unfortunately, as with her ‘I can see CO2’ statement, her words can be interpreted in different ways, literal or figurative, depending on one’s personal purpose.

    “we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.” can be taken as correct, regardless of the cause and temperatures have risen, by some measures, by one degree.

    Even though there is no link between the two parts of the sentence does not mean they cannot be used to ill intent.

    This would be the same practice as is used in the entire contest of words on this topic. Twist meanings, use selective data, claim models as data, use emotive words, ignore data, use bad and/or inappropriate data, ad infinitum.

    • The only loss of life and livelihood that has been seen have resulted from the attempts to fight so called global warming.

      The warming that we have seen and are likely to see has been beneficial as is all the extra CO2 in the air.

  22. John McClure

    Greta didn’t go “nose to nose” with Congress. She went there and told them a scary story about a boogie man that she believed and encouraged them to join the hunt to capture and kill the boogie man before it kills anymore people.

  23. When I was Greta’s age I was all for “ban the bomb”, “end the Vietnam war”, etc. Even younger I got scared to death by my teachers, who pushed Paul R Ehrlich (Population Bomb) down our throats, we would all be dead soon one way or other, the future the scientists said was quite clear. The “Doomsday Clock” (do you remember that) was shown on the BBC TV news always showing 1 minute to midnight!

    At 16 the world seemed so Black and White, so easy to see wrong from right , could not understand why my father had gone to war to kill Germans, surely this was wrong.

    As I got older the Black and White turned to a dirty shade of Grey, things our teachers told us turned out to be inaccurate or lies. I went Germany and most of Europe, on business and pleasure and talked to the people I met. I grew up.

    My father turned into a hero who had to fight to the death to stop a great evil, from that point forward his mind was never at Peace until the day he died. I look at the war memorial in our town my family name is there, young men of my family who I did not get a chance to know. I have tried to live my life as best I can to make their sacrifice worthwhile, and I hope my grandson never has to make the choice of fight to the death for freedom.

    So what happened to Paul R Ehrlich the academic biologist who got it all so wrong, was he shunned by the scientific community, or shrank away in disgrace? No, the great and the good of the scientific establishment elevated him to fellow of the Royal Society, you could not make it up!

  24. “Even at at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods”
    — Dr. Greta Thunberg

    There, fixed

  25. Guys,
    is the toxic assets that will drain the power and energy of the climateriat politicos.
    Higher the toxicity, stronger the drain, and more difficult and risky the drop of such assets.

    The best so far at that, it seems to be AOC and Greta…

    I do not know for sure, but I think best to be patient and to a degree cheering to such as “actors”… when still pinching here and there just for fun.
    Cheerful ridiculing can be quite funny and cool, at times.


  26. Excellent! A simple and undeniable exposure of the reGretable lies being told by Greta and the Climate Catastrophe crowd. “The truth shall set you free…. Greta.”

  27. Princess Alex (AOC) and St. Greta, the All-seeing, are quite the pair. It must be nice to be young with so much life ahead of you, and realize that you know everything there is to know. Back in the days when American citizens were still allowed to work in the construction trades in California we used to joke about getting your apprentices when they’re still young enough to know everything. Nice to see that, while history changes constantly, the human condition remains stubbornly the same.

  28. Either my tri-focals are off or that label on the vertical scale says “DeaRth” , instead of (I believe) ‘death’. Some assistance would be appreciated, from younger eyes … … …

  29. “If we care about the environment and about leaving this planet and its inhabitants with the best possible future, we actually have only one option: we all need to start seriously focusing, right now, on the most effective ways to fix global warming.”

    That’s a quote from the maker of the graph (Bjorn Lomberg) which supposedly puts the young lady in her place.

    • The easiest way to fix “global warming” is to stop publishing fake temperature records and fake news. Because “global warming” is 100% made by politicians and the media lying to the world. The self proclaimed experts are just lying for that grant money.

      Scientific Method
      1. Research & data collection
      2. Analysis & evaluation
      3. Form conclusions
      4. Implications & predictions
      5. Review, critique & debate
      6. Re-evaluation & reassessment
      7. Repeat step #1

      Scientific Method of Climate Change
      1. Form conclusions
      2. Fit data to conclusions
      3. Fit predictions to conclusions
      4. Make policy demands
      5. Denounce, bully & deplatform dissenters

  30. The 230,000 deaths from the 2004 Boxing day tsunami do not appear to be evidenced. So I’m not sure how accurate these graphs are.

  31. It does indeed. But, re “Abolition man”, there is a story about a young man who at 18 reckoned he knew everything and his father knew nothing. At 25 he said to his father,”It is amazing how much you’ve learnt in the last 7 years”.

    Who was it who said “It is not not-knowing things that makes one ignorant, it is knowing things that ain’t so.” Can’t help thinking it was Mark Twain, but no evidence in Google , so source would be appreciated.

  32. Typhoon and hurricane related deaths have dramatically dropped in recent years due to better (often mandatory) evacuation and refuge systems… this is particularly noticeable in Bangladesh.

    So the reason the graph goes down? concerted action taken to avoid deaths, NOT a change in weather/climate

  33. “Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.”

    That is why most people and animals live near the higher latitudes (>60 deg N or S) and not around the equator.

  34. I understood why the purveyors of AGW always predicted doom 50 years or more in the future. Few of us would be around to notice that the prediction didn’t come true. Why all of a sudden did they start making predictions that will pan out well within the reader or listener’s lifetime? This seems very risky to me. When 10 years comes and goes with not much happening climate-wise, doesn’t the whole house of cards come tumbling down? Then what? Is this just a last-ditch power grab? Is there some ingenious Alinsky-ist scheme playing out before my eyes, and I’m just too dense to see it? Most of the kids participating in the International Skip School to Protest the End of the World Day will be alive 10 years from now, mesmerized by their iPhone 20s and happily humping their sex robot partners. They’re going to remember Greta’s predictions, won’t they?

  35. It should be noted that included in the Climate-Related Deaths graph are those caused by wildfires, and this is misleading, however minor the total may be. Between 84-90% of wildfires are human-caused, and not a result of an increase in temperature. Urban sprawl, increased populations, and poor forest/fuel management are far more to blame than a warmer, drier, longer fire season.

    • Dj, do not be so silly.

      These guys have ignored to include events that will make ones you mention look like peanuts, really.

      As some one else before you have mentioned, the tsunamis deaths are not included, even the Fukushima one.
      Also no inclusion of the Spanish flue, or the Irish famine, or the Dark Ages, or Pompey… or if we really have to really be inclusive, no inclusion of Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s Flood either… 🙂

      Or the extinction of Woolly Mammoth and Saber Tooth, or the extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the extinction of Dodo…

      Or at the very least the massive human death through a completely insane blood bath war like the W.W.I

      So when and where do you really think you can have and own the right to be selective in deciding what consist as inclusive or not in the consideration of mass death, life destruction and extinction of life in the consideration of climate?!
      When you decide to cherry pick in the case of climate, you should consider that the field does really expand far and beyond your short life span experience.

      In main proper meaning, the human life has really being very much improved and very much flourishing in modern time, like never before, regardless of all else…
      when all there possibly to be included will still not change this simple fact.

      Death is an inclusive and conclusive fact… for all those that are born in to life.
      All that remains to be considered is the quality and the standard of the living, or the worthiness and the beauty of it.
      Which can very easy be messed around and destroyed if stupidity and insanity ends up successfully
      roosting and lording over the human affair and it’s destiny.


    • The PDF you linked cites zero sources. I can open Word and make one just like it and show anything I want. No matter which side you’re on you’ve gotta do WAY better than that. Seeing the quality of that PDF, the site it is on is not credible.

      Wildfire acreage burned each year is about 80% (EIGHTY percent) lower than it was in the 1930s. Source: (the presenter has sources throughout the video). Climate/weather related deaths are stupidly low compared to the 1930s and 1940s, DESPITE the increased population.

      For the climate/weather related deaths, you’ll want to see a Google talk titled “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”. Basically if there was any shred of the climate hoax the video link above didn’t debunk, the Google talk will obliterate the rest.


  36. “One morning in 1856, a fifteen year old Xhosa girl named Nongqawuse went with another girl to scare birds from her uncle’s crops in the fields by the sea at the Gxarha river mouth in the present day Wild Coast area of South Africa.
    When she returned she said that she had seen a man, who had told her that ‘The whole community would rise from the dead; that all cattle now living must be slaughtered’.
    As a result, between April 1856 and June 1857, the various sections of the Xhosa people of the Eastern Cape and the Transkei slaughtered almost all their enormous stocks of cattle and deliberately killed their crops.”

    Destroy the economy and kill the cows and we will reach utopia. Amazing how perfectly parallel this story is to the AGW demands. Oh, estimates are that 40,000 to 70,000 Xhosa died.

    • Fascinating story. Of course if another just slightly MORE believable young girl could have CORRECTLY claimed she could see the future the Xhosa would in all probability killed Nongqawuse , being the primitive idiots that they were. But what a different outcome.

      I wonder how many times the future could have been massively improved by just the death of one powerful “I predict this future” person who lead the world up a stupid path.

      Today of course we (exceptions may apply) don’t go round killing people to change the future, we rely on conversation, science, facts and persuasion. Works much better. Maybe a trifle slower.

      Maybe you could speed it up by trying a bit harder with the challenging though? A hard verbal challenge right in the face with plenty of publicity present could reap dividends I reckon. How close can you personally get ?

  37. There’s far too much “Don’t attack the poor girl” sentiment expressed in this topic to date.


    The well being of billions of people on this planet is threatened by the CAGW hoax/delusion. Thunberg is a person of high power now in the scam. You SHOULD be attacking her every which way at every opportunity.

    People in power should expect to be challenged . There’s no get out of jail free card because you are young, mentally or physically disabled, had a hard life, missing a parent or ANY such reason. No get out clauses. None whatsoever.

    So I say attack Greta verbally at every opportunity (you can add in her parents if it helps). Challenge EVERYTHING she says. If possible a challenge she has to answer personally from her own mouth with her own brain i.e. not diverted to “handlers”.

    Failure to do this will be exploited. And I am being serious.

    • Exactly.

      ONE OF the inconvenient facts these hoaxers leave out is that the apparent sea level change around Switzerland is negative. That’s right, from the tide gauges around there, the sea level is FALLING at 37mm per year. What’s more the big government organizations NASA and the NOAA exclude that reading from their statistics because it doesn’t further their fraud …its probably enough to reverse their alarmist numbers.

      Sure we know that its partially due to the land rising, but we also know that there is significant land subsidence for most of the readings that are purported to mean the oceans are going to swallow everything up. Simply put they are cherry picking to further the biggest scam ever devised by humans.

      The ‘poor girl’ is being scammed too … her and her parents need to do some real research and recant the lies they’ve been repeating.

      [I am a little vague on the Swiss coastline, but being a mountainous country I am sure the Swiss will be OK. They could help resettling any Swedish refugees running away from falling sea levels though . . . mod]

    • Don’t attack the poor girl? I’ve decided that Greta is a droid. She looks almost human, but she behaves like a droid. No fear. Always in attack mode. Never shows normal teenage girl traits. Did she ever play with dolls? with friends? go to the beach? to the mall? smile? have an iPhone? have a cat or dog? It’s just too far off the scale.

  38. Looking at the the data from emdat concerning your “graph” it seems you are missing the increase in people affected by climate events, we got better at preventing death, we are not reducing the severity of climate events.

    Deaths linked to pollution and disease are not mentioned in your graph either, and thunbergs loss of life might just refer to biodiversity and aquatic life. Which would be unacceptable and destroy many people’s livelihood. But that one sentence quote you give does not give much context.

    That is if you even bother to take this psuedoarticle seriously.

  39. Purposely haven’t paid attention to her, but one of her “speeches” came up on the TV news, and even I was surprised by her vitriol and anger (that can’t be good for someone her age). But that’s SOP for eco-loons.

  40. Don’t attack the poor girl? I’ve decided that Greta is a droid. She looks almost human, but she behaves like a droid. No fear. Always in attack mode. Never shows normal teenage girl traits. Did she ever play with dolls? with friends? go to the beach? to the mall? smile? have an iPhone? have a cat or dog? It’s just too far off the scale.

  41. Destroy the economy and kill the cows and we will reach utopia. Amazing how perfectly parallel this story is to the AGW demands. Oh, estimates are that 40,000 to 70,000 Xhosa died.

  42. The only real danger of a warming climate would be that ice caps on Antarctica and Greenland might melt and raise sea levels enough to flood coastal cities.

    But raising the air temperature by 1 degree C doesn’t melt much ice. It takes about 310 calories to raise the temperature of a cubic meter of air by 1 degree C, but about 72 million calories to melt a cubic meter of ice.

    Even if the temperature of the entire atmosphere was raised by 1 degree C, the equivalent depth of the atmosphere at sea-level pressure is about 8,600 meters, so the heat required to raise a square meter column of the atmosphere by 1 C would be 8,600 * 310 = 2.67 million calories.

    If that heat was used to melt ice, it would melt ice to a depth of 2.67 / 72 = 0.037 meter (3.7 cm = 1.46 inch). Not much to worry about.

    Little Greta should go back to school across the ocean and learn a little heat transfer, and she’ll discover that she has a much brighter future than she thinks.

  43. “Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods.”

    Maybe that’s what Swedish pupils are told Mondays to Thursdays.

    Not only Swedish pupils.

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