Guardian Suggests UN is Boosting Greta Thunberg to Undermine President Trump’s Climate Policy

Left Greta Thunberg in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, August 2018 – image: Wikipedia. Right UN Secretary General António Guterres

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

I guess we have an answer to why the kid got so much attention so quickly.

Can the rest of the world save itself from climate breakdown without the US?

Mark Hertsgaard
Mon 16 Sep 2019 22.33 AEST
Last modified on Tue 17 Sep 2019 01.31 AEST

With Trump expected to skip the UN climate summit, the question will be: what’s possible if the most powerful nation is pulling away from action?

As world leaders converge on New York City for the United Nations climate action Summit on 23 September, they enter what may be the most consequential week in climate politics since Donald Trump’s surprise election as president of the United States in 2016. Trump, of course, announced soon after taking office that he was withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement, the landmark treaty signed at the last big UN climate summit in 2015. António Guterres, the UN secretary general, convened this week’s summit precisely because the US and most other countries remain far from honoring their Paris pledges to reduce heat-trapping emissions enough to prevent catastrophic climate disruption.

Trump is not expected to attend this week’s summit; the US delegation will instead be led by Andrew Wheeler, a former coal company lobbyist who is now the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. In keeping with Trump’s denial of climate science and his administration’s dismantling of environmental regulations and accelerating of fossil fuel development, Wheeler testified to the US Senate last January that he would not call climate change “the greatest crisis” facing humanity.

Activist pressure has helped make the Green New Deal the de facto position of the Democratic party in the US, while also spreading the idea overseas. Each of the leading Democratic candidates in the race to replace Trump has endorsed one version or another of a Green New Deal. Bernie Sanders proposes a particularly robust program that will, he promises, “end unemployment” by creating 20m new jobs and also help developing nations dump fossil fuels in favor of renewables.

Guterres has gone out of his way to boost the visibility of the climate youth, most notably Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who is the best-known face of the climate movement. Thunberg’s “School Strike For Climate”, begun a year ago in her home town of Stockholm, spread like wildfire around the world, inspiring hundreds of thousands of students to skip classes and take to the streets to demand that governments, in Thunberg’s words, “act like the house is on fire – because it is”. Guterres has invited Thunberg to keynote a special one-day youth climate summit on 21 September and also to address world leaders at the plenary session on 23 September.

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Just one question – when did the USA agree to allow the Secretary General of the United Nations to start dictating policy to the President of the United States?

144 thoughts on “Guardian Suggests UN is Boosting Greta Thunberg to Undermine President Trump’s Climate Policy

  1. Perhaps President Trump should ban UN officials from taking airplane trips to and from the US.

    Like Greta they could take sailing ships. 🙂

  2. Greta Thunberg is used in a sinister plot to put a face on the future generation the climate alarmists outlandishly claim are being robbed of their future. It is a direct attempt to shame Trump, and thereby the US, back to conformity, so it can pick up the tab for their draconian measures and plan for redistribution of wealth.

    • At the risk of being branded a conspiracy-nut, I dare say that’s the whole point of activating all these human-shield, youth-armies – and basically the tactic employed across the board, regardless whether the issue is climate change, gun-control, etc.

      And I’m sure the UN is at least one of her sponsors and/or motivating force – they were certainly central to the messaging that created the end-of-the-world scare in the first place.

      • You brand yourself.

        Worrall suggests that Hertsgaard suggests that Thunberg suggests that Gutteres suggests that Wheeler suggests to Trump = UN dictates to Trump.

        Ant they’re all in on it: the politicians, the scientists, the gun control lobby even the foreign kiddies. You might want to cut back on Youtube for a while.

          • And I just saw she was meeting with Obama. I’m sure there is no coordination with the higher powers – Heaven’s no.
            Meanwhile we get every wild, outlandish, contrived, convoluted, conspiracy theory launched at us – with apparently no sense of irony – and it gets parroted in the press, and investigated in congress – all executed with some of the dirtiest tactics I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.
            I’d start drinking, but I have the feeling I’m going to need my inhibitions in place over the next year or so.

          • Obama just called Thunberg the world’s biggest liar, revealing after their meeting, “She is unafraid.”
            Of course her whole spiel is based on spreading fear…the fear she is supposedly feeling every minute of every day.
            I have to say, now that I think about it, I have never seen her looking afraid, or as if she is in a panic.
            The whole thing is inane…travelling around the world, smiling and shaking hands with people, and calmly telling people, in carefully measured tones, to panic, and feel fear, then thanking them and going along to her next in air interview with some or another self aggrandizing publicity hound.

        • More nonsense that fails to change one single fact that Eric supplied.

          Lolly then pushes conspiracy theories without quoting one single skeptic.

          Still pathetic.

        • You are right Loydo.

          YouTube Bad.

          Best stick to Twitter, Facebook and the MSM. They know what is best for you and have trained experts to protect you from information that could harm your world view.

    • “With Trump expected to skip the UN climate summit, the question will be: what’s possible if the most powerful nation is pulling away from action?”

      All of the other nations are responsible for 85% of the emissions, so they can do 85% of the work without the US.

      • Well, we’re supposed to believe that a 3% (or so) total contribution to greenhouse gases gives us regulatory leverage over the climate – hell, the US ought to be able to program a sunny day with a whopping 15%.

      • icisil

        Agreed. Nothing works as well as an example. Be the change you advocate. Lead by example.

        If the rest of the world (ROW) demonstrates that renewables can power their countries reliably, obviously the USA would do the same and claim to have though up the whole idea.

        So, ROW, do it. Show me. Verily, I am patient.

    • Sweden.

      They went ‘all in’ on renewables and carbon credits years ago. As a nation. They are royally stuffed if the deck of cards collapses.

      Hence the climate messiah/abused child/CO2 detector/truant/tool.

  3. I don’t think Big bad President Trump has much to fear from LittlePippy Longstocking ! (unless she starts spinning her head around while vomiting green goo )….lol

      • vomiting green goo may be a better description. I’ll make a note of that.

        Trump, of course, announced soon after taking office that he was withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement

        Maybe this week would be a good time for him to live up to that pledge and ACTUALLY DO IT.

        Can the rest of the world save itself from climate breakdown without the US?

        Indeed if it were not for the significant reduction in US “carbon” output, the world would be in even greater “danger”. So maybe the Guardian should be aiming that question at India and China, who got a free pass in Paris. Luckily the US is still reducing CO2 despite having pulled out giving money to the UN green slush fund.

        But the naive eco-idiots at the Guardian will not be asking that question of China because their real platform is any pretext to attack Trump. They are still arse-sore about 2016. Like the rest of the illiberal ” liberal ” left they have been in a political sleepwalk for the last three years. Suddenly finding a new election cycle coming round they realise they were so busy with the Russia conspiracy narrative, they failed to develop any policy at all.

        The only raft they have to cling to is the sinking wreck of climate hysteria and vomiting green goo .
        (There I knew it would come in handy.)

        • Well, one of their “experts” wants to bring back cannibalism to combat CAGW, so three cheers for “Soylent Green”…how prescient that they chose that color way back then.

          • This means that some of use will be tucking into spare rib of Greta Thunberg. Count me out,
            this old carnivore will stick to Beef, Lamb, Pork and chicken. Eating people is wrong even if they are Swedish and suffering from Asperger’s.

        • Hi Greg: Maybe this week would be a good time for him to live up to that pledge and ACTUALLY DO IT.

          One minor problem – the agreement that the previous administration signed off on stated that the US could not ‘withdraw’ until one day after the next (2021) President is sworn in. In other words, it’s all going to depend on who wins the coming election…..

          • Wrong-O Gabby. The withdrawal can become effective one day after the next presidential election, not inauguration.

          • “Tombstone Gabby September 17, 2019 at 5:44 pm
            One minor problem – the agreement that the previous administration signed off on stated that the US could not ‘withdraw’ until one day after the next (2021) President is sworn in. ”

            How does that work?
            One President, and his weasley junior yes man, write sort of an executive order specifically to avoid Senate ratification, and that supposedly binds The next President and the entire country? A condescending poison pill based upon sheer arrogance and ignorance?

            Executive Orders and treaties, including lame agreements, require The Senate to ratify treaties.
            The full Congress is expected to back up agreements and Executive Orders by codifying the agreement or EO into bills and eventually into law.

            All the previous Administration accomplished was waste a lot of money and paper. They utterly failed to bind America to anything.

          • Well. Treaties must be approved by the Senate in order to be binding on the US. I don’t recall that this was done. Enlighten me.

      • ‘unless she starts spinning her head around while vomiting green goo’

        You can follow that analogy all the way down the rabbit hole – even to the point of being possessed and animated by demonic forces.

  4. The CO2 seeing saviour of planet earth… I wonder if her parents grow their own food and have a water well in their garden, as we all know that Sweden’s food comes from across the world and from factories and farms that use fossil fuels… I wonder if their house is totally plastic free?'”.. do they have solar panels? And batteries which use plastic insulators and plastic cases… How about the child slave labour in Africa where the materials come from for their green machines…

      • mike, that photo makes me angry!! Plastic cup, bread wrapper and plastic container… The electric that runs the train is either from nuclear/coal… I am sick and tried of the climate change Bullshit!!! Especially a girl who claims she can see co2” shame she couldn’t see it in the mountain of plastic in front of her

        • It’s not a plastic cup, it’s paper, coated in plastic and they can’t be recycled IIRC. Like the jacket she wore on her school holiday sailing trip (Apparently).

      • In the commentators below are complaining about all the plastic ! On her own Twit account ! ROTFLMAO….

      • Bad, climate polluting, dogs. Fairly extensive CD collection by the looks of it too. I really hate people like this, who clearly look healthy, well fed and have a very comfortable home, all on the back of fossil fuels and then preach to others about why they should not aspire to be just as same.

        • Kind of makes her claim to have had a terrible “ruined / stolen” childhood a bit hollow – she looks like the picture of happiness there. There are millions of (unspoilt) kids the world over who would trade their childhoods with hers in a heartbeat!

    • There is an existential threat… the climate crisis propaganda and its follow on results. Most of us have been here before. We won the last one despite often long odds. We will win this one. It’s down to how much pain the World is prepared to inflict on itself before the tide turns. As in the 1980s it can happen suddenly.

      Time for the USA to withdraw from the U.N. including a swift boot off of our territory. Took me years to get to that conclusion but I am there.

    • That makes her either a mutant or an alien if she has the necessary photo receptors to see the relivant wave lengths of light.

      • No it just makes her gullible and lacking in understanding. She is being exploited. I’m of the opinion that what she is actually seeing is atmospheric refraction from heat variations.

    • No, sadly it means she is even more mentally disturbed than most people realize.
      When the CO2 starts talking to her is the next big frontier for her devolution.
      The next stage is when she starts listening to the delusion. The final stage is when Greta starts doing what the CO 2 tells her.

    • No, she can’t. – If she could she’d go completely nuts over her own exhales which have 100X the ambient CO2.

      What she most likely has seen is refractions in the air from heat from an exhaust pipe or chimney. Or non-condensing steam making refractions in the air.

      Rather than grown ups correcting and guiding her, she has been duped by her peers into believeing a lie, and those around her let her perpetuate it.

    • Children as used as tools in emotional promotions is not new.
      Children soldiers are not new. They have been around since …war, I suppose. Children’s Crusades, etc. Children suicide bombers are not new. They have been employed since remote explosive devices have been around. The VC would send unknowing children strapped with grenades up to US soldiers. The Iranians/Iraqis used them to clear mine fields. I do not know if the tactic was employed during WWI or WWII, or previously.

        • I think you’ll find that the Nazis didn’t have to use children/teenagers, they chose to use them, admitedly out of desparation, but it was a choice! Then again, who says brainwashing of “children” or anybody else doesn’t work?

      • Horatio Nelson was born on 29 September 1758. His naval career began on 1 January 1771, when he reported to the third-rate HMS Raisonnable as an ordinary seaman and coxswain under his maternal uncle, Captain Maurice Suckling.

        Would that count as child soldier?

  5. interesting and yes I would’nt put it past them to plan this well ahead
    lil miss giving a speech to the Un hey
    wont she be soooo smug- gier than now
    be really sweet if she had a go at ALL the os attendees for their fossil fuel use and berated them for the wine food etc excesses
    shes unlikely to but damn it would be good if she did;-))
    I guess shes walking to attend or riding a not very green scooter? roller blades a skateboard mayhap?
    wonder if flimflams going to be there to bow down to his new devotee?

  6. Trump could smash this in a single tweet:
    The last time this country took seriously the emotional beliefs of children, we hanged people for being witches.

  7. Rolling back a small fraction of the additional regulations that Obama propagated is “dismantling environmental laws”.

    If liberals couldn’t lie, they wouldn’t be able to speak.

    • It ain’t that liberals know nothing, just that what they think they know just ain’t so. Ronnie Raygun.

  8. “What role will the US play? Will it be a spoiler, actively seeking to disrupt progress? Will it be a braggart who, as Wheeler boasted (inaccurately) in that testimony, represents “the gold standard for environmental progress”? Or will it be more like the addled uncle at the family reunion whose babblings provoke eye-rolls and are ignored?”

    Answer: None of the above. The role we’ll play will be “the adult in the room”. As the worldwide lemming-like retarded race towards the cliff of financial degradation and ruinous investment in expensive, unnecessary, and unreliable energy systems continues to escalate, the US is the one clear-headed, rational country saying “no”. And that both infuriates and frustrates them to no end, though they try to pretend “it doesn’t matter”. LOL. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    • …while we are pointing and laughing at them from our comfort and security….

      We will be the ONLY “shining city on a hill” still standing because we will be the only nation left on Earth with RELIABLE energy sources to power those lights.

  9. Way past time the U.N. was defunded and moved out of the USA. They’ve strayed a long way out of their lane, which was supposed to have been preventing armed conflict.

  10. When did the rest of the world agree to let President Trump dictate policy to the rest of the world?

    I didn’t know President Trump actually had a climate policy. But, wow, a 16 year old girl can undermine it.

    • Tom Foley: “When did the rest of the world agree to let President Trump dictate policy to the rest of the world?”

      Wow! I did not know that President Trump’s policy of “We won’t be participating” means that he is dictating policy to the rest of the World. ‘New English’ is worse than ‘New Math.’

      As to your last observation, I’m pretty sure President Trump doesn’t have a Climate Policy. I hadn’t thought about it until you brought it up, but I believe he is going to let the climate do whatever it is going to do.

      He has expressed concern for the environment and his intention to keep America’s air and water safe. As near as I can determine, he is rolling back regulations that are beyond what is needed for acceptably safe and clean air and water.

      You know, I believe President Trump is willing to listen to anyone, including the Gretas of the world. It is one of his strengths to listen to and consider all sides of an issue. But he also has the sense to sort facts from appeals to emotion to make decisions, and I have no doubt that he would dismiss Greta’s fact-free appeals; “Thank you, but no.”

  11. Let’s see, what is coming up :
    “Climate Strike” week, Sept. 20-27, is bringing anarchists and greenies to Manhattan to demonstrate at the UN during the opening week of the General Assembly,
    leading to an “International Rebellion” against scientific and industrial progress beginning October 7, organized by the eco-fas*cist Extinction Rebellion, founded and led by psych*edelic drug-user and -promoter Gail Bradbrook. Alexandria Villaseñor, the 14-year-old girl from California who is Greta’s American equivalent, deployed to NY on Sep.11 for the 2nd 2019 session of the UNICEF Executive Board .

    Instead of this insanity, hysteria, better to honor International Observe the Moon Night on Oct. 5, that is actually part of a whole “Space Week.”

  12. Just one question – when did the USA agree to allow the Secretary General of the United Nations to start dictating policy to the President of the United States?
    The election of Obama.

  13. Just one question – when did the USA agree to allow the Secretary General of the United Nations to start dictating policy to the President of the United States?

    See: Obama Administration

  14. Greta Thunberg trumps Donald Trump, what utter nonsense. How mad can the world of politics become. This is the most stupid suggestion from The Guardian evah…

  15. Mark Hertsgaard stated in the above quote, to wit:

    As world leaders converge on New York City for the United Nations climate action Summit on 23 September,

    TA DA, …….. drum roll and lots of Flag waving.

    So, they are holding their “climate summit” during the week immediately after the Autumn equinox, to wit:

    The Autumnal (Fall) Equinox will be at 3:50 AM (EST) on Monday, September 23, 2019.

    Guess what, ….. current atmospheric CO2 is still declining (average 6 ppm total), ……. but within the next 7 days it will stop declining and begin its “fall & winter” increase (average 8 ppm) to reach its yearly high in mid-May 2020.

    Just like it has been doing, …. steady and consistently, ….. for the past 62 years, ….. as confirmed by the Mauna Loa Record.

    And it doesn‘t matter one (1) twit ….. what the “green” growing/rotting/decomposing biomass in the Northern Hemisphere does, did or doesn’t do.

    Or whether the NH seasonal weather is early or late, ….. or cold, hot, rainy or dry.

    None of those important “weather criteria” …….. affects the bi-yearly (seasonal) temperature change of the ocean waters.

  16. “Climate Strike Week”, aka “Hell Week” is where new, would-be members of Alpha Pi Climati are subject to a whole host of Greenie ritualistic terrors, like being forced to watch AIT, and listen to St. Greta tell you how “ashamed” you should be. Also, you may be required to listen to folks prattle on endlessly about how “green” they are, and then be asked to list what you have been doing, and will do, in order to “save the planet”. As the week progresses, the insults and things you may be rquired to do become more and more onerous. Only the truly dedicated make it to the end.

  17. The entire US mainstream media has had that job and failed. How do they think a 16-year-old clueless child is going to succeed? If nothing else, in pushing Democrats to do really stupid things like backing the GND, she is helping Trump.

  18. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager school dropout (which, as a Leftist, will qualify her for a Rhodes Scholarship), is the PERFECT face of the climate movement. CAGW is a fairy tale that only children could possible believe, children with a mental disorder, and this child Greta, bless her heart, suffers from mental disorder and, in particular, a form of Autism known as Asperger Syndrome and lives in a fairy tale world. She is even being treated like royalty in her fairy tale world. A MENTAL DISORDER, CAGW Alarmism, founded on junk pseudo-science fit only for a child’s fairy tale, is being promoted by a child with a mental disorder and leading the world to social and economic destruction…and its advocates call US all sorts of demeaning names.

  19. One again, for perspective.
    The definition of a promotion:
    “At the beginning, the promoter has the vision and the public has the money.
    At the end, the promoter has the money and the public has the vision.”
    From the old and highly-speculative Vancouver Stock Exchange.

    • Climate breakdown is evidenced by:

      – A Pacific typhoon during typhoon season in the Pacific.
      – An Atlantic hurricane during hurricane season in the Atlantic.
      – Hot weather during summer.
      – Cold weather in the winter.
      – Heavy rain coming from a series of thunderstorm.
      – Several years of below average rainfall followed by several years of above average rainfall, because climate never deviated from averages before the breakdown.

      Are we clear now?

  20. If the United Nations climate action Summit on September 23rd is anything like the 3 democrap “debates”, then, by the time the “Lunatic Fringe” of the world are finished out-dooming each other , the Earth will have ceased to exist last Friday ! (give or take an hour)

  21. I find it hilarious that they feel the need to push a teen girl with emotional problems, be their next planetary Savior candidate.

    She is going to say the same pile of propaganda crap we have heard many times before, it will not work since too many people have grown tired of the incessant 24/7, “we are doomed, unless you allow up to dictate your life”, proposal bullcrap.

    Nothing new under the sun……..

    • Wild Guess: They are all Leftist alarmist holdovers who were trying to sabotage the Trump policies and were told to do their jobs or find new ones? What do I win?

    • Ummm, the fact that they are b*tching in the Guardian is proof positive they have not been “muzzled by Trump”. LOL

      God you are a totally mindless lemming, and hater of poor brown people.

  22. If only we could just cut off all fossil fuel deliveries to NYC for the week of the conference, they might get the hint.

      • If I recall, during the first Gulf War, the American spokeswoman would pronounce the name Saddam in a tone that came over as Soddam, which if you’re of a British, Australian, New Zealand extraction, will know full well, is a less than courtious description, because that indeed was his attitude, sod’em!

    • At a US Canadian border checkpoint a driver was arrested when asked who owned the auto .
      Driver replied “sa Dame”, and was hauled off.

  23. When? It was when Joe Biden told him it was fine and also when he told the EU that Trump would be gone soon and just wait him out. Never mind the USA people or its elected President. File it in the category of Dems not recognizing any other government than their own and everything else as a temporary lapse of the voters.

  24. Greta and her climate change pushers are certainly living proof of the mathematical fact that 50% of the world’s population is of BELOW Average Intelligence.

  25. … the question will be: what’s possible if the most powerful nation is pulling away from action?…

    This was a mis quotation. What was actually said is

    … the question will be: what’s lucrative if the most wealthy nation is pulling away from action?…

  26. Frankly, I”m quite comfortable with a young, not-formally-educated, inexperienced girl who claims to see CO2 as the UN poster child.

    It’s perfectly fitting.

    • Charles VII of France also needed something to boost the morale of his troops.

      Joan was the daughter of Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée,[25] living in Domrémy, a village which was then in the French part of the Duchy of Bar.[26][27] Joan’s parents owned about 50 acres (20 hectares) of land and her father supplemented his farming work with a minor position as a village official, collecting taxes and heading the local watch.[28] They lived in an isolated patch of eastern France that remained loyal to the French crown despite being surrounded by pro-Burgundian lands. Several local raids occurred during her childhood and on one occasion her village was burned. Joan was illiterate and it is believed that her letters were dictated by her to scribes and she signed her letters with the help of others.[29]

      At her trial, Joan stated that she was about 19 years old, which implies she thought she was born around 1412. She later testified that she experienced her first vision in 1425 at the age of 13, when she was in her “father’s garden”[30] and saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and take the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation. She said she cried when they left, as they were so beautiful.[31]

  27. In her own word, Greta says that she wants everyone to become as terrified as she is. Someone terrorised her and she wants others to be as terrorised as she is that’s a quote.

    Who terrified her? She was quite clear about it. She is terrified each day, she says. So who are the terrorists responsible?

    Terrorists should have their funding cut off and be chased down. Intending as she is on terrorising the general population (she self-stated goal) she is now a sort of child-soldier kidnapped by some terrorist group and indoctrinated to join their cause. Stockholm Syndrome, it’s called.

    I dub this “Oslo Syndrome”. Greta has been indoctrinated and terrorised and sent fort to terrorise others. She said as much in an interview played on the CBC today.

    Oppose terrorism and the recruitment of child soldiers on all forms, even when the terrorists are rich, white and powerful.

  28. I always find it amusing when the US is painted as the spoilers in their climate plans when the real culprits are India and China. Whilst the US has been the country who has lowered its emissions the most ,China and India have ensured that any reductions by the rest of the world would be an exercise in futility. When one analyses the true impact of the Paris agreement one would quickly realise that it was never about emissions but more about redressing balances , financially and economically . If one looks at countries such as Germany, Australia , the UK and certain states in the US where politicians have taken this stuff seriously the economic and social costs are pretty disastrous with things certainly going to get worse . The Chinese must be having a big laugh as these fanatical countries commit some form of economic suicide.

  29. I am not surprised. When I served as a Blue Helmet in Syria, it was an open secret that the entire UN leadership was pro-Arabic. They did not even hide it while or official mission was to be impartial observers. The top brass of the UN is about as impartial as a follower of a radical sect. I don’t blame Trump for ignoring them.

  30. António Guterres is not really interested in “their Paris pledges to reduce heat-trapping emissions”, what he really wanst is their Paris Pledges to fork over huge plies of cash.

  31. “the Paris agreement, the landmark treaty signed…”

    It is NOT a treaty, as our congress would never have ratified it. It is simply an “agreement” in which we have said we would give the Green Climate Fund $500MM/year for banana republic despots to use for “sustainable” tyranny.

  32. Art imitates life. Greta will have the same influence as the little girl in “Miracle on 34th Street”- and all the children who wrote to Santa.

    Well, in reality, sensible people do not believe in Santa, nor will they assume that a child who can see an invisible gas is an authority – unless they are gullible enough to believe in Santa. Or just plain stupid. I don’t think Trump is susceptible to that kind of argument.

    The innocence of children speaks for itself. It should automatically mean that they need training, and not taken as trained scientists.

  33. There is a true story about an African girl, similar age, who could “see” something everyone else in the village could not. Everyone in the village believed her and acted on her “visions”. Pretty much everything and everyone died as a result of believing her “visions”.

    Lets hope the UN doesn’t allow this child to influence political policy making…oh wait!

      • Greta is no Jeanne D’Arc.
        Jeanne convinced a limpid King to throw the English out, against the advice of the entire army. And they achieved something they never thought possible. Bishop Cauchon, the swine, cooked Jeanne twice, just in case.
        Now the British depraved Malthusians have kids in their service, and only Trump threw their Paris Accord out. Look at how they tried to cook him!
        Macron so far has not thrown it out – maybe he remembers Bishop Cauchon!

  34. I still have hope in the younger generation. Maybe one day this young lady will learn the truth about, what we in the U.S. call, progressive socialism.

  35. Yes, Greta got a lift by a sailing ship from Europe. She has to swim back though, no sailing ships available then…

  36. Am I the only one offended that some girl from some other country who has no connection to the US, has never been here, suddenly is sitting in front of our congress making demands, and they give her an ovation?
    Maybe I will go over and do a tour in Europe demanding they stop building bird choppers and take the ones already built apart, and fast!

  37. Hmm … I assume people going into the UN building have to pass through some type of security checkpoint like they do at airports.
    Will they search her for bottles of glue?

  38. Interesting that the recent UK YouGov poll on concern about Climate Change has Sweden even lower than the USA on the percentage of population that think that “The climate in changing and humans are mostly responsible”. 36% as compared to 38%.

    Maybe Greta ought to stick to campaigning outside her own parliament before preaching her nonsense to everyone else.

  39. Greta is abused. Google Translate works pretty well on this.
    (Mother’s ruthless rendition of Greta Thunberg’s many struggles)

    Greta’s mother is the abuser. Of Greta and her sister Beata too. It doesn’t say much about the father, but it does imply that he is also dominated by Greta’s mother, Malena Ernman.

    The mother is a narcissist who loves to pyscho-diagnose her children. She has now published a book all about this. From the description, anyone in that family would be damaged. Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

    • From the first link: (The “I” in the quote is the mother of these two.)

      Now that Greta has been diagnosed, it’s Little Sister Beata’s turn. “I think Beata has ADHD,” I say to Svante later. (p.49) Beata tends to get angry and defiant when she is at home with her parents. At school, however, she works just fine.

      Uhhh … Maybe Beata is normal?

  40. While I agree that Saint Greta is a deeply worrying, deluded media phenomena that has no place in any debate that includes oh, you know facts ‘n’ shit, anything that undermines One-Term-Trump has got to be a good thing. 487 days and counting.

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