The Dim-Bulb Tide of Climate Crisis Alarmism

Guest ridiculing of science “journalism” by David Middleton

The blood-red photos accompanying this screed of climate crisis wailing reminded me of the classic Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode…

In Irwin Allen’s TV adaptation of RCP8.5, the Van Allen Radiation Belt had ignited the atmosphere . This was also the basis of the 1961 theatrical version of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. However, Irwin Allen’s disaster movies warranted the suspension of disbelief, unlike the Dim-Bulb Tide of Climate Crisis Alarmism…

The Blood-Dimmed Tide
Climate change is poised to alter the face of global conflict.

September 16, 2019

It’s the year 2100. The nationalist ideology popularized by Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson has not only retained its hold on industrialized nations, but also expanded amid conditions of climate upheaval.

[Wah! Wah! Wah!]

The endgame was distressingly rapid, and looks especially so in retrospect. Following Donald Trump’s reelection to the presidency in 2020…

[Wah! Wah! Wah!]

So the world kept getting hotter. The global community sailed past the 1.5 degree Celsius “‘safe’ threshold of warming” mark around 2038, and summers of Saharan intensity became an annual norm in Europe—often in North America, too. 

[Wah! Wah! Wah!]

The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century, and Earth’s temperature rose by 4 degrees Celsius—twice the level that scientists had long earmarked as…

[Wah! Wah! Wah!]

Today, at 4 degrees, there is still civilization. But there is no Kiribati, given that sea levels have risen three feet since the beginning of the century.

[Wah! Wah! Wah!]

This dystopian vision of a new era of climate-driven geopolitical conflict and ideological regression has been lurching into the foreground of global politics for at least the past generation. No one in power today can credibly say they weren’t warned. They can, perhaps, claim they didn’t know how rapidly the threats were multiplying; they can even say they didn’t accept or believe them. But no one can plausibly say they did everything they could. Few can say they even tried.

Even those who have long sounded the alarm on climate chaos say today they have regrets; that they should have done more, or approached things differently. “It took me 10 or 15 years to realize I should be organizing, not writing books,” said Bill McKibben, who has written 17 books—mostly about the climate crisis. “I spent those years thinking we were in an argument, and that my job was to provide the weight of evidence that would eventually cause us to win the argument. It’s now utterly clear that we were never engaged in an argument. It was a fight.”

[Help us Obi Wan McKibben! You’re our only hope!]

But if McKibben has learned one thing in 30 years of climate advocacy, it’s that the voices demanding change have to be louder—not in the pages of books or magazines, but on the streets and at the polls. “This may be the last moment that comes in time for us to do any good,” he said. “We better make the most of it.”  

[Wah! Wah! Wah! LOUDER THAN EVAH!!!]

Emily Atkin is a contributing editor to The New Republic and the author of the climate newsletter Heated.

The New Republic

Someone please call a wambulance!

Know Your Meme

A fictional ambulance or rescue squad for someone who cries or whines, most often without provocation. A way to insult someone whom often cries for no apparent reason; a cry baby, a brat, or someone suffering from hypochondria.

Urban Dictionary

Emily Atkin must be Hell-bent on becoming the next Eric Holthaus and Little Emily is in dire need of a wambulance…

The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century…

Little Emily
Figure 1. The world’s population could only balloon to 12.6 billion by the end of the century in the “Age of Ultron Catholic Rabbit” scenario. (UN DESA)

Earth’s temperature rose by 4 degrees Celsius—twice the level that scientists had long earmarked as…

Little Emily

Really? Assuming the post-1976 Pacific Climate Shift trend holds for another 80 years, it’s more like a maximum of 2.5 °C above 1850 using HadCRUT4…

Figure 2. “RCP4.5 CMIP5 multimodel mean anomalies (in black), two-sigma model range (in grey), and observational temperature records from NASANOAAHadCRUTCowtan and Way, and Berkeley Earth from 1861 to 2100. Model data uses blended land/ocean fields. NASA and NOAA data begins in 1880. A preliminary value for 2017 is based on temperature anomalies through the end of July. Chart by Carbon Brief.” (Modified after Carbon Brief.)

Or only 2.0 °C using UAH v6.0…

Figure 3a. Same as Figure 2, with UAH v6.0.
Figure 3b. UAH v6.0 is closer to RCP2.6 than RCP4.5. (Having Fun With the Fourth National Climate Assessment Report)

The current trend is tracking below the RCP4.5 model mean.

Figure 4a. RCP4.5 is a strong mitigation scenario in which we would have already started to undiscover fire. (IPCC)

An RCP4.5 world is virtually indistinguishable from the present day.

Figure 4b. RCP4.5: Crisis Cancelled. (IPCC)

Then Little Emily went full Billy Madison…

Today, at 4 degrees, there is still civilization. But there is no Kiribati, given that sea levels have risen three feet since the beginning of the century.

Little Emily
Figure 5. Sorry Emily, you can’t get there from here. (Oh say can you see modern sea level rise from a geological perspective?)

Who the heck is Emily Atkin?

Emily Atkin’s previous climate claim to fame, was her run in with Hurricane expert Dr. Ryan Maue. Emily had declared Louisiana to be doomed by climate change-infused Hurricane Barry. You remember Hurricane Barry right? It was a hurricane for an entire three hours, achieving unprecedented high winds of 70 miles per hour.

Fortunately for little Emily, Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann came to her rescue…

Alas, even with the Hockey Team supporting her, little Emily just couldn’t take the heat.

I just loved this bit:

“I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.”

From her LinkedIn profile…


Staff Writer
Company Name The New Republic
Dates Employed Feb 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 2 yrs 6 mos
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
Staff writer covering science and environmental politics.

2 years and 6 months.

Senior Multimedia Journalist
Company Name
Dates Employed Jul 2016 – Feb 2017
Employment Duration 8 mos
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
Covered the 2016 presidential election and national policy. Reported, wrote, produced, and appeared in news segments for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s local TV stations.

8 months.

Various Positions
Company Name Law360
Dates Employed Feb 2012 – Oct 2013
Employment Duration 1 yr 9 mos
Location Greater New York City Area
Started as a news assistant in February 2012, promoted to news apprentice in January 2013, and again in May 2013 to reporter.

1 year and 9 months.

Research Assistant
Company Name Wayne Barrett
Dates Employed Aug 2011 – Jan 2012
Employment Duration 6 mos
Location Greater New York City Area
Assisted investigative reporter Wayne Barrett with his pieces on the 2012 presidential election for Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and The Nation.

6 months.

Editorial Intern
Company Name New York Observer
Dates Employed Jan 2011 – Jul 2011
Employment Duration 7 mos
Location Greater New York City Area

7 months

Staff Reporter
Company Name The Legislative Gazette
Dates Employed Jan 2010 – Jun 2010
Employment Duration 6 mos
Location Albany, New York Area
Generated more than 70 stories covering New York state politics.

6 months.

WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Contributing Reporter
Company Name WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Dates Employed Nov 2009 – Jun 2010
Employment Duration 8 mos
Location Albany, New York Area
Freelance reporter and producer covering New York state politics.

8 months.

That’s an 84 month “career”… 7 years and 2 months.

My first thought is that her “entire career” reads more like a series of part-time jobs.

My second thought is that she can’t hold down a steady job.  Her average employment duration has been 1 year and 9 days with each employer. Her longest stint, with The New Republic, lasted two and a half years.

My third thought was that the vast majority of her “entire career” was not spent listening to scientists of any variety… much less comprehending anything she heard.


SUNY New Paltz
Degree Name Bachelor of Arts Field Of Study Journalism, Political Science
Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2011

Activities and Societies: Lambda Pi Eta

Emily Atkin earns a Billy Madison Lifetime Achievement Award

Featured Image

Seaviews, Page 5

110 thoughts on “The Dim-Bulb Tide of Climate Crisis Alarmism

  1. So the temperature went up beyond the “we’re all going to die!!” mark and yet the population ballooned to 12.6bn? What happened to the everyone dying from (or as a result of) the heat bit?

    • There would have been 25 billion if not for Thanos, I mean Gorebal Warming… /Sarc

      Funny, how a fossil fueled world supposedly could feed over 12 billion, but we could only feed about 4 billion today without fossil fuels.

      • No. At 4 billion all resources are depleted, millions die each year, wars for meager resources. Didn’t you read The Population Bomb? We all died 40 years ago.

        • Bob

          Right on! Hundreds of millions starved to death in the Hell that was the US in the 1980’s. Surprising how quickly people forget.

          What is missing from the foretellings is the rise of spiritual movements as people rediscover their inner life, corroded by decades of “acquiring stuff”. In this regard the rise to prominence of long-demeaned philosophies devoted to creating a better world instead of a richer world.

          Also missing is the great benefits that would accrue from a functional version of the international criminal court. The closing of “offshore” havens for white collar criminals could fund hugely beneficial development projects.

          All this is possible right now, and it is a surprise that the benefits of responsible government is not substituted for the imaginary benefits of trying to control the weather.

    • Well, I think she’s dumber than a bag of hammers, and I’m a female of the REAL female persuasion, so how does THAT figure into her self-absorbed ‘they’re all picking on me’ whimper & whine?

      Good grief! If the real world doesn’t swoon at her feet, they’re all picking on her? What a marooon!!!!

      • why should we listen to Lambda pie eater about anything.

        If mainly male scientists are “super demeaning” to mainly female journalists with zero science training, there may be a reason. It may not be misogyny but observational evidence. Scientists are super mean like that. They totally ignore your virtue signalling social media status and throw you right under the nearest bus full of facts.

        • We had more problems with the college newspaper staff than any other unit in the student center of the university where I worked (30 yrs). They were prone to vandalizing their offices and disregarded the rules for student organizations. They generally thought of themselves as being above the administration and staff they so eagerly snooped and tattled on. Each new staff tried to outdo the last in conjuring up sensational campus muck. One of our electricians called them “dysfunctional units”

    • So then the gaffe is exposed.

      If the human population of the planet nearly doubles, that means that global warming “cause” human reproduction and human longevity to increase a whole bunch.. which implies that food production also increased a whole bunch .. and that humans obviously adapted extremely well to a warming planet.

      If that is their argument, why do they even bother to post?

      • I don’t think they’re capable of thinking things through or doing basic arithmetic.

        RCP8.5, “business as usual”to them, is a world which ends in 12 years, yet humans consume enough fossil fuels to produce enough food to nearly double the human population in 80 years.

        • David
          Many of my encounters with antagonists on Yahoo news articles have led me to conclude that trying to have an informed debate with alarmists is akin to arguing with a head of cabbage.

        • We ought to club together to buy these people a window seat on a return direct trans-Atlantic flight from the US West Coast to Berlin or Paris (I don’t want them in London).

          When they see Northern US and Canada then they might start to get an inkling of just how empty of humans this world really is.

      • These have all been beaten into their minds as dystopian; 4°C, 12 billion people, SLR…

        In fact, all of these occurrences are well within human and nature’s ability to handle and adapt. 4° will help us grow more food. Human life is precious, 12 billion of us would be really great. SLR has been happening for a long time, and has slowed down dramatically since the peak early in this interglacial portion of the current Quaternary Ice Age.

        The fact is that things are looking very good, and the people trying to gain power know they need to have a good scare story to control the masses

      • Global Warming causes all bad things. It doesn’t matter if they are mutually exclusive or logically contradictory, it causes ALL bad things to happen and the worse, the more likely that global warming will cause it. Stop your thinking, listen to THE EXPERTS!

  2. “Today, at 4 degrees, there is still civilization.”

    They’re toning it down here……..

    Things are not as bad as it seems.

  3. “It’s the year 2100. The nationalist ideology popularized by Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson has not only retained its hold on industrialized nations, but also expanded amid conditions of climate upheaval.
    So the world kept getting hotter. The global community sailed past the 1.5 degree Celsius “‘safe’ threshold of warming” mark around 2038, and summers of Saharan intensity became an annual norm in Europe—often in North America, too.

    [Wah! Wah! Wah!]

    The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century, and Earth’s temperature rose by 4 degrees Celsius—twice the level that scientists had long earmarked as…”

    If rising temperatures et al are so bad and Mankind engaged in climate change and “Nationalism” wars due to Populism, how in the heck did humanity balloon from 7.7 billion to 12.6 billion?
    I presume this woman never took Logic 101?

    • I think that’s a safe assumption. It’s also likely that any college courses involving math and/or science were beyond her academic envelope.

  4. The population was able to reach 12.6 billion by 2100 thanks to the colossal increase in agricultural production caused by the steady increase in CO2 levels that eliminated World hunger. The increased CO2 levels were eventually determined to be caused by the variation in the Sun’s emissions.

  5. Emily sounds like she got her journalism degree from the Alinsky School of Rules For Radicals. David, like yourself, I have a career looking at geologic processes, both with a profit motive-and therefore an inherent demand for results, and with a well-developed understanding of earth processes. This Doomsday Talk is the latest version of people who cannot produce anything but can summon up crocodile tears to support their fanaticisim. Call the wambulance and tell them to bring a strait-jacket.

    • Modifying an old saying…

      Those who can, do.

      Those who can’t, teach. (No offense to good teachers intended.)

      Those who can’t teach, become guidance counselors.

      Those who can’t learn enough to be guidance counselors, become climate crisis “journalists.”

      • In the Army it was:
        See one
        Do one
        Teach one

        She never got pasty step one.

        Ever notice how the real experts on hurricanes are always “deniers” or at the most “luke warmers”?

        And ever notice how Mann, who most certainly is not an expert on hurricanes hates them all?

        • Just contact your nearest sunrise movement headquarters. If you’ve got sex appeal you’ll be a surprise winner in the next election somewhere. 😉

    • Yeah, big oil made me a skeptic. They let me play with very sophisticated models with which I could get any answer I wanted.

  6. Hi David Middleton,
    If you know this lady Emily Atkin, or know of anyone who can contact her please tell to read every page of compiled by James A. Marusek, Nuclear Physicist & Engineer, U.S. Department of the Navy, retired and many, many others. She may then get a better perspective on what ‘climate change actually means.

    Thank-you in advance.

    P.S. I will never ‘do’ social media (except a few blogs (with appropriate anti-google blocking)) as it is nothing but glorified spyware.

    • I don’t know her… But LinkedIn says she’s a 3rd connection, meaning she’s connected to someone who’s connected to someone connected to me. It seems like almost all climate “journalists” are 3rd connections. One is even a 2nd connection. LinkedIn is a bit like 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

      • Oh well, reluctantly, I may ask my sister in California. She a Dimocrad voting commie lefty socialist who seems to knows (or can get hold of) everyone who’s a nobody, especially in the MSM.

        • Just a wild guess here, tom0mason, but I bet you and your sister have some great family reunions, like complete with 911 calls and sirens?

          • Ron Long It’s not too bad …
            On average we meet about once every 4.5 years.
            I don’t stay too long, though the clatter of empty minds voicing their ignorance is funny sometimes. Sure gives me a whole new perspective on how the rich lefty thinks recite what the TV tells her (yes, she and her spouse are way more wealthy than me.)

          • An elder begins family reunions with:
            “We want you to have memorial and exciting time today.
            This does not include visits to the emergency room.
            Let’s eat.”

    • Unless it is written in big letters at a 6th grade vocabulary level, I am sure it is wishful thinking to suppose she could even theoretically read it.
      The only thing people like her know less about that anything relating to actual factual scientific knowledge, is how to comprehend anything that cannot be summarized and soundbited in a Tweet.

    • There are articles that deserve dry refutation and there are articles that deserve cruel ridicule.

      This article falls in the latter category. I just tossed in the graphs and data to cast the cruel ridicule in sharp relief.

    • It appears the London Times didn’t get the memo . . . you know, the one that states that “Climate Change” is so passé. The evolved meme that everyone (at least in politics and the MSM) must use now is “Climate Crises” (aka “Climate Emergency”).

  7. Dont include Boris in your honoranle list He is just as daft a climista as the rest of them
    By the way I work out that to replace our UK fossil fuel energy consumption we need a total of about 70,000 offshore 10 MW turbines operating at an unachievable 58% load factor. And that is when the wind is blowing When its not – Tough. The idiots at Climate Change Committee say we need a 7500 a tenth of that number so that means a lot of blackouts and no driving, flying, trains, Boats, manufacturing etc but not to worry The Chinese will see us all right.
    Current UK fossil fuel consumption
    1.4 Million Barrels of oil per day
    Gas 100 Billion Cu M per year
    Coal 14.2 Million Tonnes

  8. Question for Emily Atkin: What is the current temperature of the “global community,” and where does one put the thermometer?

  9. Journalists for the most part don’t become journalists because they are scientifically minded. Especially nowadays. In many cases regurgitation is the only job they are qualified to do.

  10. Emily is a climate hustler and a product of the BIG EDUCATION racket. Disabled by a worthless education, she made a bee-line for the cesspool that is “The Mistake On The Potomac” (a/k/a Washington, D.C.) where “news” is manufactured by “journalists” (a/k/a social parasites, propagandists) and other similar unemployables like Emily.

    • Based on that assessment I would say she is prime for being hired as an “investigative journalist” by the NYT and a strong candidate for being a frequent contributor for CNN or MSNBC.

  11. But just wanna say I stand by my own expertise, and the fact that male scientists are often super demeaning to female journalists.

    She has the illusion of knowledge.

    The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge … This illusion of knowledge often comes from a little knowledge internally extrapolated to a belief of sufficient or even complete knowledge. link

    This is similar to Michael Mann’s illusion that, since he has a PhD in physics, he knows enough about tree biology to successfully invent his hockey stick. When he stands up for this journalist, it’s the blind leading the blind for sure.

    If the lady thinks male scientists are hard on female journalists, she should consider the plight of hapless male students who get too big for their britches. It’s not mysogyny, it’s what alpha geeks do.

    • Mann’s PhD is actually from the Yale University Department of Geology & Geophysics, which offers very little in the way of useful geology and geophysics programs…

      Available Graduate Research Programs

      Atmosphere, Oceans, Climate Dynamics

      Biogeochemistry, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimate


      Lithosphere and Surface Processes

      Paleontology, Evolution

      Solid Earth Geophysics

      Program in Solar and Terrestrial Physics (STP)

    • ” When he stands up for this journalist, it’s the blind leading the blind for sure.”

      I noticed yesterday that Mann flatters and ingratiates himself with female climate communicators with eco-feminist comments. I think he’s trying to get laid.

      Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive
      Sometimes it really does feel like women are going to save the world.

      Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann
      And some of us men want to help them to it! 🙂

    • She sounds like your average leftist. Failing to worship them as highly as they worship themselves is the same thing as insulting them.
      She regards herself as the rightful representative of all women. Therefore anyone who “demeans” her has demeaned all women.

  12. All this old alarmism is getting boring. Four degrees warming by 2100. * yawn*. Two meters of sea level rise. *sigh*. I can do better. I can do a lot better. Just consider the abundant data and rich tool sets climate science has provided us. We have radically altered data, techniques like adjustments, corrections, and homogenization. We have custom statistical statistical techniques like uncentered PCA that have not been characterized. We have hide-the-decline and selective omissions.
    We can do a lot better!
    Using the tools of Climate Science, I have produced graphs and charts which conclusively prove sea level will rise 20 meters by 2100. I have also shown that temperatures will zoom up by at least TEN degrees at the same time. It is just not that hard.
    These days, it seems like the Climate Science community is not even trying anymore.
    Let’s work together to get a real catastrophe going. One we can all be proud of.

    Ocean acidification: The seas of the world become so sour that your herring comes already pickled!

  13. Emily has no problem with what they throw at Judith Curry. Methinks Emily is a big, fat liar when it comes to claiming people are misogynists. Methinks reality hurt her tiny, weeny feelings and she’s just a crier. It’s okay for anyone to pound women if they disagree with you? Sure, sweety, sure.

    I prefer WussyWagon, from early Conan O’Brien.

    The 2 degrees is a FAKE number the scientific community made up based on the political communities desire to destroy modern society.

    • As I understand it, an economist (Nolthaus?) came up with the 2C number, and climate scientists backfilled it.

      • I don’t think Nordhaus came up with the 2 C number. I think he just came up with the cost of avoiding it.

          • I guess you can learn something new every day…

            In his 1975 paper Can We Control Carbon Dioxide?, Nordhaus “thinks out loud” as to what a reasonable limit on CO2 might be. He believed it would be reasonable to keep climatic variations within the “normal range of climatic variation”. He also asserted that science alone cannot set a limit; importantly, it must account for both society’s values and available technologies. He concluded that a reasonable upper limit would be the temperature increase one would observe from a doubling of preindustrial CO2 levels, which he believed equated to a temperature increase of about 2C.

            Nordaus himself stressed how “deeply unsatisfactory” this thought process was. It’s ironic that a back-of-the-envelope, rough guess ultimately became a cornerstone of international climate policy.

            Sounds a bit far removed from an existential threat.

          • And then climate scientists “backfilled” Nordhaus’ work.

            This short history makes it clear that the goal evolved from the qualitative but reasonable desire to keep changes to the climate within certain bounds: namely, within what the world had experienced in the relatively recent geological past to avoid catastrophically disrupting both human civilization and natural ecosystems.

            Climate scientists subsequently began supporting the idea of a limit of 1C or 2C starting over three decades ago. They showed the likely risks increase with temperatures over 1C, and those risks grow substantially with additional warming.

      • Who was it who came up with the idiotic notion that socialist politicians can control the weather by seizing the levers of power and taxing everyone into poverty?

    • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the TV series, forever instilled in me the fact that all electrical circuits need either fuzes or circuit breakers.

      On the TV show, there NEVER seemed to learn this simple lesson.

      • Despite years and years of watching the bridge crew being tossed about every time they hit an ion storm or were shot at by a Klingon, Scotty never came up with the idea of putting seat belts on the bloody chairs.

      • I’ve worked on military equipment that came with a switch called the Battle Short.
        Basically it short circuited the fuse. The idea was that when in battle, if your electronics shut down, you were as good as dead. (Especially if the electronics was flying your plane)
        Instead of shutting down the electronics when there was an over current situation, it was better to let the electronics run for an extra minute or two before melting down.

        • That sounds similar to WEP (War Emergency Power). You could get enough power to perhaps escape whatever was chasing you but you might need an engine rebuild.

  14. “The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century”
    “I have spent my entire career listening to hundreds of actual experts on climate change and hurricanes.”
    Maybe just one expert would be good such as Hans Rosling:
    “In this short video Professor Hans Rosling shows that already back in the 1950’s the UN population experts were able to predict very precisely the population growth for the next 50 years. The forecasts made today predict that by the end of the century, there will be around 11 billion people in the world. The track record of the UN statisticians shows that their global forecasts have been very accurate historically.”

    The population ‘explosion’ is happening because of increased wealth and health which goes hand in hand with a falling birth rate, across the planet irrespective of race or religion. Not having babies is irrelevant virtue signalling as the growing population is more babies surviving into adults and not more babies. Allowing people access to those things that get them out of poverty is a virtue and preventing that is a real danger and likely criminal.

  15. …The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century, and…

    You have just identified a much better crusade for you than climate change, Emily — fight growth of the human population. BTW, isn’t one of the basic standards of people like you that no one may weigh-in on this topic who isn’t “trained in climate science”? Emily, let’s see your certificate!

    • There’s no need to fight population growth. Population growth is a problem that is solving itself.
      Many countries have already had their fertility rates drop below replacement level. Even countries with “high” fertility rates have seen these rates drop from 8 to 10 births per woman to 3 to 5. Almost every country is seeing the rate drop.

      Most of the recent population increases have come from decreasing death rates.

      Even the UN, which is decidely alarmist on this subject as well, is projecting that the world’s population will top out between 2050 and 2070, and then start falling rapidly on it’s own.

      • I think Europe is already seeing the effects of population stagnation or decline. One of my young friends was able to buy a big city detached house for much cheaper than a similar property could be bought in southern Ontario (Canada) where she came from.

  16. I wonder what she was doing from Oct 2013 to Jun 2016? An almost three year gap in her “illustrious” resume.

  17. David, she is right …. she just doesn’t know it. By 2100, the freedom loving population will be in a full war against the socialist. For that matter, I’m not even sure her 2038 is too far off the mark. Big Government is going to precipitate this war. …. and that is really what climate change is about. They want to change the world into their oyster, …. but there are a lot of us who ain’t interested in being no stinking oyster.

  18. what always puzzled me about Voyage to the bottom of the sea was that diving pool hole….. in about every other episode some amphibian monster would enter through it and attack some helpless crew member. did they never consider keeping an eye on it?

    • That and the fact that a moon pool wouldn’t work very well in a submarine. You would have to constantly change the air pressure in the submarine to match the water pressure outside… or water would flow in as pressure compressed the air in the sub.

      • If you had an external Iris to block the Monsters entrance, and a pressure door to enter the access room, you could make the Moon Pool idea function on a Submarine. Close the iris and normalize pressure before opening the access port and close the access port and pressurize the access room before opening the outside iris

  19. I think these people (the simpleton climate cultists) are more about having the “excitement” of impending doom and disaster that goes along with fanatical belief in AGW rather than any interest in the truth or science. It’s a condition of being handed a modern lifestyle of comfort and coddling without any true exposure to reality.

  20. If she feels justified in feeling so wounded by criticism, after several months of “talking to people”, then what about the people who she dismisses who have an actual relevant science education, PLUS an entire lifetime of information gathering and experience?
    How are we supposed to feel when jackass idiots who have no idea what they are talking about, somehow get all of the attention and press coverage?
    The truth is, these are snowflakes who have somehow arrived at the delusional idea that feelings dictate reality.
    These are the “science experts” that tell us there are 87 genders, that a baby is not alive until it passes through the birth canal…
    These are the people who know so much about human nature that they are sure it is a good idea to let biological males uses the same bathrooms and locker rooms as girls.
    The wizened souls who are sure that socialism is a great system for running a country, and that Antifa are fighting against fascism by wearing masks and battle armor while beating up old men and women and random strangers.
    The truth is these are people who know jack about squat.
    They literally have no idea what the hell they are talking about, and yet never stop talking, loudly, about how everything ought to be in the world…the same world in which they have never been right about anything they think is true or that will happen.

    It is becoming a real chore to suffer these nincompoops merrily.

  21. Does the scaring of young people 24-7 have anything to do with the “they don’t give a sh*t attitude” they exhale each day, and has this got anything to do with the correlation between mass shootings and the young being scared out of there minds, when you are told you have zero future why should you give a hoot about anything. It is all tied into C.C., Over population, globalism and the want of the elites to rule everything about us all day all the time. We must become the aggressor not having to defend ourselves every time they put a new chart in front of us to disprove. They will always throw the sh*t at the wall until there is no wall just a pile of shit.

  22. As a conservative Brazilian, I can only feel proud about seeing Bolsonaro being mentioned alongside Trump and Johnson, since they are the main western examples of resistance against leftist populism and insane political correctness.

  23. Climate Bedwetters would make excellent magicians; they pull the race and misogyny cards as fast as lightning, and usually to thunderous applause of their True Believer brethren. Truly wondrous.

  24. “I write HEATED, a newsletter for people who are pissed about the climate crisis.”

    The “climate crisis” is like a drug for people like her – they feel better by hating something more than their miserable lives. Nobody who doesn’t need the climate meth to be happy cares what she thinks. My kid in high school has almost as many twitter followers and WAY more likes than her.

    • Just got done with a online chat with a liberal friend who completely believes in the climate crisis and AGW. She has some sort of breathing trouble which she believes is “chronic bronchitis brought on by hot dry air”. She hysterically went on and on about how this weather is literally killing her (it got warm in the southeast today) and became very angry when I pointed out to her that late summer heatwaves in our area were not that unusual. I shut up and let her anxiety attack finish playing out without saying another word.

      No point in mentioning that she is severely overweight and smokes and probably should seek medical treatment for asthma. That’s just crazy talk. No, it’s all evil climate change causing her health problems!

  25. It’s the year 2100.

    Really? Then what is Bill McKibben doing hanging around?

    “It took me 10 or 15 years to realize I should be organizing, not writing books,” said Bill McKibben, …”

    “… ideology popularized by Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson …”

    That statement makes me wonder if Ms. Emily knows the following words, and who popularized them.

    “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

  26. From the article: “It took me 10 or 15 years to realize I should be organizing, not writing books,” said Bill McKibben, who has written 17 books—mostly about the climate crisis. “I spent those years thinking we were in an argument, and that my job was to provide the weight of evidence that would eventually cause us to win the argument. It’s now utterly clear that we were never engaged in an argument. It was a fight.”

    McKibbern said: “my job was to provide the weight of evidence”.

    Now, that there is funny! (h/t to Dave).

    No, what’s utterly clear is you never provided any evidence that would win the argument. Throwing out assumptions isn’t evidence. If you had any valid evidence, the argument would be over. It’s not over.

  27. I think halfway through she switches from a poorly-conceived dystopian short-story to mere polemic. The transition reads poorly but in a simple clause under the scare picture, one can find it.

    I read the entire thing just to find out if she ever got around to China’s culpability, but of course it is all the fault of the Evil West and, of course, Trump. Even if the climate crisis were real, any honest analysis of who produces emissions absolves the US and Europe almost entirely. If it were only us producing carbon emissions and AGW were indisputably real, the problem would already have been solved. There is nothing more we can or should do. But it is politically inexpedient to stop pointing fingers at the West and especially at the boogeyman Trump for his role in the foretold Apocalypse.

    • If the climate crisis was real, they wouldn’t be letting their friends off the hook.
      It’s only because even they know that it’s a scam, that they are willing to ignore what China et. al. are doing.

  28. “But just wanna say I stand by my own expertise…”

    Sorry Emily, but when you’re wrong that’s not expertise that you’re standing by. That’s hubris.

  29. I just emailed Emily the following.


    I happened upon your blog by chance. I understand you are part of the crowd that would like to leave fossil fuels in the ground and move to all renewable s ( Wind, Solar, Hydro). As a thought experiment have you considered the following. If society was to do what you wish, you would be out of a job. Why do I say this, anything electronic is made in some part from fossil fuels. So your computer, laptop, tablet & cell phone no longer exist, along with most if not all these items. So unless you are prepared to put ink quill to paper…………

    Please consider this reality as you ponder the new existence you pray for society.

    Naked, cold, starving and afraid is no way to live.

    A citizen of the 21st century!

  30. The world’s population ballooned to 12.6 billion by the end of the century…
    Little Emily

    The world’s population could only balloon to 12.6 billion by the end of the century in the “Age of Ultron Catholic Rabbit” scenario.

    The U.N. median prediction is essentially 11 billion. That’s not substantially different from 12.6 billion. The question is, why are the U.N. 80 percent and 95 percent prediction intervals so tight? What justifies their prediction interval being so tight, when they show that +/- only 0.5 child produces a much bigger spread than their 95 percent prediction intervals?

    Also, there is the hugely significant question of how long human lifespan can be extended. Anyone who thinks he or she can accurately predict what human life expectancy at birth will be in the year 2100 is a fool.

    P.S. And of course, any prediction of human population at the end of the 21st century should include at least the caveat:


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