Poop less for a cleaner planet, says Brazil’s president

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has offered his take on to how to help save the environment: only poop every other day (AFP Photo/EVARISTO SA)

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has offered his take on to how to help save the environment: only poop every other day (AFP Photo/EVARISTO SA)

Brasília (AFP) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested Friday that people “poop every other day” as a way to save the environment, after he came under fire for a surge in deforestation of the Amazon since he came to power.

The far-right leader offered this idea in response to a journalist’s question as to whether it was possible to simultaneously spur economic growth, feed the world’s hungry and also preserve the environment.

“It’s enough to eat a little less. You talk about environmental pollution. It’s enough to poop every other day. That will be better for the whole world,” said Bolsonaro, who earlier this month sacked the head of a government agency that had reported a major increase in Amazon deforestation.

Bolsonaro has been criticized for a rapid acceleration in deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, which covers vast swathes of Brazil and is considered vital to combatting global warming.

According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which tracks clear-cutting of the rainforest, around 2,254 square kilometers (870 square miles) of the Amazon were cleared in July, an increase of 278 percent from a year ago.

That followed a 90 percent increase in June compared to the year prior — figures that Bolsonaro has called “lies,” and which prompted the sacking of INPE chief Ricardo Galvao on August 2.

The rapid rise in deforestation has triggered a global outcry and threatens to create problems for the recent free trade agreement between the South American trade bloc known as Mercosur. The pact includes Brazil and the European Union.

The Amazon is vital to the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere — a check on global warming.

But Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said the INPE data was published in a way that satisfied “sensationalist interpretations” and was aimed at getting “more donations from foreign NGOs”.

Data from INPE, an institution of international repute, showed that overall deforestation has increased 40 percent in the last twelve months compared with the same period a year ago.

Bolsonaro, a combative politician frequently denounced for derogatory remarks about women and minority groups, said the rapid rise in populations around the world needed to be addressed.

“When you see how the world’s population is increasing by 70 million a year, you need a family planning policy,” said the former army officer, declining to use the term “birth control” for fear of an adverse media reaction.

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143 thoughts on “Poop less for a cleaner planet, says Brazil’s president


    I’m going to have to install a seat belt on my toilet in case I have a blast off poop explosion sending me thru the roof!

  2. Humorously intended & I wonder what Brazilian phrasing was actually spoken leading to a translation as “poop”.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzMF15sDl3E

      Zero humor in sight. Not only is Bolsonaro an anti-science extremist he is an ecological criminal. If wants to help the environment he should stop pooping altogether.

      ‘Tropical Trump’ sparks unprecedented crisis for Brazilian science”
      “When neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro presented a preview of a report on the dire state of research in Brazil at a meeting of a major scientific society on 23 July, several government soldiers entered the room and began filming. Some in the audience took the soldiers’ actions as a show of intimidation.”

      • Leave it to a Climate Hactivist to say someone who’s ideas they disagree with (regardless of how out of touch or impossible those remarks may be) to say in different ways “They should die” because, in this case, to stop pooping would mean certain death.
        Nice Loydo, wishing death to someone.

        • Wishing death on those who oppose you has a long been the standard position for those on the left. Followed by actually killing those who oppose you once power has been obtained.

          • All from a group who undeniably could benefit from a high-colonic cocktail and are in dire need of much pooping until their inter-cranial pressure is relieved.

      • you re an ecological criminal too you know… internet !!!
        you don’t own amazon forest by the way, and bolsonoaro was elected…

      • “If wants to help the environment he should stop pooping altogether. ”

        The picture of him above looks like he’s trying.

      • Here again, Loydo displays the tendency of the far left to criminalize any thought that they disagree with.

        BTW, being compared to Trump is a compliment for most of the world. However the left finds it incomprehensible that people are still permitted to disagree with their beliefs.

        • There was no “criminalisation” – what on earth are you talking about?
          Are you people capable of disagreeing with anyone without deliberately misreading their words?

          Derpa-derpa-but-the leftists misread, so it’s ok that I do derma-derpa!

      • I’m shocked to read a true-believer Warmist mock the notion that eating less is a good thing for all concerned (particularly the under-pooper). When I am dieting (aka eating properly), I poop no more than every other day (it’s a simple volumetric issue). When I am eating abundantly (like our wildly successful capitalist country makes possible), I am riding the porcelain pony once, if not twice a day. I intimately understand the “Tropical-Trump’s” comment. There’s nothing nonsensical about it.

        Eating less, is healthier … for EVERYONE concerned. Don’t be ignorant.

      • “…Zero humor in sight. Not only is Bolsonaro an anti-science extremist he is an ecological criminal. If wants to help the environment he should stop pooping altogether…”

        Just shows what kind of dolt and monster it takes to say the sort of thing warmistas say regularly.

    • I take it as a sarcastic remark to a hostile questioner. Since I don’t speak Portuguese, I have no idea how it sounded when he actually said it.

  3. So that’s a full Brazilian eh? Could be a problem with the IPCC mung bean diet but there’s no denying these climate changers and their prescriptions coming thick and fast out their asses.

    • His remarks are scaring the sh!# out of some people which is counterproductive to his idea of pooping less.

      Maybe the BRA.Prez will forget he even proposed this sh!#y idea by developing a condition known as CRS – Can’t Remember Sh!#.

      He should tell the pets to do this so we don’t have to clean up their sh!# as often.

      This weirdo Bra.prez.wants you not to give a sh!#.

      • When trying to escape from a bear always run uphill—he’s slip in your shit and break his neck.
        What does the Starship Enterprise and toilet paper have in common–they surround Uranus looking for Klingons.

  4. The Brazilian president looks constipated in the picture above.

    The SHTF after such a weird suggestion.He’s creating a sh!# storm over his controversial remarks,which is counter productive to his idea of sh!#ing less.

    The tidy bowl man will be happy about this because he won’t get brown-bombed as much.

    The two toughest jobs in the world: Flushing,NY and Wheeling West Virginia.

      • Why don’t you give your negative attitude a rest.This is a funny subject and your reply shows you don’t have a sense of humor and you don’t sound like a nice ,fun guy to be around with.Try not to be so serious, Rich.Life is too short to be too serious.Loosen up Rich.We’re all trying to have a little fun around here.You really sound like a turn-off.It’s a shame that there’s people like you in the world who don’t know how to lighten up on a light hearted subject.Do us all a favor and Give your obnoxious attitude a rest. Feel better Rich.

          • I hear that you like cleaning your own crap and others,it’s sought of a fetish you have.Clean up your act Jeff and stop being nasty to others with your crappy,obnoxious attitude.

        • *sigh*

          There are many people who succeed in using humor while also making an intelligent point. Thus far you have not provided us with any example of that.

          We’re not all here just merely to have fun Dan, although before you started dumping (pun intended) the contents of your stream of consciousness here, there were always plenty of humorous on-topic posts.

          Most of us are here to understand the question of whether the climate is being changed in a dangerous way by human activity or if the whole enterprise is a scam to gain political power.

          You seem to have no clue who Bolsonaro is or what he stands for, and you probably don’t even know where Brazil is in Africa 🙂

          I’m not a moderator and I guess that if they want to continue to tolerate your antics, then I just have to watch this blog become unreadable and stop wasting my time with the comments as I’m sure others will do as well. That would be too bad, because there are a lot of knowledgeable people who enhance the posts here with their thoughtful comments. Not everyone here is a buffoon.

      • While I too sometimes get tired of Dan’s corny jokes. Your intolerant attitude is much more offensive.

        • Oh please Mark. First of all, my comments have been mild and delayed after watching excessive postings of nonsense.

          And with your history here, you want to call ME intolerant? Give me a break.

        • One can just skip comments by Dan—that’s my choice. If you like his “humor”, fine. Read away. If you don’t, skip his comments. It’s really not mandatory one read all the comments on this blog, so far as I know.

          • Can everyone please stop being so pre-occupied with my jokes. Geez,I must really have a presence.

            Darth Vader:”Luke Skywalker,I know what you’re getting for Christmas”
            Luke:”how do you know?”
            Vader:”I felt your presents”.

            God,grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,the good fortune to run into the ones I do,and the eyesight to tell the difference.

            i think i’m going to do you all a favor and take a vacation away from all this madness..I would like to go to Holland someday. Wooden Shoe?

        • Only farmers have corny jokes…just kidding.It’s nice to hear someone like Mark with a level headed,mature reply instead of some of the childish,arrogant,nasty jerks who are always attacking me.Instead of having a good time and having a little fun,these jerks don’t know how to lighten up and enjoy themselves,taking things too seriously.It really is a shame.And their foolish enough to dwell on criticizing me instead of moving on and getting in on the game of discussing other topics.If they are smart and don’t like my jokes or comments,ignore them!and move on.That’s the common sense thing to do.But these pain in the asses just can’t let go.all they do is waste their time by making fools of themselves by being nasty and mean spirited toward me instead of being light hearted about a trivial poop subject.I only have good intentions in my jesting.Please take that into consideration before deciding whether you want to jump down my throat or not.

          • Dan Cody

            Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech.

            Some demand the first, unless it stops them saying what they want.

            They also demand the second, as long as it’s only them who get to exercise it.

        • Now Mark,
          Dan’s jokes are by far the second best usage of Corn…first being food and last being fuel

  5. Constipation is my problem. How is this regime to be policed? Let’s not forget the millions who do their crapping out of doors in their fields and breed because they are poor and lack electricity. Sorry, lotta threads there.

    • Coeur de Lion: “Constipation is my problem.”

      Well, now you can lord it over all those bean eating greenies, because you’re doing more to prevent deforestation than their pathetic bit of virtue signaling. You are one-up on them there.

  6. He’s got a point. The problem is too many people. Progressives need to stop breathing out ‘polluting’ CO2 to ‘save the planet’…..

  7. People are going to start calling this guy’Winnie the Poohless! ‘

    We should all protest this idea by drinking as much prune juice as possible and beans to go along with it.

    BTW,what do you get when you take Viagra with beans? a stiff wind.

    all the toilet seats were stolen from police headquarters. the police have nothing to go on.

    this guy needs a vacation. i would like to go to Holland someday.Wooden Shoe?

  8. what do you get when you mix holy water with castor oil? a religious movement.

    did you hear that in New York that the Stop and Shop grocery chain merged with the A&P? Now it’s called The Stop&P.

  9. The environmentalists want us to go paperless.Soon,they’ll be telling us to go poopless.

    I guess the bra.prez’s sh!#list was on his to do list.

    What was Howdy Duty’s twin brothers name? Double Duty.

    • Dan,
      How can I put this nicely?

      You think you’re funny, but you’re not.

      Bolsonaro is the Trump of Brazil, a skeptic, and opponent of the green socialists. If you were not quite so clueless, you would pick up on that just from seeing Loydo attack him. He faces an even more hostile press than Trump. He said to eat a little less. I would guess he was looking for a way out of a typical ambush interview.

      Your juvenile “contributions” have not been helpful and I wish that you would make an attempt to read and only comment on-topic when you have something useful to offer. This is not a venue for amateur night at the stand-up comedy club, and anyway, you’re dying out there. #LameJokes

      • Yo really sound like a nasty guy.It’s a shame that there’s people like you in the world who have no sense of humor and who likes to criticize others so much with your negative mindset and obnoxious attitude.You need to lighten up and stop being a vexation to others in your rotten comments.life is too short to be too serious.if you had any sense of decency and a sense of humor,you wouldn’t attack me in your unfounded remarks.I’ve received mostly good feed back on my humor so a lot of people would disagree with you. Rich,I only have good intentions in trying to make people laugh and smile.If you understood this,you wouldn’t be such a turn-off towards me in your negative comments.You really need to grow up and lighten up instead of sounding so bitter.You’re a bad taste in other people’s mouths.I hope calm your negativity and feel better for your sake as well as for other’s sake.We’re all trying to have a little fun here on a light hearted subject.It’s time for you to give your heavy,troubled heart a rest and enjoy life instead of your hostile attitude towards others.

        • Rich Davis has it right.
          #LameJokes – Let’s get it trending.
          Dan Cody wrote:

          There’s no rules here.I’m free to comment the way I want


          Sorry, Dan Cody, you are totally wrong. There are rules on decorum, staying on topic, keeping it clean. Maybe you do not know because you are new here, that might be understandable. But you sure act like you do not care.

          Every time you get called out for inappropriate comments, you launch into abuse and browbeating. Enough already.


          • wrong Tony.you don’t make the rules here.In lieu of that,your in no position in dictating to others about their actions.You and I are free to express ourselves in the way we want.That’s one of the reasons this is a great society we live in.Tony,try to understand what i’m saying to you instead of always being in attack mode towards me.Anyway,why should you care? why are you dwelling on all this? why let yourself get caught up in all this? So I make some jokes.Big deal! There are so many worse things in this world than to preoccupy yourself with a trivial matter as this.If your smart,let it go and move on to other things.Don’t waste your time dwelling on it.free yourself and go on to bigger and better things.That’s the way to really go.I’m trying to give you good advice with good intentions without being arrogant and brash like you are towards me. please lighten up and try to be receptive to what i’m saying to you.

        • The problem is you’re not funny and have no sense of timing or restraint. A little corn is OK once in a while, but your incessant ramming of canned corn down our throats and brow-beating us when we don’t laugh is a real annoyance and headache. I’m sure you can find more receptive audiences to give you the attention you need.

          • FINALLY!!! Something you and I can agree on. GEEEEEZ! Now let’s all cool off and and move on.God bless you all and have a good night. With no hard feelings, -Dan

          • The real problem is that you have no sense of humor and don’t know how to enjoy the company of others because of your negative,condescending attitude toward others. icisil,life is too short to be too serious.try to lighten up and stop being so caught up in all of this.If i bother you, ignore me and don’t be foolish on dwelling or giving me attention.Why should you care what i say or do or about a subject as trivial as all this about my jokes?Instead,if your smart,you’ll let it all go and move on.Feel better.

          • “and don’t know how to enjoy the company of others”

            So, Some people enjoy the company of 5 year olds.

            Others don’t. They prefer the company of adults.

          • good advice in saying to ignore.but i’m not going away because i have every right to be here as you do,Sheri.

          • “i have every right to be here as you do,Sheri.”

            No, you don’t have a right to be here. It’s a privilege. And there ARE rules. The first amendment doesn’t apply here, it only applies to government.

        • You’r absolutely right Scott.You sound like a mature,intelligent,level headed guy.It’s a refreshing thing to have here instead of the nastiness of others attacking me.Thanks for your input Scott.

      • “Bolsonaro is the Trump of Brazil, a skeptic, and opponent of the green socialists…”
        And therefore he is to be given the benefit of the doubt about 40% extra rainforest being cut, just ’cause – no evidence offered in the comboxes or anything: just as a religious article of faith as their utra-green mirror opposites.

        How dare you, Dan, _mock_ the sacredness of this sacred forum!

  10. I’m going to Taiwan this week. I anticipate loading up with delicious spicy food and going 3 times a day.

  11. CTM – For Shame!
    Anthony, Mods : No excuse for this

    Yes CTM, I know very well you have been a tireless Mod since the early days, so I thought of all people you would know better. There is no scientific saving graces here, and I do not care what the president of Brazil said.

    As if this post is not bad enough, I knew this would bring out the worst in some of our less, how should I say this, “distinguished” commenters. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the case. Without naming names, our current “jokester” jumped on this hard and fast. As for the rest, bathroom humor and outright vulgarity all the way down.

    Sorry, CTM, we know about bodily functions and we do not need outright vulgarity and an open invitation to commenters to parade their worst.

    Shame, Shame, Shame.

        • maybe you’d like to have some corny,corn corn to go with it along with a brew.

          BTW, How many brewers does it take to change a light bulb? about one third less than for a regular bulb.

          Did you hear about the blonde who was snorting Sweet and Low? She thought it was diet coke.

          • Dan Cody

            “BTW, How many brewers does it take to change a light bulb? about one third less than for a regular bulb.”

            Oh for goodness sake Dan, that’s a ‘cr@p’ joke unless the punch line is “about one tvrd less than for a regular bulb.

            Am I helping folks?

          • Dan

            The term turd is frequently modded on some sites so I ‘adjusted’ it.

            I don’t think the subject ‘stinks’, as long as it’s my own smell. 🙂

    • TonyL ease up, the jokes are amusing enough, and Bolsonaro left the field open for them with his stupid statement.
      what everyones avoided mention of is the poor people who live in those forested areas being killed beaten and the areas they live in destroyed as well as the fauna flora etc. they are few and live simply and cant fight back when the loggers have weapons and heavy machinery.
      look to whos doing the logging would be far more useful to stopping it, and who? is buying the wood from them even more so.
      if the satellites n spyware is so good they COULD show who and go after them so why arent they?
      someone in power is getting kickbacks of course.
      then there is the fact that rainforest land does regenerate fairly fast though it will take decades for bigger trees to get a decent hold. the cleared land isnot all being used for crops , just logged n left from what Ive gathered

      • You call the sewerage on this thread “amusing enough”? Garbage.
        Don’t give me that sob story about the Amazon. If CTM wanted to post a serious story on a serious topic, he could have. He chose not to.

        Remember when Anthony used to remind us that he wanted to keep the site “G” rated, for a general audience?
        Look at the vile language half the commenters are using.
        How very knowledgeable.
        How very Mature!

      • “and Bolsonaro left the field open for them with his stupid statement.”

        It was a stupid statment.

        Also, I don’t see why he is worrying about overpopulation. There is a simple solution: More electricity availability. The advanced nations’s populations are declining, even China, so we know what to do to fix this problem. When everyone is living the “life of Riley” then we’ll be worrying about the decreasing population.

      • Oh no no no – Bolsanaro is an enemy of the left, he must be speaking the truth! Didn’t you get the memo? Skepticism isn’t about being willing to examine and question ideas and information – it’s now about just adopting whatever ticks off one’s political opposition!

      • “TonyL ease up, the jokes are amusing enough”

        Could you point one put to us? Haven’t seen any yet.

  12. It is really a matter of human overpopulation that is causing habitat loss. When will it end?

    • it wont end until first world nations like usa allow birth control advice and yes including abortion info to be given to the women in the overpopulated areas. the old vasectomy for a radio trick they used in India wont work anymore, unfortunately. the women dont always want 10 kids but they have no help or options.
      condoms and the pill dont work in areas without health clinics and tropical areas make meds degrade faster too, the inplants are an option but theyre also not the greatest option in case of side effects removal requires surgery and aftercare

      • It is poverty, not overpopulation as such. Singapore is a crowded tropical island, but currently wealthy enough to have a problem with not enough of a birthrate. Accounts of Singapore in the 1950’s came across as it being a third-world hellhole at the time.
        It is rather prejudiced to assume that poor peasants are poor because of their ancestry, only.

        • Exactly right Tom. Not much different from the transformation in South Korea, Taiwan, and earlier in Japan.

        • The problem is not even poverty. Poor people self-moderate and accept personal and shared responsibility for their families, communities, and environment. The issue is a liberal (i..e. excessive, divergent) behavioral protocol, and progressive policies that denigrate individual dignity and faculty (e.g. women’s reproductive rites, spontaneous human conception) and debase human life (e.g. wicked solution, planned parenthood). Also, immigration reform that exceeds the rate of assimilation and integration, and forcing collateral damage at both ends of the bridge and throughout.

      • The idea that birth control will control populations in poor areas is pushed mainly by two types of people. The first are those who have never actually studied the issue. The second are those who have a low opinion of poor people and believe that poor people are too stupid to know what is in their own best interest.

        Pushing birth control and abortion on people has never worked, allowing them to become wealthy has always worked.

        • That’s right. Instead of pushing birthcontrol on the poor, they should be pushing electiricty.

        • MarkW

          I was in discussion with a seasoned traveller and business associate of mine.

          His perception of distributing condoms to the African native poor was that they were enthusiastically received. They knew full well what they are intended for, but the men preferred to use them at parties as inflatable hats whilst they got drunk on the local rot gut.

          They were also inventive enough to use them for fishing, evidently a prophylactic can hold large fish which have no way to swim out backwards. But they especially liked making water bombs with them, he said they really loved that, he witnessed an entire village using a months supply in a matter of an hour of hysterical fun.

          But the UN never get invited to these events so they don’t know what goes on.

      • Why deny women’s faculty (e.g. rejecting the Twilight faith and Pro-Choice quasi-religion or ethics) and capacity for moral character (e.g. self-moderation)?

        The first choice is abstention. The second choice is prevention. The third choice is adoption (“shared responsibility”). The fourth choice is maturity (personal responsibility). The final choice is the wicked solution or selective-child/recycled-child a.k.a. elective abortion a.k.a. planned parenthood a.k.a. reproductive rites a.k.a. life deemed unworthy of life. The problem is typically not “overpopulation”, but population density (e.g. immigration reform) favored by politicians, administrators, and businesses. That said, I wonder how many people are comforted by the belief in spontaneous human conception (“viability”). “In Stork We Trust” is a twilight faith.

  13. Isn’t emissions from animal poop, CH4, a major source of power in some countries? I know in the 1980’s IBM at Havant Plant, England, engaged the local sewage treatment plant to source gas (Methane/CH4) to help reduce their energy costs.

  14. Nothing like leading the moronic and delusional left on. This was obviously not serious, but the humourless left will take it at face value.

    The left are already stuck up and full of ….., so it will be quite easy for them to transition to permanent constipation.

    Meanwhile, more and more people are having their Emperor’s New Clothes moment and realising that PC=BS.

  15. In case ONU endorses and enforces the concept, which given the chaotic green mindset might as well happen:

    – Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. In compliance with climate change mitigation rules, access to lavatories is subject to a 75$ eco-tax. However as a cost favorable courtesy, cabin crew will provide bio-corks free of charge. We all wish you a pleasant flight towards a cleaner greener future.

    • I know at least one airport where locals complain of falling frozen stuff from approaching planes – hey, it cuts turn-around time on the ground. $$ savings!

  16. All politicians and most media since they’ve been following this advice for decades and are so full of it.

  17. While it would be sad to see the Amazon reduced, especially for all of the creatures living there, my understanding is that photo synthesis over the vast sea is far greater than jungles. So no shortage of Oxygen.

    And yes the President was elected by that countries people.


    • Michael

      NASA reliably informs us that the planet has greened by 14% in 35 years of satellite observations. One of the researchers equated that to two continents the size of mainland USA of extra vegetation.

      SO, my conclusion is, it’s unlikely that mankind has cleared that amount of Amazonian forest over the same 35 years, so we’re ahead of the game already and;

      If we add another 100 ppm CO2 to the atmosphere over the coming 35 years we won’t need to worry about the Amazon forest as we won’t be able to get out our front doors in the morning without a machete.

  18. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has got it all wrong. Poop as much as you like, just don’t flush.

  19. So they cut trees in Brazil and they call it “deforested”. Why is that a problem? Does it never grow back? Are those areas really “deforested”, or are they merely cleared of trees until trees grow back?

    • icisil

      It’s pretty well dead land as the forest topsoil is so poor it provides nutrients enough for about three years. When the farmers move on it largely goes to dust.

  20. Dr. Perry Staltic thinks Bolsonaro’s recommendation will impact Brazilians in a bad way, and is starting a movement to eliminate something so awful.

  21. I took the statement to be clear satire of the idiotic “solutions” that Climate Catastrophists propose.

    Perfectly suitable for publication here.

  22. Our developed world solution has always been to supply subsidised birth control to the underdeveloped world, then wonder why this is not happening, then propose compulsory sterilisation. Having few or no kids is equivalent to an early death sentence for many, if not most, people in these places. In the absence of a working social security contributions and disbursement system, a large family is the only survival option. All the multiple children together eventually contribute a little each to keep mum and dad alive as they get older. Or, one of the kids strikes it rich, which is highly unlikely given that the education system is probably in worse shape than the social security system. And we expect poor parents to sign up voluntarily for this in exchange for nothing at all?

    • Robin Matyjasek

      Absolutely 100% spot on.

      The solution is obvious to those people themselves. Allow, and help them to build fossil fuelled power stations to drag themselves from poverty.

      The biggest mistake Africa and India made was to kick out the Colonist’s who are now so roundly condemned by the WOKE western world.

      Both were progressing socially and industrially very nicely thanks to inward investment brokered by white Colonialists. Zimbabwe was recognised as the Bread Basket of Africa until Mugabe rocked up, now it’s the Basket Case of Africa.

      It’s time for Africa to get real and start encouraging western Colonisation once again because if they don’t get us, China will mop them up and the consequences of that are a whole lot worse than the worst excesses of their historic colonisation.

  23. I saw a story the other day about seaweed washing up and overwhelming the beaches in Florida and the Carribean and this seaweed was strung out for thousands of milies from North to South America and the report claimed they thought the cause was from fertilizers being washed into the Atlantic ocean from clearcut areas in Brazil, where commercial crops were planted and fertilized.

    • I was in SoCal during the 4th of July and the beaches were covered in seaweed. So that explanation might not be applicable for the west coast.
      It is interesting to hear of stuff like that however as it suggests there might be more plant growth and death in the oceans as well as on land. I wonder if marine biologists track underwater vegetation?

    • I was in SoCal during 4th of July and noticed a ton of seaweed washed up along the beaches as well. So the theory that fertilizer from Brasil may not make much sense for excess plant death on the west coast.

  24. Reminds me of the Europeans reportedly make a tea pot that heated more slowly to save energy. They were too scientifically illiterate to understand it takes “x” amount of energy to boil water, whether one delivers it rapidly or slowly. Pooping every other day does not change the volume. Starving the population does, but frequency does not.

  25. Just curious, are we reading the Presidents own words or Yahoo’s translation?

    Other than that the concept is sound.
    Eating a little less,thus reducing personal waste would reduce the strain on the plumbing infrastructure,waste disposal systems and usage of paper.

    That said ,Yahoo? seriously,other than their comedic offerings I would not value their opinion on anything.
    As demonstrated by the slant of their narrative..what is “Far Right” measured from where?

    My political position has not changed,but now I am slandered as “Alt Right,Hater and Nazzi”
    Being non of those things I now doubt the labeller rather than those they smear.
    It would appear our progressive comrades are incapable of holding a nuanced view on any subject.

    • John Robertson

      I am as far right as one can get, and proud of it.

      I believe in freedom of speech, Democracy, the freedom to work, peaceful political discourse, small governments and low taxes.

      I do not wander round wearing bovver boots with sw@st!ka’s tattooed on my head waving N@zi flags, marching and beating people up.

      That is the preserve of Ad0lf H!tl3r who was left wing, not right. This may help to clarify: https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/haken32.htm

      It’s also woth noting that H!tl3r based his definition of the J3ws on the concept of the American Democrats ‘one drop’ identification of black heritage. Except even H!tler couldn’t stomach that identification, he moderated it to three grandparents necessary to qualify as J3wish.

      Please do not fall for the MSM and left wing rhetoric that right wing means violence. We have our issues but every left wing regime the world has ever known has ended in violence, poverty and disaster.

      • Thanks HotScot,yes I know,I guess my sarcasm failed.
        My point was,Do we trust the source?,for this “quote”, as it comes from the same Presstitutes who lie nonstop.And who invent labels while demonstrating a total ignorance of our past.
        You could not make up the idiocy of “Alt Right Nazi” what a meaningless ignorant phrase,which clearly identifies the user as a fool.

  26. Bolsonaro is not an environmentalist. He is not a believer of post-normal scientific prophecies (e.g. CAGW). He is also not Pro-Choice, is he? Is he a diversitist (i.e. racists, sexist)? In this context, this report must be assumed to be satire, and his comment a parody of his critics.

  27. We don’t see the reporter, but Bolsonaro first recommends him eating less, which is going to make him feeling better, (hint of a generous girth?) together with the… brown sentence: if you just do it every two days, our life will also improve. It is clearly a joke. Then he goes onto the population increase. Two points he makes: 70 million a year requires “planning, planning, don’t write birth control to fill the cover (of your publication)”; and states the higher the culture, the lower the birth rate. And he says “I have less culture because I have 5 (children), but in general terms, this is the rule.”

    • Figaro

      “Two points he makes: 70 million a year requires “planning, planning, don’t write birth control to fill the cover (of your publication)”; and states the higher the culture, the lower the birth rate. And he says “I have less culture because I have 5 (children), but in general terms, this is the rule.””

      If this is what he said, the guy has the correct end of the stick.

  28. “Bolsonaro has been criticized for a rapid acceleration in deforestation of the Amazon rainforest,…”

    I’m calling BS on that claim.
    Bolsonaro has only been President since January 2019 so he’s not been responsible for much of anything yet. I also doubt that anyone has a real-time handle on what rates of deforestation are across the entire Amazon rainforest. It’s just a number or estimate that is plucked from where the sun don’t shine.

  29. ‘The far-right leader’

    You know you can disregard all that follows. Lefties are never introduced as ‘far-left.’ ‘Far-right’ is a pejorative, telling the reader that all that follows isn’t just wrong, but evil.
    Authorizing hatred of the speaker.

  30. Sounds like a sarcastic remark from their president is being blown out of proportion. South American countries press has clearly joined the green peace movement. How’d that happen?

  31. This is good advice, however high-minded ideals don’t often meet the real-world expectation, especially if a Greenie who eats a high-fiber vegan nosh which generally induces unrestricted purging … from both ends.

    Yes, you can save the world … but at what cost?

  32. Don’t know how many people on this thread are brazilians, or at least have a real knowledge of brazilian internal affairs. I am, so I feel entitled to give you all some informations.
    1. Our president is widely regarded as ill- and short-tempered with news people (with ample reason for it IMNSHO), with special contempt for big newspapers reporters. This phrase was one of many cases where a reporter shouts him a provocative question and he fires back an ill-considered answer. He intends to be ironic but press always choose to portrait him as if he really meant what was said.
    2. The issue behind all this are the numbers about deforestation in the amazon, which are being published with a not=so-veiled intent of casting a bad light over the federal government, and over the president .
    3. The director of National Space Researrch Institute (INPE) was fired for publicly disagreeing from the president and environment minister, which said that INPE’s numbers of deforestation weren’t correct, and were being publicized without considering the ill effects over brazilian image abroad and giving ammunition for those who wish to use the supposed lack of care of environment as an excuse to achieve other objectives.
    4. An example of such troubles: Mercosul and European Union recently agreed over a free trade agreement, which didn’t get french farmers happy, and so french government officials are quite vocal over environmental issues as reasons for not ratifying the agreement. Recently french foreign minister came to Brazil, but the president didn’t met him. He went to barber shop, and didn’t make any effort to hide this from the french minister. Some say he’s simply rude. Seems to me more like a calculated move to show dislike of he and other french officers are saying.
    5. Finally, are the INPE numbers right or not? There are many issues, and I’m not seeing anybody interested in really resolving them:
    a) Monthly deforestation numbers are published by INPE using a system called DETER, and the web page describing the system is quite clear to say that it’s numbers aren’t reliable to assess rates of deforestation. DETER data are meant solely to give clues to environmental inspection officers where to look for possible problems. But this is exactly how the press is using the DETER data, and INPE’s officcers didn’t make any effort to show that this is not reliable.
    b) Many people seem to think tha amazon forest is a huge natural reserve, which has to be kept untouched. That’s simply not true. There many kinds of land usage defined by law. There are natural reserves, indigenous people land, land reform and former fugitive slaves descendants settlements, government-owned vacant land and land that can be used for agriculture or livestock, and each of these assigned land uses have strict rules of how much (if any) of the original forest environment must be preserved. There’s a very comprehensive data base os all the land use assignments mantained by another govenment entity: Agricultural Research Brazilian Enterprise (EMBRAPA), so it seems quite simple to corss-examine INPE deforestation data with EMBRAPA land use data and check if the deforestation is taking place where it shouldn’t happen or not.

    • Thanks for this post, Sir. I can’t believe the French would ever use one issue to hide their pro-French business agenda. /sarcasm.

  33. Easy for him to say poop every two days . Half their population only eats every two days .
    Argentina is even worse .
    Go to Rio for a holiday and you stand a good chance of losing a kidney .

    • You’d better change your information sources about Brazil. But there’s lots of nonsense in these comment
      threads, so I’m not surprised.

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