France’s new ‘hottest recorded temperature ever’ is in question – guess where it was measured?

Ian Duncan writes on Facebook:

‘France has its hottest recorded temperature ever’.

New record – 45.9C on June 28th, beating the old absolute record of 44.1C in 2003.

But they don’t mention that where it was recorded was next to a concrete drain, and a steel chain mesh fence close to a bitumen (asphalt) highway.

So much for only using correctly placed instruments in a Stevenson Screen in a open space away from unnatural heat source.

You can see the station here:

Here is the fun part – it might be the “greenhouse effect” /sarc

Seriously though, who knows what effect those greenhouses might have had on the high temperature? What we do know is that greenhouses accumulate heat and raise the temperature. Depending on wind direction that day, they may have vented waste heat in the direction of the thermometer shelter. The same could be true for the asphalt highway.

As for the heat wave itself, Dr. Roy W. Spencer adds:

When Saharan air reaches Europe, it’s going to be hot. Regarding record-high measurements, it is legitimate to ask about the placement of temperature sensors, as well as the length of temperature records.

For a record length of, say, 100+ years and NO long term warming trend, it is still expected from random weather variations that new record high temperatures will be recorded from time to time.

The recent record high in Miami, FL was made in the middle of a vast concrete jungle that did not exist 100 years ago, and now averages 10 deg. F warmer at night than rural surroundings.

One other thing to consider – Stevenson screens that are easily accessible like that are prone to biases (or forcings, if you will) that “real climatologists” don’t usually consider – like vehicles being parked next to them. Look at the satellite view: (station circled in red)

Aerial view of the location of France’s “all time high temperature” weather station. (circled in red) Note proximity of highway and greenhouses. Google Earth:,4.2594672,126m/data=!3m1!1e3

Remember this fiasco in Scotland a couple of years ago? An ice-cream truck with generators constantly running was the cause of a “man-made climatological event”.

Friday Funny: Scottish “record high temperature” caused by Ice Cream Truck

So is the new French absolute all time high temperature record valid? I’m surmising it is not. There’s just too many influences to consider.

Certainly, the measurement environment there is far different than that of 100 years ago. And, who knows if somebody parked a vehicle next to that French station on June 28th? Maybe a lunch wagon/food truck frequents there to cater to the nursery workers.

UPDATE: 6/29/19 11:40AM From comments, there’s some question as to whether this is “the station” or not. Regardless, the station shown above is in fact poorly sited. I’ll do more checking this evening. -Anthony

UPDATE2: 6/29/19 11:56AM It seems that it may not even be an “all time record”.

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Tom Halla
June 29, 2019 10:41 am

It does look like a classic example of a badly sited station.

R Terrell
Reply to  Tom Halla
June 29, 2019 12:18 pm

Or, INTENTIONALLY badly placed?

Reply to  Tom Halla
June 29, 2019 12:22 pm

Or, INTENTIONALLY badly placed?

Reply to  Tom Halla
June 29, 2019 1:26 pm

I knew it from the beginning when it was disclosed to be a single temperature reading …. which was dishonestly said to apply of all of France in the headline.

Reply to  Wally
June 29, 2019 1:53 pm

No one said it was a national average. It is a national record, subject to confirmation. Since a bunch of local site are close I don’t see this being the result of one badly sited instrument.

It was damned hot yesterday, I live not far away.

There may be some “data correction” going onto remove earlier records in 1923 and 1930.

Reply to  Wally
June 29, 2019 5:08 pm

32C in Dartford, Kent today.

In Knockhill, Scotland, only 411 miles north, the British Superbike qualifying had to be postponed for over two hours because of torrential rain.

David Chappell
Reply to  HotScot
June 30, 2019 2:57 am

And from the BBC reporting on England’s hottest day:
“The Met Office said Heathrow and Northolt in west London had reached 34C (93.2F) making it one of the warmest June days for about 40 years.”
Northolt, while nowhere near as busy as Heathrow, is also an airfield. The met office is on the south side of the airfield, lots of concrete,-0.4184994,1494a,35y,359.53h/data=!3m1!1e3

Big T
Reply to  David Chappell
June 30, 2019 3:52 am

Liberals love concrete, it meets their agenda.

old construction worker
Reply to  HotScot
June 30, 2019 5:18 pm

What happen to the positive feed back?

Eamon Butler
Reply to  Wally
June 30, 2019 4:18 am

Yes indeed, Wally.
A big part of the dishonesty and deception, is giving the impression that this was a temperature uniformly felt across France. No doubt, they are getting some very hot weather, but if it’s not scary, then there’s no headline. What they really need is a conference where Greta passes out from heat exhaustion.


Reply to  Tom Halla
July 2, 2019 8:08 am

The highway was south or southwest of the station. The wind was coming from the north. Six other stations exceeded the 44.1 degree C previous record for all of France.

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 11:43 am

please look at the PDF. These are the technical data of the station: it is indicated that it measures temperatures and rain

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 30, 2019 2:19 am

zoom in on the pdf – there is a louvred instrument, a solar panel, etc. Is this not an automated temperature station. the pdf has photos from all directions of the instrument in question.

It definitely has the possibility of temperature measurement.

Reply to  00ced
June 29, 2019 1:16 pm

I live a short distance from Villeveille and at my place the highest temperature I recorded was 40.7 Celsius at midday in partial shade, ie under a tree, while in real shade it was no higher than 37 Celsius. I also live quite close to the other record holding site Conqueyrac, I drove through yesterday, past the Town Hall on my way home. All around there is open ground and the Town Hall is right by the side of a highway with a lot of heavy traffic all day long, so if the weather box was close to the Mairie, it was certainly badly placed, while the road in your photo of the Villeveille box is actually little used, with little traffic.My first thought was of whether the Mairie of Villeveille had signed on to Agenda 21.

Reply to  enochered
June 30, 2019 4:52 am

Hi, you are a lot nearer than I am, would you like to go and take a photo of the Stevenson screen at Villevieille. It seems to be on dirt track at the edge of la vigne.

On the face of it is looks well sited but if has not been kept in good condition it will heat up in the sun, especially since Friday was virtually windless there.

I linked to Googlemap location lower down.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 9:33 am

I have no SatNav so send me a good photo and precise map cooordinates. I thought I was looking at the road which passes between Sommieres and Montpezat but I was actually looking at a photo of the National towards Montpellier I believe. Vielleveille is a maze of lanes. If I can get there while the Mairie is open I can ask them.

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:11 pm

Thanks 00ced.

There have been two station moves. It seems like the roadside was taken out of service in 2002.

Leo Norekens
Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:18 pm

According to the technical sheet, the rain gauge should be located on the rooftop, the thermometer at 16m from the canal. Maybe it’s the other way around, that would explain 😉

Juan Slayton
Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:21 pm

Although that photo is dated April 2, 2012 in the caption, it looks to me like it was taken from the previous site at 43 42 54 N 4 10 17 E. According to the history shown, that site was closed 1 Apr 2012, and reopened at the current location on April 2.

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:34 pm

Looking at a picture of one here; and then zooming in on the picture above it sure looks like a Stevenson screen to me.

Reply to  Thomas
July 1, 2019 8:10 am

it sure looks like a Stevenson screen to me.

Not clear at all. Could be the end of the white shed or whatever it is.

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 1:02 pm

Anthony, I recognized that thing immediately – and I’m not surprised that you didn’t.

That station is very like one that a former employer of mine used to sell. (May even be one of theirs, I obviously can’t look up old engineering files now.)

The lower part is indeed a rain gauge. The temperature (and humidity) sensors are in the cylindrical vented piece that is sticking up.

These units are intended for applications like agriculture and golf courses, where accuracy is not a huge concern – “close enough” for temperature being within about +/- 2 degrees Celsius. Relatively cheap (between $200 and $300 about a decade ago), the customer could spot several of them around their fairly large properties and get reports over a wireless connection that you fed into a PC application. Showed you where possible problem areas were for your irrigation system and automated plan. Change the batteries about once a year, and my company gave a seven year warranty.

Again, NOT fit for meteorological purposes.

Reply to  Writing Observer
June 29, 2019 1:35 pm

Meteo gives the equipment a C rating, on a scale A-E. The site, for temp, gets a 3 (scale 1-5) with the objection noted being, unusually, a canal at 16m distance.

Reply to  Writing Observer
June 29, 2019 1:43 pm

That would be very useful with a link to the manufacturer’s web site and a spec sheet showing the accuracy of the temperature gauge.

That confirms my earlier comment, still awaiting passage through customs and immigration controls, that the cylindrical object was the temp. gauge.


Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:48 pm

Anthony: “Date du relevé” means date of record , this could mean data of inspection of the site and recording of the metadata.

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 1:48 pm

I think that station closed in 2017, or perhaps moved.

No, the last entry has not closure date. It is still operational. There were two site moves.

Feel free to contact me if you have any need of French translations. At your service, sir.

Reply to  Greg
July 1, 2019 3:32 am

“Date du relevé” means date of reading.

Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 12:50 pm

I’m guessing that the white suspended cylindrical object is a thermistor sensor.

Peter Miller
Reply to  Anthony Watts
June 29, 2019 3:31 pm
Reply to  Anthony Watts
July 1, 2019 5:56 am

Hi Anthony,

Did you find some time to look into this issue? I don not understand why you are bashing the owners of a nursery garden about their placing of a weather screen.
I was expecting some corrections of your posting of alternavie facts. All I saw was some profound resistance to consulting and advices form other participants of the discussion.
The station report clearly states that these station with above 45°C temperatures were existing beofre the 2003 heat wave and the Gallargues-le-Montueux was downgraded to a class 3 temperature site since the canal close to it might attenuate the temperatures. Yet it has a more than 3 decades of TMax reports (which are ongoing).

The other two sites are better located due to a more distant location from buildings and structures.


Villevielle Tmax 45.4°C
43.795278N, 4.090833E

Marsillargues 45.1°C
43.633889N, 4.168056E

Reply to  00ced
June 29, 2019 12:31 pm

AUTOROUTE (43°43’30” Nord, 4°10’54” Est, 24 m)
CAVE-COOPERATIVE (43°42’54” Nord, 4°10’17” Est, 17 m)
CAVE-COOPERATIVE (43°42’53” Nord, 4°10’18” Est, 17 m)

None of these from the pdf seem to match the roadside Google in the article.,4.2594672,126m/data=!3m1!1e3

Reply to  00ced
June 29, 2019 1:37 pm

The roof top one is part of an amateur network StatIC…

StatIC, le réseau des stations amateurs en ligne d’Infoclimat : 1547 stations inscrites, et vous ?

The Meteo France one is indeed the wine coop one. You are right.

Reply to  00ced
June 29, 2019 1:39 pm

The station is not next to the road.

The picture and article are wrong.

The station is on a roof !

That’s even worse than next to a road

Roofs are hot.

Even worse the 45.9 degrees C.
was the hottest “feels like” temperature
for the day, not the hottest actual temperature,
which was 44.1 degrees C. at both 5:00pm and 5:30pm

Details and pictures at my blog:

The 44.1 degrees C. tied the previous 2003 record high.

However on the same day in 2019 there were 10 French weather stations that beat the old 44.1 C. record.

I hope they are not all rooftop weather stations !

My important point, now that I have straightened out the errors in this story;


We’ve had intermittent warming on this planet for about 300 years.

Most real-time temperature data were first collected DURING that warming trend.

Therefore, record highs are EXPECTED, until the warming trend ends.

This is not news — there is no logical reason to get all excited and wave your arms around like a crazy person (like Robert Francis O’Rourke when he talks) !

Frequent news highs are EXPECTED, when all records are DURING a warming trend.

When the warming trend ends, we’ll stop seeing new “record highs”.

When will it end ?

Vostok ice core data revealed mild cooling and warming cycles (totally harmless) lasting many hundreds of years.

The correct answer is “No one knows when the 300 years of warming will end and a multi-hundred year cooling trend will begin — it could start next week, or in hundreds of years.”

It doesn’t matter if the world gets a tents of a degree warmer in a decade.

When the Holocene inter-glacial ends, and the world gets a lot colder, THAT will matter … and people will yearn for the good old days with those warmer winter nights in Alaska !

Reply to  Richard Greene
June 29, 2019 2:41 pm
Reply to  Richard Greene
June 29, 2019 8:17 pm

“guess where it was measured?”
“The station is on a roof !”
The guessing game goes on.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 29, 2019 10:55 pm

Hey it’s climate science which is a bit like trolling … no need to look under the bridge we found it.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
July 1, 2019 8:17 am

And exactly what additional
information have YOU
provided Mr. Stroker?

Reply to  Richard Greene
July 1, 2019 10:28 am

I did further research and found a nearby French weather station with the same name, and also poor siting, that may have been the one claiming 49.5 degrees C.

It does not have records online that I could find (the other station did, and happened to have a “feels like” temperature of 49.5 degrees C. that day — maybe that 49.5 C. was just a coincidence.

As a climate skeptic, always searching for truth, unlike you climate alarmists, Stroker, I mentioned here there were 10 other French station setting new (post 2003) records … but now I have additional information: 50.0 degrees C. was reported in French newspapers in August 1930:

My blog article update, for more information, is here:

Reply to  Richard Greene
July 1, 2019 1:14 pm

At. least less wrong information than Anthony Watts.

Robert Coutts
Reply to  00ced
June 29, 2019 4:45 pm

00ced: The coords are not quite accurate (add ‘.23’ to the lat/and coincidentally to the long as well) .. but otherwise they indicate this gauge: seen in the middle of the image. Being 16m to the canal, it seems unlikely that this gauge would be the hottest unless it was not recording accurately.

June 29, 2019 10:45 am

Too late. Damage done. The Drudge Report had a BLARING RED-colored headline up all day extolling the EXTREME weather caused by our sins against Gaia. Ohhhhh mammmma … we’re all gonna dieeee.

Which BTW reminds me of the linked Weather Channel article which started a body count of local DEATHS “associated” with the high temps. Funny thing that … I NEVER see ANY article attributing deaths to cold waves, and cold spikes. Every hot day is “PROOF” of global warming. Every cold day is apropos of nothing.

Reply to  Kenji
June 29, 2019 12:10 pm

what’s going on with Drudge now…too much silly sex robots and stuff

this is exactly what just happened with Miami’s new heat record too….
it was recorded at the airport…of course….surrounded by miles of asphalt…without a cloud in the sky…and dead calm…
…while at the same time…the station at Virginia Key…a few miles to the east….recorded a almost record low of 85F

Reply to  Latitude
June 29, 2019 9:21 pm

Drudge stepped in the swamp and got stuck.

Chris Heibert
Reply to  Kenji
June 30, 2019 7:23 am

You and your ilk are feeble minded at best and deeply annoyingly cynical at worst. You don’t hear news about cold waves? That’s because in Europe there these things called heaters, furnaces and fireplaces. That society is designed to deal with cold. Heat? Not so much.

Matthew Schilling
Reply to  Chris Heibert
June 30, 2019 5:42 pm

So they don’t have air conditioners in Europe? Got it, thank!

Reply to  Matthew Schilling
July 1, 2019 3:38 am

In most private homes, no.

R Shearer
June 29, 2019 11:05 am

On top of that, it’s in a greenhouse (according to theory).

June 29, 2019 11:05 am

The hottest highway on record? 😉 I think they have some competition for that.

June 29, 2019 11:08 am

A badly sited Stevenson screen amongst many.

I live in this area, I was also working here in the last “canicule” event in Aug 2003. That went on for 15 days and nights. This one is two / three days. The record were all on one day : yesterday and temps across France are several degrees lower already today.

The WMO defines a heatwave as 5 or more days, not 2/3 , so is this even a heatwave? No.

Andrew F
Reply to  Greg
July 3, 2019 2:15 pm

Actually the full WMO definition?

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) defines a heat wave as a period during which the daily maximum temperature exceeds for more than five consecutive days the maximum normal temperature by 9°F (5°C), the “normal” period being defined as 1961–1990.

James F. Evans
June 29, 2019 11:11 am

Thank you for the analysis.

You won’t get that in the local newspaper.

Bob Hoye(@subtle2)
June 29, 2019 11:15 am

There is a cartoon of a “scientist” in a white smock holding a flame under the bulb of a thermometer.
The concerning part is that so many people want to by hysterical about the Earth “frying”.

Chad Irby
June 29, 2019 11:27 am

The other day, I went out to my car, and the “outside temperature” thermometer read 105 F at 5 PM.

Of course, the car was sitting in a parking lot, surrounded by other cars, downwind of a large convention center, so…

The “shade” temp at that moment, at the nearest actual weather station, was 90 F.

The Reverend Badger
June 29, 2019 11:27 am

I suggest visiting some remote sensor station with a flamethrower and record the event. Wait for the “news” then release the video.
If you do it in winter it will be even better.

June 29, 2019 11:28 am

It seems that the actual weather station where this record has been set is at Gallargues le Montueux (see the temperatures map from météo France in this tweet :

This seems to be a fraud from Météo France with respect to the max temperature recorded on the 28th of June at Gallargues-le-Montueux.

Météo claims that the new absolute record in France has been measured on this weather station and is 45,9°C :

(I made a screen copy of the data, if needed).

The max temperature actually recorded on this station is 44.1°C at 17h and 17h30 the 28th of June, and not 45.9°C at 17h, which is a “feels like temperature” (“biométéo” column) and not a measured temperature.

Furthermore, there are some pictures of this weather station on the web site :
– it is placed directly on a tiled roof …

I wonder what Anthony Watts thinks about this mess …

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 11:48 am

Good digging but be careful ( and more importantly READ carefully ) before throwing accusations of fraud !

What you are looking at is private rooftop installation ( obviously falsified by the roof tiles BTW ). You have taken the name of the village and ASSUMED he is referring to this one and not a properly maintained station.

Having said that, I doubt that piss-pot village has an official M.France station and the similarity of figures and alarmist wailing is suspicious.

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 11:54 am

Here is the official Meteo France station for that town/village. I don’t know how to get yesterday, they tend to be very cagey with daily data. You have to pay to see it. Like UK met office. It keeps inquiring mind out.

So you are very likely making unfounded accusation for fraud. Not clever.

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 1:14 pm

Greg, here are the temperatures actually measured by Météo France in Occitanie :

Seems they use other results from other weather stations than from météo France. The Gallargues le Montueux seems to be one of them :
– If you try to find the max temperature of “Gallargues le Montueux” the 28 of June on the météo France web site, they will answer with the Montpellier station (which measured 43.5°C) :

The only data of this station are at this link :

And clearly, there is a mismatch between actual and “feels-like” temperatures and Météo France reported a fake temperature.

So after carefully having read and made my own search, I stick with my opinion.

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 2:17 pm

Thanks for the link to their archived data, they do not make it obvious how to get it.

(*) Les données sont celles de la station de Montpellier, station de référence la plus proche de Gallargues-le-Montueux.

They do indeed seem to substitute Montpellier on that page. That does not refute that pdf in the first comments here which has station metadata for Gallargues.

“The only data of this station are at this link :”

What is your basis for concluding that that mickey mouse home station is the “only” one there.

Maybe go on Twatter and ask this “expert” where he got his data from?

I tried to use their contact page but it gives a dumb error and fails to send.

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 4:27 pm

Thank you for the pdf link.

It seems that this station has two parts :
– a rain gauge that is on the roof of the cave-coopérative (the pictures are on my link),
– a temperature station, which pictures are on your pdf link and which is near a canal.

See this abstract of the pdf :
Paramètre Classe(*) Réf. Début Fin Méthode Date du relevé Commentaire
Pluie 2 Nr35B 01/01/1999 2 12/10/2017 Toiture de la cave coopérative
Temperature 3 Nr35B 01/01/1999 1 12/10/2017 Canal à 16 m.”

The two GPS coordinates (of my and your link) give the same address, near a channel. From google we can see the temperature weather station near a canal and some houses of the cave coopérative. The rain gauge must be on the roof (as stated in the météo France document) of one of the coopérative houses (as show the pictures of the website) :,4.1711404,86m/data=!3m1!1e3

The pdf document describes the weather station, its quality, etc. but this does not mean that this station is owned by Météo France. This just means that Météo France knows this station and have qualified it :
– This station is indeed owned by a private member of the Réseau StatIC who’s pseudo is lachenille30 who posted today on :

This site is related to météo France :
“Les veilleurs du temps
Météo-France souhaite mettre à disposition du grand public …”

Here, the Okam’s razor principle must apply :
– it would be indeed incredible that the very same temperature of 45,9°C had been recorded the same day and hour, as a “feels-like” temperature by a station and as an actual temperature by another station that are on exactly the same location, the same property … knowing furthermore that only the data of one station are published (as far as I know).

For me those two stations are actually the two parts (temperature and a rain gauge as stated in the météo France document) of one and the same station, owned by lachenille30 and which belongs to the StatIC network and which data are reported in the site (and used by météo France as four of the other record breaking stations …) :

The data of complement the somewhat scarse météo France stations (see :
“Infoclimat dispose de données gratuites des stations principales du réseau de Météo-France, ces relevés sont traités de façon à être présentées sur des cartes et des tableaux consultables sur le site.
Comme le réseau principal de Météo-France (stations ‘synoptiques’) est assez peu dense, rapidement la décision est prise de publier sur les mêmes cartes les relevés des stations amateur dont les critères d’implantation respectent au mieux les conditions optimales de mesure. C’est ainsi que naît le réseau ‘semi-professionnel’ d’Infoclimat.”

Météo France qualifies the stations of the StatIC network and the pdf document is such a technical qualification which asserts the the station complies to the météo France criteria so that the data of this station can be published on the site :
“Météo-France a rédigé une note technique sur l’implantation des stations chez les passionnées. Nous vous invitons fortement à lire ce document que vous pouvez télécharger ci-dessous.

Télécharger la note technique N°39 de Météo-France”

“Un des objectifs à atteindre serait que d’ici quelques années le réseau statIC, couplé à celui de Météo-France, couvre une surface suffisamment importante du territoire pour que la plupart des internautes puissent consulter les relevés d’une station à moins d’une vingtaine de kilomètres de chez lui, et ce gratuitement bien entendu.”

So, why météo France should use another weather station at exactly the same position, since they have already qualified and accepted one which is referenced in the site ?

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 10:13 pm

Bon travail mon Petit.

It is pretty appalling that Meteo France are presenting these amateur sites with”semi-pro” equipment and sloppy siting rules and then presenting them without warnings and caveats as official data.

The official network does seem thin in the ground 180 stations for the entire country.

Siting rules:

Un minimum d’un dégagement de 20m est acceptable, si le site est ventilé de façon naturelle. Si le site est mal ventilé, il peut alors être possible d’installer sa station sur le toit d’un bâtiment. L’abri doit aussi être situé à 1,5m de hauteur sur la faîtière du toit et seulement à cet endroit. Évidemment, aucune cheminée en activité ne doit se trouver à proximité sur ce toit. (Exemple)

In essence the usual 100m is dropped to 20m and they allow rooftop mounting which is ludicrous, since it means 100m becomes zero. You are siting on a large ceramic tiles structure at the apex where thermal conduction will focus the hot air flow off the roof !!
Absolute stupidity, if you want to pretend this has “semi-pro” quality and use the data.

So, yes, with this extra information and research it sadly seems that your initial assumption was correct.

It is scandalous that the national weather bureau is announcing these record temperatures based on poorly sited amateur stations without the slightest indication to the public. Of course they will see new records since they were not using amateur root-top mounted sensors in 1923 !!

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 10:34 pm

“You are siting on a large ceramic tiles structure at the apex where thermal conduction will focus the hot air flow off the roof !!”
I think you misread Petit-barge’s post. The rain gauge is on the roof; the temperature station on the ground.

As for ‘amateur stations’, it seems an equivalent system to the NWS Co-op network.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 5:14 am


I finally found where the Gallergues weather station referenced by is :,4.1791905,3a,48.5y,333.41h,89.3t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spb8xLbFmqd9iJlVmuRbi_w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

In november 2010, the station was not yet installed, but the house matches. the photos on the site.

So I can’t affirm anymore that the two stations are one and the same : my bad.
The distance between the two stations is 1.1km, and even if I did not found the rain gauge on a house’s roof of the cave coopérative, nothing allows me to infere that this roof station is the one referenced in the météo France pdf document.

Thus, it remains only one question :
– this StatIC station is on a roof, near an AC, in front of a road, in the Gallergues town, ,
– the météo France station is outside the town, rather surrounded by vegetation and at 16m from a canal.

How can it be that the very poorly placed StatIC station recorded a max of 44.1°C while the météo France station outside the town, surrounded by vegetation and near a water canal recorded a max temperature of 45,9°C ?

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 5:29 am

@ Greg,
your compilation of errors can be be debunked by your statement “The official network does seem thin in the ground 180 stations for the entire country.”

Meteofrance the state owned Meteo Network has 1000 Stations and had in 2012 already approx 450 AWS running (in the Mainland of France alone). And there are other reliable Networks working threre (e.g. MeteoGroup) .

You were pointed to a pdf describing the station where you deduct that the (clearly visible) rain-gauge would be sited on a rooftop (but invisible on the pictures).
In fact the rating of the rain gauge is class 2, since the roof of the vinery is obstructing the horizon with less than 19° slope taking the doubeled hight of the vinery building) Nobody stated that the gauge is on top of the vinery.
OMG what a waist of time.

David S
Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 12:01 pm

That’s a good catch on using “feels like” temperature instead of the actual temperature. It certainly looks like a deliberate attempt to deceive. Certainly Météo France should know the difference. Is there any way of calling them out on it?

Reply to  David S
June 29, 2019 12:55 pm

Meteo France is fine with all versions of data, it’s media reports that get it wrong

Reply to  Vuk
June 29, 2019 2:24 pm

What you link to apparently has nothing to do with Meteo France.

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 2:43 pm

meteo Nice is one of number of local outposts of meteo France as are:

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 10:29 pm

The credits at the bottom the page show that it is a private company run by a TV meteorologist. Nowhere on the site do I see any mention of Meteo France.

SARL Météo-villes – Réalisation Innorun
Guillaume Séchet, météorologiste, créateur du site et présentateur météo sur BFMTV.

Nice is a principal town, it may well have a real M. France meteo station.

It is now being revealed that Meteo France is fine with all data which break records even if they come from mom and pop weather stations which they accept even if mounted on a tiles roof !!

It’s worse than we thought.

Leo Norekens
Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 12:44 pm

comment image

comment image

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 2:43 pm

Hi, may be you could have right about source station !

I found that 45.9°C was not recorded on a primary météo france station but from a secondary station (réseau secondaire).

Here it is written:

| Les 45,9°C relevés à Gallargues-le-Montueux (30) sur la station du réseau secondaire de Météo-France
| établissent un nouveau record absolu en France.

I searched than where the secondary station is located and here is what I found using secondary station as arguments:

This only found secondary station has the link you provided !
Of course, it is not very far from the official météo france station and this one is located in the city.

Reply to  Chm
June 30, 2019 1:45 am

Location of all secondary stations and as you can seet it, not only France uses private stations in they published datas…

Greg Goodman
June 29, 2019 11:32 am

The Guadian have been declaring this an “historic heatwave” since last Friday: 21st June 2019. They don’t seem to realise that for something to be “historic” it needs to have ACTUALLY happened. Weather forecasts don’t count as “historic” weather events.

I reality the Thurday was the first really hot day , it peaked yesterday and dropped about 5deg today. Further cooling expected tomorrow. In short a 3 day hotspell which does not even qualify WMO definition of heatwave.

This is in French but I guess you all know how to find a translator. Historical facts from the national weather bureau in France.

days over 35 deg C

days over 40 deg. C

So is the new French absolute all time high temperature record valid? I’m surmising it is not. There’s just too many influences to consider.

Well, I live about 40km from that site. That area was a couple of degrees warmer from all the figures I’ve seen. I measure a max of 40 deg C yesterday in the built-up area around my house: stone houses and black bitumen roads all around.

The Meteo France readings for all towns around that region were similar, so NO, it’s not one rogue station near a road. Are others equally poorly sited, very possible, I often see Stevenson screens from the road.

Were that stations any better in 2003, unlikely.

45,9 °C à Gallargues-le-Montueux (30)
45,4 °C à Villevieille (30)
45,1 °C à Marsillargues (34)
44,6 °C à Saint-Chamas (13)
44,5 °C à Varages (83)
44,4 °C à Nîmes-Courbessac (30), battant de très loin son ancien record absolu historique (41,6 °C le 4 août 2017 et le 9 août 1923).
44,4 °C à Peyrolles-en-Provence (13)
44,3 °C à Moules-et-Baucels (34)
44,3 °C à Vinon-sur-Verdon (83)
44,3 °C à Carpentras (84)
44,3 °C à Istres (13)
44,3 °C à Moules-et-Baucels (34)


Also from that page is one of the longest station records in the regions : Mont Aigual at 1567m

29,9 °C au Mont Aigoual (30, 1567m), ouverte en 1896. Ancien record : 29,4 °C le 09/08/1923;

Well heck , it was just as hot almost a century ago. I guess it can’t be “globull warming ” then.

29,9 °C au Mont Aigoual (30, 1567m), ouverte en 1896. Ancien record : 29,4 °C le 09/08/1923;

Reply to  Greg Goodman
June 29, 2019 1:06 pm

What looks like the only long record in the list above Nimes. This is now a very large, sprawling city in a geographic hole. In still summer weather it is unbearable any year. It has Roman collesium at its centre but the expansion it has seen in recent decades make it prime candidate for growing UHI problem.

44,4 °C à Nîmes-Courbessac (30), battant de très loin son ancien record absolu historique (41,6 °C le 4 août 2017 et le 9 août 1923).

Along with Mt Aigoual above, this also shows record temps in 1923.

Mont Aigoual is still in south of France but quite a way from Nimes and almost a mile in altitude. Nimes is close to Gallargues cited in this article.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 4:28 am

PS The offical site at Nîmes-Courbessac is an old military airfield, a few km away from the new small-scale commercial airport Nîmes-Gardon.

It has light concrete run-ways and very little traffic. Its situation now touches the urban sprawl of Nimes city.

Reply to  Greg Goodman
June 29, 2019 2:48 pm

Greg Goodman

Merci pour vos excellentes infos.

J.-P. D.

Walter Sobchak
June 29, 2019 11:32 am

Anthony: Who tipped you off to the station location?

Flight Level
June 29, 2019 11:32 am

So much for that hot-o-phobia already !

Would be humanitarian green hypocrites, take this: Anyone with a serviceable brain prefers “hot” summer operations to winter ones. Yes, heat has an effect on air density. Add 5 or 15 knots here and there, endure a few tons of payload penalty. Heat effects are known and predictable. Free bonus, superior braking action on sticky dry runways. Most modern liners will gladly take +50 to +55C ground temperature with a few keystrokes.

Not so much in winter operations. Cold, snow, winter storms, icing, sleet and other cold niceties have claimed and still do, infinitely more lives than hot air.

Think of it next time you board an aircraft while on your way to that global warming crazed climate junket.

Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 29, 2019 11:43 am

It is fake news. Highest recorded temperature in France was in the Loire on 28th August 1930 and was reported worldwide by newspapers at the time.

Reply to  Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 29, 2019 3:17 pm

Sorry Paul, since it was before 1950, this temperature has been decreased 12 times to the current value of 36C /s

Did anyone ever think there WOULDN”T be a record high? Everything was set, the forecast, the screaming headlines the “bubble of hot air from Africa” was coming and every site, newspaper and “climate scientist” had the story written ready to go. You could have bet your house there would be a record high and have a 100% chance you would win.

P Malone
Reply to  rbabcock
June 29, 2019 4:08 pm

I agree you could see this coming, viewing the news in days before this “record” it was looking like the UN’s WMO was pushing something right across the EU. All the national weather organizations where vomiting propaganda from WMO.
For news reports putting the felt like temperature out is more BS fake news, they know there lying but all they want in EU citizens mindsets is RECORD HEAT, even if it is fake, from an awful station. No one will care if they recant it later.

June 29, 2019 11:44 am

In a country the size of France, did only on station record a record high? I’d think one record high, out of how many across the country? Would be statisticlly insignificant.

Reply to  Alan
June 29, 2019 12:58 pm

No, see my post a bit above. Not one badly sited station.

Reply to  Greg
July 1, 2019 4:08 am
June 29, 2019 11:46 am

How about the UK’s max (no records broken) announced by BBC ad mid afternoon
BBC quoted UK’s ‘extreme’ recorded at Charlwood, Surrey, a small village which is bordering the Gatwick airport where aircraft are landing or taking off every 30 sec,-0.2/14
I doubt that this village has a proper weather station, and reading is most likely from the airport’s station, but the BBC editors prefer not to quote the airport as the source for ‘scientific’ reasons.

Gerry, England
Reply to  Vuk
June 29, 2019 1:30 pm

Aha, my neck of the woods. Well my outside thermometer reached 84F just after 1300 when it was still in the shade and out of any breeze. Got up to 90F later on. I was shocked to find a winter or two back that from my house to the edge of Gatwick 8 miles away was a difference of 4C in the evening. I went to a bit that was built up than Charlwood but I would expect that village to see some heat from the airport.

Actually, Gatwick is nowhere near as busy as Heathrow as it has a single runway. There are busy periods morning and evening but at times it goes quiet. But the buildings and hard surfaces are there absorbing heat all the time ready to give out in the evening.

Reply to  Vuk
June 29, 2019 2:52 pm

From the NY Times, July 12, 1901:

“Intense Heat in London: Several Deaths – Other European Cities Suffering
LONDON, July 11.- This was the hottest day as yet recorded this year in London. At noon, the thermometer registered 85 degrees in the shade and the temperature was 123 in the sun….”

What a difference some sun makes.

Phillip Bratby
June 29, 2019 11:48 am

Well I admit that I was wrong. I predicted that they would announce a new record temperature but that it would be measured at an airport.

June 29, 2019 11:50 am

So what? Did the station move in the last week? If not, why is station location relevant? The temperature record set in the past in THAT EXACT SAME LOCATION in the past has now been exceeded with these measurements.

Reply to  Chris
June 29, 2019 12:52 pm

Did the station even exist in 20 years ago? How old is the station? If the station is 500 years old then a record would be something. If the station is 5 years old then not so much

Reply to  Jared
June 30, 2019 10:29 am

Do your own homework.

Rhys Jaggar
June 29, 2019 11:53 am

We are just having a hot spell over here in Europe. Spring was nothing exceptional, so five days of heat is just weather. Here in NW London I measured air temperatures of 32C in the shade (grass underfoot in a vegetated garden) at 2pm, with maximum temperatures predicted to be at 4pm, so it is certainly quite hot by our standards (8-10C hotter than normal). We are missing the worst of the heat and things will return to normal this week (21-24C maxima, 12-14C minima).

June 29, 2019 11:56 am

They would measure and use the temperature inside a black dust-bin at San Tropez if the thought that they could get away with it!

Geoff Sherrington(@sherro1)
June 29, 2019 12:00 pm

While everyone here bickers about whether or not this particular station is poorly sited, they are ignoring what is happening all over Europe:

You all are ignoring the forest for this tree

Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 29, 2019 1:26 pm

Not all of Europe “Parts of southwestern Europe” you mean. In Northern Europe it is if anything colder than usual. Though we will (maybe) have one warm (possibly almost 90 F) day tomorrow, before the cold comes back.

Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 29, 2019 2:27 pm

I fail to see what has you so excited.

Geoff Sherrington(@sherro1)
Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 29, 2019 6:02 pm




Gunga Din
Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 30, 2019 1:09 pm

Perhaps someone got your email password?
Change it.
One of my security/identity theft things indicated my email might have been compromised. I changed my password to something I had to print out to remember!
(I also have a “password manager” so rarely rarely have to refer to the paper.)

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 29, 2019 10:00 pm

That’s what Mann did with one tree, YAD061.

Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
June 29, 2019 11:04 pm

Hey fake Geoff Sherrington, what is happening all over Europe is a brief hot spell caused by hot air drawn up from Africa.

If everyone is shouting about the tallest tree in the forest I want to know if they are measuring it with a lazer or a piece of string. If Meteo France is declaring a bunch of “never seen in France” records when using amateur stations mounted on a roof and comparing to the historical record of official stations then we need to know.

Stephen Wilde
June 29, 2019 12:10 pm

The potential for confusion with ‘feels like’ temperatures is getting out of hand. I noticed a prediction for today’s max for my location on my iPhone over 30C (can’t recall the precise figure) with no mention of the ‘feels like’ proviso but when I went to the appropriate page the actual prediction was 26C.

June 29, 2019 12:26 pm

Kapikian cites a record temperature at Montpellier aeroport.

Sadly this does not seem to be known to MeteoFrance on line site. It has 3 sites including that name, two are nearby villages , none are the aeroport.

The aeroport is situated at Fréjorgues, which does not show up either. Clearly this is not a qualified weather station. Not that would stop a good alarmist in his Twatting spree.

June 29, 2019 12:28 pm

MODS, I’ve made several posts here with pertinent links to local data and Meteo France pages.

Possibly too many links for your spam filter , please dig them out of the bit bin. Thanks.

Ben Vorlich
June 29, 2019 12:29 pm

When this came on the French news I said to my wife “I didn’t know there was an airport near there”. It seems to be in the next best place.

I’ve seen references to UK temperatures and the summer of 1976. The summer of 1976 came after the warmest summer in 28 years (1975) and a warm dry winter. This heat wave is a few days long and has come after a not particularly notable spring.

Seems Climate Change is real right enough.

Google Dennis Howell the British politician to see how the Summer of 76 ended.

Reply to  Ben Vorlich
June 29, 2019 1:17 pm

I remember him (the ‘rain’ minister) and the long sunny 76’s summer days.

June 29, 2019 12:39 pm

Maybe some one Twitter would like to ask this joker why his record breaking “montpellier-aeroport” at Frejorgues is not in the Meteo France data?

June 29, 2019 12:39 pm

Heatwaves in Europe are short. Tomorrow the temperature drops in France and England.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  ren
June 30, 2019 5:26 am

A five-day heatwave might be the technical definition of a Heatwave, but five hot days is not considered a Heatwave where I live, it’s just a few of days of warm weather.

When the high-pressure system moves out and the temperatures drop, how will the alarmists explain this behavior with all that CO2 still in the air?

June 29, 2019 12:42 pm

BBC latest:
Today’s Uk’s highest temp 34C (no records broken)recorded at Heathrow.
No word ‘airport’ mention for purely ‘scientific’ reasons (Heathrow may be the busiest international airport). I think that the S-box is adjacent to the northern runway but I’m not certain.

June 29, 2019 12:45 pm

August 1930 News:#France #heatwave 122°F (50°C)

Ah but of course you are dealing with unhomogenised data there !! We all know that Australia was hotter 100 years ago before you “correct” the data to show the correct warming we know we should find.

29,9 °C au Mont Aigoual (30, 1567m), ouverte en 1896. Ancien record : 29,4 °C le 09/08/1923;

Reply to  Greg
June 29, 2019 7:12 pm

“Ah but of course you are dealing with unhomogenised data there !”
We don’t no what kind of “data” it is. All we have is that some Australian newspapers, which I have never heard of, claimed that a temperature of 122F was recorded somewhere in the Loire. Somewhere. It could have been on someone’s verandah.

June 29, 2019 1:04 pm

Official weather stations in the same area provided similar readings:

45,9 °C à Gallargues-le-Montueux (30)
45,4 °C à Villevieille (30)
45,1 °C à Marsillargues (34)
44,6 °C à Saint-Chamas (13)
44,5 °C à Varages (83)
44,4 °C à Nîmes-Courbessac (30), battant de très loin son ancien record absolu historique (41,6 °C le 4 août 2017 et le 9 août 1923).
44,4 °C à Peyrolles-en-Provence (13)
44,3 °C à Moules-et-Baucels (34)
44,3 °C à Vinon-sur-Verdon (83)
44,3 °C à Carpentras (84)
44,3 °C à Istres (13)
44,3 °C à Moules-et-Baucels (34)

Also, 46.1° was recorded by a private (but high-quality) weather station in Le Triadou – in a field next to a forest.

Just because man-made global warming theory doesn’t explain what’s happening, doesn’t mean weather isn’t going to (relatively) new extremes.

June 29, 2019 1:14 pm

I don’t think that is the actual location of the official weather station for the town of Gallargues-le-Montueux. It is near to a town named (perhaps appropriately) ‘Uchaud’.

I have searched Google Maps high and low all over Gallargues-le-Montueux and cannot find a proper weather-station anywhere.

Reply to  JCalvertN(UK)
June 29, 2019 3:06 pm

Apologies. I should have read some of the above comments more thoroughly. In particular those excellent ones by “00ced”
And “Writing Observer”

As well as the many comments by “Greg” – all which were excellent.

jim heath
June 29, 2019 1:27 pm

The mystery is: why are jet streams having such extreme swings giving us extreme heat and cold. There seems to be a mystery frequency throughout the Solar System affecting not only Earth but Saturn also. The weird hexagonal pattern on the north pole of Saturn. There’s some very strange things goin’ on and it ain’t nothin’ to do with CO2.

June 29, 2019 1:28 pm

Anthony, to add with a bit more precision, as there seems to be at least two locations under the similar name in addition to the initial RN 113 location:
Here is the real location of the station and associated images:,4.171491,161m/data=!3m1!1e3

Google capture May 2018,4.1711834,3a,83.5y,46.76h,86.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1snKlUIxzoxS794jS_8y5DxQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

The station (in white) is located near the wine coop with big south facing walls and a major industrial zone to the north east with blacks roofs and to the south, a water canal.

Images of the station location can be found here:

comment image

South facing walls of the wine coop.
comment image

Dirt road
comment image

D12 with bridge
comment image

Containers of the nearby industrial zone…

The initial Gator Google map showed the wrong location:,4.2593928,3a,60y,356.2h,68.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVxprvN6pCBEKNrXcEpMIEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

But the infoclimat site also has some confusing information:
Département 30 Gard
Altitude 17 mètres
Coordonnées 43,71°N | 4,17°E
• Département 30 Gard
• Altitude 30 mètres
• Coordonnées 43,72°N | 4,17°E

It shows some roof installed equipment
comment image
comment image

H/t to this comment on skyfall
and this reply to it

Regardless, either the rooftop, or this wine coop or the RN113 one, they look pretty poorly located.

June 29, 2019 2:40 pm

The Gallargues-le-Montueux is not a météo France station. To verify this, go to the météo France web site and search for the max temperature of June 28 in Gallargues-le-Montueux :

Lieu : ‘gall…’ (the full name will be found and filled)
Date : ‘Vendredi 28 Juin 2019’

– the answer will be of the closest météo France station, which is at Montpellier : 43,5°C

Of course, if you go to the forecast page, you can have a forecast for Gallargues, but this does not mean that there is an actual météo France weather station, and indeed, such a station does not exist, at least according to the météo France website.

The only referenced weather station in Gallargues-le-Montueux is on this French site :

The data are clear : there is a mismatch between the measured max temperature 44.1°C and the “feels-like” temperature which is 45.9°C, and météo France reported a fake data.

With respect to the other record breaking : no existing official météo France for :
45,9 °C à Gallargues-le-Montueux (30)
45,4 °C à Villevieille (30)
45,1 °C à Marsillargues (34)
44,6 °C à Saint-Chamas (13)
44,5 °C à Varages (83)

Here are the closest weather stations and the max recorded temperatures for the 28th of June 2019 :
– Villevieille (30) : closest station Montpellier 43,5°C,
– Marsillargues (34) : closest station Montpellier, 43,5°C,
– Saint-Chamas (13) : closest station Salon de Provence 43.4°C
– Varages (83) : closest station Le Luc : 41,1°C

It would be very very strange that Villevieille or Marsillargues could actually beat the city of Montpellier
and for Saint-Chamas near the Etang de Berre, to beat Salon de Provence !!

You can make your own search here :

I didn’t search for the those four weather stations not owned by météo France to verify if the data are correct and/or if these stations comply to quality criteria, but all those reported reocrds are dubious to say the least.

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 4:09 pm


You are right indeed, I first thought Greg Goodman’s info would be correct, but I repeated your test with the same results.

It is a pity that only Montpellier-Aeroport is in the GHCN daily data set, Le Luc and Salon aren’t in.

Greg Goodman
Reply to  Bindidon
June 30, 2019 3:25 am

What info did I give which was not correct ?

when you search in the historic data they do indeed return Mtp with a caveat at the bottom:

Les données sont celles de la station de Montpellier, station de référence la plus proche de Gallargues-le-Montueux.

So in that context they are only returning data from their own “reference stations”. That does not mean that they do not have the station OOced pointed out the metadata for. It implies it is not a reference station.

Since the OMG bulletin did not give anything more that a town name and no site reference we are still in the dark about where the author got it numbers. Very unprofessional.

I will criticise him for being unscientific and unprofessional, but I do not think it is acceptable to accuse him of fraud until there is documentary evidence of where these number come from. I suspect you may be right, but I will not sling mud with out facts.

One thing for sure is that the Montpellier airport is not a valid climatological installation, it sits on the edge of a huge tarmac carpark which was build about 15-20 back.

Some of these rural sites would be more reliable.

Reply to  Greg Goodman
July 1, 2019 4:28 am
Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 29, 2019 7:07 pm

“there is a mismatch between the measured max temperature 44.1°C and the “feels-like” temperature which is 45.9°C”
That was a theory that Tony Heller was promoting, along with the highway location featured here, before he disappeared his posts on that. It’s true that 45.9 was a recorded “feels like” temperature, so someone might have misread it, but it was not the maximum such; they went up to about 48°C. But in any case, there are all the other high temps that you list, eg 45.4 at Villevieille. Unlikely that they were all misreadings.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 29, 2019 11:00 pm

There goes the Stokes misdirection, I don’t see anyone claiming it wasn’t hot. They are just a bit of skeptical of the hottest ever claim because activists rarely care for the details as long as the narrative fits.

Philip Schaeffer
Reply to  LdB
June 30, 2019 9:46 am

I appreciate the clarity that Nick adds to the discussion, stating clearly what is and isn’t know, and how he knows.

June 29, 2019 2:55 pm

Shhh! Nobody tell Holthaus.

“I used to live in Tucson, Arizona. 112°F is also the hottest temperature I ever experienced there. It felt like the insides of my eyes were burning. This is June. In France. Quite simply, this shouldn’t be happening. We are in a climate emergency.”

Reply to  icisil
June 30, 2019 12:50 am

“Quite simply, this shouldn’t be happening.”

No, absolutely, we should ban hot air migrating from Africa into Europe. If they carry on doing it we should nuke them. That is why France has an independent nuclear capability isn’t it? This is an emergency !!

Eric Hothaus is a total fool. He gets himself clinically depressed by believing his own BS then tries to force his stupidity onto others.

Reply to  icisil
June 30, 2019 9:17 pm

A record French maximum temperature of 111 degrees F ?

122 degrees F was recorded in France in August 1930
That was reported as beeing the hottest since 1870 but record keeping in 1870 was probably disrupted by an unwanted visit from the neighbours.

June 1858 was a bit warm in London

And it seems 1540 was fairly warm across Europe.

June 29, 2019 3:11 pm

The closest meteo station to where I live in Southern Colorado is approximately 15 miles away. The “official” temperature records that are thaken there (however accurate or tempered with) are ALWAYS 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher that what is indicated by my two thermometers (one electronic, the other analog) in the shade.

Therefore, imput data used by the alarmist blackguards are always suspect.
Defund them now!

June 29, 2019 3:31 pm

What’s the big deal with the media? One hot day doesn’t mean a thing. It’s just a hot day. In France, you slather on the sunscreen and hit the beach in a bikini. In a city like Chicago, you head to the lake shore in a bi – er, swimsuit! – swimsuit and slather on the sunscreen there. Plenty of places to get in out of the heat and get cold drinks and food, so just what IS the big deal about a high temperature?

I have my thermometer in the shade on my front steps. I check the temps against what I get from the local NWS station nearest to me. If they match, fine. If they don’t, I take what’s local. As long as it’s summer, we’re supposed to have HEAT. Someone tell those media mavens that it’s part of Nature’s way, and they should go back to choosing between the red pill or the blue pill.

It’s summer. It’s supposed to have heat. If I have to run my furnace in July, I am going to be annoyed.

Bob Weber(@coolclimateinfo)
June 29, 2019 3:56 pm

I rarely watch TV, but a few minutes ago I saw a FOX report on France’s heat wave and said to Penelope, they will blame it on CO2, and sure enough, a minute later the announcer woman said scientists are linking it to emissions, and that 2019 was likely going to be the hottest year ever. So predictable.

The heat wave comes from the solar cycle influence on sea surface temperature related evaporation, where towards the solar minimum clearer skies prevail as the ocean cools, allowing more sunlight to reach the land surface, warming it up dramatically in the NH from high UV index especially within weeks of the NH summer solstice, and from the also low-solar activity induced slower jetstream, which allows the UVI driven heat to build over days.

comment image

comment image

The US 58 station forecast average UVI today is 8.8, the highest of this summer. Notice the highest heat index areas today are where the UVI is highest – the daily sunshine is driving the heat.

Watch the UVI links and heat index link throughout the day to see the sun warm up the US.

comment image

The difference for France is they also get North Africa’s UVI driven heat in their south wind, just like the US northern plains gets it from Texas & Mexico.

The same kind of thing happened in Australia during their last summer’s heat wave.

Since the ocean is not warming, 2019 will not be a record year overall but there will be records.

This is why there are so many record highs as well as lows during solar minimum years.

HD Hoese
June 29, 2019 4:12 pm

Think all that’s bad, cooking mussels in California at 100 degrees F, hypothetical (?), even if real won’t cook much, wonder if they know about scavengers, tidal fluctuations.

June 29, 2019 5:53 pm

As mentioned before this sort of “”Heat Wave”” is common in South
Australians summer.
Just like the Sahara affects parts of Europe, the desert North of South
Australia affects us.
A north wind can bring the moist air from the tropics North of Australia,
across the desert, and we suffer. But most of the time its dry air so that even
45 C is bearable.
As to the so called deaths from heat, yes if you don’t drink lots of liquids,
preferably just plain water, then you can get dehydrated . So just how many
deaths during the European heatwave can clearly be said to be due directly to
the heat.
As usual the Greens are desperate to keep the myth going, and for the
government grants to continue.


Reply to  Michael
June 30, 2019 3:05 am

last I looked , four had died from water activity accidents in Germany.
a 17 y.o. had dies in southern Spain from hydrocution thermal shock.
A fitness cyclist dies in France after going out in afternoon heat.
Some old person died in Spain from what the Guardian simply assumes is heatstroke.

I see nothing but perfectly normal Darwinian selection going on here.

Compared to the 7000 premature deaths attributed to the 2003 ( real ) heatwave, it’s not even a peanut.

Tombstone Gabby
June 29, 2019 6:03 pm

Strange. The latest I read (four days ago) about France’s current heatwave said temperatures “were approaching the previous ‘highest temperature’ record”, set in 1947. Now 2003 is given as the previous record. It’s getting harder and harder to believe anything…..

June 29, 2019 6:49 pm

Meteo-France Station 30123001 “GALLARGUES LE MONTUEUX” is located in a field just south of the cooperative winery “Cave Cooperative”. The Meteo-France metadata includes a comment about it being 16m away from a canal (“Canal à 16 m”).

What the metadata doesn’t mention is that 50m away to the north-east is a large factory called “Smurfit-Kappa Sud-Est” – with all the usual vast expanses of asphalt and cladding/roofing.

Reply to  JCalvertN(UK)
June 30, 2019 1:09 am

No, it wasn’t this meteo station, Meteo Paris wrote it clearly, it was a secondary meteo station. Look at my first post (from what I found, this secondary station is private and located in the city)

Steven Mosher
June 29, 2019 7:18 pm

1. I love the way skeptics use un verified newspaper accounts to establish a past record. too funny
2. The current “record” will be scruntinized more than any past “record” ever was.
3. The effect of being close to a road is de minimus– field tests trump your opinions

Pay attention to #3.

There is only one field test of the HYPOTHESIS that being close to a road will bias the measurement.

meh, at 1.5m high… 0.1C

Here is how real scientists look at the issues of siting.

get busy

Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 29, 2019 11:20 pm

Only one published test on this in 2013 ? Ridiculous, like they never even looked into this before?

I did a field test two days ago. Forced ventilation by waving the thermometer back and forth at 1.5m from the ground. First I did this over the (Tarmac) road in an area which does not get direct sunlight. I then measured 10m away still in the shade but on a part of the road that had been in the sun for about an hour.

There was a full degree C of difference in the two readings.

You do not even need a thermometer to know this , you can feel the air is hotter as you move around.

Maybe we need more than one check on this before we redesign the world economy.

The main problem here is not siting but that they seem to have taken “feels like” temperature not the measured one !

Steven Mosher
Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 3:37 am

“Only one published test on this in 2013 ? Ridiculous, like they never even looked into this before?

I did a field test two days ago. ”

Thats funny. too bad you did not pre register your test. Then it would have been valid.

I spent a dozen years looking at the literature on this and even visiting the “pavement science”
lab at berkeley.

most the the studies are as “rigorous” as yours.. in other words, worthless

Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 30, 2019 12:37 am

” I love the way skeptics use un verified newspaper accounts to establish a past record.”

No one said that “established” as record. Maybe the press was as alarmist in 1920 and rounded 45 deg up to 50 to make better copy and sell more paper.

However, the fact that was published is a good indication that there was a similarly hot event back then and this needs checking out. Why does that not figure against the current claims of “never seen in France” ?

Rather than finding this interesting and checking it out , you dismiss it. That reveals your own biased and unscientific mindset.

Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 29, 2019 11:16 pm

I always get my climate science from English lit graduate layman … call me biased but I don’t really care what you think. The reading is what it is a piece of data subject to scrutiny by real scientists not wannabees.

Patrick MJD
June 29, 2019 8:31 pm

When I read this yesterday at the SMH here in Australia, I tried finding Gallargues-le-Montueux on my Google Earth application to see if I could find a weather station but could not. So this was a “feels like” temperature from private device? And alarmists everywhere jumped on this as proof CO2 is causing more heatwaves. 16 years ago in 2003, France also suffered a heatwave.

I pointed out in comments that there is/was a large high pressure air mass over north Africa which causes a southerly flow of hot air over southern Europe which is not uncommon. I was told that if the air was flowing southerly it would flow down to South Africa. I guess that person does not understand what a southerly flow is in the northern hemisphere flows from the south.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
June 29, 2019 10:23 pm

westerly winds come from the west. That is counter intuitive but established usage. You should probably not extend that to everything ending in -ly. In fact “on-shore” winds blow on to the shore ! Would you say and upwardly flow is coming down?

There was large weather system out in the Atlantic to the west of Europe and a blocking high over the continent. This stalled the weather system off the coast for about a week bringing up warm air from the south. By Thursday this was drawing hot Saharan air directly north into the whole of continental Europe. This event had absolutely NOTHING to do with AGW. It was a weather event.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 12:34 am

Westerly winds blow east from the west. Southerly winds blow north from the south. Northerly winds blow south form the north and so on. Winds from North Africa blow from the south across southern Europe.

June 29, 2019 9:38 pm

A couple of days maximum for hot days in France and the International MSM goes wild about global warming.
As far as I can see no MSM international reports were made of —

The SNOW in the Italian Dolomites. June 22 and intense snowfall on the Marmolada with -2 ° C . At the beginning of summer.

June 26 Kenyan farmers have to contend with high cost of production as a biting cold weather hits several parts of the east African nation.
The cold weather, which normally kicks off in July, started in late May, …
Over the years, the cold weather initially affected mainly the capital Nairobi and the central and Rift Valley highlands, but has now hit most parts of the county, pushing hundreds of farmers to the edge…

June 28 Unexpected summer snow hits western Mongolia. An “abnormal” summer snowfall has hit a western Mongolian province, a local meteorological department said Friday, Xinhua reports.
“An unexpected summer snow hit the southwestern mountainous parts of our province on Tuesday and Wednesday, with an average precipitation of 2-3 mm,” said Jagsalag Khulibek, expert of Bayan-Ulgii Province’s meteorological bureau, calling the snowfall an unusual weather condition.
The meteorologist explained that the unseasonal snow was brought by a strong cyclone from the Siberia.
Bayan-Ulgii Province is located in the west of Mongolia and shares borders with both China and Russia.

Or maybe I just failed to notice.

Reply to  tom0mason
June 30, 2019 6:13 am

“The SNOW in the Italian Dolomites. June 22 and intense snowfall on the Marmolada with -2 ° C . At the beginning of summer. ”

Yep at 3300m above sea level in the European Alps not a surprise. There will be more snowfall during this summer.

June 29, 2019 10:42 pm

Maybe they actually read the thermometer from inside one of the greenhouses….

June 29, 2019 11:12 pm

The cool front will bring a drop in temperature in the UK and France.

Reply to  ren
June 30, 2019 12:31 am

Yes, the saharan air flow ended in Friday. We’ve been cooling off since. I expect some hail-storms later this week.

June 29, 2019 11:38 pm

Could someone try the contact page for Meteo France. I have tried with Firefox and Opera and just get a dumb error message that “something” is wrong.

“Une erreur est survenue lors de l’envoi du message”

June 29, 2019 11:52 pm

There is a third photo ( scroll next to first two ) which clearly shows a close-up taken on the roof. It seems clear that the temperature sensor is on the tiles roof.

The “record” was the “feely” temperature not the temperature of the air and there was ZERO wind. Recorded air temp was 44.1 deg C.

The record was due to advection of warm air off a tiles roof plus a “felt as” adjustment. USELESS for anything but hype.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 12:03 am

Looks like a rain gauge to me. As the documentation says.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 30, 2019 12:42 am

No, it is an all-in-one Davis Vantage pro 2 and the finned bit is the radiation shield of the temperature sensor.

Sadly the M.F. contact page does not work so no way to get a clarification ( how convenient ).

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 3:36 am

Here are said to be close-ups of the equipment on the ground nearby. Certainly looks like temperature gear. And the doc says temp is measured on the ground, rain on the roof.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 30, 2019 6:17 am

Thanks Nick.

A local TV meterologist running several web sites can presumably be trusted to know which is which. I would imagine he pays to have access to the data. So he, unlike the rest of us, can presumably see the figures at the “secondary” M.F. site.

Pour rappel, cette station est issue du réseau professionnel secondaire de Météo-France. Contrairement au réseau principal, les données de la station de Gallargues-le-Montueux ne sont donc pas consultables en temps réel sur internet, sans redevance.

Basically you need pay for an annual subscription just to get to read the new national record from a direct official source.

Trust us, would the govt lie to you ?

It appears on the face of it that it was a coincidence that the “feely” warmth of the amateur station was exactly the same as the air temp in the official one.

This is why I was cautioning Petit-Barde against hroughing accusation before having concrete facts rather than suspicions and assumptino.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 3:37 am
Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 30, 2019 3:16 am

It’s a Davis VP2 or 2+. It’s Davis’s higher end weather station. I have one.

Reply to  NorthGeorgiaWX
June 30, 2019 4:11 am

Don’t you realise you are supposed to put it on your roof ?! How do you expect to get any climate records like that ?

June 30, 2019 12:04 am

But if we have a very cold day, all the Iiberal Ieft media will be shouting… “don’t you know the difference between climate and weather….?”


Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 12:07 am

I see that some commenters are trying to pooh pooh the 1930 newspaper reports. “All we have is that some Australian newspapers, which I have never heard of”

It was reported worldwide, including newspapers in the US and New Zealand.

One source used by newspapers was the US based United Press Wire Service, at the time one of the worlds largest newsagencies.

Reply to  Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 12:41 am

Doesn’t get us any closer to where it was actually measured, or by whom, or in what situation.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
June 30, 2019 3:34 am

Hey, if we can’t find that info for two days ago what chance is there for 1930 !?

Steven Mosher
Reply to  Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 12:58 am

Pooh pooh?

Err no. The point is that now records are routinely questioned and investigated.
In some cases the sensors will be imponded and checked for calibration.

A newspaper report isn’t evidence. In fact they are very often reliant on the same suspect report.

A good examle is here around 1 minute in

Read that article.

270 miles north of the arctic circle?

That’s funny because the reports from her autobiography and other sources put the journey
as making it either 200 miles or 250 miles.

Stopped by “marshland”?

Other sources ( again autobiographical) explain that they ran out of road.

90F in the shade? where exactly? what time exactly? measured by what exactly?

The point is simple. you cannot simply trust the press. you shouldnt ignore the reports, but they
are not reports made by qualified personell.

A good skeptic would be AS SKEPTICAL of the newspaper as he is of any other sort of source.
but you are not a real skeptic

Paul, Bedfordshire UK
Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 30, 2019 2:35 am

A newspaper report is most certainly evidence. The only issue is the quality of the evidence. That remains to be seen but then the quality of the evidence for yesterdays temperature is at best questionable.

Even if the 122F measurement used 1930s accuracy and was 5F out it still comfortably exceeds yesterdays temperatures. The newspaper reports also detail previous heatwaves that resulted in the Rhine and Seine drying up. Are you suggesting this should just be dismissed because accurate thermometers didn’t exist then?

The truth is that all modern records like this are meaningless because they are only using data that goes back a small number of years, before which measurement could not be done and those using them as evidence of climate change, let alone man caused climate change are at best naive.

Steven Mosher
Reply to  Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 3:41 am

Heller list another newspaper report of 122F in 1773.

Checking the history books ( written in 1846) the temperature was actually 102

Bottom Line

1. the MSM jumped the gun in announcing the record
2. Skeptics jumped the gun DENOUNCING the record.

the WMO will take their time and certify the record. because the are true skeptics
not arm chair experts

In any case it doesnt mean much, we know the world is warming.. that means more warm
records and fewer cold records.

Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 30, 2019 3:53 am

Here is a tweet from WMO. The earlier announcement from meteo france is here.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Steven Mosher
June 30, 2019 5:49 am

“A newspaper report isn’t evidence. In fact they are very often reliant on the same suspect report.”

I would say a newspaper account is more reliable and accurate than a tree ring.

Newspapers when reporting the local temperatures of the day use an official source for their data. They don’t just make it up out of thin air, at least, they didn’t back before CAGW became such a big business. Back then, they had no reason to exaggerate high temperatures, they were just reporting the facts as they knew them.

The reason Alarmists don’t like newspaper history is because it puts the lie to the CAGW fraud.

Steve Richards
June 30, 2019 12:27 am

Oh dear, Meteo France looks as corrupt as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) in Australia!

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Steve Richards
June 30, 2019 12:36 am

It’s Australia’s biggest export, data fabrication. Well, we no longer make anything anymore.

Reply to  Patrick MJD
June 30, 2019 2:18 am

…. apart from “dirty coal” . LOL

This event has nothing to do with climate anyway. It is a weather phenomenon. For me the issue here is whether Meteo France are presenting “feely” adjusted roof top readings as climate records.

ie are they as duplicitous as BoM ?

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 5:01 am

Australia has always dug stuff out of the ground and sent it off to have value added. We don’t do nasty stuff like that in Australia anymore. We are now in to “soft” industries where we can simply make stuff up. Harry read me, the BoM, the ABC, you name it…we simply make it up and export it.

Michael H Anderson
Reply to  Patrick MJD
June 30, 2019 9:18 am

Keep it up and maybe some day you’ll get to be like the USA, where anything of value as an export – movies, music, microcode (tip o’ the hat to Neal Stephenson) requires enormous amounts of energy, is easily reproduced (ie. pirated), and adds no actual value to the world.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 5:36 am

“Greg June 30, 2019 at 2:18 am

…. apart from “dirty coal” . LOL

This event has nothing to do with climate anyway. It is a weather phenomenon. For me the issue here is whether Meteo France are presenting “feely” adjusted roof top readings as climate records.”

Our coal is the best. I am keen to know if this “hottest eva temp” was from a non-MetroFrance device and, as you suggest, from a “private” roof top device. I know it will be quickly dismissed in the media.

Reply to  Steve Richards
June 30, 2019 8:51 am

How can you pretend that?

Stew Green
June 30, 2019 1:01 am

Here is Meteo France source page
The first thing I note is it gives other sites with almost as high temperature
I wonder if these are amateur sites ?

June 30, 2019 1:13 am

June 29, 2019 at 10:42 am


Hottest temperature has been recordered in Gallargues Le Montueux. Here :,4.1708637,3a,17.6y,63.66h,86.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svS8NNz-f-FvImHFB0vO1Fw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

from this station :

00ced, how do you relate that to the temps on their web site? Since they do not give a station ref, they just leave everyone guessing and hyperventilating.

Can you give a link to the data corresponding to those metadata and photos, all I seem to get form M.F. look more like it comes from the private, roof-top station.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 1:52 am

As additional information and as it was added under meteo paris web site, it wasn’t an official meteo station but a secondary station whish reported this record (the secondary stations are listed under StatiC and located on the roof)

Reply to  Chm
June 30, 2019 2:50 am

thanks can you provide a link to where you see that info?

Greg Goodman
Reply to  Chm
June 30, 2019 6:33 am

I was asking for your Paris Meteo web site source, so I could read what they actually said. You do not seem to understand French very well.

Pour rappel, cette station est issue du réseau professionnel secondaire de Météo-France. Contrairement au réseau principal, les données de la station de Gallargues-le-Montueux ne sont donc pas consultables en temps réel sur internet, sans redevance.

Chm: (the secondary stations are listed under StatiC and located on the roof)

No the secondary network is called Randome ( very confidence inspiring ) , is classed as part of the “secondary” Meteo.France network and is NOT accessible without payment. This has nothing to do with StatiC which is amateur and freely accessible.

So they have recorded a nation record temperature but no one is allowed to see directly recorded and have to rely on hearsay as to what it was. That is a large part of the uncertainty and confusion which has surrounded this issue.

A fine waste of everyone’s time and total lack of transparency and accountability.

Hey we are from the govt. would we lie to you?

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 6:01 am

After more investigation,

I have to apology following some updates added on the site since.

A page was added under meteo paris with some updates telling that the station located on the roof is not part of professional secondary network stations (initially it wasn’t told about pro or not pro secondary station !

More info here :

Météo France stations are part of Radome network (réseau)
Stations with free access are listed under infoclimat.

I could find a CSV file about free acces (under Static) of radome stations though google and taken from

It seems to have to pay to get the datas of station ID 30123001 !

I’ve doubt now and may be the station isn’t the one supposed to be. Station ID 30123001 is not part of RADOME but ETENDU (extented) whish could be understand as secondary

List of available real time stations (2014)

As you can read it from wxfeed3 link, this station is classified at level 3 due to not responding 30m from water (16m here) and it is written that the direction of the wind can have a big impact on the values. The 28 aug at the given time 16h20 – 4:20PM, the wind came from 74° whish is nord-est ( from google maps, the wind goes than through a big warehouse with probably many trucks in front of it !)

This make the station not a precise station !,4.171667,17

June 30, 2019 1:29 am

“Numbers of cases of collapse are reported from the Loire region, where a temperature of 122 degrees was registered”

comment image

That’s 50 Celsius

June 30, 2019 2:09 am,4.091085,3a,74.9y,-11.87h,91.89t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sHwjHD0UKAnYiT7uElVVOGw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

I checked out one of the other top three locations Villevieille , just outside Sommier. Went past last year. This seems to be well sited at the edge of a vineyard.

map location matches what seems to be a stevenson screen in street view and “satellite” photo. Can’t see state of screen but site looks good.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 6:26 am
Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 8:41 am


I think you said you live close to the site. there is a lot of heat and smoke here so can you confirm exactly where the site is located (photo?) the actual temperature and at what time, and also when ‘official’ French records started on which the record claim is based?

Any thoughts on the much higher record being claimed from 1920’s or so?



Reply to  tonyb
June 30, 2019 11:31 am

Firstly it is not a claim based on the longevity of that specific record. They are claiming “never before seen in France”.

I can not confirm anything since they do not make the record publicly available. that is my main gripe with all this. They claim an all time record but then hide it so no one can see it or look at the rest of the record from that station. We are expected to accept hear-say science.

Nimes-Courbessac is quite close ( 20 km ? ) and is an available reference station.

The TV meteorologist who runs meteo-ville and meteo Paris, has the clearest statements on all this.

We have no choice but believe he is accurately relating the facts and have no means ( short of a few hundred euros ) to see the quality and consistency of the record at that site.

The canal makes a low quality site but probably was down wind in this case. The lorry part next was upwind and only about 50m away. That makes not acceptable as WMO site.

I note that all the other temperature he provides as record temps are around 44.4 deg. C or less.

The three nearest are all airport site. Montpellier in particular can be ignored since the station is on the edge of a large car park. I may get out and take a shot of that.

It’s all a lot of huffing and puffing and of course has nothing to tell us about climate, only about a fairly rare and strong incursion of saharan air.

We often get hot periods due to such southerly winds and sand filled rain storms. It’s rare that they are this wide spread and persistent. The last big event was in 2003 and lasted fully 15 days. That was tough for those who were working and not on holiday.

Temps around 35 deg C and it’s July tomorrow. Nothing too unusual there.

June 30, 2019 2:44 am

Figures don’t lie, but liars figure!

Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 3:24 am

A newspaper report is most certainly evidence. The only issue is the quality of the evidence. That remains to be seen but then the quality of the evidence for yesterdays temperature is at best questionable.

Even if the 122F measurement used 1930s accuracy and was 5F out it still comfortably exceeds yesterdays temperatures. The newspaper reports also detail previous heatwaves that resulted in the Rhine and Seine drying up. Are you suggesting this should just be dismissed because accurate thermometers didn’t exist then?

The truth is that all modern records like this are meaningless because they are only using data that goes back a small number of years, before which measurement could not be done and those using them as evidence of climate change, let alone man caused climate change are at best naive.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Paul, Bedfordshire UK
June 30, 2019 6:00 am

“Even if the 122F measurement used 1930s accuracy and was 5F out it still comfortably exceeds yesterdays temperatures.”

And it might be worthwhile to check the temperatures reported by the newspaper for the preceding few days and the following few days to see if they are consistent with such a temperature.

Newspaper accounts of the weather say the 1930’s were as warm or warmer than the temperatures of today. This means we are not expeiencing unprecedented warming today, and that means we are not experiencing any CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) today.

That’s why alarmists reject newspaper accounts. Newspaper accounts blow up their CAGW promotion. The alarmists can tamper with the surface temperature record to make the 1930’s warmth look insignificant, but they can’t change the newspaper accounts.

And the alarmists made the mistake of leaving the original surface temperature records so we can see just how much they have been bastardized. They just couldn’t erase all that stuff.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 30, 2019 4:11 pm

Tom Abbott

“Newspaper accounts of the weather say the 1930’s were as warm or warmer than the temperatures of today.”

For the probably umpteenth time: this is valid for yearly averages of CONUS maxima temperatures only, and for nothing else.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Bindidon
July 1, 2019 4:24 am

Well, I could say the same thing and will: “For the probably umpteenth time:” The warm 1930’s is *not* restricted to the continental United States only. Every unmodified historical surface temperature chart from around the world has the same temperature profile as the United States, i.e, the 1930’s show to be as warm as current-day temperatures. That’s before the Climategate charlatans tampered with and changed the data.

None of these unmodified charts resemble the “hotter and hotter” temperature profile of the bogus, bastardized Hockey Stick charts.

Here is a depiction of the real global temperature profile, the U.S. temperature chart, and the bogus, bastardized Hockey Stick chart. The chart on the left is the U.S. surface temperature chart and every unmodified surface temperature chart from around the world resembles the U.S. temperature profile, where the temperatures warm for a few decades and then cool for a few decades and then warm again. As President Trump says, “The temperatures go “up and down”.

The chart on the right is the bogus, bastardized Hockey Stick chart which was created by the Climategate Charlatans to make it appear that the 1930’s warmth was insignificant and that temperatures have not been going “up and down” but have been going up, up, up, and getting hotter ad hotter and now we are at the hottest point in human history. It’s all a Big Lie created to sell the CAGW fraud!

When you look at a Hockey Stick chart you are looking at the evidence for the biggest science fraud in history.

June 30, 2019 6:47 am

Are these hot European areas experiencing drought? If so, that would explain the high temps due to lack of transpirational cooling (which, if active, produces a 90F (32C) high-temp limit here in forested western MD, USA). In severe drought, temps in this area have reached 110F (43C) — July 1936.

June 30, 2019 8:30 am
Reply to  Gilles
June 30, 2019 12:04 pm

This link is not from “meteo France” but a site owned by BFMTV weather presenter Guillaume Sechet.

Reply to  Gilles
June 30, 2019 12:20 pm

Why do you declare that to be the “Meteo France official website” ?

You do not need to speak french to realise that “Meteo-Paris” does not mean “Meteo France” .

If you scan down the copyright and ownership stuff you also see it is not mentioning “Meteo France”.

The guy is a TV weather man , like our host was. He owns several such sites. That does not mean Anthony works for NOAA or the govt.

Guillaume Séchet does a fairly good job of explaining where all this comes from , but that does not mean he works for Meteo France or that this is an “official” explanation.

June 30, 2019 8:35 am

Why Today’s and Past Heat Waves Have Nothing to do with CO2

CO2 and its Greenhouse Gas Effect thermalize OUTGOING Longwave Infrared Radiation between 13 and 18µ wavelength. The GHG effect can never cause a short-term spike in temperatures, and it will never cause record high temperatures. The reason is simple, the GHG effect slows cooling, it never adds additional energy to a system. The earth has to be warmed FIRST before its outgoing radiation can be thermalized.

The only way CO2 and the GHG effect could contribute to record high temperatures was if in fact CO2 “trapped” heat in the atmosphere, preventing it from leaving the system. That mechanism would be much like stepping on a hose, where the pressure (temperature) behind the foot would increase, and any additional water would simply add to the pressure. That doesn’t happen, CO2 doesn’t “trap” heat, and in fact, Europe was setting record cold temperatures just last winter.

Reply to  CO2isLife
June 30, 2019 9:00 am

“… and in fact, Europe was setting record cold temperatures just last winter.”

This is a ridiculous claim, and I think you are perfectly aware of it.

The last two winters in Western Europe were predicted months before by NOAA as ‘extremely mild’, and exactly that happened here, CO2Fan!

In Northeastern Germany, where there had been lots of snow and temps below -12 °C until 2014, we have now winters with nearly no snow, and with mostly temps above 0 °C.

Why do you persist in publishing such nonsense? Instead of behaving like a hard CO2 ideologist, would it not be preferable to simply consult thermometers like we do at home?

Reply to  Bindidon
June 30, 2019 11:35 am

Confirmed, very mild winter with only one relatively limited cold snap in south of France.

Reply to  Greg
June 30, 2019 3:48 pm


Et voici pour ainsi dire la confirmation de la confirmation.

Top 20 of an ascending sort of monthly GHCN daily station anomalies wrt 1981-2010 for 1900-2019 in FR:

1956 2 -7.69
1940 1 -5.67
1933 12 -5.66
1942 2 -5.61
1945 1 -5.38
1929 2 -5.21
1963 1 -5.20
1941 1 -5.18
1942 1 -5.17
1901 2 -5.15
1917 12 -4.87
1914 1 -4.85
1940 12 -4.79
1905 10 -4.64
1912 8 -4.41
1963 2 -4.40
1900 3 -4.33
1941 5 -4.22
1919 10 -4.20
1911 1 -4.11

I remember very well Feb 1956, the snow cover was higher than me at that time.

2018/9 appear far far below at positions 446 and 662 of 1433.

But this does not mean that they would conversely appear e.g. on top 5 of the descending sort of the same data. Top 20:

1926 2 3.53
1990 2 3.29
2003 8 3.27
1966 2 3.03
2015 12 2.98
2003 6 2.96
1949 9 2.89
1934 12 2.73
2018 1 2.68
2006 7 2.66
2018 4 2.62
2017 6 2.58
2007 4 2.56
2011 4 2.49
1911 8 2.41
1921 10 2.40
1937 2 2.35
1929 9 2.35
2002 2 2.33
1945 4 2.31

Interesting here: normally, top 20 of anomalies prefer to show winter months.
2003, 2006, 2017 broke the rule in France.

Similar things would appear when showing the same kind of data for Germany.

Bonne nuit
J.-P. D.

Michael H Anderson
June 30, 2019 9:15 am

Like alarmists, I’m interested in finding correlations. Europe has of course ramped up its renewable energy generation capability enormously – France is shooting for 23% next year for example. Therefore:

More use of renewable energy sources = more intense heat waves.

Another free statistic to the Climate Commisariat from your truly!

Reply to  Michael H Anderson
June 30, 2019 10:22 am

Michael H Anderson

“More use of renewable energy sources = more intense heat waves.”

Jesus! This is one of the greatest equations evah.
I’m sure Anthony will welcome a great head post of yours about that.

Michael H Anderson
Reply to  Bindidon
June 30, 2019 12:51 pm

Ah, you’re too kind. Just seems hilarious to me that no matter what’s done in terms of throwing billions at “climate change mitigation,” the weather just keeps being the weather.

I can see mass lynchings of world leaders in the future, having gone 100% renewable (yeah, right) and still getting droughts, floods, heat waves, cold snaps, and hurricanes at random. A bunch of demented King Canutes screaming at the weather to do what they want it to. Jesus wept…

Reply to  Michael H Anderson
June 30, 2019 4:16 pm

Michael H Anderson

“… no matter what’s done in terms of throwing billions at “climate change mitigation,” the weather just keeps being the weather. ”

Like so many people, you confound “right now” with “in 50-100 years”.

So for you stopping to worry, I recommend heaviest use of fossile burning (or, if you aren’t intimidated by radioactive waste silently growing everywhere, of nuclear plants).

Michael H Anderson
Reply to  Bindidon
June 30, 2019 8:03 pm

*Like many people* I have followed this non-issue with intense interest and scrutiny for over twenty years. My conclusion was UNAVOIDABLY (and barring apocalypse-level revelation will remain) that it is entirely about money and power.

So go troll somewhere else, why don’t you? Nobody here (or likely anywhere else) gives a rat’s left ball what you think about anything, and if you were an adult you’d understand that. Take a hike, you lightweight.

Reply to  Bindidon
July 1, 2019 10:48 am

Michael H Anderson

“So go troll somewhere else, why don’t you? Nobody here (or likely anywhere else) gives a rat’s left ball what you think about anything, and if you were an adult you’d understand that. Take a hike, you lightweight.”

Like commenter Greg, I recommend you to become a little more polite.
I did not insult anybody here.

But YOU ARE. You simply lack self-control.
And it’s up to anybody to decide who of us is the real troll…

J.-P. D.

June 30, 2019 10:19 am

Many people consider me a warmist, and ha ha haa: I love to help them in getting more and more convinced of their opinion.

We had on the weather web site a max prediction of 37 °C for today, 2019 June 30, and our thermometer indeed showed (only) 35.

{ For the eternal ignorants: weather stations are protected against not only solar radiation, but also… wind (what our thermo-guy on the terrace of course isn’t). }

Since a few weeks this year, we experience something certainly known by people living in hot countries, but which was for us unprecedented: bees land on a water bowl intended for birds and drink whatever they can. Up to 6 at at time.

Last year, there were no bees yet in June. But end of July, we suddenly saw a huge hornet landing on the shell, pumping itself full of water and disappearing. Only eight minutes later it was back, and so it went from morning to evening for a week.

Since the GHCN daily record contains, near temperatures, info about precipitation and wind as well, it might be interesting to construct, for our region, a gridded time series of the product of the three.

Reply to  Bindidon
June 30, 2019 11:40 am

I found some stats about Met France accuracy on their site. In short is was false alarms < 16% ; missed events < 2%. Clearly they have a strategy to mild exaggeration in forcasts to avoid being attacked for not warning people. I usually subtract 2 deg C on the rare occasions I even look at weather forecasts.

June 30, 2019 10:24 am

What a poor argument. The position of a measurement systeem can change a lot, ok. But when it stays in the same place year after year… every year it has the chance to beat a record. Only now it did. What’s the problem?

June 30, 2019 1:10 pm

Vive la asphalt!

Henry chance
June 30, 2019 1:33 pm

I ride mountain bike 400 miles a month. My Garmin plots the temps. It hit 108 on the street 2 weeks ago and hottest weather underground reading in the area was 92 degrees. So I ride a mile and get a cross wind and watch it fall into the 90’s.

Pierre M.
June 30, 2019 2:05 pm

The picture showing where the weather station would be does not seem right.

It is in fact in a field far from any highway.

It a class 3 station (heat sources at more than 10 m, vegetation less than 25 cm, less than 1°C due to overheat after recent inspection of vegetation growth).

See :

Reply to  Pierre M.
June 30, 2019 3:50 pm

Pierre M.

I’m afraid this info won’t interest pseudoskeptics very much.

Michael H Anderson
June 30, 2019 8:28 pm

Ah, I get it: alarmists pretending to be skeptics; pointing out logical fallacies, inconsistencies, conclusion-jumping or in my case JOKES – might be we have a language issue here – and calling their targets “pseudoskeptics.” I see. Almost sorta clever.

Yup…almost. Insert sound of slow, measured, heavy clapping in a big empty hall.

Or maybe you’re trying to “help” the skeptical community by weeding out those not up to your *exacting standard*. Here’s a thought: restrain yourself. We need everyone of voting age on board we can get, kindly don’t bloody alienate anyone, thanks very much for nothing.

Reply to  Michael H Anderson
June 30, 2019 9:08 pm

Not sure what you are ranting about here but seems like you need to take few deep breathes and stop spitting flames and insults. It’s been a pretty well mannered discussion up until now.

Michael H Anderson
Reply to  Greg
July 1, 2019 3:22 am

I’m “ranting” (wtf?) about the troll Bindidon. Take a few breaths yourself, read his posts, then read what I wrote again. And kindly don’t preach to me about manners when I’m addressing people who want to bankrupt the western world – my family and I live there.

Michael H Anderson
Reply to  Greg
July 1, 2019 7:19 am

PS Geez, you’d make a lousy detective Greg. If I was flaming and insulting, you’d know it, believe me. I’m speculating about why someone claiming to be a skeptic would come here to shoot people down and call them “pseudoskeptics.” Same question applies to Steven Mosher BTW. What the hell is this, a skepticism pissing contest?

People conducting these little purges at WUWT made my eyebrows go up, that’s all.

Fabio Capezzuoli
June 30, 2019 9:30 pm

Locating meteo stations can be a real pain. I tried for a number of them in Northern Italy and sometimes the satellite photo shows what looks like the station within a few meters of the marker at the given coordinates.

Other times, the station is much farther from the given coordinates and not seldom it just cannot be found within a reasonable distance. Being in another continent I can only rely on Google and similar services, so that’s a serious limitation to locate stations, I know. There are also few metadata available like instrumentation specs, site classification according to WMO and station moves history.

On a different note, the comparison of rural or semi-rural and urban stations in Northern Italy these days show more or less the same highs, but sensibly higher lows for the urban stations.

Cactus Fractus
June 30, 2019 10:30 pm

Cities are concrete condoms.

Reply to  François
July 1, 2019 11:53 am

“Cette valeur est 16 degrés au-dessus de la normale de fin juin.”

Yeah. 16 °C above or below normal: too much, whichever the direction.

Pamela Gray(@pamelasuemakin)
July 1, 2019 9:42 am

During the peak of a warm interstadial (meaning a less cold 10k to 40k year period during our current glacial period), there is some kind of a record temperature set for whatever reason along a road in some far away or close by spot on the globe. Yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn. Wake me when we all start the slide down to a stadial period, or at least dig me up.

It never ceases to amaze me when scientists who know better think their current job is to alarmingly save humanity from an interstadial. We are in a glacial period and should be on our knees thanking the heavens above for our good fortune of living during this pleasant less cold period!


John Dilks
Reply to  Pamela Gray
July 1, 2019 8:06 pm

I second that.

July 2, 2019 1:10 am

The record temperature of 28 June 2019, according to Meteo France, has been measured at a location called Gallargues-le-Montueux, with 45.9 C.

Link to the French web site here:

Gallargues-le-Montueux is located in the Gard Department (30).

The weather station which has measured it belongs to an “amateur” network called “Reseau StatIC”.

It is a screen-less Davis Vantage instrument, placed about 1 m above a light-colored roof, with typical (for the area) tiles made of terracotta.

A couple of photos of the weather station can be found here:

Reply to  robertok06
July 2, 2019 8:50 am


Look at my posting there:

It was several tiemes stated in this discussion that is was not the rooftop-station but rathter the first station listed in my reply:

The station report clearly states that these station with above 45°C temperatures were existing beofre the 2003 heat wave and the Gallargues-le-Montueux was downgraded to a class 3 temperature site since the canal close to it might attenuate the temperatures. Yet it has a more than 3 decades of TMax reports (which are ongoing).

The other two sites are better located due to a more distant location from buildings and structures.


Villevielle Tmax 45.4°C
43.795278N, 4.090833E

Marsillargues 45.1°C
43.633889N, 4.168056E

Steve O
July 2, 2019 7:00 am

Someone needs to “innocently” park a truck in such a way that will give them a record of 50!

That the reading was artificially inflated would be an inescapable conclusion, which may serve to get people to question the other record as well.

Reply to  Steve O
July 2, 2019 8:52 am

you are discussing the worng weather station.

Therefore your statement is wrong.


Reply to  Steve O
July 2, 2019 10:16 am

This is the official station of the French Moteo network:


Andrew F
Reply to  MFKBoulder
July 4, 2019 5:25 am

who cares about 45 odd in 2019 if, as reported in the media in 1930, it hit 50C that year somewhere in the Loire?

Bob Webster
July 4, 2019 4:36 am

Since 1960, the count of USA State All-Time record Low and High temperatures show:

22 all-time record low temperatures set.

14 all-time record high temperatures set.

1960s: 3 low, 1 high
1970s: 4 low, 2 high
1980s: 7 low, 4 high
1990s: 5 low, 5 high
2000s: 1 low, 1 high
2010s: 2 low, 1 high

in the new millennium, 3 all-time record low temperatures vs. 2 all-time record high temperatures.

Do we have a global warming problem, or a global cooling problem?

And, in either event, what real evidence (not theory-based) exists that implicates anything humans do has any measurable impact?