Friday Funny – or not so funny – Colorado fracktivist goes off the rails

From the “by their deeds you will know them” department. Massive rant in a hate mail to Climate Depot’s Marc Morano after his recent House Natural Resources Committee testimony.

Warning – graphic language – violence, rated R This was originally published at Climate Depot, and republished here at WUWT to demonstrate just how ugly, vile, and irrational some climate warriors have become.

Here is the email sent yesterday….

‘F*CK YOU! DROP DEAD MOTHERF*CKER!!’ Morano receives threat after Congressional testimony – ‘May you die by [your children’s] hand!’ – WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

May 23, 2019 threat to Morano: 

Tim Remple <>: Excerpt: “Whereas you appeared on public at the recent House Natural Resources Committee, and

Whereas you said things that indicate your guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and Ecocide,You are hereby official and irrevocably CURSED: 

May you live long enough that your children and grandchildren likewise see the end of ALL LIFE on Planet Earth,

May they, when they understand what they YOU have done,

Ask you, “How the FUCK could you have done this to us??!!??

And may they then kill you!

May you die by their hand!

Looking them in the eye as THEY end your miserable life!!!!!”

122 thoughts on “Friday Funny – or not so funny – Colorado fracktivist goes off the rails

  1. CDS
    Climate Derangement Syndrome

    This is the kind of crazy that the Beto and OCA get their support from

    • This specific behavior is way beyond CDS.

      This is what you get when a child is protected from reality until the kid stops growing (NOTE: this used to be referred to as “adulthood”, but the term no longer applies). You end up with a “proto-adult”: they look & sound like an adult, but they are extremely emotionally immature, find victimization in their own shadow, and have never really been socialized.

      If the world isn’t EXACTLY like what they expect, the above letter is a perfect example of their pathetic attempt to communicate; this behavior is found in Anthony’e email inbox, as well as almost any comments section of internet news.

      It has to be a miserable existence to wake up each morning wondering if mom & dad have died yet & left you the ranch.

      • Every distribution has a tail where the extremism lives. Making fatter tails and moving the distribution ever leftward produces more left-end tail outcomes. It produces evermore crazies like Mr Pemple here.

        • I think the name is Remple, not Pemple. Probably you were trying to make it similar to Pimple. An understandable misreading. Still pathetic.

          • Pimple , Remple, Rumple, whatever. He’s dumb.

            “ugly, vile, and irrational ” yes but it is not a “threat” as the article claims. You can not threaten someone by simply wishing ill on them at the hand of their own off-spring. Take that email to the police and they will say , we can not act on that , there is no threat of violence.

            To threaten someone implies that you will do something yourself or have the power to make something happen to them.

            May you live long enough that your children and grandchildren likewise see the end of ALL LIFE on Planet Earth

            What this fool does not seem to realise is that he is by his own words wishing for the end of all life on planet Earth ( just to spite Moreno ). Funny for someone who thinks he is concerned.

            Maybe it would be more useful to say:

            May you be totally right that this is not a problem and the world is not about to end.

            May my children and grandchildren be full of forgiveness and understanding that I campaigned to ruin their futures because of my belief in a false problem which I did not take the time to understand did not exist.

            May they not hate me for my part in destroying the proserous life style they should have enjoyed.

            May they not say to me : “How the F*CK could you have done this to us??!!??

          • And I would wish or the delightful [Sarc, mods, definitely SARC] Mr Remple to never own a shoe without a well-worn hole in the sole.


      • You really nailed it. “Proto-adult” I know people like that and was having trouble identifying the species. 😊

    • ‘This is the kind of crazy that the Beto and OCA get their support from’

      Or, it’s the kind of hate they stir up with their rhetoric.

      Fascist methods produce fascist results. Every time.

      • It might certainly be called hate speech in Norway, though the police generally only react against such abuse towards leftists and immigration.

        Just let Mr. Remple stew in his global warming spittle, shouting only creates temporal deafness.
        I rest my upper case case.

        • How true. The police no longer serve the general public but act as a para-military force for the left wing liberal elite.

    • I suspect its a subconscious release of the pent-up anxiety that all of us experience from dealing with day to day life.

      • Well, isn’t that nice of you, giving behaviour like that a pass. Isn’t that what we always hear from the neighbours and family after the fact? “He seemed like such a nice guy, kept to himself, we never would’ve imagined he could do something like that.”

        I can just imagine my wife’s look if I started talking about somebody the way this sick bastard did.

    • Occasionally-Conscious now thinks that a tornado warning for Washington DC means that climate change is moving tornadoes to WDC!!!!!!!!

      And that bit of nonsense was addressed by a local weatherman, and deflected in a polite and professionally accurate way.

      This outburst from someone who obviously has mental issues that make AOC’s silliness pale by comparison is uncalled for. He should be careful what he wishes for. It could happen to him. What a WHACK job!!

      Did anyone reprimand him for that? Just glad to know what he’s really like, deep down inside: a Very, Very Hollow Man.

      I have to admit that I do not understand one tiny bit of this rancorous crazypants stuff. Maybe it’s better to not understand it, and just get out of their way as they run galloping off the cliff’s edge.

      • They’re nuttier than a scorched peanut bar Sara but if not challenged then can and do obtain actual political clout, which makes them dangerous to the rest of us (see comment down bottom of page).

      • Some people just have a screw loose, and this guy certainly does. People like him simply cannot deal with those that disagree with him or the movement he has apparently joined. His little world is being shattered.

    • Ms. Cortez is a much better form of address. After all, her namesake, Hernán Cortés, was one of the best of the Conquistadores. He destroyed the Aztec empire, and conquered large parts of Mexico.

      Just wonderful guy to have as a namesake.

  2. Friday “Funny” ????
    Find tha not funny at all.
    It shows the illnes of our society in post modern times 🙁

  3. Indicative of spoiled brats not getting what they want when other people disagree with them. If anyone remembers the beginning of the Greens in Germany you remember them escalating from posters & graffiti -> demonstrations -> destroying property -> killing people. For them the end always justifies the means.

    • Otherwisw known as “Social Entitlement”
      Most socializations are via Social Media and around 70% of their daily life is spent staring at either a 5″ screen, an 8″ screen, a 10″ screen or a 32″ monitor
      (not that there is anything wrong with staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day, some jobe demand it.) it is the Antisocial Media like Facebook or Twitter wehre everyone maligns everyone else that creates the problem

    • “For them the end always justifies the means.”

      Although, a case could be made that in their case, the means is the end. They kill 20,000 pensioners in England every year with their policies that made electric heating unaffordable, hence death by hypothermia.

    • Do they grind your legs in a wood chipper (like Saddam’s sons) to evoke that kind of hateful derangement?

  4. Derangement is what happens when a person’s delusional beliefs are challenged by reality.

    Tim Remple needs help and supervision

  5. Tim Remple provides a perfect illustration of Climate Change Psychosis – an abnormal (irrational fear) based condition of the mind that results in difficulties telling what is real and what is not.

  6. Weird how some people want to become crusaders based on a false narrative such as CC. And by the way whoever wrote that you just know uses fossil fuels every single day…the HYPOCRITE!

  7. Climate Derangement Syndrome.
    – One part of me wants to laugh at and mock them. But another thought I have is pity and how sad it is for someone to have lost their mind like that. Afterall, Mr Remple’s higher cognitive collapse is a likely outcome under the onslaught of climate porn and propaganda being fed him. I Blame Tim Cook (and the urban-dwelling, white elitist Liberal class he associates with).

  8. People aren’t well anchored today, are they? How many leftists and activists have you met who were happy people? I the ones I know or know of seem pretty miserable.

    This also illustrates the problems in promoting climate skepticism. When people’s beliefs and values come from feelings and not facts, they will never be persuaded by facts or logic.

    I believe liberals/leftists/progressives are generally feeling oriented instead of fact oriented. I also believe the leaders want to keep people angry and afraid so they can keep the power and money flowing.

    • jep


      But we better get used to it – the AOC crowd will make sure this is the “public dialog” (I scream & you listen) for the next 10 years.

    • If you are 20 and not registered Democrat you have no feelings. If you are 40 and still registered as Democrat you heve lost the ability to think with your head

  9. How liberating, thoughtful debate from one of the CAWG faithful. How unusual to find such a kind, conscientious, upstanding person willing to engage in a liberal back and forth conversation. (extreme sarcasm for the /sarc challenged).

    • He doesn’t have a cogent counterpoint to Marc Morano’s Congressional Testimony, it is after all much easier to make up stuff and scream at the top of his voice, Threats and curses are easy, even a cave child can do that.

      Mature thoughtful counter replies require maturity and intelligence to produce, he clearly doesn’t have that capability.

      This is a child in a mans body.

      • Surely you mean “a young person as yet undeveloped fully, masquerading as an adult human of uncertain identity, that will one day declare their alignment in the multi grade of sexual possibilities detailed in the 21st century by millennials.
        To just call him “a child in a man’s body” is not allowed in these more enlightened times…go to the back of the class Tommy, and write out 100 times “Common Purpose will be my guide”!!

    • The power to pronounce a curse, but not the power to change their ways or to magically “fix” the environment.

      What is sad though is the request for evil, misery and suffering to cause a change in heart.

      Most people use/prefer/respond to positive reinforcement to achieve goals, these people demand pain and death.

  10. How does a person respond to that ?

    It’s so ridiculous as to cause a non-response.

    Alternatively, I think that I would send this person a recipe for my killer chocolate cake, tell him to make one, and eat it.

  11. How long before this guy starts demanding the death penalty for anyone who disagrees with him?

    • He already has. In effect at least. I’m not sure he would be so keen if he was the one who had to throw the switch or pull the lever.

      Though maybe he doesn’t see Morano as a human being so just throwing him off a roof or shooting him would be like squashing a bug to him. He really does have a problem!

    • Canada’s very own climate hypocrite in chief (David Suzuki) has long been demanding jail time for people who don’t happen to agree with his own views. Beautiful hypocrisy, get rich off the public purse, make yourself a high CO2 lifestyle (multiple homes, travel etc.) then demand that everyone else do as you say. It’s high time there was intervention and treatment for these delusional hypocrites- or at least a nice round room to rage in.

      • I’m curious to know why my reply to this which consisted of the last 5 words of the last sentence with the addition of “without the padding” has been moderated out.

  12. Such implacable hatred must be quite a burden to carry around. If this person’s mind is not yet warped, it will be if they continue on this course.

  13. What the heck is “Ecocide”? Is that what vegetarians and vegans commit with their dietary choices?

    • I was going to make a smart-ass comment, but then I realised there might be a real definition for it.

      destruction of the natural environment, especially when deliberate.

      Not as meaningful as Homicide. The definition seems a bit arbitrary.

      I do wonder what “destruction” means when it comes a natural environment. Does it have a time limit? You could nuke a desert and within a couple years you’d never know it was done.

  14. As some wag once noted, when you run out of bullets, you start throwing mud. I guess these ranting folk have run out of bullets.

  15. So when do the real attacks come? Car bombings, assassination/beheadings, etc or the nonbelievers and apostates?

    • They are so angry because they know practically nothing except what the lamestream media tells them.

  16. A loyal and ever faithful climate scare cult member to the end. Does not sound as though he will ever lose the faith.

    • Damn I should have read the comments before contacting the Senior Software Engineer’s employer for being an unhinged lunatic.

      Tim a frequent contributor to local newspaper.

  17. That literally screams helplessness, powerlessness, and a general unhingedness. A good example of why people like this should be kept as far away from any levers of power as possible.

  18. We can certainly thank the left for the coarseness of the language
    we read everywhere these days!

  19. Ranter accuses Marc Morano of “Ecocide” ??

    ‘Ecocide’ Would Criminalize Resource Development

    I have written often here of the threat posed by the “nature rights” movement, designed by radical environmentalists to thwart large scale development and extraction of natural resources by allowing anyone to sue to uphold nature’s “rights” to “exist and persist.” The movement has been gaining ground for the last several years, most recently with voters in Toledo granting “rights” to Lake Erie.
    Think of “nature rights” as a metaphorical shield against human thriving from the bounties of the earth. But radical environmentalists also have a spear — the “ecocide” movement. Ecocide activists are striving to enact international laws that would punish those who make large-scale uses of nature as criminals, equivalently odious as perpetrators of genocide and ethnic cleansing. In other words, oil-industry executives and the like could find themselves in the dock at the Hague facing years in prison.

  20. This letter may some day end up in the Colorado fracktivist’s personnel file – if the fracktivist is employable that is.

  21. The FBI has a cyber security division for such terrorist threats. It is quite easy to use.

  22. When you make yourself a public voice in a hot debate, on either side, you can expect to hear from kooks. Mr. Moreno knows that.

    Stop your whining, silly snowflake. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • Drawing attention to the rantings of mentally unstable people like Mr. Remple (Example: “…I wish Greens had surface-to-air missiles…”) should not be considered whining. What if some random commenter on WUWT suggested that their tall, skinny friend, Mr. Creedmoor, be personally introduced to Albert because he throws around the term silly snowflake? Albert could be rightfully concerned about that potential introduction, and I would not consider it whining if Albert shared that concern with others.

  23. I credit professor John Ridpath for explaining that their means to knowledge is emotions, so when they are failing they just intensify their emotions.

    We know they are violent people, for example:
    – Eco-terrorists like the bunch who burned a resort in Colorado because they claimed the Canadian Lynx was headed for extinction, there at the southern limit of its range. (Hint: mebbe it is called ‘Canadian’ for a reason.)
    – Eco-activists who want to tattoo questioners, Nationalsozialistische style
    – Politicians who commit a criminal act, as Canadian MP Elizabeth May did to block surveying for TMPX pipeline expansion, twice (second time pre-mediated 6 months ahead, in violation of a court order). The scummy claims she is for peace!
    – Etc.

    As they deny the human mind’s effectiveness for life they are collectivists, as typical collectivists they believe in mob action. Dangerous people.

    Problem is voters electing politicians who do not fund police to spot and investigate them. Even elect scummies like Elizabeth May.

  24. It will only be a 30 year wait to see the inside story of how the mega marijuana companies in Colorado manipulate the chemistry of addiction while downplaying the psychosis.

    • Well, sure. It’s already been going on at the grow-op level for decades. Ever met anyone who had to spend a month in a locked psych ward because of the strength of the weed they were using? I have. And isn’t it interesting that so many people seem to need to start their day with it, use it throughout the day, and end their day with it, never thinking for a moment that this is perfectly analogous to someone who has to have a pint of vodka on their person at all times to get through the day.

      Every MD I’ve ever known has ever been perfectly frank about the fact that playing fast and loose with your neurochemistry is incredibly stupid, but somehow the message isn’t getting out there, replaced instead with a barrage of propaganda about how it’s practically a panacea from people who positioned themselves to profit from it.

      Yet another wonderful legacy of those fab Sixties, like everything else in the leftist program.

      • It is in no way analogous to the use of ethanol which is toxic at any dose. Analogies are not reasons, anyway. You can only make a logical argument from reason, you know.
        Your marijuana derangement syndrome has poor anectdotal basis and you can’t blame the logic fail on anything of the sort.
        What may be bad for you is not your right to proscribe for anybody else.
        Perhaps you might try minding your own business and see if that works for you because all your angst over others is bound to make your stigmata bleed, bro.
        Silly, humorless person.

  25. We can certainly thank the LEFT for the coarseness of the
    language we read everywhere these days!

    • Tim Remple skipped not only Fridays at school: The CURSE should not be” official and irrevocably”. Or maybe it’s just a typo, but then he should pay more attention to details – even to details of his own CURSE. It may ricochet, study Harry Potter.

    • Like most leftists, his view of what conservatives think and believe is far from accurate.

    • TR’s 2009 post (cited above) seems fairly rational. The 2018 and 2019 posts seem chronologically more unhinged. Draw conclusions as you wish.

    • If the same person, there seems to be a change from 2009 to 2018, and even more so until now.
      However, he may have had to “be Nice” to get published.
      Marc Morano’s Climate Depot would not have filtered, and Remple (if it is he) would know that.

      I’ll just thank Marc (and A. Watts) for being the lightening rods for such people.
      That said, Mr. Remple should seek help.

  26. Who will Tim Remple focus his anger on when it turns out CAGW is a hoax and he has been duped by people who set out to fool him and have put him in this mental state of terror and anguish for personal and/or political gain?

    Tim should start out by reading those Climategate emails. Maybe that will get him on the right track and ease his fears as he realizes that things might not be as bad as they seem, or as they have been presented by Climategate Charlatans. They’ve done a lot of damage to people with their deceptions. Tim Remple is a casualty of their lies. One of many.

    • He will never be able to admit that CAGW is a hoax, he will just declare that more and more people are being taken in by big oil money.

  27. This is what happens when you create a fake morality based on self righteousness. You end up projecting your inner emptiness onto your imagined enemies. This is why it’s so ugly. You’re looking into his soul and it’s a bleak dark hopeless place.

  28. Is it beyond the pale to start using the tactics of our adversaries and refer to this kind of thing as climophobia?

  29. In my own understanding, the worst that a human can do is threatening others with the clause of
    “guilty of Crimes Against Humanity”…

    Even a warning in that given point will be very very daring, but a threat, as far as I can tell, in that given account;
    it is terminal by default, or at the very least plain stupidity in steroids, and very much self destructive.

    Gosh, really wish that this person and likes of him can really distinguish between a threat and a warning when it comes to the “guilty of Crimes Against Humanity”…
    as, as far as I can tell, in the end humanity catches up with such as crimes, no matter how long it may take,,, and also it, is one and maybe the only of most indisputable cases
    where humanity always has shown a clear total lack of mercy and forgiveness of any kind…either in the case of direct or indirect involvement… with this, the worst of all crimes…

    Maybe, I just going a bit too “hot” with this one…but it is how I see it…
    pardon me if it happens to be an overrated statement in this given point.


  30. On-line, there appears to be only a couple “Tim Remple” in CO, one of which is a practicing MD, and the other is a “software engineer” with the following interesting Linkedin profile (

    o Continuously employed in a wide variety of techie-software jobs since 1978 (I’d guess this is a 62-year-old Boomer, definitely not a Millennial)
    o the Linkedin profile lists continuous employment with 23 different employers from 1978-2019 (42 years)
    o Average length of employment: 1.8 yrs; median length: 1.25 yrs; longest: 9 years
    o 12 different employers since 1995 (24 years), only one of which lasted more than 1.5 years

    o Sample on-line Tim Rempel rant: “…How I wish Greens had surface-to-air missiles, and would use them to blow the corporate jets of Exxon and Koch Brothers and Trump and so many others right out of the sky! But, alas, no such luck…” (

    • Perhaps he suffers from dyslexia and thinks he’s 26 instead of 62. given the state of the email and your listed rants, I would think you found him .

  31. mental issues.
    I am sure they exist on both sides of the debate.

    the best we can do is not inflame them, and keep safe

  32. In your twisted dreams Rim Temple. Morano’s Kids aren’t going to kill him. And neither are you and neither are your kids, you gutless punk.

  33. Let’s be honest… profanity be damned, Morano will be wearing that like a medal.. 😛

  34. That person’s paycheck must depend of “Green Energy” or maybe he/she put all their money into Tesla shares.

  35. Remple reader comment excerpt:

    “How I wish Greens had surface-to-air missiles, and would use them to blow the corporate jets of Exxon and Koch Brothers and Trump and so many others right out of the sky! But, alas, no such luck.

    The people, Alex, who WILL turn even more violent are the right wing fascists who will kill anybody who even tries to stand in their way of them continuing to drive their super-sized trucks, on diesel, with the coal burner attached to the exhaust! The Ted Nuggent’s of the world. They WILL kill in order to try to save themselves, and their way of life.

    Alex, if you live long enough, and keep doing Radio EcoShock, you’ll get to report on that happening — until folks like that take you out too.

    The U.S. is perhaps singularly situated to be the worst of the worst of it. A nation full of guns. A nation increasingly populated by the morbidly obese, who are physically incapable of doing much, except pulling a trigger. A nation where maybe a full third of the population who are, effectively, homicidal as well as insane — people like Trump, and his supporters.

    When the denial starts to crumble, and the anger phase sets it, boy is it going to be one hell of a show!! Maybe, for a while, those who are getting screwed, (the other two-thirds of the U.S. population,) will get violent — and take out the corporate-backed politicians and right wing crazies and the fossil fuel corporations and the NRA. I’m not going to hold my breath on that one ….”
    Posted by Tim Remple on 7/6/16 2:27pm


    [Block Quotes added to clarify it was a quote. Mod]

  36. Sounds like a typical liberal to me. You know, the one who is preaching tolerance and PC correctness? This is how they talk when they are faced with someone who is out-of-line with their message.

    100% emotion.

    0% logic.

  37. This actually sounds quite a lot like the sort of thing Australian Greens senator Richard Di-Natale would shriek in a room full of people. Or else Greens Senator Adam Bandt, or else, Greens Senator Sara Hansen-Young. They may not use that particular wording but their tone and crazy level is very much moving in the same path. The Greens Party really is this insane, and their leaders say the most outlandish false hysterical things on a regular basis. So it’s no surprise their Disciples (10.1% of the voting public as of last Saturday night) exhibit high-grade stupidity as well.

    Each of these have a history of extreme exaggerations, laughably playing a fake ‘victim’, whenever they can, and spreading irrational factose-intolerant hysteria without batting a eyelid. Such unhinged lunatics are a significant political block, 10.1% of the electorate respond to their irrational hysterical nonsense.

    I strongly suspect mental-weakness, if not full blown mental-illness combined with a culture of recreational drug use, has a lot to do with their internal ‘dialogue’ and external narrative, ignorance and lies.

    They simultaneously cast an image of being the most educated, moral, enlightened and virtue-signaling people who have ever lived, yet each underlying fact of their known history and each remark they make reveals the diametric opposite, they’re simply unhinged crazy people and their leaders are on the margins of the legislative process. And this last election cycle it looked like they were actually going to be major participants in the making of the laws of the land.

    The crazy eco-loons and their leadership need to be exposed and laughed out of the room with known facts and logic at each opportunity or they really could in the course of events gain significant political power and leverage to more openly permit their inner moonbats to roam wild and free.

  38. The poor Activist is a shining example of why you do not allow your emotions to rule you.
    Most people have this figured out in their late teens,cause life tends to educate the emoter real quick.
    That school of hard knocks can reach most .
    Well protected children may make it to 30 , but not if they have to earn a living.
    Striving to be a rational person,is what parents spend their lives teaching their children, without an ability to reason a person cannot be a functioning citizen.

    Small wonder the scientific method has no place in The Cult of Calamitous Climate, one has to be able to reason, before one can check their observations.

    • Remple may have gotten away with it for longer via acting autistic, thus given more latitude to behave like a fruitcake. If he’s really been working as much as his CV given above states, he’s not a maladjusted rich kid. And how long was he actually employed in each job. Not long I suspect. Charismatic and confident enough to gain employment when he wanted it but not skilled or tolerable enough to be worth keeping for long.

  39. What you have here is a superb example of someone who feels desperately threatened when it’s pointed out that the purported increase in catastrophes isn’t happening and that the warming that’s probably occurred doesn’t amount to a lot over 170 or so years. He finds this threatening because like so many others, he has built his entire sense of self-worth around the virtue-on-the-cheap that’s offered by the bogus religion of climate-change resistance, i.e., you too can be a hero without actually facing any hazard: just spend your time hectoring people who aren’t upset about carbon dioxide, and you’ll have 1) saved the planet; 2) put ‘mean people’ in their place; and 3) won full absolution for all your personal shortcomings. That’s an awful lot to lose just by someone calmly pointing out the emperor has no clothes, so no wonder he’s upset.

  40. “Ah, Tim Remple. Come in, come in. Please just sit over there on the sofa. Make yourself comfortable.”
    “Yes, yes you can take your shoes off if you wish.”
    Later …
    “…so Tim was it before or after you first had thoughts that your mother doesn’t love you, that you started to have these feelings of inadequacy?”

    “Umm, yes very interesting. So that was when these rages started?”

  41. May as well be cursing the weather.
    But really this guy is a poster child for the rabid lefty who would turn to eco terrorism and worse.
    Is there any doubt he would dictate that Morano et al be executed if he could do so?

  42. Grammar, it is the difference between-
    Knowing your s#it
    And knowing you’re s#it

    End of lesson.

  43. This individual made me think of my grandmother, who taught me two important lessons when I was very young. They seem related in this case.

    Once when I was about ten years old I said “damn it” when some model airplane parts wouldn’t fit together. She gently admonished me: “Joey, cursing is what people do when they have nothing intelligent to say”. With the exception of the occasional hammer/thumb interface, I pretty much stick to that sound advice.

    A few years later when I expressed frustration after trying to talk sense into someone, she provided some additional clarity: “Never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person”.

    Smart lady. These two pieces of advice help when faced with the rage of the idiotic, though unfortunately I have to activate them a lot these days.

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