Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Radical Green British Labour Leader’s Private Home

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Sometimes greens do things which even they struggle to explain.

Eco-warriors target Jeremy Corbyn by glueing themselves to his home in bid to force Labour green policies – but he REFUSES to meet them and instead sends wife out to return flowers given to him by protesters

PUBLISHED: 01:37 AEST, 18 April 2019 | UPDATED: 02:12 AEST, 18 April 2019

Climate change protesters glued themselves to Jeremy Corbyn‘s home today as they continue to cause chaos around London‘s transport network. 

Four activists who sat outside the Labour leader’s home in Islington, North London, said they were are ‘all Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ but want the Labour Party to go further than declaring a ‘climate emergency’. 

But Mr Corbyn refused to speak to the protesters and his wife Laura Alvarez was sent outside to return gifts of Easter eggs and flowers that had been given to him by the activists earlier. 

The protesters later said they felt guilty about their actions and 55-year-old Tracee Williams added the group ‘felt terrible’ about upsetting Ms Alvarez. 

It is unclear exactly what the protesters want Labour to do, while the party have not been spelled out what their green plans are to tackle the ’emergency’. 

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What rational explanation is there for greens to glue themselves to the private home of their main champion in the British parliament? After giving him and his wife Easter gifts?

My personal theory is, they all got a little confused because of the superglue.

Over the last week in Britain, eco-activists have been using gallons of superglue to attach themselves to every conceivable surface.

During this period they must have absorbed substantial quantities of cyanoacrylates, and mildly toxic petrochemical solvents like acetone, liberal application of which is the fastest way to dissolve a superglue bond.

Perhaps all this inadvertent glue sniffing is finally having an impact.

77 thoughts on “Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Radical Green British Labour Leader’s Private Home

      • No, it is a petrochemical polymer manufactured with “dirty” energy. They should be ashamed to even own such a product.

        More green hypocrisy .

        Glad to see Corbyn was his usual down to earth self and dismissed them very effectively.

  1. “But Mr Corbyn refused to speak to the protesters and his wife Laura Alvarez was sent outside to return gifts of Easter eggs and flowers that had been given to him by the activists earlier.”

    His wife was “sent outside”?? Brave of you Mr. Corbyn. However, never accept food gifts from activists! Never ever! So good call to hand back the items.

    • It’s not a question of “bravery”, they were glued to the railings after all. Hardly a threat. Refusing to see them was the only way to treat such a stupid attention seeking stunt. He did EXACTLY the right thing.

  2. Corbyn is many things, most of them unprintable, but you couldn’t call him a radical green. He’s only latched onto it in the last year to to try and secure his youthful middle class voters.

    • Piers Corbyn is the UK’s leading climate sceptic. And we have Monckton, among others.

      Jeremy Corbyn knows about this subject. He doesn’t believe it’s the end of the world. But he also believes that AGW is not important.

      A Mass is worth Paris. A recycling box is worth Downing Street.

      But don’t think he will be another Maggie Thatcher in hyping climate alarmism. He knows the reality.

      • Closing the first day of conference, Corbyn told the Dundee audience: “It’s working class communities that suffer the worst pollution and the worst air quality. It’s working class people who will lose their jobs as resources run dry. And it is working class people who will be left behind as the rich escape rising sea levels.”

        But don’t think he will be another Maggie Thatcher…

      • As a point of information, I always point out to people when they accuse me of being a “climate skeptic”, that I am nothing of the kind, I’ve been well aware that the Earth possesses a climate for a very long time, I merely doubt that Human activity is having any significant affect upon it! 😉

  3. I really don’t care about the motivation but I hope these folks would just keep on with the moronic stunts. It just makes more and more people pay attention to how much nonsense they are spewing

  4. How many will get cancer because of this stunt? And how many of those will blame Roundup! for their cancer?

  5. Yup. The nuts eat themselves. Is there a better illustration than this of why they must be stopped, crushed as a cultural force, and deprogrammed. We will not follow them down the rabbit hole to societal hell. Every little bit of this goes back to the failure of socialism in The UK, in Eastern Europe, in Asia, in all but a very few prison nations. The Left was discredited everywhere but found it’s salvation in environmentalism. That’s what the Green Party is. Socialists who saw the need for new messaging. The rot in western societies is deep. Deeper than it was during the cold war. It’s going to be a long march out.

  6. Mr Corbyn’s brother is a well-known sceptic who undoubtedly has informed his brother in great detail.

      • Actually Ian, Piers Corbyn DID appear on the BBC. I was shocked too! He had a guest slot on Andrew Neil’s “This Week” programme which follows Question Time on Thursdays on BBC1 (until It ends when Andrew Neil steps down in July). He gave full vent to his feelings and facts on the programme on Thursday, 3rd December, 2015 – I recorded it. I wouldn’t say that Piers is the best exponent to have speak for our ’cause’; he lacks the air of authority, gravitas and polish of trained presenters. However, he certainly got his points across.

  7. That’s easy to fix – just pull REAL hard.

    Make sure you bring a camera to record the expressions on their faces.

    • 10 pack for about 3$ au…aquadhere is far more expensive
      pity someone doesnt squirt a hell of a lot more to ensure all over stickines and leave em for 24hrs to endure no water no toilet;-)

  8. I’d be fine with a bunch of eco-nutters gluing themselves to my fence.

    At least until they started to rot.

  9. Awwww – No pictures?
    A few suggestions for green glued gobs:
    A perfect opportunity get out the garden hose and wash the stains off the house siding. Use the pressure washer, if needed, for persistent stains.
    Or just paint over the ‘bits’ that don’t match the house paint?
    Buy a bushel of tomatoes and invite your best mates over for a competitive throwing event.
    Bring the tower speakers out and play screaming heavy metal music for your captive audience.

    • You beat me to it. I’d set up the lawn sprinkler and let it go for a couple of hours. Move it around a bit to make sure all areas are thoroughly soaked. Manure the garden, maybe. Oh, and the toilet is NOT available, sorry lads.

      • liberal application of some dynamic lifter pellets prior to watering fo extra bonus points;-)
        makes your eyes water just opening the bag
        fresh pigpoop or some grape marc would be excellent also

  10. These people are NOT either green or climate activists. They are bog standard anarchists hell bent on disrupting civilised society for marxist purposes. We oldies have seen it all before.
    They lie in their teeth enlisting the climate hysteria as cover for their true purpose.
    Come on you journalists call them out and show them for what they are.

  11. If this is what they do with super glue in public, I wouldn’t even like to know how they use super lubricants in private.

  12. “Perhaps all this inadvertent glue sniffing is finally having an impact.”
    They believe in the ecofascist version of climate change, what makes you think the glue sniffing is something new?

  13. Meanwhile China is building new coal plants. Why don’t these people protest in China? 30 years ago in Tiananmen square protesters were willing to die for political freedoms. If these climate protestors aren’t willing to do the same thing for allegedly even a greater cause, they are a joke. Why should anyone take them seriously?

    • They would disappear into re-education facilities, aka concentration camps, pronto. No kudos in that.

  14. Probably by prior agreement. Jeremy is a watermelon. He needs more traction to force his green policies on his party.

  15. Anyone who believes that the number of nut cases is declining worldwide just has to meet a few of the more extreme climate alarmists.

  16. It may be worth while to find by which company makes super glue. If these people keep this up the stock could go up.
    Will gorilla glue try and compete; I can just see the future ads and promo’s. Don’t you just love capitalism.


  17. 😎
    They got their headline. That’s all they wanted.

    In a related note, one of the new nuts in the US Congress has called on her followers to go the US southern border and go on a “hunger strike” to protest something or other. If they get a headline, I doubt any of them will lose any weight.
    If they don’t get a headline and continue, no great loss.

  18. We used to catch snapping turtles, then paint our initials on their shell before releasing them.
    In Illinois.

  19. These protesters should not have been using glue made from petrochemicals. They should be showing us how it’s going to be done in a post-fossil-fuel world. Glue will be made the same way it was in the pre-fossil-fuel days, from the bones, hooves and other discarded parts of worn-out horses. There will of course be lots of horses hauling stuff around, just as there were in the good old days, so glue will be one of the commodities that won’t become unavailable.

    The old type of glue wasn’t convenient; you had to heat it to soften it, then wait for it to cool down and harden, and it smelled really bad. I’m just old enough to remember my father using it in carpentry; and I’m really glad it’s not around any more, thanks be to fossil fuel.

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