Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames an Employee for the Green New Deal FAQ Blunder

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the “Farting Cows” blunder was not her fault.

AOC blames aide for ‘farting cows’ Green New Deal document

by Jerry Dunleavy
March 30, 2019 03:53 PM

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., blamed an unnamed aide for the document that was sent out to the media and posted on her congressional website during the disastrous February rollout of her Green New Deal climate plan. 

But the rollout hit an immediate snag: a confusing six-page Green New Deal FAQ document that had also been sent to the media by Ocasio-Cortez’s office and posted on her website.

Among other things, it proposed providing “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work” and called for “a full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases.”

“We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast,” the Green New Deal FAQ document read.

Read more:

The Green New Deal FAQ document which contains the embarrassing farting cows reference;

I think it is kindof sweet that AOC seems to have forgiven whichever unnamed staffer inadvertently helped make her Green New Deal look like such an amateur effort.

181 thoughts on “Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames an Employee for the Green New Deal FAQ Blunder

        • On that one I was going by my memory of Harper throwing people under the bus. As much as I have profound respect for his intelligence, abilities, and achievements, in that particular regard he was a real jerk.

          • Joey March 31, 2019 at 10:09 am

            Harper was the best Prime Minister Canada has had in the last 50 years, Comrade.

            I didn’t say he wasn’t. I said he could be a real jerk. I also said I had profound respect for him. I didn’t say I liked him.

        • “The Globe & Mail is Canada’s equivalent to The New York Times.”

          You mean a hard left Stalinist rag?

      • Flatulent bovines causing global warming dates back to at least the early 1990’s. In one of the factories I worked, I had responsibility for our environmental compliance programs. I distinctly remember seeing in a newsletter that the USEPA was going to study the amount of methane generated by cows and its affect on Global Warming. That was probably my first revelation that the whole environmentalist movement was a whacked-out scam.

        I always think of the vast herds of bison and buffalo that used to roam the plains of North America before they were almost exterminated. I’m curious how much methane they produced vs the methane produced by bovines today. Would be an interesting thesis in a free academic and research environment. I’d think any attempt to research this, though, would bring many dooms upon the head of the researcher who dared to question the current orthodoxy.

        • Exactly correct for the “vast herds of bison and buffalo”, Buckeyebob, and to double down on the effect the pioneers in covered wagon trains collected the buffalo chips and burned them for campfires. Maybe this should be the starting point for AGW?

        • Buckeye

          The problem I have with the cow farts meme is that the methane is generated in the four stomachs of the cows, and is burped out. If someone is unaware of which end of the cow emits methane, can we dare trust their judgement on the management of the whole ecosystem?

        • Wasting time studying methane under the premise that it is a greenhouse gas makes a serious error, as methane is not a greenhouse gas, there is no such thing.

          Even if methane could warm the atmosphere, its effects are too small to measure, undetectable.

          Methane has a 5 year half life in the atmosphere and is thus rather volatile and temporary. The atmosphere has more ways to clean itself than most people realize, as was reported by a scientific team a few years ago. Also, who is to say that methane in the atmosphere is not natural.

          Man-released methane could be considered natural as we are natural, but even so, we do not release enough to be a factor in our climate.

          Many are not aware that natural gas producers have no interest in leaking methane to the atmosphere as that is exactly what they intend to sell. There is no profit in leakage and, as a result, such enterprises are good at not leaking methane. Thus, the rigorous, Draconian regulations Obama imposed were completely unnecessary and just a financial burden to the industry.

        • Interestingly the amount of cattle is similar to the number of bison which once roamed the plains. Evil humans merely traded on for the other so it is carbon neutral.

        • Even worse, cows are not the actual source, but the microorganism that get into their gut via their diet. These “methanogen” critters make methane when in low-oxygen environments, such as a cow’s gut full of CO2 and varopis things other than oxygen.

          But the real kicker is that these things pre-date cows, and live all over the world, under the ground, and under the ocean, in swamps, and in decaying plant matter, and don’t need a cow to generate methane in the first-place. They were doing it millions of years earlier all by themselves.

          And as you say, there are plenty of other ruminant species out there. Methanogens even can work in a human digestive system.

          So “getting rid of cows” seems to me just an excuse to try to control what people choose to eat. If they were really serious about the methane they’d invent some wacky program to “rid the world of methanogen bacteria”. I’m sure there’d be no “blow-back” (pun intended) from that hare-brained scheme, any more than the unintended consequences of introducing bunnies to Australia. /sarc
          (It was a complete disaster).

          If an angry vegan comes up to you and says “even if killing poor defenseless cows for food wasn’t bad enough, think of the methane they produce!” you can tell them all about methanogen microorganisms.

      • By the way most of the CH4 comes out at the front end when the cows chew the cud, so it should really be “belching cows”, not farting.

        • My horse farts for about the first 3 minutes of a trail ride. Feeling “fuelish”, we call it. That’s nothing compared to the compost heap as far as gas generated.
          Folks come out to shovel compost into buckets or have me fill their pickups with the loader. Top-dressing vegetables with it goes a long way.

          • Horses are caecalids, not ruminants. They only produce about half as much CH4 as a ruminant and it is true that they largely get rid of it by the rear aperture.

            Or as a friend of mine once said: “horses must be the most nervous animals there are, they can scare themselves into a runaway by their own farting”. It had happened to him.

        • When a cow gets ‘bloat’ the rumen swells up with gas and can be relieved by puncturing with a trochar and cannula. At one time it was a popular trick for the vet to set light to the escaping gas – until the time when the cow panicked, bolted round the barn and set the whole place on fire. Or so I was told as a student.

        • “Never trust a fart” is an important axiom that we old folk with untrustworthy bowels live by. Also, if you have worked cattle, you know that when she raises her tail, the cow does not intend to pass methane. Don’t stand close. If she has been on rich green feed, you will be wearing it.

          • When you get older, farts are like bad tenants; don’t try to force them out or they’ll leave a mess. Yes, don’t trust them.

    • “She has learned fast to blame everyone but herself.”

      Yes, she has, but it’s not good for a politicians to be constantly on the defensive and that’s just where AOC is at right now.

      She made another gaff yesterday by claiming the 22nd Amendment was passed in order to prevent FDR from being reelected, when the facts are FDR died in 1945 and the 22nd Amendment didn’t pass until years later (1951).

      FDR’s actions while he was president triggered the 22nd Amendment vote but it wasn’t used to prevent him from being elected again as AOC claimed.

      She shouldn’t be giving history lessons if she doesn’t know history.

      • to Be fair … AOC has learned all her “history” from lunatic leftwing websites, mother jones magazine, and her leftist professors at Boston Univ. She knows nothing BUT leftwing propaganda.

          • She’s no dummy, don’t underestimate her. Che considered a science career. Once she figures out Washington, she may become very dangerous.


            As a science student at Yorktown High School, Alexandria tested the effect of various antioxidants on the lifespan of roundworms, known as Caenorhabditis elegans.

            When organisms are under oxidative stress, there are more free radicals (chemicals with unpaired electrons) than antioxidants in the body to neutralize them. Those free radicals react quickly with many other chemicals, and without antioxidants to neutralize them, create cellular chaos. Such an unstable cellular environment has been hypothesized to be responsible for wrinkles, neurological diseases and even cancer.

            Alexandria chose compounds with the highest cited number of antioxidant capabilities and observed how they impacted longevity of the roundworms. In some cases, lifespan was prolonged for as many as 33 days, almost doubling the nematode’s normal lifespan. Her findings indicated that antioxidants could potentially help prevent degenerative illnesses induced by oxidative stress.

            Science was Alexandria’s first passion. According to an interview with the New Yorker, she had aspired to be an obstetrician-gynecologist, yet even as a young scientist, she saw politics in science research. As her high school science teacher Michael Blueglass recounted to the New York Times, “she was interested in research to help people in all areas, including developing nations, not just for the people with money.” Alexandria went on to attend Boston University, where she started out as a science major, but later graduated with a degree in economics and international relations.

          • Ric Werme
            She’s no dummy, don’t underestimate her. Che considered a science career. Once she figures out Washington, she may become very dangerous.

            Oh she’s dangerous alright. She is smart as a tack and she’s suggesting the US gets things like universal health care and a minimum wage, things rest of the civilised world take for granted – even the conservatives there. Things the vast majority of American want.

            The US conservatives and their media allies are crapping their pants and that is why she is being attacked.

          • We used to take things like polio and having most children die before the age of 5 for granted as well.
            Even though minimum wage does no good and always harms the poorest, we do have one, and have had one for decades.
            The US also has universal health care. What we don’t have is free health care for all. Like the minimum wage that is something that sounds good to those who have no capacity for thinking, but always ends up creating more problems than it solves.

          • Ric, you may be right, but to me anyone that releases or permits the release of her Green New Deal is either a totally inept manager, incapable of thinking rationally or plainly sits on the low end of the IQ scale. I know she has now thrown one, unnamed member of her staff under the bus for (paraphrasing) ‘releasing a preliminary version before it was ready’, but I would guess there is a very high probability that she had at the least read it and approved it as a working document.

          • to Ric Werme,
            Was that “Che” a Freudian or deliberate mis-type? She is clearly a Che Guevara protege in her politics.

        • On the subject of Leftist Professors. I find it interesting Prof. Allen Dershowitz commenting on the college entrance scandal said, “In the past it would not have been a problem because the students would not have made it through but now they just pass them”.

        • I think she learns almost everything from her campaign manager, Chakrabarti and the other members of the so-called “Justice Democrats,” now headed by a woman named Alexandra Rojas. These are the people who spoon fed AOC the Green New Deal. Now I think she wants them to own a little bit of its embarrassment. Unfortunately for her, now she’s looking weak and puppet-like.

          BTW, The Justice Democrats is the organization that auditioned from ten thousand nominees and chose AOC to act as their Congressional candidate in New York. For the record, they also love the female Muslim Congress critter from Minnesota (I forget her name), feminists and activists on the left, like Linda Sarsour, and others of that ilk. I think AOC is an honest-to-god airhead, useful idiot type, but also that she sincerely believes in this organization and its goals. The organization is absolutist and purist in its ideology, an understands and cares little about the complex job of national coalition building. This is probably going to hurt the Democrats, electorally, in the same way sometimes the religious right splits people in the squishy center away from the Republican party.

          Here’s a bunch of this stuff direct from the horses (Cenk Uyger, Chakrabarti, Rojas) mouths:

          Around the 6 minute mark, Chakrabarti hilariously uses the term “a radical fringe core of centrist Democrats.”

      • And the Amendment excluded whoever was the sitting President at the time of ratification, which turned out to be Truman. He was the last American who could have been elected more than twice.

    • In the 21st Century universities converted the “Dog ate my Homework” excuse into a full humanities course in the Political Science curriculum.

      AOC took the Hillary Clinton graduate course in assigning blame, wherein on Day 1 all students are admonished “Only take credit for positive outcomes even when you cannot articulate your contribution or accomplishment” the first week of class is devoted to how to talk about what you have accomplished without actually explaining anything that you accomplished. Then the balance of the semester is all about how to defect and redirect blame for bad outcomes onto everyone else.

      • “AOC took the Hillary Clinton graduate course in assigning blame”

        AOC is now saying that since Hillary is out of the public eye, the Right needs another female to bash, and AOC thinks she is the new target of the Right, for that reason.

        No, AOC, it’s not that the Right needs a female target to bash, it’s just that you and Hillary offered such stupid ideas, that you are impossible to ignore. The Right bashes “Beto”, too and he’s not a female. The common denominator is the offering of stupid ideas. Gender is not a consideration.

        • The left is desperate to believe that those who oppose them are evil.
          It’s the only way they can effectively dismiss all ideas they disagree with them.
          It’s not like they have the intellectual horsepower to actually refute those they disagree with.
          (Did I just mention “horse” in an article about AOC?)

          • Standard procedure – accuse your adversary of misogyny, sexism, racism, xenophobia, fascism, climate denialism (or whatever else is deemed fashionable) whenever they start losing the argument on facts. It’s so pathetically predictable.

    • When was the last time you heard anyone on the left accept responsibility for anything?

    • No matter what she did or did not do, she will never, ever take any responsibility for anything connected to her that makes her look stupid or bad or just plain dumb, It’s always, always, always someone else’s fault.


    • Standard customer service explanation of cock-up: she just omitted the ‘who no longer works for us’ part.

    • Zero Brain Wave (ZBW aka AOC) has not realized that the captain of a ship is responsible for every bloody thing the crew does, good or bad. A captain has to know every system and factor in the structure, functioning, and use of the ship. The captain is also expected to train and then ensure that the crew does its job.

      If ZBW’s crew failed, it was her failure as well. Period.

    • Miss, can you please stop looking at your phone to see if you won the casting call, and just make the vodka martini I ordered.

  1. Fair do. She’s an actress. She had a bad script. Blame the scriptwriter not the performer.

    • I think you are right, she actually behaves like politicians you see in bad movies. That’s probably where her frame of reference cam from, a lot of crappy movies and too much TV. She should probably go back and watch video of Regan’s speeches, but only for style, because if she paid attention to the content it would probably make her head explode.

    • Her current script that she is reading says that the Republicans passed the 22nd amendment to stop FDR from staying on as President because his New Deal was so popular. Someone needs to point out that FDR died in 1945 and the 22nd was passed in 1947.

  2. If being given a taxpayer-funded income because you are unwilling to work is reasonable, refusing to pay any taxes to fund that income is quite reasonable too. Neither are reasonable in the real world and I would expect to hear more reasoned debate from an infant’s tantrum.

    • We need to have a serious conversation concerning this and we should start the discussion with cow farts.

    • ” given a taxpayer-funded income because you are unwilling to work ” That sounds like most in the government, especially Congress and Senate.

  3. She supposedly believes in New Monetary Theory, an idea that governments can afford to fund anything they super-duper want, just by printing more money, and they won’t suffer inflation if the reason is important enough. One wonders, if that’s true, why would they even need to take taxes at all. That is, if one wasn’t an airhead.

    • You need taxes to punish the people who don’t support you. They need to be discriminated against and made poor.

      The Chinese are a bit more advanced down this road than we are, but I suspect that we can catch up..

    • And if she lets incompetent “staffers” post stuff on here web site she can’t even run a small office. Who would listen to her about how to run the economy , much less the planet.

      • If it were a typo, the fact that none of her staffers noticed it tells you a lot about the people she hires.

  4. And, you know, the thing about AOC… she’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When she comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until she talks, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’.
    h/t Quint

    • No ! She’s cute and she has lovely eyes. You’re just being mean because you don’t agree with her politics.

      She’s a beautiful woman, even if she don’t know squat, that’s beside the point. She’s cute.

      Hey look at the opposition : Feinstein, Pelosi, Mad Max ?? Nah, she cute.

  5. AOC is just another establishment pawn.

    “Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work” is not a mistake. It’s very deliberate self sabotage, a twisted description of ‘basic income’.

  6. There was a young woman who lived in an upstairs apartment next to my house. She was a pleasant enough person. Politically she was a radical “progressive.” She had a “feel the Bern” bumper sticker on her car and was in favor of all the proposed government gimme plans. But you see here is the thing. She never paid her taxes. Even though she lived in Illinois she drove around with an expired Wisconsin license plate on her car. She never bought a village vehicle tax sticker.

    My nephew’s sister-in-law is a socialist. I mean a true believer who overdosed on the Kool-Aid. She’s even been to Cuba and Venezuela. But she has always been paid under-the-table and has never filed an income tax return or paid income tax. She has student loans that are in default from her fancy undergraduate degree and her masters degree. She and her boyfriend just skipped out of the country to Mexico City leaving behind her student loans, unpaid rent, and maxed out credit card. Yeah, socialists are a special breed.

    • They rationalize it with “Why should I pay for a government I don’t believe in?” Maybe I should declare as a ‘socialist’ as well… or at least until after tax day.

  7. Where does this end? Shouldn’t free dental care also be provided to those unwilling to brush their teeth?

  8. Every time AOC (ex bartender waitress) speaks – I hear Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” song – “the waitress is practicing politics”.

    Anything is possible when you don’t no what your talking about.

  9. ‘The Green New Deal has momentum
    – 92 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Republicans support the
    Green New Deal ”

    Yet another prophecy that has gone away in a cow fart.

    • How typical.
      First whine that the stupidity of the left is being talked about.
      Then accuse the right of being racist and sexist.

      The only hatred being shown here is by you Wex.

      • Sorry Petit_Barde, I was intending to respond to Wex. I could blame it on a glitch in the system, but I won’t.

        • MarkW, it was obviously the fault of one of your staffers. That’s the excuse du jour for today. (never mind that you don’t have staffers, never let the facts get in the way of making excuses).

  10. Who cares! She is not a powerful Congresswoman. Why does the right promote her? Because she is a minorty woman so they can push all the right hate buttons?

    Lets get this website back to its science roots and talk about climate. Anthon, earth to Anthony.

  11. AOL is exhibiting classic symptoms of Cognitive Dissonance. All good grist for the MSM mill.

  12. Bigger boys/girls/ did it and ran away, doesn’t work for 5 year olds or adult politicians

  13. AOC in retreat. Now spending more time and bandwidth trying to justify past statements and actions than proclaiming new stupid crap! I don’t think that is such a good thing but I expect that this too will change and she’ll be back in all of her ignorant glory.

    • Don’t forget about the other freshmen that the the justice dems and sunrise foundation supported. Kamala Harris hasn’t yet soiled her reputation with them. Ilhan Omar is also waiting in the wings. What looks to us like a single snake is actually a Hydra with many heads. While we attack AOC, the others lurk in the background.

  14. When you are the boss, you are always the one responsible. Even if someone else actually made the mistake.
    Beyond that, only an idiot doesn’t read something being but out under their name before it is published.

      • No, not at all. That was just a typo. AOC moments are things like using the word “cow” for “kowtow”, which she actually did in one tweet I saw. She thinks well of herself and tries hard, but the substance just isn’t there.

  15. Mr. Watts please keep AOC out of your Blog, it’s not worthy. Keep it to the science which is much more important, thanks. Freddie from Switzerland

    • As long as AOC remains noisy and deadly, her alarmist views should be subject to commentary.

    • Stoller Freddie March 31, 2019 at 7:25 am
      Goodness, don’t be such a kill-joy, it is all in good fun. It is Sunday afternoon and a fine time to poke a little fun at N.Y.cities voter’s mistake.
      By the way she is already being “primary-ed”


    • Stoller Freddie

      Plan B: don’t read the political posts.

      If you can’t detect them from the title of the post, the first 5-10 words usually does the trick.

    • Freddie, there is no science in climate science. It’s been all politics at least as far back as when Hansen and friends picked the day of the year that is historically one of the hottest to hold their congressional appearance, turned off the AC and opened the windows the night before in order to put on a show of how hot things were getting.

    • They’ll mostly all die off before the unyet born will. Yep, ‘strue.

  16. Doesn’t matter; diesel, natgas or electric as long as there is a bus you can throw someone under.

  17. Well at least whenever AOC throws an unnamed staffer under the bus … it’s an electric bus. In her mind. Her silly little girlish mind.

  18. Thanks for that Andrea.
    As the ex-waitress you’ll be able to recommend some good ‘cake’ for me to eat.
    In effect, your GND is exactly that – Cake Recommendation

    I do hope they’ve held that job open for you.

    PS Maybe cancel that health insurance you just bought, I don’t imagine it’ll be valid for encounters with Mme Guillotine. Cowardice and buck passing don’t endear you to anyone – esp also in the restaurant business..

  19. The New Green Deal will cost an extra $9.3 trillion a year, current federal income from taxes is $3.3 trillion.
    Federal spending is $4.1 trillion leaving a shortfall of $13 trillion, someone is going to be paying a lot of extra tax.

  20. Of course it’s not her fault that cows fart. They have done that since before she was born!

  21. “Green New Deal”
    New deals are not new.
    In 1939, H.J. Haskell published the “New Deal In Old Rome”. He was Pulitzer-winning journalist.
    Bureaucrats responded to the same forces then as in the 1930s.
    Grain farmers not making enough money, form an agency and give them below market rates of interest loans.
    Too much wine production–form a government agency and advise vintners to tear out vines.
    People are unemployed give them bread. Unemployed get restless, entertain them with “circuses”.
    Eventually the City of Rome had almost half of its 1 million population on the dole.
    Then the Welfare Dictatorship over whelmed the military dictatorship.
    Some 1700 years before Alinsky contrived his “Rules For Radicals”.

  22. The problem with so much of the controversy about this is that “… the “Farting Cows” blunder… ‘ is nowhere near the worst blunder of the entire NGD. It is stupid from beginning to end.

  23. AOC is a pathological liar. The GND FAQ document was converted to PDF of Saikat Chakrabarti’s computer.

    Unlike AOC, the metadata doesn’t lie… at least not yet.

    Saikat Chakrabarti is AOC’s Chief of Staff / Sock-Puppetmaster and and was the guy who “hired” AOC to be a member of the “Justice Democrats / New Democrats” to primary old, white male democrats and bring about the Socialist Justice Revolution.

    Saikat Chakrabarti is calling ALL AOC’s shots and is the one putting the lies in AOC’s mouth, because she is too dumb to do it herself.

  24. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., blamed an unnamed aide for the document that was sent out to the media and posted on her congressional website during the disastrous February rollout of her Green New Deal climate plan.”

    A classic leftist progressive fake strawman tactic; blame someone else for just one of the mistakes that day.

    A) It defines AOC as unable to manage an office, project, information release, voter education, whatever.

    B) It clearly demonstrates that AOC did not read her alleged globe saving manifesto.
    * i) Normally organizations have reviews where every word is checked and verified, and that full explanation and defenders are behind every word.
    * * a) e.g. Whitehouse and Markley had Titely ready with words and propaganda to defend their antiscience claims.

    C) It demonstrates that AOC did not tier up and assign employees/contractors to collecting, preparing and teeing up background information.
    * i) i.e. AOC mismanaged the gnd project top to bottom.

    D) The words and writing of both the gnd resolution and the faq echoed a sloppy beer fest gabfest where ignorance and assumptions were thrown into a pile of socialism will “Save the world” phrases.
    * i) Experts were never involved to discuss, analyze, and identify impediments and legal problems for any of the “Save the world” suggestions.

    Yet AOC’s inability to own her gnd resolution while throwing her underpaid employees to imaginary wolves clearly defines aoc as all suit without substance.

    Ether like substance that aoc demonstrates with virtually every one of her public pronouncements; where aoc demonstrates profound ignorance, pathetically weak effort, shallow research, inability to clearly articulate and rabid junkyard dog verbal assaults.

    That shadowy figures back an incompetent incoherent aoc with millions of dollars is alarming.

    • “That shadowy figures back an incompetent incoherent aoc with millions of dollars is alarming.” – And THAT is precisely why we need to keep a weather eye on this ludicrous dingbat excuse for someone in governance. If we do NOT watch what she says and does, no matter how inane she is or seemingly dimwitted in what she says, she’s the puppet being directed by the puppetmasters, those Behind The Curtain, who are far more dangerous than she is.

      They’ll go on promoting her until she becomes too much of an embarrassment and then she’ll be tossed aside like a ragged old sweater, and someone new and energetic will step into her shoes.

    • B) It clearly demonstrates that AOC did not read her alleged globe saving manifesto.

      I don’t know. I rather suspect she read it and saw nothing wrong with it *until* the backlash hit after which she scrambled for excuses and finally settled on the “unnamed staffer did it”.

  25. “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions”

    Lucky that, since zero emissions would require a prohibition against breathing.

  26. ‘Climate Change’ is long on politics and short on science, as is AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’.
    They are ‘scary crisis’ mechanisms for advancing collective socialism.
    Both are appropriate topics for this blog, as these frauds must be refuted.

  27. Apparently her constituents don’t like her either. They say the voice mail at both her offices is full and you can’t leave a message, and she doesn’t respond to people who try to contact her through her website.

    There have also have been questions about where she really lives, as her neighbors in the Bronx apartment say they have never seen her or her boyfriend.

    Keep in mind that House members only serve two year terms so she will have to run for re-election in 2020.

  28. “You can’t just be passionate; you have to do the math.”

    The amount of energy necessary to make such a transition is “massive” (they like that word).

    If the plan was to transition to a high percentage of nuclear power over the next 10 years by cutting unnecessary punitive regulation, etc., there might be a chance. Can you imagine rebuilding all our infrastructure without increasing our fossil fuel use? How about making and placing all those solar panels and windmills? At the end of the transition we would be a country covered with solar and wind farms and co2 eating forests without much room for anything else other than battery re-cycling centers.

  29. Still looking for an explanation from AOC of how the Green New Deal will accomplish anything with China and India allowed to continue increasing emissions until 2030 under the Paris Accords.

    • Shhhh, you’re gonna make me believe global warming was just a Chinese Hoax.

    • When they get to 2030 they will just keep on going. Until then they don’t have worry since it is a part of the agreement. The agreement has no teeth when it runs out.

      If you are a parent and you tell your child, “I’m going to count to three.” you’ve just told the child the real limit of their behavior. If you want it to stop, it has to be zero tolerance.

      • Jeff

        According to AOC, the world ends in 10-12 years.

        I’ve read both 10 and 12 years to extermination; all things considered, I’m kind of partial to 12 years.

        • 10 or 12, doesn’t matter the world ended 19 years ago (in the year 2000) if you believe one of the previous pronouncements of imminent doom in a decades time

  30. AOC is like all other worry wart, busy body, we know best progressive bullies.
    The only way they stick to their views is by avoiding all competing challenges to their notions.
    I’m certain she has never visited, consumed or considered anything from WUWT or any other source of climate critique.
    Pick any topic and it’s the same approach.
    They never subject their notions to any honest assessment and reject any critique as unworthy.
    That’s a recipe for dumb as dirt activism with the rabid insistence they know it all.

  31. I looked at the resolution for the GND that got thrashed by the Senate 0-57. The FAQ simply details how it is to be done. For the resolution to work, you would need to implement it as described in the FAQ. She was honest about what it would take. The rest of the Democrats are trying to give her a crash course politicking. So far it’s not working, and I think the only way out is to vote her out in 2020.

    The other thing I wonder when her name comes up: how do we know she’s not being paid by Trump?

  32. Ok, this really may sound like crazy here.
    I for once got to consider that AOC and what she stands and represent need a helping hand, guys…

    Their lot seems to be very good and fast learners, and the main problem I can see with that lot is the lack of experience…and future problems with it…for this lot if neglected and with no help.

    At this point, I think that when considering these guys and AOC as nuts in steroids, it simply happens to be so due to their weak point, the lack of experience… and quite possible me being wrong with it all.

    But again,

    Simple question,
    who do you think can manage and successfully reform the democratic left-liberals, and brink it to the real meaning of a proper left platform and proper left force, free and outside the real extreme and radicalization
    insanity that it has being under for quite a long while up to now,
    and also manage to get it out of that full devious supreme grip control of/by the Old Guard crazies cabal?

    Who do you think can and has a chance to successfully achieve that?

    Oh well, maybe another grumpiness on my part.


  33. “The Buck Stops … over there, somewhere. I don’t even know their name. Someone else must have hired him/her. I, like, know what I’m, like, talking about. STOP MAKING FUN OF ME BECAUSE OF WHAT I SAY!!!!! (somebody else, like, must’ve said it)” – AOC

  34. At a campsite in the Italian Alps in 1980 I met two German engineering apprentices, who had an old Saab 96 (beautiful car) , and had manufactured the most amazing tent pegs from some hard alloy. You could hammer these things through stones that would terminate the useful life of most other tent pegs. But that’s an aside. Their bumper sticker, styled like the ‘Nuclear Power, No Thanks’ ones, read ‘Atomkraftgegner überwintern bei Dunkelheit mit kaltem Hintern’.
    Anglophones often say that that Germans have no sense of humour. Not true. This is funny, and it rhymes.
    I really ought to get a t-shirt with that on it.
    Along with a another that states CO2 = Plant Food.

  35. Well then,”the butler done it”.
    Funny how our progressive comrades are never responsible for anything,unless said thing is advantageous to the narrative.
    Also ironic is how this “person of the people” immediately falls back on the standard excuse of effeet elites;”The peasants are revolting….Can’t get good help….vast right wing conspiracy”..

  36. AOC’s excuse is not much better than someone saying,
    “Drat, my plans for technocratic world domination by utterly destroying the world economy were ACCIDENTALLY published online, that was just supposed to be an internal proposal, so nothing to see here.”

    Which begs the question: What the hell was anyone in AOC’s office doing with such a proposal in the first place? And why would they post it online unless they had absolutely no ability whatsoever to discern a really bad idea when it was staring them right in the face?

    • Drat; my plan would have worked if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. Scooby-Dooby-Dooooo!

  37. She talks about greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gas that is emitted in the largest quantities in both the USA and the rest of the world is H2O and not CO2 and her Green New Deal does nothing to reduce H2O emissions and does very little to decrease the overall radiant greenhouse effect for those who believe in that sort of thing.

    The reality is that, based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, one can conclude that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. There is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. But even if we could somehow stop the climate from changing, extreme weather events and sea level rise would continue because they are both part of the current climate. We do not even know what the optimum climate is, let alone how to achieve it. We do not know of a global climate that is not associated with extreme weather events. The Green New Deal would assuredly ruin our current global economy without any possible benefit to mankind.

  38. “When JFK said go to the by the end of the decade …”

    Go where ? Bali ?? .. the supermarket ?? .. blazes ??

    • “When JFK said go to the by the end of the decade …”

      Go where ? Bali ?? .. the supermarket ?? .. blazes ??

      to the moon.

      Apparently proofreading isn’t a skill that progressive messiahs need bother learning otherwise the All Out Crazy one would have noticed she skipped a few words in that sentence

      • “One of these days, AOC,………..”

        (Anybody else out there remember “The Honeymooners”?)

        • Heh, when I was making that post I was tempted to word it “To the moon, Alice!”

  39. It is reasonable that she blamed others. She had very little to do with the write up of the grand green new deal resolution … others put together and handed it to her.

    She Guevara … just a face. When she fails in politics maybe she will find other handlers and go off into the jungle and start murdering people.

  40. Hmm … so is she saying that one of her interns (or higher) wasn’t worth $15 an hour?

  41. Anonymous Staffer is a hero. (S)he should get a raise and a promotion. Hell – AOC should abdicate and Anonymous Staffer should replace AOC.

  42. When all else fails, blame the minions, … until the TRUTH comes out. Ops.
    Old V. Lenin and other socialist/commies once said: “A lie repeated enough will
    eventually become the truth.”
    A socialist is a communist with patience. The goal of socialism is communism.

    It doesn’t get much simpler that that. Are you ready for the USSA ?!?! I’m NOT.
    ammo up.

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