Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning To Sue Oil Companies To Force Climate Policies

From The Daily Caller

Jason Hopkins | Energy Investigator

A spokesman for Arnold Schwarzenegger said the former governor and famous movie actor is still pursuing his options to sue oil companies for “first degree murder.”

“We’ve had consistent meetings with a team of legal experts who focus on environmental law and ways to sue for pollution, so we have continued those meetings and we’ve definitely made progress,” Daniel Ketchell, a Schwarzenegger spokesman, told Axios on Wednesday.

The statement comes about a year after the moderate Republican governor of California said he hoped to sue fossil fuel companies for contributing to climate change and “killing people” all over the globe.

“I don’t think there’s any difference: If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the oil companies,” Schwarzenegger said in March 2018. The famous bodybuilder, who has publicly called on President Donald Trump to do more to promote clean energy, expressed interest in treating fossil fuels like tobacco, forcing them to include a warning label. “The tobacco industry knew for years and years and years and decades, that smoking would kill people, would harm people and create cancer, and were hiding that fact from the people and denied it,” he said.

Although a lifelong Republican, Schwarzenegger has become an ardent environmental activist and fossil fuel critic since leaving his gubernatorial post. The former bodybuilder founded the R20 Regions of Climate Action, an environmental organization that aims to increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce the world’s carbon emissions.

Arnold Sports Festival Australia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 18: Arnold Schwarzenegger starts the Run for the Kids charity run as part of the Arnold Sports Festival Australia at at the Alexander Gardens on March 18, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Schwarzenegger’s activism has led to clashes with the White House, which has organized a wide-scale deregulation effort and made attempts to revive the country’s coal industry. The famous movie actor publicly rebuked Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the international Paris climate agreement. (RELATED: Plans To Save Largest US Coal Plant In The West Hit A Roadblock)

In his most recent climate change project, Schwarzenegger announced he is teaming up with California Democrat Kevin de León in an effort to reduce emissions from cars and trucks. The two prominent politicians are launching an initiative alongside activists and researchers that will study how local governments can more quickly adopt cleaner transportation options.

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156 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning To Sue Oil Companies To Force Climate Policies

  1. Notice the photo caption shows Arnie speaking in Australia.

    So he believes producing fossil fuels is murder, but using fossil fuels to fly around the world for completely unnecessary events is okay.

    The degree of stupidity required for this contradiction is off the charts.

    • If he knowingly uses fossil fuels that murders people, he also should be charged with murder.

      • Talking about murder, what if we powered our hospitals with wind turbines and solar panels. We could remove all plastics and synthetics derived from petrolium from the ICU. Is that what
        Arnie wants? Maybe he just wants a little of everybody else’s money by sueing a publicly-owned company and increasing the cost of energy and everything derived from petroleum. We the consumers will be the ones to pay.

    • It’s not inherent stupidity, it’s induced stupidity.
      “We did a lot of work looking at the neural control of reproduction and regions of the brain that were affected by chronic steroid abuse, as well as the transfer centers in the brain that were affected acutely by exposure to these steroids,” says Henderson. “More recently, we’ve also looked at the effects of these steroids on anxiety, elucidating a biochemical pathway that is integral to this.”

      The Chicken Little gubernator has affected his brain with his (admitted) rampant steroid abuse in his earlier days, and it’s driven him to an over-anxious spittle-flecked public ‘climate anxiety’ rant. Rather than admit he’s wrong after inspecting the data, he’s become emotionally invested in his incorrectitude, and must force (via the courts) others to his incorrect and cartoonishly outlandish viewpoint.

      When he loses his court case (as he most definitely will), when he’s forced to inspect the data during discovery, his poor steroid-addled brain will implode. Even more so when the petroleum companies counter-sue for defamation and loss of business due to said defamation.

      We’ll soon find him on a highway off-ramp, disheveled and dirty, holding a sign which states, “Will climate-shill for spare change.”

      And even then, his poor deluded brain will refuse to accept reality.

      He’s no Republican, he doesn’t espouse any precepts of being a Republican… he’s a RINO, and only ran on the Republican ticket because the “crazy as a shit-house rat” ticket (aka the Democrat ticket) was so crowded.

      • What’s AOC’s excuse?
        Hard to blame this on roids when there are so many other idiots walking around with the same libt@rd disease.

        • Arnold had a faulty heart valve. He’s had surgeries to correct it.
          AOC needs to have a surgery to repair a valve.
          The valve that keeps the air from going from her head to her mouth.

    • He started on a right note as a governor of California. Then something changed – he did not even defend his own proposed initiatives when they came under fire. Very Un-Terminator like. There must be something in Sacramento effecting brains, a green mold maybe?

      • You are right – he started on a right note. But when his three (IIRC) initiatives went down in flames, it looked like he decided to get even and screw everybody. Ever since that loss, his activities appear downright anti-human. That would account for why he’s “joined” the Green movement. And like most Greenies, he wants to impose those controls on everyone else, wile driving his Hummer and flying all over the world.

      • The dirtbag wanted to be president. Used the ballot initiatives to help win election, but had no interested in seeing them succeed. I had a call from one of his PACs trying to convince me to give him money to change the laws so he could run for president. Told them where they could insert their request.

    • Senile, roid-rage … aka shriveled boys rage … not pretty. It makes you do things like schtupp the ugly, illegal immigrant downstairs maid … and get her pregnant. Yecch. What a colossal human trainwreck. Wake me up when he stops using all products derived from Oil.

    • He need not have senile dementia to be totally out of touch with reality. It is sufficient that he is an ex body builder, Hollywood pseudo-actor and celebrity. Celebrity status in particular seem to be a highly reliable marker of idiocy. Common sense would say that, according to Arnie’s logic, it would be a case of mass murder to shut off the supply of fossil fuels, and there wouldn’t be punishments enough to account for the tragedy given that hundreds of millions would die as a consequence as the instruments of modern society all collapse. Venezuela is giving us a front row seat to this type of apocalypse but all Arnie can see is the shine of his aviator glasses in the rear view mirror of his Hummer as he waves at the peons while he drives by.

      • Um, Austrian politician with delusions of greatness and threatening rhetoric?

        Not the only historical instance of such a person.

  2. Was never the sharpest tool in the shed… a lot of people become stupid when they get old too.

    The problem here is the lack of science.

    • “A lot of people become stupid when they get old”

      Not all – some of us just become more cynical…

      • You can’t be too thin, too rich, or too cynical. Scratch the too thin. You can be afflicted with some horrible wasting disease and starve to death. But, you can’t be too rich or too cynical.

    • The problem is lack of mentality. You need to know no science to understand that the use of fossil fuels has prevented more death and suffering than caused, even if you believe the worst about them. If they are so bad, why does he continue to use them? If renewable energy is so doable, why isn’t he constructing his own facilities, or starting his own company. He has plenty of resources.
      The attitude that something is bad, even if based on ignorance, is tolerable if those believing it simply stopped using the product. Insisting that others provide you a substitute product that you deem acceptable, is not.
      Fossil fuel suppliers and users are under no obligation – legally, morally, or ethically – to create products for anyone for any reason. Either create your own solution, do without the product, or shut up.

    • Stupid is common to all age groups, it has been said there are 2 things universal on earth, hydrogen and stupidity.

      • Einstein has been quoted as saying “There are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the first.”

  3. He forgets conveniently that fossil fuels brought us prosperity, good health, economic growth from the dark ages…. and a lot more advantages I care to write down.
    I am not sure what these greens are smoking, but it can not be common sense.

    • We have a legal decision to that effect:

      On May 25, U.S. District Judge William Alsup, presiding in the case The People of the State of California v. BP PLC et al., issued an order to legal counsel of both parties that they “shall submit 10-page supplemental briefs on the extent to which adjudication of plaintiffs’ federal common law nuisance claims would require the undersigned judge to consider the utility of defendants’ alleged conduct.”[1] The “alleged conduct” is the production and sale of fossil fuels known by the defendants to contribute to global warming, which in turn is alleged to harm the defendants by causing sea level rise and therefore a greater risk of flooding. The “utility” is the social benefit created by the use of those same fossil fuels. link

      Consider the plight of the water company. It is certain that someone will drink so much water that they will die. water intoxication Does that mean the water company should be charged with murder?

    • Do remember that Arnold must sit down at an Easter dinner table ringed with Kennedy family descendants — as an adulterer. And the poor guy can’t afford to cite a longstanding exculpatory Joseph, John, and Ted Kennedy tradition to avoid doing anything they say just to hold his sorry head up.

      By the way, that top photo leading to the article is a great ‘hair on fire’ image resource.

  4. The old saying *all brawn and no brain*. He is as mad as that other Austrian back in the thirties.

    • Kewl!
      Gulfstream III, one slick airplane

      Normal Range: 3460 nm
      Max Range: 3750 nm
      Service Ceiling: 45000 ft
      Fuel Capacity: 28090 lbs

      This plane has some serious long range for a smallish twin jet.

      Must Be Nice.
      Nice Hummer, too.

      This guy is going on about what?
      Caused by what?

      • Too bad some judge doesn’t rule no standing for those who don’t practice what they preach.

        • Wonder how he feels WRT AOC’s GND blather and how his Maid would afford to pay her fair share $65,000 annual on what he paid her??

      • Note also, this is what the media push as a “Moderate Republican”.

        When you redefine the middle as where you are standing today, and the far right as where you were standing yesterday.


  5. Hypocrite. Idiot. The technology to go carbon free exists, at a price. Does he use it? If anyone can afford to be carbon free he can. And i bet he doesn’t fly coach class to get to Oz and if he does I bet he won’t fly home in coach class. It’s not as if anyone has covered up AGW and kept it quiet. He’s the problem, not the oil companies. He’s the one who burns the stuff. Complete pretender. And he can’t act.

        • There are “prototype” electric Range Rovers and Minis (The concept of both I like not for the electric power but for the nostalgia of the vehicle. And I think it will be the only way to “save” the vehicle for daily use IMO).

          • An Electric Cooper could be lighter than a ICE Cooper which would make it easier to scrape up with a Cooper Scooper after the accident

        • Sell all the gas guzzlers for scrap recycling so murderers can’t get their hands on the weapons and invest in a Hyundai Ioniq you reckon? No parole until he demonstrates remorse.

    • Why fall into this silliness of pretending anyone has to become ‘carbon-free’.
      Delusional people imagine that it’s necessary, or even possible.
      I don’t intend to join in their delusion just because they’re talking about it.

      • No one is expecting you to join in their delusion, What is being asked for is that those with that delusion live according to the delusion instead of being hypocrites about it. Arnie is belatedly made some virtue signaling steps in the direction of living it (having an Austrian company build him a prototype electric hummer) which is fine for a rich guy like him who can afford a custom built virtue signaling machine, but he still jets off to all corners of the world in private planes that burn fossil fuels, so one virtue signal doesn’t undo all the rest of his hypocrisy.

          • the electric grid in California – so a mixture of various sources including renewables, nuclear, and fossil fuels.

          • Yes John, but the manufacture of so-called renewable sources produces way more toxic waste per watt-hour of capacity than the fossil or nuke plants when they are properly operated.
            Arnold should be suing the Chinese, instead of biting the hand that got him to where he is today.

  6. Why doesn’t he go back to something more productive, like playing with his housekeeper.

  7. He may also be suffering form post-workout roid rage withdrawal.

    No, he’s just an old actor, out of work, no-one will hire him to make a film anymore and looking for some “free” publicity to pay for his lawyers fees.

    He is another actor who’s films will be looked over in future.

    • Sure he’s a nut, but who in Hollywood isn’t? I still like some of his films. And I prefer to remember him as he was before he became governor and lost what was left of his mind.

  8. What a load of %&^*% this biological chemical reject is, in real life he is just above pigmy ( in hight ) the years of steroids has done its work, I read an article on him and in all his life he has never been able to produce a genuine laugh now we know why

  9. Oh GAWD! He’s in Melbourne, Australia, the home of the latte, city dwelling, climate “activist”.

    It is an election year after all.

  10. We really are living in a mad age. If this did come to court, which I very much doubt, any half decent “defence” team would destroy his claims. But I suppose the publicity will have been generated, gullible people likely fleeced to fund the legal action and the defeat blamed on the limitless resources of big oil..

  11. “…R20 Regions of Climate Action, an environmental organization that aims to …” kill people by making power unafordable, when it even works. Think South Australia, Venezuela & North Korea all rolled into one. Especially the murderous socialist thinking of you know who.

    Fixed it for you.

  12. Simple solution: countersue Arnie for promoting destruction of valuable predators like birds and bats with wind turbines and solar farms. He’s become an idiot, desperate for attention.

  13. OMG he’s baaack.
    Arnold was groomed by Lord Jake Rothschild at his Waddeston manor with Warren Buffett in 2002 to run for Governator. The Scotsman of the time had a photo of him walking from a ‘copter there with weird silver shoes. Thoroughly vetted by the Royal establishment. Reported by Kaletsky of the Times.

    Many years of steroid abuse have turned his Mr. Universe legendary pectorals into flabby feminine breasts.

    • At that very same 2002 meeting Kaletsky reported on discussion of the oncoming property bubble collapse now known as Lehmann.

    • I’m still waiting for Arnold to “be Bach” and display some musical talent.
      Perhaps he actually said “I’ll be Jock”?

  14. “The statement comes about a year after the moderate Republican governor of California said he hoped to sue fossil fuel companies for contributing to climate change and “killing people” all over the globe.”

    It’ll be some job digging out all those death certificates.

  15. Many sects rise environmentalism to an absolute cult. Bio farming, clean living, total obedience, all green precepts are imposed on the low-grade, ordinary member while gurus parade on luxurious rides, live in palaces and run around the world in the most obscene style, get involved in big money schemes.

    Those sects are notoriously prompt to mass suicide on behalf of potential environmental cataclysms, poisoned food, unbreathable air and so on.

    Happens that the greens exhibit all signs and symptoms of a sect, precisely obsessed by environmental spiritualism and pseudo science, preaching cataclysms and catastrophes.

  16. My word, what is it with these people. Can he name one person murdered by climate change? Murder is a premeditated action for killing another person. What a moron.

  17. “We’ve had consistent meetings with a team of legal experts who focus on environmental law and ways to sue for pollution, so we have continued those meetings and we’ve definitely made progress,”

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, breaking news:


  18. Narrative and PR move. Anything for media coverage – especially the old hulks of Hollywood.
    And, imho, he’d need to include himself as a defendant given his energy footprint as well as running on of the largest killers on the planet (the State of California).
    Would be an interesting suit to see if one could really be both a primary plaintiff as well as a primary defendant (instead of a defendant joined in either the answer or other pleading).

  19. So Arnie, how is the new crop of democrat-socialists any different? Can we assume you’ll be suing them soon too?

  20. How does Arnie have any legal standing in this lawsuit? Even an actor should know better!

  21. Arnold has just been associating with his ex-wife’s family too long, and their worldview has been reinforced so many times he thinks it is reasonable.

  22. “I don’t think there’s any difference: If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the oil companies,”

    Arnold, you could have ended that sentence after the third word.
    How, exactly, are oil (or any other fossil fuel) companies “killing” people? They’re doing just the opposite by keeping them warm in winter so they *don’t* freeze to death, by powering life saving ambulances and rescue helicopters/planes, etc.

    • Walking into the Court room is fine Arnie but which WMD did you choose to get here in the first place? On behalf of my client the plaintiff I’m pleading the Fifth or insanity yeronner and can we wrap this up quick or they’re going to have me up before the Bar for taking money under false pretences.

      • Counter sue Arnold for attempted murder. If he get his way millions will die in the winter due to freezing to death

  23. I think that we, as responsible citizens, should follow Arnold’s lead on this one, given its mark of high intelligence and wisdom.

    Because of his words, I am now inspired to start my own lawsuit against child bearing females, for giving birth to babies, knowing full well that these babies will be ravaged by the oxidative processes of Earth, causing eventual death by old age. … It seems clear to me that any woman who gives birth is a murderer, and any man complicit in her giving birth is the accomplice of a murderer. Child bearing is murder, plain and simple, and it needs to stop NOW.

  24. It is truly terrifying that people with all his advantages and wealth can be so utterly stupid and blind. Someone wealthy with money to burn should be concerned about the millions of people still without access to electricity, education and a decent shot at a life not burdened by poverty and illness, not this deranged eco-twaddle.
    I don’t know about the Terminator, but my vacuum cleaner is smarter than this bozo.

  25. An accomplice is a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime.
    Therefore he must include himself as an accomplice, to wit: his participation in action movies where the entire production from start to finish depends on massive amounts fossil fuel usage.

    • Yes, the users of fossil fuels appear more culpable than the producers. He is traveling down a road he didn’t oughta be.

  26. Just another loud mouth climate hypocrite who uses fossil fuels every day, what is with these people?

  27. OT a bit but there is a story – Prince Harry used a helicopter to go give a climate change speech.

    • And after crashing his “Rangey” and smashing in to another road user, his grandaddy, was given a brand new Rangey! He’s 92.

      • He is 97 years old. Will be 98 on June 10. Born in 1921. He shouldn’t be driving anymore and I understand he just willingly admitted he is now too old after that last accident and will be hanging up his keys.

        • I am pretty sure in the UK there is an age limit (75? I still have my paper license) on driving, but 97 is plain ridiculous. The husband to QE2 does not have a driver?

  28. “Killing people all over the globe”???
    Where are the bodies? I have yet to see one. But it would be easy to produce bodies of people that died from heating and cooking over open fires. The use of fossil fuels prevents more of those deaths.
    Logic is not a concept Arnold is familiar with.

    • Indeed. I want names and locations of graves. But Arnold and the other idiots that think like him can’t produce the bodies because they only exist in their warped little minds. They “know” fossil fuels are not only “bad” but “evil” (despite the fact that they, themselves, use copious amounts of them, far more than the average citizen) so “obviously” fossil fuels must be responsible for all kinds of bad things (such as killing people) and yet their excessive use of those same “evil” fossil fuels somehow doesn’t matter (otherwise they’d do more than virtue signal in regards to their own CO2 footprint).

    • ““Killing people all over the globe”???
      Where are the bodies? I have yet to see one. But it would be easy to produce bodies of people that died from heating and cooking over open fires. The use of fossil fuels prevents more of those deaths.
      Logic is not a concept Arnold is familiar with.”

      Not to mention that fossil fuels are used exclusively to transport humanitarian aid. Solar powered aircraft and trucks are a pipe dream.

  29. Lol. Look at the chutzpah. He flies, drives big cars, lives very prosperous life in Kalifornia and is the worst climate hypocrite you can have.

    I’m wondering is this about not recognizing his own fossil use, or is he knowing that he willfully uses fossils and just tries to avoid the blame? Or is he one of the idiots who opine that those who produce oil products should somehow solve the big problem of sellable (=economical) other energy source.

    Motto: I want you carry for my resposibility, if not, I’ll sue you for the murder I assumed I caused.

  30. Cut off all oil, gas and electricity to his home, refuse service at gas stations. Force him to live up to his lies and rhetoric. If not, maybe he should be sued for murder.

    • Hell, with all the violence in his movies, maybe there could be a class-action suit blaming him for all the street violence he’s encouraged since the eighties.

      Seems to me the Terminator has certainly glorified the ‘mass shooter’.

  31. A Democrat in Republican clothing? Only oil, not all hydrocarbons. Not all carbon dioxide producers… At least not affirmatively before a few days, weeks following birth. Here’s to [unqualified] progress.

  32. #1. Name the victims.
    #2. Are you not using fossil fuels to push your agenda? If so, you are a co-conspirator and you list yourself as a defendent.
    #3. In the your use of hydrocarbons, did somebody hold a gun to your head to use them?
    #4. Can you live for a day, week, month, in the winter without producing carbon emissions or use anything created from, transported using, etc. hydrocarbons and set an example of your agenda for the rest of us to follow?
    #5. What about the tremendous benefits of hydrocarbon usage and products? Doesn’t this factor significantly out strip the negatives of their usage by a huge and overwhelming factor?
    #6. Can you show empirical evidence that hydrocarbons are the culprit and this is not a natural cycle and don’t use the debunked 97% “consensus”…

  33. I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere that only local, state or federal govts can charge in individual (or multiple people) with murder. So, in this case, the Governator. would instead have to file a CIVIL wrongful death suit against the fossil fuels companies.

    “…In order to hold the defendant liable in a wrongful death claim, the plaintiffs in the claim (usually through the estate of the deceased victim) must meet the same burden of proof that the victim would have had to meet had the victim lived. So, using negligence as an example, this means showing that the defendant owed the victim a duty of care, that the defendant breached this duty, that the breach of duty was a direct and proximate cause of the death, and that the death caused the damages that the plaintiff is trying to recover…”
    “..A wrongful death claim is usually filed by a representative of the estate of the deceased victim, on behalf of survivors who had a relationship with the victim. Exactly who those survivors can be varies from state to state…”

    I wish the Governator luck producing someone (or multiple people) who believes they lost a loved one as a result of the 0.52 degrees C of warming of the past 40 years (according to the UAH satellite record). I imagine a death certificate (I would think) is unlikely to mention the warming as a cause of death. Perhaps he could point to those who have died from hurricanes or tornadoes or floods, but then he would need to show that the disaster was caused by or dramatically worsened by climate change and that the deaths were the result of it. Don’t know how easy or hard that would be.

    I have no legal background, so all of this is just speculation based on what I read in the link above. However, it looks to me like the Governator is going off the deep end here trying to link perceived fossil fuel company “negligence” to the deaths of anyone in the world. He appears to have been radicalized by everything he’s hearing and reading about climate change in media and elsewhere. In my mind, trusting everything you hear in the MSM these days is a reflection of one’s intelligence…or lack of it.

    A fool and his money…..

  34. I seem to remember Arnold’s father was a member of the old Nazi party – stands to reason he’d join up with the new one.

  35. Is it possible to sue a person or a company for murder (first degree or otherwise?). As I understand it (as a casual observer of the law and its occasional insanities), murder is a criminal offence/offense and would require a private prosecution, something that’s very rare these days in any jurisdiction, and (after a quick Wiki search) may not even be legal in California for a serious crime like murder.

    In a real-world situation (as opposed to Arnie’s internal fantasy-world), probably all he could do is request a public prosecutor to charge a company with murder. And public prosecutors (especially in USA where they are mostly elected) don’t like prosecutions where they can’t see a decent chance of winning.

    Also, first degree murder (as I understand it) means conceiving an intention to kill someone, then planning the act and carrying out the act. As opposed to second degree murder, where there is no prior intention. And for murder, he would have to produce bodies (who died, when, where and how?) and tie that to specific activities of a specific company or companies on specific dates in specific places. Good luck with that, as they say.

    It ought to surprise me that a former governor of the most populous state in the US can’t tell the difference between a criminal prosecution and a civil action (which is almost certainly what he’s really talking about). But somehow with Arnie it doesn’t. Sad, really.

  36. From the article: “The famous bodybuilder . . . expressed interest in treating fossil fuels like tobacco, forcing them to include a warning label.”

    Here, Arnold, I’ll offer this to help you (and you do, so obviously and desperately, need all the help you can get):

    ******************* WARNING!***************************
    The burning of this fossil fuel will create CO2, a chemical compound known to be necessary for plant life on Earth. It is a non-toxic substance, one actually produced by the living human body and necessary for its proper functioning. There is scientific evidence that releasing CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere will increase the growth of land plants, including food plants, and ocean phytoplankton, a primary food base for marine life, including fish. There is speculation that increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration has been helpful in warming Earth from its last extensive glacial period, but this has not been proven scientifically.

    Please do not combust this fossil fuel if you understand this warning and do not want to incur the possible consequences that would result from such use.
    ******************* WARNING!***************************

    • So it IS just about a new source of revenue and ZERO concern for humanity. IF it were about humanity, they’d ban the stuff. That’s why tobacco is still sold—the GOVERNMENT now gets billions from the settlements. It was never about helping or harm, only about increasing revenue.

      Asbestos was banned, but only after BILLIONS were taken from the companies. Funny cigarettes didn’t meet the same fate, don’t you think?

  37. There are so many ways this dopey lawsuit can be attacked. Claiming the oil companies were similar to the tobacco companies in knowledge of the ill effects of their product requires proof that no one except the oil companies knew anything about the effects of air pollution or smog. The oil companies
    provide a fuel whose burning is regulated by the Feds. The Feds have never banned oil products – therefore any guilt is on their shoulders – the oil companies obey the laws regualting their product and therefore have no liability with respet to the effects of burning it. The oil companies don’t force anyone to buy their products – the consumer buys and uses them and therefore if anyone if guilty of murder it would be them. And on it goes ….

  38. As regards this last sentence in the above article: “The two prominent politicians are launching an initiative alongside activists and researchers that will study how local governments can more quickly adopt cleaner transportation options.”

    This is, as they say, a no-brainer (fitting, don’tcha know) that doesn’t need a study but instead only this universal four word answer: Get more taxpayer money.

  39. I cannot see how such a lawsuit could possibly succeed. At the very start of the trial the judge should ask the lawyers if they or Arnie have used any fossil fuels in the last two years. The answer is of course, yes, at which point it should be case dismissed and Arnie should be ordered to pay all court costs of the defendants.

  40. One can’t be at the same time, AGW (or worse, CAGW) believer, honest and intelligent.

    Schwarzenegger AOC, etc. are perfect examples of this impossibility.

  41. Somebody from the future resistance needs to send a terminator back in time to get rid of this moron.

  42. Clearly, going into politics results in severe brain damage for many, as this example demonstrates.

  43. If he sues the oil companies, what’s he going to use to power his 50-ton 1951 M-47 Patton tank?

  44. It’s hard to prove murder, especially “*first degree” murder without the body. Where’s the body?

    *not all jurisdictions use the term first-degree murder for pre-meditated murder. (though from TV, we all know what it is…)

  45. Could one successfully sue someone in California for using private jets for daily commutes?

    Asking for a friend.

  46. Between the stogies and the, errrm, dietary supplements, Arnie must be rapidly approaching his use by date. I doubt he will be doing much except making outlandish and hypocritical claims. I wonder if actually understands how much of the world around him is due to petro chemicals?

  47. What an ignorant, hypocritical A-hole. I wish the worst for him and his ilk….in all their anti whatever endeavors.

  48. It is indeed incredible that so much stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance could be packed into one ball of pure Austrian shit.

  49. Owns and drives tens of ICE-powered, gas/diesel-guzzling cars and trucks. Has several residences around the world. Uses air travel (bot commercial and private). Pleasure boating. All of his lifestyle is based on egregious self-indulgent waste of fossil fuels and emissions associated with it. And yet, in a typical self-righteous eco-fascist, alarmist lefty posturing, he dares to lecture the plebs and sue the companies producing goods without which his lifestyle and wealth would not exist…same goes for Gore, DiCaprio et al. – hypocrisy of these people has no bounds…

  50. If you were wondering if Schwarzenegger identified as a European or an American, then his acceptance of the AGW Climate Scam would be the best indicator….. This European man comes to America with nothing achieves fame and fortune he would never have gained anywhere else in the world, he even attained California’s governorship…. But he still hates America and Americans. Wants to “Fundamentally change it”.

    How friggin’ ungrateful can a man be?

  51. Note to CTW.
    Title should read:
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning To Sue Oil Companies To Force Climate Policies Politics

  52. They always want to pursue cases as if fossil fuel use is a proven crime but I do not think I have ever seen a case where the science has been tested in court first as beyond reasonable doubt let alone the claimed beyond question.

    Surely the fist step should be to convince doubters that the science even stands up to the very modest demand of beyond reasonable doubt being correct.

    • Just another sign of how ignorant Schwarzenegger and his “legal advisors” (if any) really are.

      Yes, for criminal cases (e.g., accusations of murder), the standard for conviction of the defendant as the result of a trial is a jury finding the facts of the case to be “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

      If Schwarzenegger wasn’t so bombastic and dumb, he would pursue a civil trail wherein the standard for a jury finding for the plaintiff is much lower, along the lines of “the preponderance of the evidence.”

  53. Just proof that long-term exposure to the Kennedy family causes irreversible brain damage.

    Or, it could have just been steroids.

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