Ice Tsunami Forces Residents To Evacuate Along Lake Erie

From CBS Pittbsurgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — High winds continue to cause chaos across the East coast, and residents near Lake Erie are dealing with another problem caused by the winds, an ice tsunami.

Huge chunks of ice are being pushed off of the Niagara River, and onto lakeshore areas.

Incredible video posted to social media by the Niagara Parks Police Service shows the ice stacked up along Niagara River Parkway, and falling onto the roadway.


30 thoughts on “Ice Tsunami Forces Residents To Evacuate Along Lake Erie

    • Around here we say the whole reason the Upper Peninsula is considered part of Michigan is that Wisconsin didn’t want to deal with that much snow.


  1. Did Gichi Gumie freeze over again this winter? Usually Superior freezes up and the Coasties go out with icebreakers so that shipping can go through.

    Gee whiz, we had another normal winter. Who knew?

    I will say that I am tired of shoveling snow. I want a new toy!


      Great Lakes Shipping Season is scheduled to resume on March 25, the Mackinaw will probably be working around the Soo to start and the Bay of Biscayne will work the Straits, supported by about 4 or 5 smaller cutters

      And I recommend Toro 2 stage snow-throwers for a great value or if you want to “go big” ante up for a HONDA,

    • Hopefully you’re not living in Kebekistan where the roof must also be shoveled if you don’t want to be crushed to death in your own house.

      • Nah, far to the South of that! Although, I will say I thought I heard some howling going on the other night. Probably a bunch of beagles, right?
        No, my roof only had about six inches of snow on it, like my neighbors’ roofs, and it has since melted, been restored, and melted again, and now it’s trying to snow again. I am bored with winter. But the b birds come in flocks to my feeding station, and that makes up for a lot of wintry pffffttt! 🙂

  2. When I was a kid 12-foot ice cliffs would develop along the shore of Lake Ontario every winter from the wave action this nothing new.

  3. Those who have never seen such things believe in unimaginable foreign powers.

    But who lives next to it does not see this for the first time and has witnessed the development “from small beginnings”.


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