Group that used children as litigious climate pawns gets shot down by judge

Some of the kids being used as climate pawns. Photo:

Washington judge throws out children’s climate change lawsuit

A judge in Washington state on Tuesday dismissed a climate change lawsuit filed against the state by a group of child activists.

King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott ruled in favor of the State of Washington’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Aji P. v. State of Washington. The 13 young activists in the suit argue that the state is violating their constitutional rights through actions that cause climate change.

Judge Scott ruled that issues brought up in the case are political questions that cannot be resolved by a court, and must be addressed by Congress and the president.

Attorneys representing the children said they would make a formal statement on the judge’s decision on Wednesday morning. An initial statement by Our Children’s Trust, the group representing the children, suggested Judge Scott erred in his decision.

“Given the significance of the Court’s decision and the pronounced departures from proper judicial procedure and consideration of Plaintiffs’ claims, Our Children’s Trust will issue a formal statement regarding the decision tomorrow,” the initial statement read.

The child plaintiffs in the lawsuit said they were both “saddened” and heartbroken” by the judge’s decision.

Full story at the Washington Examiner

This follows the other big dismissal that overzealous  climate change activists recently had in California court. That’s going to set a legal precedent.

Here’s the “formal statement” from the “Our Children’s Trust” website:

Washington Court Places Washington’s Fossil Fuel Use Above the Constitutional Rights of Youth: Formal Statement to Follow

Seattle, Washington — Today, King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott granted the State of Washington’s motion to dismiss Aji P. v. State of Washington, the constitutional climate lawsuit brought by 13 young plaintiffs. Given the significance of the Court’s decision and the pronounced departures from proper judicial procedure and consideration of Plaintiffs’ claims, Our Children’s Trust will issue a formal statement regarding the decision tomorrow. The immediate reactions of the Plaintiffs and their attorneys are set forth below.

Kailani, 13-year-old plaintiff from Spokane said:

“I am deeply saddened by the Court’s decision. My rights as a Native American person are being taken away because of climate change. Camas, huckleberries, salmon, and other traditional foods are disappearing and this is because of climate change that the government continues to contribute to. How long are people going to ignore that climate change is a real threat to my life and my culture? It’s very disappointing. The government is not taking the kind of action necessary to protect my rights. This is a fight that we will continue to fight. It’s not going to be easy, but this needs to change.”

Wren, 17-year-old plaintiff from Seattle said:

“As youth on this planet, we are absolutely heartbroken to hear that the judge in this ruling has decided to dismiss our case. In his ruling Judge Michael R. Scott decided that we do not have individual fundamental rights to a clean environment because this right is simply a “desirable objective” even though the legislature has already said we have this right. As plaintiffs on this case we believe that the ability to grow up and raise healthy families of our own on this planet is not simply desirable, but rather crucial to the prosperity of humanity on Earth. This summer alone, increasingly dangerous wildfires throughout the United States have destroyed communities and families, polluted and clouded our air, and taken human lives. I haven’t been able to leave the house without my inhaler this week because wildfire smoke has settled in Seattle. This is not the environment I believe any American deserves. What American youth deserve is to have their futures protected in our courts of law.”

James, 17-year-old plaintiff from Taholah said:

“It’s hard to capture the magnitude of the effects of Judge Scott’s decision. Our winters get more and more extreme. Our summers are drier. I miss our clean, crisp and pristine air on days like today when our clouds have a red overlay from wildfire smoke. We had another season without blueback sockeye salmon and our spring chinook is looking grim. This are only going to continue to get worse.”

Kylie, 13-year-old plaintiff from Taholah said:

“I am extremely disappointed with the Court’s decision. We have limited time to turn climate change around and every delay means more harm to me, my family, and my culture. We cannot continue down this path. I am hopeful that the appellate courts will do the right thing and allow this case to go to trial so that our voices can be heard.”

Andrea Rodgers, counsel for plaintiffs and senior staff attorney at Our Children’s Trust said:

“On a day when the sun in Seattle is shrouded in smoke from wildfires, the youth plaintiffs are devastated that Judge Scott declined to give them an opportunity to present their constitutional claims in a court of law. By deferring to the Executive and Legislative branches of government that have affirmatively placed these plaintiffs in harm’s way, without an appropriate legal analysis, the court has unfortunately chosen not to engage to protect the rights of these plaintiffs, to their detriment. The youth intend to continue to pursue the vindication of their constitutional rights before higher courts of law, as they have no other option.”

Andrew Welle, co-counsel for plaintiffs and staff attorney at Our Children’s Trust said:

“Plaintiffs intend to continue the pursuit of their urgent constitutional claims by appealing Judge Scott’s decision to Washington’s appellate courts. The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that similar claims against the federal government must advance to the trial stage, affirming that the judiciary has a duty to resolve constitutional claims of this nature. Given the urgency of climate change and the important constitutional issues involved, the political branches of government cannot be immune from liability for the constitutional climate crisis of their own making.”

The youth filed the case because the state of Washington is violating their constitutional rights by perpetuating an energy and transportation system that is dependent upon fossil fuels. The case follows up on historic victories secured by young people in the case of Foster v. Ecology, which ultimately led to the adoption of Washington’s Clean Air Rule. In spite of the Foster court’s 2015 recognition that “the scientific evidence is clear that the current rates of reduction mandated by Washington law cannot achieve GHG reductions necessary to protect our environment and to ensure the survival of an environment in which [Youth] can grow to adulthood safely,” the State of Washington continues to pursue policies that cause dangerous levels of GHG emissions and harm the rights of young people.

The young plaintiffs, who range in age from 8 to 18, are supported by Our Children’s Trust, the nonprofit that supports legal actions across the world, including the landmark lawsuit against the United States, Juliana v. United States, that seek science-based action by governments to secure a safe climate and healthy atmosphere for all present and future generations.

Our Children’s Trust is a nonprofit organization, leading a coordinated global human rights and environmental justice campaign to implement enforceable science-based Climate Recovery Plans that will return atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to below 350 ppm by the year 2100. We elevate the voice of youth, those with most to lose in the climate crisis, to secure the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate on behalf of all present and future generations.






290 thoughts on “Group that used children as litigious climate pawns gets shot down by judge

    • ““I am deeply saddened by the Court’s decision”

      No healthy 13yo would ever say that, not even think it…….

      That’s spoon fed propaganda ..they are using these kids as tools..and that proves it

      • Our Children’s Trust is a nonprofit organization, leading a coordinated global human rights and environmental justice campaign to implement enforceable science-based Climate Recovery Plans that will return atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to below 350 ppm by the year 2100. We elevate the voice of youth, those with most to lose in the climate crisis, to secure the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate on behalf of all present and future generations.

        These children need the wake up call that would have been provided by a digital CO2 monitor in the courtroom with a large display over the judges desk indicating the ambient levels within the room at >800ppm. This could show them just how unhealthy 350ppm really isn’t.

        • … and Chelsea Clinton who recently spoke the the economy was enriched by over a trillion dollars because of those killed in the womb.

    • Now, if they’d argued that climate change hysteria was producing spoon-fed, snowflake children, they may have had a case!

  1. It would be most instructive and interesting to have these young people experience the “quality of life” they wax about before the industrial revolution. Like all history deniers (warmists) they live in some kind of fantasy world where everything was better before…With some real perspective and understanding of life without all the amenities they take for absolute granted they would have a rude awakening to say the least.

    • These children are hypnotized and are being led by the Pied Piper. That being the ALGORE and DeCrapio elitist crowd whose motto is “Quality for Me but not for thee.” These ignorant’s have no idea what kind of dystopian existence they are advocating for all of us.

      • Start by taking away their
        Hover boards
        Electric Scooters
        I Phones
        MP3 players,
        I Pads
        Game Boys
        You will need to take away their bicycles, (no oil to make rubber tires) and skates, (no oil to make synthetic wheels)
        Then make them walk to school, 3 miles, up hill, in the snow, each way like we had to (no cars or busses, no fossil fuel)
        Then make them give up their nylon insulated jackets and sneakers (no synthetics or rubber)
        Then take away their prescriptions (no inhalers or medications requiring fossil fuel to produce.)

        Show them what the world would immediately be like without fossil fuels

          • When Mom was growing up in 1940s Missouri, if you needed water, you hand-pumped it from the well. Filling the bathtub would take a good half dozen trips. Whoever did the job got to bathe first.

          • Did it for 3 weeks last January when the well head froze up solid. Bi-weekly trips to the town garage to fill up 5 gallon containers for toilet flush and buying 5 gallon drinking water carboys at the grocery store. Sponge baths. Was made totally aware of how much water is used.
            These kids haven’t lived yet…

          • Yirgach: I certainly hope those bi-weekly trips were in an electric car, renewably charged.

        • Oh those were the days.
          you missed out that in the summer going out and climbing trees in your own little gang that was actually friendly. Getting all the kids in the neighbourhood to join in to a 20 a-side football/soccer kickabout with jumpers for goalposts. I’ll take of the rose tinted glasses now.

          • I run a Childcare with the focus on the outdoors. No electronics until they get home. Lots of quarreling about sticks but we call that “building social skills”. Getting the right sized stick for a fort is called “developing Math skills.” Favorite form of vandalism is smashing the glassy surface of a lake with a stone. Boys don’t need Ritalin.

        • My reaction, when “Wren” couldn’t leave without her inhaler, was that in ye olde’ days she would have simply perished by now in any long emergency, eliminated from the gene pool.

          • In the olde days Wren would have had contact with farm animals early and would not have had asthma in the first place. No one knows why yet, but the cleaner the air and the less contact we have with farm animals, the more asthma there is – rising 50% per decade in the USA.

            There is a clear correlation for those who like spurious correlations: less ambient PM2.5 = more asthma.

    • ” Our winters get more and more extreme. Our summers are drier.”
      He hasn’t lived long enough to remember more than a dozen years! He’s repeating what he has been told.

      I’m surprised that the court even gave them standing in the suit!

      • It should never have been allowed due to it being a publicity stunt. It was as ridiculous as kids suing the state board of ed. for violating their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness by requiring attendance in K-12 school.

        • Pop Piasa, considering the levels of indoctrination in the K-12 system, kids suing the state board of ed. may actually have a valid point (just not the one they were going for).

      • Drier than what?
        Warmer than what?
        Not just more extreme, but more and more extreme winters? Has he heard that is it global warming, more in winter than summer?

        I am also inclined to believe that these kids are reading something drafted by some very busy adults.

        I am still stuck on more extreme winters caused by less cold in winter. What the heck do these kids understand about planetary thermodynamics?

        • To these religous fanatics Global Warming and Climate Change are interchangeable, one for when it is warm the other when it is cold, both when it stays the same.

    • Why I’ll never be a judge. I would have declared the whole bunch of them “juvenile delinquents” and ordered them into one of the wilderness trek diversion programs.

      One night of shivering in the mountains when they fail to start a fire with the friction method, rather than their high tech Bic lighter would almost certainly make a significant change in their attitude – and their Hansen Gullibility Factor.

      • Writing Observer

        I loved the friction method of keeping warm. I encouraged a few lasses to participate, they loved it too, at least that’s what they said. 🙂

          • Just stay away from those ones, John. They’ll have lots of trouble reproducing, so the problem will correct itself in time. Fortunately there are plenty more that still love the friction method 🙂

    • May I suggest mowing the schools sporting fields with a manual lawn mower.
      It teaches the benefits of the industrial revolution vs. slave labor and is good cardio at the same time.

          • I actually used scissors on a lawn mowing job once. My first lawn mowing job when I was about 10 years old. The lawnmower broke and I wasn’t quite finished so I ran home and got my mother’s sewing scissors and tried to finish the job with them. It was slow going and blister creating. I only used scissors once!

          • If you took your mother’s sewing scissors to cut grass, I’ll bet the blisters weren’t all on your hands once she found out about it. 😉

    • If only we could resurrect Ayn Rand and have her write an allegory about this. It would need to be about 1% the length of Atlas Shrugged so that these victims of brainwashing would read it.

    • The utter cognitive disconnect of these types is that they want all the benefits of the things inexpensive available electric energy has enabled without the energy. The disconnect stems from the fact that these things don’t work without power.
      To them its only magic, and if you can magically make one thing happen why not everything?

      • “Electricity doesn’t come out of the wall outlet by magic. It takes natural resources to make electricity.” – Donatello, Classic TMNT

        And they say oldschool cartoons aren’t educational.

    • … real perspective and understanding of life without all the amenities they take for absolute granted …

      Judge William Alsup in California v. oil companies …

      … wants to see, not just the alleged damages from burning oil, natural gas and coal – but also the immense benefits to humanity and the people of California from using those fuels for the past 150 years and more. link

      He was able, as was the judge in the Childrens’ case, to rule strictly on legal grounds. On the other hand, it will take one heck of an activist judge to ignore Alsup’s comments on benefits.

      I was worried about the Childrens’ lawsuits because they were brought on different grounds than the suits against the oil companies. Now, I’m not as worried.

    • During much of college I slept on the floor and rode a bike due to lack of $. Ok if you are 20….and better off than my friend who lived in his van in the school parking lot.
      These kids and most green activists have never actually experienced hardship and would absolutely freak out if their lawsuit were successful and their AC and heat and gas were taken away.

    • You can count on that. “Climate Change and What It Means to You” lesson plans all laid out for teachers to “implement and integrate” into various other subjects. I can see it now–close up pictures of parched earth, skinny polar bears rafting on ice floes, garish bulletin boards, etc.

      The trouble with indoctrination is the end result is teaching kids how to think like “Truthers”–peculiar self-serving logic that sticks in the brain like cockle burrs on a knitted sweater.

      • Can’t destroy the carbon sinks so take away pencils, pens (no ink), and paper and give them each a slate and piece of chalk

        • My grandfather died of gray lung from the dust involved in quarrying slate.
          I guess we would have to drop the slate blackboard too.

      • One of the exercises given to children here (Australia) was a picture of three penguins. The children are asked to empathise with the birds, and provide captions. The guy reporting on the story quipped that they should have the penguins saying “Hey, did you hear about the colony of 1.5 million of us they’ve just found, that nobody knew existed?”

      • Joel, that is very perceptive.

        Another analogy: it is akin to the Children’s Crusade (1212 AD) which was supposedly organised by a young fanatic who believed all sorts of strange things, led Stephen of Cloyes (Northern France) and Nicholas (Germany).

        The children knew little of theology, Muslims (let alone the teachings of Muhammad), warfare, conversion of “infidels” or how to recover the True Cross.

        A Children’s Climate Crusade will have parallel insanities and disastrous consequences. One of the things they could learn from the past is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

        All we don’t need now is “inspired” children of all ages to start pumping things into the atmosphere to “undo” the slight recovery in the almost catastrophically low CO2 concentration.

  2. If they really desire a low energy consumption lifestyle, perhaps North Korea would suit them better?

  3. I think Our Children’s Trust the nonprofit organization ought to be sued for child abuse. They have traumatized those young people into a false despair.

    They’ve taken deliberate and cynical advantage of those kids’ naïvety, and exploited it for their own purposes — likely for their own financial gain.

    • Pat Frank

      The consolation being, of course, these brats will feel such idiots in 20 years time. Perhaps they’ll mount a campaign to stop exploitation of children for political means.

      They will of course present themselves as ‘victims’.

      • There are things that children can legitimately be political about, but these are things that they understand.

        Martin Luther King faced a lot of criticism inside his own movement for letting children march. However, the children could understand not being allowed to sit down on a bus. They can understand being forced to go to bad schools. It has been argued that seeing police attack children was what got the majority of public opinion on the side of the civil rights movement.

        On the other hand, these kids can’t understand the complex realities of climate change. My kid can’t truly understand growing up without internet access. If they aren’t Scouts, they probably haven’t spent a single day without electricity in their lives, and they have no idea what they are asking, even if a judge could order it. Most adults don’t even understand the most basic concept of energy balance (see the repeated use of secret “formulas” for infinite energy in fiction, which many are convinced are both real and being suppressed by big oil).

        • Funny you mention Scouts. My 12-year old just spent a week at his first scouting away camp. The leaders said “No cell phones.” Somehow, they all survived just fine.

        • Kids can understand unfairness and being bullied, Ben, but they won’t know whether a movement is honest about its goals.

          Delusional polemics is the mainstay of politics and social movements. Sometimes the delusional rhetoric is for the target audience, and sometimes it’s for the members themselves. Most often, for both.

          Martin Luther King was honest about what he wanted. Our Children’s Trust is almost certainly not. In either case, children would not be capable of discerning that distinction.

          And that’s why I believe children should not be used politically. They plain can’t know whether they are being gulled and abused, or not. Language, charm, attention, and the smiles of adults are everything to them.

          That’s not to say adults are particularly discerning. But adults are autonomous, and supposedly have some wisdom of experience. Children are and have neither.

          • “Kids can understand unfairness”

            Then they should see the “climate science” and “vaccine science” for the scams they are. They are based on pure unfairness:
            – point for me, I win
            – point for you, not reaching statistical significance, does not count

          • You are just repeating the religious mantra, like a warmist.

            Which vaccine saved how many lives?

          • simple-touriste — you need to go back to when vaccination started. Rabies was considered 100% fatal, but a PEP (Post exposure protocol) before symptoms is almost 100% successful. While there may be other ways to treat it (vitamins?), that doesn’t make vaccination snake oil.

            As for the flu vaccines.. I’ll agree with you, but not because vaccination is nonsense, but because of the expectation. There are many many viruses that cause the flu, and in any given year, the CDC has to “guess” which flu variety is going to be dominant and guess correctly the vaccination protocol to deal with their guess. Supposedly their success rate is very low, which means you are exposing your immune system to challenges for no solid reason. And if the other chemical byproducts in the vaccine cause harm, this is yet another reason. I haven’t had the flu for 10 years, and I stopped taking the vaccine about 15 years ago. I’ll take those odds any day. But that’s anecdotal — there are soldiers that may have more exposure to others with the flu, and perhaps doctors and teachers may want it to maximize their chances to remain flu free.

          • I should have written ‘personal unfairness,’ s-t. Point for you. The rest of your comment is nonsense.

          • Personal fairness is how people behave towards one another. It’s a subset of fairness that children understand. They do not understand charming deceit, which is not fair.

          • simple-touriste — what is not scientific about vaccination. At least the original definition. Your body needs to ramp up certain types of antibodies, and injecting with an inert or weakened sample of the virus / bacteria helps it do that. Remember smallpox / measle / chickenpox parties? Well that is a form of live virus vaccination; its the same as the actual disease, but when you get them as a kid they are less deadly. Or in the case of smallpox, when your immune system is strong, regardless of your age.

            This is totally unrelated to what is happening with “climate science”, which is not scientific by any stretch. Starting with the 97% consensus which wasn’t a consensus on climate change, nor is a consensus related to science or logic.

            Having said that, they are now trying to find ‘vaccines’ for cancer and HIV-AIDS — one can argue against their process or them using the term vaccine all day.

          • Speaking of “smiles,” notice the lack of such on their faces in the photo. (One has a hint of a smirk.) I wonder if they were coached by the photographer or some handler to be serious since climate catastrophe is “serious business;” or maybe these kids have been needlessly scared out of a normal childhood by conniving adults who are trying every avenue they can think of to assert their fallacious ideology.

      • They won’t need to feel such idiots in 20 years time (emotional modification through marijuana use will likely stay legal in Washington).

        Victims, they will always be. It would be nice, in a few years, if a few of them realized who victimized them.

    • Especially the youngest one there that has just began using her DMN, the things she learns now are literally sculpting how her brain works. People indoctrinated that young may never be cured.

      • The small child looks to be less than 5 years old. I suspect she neither knows how to read yet, nor comprehends what is going on.
        This is the same sort of child abuse practiced by religious cults, and that doesn’t fly either.

    • How I hate the way Lefties use children in their protests, etc. These kids really have no idea of the science or the politics involved so are just being used. No surprise to see racism arguments used as well, with language no young kid would normally use. Hopefully, one day they will grow up and realise the level of ignorance they displayed!

  4. Hey, lets make a non-profit so we can scam money tax free. We can perch a bunch of kids of all races and origins up front.

    BTW, who was around to put out forest fires 600 years ago causing smoke to block the sun for 2 days?

    Laughing at claims of ‘injuries’. Where do they want to get their food after turning off diesel equip on farms?

    Plaintiffs are twelve young Washingtonians, under the age of 18, who have serious
    ongoing injuries because of Defendants’ deliberate indifference to their rights to life, liberty,
    property, and a healthful and pleasant environment, including a stable climate system, in
    violation of Washington’s Constitution and the Public Trust Doctrine.

    They bring this action on
    behalf of themselves because the fossil fuel-based energy and transportation system created,
    supported, and operated by the Defendants, and the systematic, affirmative aggregate actions
    which make up and support that system, severely endangers Plaintiffs and their ability to grow
    to adulthood safely and enjoy the rights, benefits, and privileges of past generations of
    Washingtonians due to the resulting climate change.

    • I like the Nylon Windbreaker the boy in front is wearing…Doesn’t he realize where Nylon comes from??He is bespoiling the image with his lack of knowledge and apparent uncaring for nature by donning a fossil fuel produced product

    • How do these idiots define “a stable climate system”?

      It sounds like they have used the words from Camelot as being handed down from on high, rather than just being a song.

      It’s true! It’s true! The crown has made it clear.
      The climate must be perfect all the year.
      A law was made a distant moon ago here:
      July and August cannot be too hot.
      And there’s a legal limit to the snow here
      In Camelot.
      The winter is forbidden till December
      And exits March the second on the dot.
      By order, summer lingers through September
      In Camelot.
      Camelot! Camelot!
      I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
      But in Camelot, Camelot
      That’s how conditions are.
      The rain may never fall till after sundown.
      By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
      In short, there’s simply not
      A more congenial spot
      For happily-ever-aftering than here
      In Camelot.
      Camelot! Camelot!
      I know it gives a person pause,
      But in Camelot, Camelot
      Those are the legal laws.
      The snow may never slush upon the hillside.
      By nine p.m. the moonlight must appear.
      In short, there’s simply not
      A more congenial spot
      For happily-ever-aftering than here
      In Camelot.

  5. A judge who has a grasp of reality, how refreshing. As for the kids, I believe their parents are guilty of child abuse.

    • mark from the midwest

      ‘Seen and not heard’ is an endearingly comforting refrain.

      My children were brought up on that principle and they are now valuable, functioning members of society as young adults.

      I suspect 99% of the world raises their children along the same lines but too many are afraid to say it because of a shrill, green, liberal minority who hijack our youths natural idealism for their own purposes.

      And the term ‘if your not socialist before you’re 30, you have no heart, and if you’re socialist beyond 30, you have no head” (paraphrasing, nor does it matter who said it) is entirely relevant here because of the minds ever maturing nature from personal experience.

      These brats are barely weaned off their mothers teats, but they are fair game for the predatory nature of socialists.

    • Some of the less idiotic and/or insane on the Left are beginning to realize that they don’t want anything heading for the US Supreme Court. This judge could be one of those. The reversal rate on the 9th Circuit is already the highest in the country, and is probably going to be pushing 100% over the next twenty or thirty years (assuming they are not also replaced wholesale).

      • The problem seems to be the doctrine of the “living constitution.” The theory is that the constitution has to change with the times and it’s up to Federal judges to make those changes.

        It sounds nice in theory. But it doesn’t work in real life.

        In real life people need to know what is and what isn’t lawful. In real life judges should be applying the law as it was written within the plain meaning as written. If you want to drill an oil well or build a pipe line you should be able to read the law in good faith and in most cases know what is permitted. If you want to permit gay marriage you should be forced to get the law changed by your elected representatives. Strict constructionism.

        The alternative is what happens in the 9th circuit where you have unelected judges literally making up new laws. And where you have lawyers shopping around for friendly circuits to file their cases. And where you get radically conflicting judgements in different circuits. Its the rule of men not the rule of law.

        There are grey areas where judges must interpret laws that aren’t clear. And that’s fine. But there is a difference between narrowly interpretting unclear wording and just making things up.

        • ‘It sounds nice in theory. But it doesn’t work in real life.’

          I find that to be the case with progressive opinion on most issues – they make good bumper stickers, but that’s about it.

        • Strict constructionism is good in principle, but those who claim to practice it too often invert the meaning of the Constitution.

          They seem to neglect the 9th and 10th Amendments and suppose instead that any freedom not expressly protected in the Constitution is not possessed by the people.

          • Which right is more protected in practice?

            – right to carry a gun
            – right to drive a car
            – right to carry health insurance card

          • – right to carry a gun … 2nd amendment …
            – right to drive a car … Driving isn’t a right it’s a privilege …
            – right to carry health insurance card … health insurance isn’t a right, it’s a legal requirement according to Obama care

          • Obamacare as written was taken down by the Supreme Court. Only (Obamacare[tax/not_a_tax]) was upheld.

            What part of the Constitution defines “privileges”?

          • ObamaCare was never taken down by the courts.

            I see you have never actually read the US constitution.

          • So you admit the US makes privileges and privileged people. You shouldn’t have bothered fighting the King. LOL

          • Life makes privileged people.
            Taking money from people who earned it in order to buy the votes of those who would rather not work, makes another class of privileged people.

          • simple-t, you only named 1 right (as enshrined in the 2nd amendment) the other two are not rights.

          • You have a right to drive a car, but only on your own property.
            If you want to drive anywhere else you need the permission of the property owner.

            You have right to carry an insurance card. You can put it right next to your Range Rick club member card. They are both of equal value.
            What you don’t have right to do is to force others to provide you with a service at their expense.

            You have a right to protect yourself, and a gun is good for that.

          • Can you have an health insurance not state sanctioned that pays for consultation to people who are not state sanctioned MD?

          • s-t, you are making no sense.

            Prior to ObamaCare, there was no requirement that health insurance be state sanctioned.

          • “Protected in practice” is not the point. Any rights not Constitutionally transferred to the Federal or state governments are kept by the people.

            Rights are determined by the natural state of individuals, to do as they like with themselves, their possessions, and their lives (without infringing on the identical rights of others).

            Those rights include traveling as one likes. That seems to include a right to drive. And it includes a right to own personal possessions, such as having an insurance card if one owns insurance and has been issued a card.

            Rights transferred to state and Federal governments, are in fact privileges granted to those bodies. The rights can be taken back at any time by a vote of the people.

          • My point is that the right to carry a gun has been less protected in practice that the right to move around.

            Protected in practice is the point for people in the real world, not in the make believe world of protected rights.

          • simple-touriste

            My point is that the right to carry a gun has been less protected in practice that the right to move around.

            Protected in practice is the point for people in the real world, not in the make believe world of protected rights.

            Or in the Make Believe Worlds of Climate Models either

          • You have the right to carry a gun in public too (with a few exceptions like Schools and certain workplaces) so long as it isn’t concealed or loaded. With the proper paperwork background check concealed carry is a permit away

          • “Those rights include traveling as one likes. That seems to include a right to drive”

            The “right to travel as one likes” (implied but not specified in the constitutions Privileges and Immunities Clause ) does not grant you the right to any specific form of travel other than the use of ones own two feet. Your right to travel does not give you the right to fly a plane, for example, and if you don’t believe me go to your nearest airport and just try to get into the cockpit of which ever plane strikes your fancy and see how far you get.

            There’s a reason states say driving is a privilege and not a right. Beyond the simple fact it’s not listed in the constitution (there is no right to drive an automobile or any other mode of transport in the constitution), You get your drivers license based on the skills you have (as demonstrated via taking a driving test) and the rules you agree to follow. After you get your driving license you must continue to demonstrate your ability to drive safely on the road. Failure to do so can result in your driving privileges being revoked (IE your license taken away) for as long as the law decides. And periodically you must get your license to drive renewed. Rights need no renewal as you either have a right or you don’t.

          • there is no right to drive an automobile or any other mode of transport in the constitution

            You’re turning the Constitution upside down, John. We retain all natural rights not given away within its provisions.

            Where in the Constitution does it say the right of travel is yielded to the Federal or state government?

            Restricting travel to walking is like restricting domicile to a cave.

            It is reasonable to require demonstrated expertise (e.g., qualifying for a driver’s license) before exercising a right that could cause injury to others. It does not restrict expression of the right in public.

            On private land, no one needs a driver’s license to drive or a pilot’s license to fly.

          • There are no restrictions on who can drive what, as long as you stay on your own property.

            On large ranches and farms, the kids often drive whatever Dad lets them drive.

          • “There’s a reason states say driving is a privilege and not a right”

            Yes. The reason is that weak people like slogans and simple but stupid ideas.

          • The reason is, it has to be earned by proving reasonable proficiency in ability and understanding of the rules of the road. If it were a right instead, the streets would be paved in blood and curbed in body parts

          • Rights can be reasonably regulated.

            You have a right to bear arms, but must learn gun safety and are disallowed from shooting whomever you like.

            You have a right to drive, but must demonstrate competence for public use and are disallowed from driving on sidewalks.

            This isn’t rocket-science though many of you seem to have trouble with the concept anyway.

  6. Child abuse. The left is dead in America. They have turned into the ugliest of people. Their new education confusing children and raising uncertainties with its teaching of activist sexuality at a tender age, negating history, censoring the worlds great literature and turning out illiterate pawns to a bleak marxy dystopia, erasing personal freedoms, creating guilt, destroying culture. How did we let them go so far?

    • Gary Pearse

      It’s difficult to stop our youth being ideologically inspired by mentally unstable socialist adults.

      They sidle up to them consoling them with “you’re right, it’s not fair” followed by “I have some nice puppies at home, would you like to see them?” or “I have a Roy Rogers outfit, would yo like to try it on?” or even “I have a nice lollipop at home you might want to lick”.

      The Hitler Youth was very successful.

      Beware socialists bearing children.

      • Maybe if we didn’t send them to public schools, aka socialist indoctrination centers. Just saying.

        • Sheri

          I’m not sure a “public school” is the same where you are as it is in the UK.

          A public school here is a fee paying school, as opposed to the mainstream free Comprehensive and Grammar School system we operate at public expense.

          Anyone can get into a fee public school providing they can afford the fees. Think Fettes or Eton. There are no entry qualifications other than money.

          On the other hand, Grammar schools select students on academic ability alone at public expense. Not wrong but often distorted in many ways.

          Comprehensive schools get the ‘dregs’ but still manage to produce fine scholars who go on to University, just not so many.

          • Public schools in the US are schools with no fees and open to the public. My kids went to such a school when we lived in NJ.

          • HotScot, like many things between the two countries, the UK definition and the US definition of “public school” differs. Here “Public Schools” are the schools that the government pays for and runs (ie the public aka the taxpayer foots the bill) – any child can go there. What you call “public schools”, we call “private schools” as in privately owned and the parents have to pay the tuition to send their kids there.

          • John Endicott

            We call them ‘public’ schools because there is no discrimination other than the ability to pay.

            We have grammar schools for which the entry criteria used to be passing an 11+ exam in primary school. It was supposed to discriminate on ability alone and offer poor, but clever children the opportunity to achieve a higher standard of education.

            The liberals, of course, hate the concept. They would rather abolish grammar schools and have everyone conform to the lowest common denominator.

            Grammar schools were largely abolished across the UK but remained in some areas. There is now some pushback and our current government is again encouraging them.

          • So, if you can’t pay for the fee schools, and can’t pass the exam for the free schools, where do you go?

          • Jeff Alberts

            Comprehensive school. Nothing wrong with them but few are up to the standards of Grammar Schools because everyone is taught at the same speed as the slowest student. Which sounds bad, and it’s not quite true, but it means there is little demand for achievement which Grammar schools encourage.

        • Compulsory education and the public school system started with the original so-called Progressives at the turn of the 20th century. The rub was, these were largely unnecessary as far as improving education was concerned. The literacy rate in the US was already in the 90th percentile. Individual communities built schools and hired teachers out of their own pockets. They took the education of their children seriously.

          The real reason these were started by so-called Progressives: it’s considerably easier to push your pet ideologies onto the kids when they’re away from home and family for half the waking day.

          • The history can be very interesting … and most don’t realize now how political & emotional it was then.

            In the wild wild west of education anyone could show up, open a school and start charging.

            Burning a private school to shut it down…. I can’t imagine a private school being burned today, for political reasons. (progressives/zealots have been around for a long time)

      • “Beware socialists bearing children.”
        Hitler had medals made that were awarded to woman who had 5 children. Definitely beware of socialists bearing children.

    • Oh, I’m willing to believe they did, after being thoroughly indoctrinated by their parents and/or other True Believers.
      One thing I do know for sure is that very few, if any, 13-year-olds are capable of critical thinking.

          • What happened to Polio
            What happened to Small Pox
            How many children get Measles annually (in the vaccinated world)
            How many children get the Mumps annually (in the vaccinated world)
            How many cases of Rubella annually (in the vaccinated world)
            How many cases of Rotavirus annually (in the vaccinated world)
            How many avoided cases of the Flu

            The list goes on, the list goes on
            vaccines keep driving viruses away
            La de da de de, la de da de da

            Polio caused muscle loss, uh huh
            smallpox killed or blinded you, uh huh
            Mumps will give you swollen glands, uh huh
            or sterilize you past puberty, uh huh

            And the list goes on, the list goes on
            vaccines keeping viruses at bay
            La de da de de, la de da de da

          • Who avoided the flu?

            What happened to polio in the US after WWI? Why was polio redefined?

            You are living in the make believe world of models.

          • I for one have received the flu vaccine every year for the last 25 years. I have encountered hundreds of flu infected people and only contracted it once over that time period. Because the virus mutates and the simplest fact that there are 14 or more separate influenza strains, compounded by the fact that scientists must determine which strain will be prevalent a year in advance to allow for the correct vaccine to be produced it requires much skill to hit the proper strain so often, or I am extremely lucky.

            Polio on the other hand In 1988, when the Global Polio Eradication Initiative began, polio paralysed more than 1000 children worldwide every day. Since then, more than 2.5 billion children have been immunized against polio thanks to the cooperation of more than 200 countries and 20 million volunteers, backed by an international investment of more than US$ 11 billion.

            There are now only 3 countries that have never stopped polio transmission and global incidence of polio cases has decreased by 99%.

            There has also been success in eradicating certain strains of the virus; of the three types of wild polioviruses (WPVs), the last case of type 2 was reported in 1999 and its eradication was declared in September 2015; the most recent case of type 3 dates to November 2012.

            However, tackling the last 1% of polio cases has still proved to be difficult.
            Cases due to wild poliovirus have decreased by over 99% since 1988, from an estimated 350 000 cases then, to 22 reported cases in 2017. As a result of the global effort to eradicate the disease, more than 16 million people have been saved from paralysis.

            The only people that appear to be living in a world of make believe models are the AGWer, Moon Hoaxer, Anti-vaxxer crowds

          • Not vaccinating your children is a definite form of child abuse for certain.
            When the diseases they inoculate against have another outbreak (and eventually they will)
            It is only the anti-vaxxers children that will get sick.

          • Bryan, you are just peddling Big Medicine BS. (as usual)

            Injecting any drug without a good reason is abuse, period.

            Nobody has been able to articulate a reason for a vaccine. You are out of your mind.

          • And allowing your child’s health to be at risk by not vaccinating will not kill my child when yours, heaven forbid, contracts an avoidable communicable disease that could have been avoided had you chosen to protect them.

    • None of those statements were written by those 13 to 17 year old kids. The vocabulary is at the college level, not 7th through 11th grade. I had a massive vocabulary at 14, but even I did not create pompous-assed whiny nonsense like that. I wrote more like Heinlein’s teen subjects in his YA novels.
      The entire thing is BS, and the judge knew it. But the suggestions that these teens be told to go live the “natural” life style they refer to is a good one. They’d be lost without their electronic stuff inside of 4 hours, and whining for the bathroom.
      It’s hogwash.

    • In the Middle East they strap bombs on the kids, and send them at the enemy enclave. I have not doubt that the environazis will pick up on that tactic at some point.

      • Our Wahhabi friends in the glorious democracy of Saudi Arabia just blew up a bus filled with children, using glorious armaments made in the glorious US of A.

        All totally fabulous and kosher, not worth mentioning even.

        The Iran-Iraq war was a consequence of US foreign policy, btw.

        • Khwarizmi

          Western drugs are used to save lives in these countries. Should we withdraw them as well as armaments?

          I mean, once we have sold them we have no control over their use. They might be used to save the lives of terrorists.

        • Here we go again.
          If it’s bad the US is behind it.
          If the Saudi’s weren’t buying out stuff, they would be buying them from someone else.
          Are you actually stupid enough to believe that if they couldn’t buy US arms they would be completely peaceful?

          If you want to blame someone, blame those who have been using religion as an excuse to kill over there for the last 1500 years.

          The Iran/Iraq war was the result of two dictators both wanting to be the biggest totalitarian on the block. It had nothing to do with US policy.

          I’m willing to bet that you actually believe the lie that the US gave a green light for Saddam to invade Kuwait.
          It would fit with your paranoid personality.

        • u should see what the pallies do to their kids at school.
          the whole region is medieval.
          people have dungeon & dragony names like ‘slave of god’
          weird af, right?

        • Which started as a result of Democratic Policies under Carter and inherited by Reagan who not only saw the end of that conflict but also the end of the Walled segregation of Berlin
          “Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down That Wall”

        • Don’t know why you would make such a pathetic comment, especially on this blog.
          Now you are on every list our security services have, and they are some really sneaky bastards.

        • Khwarizmi, do you realize what you are saying about the unique cleverness and ingenuity of the United States? Are countries outside of the US easy to fool or trick because of something missing in their intellect? Is that your understanding? I hope not. Look closer to home for causes of what happens and why it happens.

          Gee if only the US hadn’t invented awful weapons we’d be back in the paradise of the last few thousand years.

  7. Look carefully at the individuals in the lede photo. These are the poster children in fact for AGW activism. They are the perfect illustration of the term ‘useful idiots’, as fully indoctrinated propagandists for the AGW cause of whose goals they are not fully aware and who are used cynically by the leaders of the AGW cause to achieve their socialist agendas.

  8. The judge should have sentenced these children and their lawyers to a week without the benefits and derivatives of fossil fuels, for the crime of abusing the judiciary with their nonsense. That would entail dropping them naked into a wilderness area. Their position on fossil fuels would change dramatically before the sunset on the first day.

  9. Hummm.. “Kailani, 13-year-old plaintiff from Spokane said:
    “I am deeply saddened by the Court’s decision.” This is supposedly the “immediate reaction” of a 13 year old. Do you think someone could be putting words into their mouths???

    • My immediate thoughts. Ever single one of those lines were scripted. kids don’t talk that properly. it’s like a Spanish student travelling to central America. they know full well they were “educated”, or in this case rehearsed their lines.

  10. Essentially, the attempt is to make Federal law at the local level of city, county, and state. For example, a city, or legal unit like a transportation district in a city has leaders that want to impose their will on the entire country. I would presume one could ask why we even have a Federal government if they don’t want to make use of it. What local laws cast into a Federal framework does is to deny over 99% of the US population a vote on matters that affect them. It becomes totalitarianism. The mass scale disenfranchisement of rights of others is why these cases lose. The citizens of the entire US would have to be allowed to respond to the case. Also, since a child cannot be sued, equity would dictate they cannot sue others while being shielded from litigation.

  11. One of the little girls looks rather frightened. What kind of adult does this to such young children.

  12. According to the left, the purpose of the courts is to takeover from the political process every time the political process results in anything a leftist disagrees with.

      • Under the Constitution, the President and the Congress have equal competence in law with the Supreme Court. The president can carry out the duties of office as assigned under the Constitution over the objections of the Supreme Court.

        But the President must make the case in the issue under dispute, by reference to the language of the Constitution, that the competence indeed lays in the Executive and not in the Court.

        Since the 1960’s especially, the Supreme Court has improperly arrogated to itself the sole authority to interpret the Constitution. That is nothing more than a bald power-grab. That sole jurisdiction is not granted the Supreme Court in the Constitution itself.

  13. What rubbish these activists come up with. Good to see a few judges are starting to push back against them. If only many more would do the same.

  14. Well, Kailani, if you fear the huckleberries are disappearing, I am pleased to report a glowing article about huckleberries by Larry Clark appears in the Fall 2018 issue of Washington State Magazine, published by WSU. Horticulture professor Amit Dhingra and colleagues have cloned a Western huckleberry variety and are now growing it in greenhouses. For more accurate information on the eight wild species that grow in Washington State and support a thriving, but complex, commercial harvest, please check with the Wild Huckleberry Association and the USDA. Alternately, just stop spouting unverified nonsense printed on a sheet of paper somebody handed to you.

  15. The young plaintiffs, aged between 8 and 18, are supported by Our Children’s Trust, a non-profit organization that supports legal action around the world

    and why is that “their” world. Have they stolen this world from wild enemies and then cleared, cultivated, developed to fertile ground.

    Our Children’s Trust, a non-profit organization that supports legal action, should provide sufficient justification.

  16. “science-based Climate Recovery Plans that will return atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to below 350 ppm by the year 2100”

    That sentiment runs contrary to the single most important assurance we can make today in an effort to preserve life on Earth, and that is to feed the Carbon Cycle of Life with increased atmospheric CO2.

    • I do agree.
      There are so many things wrong about what these children believe and how they have gotten to this position that abuse is apparent in their education and counseling. The future must appear very dark to them, most adults must be selfish liars, and hope is extinguished by fear and helplessness. What a sad state of affairs for them to face as they move into adulthood.

  17. All such suits should be summarily dismissed if any of the defendents lives on grid, drives a car, or benefits in any way from fossil fuels. This means no clothes buying, no using hospitals, no buying food at stores, nothing. Until they are willing to live what they are brainwashed to believe, too bad. If they can’t live the life they demand, they have no right to force anyone else to.

  18. Looks like the lawyers for the non-profit made no profit on that one. But the non-profit will profit on a new wave of donations. They win either way in profits which is what it’s all about anyway. They will still get face time as talking heads but just need to put on the victim face and cry about how they were treated. Maybe they should have had that Hog guy in Florida on the team. He’ll show up if there are media cameras present to save the children.

  19. I wonder what a life without electricity, heat, or polymers would be like for these children?
    No internet, and a short brutal life.
    This the result of education that does not teach about history, or logic, and action without consideration of the consequences.

    • Actually, considering this had to have been done with the parents’ consent, they’re parents are the proper poster children for birth control.

  20. Despicable!! Those greenie adults should be charged with child abuse for forcing children to lie in court.

  21. These children should be on the front lines…. no electricity, no cars, nothing produced using fossil fuels.

  22. They should be sent to Racing stables with hurricane lamps to clean out the manure to give them an idea of what real “horse s*+t” looks and smell like, and as a reminder what the streets of their suburbs might be like without fossil fuels

  23. Imagine how much fossil fuels they all use every year, plus plastics, paints, pharma, phones, plastic containers…etc. When they grow old enough to realize how they were used and made to look like BIG HYPOCRITES.

  24. Child abuse, pure and simple.
    On so many levels.
    First one: Parading teens around that proclaim things they can’t/don’t have the life experiences to expound upon.
    They are being used in a political theater, unbeknownst to them.
    Shame on those (olden days they might have been drawn and quartered) that fed their young minds with unsubstantiated theory, presented as fact.
    Now comes the decade(s) of trying to reverse the damage.

  25. That judge was just … like … so unfair. He … like … wouldn’t let me … like …use my phone in his courtroom … you know. And they made me wear this … like… so stupid tee shirt… you know. It was … like … so not cool. They even made me … like … you know … take the ring out of my nose and eyebrow and even my lip. Like … so unfair…. you know. They wouldn’t even let my boyfriend in cause he’s …. like … got purple hair and 25 years old and they didn’t like … you know … his face tattoo. That’s sick … you know … cause he’s… like … gonna be in a rap band . But I got a bunch of likes on my facebook page.

  26. And in the less than 20 years these little persons have been alive there has been no statistically significant change in earths average temperature..

    • What proportion of the population can even define “statistically significant”?

      Among those who can recite the definition, how many UNDERSTAND it?

  27. “I am sad. In my long 13 years of life I’ve noticed the long term trends in temperature and national fish stocks. I miss the golden age of our climate when in the year 2006 the planet was in equilibrium. I hope the judge does the right thing and takes over for the President, and the Congress.”

        • Unless you try to physically mix every color available in oil paints, then it is a really crappy brown color. I have yet to find a mix of paint colors that make white.

          • If you have a beam of light of each of the primary colors and combine them on the floor, the resultant spot will be white.
            If you have paint of all the primary colors and combine them, the result will be black.

            The difference is paint absorbs, so the black is the absorption of all the color.
            While the light is additive, so it’s all colors.

        • Right, and black is absence of color. So if someone is black they are NOT “persons of color”. While all others are.

  28. Let it stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth;
    With cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks;
    Turn all her mother’s pains and benefits
    To laughter and contempt; that she may feel
    How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
    To have a thankless child! Away, away!

  29. I wonder how many of them got a new play station for posing as victims?
    If not, how many of them surrendered their smartphones? (Rechargeable stuff uses lots of energy.)

    OH! And how many of the kids are aware the the conditions other kids work under to mine the lithium for their rechargeable stuff?

  30. They came into existence partly because of, and enjoy their health and prosperity partly because of…. the Industrial Revolution….which they want to take down….

  31. The OCT directors are white liberal lawyers (what a surprise):
    Kelly Matheson – President
    Sharon Duggan – Secretary
    Julia Olson
    Patrick McGinley
    Socialist, manipulative white-collar criminals scamming for other-people’s-money.

  32. The reality is that based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, the climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind including the state of Washington has no control. The party responsible for climate change is Mother Nature so that is who they should ve naming in their legal action. Lots of luck finding a court that has jurisdiction over Mother Nature and if one does get a judgement against Mother Nature, lots of luck collecting on a judgement.

    Weather is not climate and extreme weather events has been part of the current climate for some time. Weather cycles are also not climate change. True climate change is so small that it takes a network of sophisticated sensors decades to even detect it. There is no evidence that current climate change has causes a worsening of weather climate conditions. Climate has never been optimal for all and in fact the optimal climate has never even been defined and according to science, even if the optimal climate were defined, mankind does not have the power to achieve it.

    If the plaintiffs believe that the use of fossil fuels is somehow bad for the environment then they should first themselves stop making use of all goods and services that involve the use of fossil fuels an any way but obviously they are not doing that. They are wearing clothes that invariable were at one time transported by trucks that use fossil fuels.

  33. There was a journalist on TV last night reporting on the indoctrination of our children in schools with climate change propaganda. It is highly organised, manipulative, and relentless. They are getting them young. There is an appalling article (another one) on the Guardian at the moment, and it is depressing reading the comments, and the cliches that flow forth from the uninformed. The warming “is locked in”. “It’s too late now”. “The ice caps are melting”. And as for the vitriol directed at ‘deniers’, who the author likens to Nazi appeasers! Appalling stuff. Everybody still trots out the 97% of scientists blah blah blah. The #WalkAway campaign has attracted thousands of personal testimonies. What about a #NoConsensus campaign? Get thousands of brief personal testimonies from scientists who state their credentials, and their disagreement with the theory. Or would too few be willing, in the current environment?

  34. Kailani, (13) from Spokane said:

    “My rights as a Native American … Camas, huckleberries, salmon, and other traditional foods are disappearing.”

    So… Kailani is suggesting that she and her immediate family regularly eat camas, huckleberries, salmon et al (all also hunted and gathered in the traditional manner – no food miles allowed) as the core part of their diet?

    Or is what she really saying is that she believes it is her RIGHT to be able to eat these things… but tonight she is getting home delivered pizza?

    Kailani? I don’t think your lawsuit should have been dismissed. I think you should have been made to pay damages.

    • Sounds like her “Native American” ancestors missed out on pawpaws. (I had one once. Great flavor but don’t preserve well.) Guess they were “Native” to the wrong part of America.
      Or, maybe some of her ancestors did eat pawpaws but other “Native Americans” drove them out?
      (All “Native Americans” were peace-loving before that white guy Columbus showed up. Just ask an Aztec.)

    • She should look around at her own reservation and see how filthy it is before blaming white people for the weather.

  35. Climate slimeballs using kids to advance their bogus, lie-based Cause. It’s the face of evil, folks. Pure evil.

  36. If the climate in that state of Washington is not well suited to their desires then they should move to a state where the climate is more what they want. It is not the responsibility of the state of Washington to provide every resident with what each of them believes in the optimum climate.

    • Gov Jay Inslee believes it the state’s responsibility, and is intent on taxing us for billions with a “carbon” tax.

      • There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. The “carbon” tax will have no effect on climate.

  37. These kids need to clean a barn by hand, then watch a Bobcat clean one. Then explain to them such hand work was the rule before we started using fossil fuels, add in you worked hard over twelve hours a day. Somehow if they understood thy proposal is to return to twelve hours hand work a day I think they would have better understanding of how they are being used.

        • LOL

          Hey Dawg … a medium size one can do it too. They will usually climb a tree ‘cept for some of the big toms.!

          • You drive down the back roads watching the sandy/gravely shoulders for tracks. Seeing one, you let the dogs out (a few of which have radio collars), then you track the signal with a directional antenna if they get out of hearing range. If the game they were chasing and treed were out of hunting season you take a picture and call it a good training day for all involved.
            At least that was the way it was explained to me 15-20 years ago, before GPS.

          • Sometimes you lose a dog, drowned by a raccoon.
            After that, when you see one on the road, you aim for it.

  38. I find it very odd that Washington State fought this, considering ALL of the leadership is fully in bed with the “humans are bad” philosophy. Unless, of course, you live in a tent under I5, break into people’s cars to support your drug habit, crap on the sidewalk, refuse services, etc. Then you’re A-OK with them.

  39. Two kids from Tahola…which has a population under 1,000 (and has requested $60M to relocate away from rising seas, lol).

    Nobody gives two chits about the plight of Native Americans until liberals trot them out for the occasional environmental issue. Pathetic.

  40. I wonder how many of those kids have ever thrown a line in the water? How many know from first hand experience what the populations of salmon etc have been doing? How many have bothered to actually READ any research about such situations?

  41. These kids statements smack of brain washed zombies where the words come out without any understanding of what is being said. How pathetic.

  42. Suffer Snowflakes, and no go live in North Korea where you can practice what you preach and live a truly low carbon footprint lifestyle.

  43. Too bad the children’s education failed to inform them that there is WEATHER in the world.

  44. I’m not impressed with this. Climate has changed a lot over the millennia without regard to what people thought. Also, the judge, legally, can not turn the matter over to the federal government which, by law (Constitution) has no legal authority to deal with the subject. Start with article 1, section 1, and go on from there. There has been no amendment to change it.

  45. The kids need a lesson in history so they wake up to the reality that they have been fed propaganda. Propaganda did NOT end with the second world war. People have been fooled-now we see possibly the grandest propaganda of all time from an outfit that wants to take over the entire planet by stealth.
    The UN actually stands for United Nazis.

  46. A victory, but how many millions of dollars did the defendants have to spend defending this facetious claim? How many thousands of executive hours were wasted on a completely unprofitable activity?

    It proves the point, yet again. THE PROCESS IS THE PUNISHMENT.

  47. This is tantamount to child abuse. These poor kids have been lied to so thoroughly, so completely brainwashed, that they actually believe the crap they are spewing.

    Like that cartoon ad on UK TV showing a kids dog drowning, and aimed at inculcating kids into the CAGW scare story.

    Fortunately that was banned. What hope is there for these poor sods to protect them from this BS?

  48. My rights as a [fill in blank] person are being taken away because of [insert here]. “As [fill in blank] on this planet, we are absolutely heartbroken to hear that [insert here]. What [fill in blank] deserve is [fill in blank].” Someone should create a grievance generator app.

  49. Too bad it didn’t go to trial. Can you imagine the destroyed egos of these young lapdogs if there
    was a cross examination by a sharp, global arming wise defense attorney that exposed the sheer ignorance inside the no-too-bright heads of these kids?

  50. Just another example of the disgusting Left.

    By any means = their motto don’t forget.
    They don’t have shame or embarrassment.

    They are the nice people, the good people.

  51. “My rights as a Native American person are being taken away because of climate change.”

    Mine, too. I was born in Chicago, after all.

  52. The use of children in propaganda has many seriously dangerous examples. Any group who would use this tactic is tone deaf to the still screaming facts of history.

  53. The statement “winters get more and more extreme” could be interpreted as children forgetting what snow is or colder winters. Actually it’s both since the climate televangelists claim both depending on current conditions and when you’re looking.

  54. Next time go for the big payback with claims involving baby powder or roundup. You’ll need a better legal fraud team but you can use the same expert witnesses as before.

  55. What a bunch of criminal hucksters trying to shake down the govt regarding the fraud known as anthropogenic CLIMATE CHANGE!

  56. “Judge Scott ruled that issues brought up in the case are political questions that cannot be resolved by a court”.

    Hell, I would have thought the judge would have required standing.

    Disappearing huckleberries?

    OK, how many have disappeared?

    When they can show how many huckleberries have disappeared as a matter of fact AND demonstrated a quantifiable link to man-induced climate change, then there MAY be standing.

    I have no doubt that disappearing huckleberries will be much like the disappearing polar bears.

  57. Talk about people (kids) with heads full of mush… they are being manipulated by far-left adults and their lawyers. Just keep weeping over nothing.

  58. Now how about doing something useful and go help the poor Venezuelan families walking in exile on the roads to Peru and other neighboring countries. You might learn something about the real world and the consequences of dogma used as tool.

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