Pope Francis Asks Oil Companies to Deliver Cheap Reliable Clean Energy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The objective has been set, now up to the engineers to deliver.

Climate change: Pope urges action on clean energy

9 June 2018

Pope Francis has said climate change is a challenge of “epochal proportions” and that the world must convert to clean fuel.

“Civilisation requires energy, but energy use must not destroy civilisation,” he said.

He was speaking to a group of oil company executives at the end of a two-day conference in the Vatican.

Modern society with its “massive movement of information, persons and things requires an immense supply of energy”, he told the gathering.

“But that energy should also be clean, by a reduction in the systematic use of fossil fuels,” he said.

“Our desire to ensure energy for all must not lead to the undesired effect of a spiral of extreme climate changes due to a catastrophic rise in global temperatures, harsher environments and increased levels of poverty.”

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44424572

The obvious response is you can have cheap, reliable energy or non-polluting energy, but not both.

But perhaps this is an opportunity. The Catholic Church has an awful lot of money, and the world is full of wildly implausible energy claims which few serious venture capitalists would consider, like E-cat cold fusion generators.

Skeptics like myself might think alternative energy ideas like Andrea Rossi’s E-cat claims are nonsense, but who knows? If Pope Francis wants the impossible, he needs to consider the extremely improbable, because just maybe somewhere out in the wilderness of wild ideas is an idea with real potential which we have all overlooked.


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Jimmy Haigh

That’s exactly what they do.


Isn’t a Pope supposed to be asking God for this, not man?


He seems to be a little mixed up between “God” and “Mammon.”


Being Pope has gone to his head………


Isn’t the Pope supposed to be infallible? So, if he is wrong about man-made climate change, what does it tell about the Catholic Church?


Infallible in matters of faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra, i.e., from the papal throne as Pope.

Lord Acton (“…Absolute power* corrupts absolutely.”) made a trip to Rome to try to convince the Church not to declare the Pope infallible in even that limited sense. He was unsuccessful, unfortunately.

So far, the current Pope has not spoken on Climate ex cathedra. I would not rule that out in the future, however. Francis is a Communist and Communists are, by nature, unable to leave any power unused that might serve their ends.

* Acton was speaking of the Pope, but this is generally true.


I would not recommend trying to defend the Catholic faith by making claims about the infallibility of this guy.
If they wanted to elect a pope that would damage respect for the church, they picked the right person.


“Infallible in matters of faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra, i.e., from the papal throne as Pope.”
Wasnt he speaking about matters of faith when he declared the Sun moved around the Earth during the time of Galileo?
Jesus – “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” but the man who claims to represent him on Earth lives in a palace and sleeps in a golden bed.

D. J. Hawkins

No, he wasn’t. As a cardinal at the time observed, “The Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go”. Galileo claimed as a matter of truth that the earth went around the sun. He could offer no supporting evidence, which wouldn’t be forthcoming until M. Foucault’s observations a couple of hundred years later. This absolute claim is what got him in dutch with the Office of the Inquisition.

There are only two (2) ex cathedra teachings, and both are about Mary.

If he wants to venture out of his realm of infallibility, he needs to be ready for people to tell him that he has no clue about what he’s trying to discus. It’s kind of like a sports figure or actor recommending a commercial product unrelated to his area of expertise.


NO, he’s not infallible. Where people pick up this nonsense about papal infallibility is beyond me…



The Pope is pissing off most all followers. He is gonna get a boot in his a$$ from his continued questionable actions on many fronts. This is what happens when you put a socialist in that position of power.

Supplimental video that was sent to me. Is this wrong on said subject from a year ago? Much has happened since. Just curious on others take. Start at 9 minutes if you want to get to the nitty gritty fast, but the beginning was interesting also.

Greg Cavanagh

She tells her opinions openly, and thoroughly. I love it. This vid should be sent to every news agency on Earth.

J Mac

The Pope should stick to the religion of Christianity. He’s out of his depth with the Climate Change religion, but he thinks it can serve his socialist political desires.


Yes, the 9:00 minute mark is the climate nitty-gritty, but if you’re interested in faith, I recommend starting at the beginning. (I did not watch the whole video. Well not yet)

(P.S. this is my first post in the new comment style. Hope it’s OK)

Alexander Carpenter

No, the obvious response is that we already have cheap, reliable, clean energy from the oil companies.

Bryan A

Not to mention the cheap reliable and CO2 free Hydro and Nuclear energy fuels sources.
Coming from the Pope, perhaps the church could bring forth a miracle of a cheap/abundant/”clean” non nuclear, non hydro energy source.


You know da greens is in trouble when all dey got left is da pope! (‘n you know what? all dey got left is da pope)…

Malcolm Carter

So any mention of nuclear fission? None ? I guess when your profession depends on miracles you can overlook the one that has already occurred and go for the preposterous.

Great if you can work out how to use less energy to start and maintain the reaction than what you get out of it.


Ummm, we’ve known how to start and maintain the reaction of nuclear fission and get gigantic amounts of energy out of it for a lifetime now.

Ehem, right you are. Muddle those two words all the time…

Malcolm Carter

Avi Fission (U-235) not fusion (H-3 + H-2)

Um, thanks. I stand corrected with a smear of egg on my face….


The consensus is now complete.

Phil sawyer

The victory of the green religion over the traditional Christian one is complete!
How do I know that? Because even the pope doesn’t see it!


There’s a bunch of us who’ve been saying that the popes are full of crap for a little over 500 years now.


Not all of them. John Paul II played a pivotal role in the collapse of the old Soviet Union.

Michael 2

“There’s a bunch of us who’ve been saying that the popes are full of crap for a little over 500 years now.”

You age remarkably well!

Richard Patton


Javert Chip

I get that popes can pretty much speak on whatever they want…however, the church obviously has a long-standing criminal mess with priests (and their enabling bishops) playing with little boys.

Maybe popes should spend more time & effort on things they’re directly responsible for before wandering into the fantasy world of climate.

4 Eyes

“It’s up to the engineers to deliver”. So easy to say when you are not an engineer. From the day I started mech engineering at university, 48 years ago, I have been wondering about alternative ways of powering the world. Why wouldn’t I? I’d be a trillionaire if I could economically replace fossil fuels. I am sure 97% of mech engineers have dreamt the same. Problem is, dear Pope, dear alarmists, dear politician, dear journalist, dear greeny, it just isn’t that simple.

It’s clear Pope Francis doesn’t know much about technology, engineering, business, economics or how to make a living outside the church. It is also evident his advisors are ignorant Marxists, which is understandable given that the guy is communist.

What seems to escape him is that non government owned oil companies are very good at extracting oil and making products which use oil and gas as a feedstock. They aren’t really energy companies, aren’t well suited to build nuclear plants, windmill or solar panels. This means they shouldn’t even try to go into those business lines, because they’ll likely fail.

I realize Statoil, which has strong government mandates, is dabbling in offshore wind power, which works when heavily subsidized and won’t accomplish much beyond a few niche projects in rich nations. But I wouldn’t bet on oil companies in general doing much good outside their field. As oil runs out, they are turning into natural gas producers. When natural gas runs out, they won’t have much left to do.


Fernando wrote:
“It’s clear Pope Francis doesn’t know much about technology, engineering, business, economics or how to make a living outside the church.”
Sounds like most politicians I hear of in the news. Just replace “Pope Francis” with any politician’s name and “the church” with “government”, and the statement would be just as true. Everyone in power all of a sudden becomes an expert in fields they have never studied.


Oil companies have enormous experience working in deep sea environments. They can easily leverage that into deep sea mining operations. The recent discovery of several hundred years of rare earth metals at 6000m off the coast of Japan is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lil Fella From Aus

With due respect he is clueless on this subject and should leave it to those who know. Oil companies already produce cheap fuel. That is why greens don’t get it, they are still down the bottom of the garden with the other gnomes and fairies.

Walter Chips

Should have just stopped after ‘clueless’!

Phillip Bratby

It seems like the pope is an expert in all things, but has little knowledge of anything.


I am reminded of the older, real religious-leader Pope, who was told, “The Church should tell us how to get to heaven, not how heaven goes to hell.”

Javert Chip

Well, he was educated/mentored by communists.


Well da papa could try a little miracle himself – mebe practice a little by walking on water for awhile and then work up to a really biggie – carbon free cheap energy – that would do the trick – join the immortals!


(he could turn water into gasahol… ☺)


I am now going to preach to the pope: Francis, please open your Bible to Genesis, Chapter 8, and read its last two verses:

“…and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake … neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done. While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Francis, please note the last sentence. The things of nature mentioned therein are all CYCLICAL — no monotonically increasing, run-away heat death for this earth. Francis, put away your LINEAR thinking!

This ends my encyclical to Pope Francis.


In the Green religion Man has become God. Little does he remember that in fact he is just one more squirming Animal, existing at the whim and mercy of Nature. I think that’s what they just can’t take.


It seems like you making a logical point… but last time the Vatican and the Pope did follow that line, the Pope and the Vatican ended up hands full with this Galileo humiliating problem.

In matters of knowledge as per science there is no any authority position that actually validates confirms or proves anything, apart from the means of the scientific method, which simply means that in matters of science the Pope has to stand by the main line of the
scientific orthodoxy, unless clearly and convincingly shown otherwise….

And in this particular case, is not like pope Francis has or did issued a Papal order, or any order at all,,, it simply is in a manner of urging and pleading….far much softer and benign than the position that some USA institutions of power are taking.

And in principle I think that the theological or philosophical religious method can not be engaged against the science by a religious authority, as it will engage at some point with the scientific method, which is not much different in principle.

Both methods essentially support and cherish the “ugly fact”, in fact the christian path stands as the upholding of the virtue of one of most “ugly facts” in Religion of God. Where The Pope actually as per catholic position, stands as the very loyal servant of that “fact”….as per religion point of view always of course .

In this context, any catholic or christian or any one baptized or even circumcised, that may like to assist and support the Vatican and pope Francis in matters of climate change science, got to make the effort and get a petition in the means of informing about the four testimonies before the USA congress about the scientific method in the subject of climate change…

Anyway, I my self can not see any reason for much of a problem with this latest activity.

Maybe the problem could be little more so and a bit more complicated in the case of the excommunication clause! (not very clear this one)


Sam Grove

The pope is an idiot.


Sam Grove

Worse than that, he’s just what Jesus didn’t want.

A privileged man, taking money from the poor to surround himself with wealth, then preach to the poor about how evil they are.


Is this the guy who heads a religion that until recently (1822) thought the sun revolved around the earth. The same religion that until 1903 promoted the castration of children to maintain their singing tone? Sorry if I don’t care about what an irrelevant guy in a dress and pointy hat thinks about global warming, green energy or anything else really.


No. This is the guy who heads a denomination that until recently, etc.


The day he shows us the “loaves and fishes” trick with energy we’ll start paying attention. ‘Til then, he’s just one more voice braying into the echo chamber of the Tower of Babel.

John F. Hultquist

or non-polluting energy

I’ll give you some leeway on this. Just suggesting it could have been worded better.


Unlike those who are working to destroy western civilization from within, the Pope acknowledges the importance of cheap reliable energy. That’s a good thing.

We know that agents of the USSR actively worked to subvert the west by working with the powerful, corrupt, and cynical. link H.R. McMaster says Putin is still doing the same thing. link Putin would like to have activists campaign against fracking in Europe. That way, Europe would be forced to continue importing natural gas from Russia. link

The bad guys want to deprive everyone of cheap reliable energy.

Wiliam Haas

The cleanest burning of fossil fuels oxidizes hydrocarbons to yield CO2 and H2O both of which are vital to life on this planet. The reality is that there is no radiant greenhouse effect and that this added CO2 and H2O has no effect on climate. The climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control.

Ken Mitchell

Abundant clean energy? Sure. But it won’t be especially cheap, especially as long as the Luddites keep blocking the way. Nuclear? While the lefty lawyers keep filing lawsuits to delay everything…. As long as the politicians keep blocking things like orbital solar power…

I suggest fairy dust and unicorn farts.

Greg Freemyer

Fusion is the future and getting here fast. Progress is sufficient that public utilities are starting to invest. Southern Company is my local utility and they are starting to talk about fusion efforts at investor conferences.

John P Schneider

Getting here fast? In the ’60s, it was just 40 years away. Sometimes I hear now that it is just 20 years away, but I suspect it is still 40 years – i.e, the business horizon. Businesses don’t generally plan beyond 40 years in general. That’s as far as the eye can see for them.


Fusion has been a few years,away for over 60 years.
Fission is just fine and waiting to actually help us.


Oil company executives don’t tell Francis how to do his job. He shouldn’t be telling them how to do their jobs, especially since he is so clueless. Stick to what you know, Frank.

Greg Cavanagh

I do wonder what the engineers thought, or even discussed for two days. Did they just sit back in their chairs dreaming of what they’d do when they get back home, or did they discuss the problem with the Pope.

Gathering from his comments; whatever was discussed, it didn’t penetrate this thick skull.

Alan Tomalty

And what exactly does the Pope know?


Back in the 80’s the Council of Bishops issue an encyclical on the economy.
A famous economist (could have been Alan Greenspan) replied, when asked about it replied, I’ll read it right after the Council of Economic Advisers publishes it’s paper on the Virgin Birth.


He has shown that the office of the Pope is a political post and has very little to do with religion.

John P Schneider

Mike – He has shown that the office of the Pope has become a political post and has very little to do with religion.
Wasn’t always that way, or at least didn’t appear to be so. Of course, any post that one is elected to has some politics in it, but the lifetime appointment was intended to minimize that element. But this pope is all about global politics.

Richard Patton

There were times (before the Reformation) when it was **much** more politicized than today. When the office was sold to the highest bidder (from the ‘correct’ families of course).


Oil company Chiefs deserve the Pope and vice versa.
Both are left-wing UN globalist mobsters serving corrupt vested interests.
Many public entities and the Catholic church have been infiltrated by ‘fund managers people’ fronting for the UN.
Crooks of the highest order and let’s not forget their mates at Google who blew a couple of hundred million trying to prove that everyone was doing renewables wrong. Then abruptly in 2014 Google stopped and admitted renewables were unviable. Some of their engineers were not so polite using words to describe renewables that can’t be repeated here.


Wrong. Here is what they said: “Trying to combat climate change exclusively with today’s renewable energy technologies simply won’t work”, they write. “We need a fundamentally different approach.”

So yeah, renewables alone are not enough. That’s no stop the presses news – it’s well known that a combination of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy is needed. And of course in the 4 years since they wrote their article, massive improvements in battery technology have been made.


Just keep telling yourself that. Perhaps it will help you sleep at night.


Massive? Is that another word for imaginary?


Wrong. Renewables (solar & wind) are unviable. Google spent most of its time and money under RE<C on solar and wind. Fragmentation, as you propose ("a combination of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy") of the electricity market is the problem, not the solution.
Anyway, just ask James Hansen what's going to happen to solar & wind. He was a principal adviser to RE<C.
There won't be many commercial solar or wind farm operating in the World by 2080.


Watermelon pope

Tom Gelsthorpe

Pope makes it official: The Middle Ages were the Good Old Days!

His native Argentina agrees to junk all tractors, plow the pampas with teams of mules, haul produce to market with “clean” ox carts, manage transoceanic commerce with wooden windjammers.

Peasant revolt begins when the little people tire of stepping in cow flop, being widowed & orphaned by shipwrecks.

“Oh well,” sayeth the Pope. “Back to the drawing board.”

The Pontiff retreats to walled Vatican City, as angry peasants mass outside, brandishing pitchforks. “The next project? A world without walls! Or pitchforks.”


Plowing the pampas with mules or oxen is considered animal cruelty these days.


This attitude has deep roots – right back into the Old Testament.
Moses, otherwise brilliant, led his people from Egypt to the only patch of land there that had not a single drop of oil.
Talk about futures!


Not only that, he took 40 years to do it – Golda Meir.

Greg Freemyer

But they have natural gas!


That took only 3000 years to mature – long term investment.


That’s half the Biblical age of the universe, high risk.

Tom Abbott

The Bible does not give an age for the Universe.

But, Tom, the great Bishop Ussher, Primate of All Ireland, calculated, from the Holy Scripture, that the World was created in 4004 BC [I think on 26th October, but open to correction – my memory may well be in error].
That seems tolerably close to giving an age for the universe – remember, before then the ‘World was void and without form’ – ‘World’, perhaps, an analogy for universe.
Like the Racing Pages may say that Horse One beat Horse Two by five lengths, and Horse Two beat Horse Three by two lengths. They do not say that Horse One beat Horse Three by seven lengths. But that can be calculated!

Of course, the Bishop may have miscounted.
Or the Biblical words may have been mistranslated – or even wrong to start with.
Or, perhaps, written only as analogies . . . . .



Or, there’s the truth. That the genealogies from which any well meaning counter (including Bishop Ussher) might attempt such a calculation, are incomplete.

Unless of course, Jesus Christ truly is the “son of David” (strictly speaking, that is) plus or minus 1000 years after David’s death.


Oil has been found in Israel.

Nils Rømcke

God exists! Scientific proof: 100% consensus among priests . . . .

Don Perry
Just Jenn

Denier! Heretic!

Those priests are just misguided souls, or had their words skewed by the evil media (you know the ones that don’t support our statement), the consensus is in! The matter is settled!! How dare you question the consensus and our made up statistic!



The Pope endorsed the Encyclical from Hell, Laudato Si , written by Dr. John Schellnhuber, CBE of the Potsdam Climate Institute. Scientific and technological progress is ruled out a direct attack on developing nations.


Correction : PIK – the Potsdam Climate Impact research institute.

Leo Smith

Cheap Reliable Clean Energy?

That will be nuclear power then…

dodgy geezer

…Pope Francis Asks Oil Companies to Deliver Cheap Reliable Clean Energy…

Oil Companies ask Pope Francis to deliver a world without evil….. and the Second Coming would be nice….

“the Second Coming would be nice….”

That’s what the wife says.

John P Schneider

Oh, you’re bad. I like you. We should both be removed by the moderators.


dodgy, be careful what you ask for. (pope francis isn’t known as PETER THE ROMAN for nothing, you know)…

Mihaly Malzenicky

“world is full of wildly implausible energy claims which few serious venture capitalists would consider, like E-cat cold fusion generators.
Skeptics like myself might think alternative energy ideas like Andrea Rossi’s E-cat claims are nonsense, but who knows?”
I think this is the only realistic chance we can handle, but that’s going to hurt oil companies too.

Mihaly Malzenicky

It is very correct for Pope Francis to gives its views on a number of issues in the disastrous state of the world. It would be ideal if he were able to correct his mistakes as a matter of migration for example. That would mean that he views are going to develop like any ordinary person.

Robert of Ottawa

The Pope is asking the wrong head office for a miracle. He should be talking to hs own CEO.


When two religions join…


Since the pope has a hotline to the most intelligent and knowledgeable being in the universe (so he says), why does he not ask god how it can be done.? Better still, for god to deliver us the plans for a fusion reactor that actually works.

What is the problem here? Why is god so unhelpful? Or does god not like us? Or does god not exist? Perhaps thenpope might like to explain god’s reticence to help us.



comment image
Yup – he is one alright!

David Dibbell

Let’s suppose that “clean” energy includes the system of energy storage, transport, and utilization that life itself exhibits. Let’s take green plants as an example, converting huge amounts of CO2 to more complex sugars, cellulose, etc. In the process, plants consume around half just to live and reproduce and grow. Look up “plant respiration.” Nature itself has already settled the question of whether a carbon-based energy system is “clean.”


So the pope throws in his lot with the anti-capitalists? It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle etc..

Recently I’ve been reading Yuval Noah Hariri’s excellent book “Sapiens”. He explains in an incisive way the bases of human society and when and how they emerged. One of these was money. Initially there was just barter of goods then financial tokens like coins. The amount of wealth in society was however more or less fixed. One person getting richer – like a king – meant others getting poorer – such as taxed peasants.

Then in medieval Europe and the Netherlands the idea of credit arose. A loan could be advanced based on the expectation of future repayment with interest. Suddenly wealth could grow, not having to be tied to coins or presently existing goods. It could be tied to goods that were expected to multiply in the future. Economics stopped being a zero sum game. Hariri showed that the succession of dominant powers in Europe was explainable by something as straightforward as credit-worthiness. First the Netherlands shook of Catholic Spanish rule since the more punctilious credit-worthy Dutch could attract more international investment for building warships and hiring mercenary armies, than the financially indisciplined Spanish. Later France and Britain would fight for global domination. France looked the stronger pick at first, but Britain won the financial war of attracting capital investment for warmaking. France, compromised by fiascos such as the Mississippi bubble, lost credit-worthiness, became bankrupted by global conflict and slid toward revolution.

So capital ruled, even back then. The central and brilliantly simple point that Hariri made was that money or credit is the hope of a better future.

Empires such as China, India, Persia, the Muslim world, were until the 17-18th centuries wealthier than Europe. But they lacked the capital system to energise world exploration and development of colonies, that led ultimately to global economic development.

Credit, capital and capitalism are built of optimism. The belief in, and banking on, and thus (this is the bit that the anti-capitalists don’t get) the creation of a better world; which then makes it happen.

Reading Hariri’s insight made it suddenly obvious to me why anti-capitalists have to be dystopian. Prophecies of doom such as harmful global warming, ecological decline, sea level rise etc., erode the basis of money and credit/capital. So it’s obvious why they are irresistibly and continually drawn to one dystopic fiction after another. Global cooling; global dimming; acid rain; global warming; sea level rise; the Great Barrier Reef like mythical Prometheus dying again and again, always magical reviving only to die again. The sea turning to plastic.

They have to kill hope in the future. They need to uproot hope from the human heart. They passionately desire a return to feudal times, with their self-appointed elite inside castle walls raising wealth to sustain narcissistic extravagance by impoverishing bonded, land-bound, energy deprived peasants.

Let’s keep hope alive and keep on demolishing the fictions of eco-doom. Global warming is beneficial, as is CO2 fertilisation. All dismal stories of climate doom remain firmly in a computer modelled fantasy future.

A previous pope Jean-Paul the second grasped this much better than the socialist Francis. His book “Crossing the threshold of Hope” showed the way – hope is our future, keep eco-feudalism in the past.

“Who so beset him round
With dismal stories
Do but themselves confound
Hope’s strength the more is”…


Those who follow technological history “credit” England’s patent law with her role in expanding the very early beginnings of the Industrial Revolution that ALLOWED men to begin freeing slaves, creating a wealthy middle class of educated people, (and elevating the poor to a higher class than their only other existence: dirt-poor manual farming worldwide.)

Patent law? Nah, it was the potato. Nutritionally inferior, land-hungry and labour-intensive grain could not support a rising and urbanising population on a smallish island nation with unfavourable weather for high yields.


And yet those many other European countries which adopted the potato earlier and to a greater extent than England didn’t start the Industrial Revolution.

Neither did the Amerindians who cultivated them first or the Spaniards who were next to adopt them. Obviously, a food source alone will not spur a particular development without a number of other preconditions, such as the availability of sea coal and metal ores, established trade patterns and the decline of rigid class structures such as feudalism. Even Marx and Engels recognized the importance of the potato and they had a front row seat to the Industrial Revolution in full swing. It’s the lack of an easy to raise rich food source to allow for a rapid population growth and a move away from agrarian work that would have made the shift to industry very hard.


The potato per se didn’t fuel the IR. It was the fried potato.

But the IR didn’t require potatoes. Improved agricultural practices with traditional crops, plus public health, would have enabled population growth even without potatoes.

My PhD thesis was on Liebig and the advent of chemical fertilizers, which led to the synthetic dye industry and modern industrial chemistry.


+10*10. Extremely insightful. Thank you.


Nothing to fuss about. Please notice the careful wording:
“a reduction in the systematic use of fossil fuels” is a thing everyone wants, if only to save money.
Greens want a systematic reduction in the use of fossil fuels, which is quite different.

Likewise, “Our desire to ensure energy for all must not lead to the undesired effect of a spiral of extreme climate changes due to a catastrophic rise in global temperatures, harsher environments and increased levels of poverty.” is nothing but reasonable.
The Pope stress the importance of energy for all, who is disagreeing?
And who wants “A spiral of extreme climate changes due to a catastrophic rise in global temperatures”? That won’t happen, anyway.

tom s

Um, the climate/weather are extreme and always have been. You-WILL-NEVER-CHANGE that.


Actually, the standard for “extreme” are lowered, and kept lowering. Weather office now issue warning if there is risk of a storm (not the tropical kind, you know, just the regular, late summer afternoon, kind). I expect them to issue a warning for extreme weather just every day by a few years, either because of chance of rain (extreme wetness), or no chance of rain (extreame heat, extreame dryness)

in case of risk of rain AND risk”

Doug Huffman

2017 October 31 was the Quincentennial Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation against just such Papist drivel. It is time for the Roman Church to go the way of the Empire, of the Communist faith, and its incarnate Marx.

Hmmm, what does that make George Soros, and what does that make Karl Popper, author of The Open Society and Its Enemies and The Poverty of Historicism?

David Chappell

The problem is that the other Christian god-bothering sects are just as bad, merely less high profile.


You have surveyed all of them?


As always, the Pope is just all talk. That’s all he’s good at, apparently. Easy when you don’t actually have to do or understand anything. Atleast he acknowledges the importance of energy. I would ask him how come Earth has survived ice ages, asteroid bombardments, mass extinctions and lot more, but it can’t survive fossil fuels and small amount of warming? I would also remind him that since we started using fossil fuels poverty and famine have dropped dramatically. The poor people in third world countries don’t need expensive and unreliable green energy. As Alex Epstein put it: “Fossil fuels don’t make safe environment dangerous. They make dangerous environment safe.” But what would the Pope understand about this? He doesn’t actually live in poverty. Again, he’s just all talk. Anyone can say anything.

The speaker linked above makes a pretty strong case that it’s not just talk.

Greg Woods

I am afraid that the Pope has been hitting the sauce again….

Peter Plail

Perhaps the pope could ask his boss to get the wind to blow across the UK. We are about 2 weeks in to a lack of the aforesaid blowy stuff, and the UK wind turbines are churning out typically less than one Gw of power (currently 0.9 out of a total capacity of 15 – http://energynumbers.info/gbgrid).


I suggest the pope cook over a dung fire for a bit and then get back to us. I mean it’s cheap, it’s reliable and it’s deadly to the folks who do it.


The Catholic Church has money, and in theory, is stupendously rich. That said, the vast majority of the wealth is locked into consecrated liturgical equipment, sacred artwork, or distributed throughout fiscally independent dioceses and parishes. The first set is, essentially blasphemous to sell, and only as valuable as the market will bear for a sudden glut in precious metals and jewels. The second only has value for enormously wealthy Christians, who have a much smaller demand than the potential supply, if it can be transported at all. As for the last case, as the Vatican’s budget is of similar size to a medium to large university, I would suggest going to the German Catholic Conference, where the real money is.


Both churches have billions in assets. In addition to those you mentioned, the RCC has billions invested in stocks and bonds, and a vast holding in real estate (branch offices in virtually every neighborhood throughout the Christian world). They cover all the basis in wealth. They even hold a metric tonne of gold. There is no single holding that represents the ‘vast majority’ of their wealth.


So you are recommending that the church sell it’s church buildings?


Check out what happened to church properties in Detroit. There are plenty of photos of abandoned churches of all denominations online.


Some examples.


Church photos and there are more photos online.

Stranded assets?



That’s what you get from someone used to miracles.


This pope doesn’t know what a real miracle is.

Well, life is a miracle, all by itself.

We’re surrounded by it, all the time. WE live on a planet that – so far – is the ONLY one known to have life living on it. We’ve found other places – Mars and a couple of Jupiter’s moons, for instance – where it might have the potential to exist – but we haven’t found it anywhere else except here on Earth.

Speculating on that, it’s also possible that there is no other hominid species like us anywhere in the Universe. Period. That’s kind of a lonely possibility, isn’t it? We have no corresponding species that evolved separately from us? If we ever find another species even vaguely like us, will we shoot them or shake hands?

Life is a miracle. That has yet to be acknowledged by The Church of Rome.

And this pompous papist wants to dictate the terms of it to the Faithful. Not a good idea, Frankie. That’s what jerks do. It will backfire on you, if it hasn’t already. Do what Jesus said to that merchant: Take all that thou hast and sell it, and give the money to the poor. Or try delivering a baby in the middle of one of your silly speeches. Take care of the sick and dying, instead of standing on a balcony.

Otherwise, please go sit in your chambers and shut up.

End of rant.

“Otherwise, please go sit in your chambers”

& don’t forget to pull the flush !


a spiral of extreme climate changes due to a catastrophic rise in global temperatures, harsher environments and increased levels of poverty.

Increased levels of poverty cause climate change?
Who knew!?

Rob Dawg

Why is his holiness asking energy companies for something only God can provide?

Maybe because energy engineers have succeeded in providing cheap, reliable energy to lift millions out of grinding poverty;
whereas his tooth fairy god has failed & catholic dogma would keep people in grinding poverty.

Shouldn’t everyone have the same ‘carbon footprint’ as the pope.


It really is sad how anti-religious bigotry makes idiots of so many of us.


Oh the Pope is Great. I think greater than his god.

I’ll get my coat, Anthony will strangle me for throwing fossil fuel to the fires of Mordor.


Is it anti-religious bigotry to be disgusted by the Potato’s promotion of pedophile promoters? The public outcry forced the Commie Papa to backtrack:



I think the key line is here:

Pope Francis has said climate change is a challenge of “epochal proportions” and that the world must convert

Convert to what? Convert to clean fuel, not Christianity!

The Pope, a fallible man, should now pray, because he has no idea how to convert without actually causing havoc.

Tom Abbott

A fallible man caught up in the climate scare hype.

Tom Halla

Bergoglio has already tried to reconcile Marx and Catholicism in Liberation Theology, so reconciling the greens with civilization should not be that much more difficult./sarc


Agreed and we need a solution fast. The economic costs of AGW make conventional fuels an outmoded solution in the long run: https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/6/8/17437104/climate-change-global-warming-models-risks

Tom Halla

Ivan, one of the things the green blob likes about renewables is that they are unable to support industrial civilization. There is a irreducible element of nihilism for the greens, which means they will always oppose fission, because it works.


The world is getting better, and a tiny bit more warmth will only accelerate this process.

PS: When you can find a model that accurately hindcasts without having to use 20 parameters, let me know. Until then anyone relying on models to predict the climate is an utter fool.


And what would you use to predict the climate?

Models that essentially ‘predict’ low resolution weather and that are adjusted to short term expectations are wholly inadequate for predicting how a system with known periodic, quasi-periodic and chaotic variability acting over time scales from hours to over 100K years will behave a week into the future, much less decades.

Tom in Florida

How does this Pope not believe that his God will prevent humans from destroying his own creation?
And don’t start wiht the “free will” stuff, that is the second biggest lie ever told.


hear, hear!

You are presenting a theological argument for which there are theological responses. One would be that free will consists of potential actions within pre-determined parameters. In this case, you can have mankind exercising its free will which would normally, under the natural laws we operate, lead to our world’s destruction, but God would intervene and prevent the destruction with mitigating events …miracles, if you will… without impinging on human decisions and actions. Not being Catholic, or the Pope, I wouldn’t know though whether this argument would be an acceptable belief.


This doesn’t pass the smell test. Why would oil company executives go to a conference at the Vatican?

A. They drew the short straw.

John P Schneider

Rome has some beautiful architecture, great museums, and like any big city, lots of night life. Downside is you listen to a blowhard tell you that your company needs to change your product in such a way that you will quickly go bankrupt. Upside: the report back to the company is brief. “The Pope wants us to go out of business.” Not bad, and all expenses paid.

Peta of Newark

Sometimes, in my mind’s little eye, I spy an hourglass. and laugh. and cry. and come over just a little bit sad.
(That’s one of the hazards of having had a minor stroke (TIA) ~15 yrs ago. It brings on a thing called Emotional Lability. I suspect Weeping Bill McKibben has it also. Look out for it in stroke victims you know and maybe yourself ultimately. Stay off the carbs, the booze & baccy and do some/any exercise nowandagain and you should be OK. Brought on this morning by having driven past/under Drax. It is actually raining there – no wind to blow away the stuff coming off the cooling towers so the entire Doomsday Machine, and surrounding area, is inside one mahoooosive cloud. Who said Man cannot change the weather/climate?)
Shudda got a weather foto for 2day, sigh

In the lower half of said hourglass is The Ocean. A place where things, all things, go. Drawn in by gravity coz that’s how glasses work.
In the top half is some sand, slowly falling down into the ocean below.
Above the sand is the sky – atmosphere properly – and scrambling about on the surface of the sand are some little ants. (That’s us)
It’s quite obvious that the ants are terribly worried about the sky – they think it’s gonna eat them.
Patently, one of the ants has pointed upwards and shouted “Hey look, there’s an ant-eating squirrel” and all the rest are looking for it. They want to show their concern, their ‘care’ and also appease the alarmist ant and so are going to keep looking till they find it.

But what they really rather should be worried about is the sand beneath them, because at some point, it is all gonna be gone.

And them with it