Open Thread & Poll – discuss the recent changes to WUWT

In the last two weeks, WUWT changed the cloud service it was hosted on, and made significant changes to the way comments are handled using the new WpDiscuz commenting system, while allowed editing, comment up/down voting and many other features.

I also made a big change to the Tips and Notes page, so that it doesn’t get bogged down and need to be purged periodically..

The process of change has not been without hiccups. But, I believe they are mostly solved now.

Just a couple of caveats before the discussion.

  1. I can’t move the posiion of the main comment form, currently at the top of comments. The software was designed that way and people asking on the WpDiscuz support forum have also made the same request.
  2. I can’t current make the text in nested comments the same size as the main comments. Perhaps in the future with some CSS tweaking it can be done. I’m not a CSS expert.  See update below.

Comments suggestions, what ifs and polite complaints are welcome.


UPDATE: Based on feedback in this thread, I’ve disabled the “read more” comment button. Comments will load in full now.

UPDATE 2: In case you don’t know, inline image embedding works, but ONLY if you use https, not http in the URL.

UPDATE3: The differing text size between top level and threaded comments has been fixed. My thanks to Eric Worrall

UPDATE4: I added a plugin that provides a comments search next to the very top comment box. Helpful on large threads.

6/11 10AM – I had to remove it, as it was being exploited and slowed the entire system down.

UPDATE5: 04/11/18 I added another plugin, this one designed to handle YouTube and image embedding, as well as allow for direct uploads of images, audio, and video files in comments using the new icons that now appear in the comment box.

UPDATE6 BY WILLIS: I’m overjoyed to announce that Anthony has fixed the problem with the formatting on all of the previous posts. They display correctly now, so I’m able to recommend WUWT once again without reservation. Please ignore my comment below, the issue has totally gone away. My thanks to Anthony for his usual dedication to detail and his unwavering support of the blog. Well done, my friend.


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John Garrett

I like it (a lot). The ability to edit comments is great (I don’t always get it right the first go-round!)

M Courtney

Yes. The ability to edit comments is great.
But no-one will know I think that as this comment will be in micro-text (as a reply) and thus ignored.

And why do I have to delete text from a blank form in order to write a comment?


The replies are smaller but not so small that they are hard to read. I think the benefit is that we seem to be getting an extra layer of threaded comments.

I don’t have to delete text from the blank form. It disappears when I start typing. Maybe it’s your browser.

Boy do I ever like the editing feature! I find so many errors after I hit ‘Post’.

The other thing I like is ‘read more’. It makes it much easier to follow a thread. Some folks, me included, write very long comments that disrupt the visual flow. In that light, if/when graphics come back it would be nice if they were restricted in size for the same reason.

The downside of ‘read more’ is that it kills links and block quotes. It makes it hard to read the text that does appear unless you click on ‘read more’.

I find the text small and the font used is also a bit weedy and faint. I see the read more aspect has been removed, thank goodness.

I am sure we will get used to it and understand why the changes were made



In Mozilla, I just zoom he text size up or down.


You can change the fonts your browser uses. You can set your own fonts and you can make those take precedence over what the web site specifies.

Usually I provide a link but there are so many different sets of instructions for different versions of different browsers … Google is your friend.


Preferences / Content / Fonts and Colors or some variation thereof

Thanks for the comments but that would mean I had to change the font and size every time I visit here, whereas on every other web site I am perfectly happy with what is served up.

As I say, I am sure I will get used to it but I don’t think the site has the presence and sheer boldness it had before, through the use of the current default font and text.



I’ve wondered, does your post show up as soon as you post it, or does it wait until the edit feature times out?

It seems to load faster to me. Ability to edit comments is a big improvement too.

The big costs, though, are
1. Comments are not only shown truncated, but with formatting removed
2. Only a subset are shown; you have to load more. That means searching doesn’t work until you do that.


Nick, “Read More” has been removed..

Good news!

McComber Boy


Thanks for all your work on this. My comment would be to not have to click on read more in order to see the complete reply to a post. It’s easier and less annoying if it’s all there and we can just keep on scrolling.



Agree. Let us see the whole post.

Sweet Old Bob

Agree .

David A Smith

Also agree. On this kind of site the longer, more thought out posts are usually the ones most worth reading.

Rob Dawg

No matter what:

“illegitimus non carborundum”

Rainer Bensch

Well, I found a plausible translation at


Stilwell lives! Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Best climate skeptic website in the world.

Best climate skeptic website in the world.

My only suggestion is to change the name of the website to
Watt Up With That,
which I believe will attract
a more diverse audience.

Am I allowed to say that?


Ey Yo Watt Up Wit Dat, Mann?

Watt Up Wi Dat for a more urban edge.

Watt The Hell’s Up With Your Dinialism for a more alarmist edge.

Watt’s In It For Me for a more grant-seekery edge.

Watt Am I Doing Here for a more existential edge.

Watt Is My Gender for a more trans-sexual edge.

… and so many other possibilities.


Perhaps you wish to edit this and delete the word “skeptic”?


I disagree. That would only encourage less literate replies.


Like, wot like?


Richard Greene : Shame on you “ROBIN HOOD” !!!!!!!!!!
“Watt Up With That,”
( and NO……it’s not named after the “steam engine” man ! )

You desperately need the edit feature
to delete your bad jokes (all of them).
Or stop drinking before posting.
I refuse to use the edit feature —
editing is for weenies,
not real men.
My own jokes are high quality …
as long as I first tell people
“I’m going to tell a joke”,
and then conclude with:
“I just told a joke”.
Anyone who equates “Richard Greene”
with Robin Hood must be old,
and possibly British.
Thank you for not taking life
too seriously.

Dennis Bird

Really like the new look. Up or down voting is a plus. No more annoying Amazon lucky spinning wheel pop up.

Leo Smith
Ian H

OK – what about this


I like it…..took some getting used to…..thanks Anthony for listening to my whining! LOL

Here’s a good place for this….something you will never see in the news
…what winning really looks like×851.jpeg


Oh, look!
A President!
Not a resident.


There are two more pictures that just have to go with that one….


This image doesn’t load, and clicking on it gives a blank page that loads forever.

And Anthony: it’s annoying to have to retype name and address for each comment. They used to auto-fill. Not anymore.


2222222Mine loaded up on their own.


But those numbers didn’t go away on their own. Will remember that.


Which nbr’s did not go away?


jd…that image was on Newsweek….looks like they took it down because so many people were making fun of Trudeau
Try this one…almost the same image of Trudeau man speading


nope that one didn’t work either…..never mind

Greg Cavanagh

The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.



How’d you do that??….LOL


comment image

..we have lift off Houston

Mike McMillan

The difference is https:// instead of http://

If the site is http and you type https, something somewhere checks the site’s non-existent security certificate and says evil deceptive site and doesn’t post the picture.

WUWT needs to allow http images to post.


yep…figured that out


The same moment, from a different perspective – FORMING a different perspective!
comment image

The body language of Merkel and Trudeau (pleading, arguing) against Japan’s Abe and America’s Trump card (not buying the sales pressure pitch!).


Actually Trudeau is out of the photo behind Trump. The person pleading, arguing is Macron. I love how Abe is mirroring Trump.


Note how Bolton is the one talking.
Reminds me of the scene in the Khan Star Trek episode where Spock argues with Khan while Kirk sits back and observes for weaknesses…
comment image


I think he is saying “I am not your bank anymore. Get out of my basement and stand on your own damned feet.”


And, a few minutes later, Trump is instructing Merkel, Abe – and everyone else! – is listening carefully.

comment image

Postures change, and the photographs selected from the hundreds available are always very instructive. ( Perhaps Merkel can no longer hear well?)


Put it in perspective – Merkel’s native language is German, her second language is Russian. Here she has to make sense of infantile blustering in English… Now imagine Trump listening to Kim Il Jung ranting in Korean – how brilliant would he look then?

BTW – I like the idea of being able to edit posts, I hate have to click “read more”. I do find the layout less readable aside from that.

Tom Abbott

“Here she has to make sense of infantile blustering in English”

Trump is *so* underestimated. 🙂


Haven’t seen the “edit button” yet. What does it look like, and when and for how long does it appear? I would have liked to correct my blooper above (replacing “Il Jung” with ” Jong-un”.

More disturbing in my experience of the new website is the glacial pace of connection. My browser is often in danger of timing out … Am I the only one with this experience? I access the forum by clicking on the link for the article displayed in my gmail feed.

OK, I’ve now seen the word “edit” and it seems to work (although not on the first try, that only invited me to “add to the flow”. Second try worked.

On the glacial subject, I’ve also found downloading the page (I like to keep a copy of the discussions I post to) just as slow. I believe this page took more than a minute to download 700KB, on on previous attempts to save a page, the browser timed out.


I think it’s amazing…….the EU is trying so hard to give us something that’s good for us…and can’t understand why we don’t want it


It should be obvious to everyone….who benefits from these tariffs


Im happy. but I really want to know more about the attacks that led to the move. just idle curiosity

steve case

I didn’t realize that you could edit. Time Stamp next to the name would be nice. And the “Read More” link isn’t a user friendly feature.

I haven’t tried to post an image or link yet, I assume I can do both if I work at figuring out how it’s done.

I”m going to click “Post Comment” now and look for the edit button.

Oh! How nice. Let’s try an image

and a link:

Maybe HTML will work for an image:

didn’t work – so I (we) need to know how to post images (-:


comment image


Maybe it only works for photo images.


I believe WordPress requires the image file_id end with a recognized 3-character image file type: .gif, .jpg, .img, etc

Henry Pool

Subscribe section is not working.


I think it’s just fine. Agree with the comment about would rather not need to click to see an entire longer comment but that’s no biggie.


It is all good.
Just need to figure out the work-arounds.
Anything that slows down my commenting might be considered a feature 🙂

howard dewhirst

It might be useful to have a second category of ‘Recent Posts’ for longer term items that are important/serious but which don’t get enough hits to keep near the top of the page? Perhaps a link to ‘Important major stories’ or similar?

It is nice. I wonder if the total number of likes and not likes on a post could be kept track of instead of the net amount?

David Walton

Hello Anthony. Works for me, no complaints. I like the fact you can edit a comment to correct mistakes and typos.

michael hart

The biggest irritation for me is the location of the name of the poster. Is it above the comment or below? It is not obvious. I’m sure I will start remembering after a while, but it seems certain to confuse many less-regular visitors and lead to comments being directed at the wrong person. Internet discussions being what they are, the resultant misunderstandings seem likely to lead to more unnecessary disagreements and arguments.

More trivially, I’ve had continuing non-appearance of comments after they have been successfully submitted: they only appear when I come back later. Sometimes hours later. This seems to happen on different machines, both using Windows, but using both Chrome and Firefox browsers. The problem may have settled down now, but I can’t say for sure because I’ve stopped visiting as often to see if they posted successfully.

Gunga Din

It would be nice to place the grey line above the name but I don’t think Anthony has control of that.

I have to say overall this is the best climate site.


I like it. I am still trying to figure out the function buttons below the comment box. Much more feature rich for certain. Thanks for doing what you do Anthony.

First, thanks for the many efforts to improve.

Second, to nitpick (and I know you said you can’t change some things, but no nitpicking is complete without everything included, so don’t think I ignored what was said in that regard):

(1) I still cannot get an image from my drop box to post and embed — the URL prefix is automatically https– I’ve tried using the whole extension of a drop box link — I tried cutting off the end so that only .jpg would be there — I’ve tried the trick where you replace the end of the extension with raw=1 — I’ve tried using image tags with all the above variations — and still the image just won’t post and embed.

(2) The blockquote text is a wimpy size — I mean, what’s the point of creating that nice color rectangle to highlight text, when the text size itself within the rectangle has been DIMINISHED?

(3) Yeah, the order-of-posting thing that you cannot do anything about.

(4) Yeah, the font size of embedded comments thing that you cannot do anything about.

(5) Loving the edit feature, where I can post a draft, see the screw ups IN the draft AFTER actually posting it, and then being able to kick myself to make it right. Looks like there’s a limit of three tries, before you can’t edit anymore — is that correct?

Okay, that’s it for now.


Nevermind, you tried that https item. Comment redacted 😉

Edit, However you might try opening the image in a browser so it is full screen and try that link or right click and open image in new tab?

Why won’t my image embed?
comment image

Here’s the reason: A lot of these “images” are not actually images – i.e., they are really links to web pages, not a specific file. Try whatever your browser has for “open link in new window/tab” on Robert’s “comment image” above. You end up on a web page that drags in a whole bunch of other things, not just a JPEG file. Which WordPress (rightly) rejects – that is a very big security hole.


Your url *looks* to be OK, but in practice it is specifying a whole DropBox page. that sort of thing will never display. You need a clean url straight to the .jpg itself, and not a web page generated by the hosting website. I looked around that page but I did not find any way to grab the clean .jpg url. Usually there is a “share” button or something similar for this purpose, but I did not see one.

Anybody handy with DropBox want to jump in?

I used to use TinyPic but that one dropped dead for a while, although it seems OK now. But others are having trouble with it.

I currently use PostImage, and it is working well. Postimage apparently had some hosting problems a while back, and after that the urls changed. All my saved links to my images were broken, but with a little thought and url editing they were recoverable.
PostImage now seems to be working fine, so no problem.
If you use PostImage, upload your graph, then hit the “share” button, and copy the direct url to the .jpg

Leo Smith

Dropbox hides all that. only way is to copy image somewhere else and post a link to that..

Sam C Cogar

TonyL – June 9, 2018 7:05 pm

I looked around that page but I did not find any way to grab the clean .jpg url.

Anybody handy with DropBox want to jump in?

Tony, and others, ….. I don’t know about DropBoxes, ….. but ….

Sometimes, and I say sometimes, iffen you place your “cursor” on the “image” that is imbedded in/on the per se DropBox “site” and the cursor “arrow” turns to a “pointing finger”, ….. then “click-it” and the image will upload and then you can copy its “url” (direct link).

Recent changes to Google “Images” has made it tuff to copy “image links” for posting on other sites.


Tried exactly that while investigating DropBox. That capability is *not* available there.


Yep, can’t load that as it has additional baggage from drop box. It is not an image there, just a file you use their service to view. Try uploading the item to an image hosting service and it will work. I don’t use many, but Imgur works for me. Good Luck.

Leo Smith


Well, crap, … I’m dead in the water, as far as images go. No more pics from me, I guess.

Bruce Sanson

Hi, I need help! Does anyone know where to get data on variations in the earths received gravitational field due to the orbits of all the planets our moon and sun? It seems to me possible that an increase in received gravity could drive an increase in the thermohaline circulation and low cloud formation due to this affect – ie an increase in the vector of the force of gravity from the poles to the earths center. This could make no sense as my knowledge of physics is from a LONG time ago! Any help/ comment appreciated

Roger Knights

The above is the sort of comment that would benefit from appearing in the Tips & Notes section, if only it still allowed such comments to be visible to all.

Bruce Sanson

Anthony(!), i recall once that you mentioned that you were going to find a way to keep relatively important posts at the top of the page for a longer time. Any chance that you might still do that? It’s a shame that some of these technical posts that your contributors work so diligently on disappear so quickly. (hate to see such wonderful posts getting the same billing as a post about bill nye’s ties)…

Gunga Din

I voted “It’s mostly OK, some niggles remain.”
How many of the “niggles” are inherent to the new system or to where I am on the learning curve of its ins and outs, I don’t know.
It’s a big improvement.
A “Help” or “What’s New” with would be good. (At least some tips such as “click on the “Read more” if it appears at the end of a comment.)

How many people can’t deduce that “Read more” is meant to be clicked on?

I expect there will be big changes to my Guide (and on the Test page ) once things settle down. See the nav bars. Click on the buttons. 🙂

Gunga Din

😎 I meant to click on “Read more” to see the proper formatting for that comment.
(Of course since UPDATE 1 says “Read more” has been disabled, not a problem anymore.)

Sören F

Two little issues: (1) the way sub-comments get smaller font, and (2) how the information above and below a comment takes up too much space overall, using too big font too.

Greg Woods

I see no entries in Tips and Notes

“I can’t move the posiion of the main comment form”
I think it has to be at the top, because at the bottom thee is only “Load more comments”. And if you have to load them all before adding, that would be a pain.


my old eyes have issues reading replies to comments and cannot find a way to add avatar/profile img that the plugin instructions say is possible. this however may be an admin setting, don’t know.
for all its quirks I think I still prefer disqus due to SSO and history availability.


1. Ability to edit comments. (I’d like it even better if it had a countdown timer, if the timer reset with each edit, if editing weren’t disabled for comments that go into moderation or trigger the spam filter, and if the editor wouldn’t make my nbsp characters invisible.)

2. The worst of the initial problems are fixed. Links are no longer invisible. Pictures can be posted (though with https URLs only).

3. The yellow-background not-yet-read thing. I’m not sure, but I think I kinda like it.


1. The comment permalink URLs in old articles are all broken.
For example, this was the URL of a comment which I made last summer about the benefits of elevated CO2 for CAM plants (like pineapple):
That link no longer works.
The equivalent “wordpress dot com” URL still works:
But for the imported copy of the article, in the new system, the comment has a changed URL, which breaks all the old links to it. Here’s the new URL:

2. In old / imported articles, the embedded images don’t show up if they used http instead of https URLs.

3. “Read more” and “Load more comments” (probably helpful for mobile device users, but I use a big, fat desktop computer). They break “ctrl-F” searches.

4. YouTube, Vimeo & Twitter links don’t produce embedded videos/tweets.

5. “oldest first” default (which the”Load more comments” feature makes especially annoying, for heavily-commented articles).

6. There’s something strange about the web pages — the Chrome spinning “busy” indicator keeps spinning on them.

7. Comments that go to the spam bucket just disappear without a trace, and no warning to the user. (But the old system had this problem, too.)

8. Error reporting is baaaad.

9. Doesn’t update the URL in the address bar, when you post a comment.

10. The one you mentioned: the tiny font for indented replies.

Things to get used to:

1. The 🔗 button to get the comment’s permalink (instead of the date/time linking to the permalink).

2. Gotta use https to get images to show up.

3. Blockquote just indents, no other format change.

4. Comment entry at the top.

5. As others have noted, the horizontal line is in the wrong place. It should be between comments, not between the commenter’s name and his comment. That is, it should be above his name, not below it.


1. +/-

The list of “minuses” is shrinking…

2. I wrote “articles” when I meant “comments.”

3. is fixed, thank you!

4. is partially fixed — some folks have managed to get youtube vids to embed (though sometimes it doesn’t work — dunno why)

5. is okay, now that “load more comments” is thankfully gone.

6. Maybe fixed — the spinning/busy thing seems to not be happening, now.

10. Tiny font for indented replies is fixed (except for italics).

Jacob Frank

On the old site I could turn my phone sideways and the text was delicious and big and easy on my old worn out eyes. for a site like this font is everything. Other than that everything is awesome great job hard work I know


I love the new format.
Intuitive, permits editing, navigable, simpler direct reply functions.
Thank you for taking the trouble to make the change.

Nigel in Santa Barbara

I don’t like the “read more…” truncation and link. It changes the formatting, I lose my reading point, and I’d prefer to see the whole comment at once all the time for all comments.

Anthony ==> Overall a vast improvement. I used CA Assistant with its clickable HTML tags to ease the use of HTML in comments — but doesn’t work in the new version (not your fault — I may be able to re-write the code).

The Important Thing is whether it is better for you overall or not. Let us know.

Gunga Din

I’ve never used CA Assistant. I’ve used Ric Werme’s Guide on the sidebar.
(Maybe that’s why on another post Willis had trouble with “pre”-“/pre” formatting?)

Those two are sort of unrelated.

IIRC, CA Assistant was written for ClimateAudit. That it worked at all here is minor miracle.

I’ve used ItsAllText, that may be going away. Bummer.

A few other notes in general:

My Guide to WUWT isn’t updating, it will take a while to get it going with the Pressable site. I’m also fighting MySQL over some stuff. I’ll likely rebuild my data base from scratch, as the postID numbers have changed, and I used them as my index.

The Test page here (see top Nav bar) is in dreadful shape – mea culpa. I haven’t had time to keep it cleaned up in months. I’ll make some.

Gunga Din

Thanks for what you do.
Your guide has helped people better communicate what they have to say.

Gunga ==> I’ll have to investigate the rules for HTML in comments on the new platform….really liked CA Assist.

Gary Kerkin

The reply to a comment type font can be adjusted if someone who is familiar with the WordPress configuration can get into the CSS sheet(s). the problem, as with all content management systems, is that several CSS sheets will be loaded before the page is finally rendered. I’m not familiar with WordPress.

I like most of what I see but I’m not sure about the (Up)(Like)(+)/(Down)(Dislike)(-) feature. I don’t know what it means to others or what it contributes. For example I recently posted a damaged electronic organ on a neighbourhood social media page free to an interested hobbyist. No replies to it, but two persons “liked” it! What on earth did that mean?

The capability to edit comments is a blessing to those of us with “thick” fingers, dyslexia, and awful spelling/grammar correctors.

[On the other hand, the mods do point out that an awefilled grammar detector is very awesome and awe-inspiring. .mod]


(the like button helps me to see if the peops think that my jokes are funny… ☺)


(or not… ☹️)

Gunga Din

I gave you a +1 on your first and a -1 on your second.
(You seemed to be asking for it.) 😎

PS Very, very minor (or is it “miner”) thing.
How can I do the 8 – ) as text with it being glasses instead of sunglasses?

Gunga Din

Testing video that didn’t show above.

Gunga Din

Last try.

Gunga Din
Gunga Din

Odd. Today on a different PC at another location all my “test” worked but this one.
On my home PC all of them still don’t work as embedded.
That is, I see a link that works when I click on it, but on the other PC I saw a still of the video to click on.
I’m guessing it must be on my end.
(If it is on my end, I hope all of you that saw it correctly (repeatedly) like “Galaxy Quest”8- )


8<) You forgot the nose under the eyeglasses.

Gunga Din

But my nose isn’t that big. 8- )


Now, Gunga, that’s funny! (i gave you +1)…

michael hart

The world of internet commenting is often perverse.

For instance, there are many, many videos on Youtube with low viewer numbers and even fewer comments and votes. But amongst those with almost zero comments and votes, I notice that they tend to have either 0 down votes, or 2 down votes. Notwithstanding that the topics are often ones where it is difficult to imagine any ‘average’ commenter from ten random viewers taking the trouble to down-vote the video, it frequently turns out to be 2 down-votes. Not 1 or 3. Often while the number of up-votes is trending up towards 100 (by which time you might reasonably expect to get at least some down-votes on any video) on a less-infrequently-viewed video, the down-votes, if any, still often seem stuck at 2. Not 1 or 3, or more. Whatever it reflects under these circumstances, I don’t believe it reflects a true sampling of the opinions of human viewers. It makes me suspect there are only two bots that have successfully ‘examined’ and successfully commented on the bulk of Youtube videos.


If these changes are better for Anth*ny and WUWT, then I support them (of course).


The Read-More feature is handy, but too often, there’s only a half-paragraph after it. Where it’s needed is in long diatribes. I don’t see a way to make it commenter-controlled; those people wouldn’t use it, most likely.


In a perfect world, nobody would need the “edit” button, cus they took the extra minute or two to read what they wrote.
It is after all a marathon, not a sprint.
Take it from someone that can barely put a sentence together.


i would find that even proofing before submitting a comment was not enough to make them completely error free. It’s only when you hit submit and then read it after posting that you notice that one or two mistakes that got by you. (the edit feature solves that problem)…

Roger Knights

Right. A book on copy-editing advised readers that merely changing the font and/or size of text will make it easier to spot errors.

Bad Science 564

I am mostly an intermittent lurker here, so my take shouldn’t carry much weight.
But thanks to a recent period of, um, the absence of income, I’ve been on a much slower internet connection. And your site seems to load much faster now than it did before. Thanks!
(The text size issue isn’t a concern here, as my browser allows me to adjust text size as I see fit.)


I like it.
For me, a Solid WIN.
I was more than a bit skeptical at first, but the tweaking and tuning has made a huge difference.

A lot of people are having trouble getting embedded images and YouTube videos to display.
Maybe it is because we are not familiar with the details.
Maybe there are bugs in the embed code.
We will have to see how it all works out. Then action can be taken if needed.

My compliments to the chef.


(tony, i think you have to use https now)…


We have seen several examples of people using what seems correct https urls and still no joy. Anthony pointed that out right on day one so we started giving it a try. Looks like things need to shake out a bit.
Stay tuned.

Yes, https links work to embed images. Not for youtube videos, though.


The changes look good, BUT
The link on the email notice of an article title are broken, they left out the “dot” in “”
the “Read more of this post” is correct.

Seems okay to me. I just got the link for the new article, Pope Francis Asks Oil Companies to Deliver Cheap Reliable Clean Energy. The links all work fine.


I hate the voting of the comments. It is very unfriendly to people with unpopular opinions and works as a twisted reward system to echo-chamber type of short comments.

It also provides a measure of success for trolls, to see how many negative votes they can get.

[Please, don’t vote this comment] ☺

Clyde Spencer

Anthony, I haven’t really taken time to dig into it, but it seems that comments that were initially in close proximity are getting spread out. As an example, in the last post by David Middleton on OA, he had initially responded to me and his comment was close below. It now is like a page lower down .

I like it a lot, except for one huge thing. In the old system, paragraphs had a space between them. Under the new system, every old post has lost that space. And since no one indents paragraphs any more, this has turned every old post into jammed up, hard-to-read junk. Here’s an example. Scroll down to the middle and you’ll see how ugly it is.

Although I hate to do it, I have stopped recommending posts on WUWT because they are so difficult to read.

HELP! This is a deal-breaker, it’s turned thousands of carefully-formatted posts into rubbish.

Other than that, I think the new format is superb.


Roger Knights

A fix would be for the new system to automatically indent non-indented paragraphs, even if they are separated from one another by blank lines. (Or only if they are not so separated.) This may not be a current option with this “skin,” but maybe its coders could be persuaded to add it.

A workaround for new links to old articles is to use the equivalent wattsupwiththat.​wordpress.​com link, like this:

But the problem isn’t the formatting of paragraph breaks, it’s the fact that many (but not all!) of the paragraph breaks </p><p> in the old articles have been replaced with line breaks <br> in the new versions, by whatever miserable, buggy tool imported the old articles into the new system (presumably the same miserable, buggy tool which broke all the comment permalinks).

Here’s a snippet of the original article:
comment image

Here’s the same snippet of the new, imported version:
comment image

The right solution is to get a fix for the miserable, buggy tool, and then re-import the articles.

A quicker workaround, which would improve the formatting in most cases, is to style the <br; tag to add some extra vertical space, like this:

br {line-height:175%;}

Here’s a tiny test page which demonstrates the effect of that workaround:

Sigh. I wish editing weren’t disabled for comments that get kicked into moderation.

comment image

My thanks to Anthony, who I had emailed about this matter prior to posting here. It seems my emails never arrived at his end … grrr. Go figure. He’s got a lot of folks who are trying to attack the system, trying to overload his emails, and the like. How he puts up with it I don’t know … in any case, he’s working on the problem, as he works on every problem, without complaint and without rest.

Anthony roolz!


J Mac

Justify is justified! Triple Crown Winner!!!

Tom in Florida

Great win, great horse but he still would have lost to Secretariat by 12 lengths.

Not that it’s related to the comment section changes but….Wattsupwith spellcheck and heliosphere??? Why is heliosphere flagged as an incorrect spelling by PCs? Does Microsoft/IBM prefer that the word heliosphere not exist? Izzit some kind of spellcheck conspiracy? I have to “add to dictionary” every new or different device I use. It’s becoming a routine set-up step. lol.


Being able to ‘+’ a comment is a good thing, I guess.

Being able to ‘-‘ a comment is a bad thing, I’m pretty sure.

Take YouTube for example, people vote thumbs up. I’m not sure how useful that is, but if it makes them feel good… And then there are always a few that vote thumbs down, and everybody else wonders what is wrong with those people, why did they do that?

If you want to have plus and minus, you should also keep track of how each user votes, how many plusses and minuses he/she/it gives. I’m sure there are positive people and negative people.

Evan Jones

Here’s one. Trump leaves the G7 meeting early in order to skip the climate change part.

MAGA Liberals Unite! You have nothing to lose but the wrong side of history.

P.S.: Wow! Votes! Edits! Way to go, Terrible Tony!

Evan Jones

REPLY testing. Testing 1-2-3.


Just testing the imbed or whatever it is called:

You got YouTube videos to work! How did you do that?

And how does it differ from what Leo did, which didn’t work?

(Please post your youtube URL with extra blanks inserted.)

Leo Smith
Roger Knights

I like the “notify of new replies to this comment” bell-shaped button on the Reply form.

I’d like a “contact Moderators” button, so users could report double-posts or the really heinous or violence-advocating comments that sometimes slip through. In the past I’ve had to report these by email to Anthony after they were up for over a day. There are likely other reasons for alerting the moderators too, which I’ll think of 5 minutes after hitting Post Comment.

I’d like to see the Archives & Search Categories & Rick Werme’s Guide buttons moved up from way down to right under the Search box near the top. These would be much friendlier to visiting newbies and journalists, and forestall many ignorant comments by warmists who haven’t searched the site for threads on the topic they’re commenting on.

I don’t see the yellow background for new comments, which I think would be a wonderful feature. (I have the Mac mini’s 11.1 version of Safari.)

J Mac

+++ Edit function!
+++ Disabled ‘Read More’ limits!
– Still haven’t been able to insert images or videos, even with https: ???

J Mac

Hmmmm….. The 2nd attempt to embed the Get Smart video above worked. I had to use the Embed function in ‘Share’ below the video, copy the Embed Video iframe script, paste the iframe script into the WUWT comment field, post the comment which gave me this:

J Mac

I hit the Edit button, deleted the [youtube prefix, and hit Post Comment again, which gave me

When the video still did not display, I hit the Refresh Page icon on my browser and ‘viola’ the video finally displayed.


My embed above, all I did was paste the url from Youtube, as per usual.
Just like old times……..????

J Mac

Do you see the video below…. or just the url?


Just the url.
I went to YouTube and copied the url.
Here is my paste of the url:


FWIW, J Mac, when I hit “post comment” it came up as an url, then I hit refresh and the video came up. (my video not yours)
Don’t know if it was some kinda delay or if the refresh worked…… aren’t f’n computers fun !!

J Mac

Who said “Ya can’t teach old dogs new tricks!” never had to live through the birth of the computer age!

It’s been a long road from using the ‘steno pool’, to Wang word processors, to little Apple IIc cube computers with 5.5 inch floppy (truly ‘floppy’) drives. Then 286/386/486 chipped contraptions with ‘turbo’ boost, and the rudimentary start of the DARPA net that grew into the still expanding internet of today…. Whew! We were there, using it!

Learning Basic, Fortran, CNC, and pieces of other programming, Excel spreadsheets, CAD/Stress analyses programs, manufacturing planning, fixtures/tooling/detail/assembly inventory and queuing control, ‘what if’ analyses, design for manufacturing and assembly, defect trend analyses and process optimization/QC, ….. all kinds of stuff, and it never ends!

WUWT continues the trend as yet another learning resource. God Bless Anthony Watts and all of the great folks that post such interesting articles and enlightening comments here!

After all that, a pesky ‘insert image/video’ glitch is truly small potatoes!


Mac, the deeper we get into this internet thing, the more the amish make sense…


Just testing:


apparently the bbs software recognizes youtube as a youtube url but it doesn’t recognize as a youtube vid url.

Leo Smith

cant get it to work even with


has anyone see the price of carrots lately.


(no, but i’ll ask bugs bunny the next time i see him)…