Emergency Plan to Airdrop Food to Climate Affected Starving Polar Bears

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Just when you thought the imaginary polar bear crisis couldn’t get any sillier;

Scientists hatch bold plan to save polar bears

It will take more than bear chow to keep the animals alive in the wild.

by David Cox / Feb.27.2018 / 6:37 PM ET

For the past two decades, scientists have been monitoring the effects of a warming Arctic on the world’s polar bears — and the bears’ future has looked increasingly bleak.

The latest estimates suggest that Arctic sea ice is disappearing by 14 percent a decade, drastically limiting the bears’ ability to hunt the seals on which they feed. And research on bears living on the Arctic islands of Svalbard shows that the animals are now reproducing at a rate one-fifth of that seen just 20 years ago.

Given these dismal statistics, scientists now predict that the global population of polar bears could fall from 20,000 to 30,000 today to fewer than 5,000 by 2100 — and beyond that no one knows. Even if a small population of bears manage to hang on, they’re not out of the woods.

For 5,000 bears to survive in this region (the minimum thought to be required to prevent inbreeding), scientists believe the animals may need help from humans. Derocher envisions helicopters zipping around the region, dropping bear chow. Without such deliveries, he says, hungry bears might wander south into human settlements — and risk being shot.

Airdrops of bear chow wouldn’t come cheap. Derocher estimates that delivering enough chow to sustain those 5,000 bears could cost the Canadian government $2 million a month. Given the hefty price tag, he proposes that the chow be used only during times when the bears are finding it especially difficult to catch and kill seals.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/scientists-hatch-bold-plan-save-polar-bears-ncna851356

The NBC news article also suggests using artificial insemination on grizzly bear surrogates to maintain polar bear numbers. Lets just say I’m not going to be head of the queue to apply for that job.


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ComedyCentral just called, they would appreciate these guys stop stealing their future show concepts for Southpark episodes.
If they really want to help Polar Bears then they should stop shooting them up with tranquilizer darts! Or at the least buy them some drinks before they rufie them.

NZ Willy

40 years ago I was told by a number of black people “White people are crazy”. So true, and here is yet another example of that.

“Mad dogs and Englishmen” time to add a line to the song.

polar bears have black. skin. with white fur. Canada has 2/3 of the worlds polar bears and allows a harvest of more than 1/2 thousand polar bears a year to keep the population stable. this is over and above subsistence hunting and self defence kills.

Hot under the collar

Although the research team would probably prefer we cut out the middle Polar Bear and just airdrop money directly to team ‘climate change’.



Old Man Winter

Tired of all that paperwork, planning and messy research?
Having problems boarding the research gravy train to get
that polar bear grant chow? No problem. What you need is
the amazing Chicken Little Deluxe Model 2100 Climate
Magician Research Synthesizer from Rommco.
Just input the name of any naturally occurring object
on earth along with the desired catastrophic results
and it will automatically take you from grant
application through grant payment. Our amazing modeller
will create recommended solutions that will generate three
more problems for you to solve with future grants. You’ll
never have to research again. If you order today, we will
send you free, at no cost, a set of kitchen knives to
slice and dice your data with ease. This amazing device
is not sold in stores. So order today. 😉


I would suggest air dropping some of the crazy greens on them, but polar bears don’t like vegetables.

D. J. Hawkins

Actually it’s Ronco®.

I believe that was a take-off on Joseph Romm’s name. And very cleverly, I might add!

D. J. Hawkins

Ahhhh, I didn’t think of that! The double “m” should probably have been my clue. Too subtle for me this late in the work day.

James Bull

Just don’t drop in Big Al as the place would freeze up so fast the poor bears really would be facing a lack of food as the seals would move away to where they can get through the ice.
James Bull


When Al Gore was born there was 7.000 of us Polar bears – Today we are a mere 30.000!!!!


I wonder if the polar bears would gore Al if he was dropped on them. But there again probably not, he would probably bore them, and they couldn’t bear that. 😂


As Canadians, we just can’t win. One minute we’re being critized and ostracized for killing baby seals and selling their furs, the next minute, we’re trying to save the predators that kill seals in large numbers. Will somebody please make up my mind? Who are we puulling for here? Is it the seals or the bears?


Both 🙂

So best records show numbers in Canada increasing although hunting is still limited. Of course the picture must be from Churchill where many bears go because of the garbage. If anyone ever went camping, one thing is DONT FEED THE BEARS. BTW these bears look pretty healthy and no one ever says how Polar bears have been tracked swimming over 100 miles, so a few sitting on a piece of ice is not a big deal. Likely a hunting perch..
I would think that we better spend more money on research so the researchers dont starve…


I might prefer that the researchers starve because it will give them incentive to migrate to a different subject. Of course it probably was the easy pickings in this pseudoscience that attracted this mendacious lot to begin with.

Numbers might get low enough that inbreeding becomes a problem. Solutions anyone, yes you in the back.


I am sure there is an argument to be run that there will be more seals in less area therefore more likely for the bears to get a meal. That is the problem with this sort of social science they never really consider all the options because it is built on a political argument.

I believe that picture is from Russia, I can’t remember where exactly.


My first thought was that food drops sound like a good way to get bears to seek out people because the bears will realized that humans=food in more ways than one.


Ugh, *realize*. Noticed it right after I hit post.

Bill Illis

Like in the WKRP turkey drop, couldn’t they just drop seals to the polar bears?

Eustace Cranch

As God is my witness, I thought seals could fly… no, wait…

J Mac

You win the Silver Sow award!

Dr. Dave

Oh the humanity…

Old Man Winter

Oh the insanity…- fixed it for you.

John Harmsworth

Maybe they could drop politicians?

Radical Rodent

Mr Harmsworth – I’m not sure even polar bears could stomach that sort of diet.


Dr. Dave, THANKS! made my day.

Feeding them politicians would cause too much gas leading to more GHG and BGW. (Bearassed global warming)

Louis Hooffstetter

Ya’ll are having way too much fun here.
But I love it!

Rhoda R

That was one of the funniest episodes ever on TV!

Thomas Homer

Air drop food to polar bears?
That’s already happening. Since CO2 is the base of the food chain, and CO2 is freely distributed via air, the bear’s food source is already being delivered.

You mean to tell us that CO2 is the stuff of life, as much( or maybe more? ) than water or oxygen? Someone better go and tell the bears.


“…artificial insemination on grizzly bear … head…”
If you’re at the head, you’re doing it wrong. 🙂

There are a lot of immigrants who would be happy to do the insemination part, a change from goats would be exciting..

Old England

Can’t really answer that …… laughing too much … go and sit on the naughty step with The Hat on for being so un-pc ………


These goats – with or without the Burqa?
Just askin’ . . . .

Curious George

Free food handouts to grizzlies have been discontinued in Yellowstone.


What? No more tourists allowed?

Old Man Winter

I understand the grizzlies there got tired of just
eating the finger food handouts and decided to go
for the whole enchilada!
At least this guy has enough sense to deliver food
via air drop rather than doing it from the ground.
The chopper mx team would get a little extra in their
paychecks to keep it in A-1 shape. I’d also request
the 50 cal door gunner option, JIC! 😉


I think they should provide them with some vegan food.


It’s all nuts and berries with an occasional picnic basket for bears at Jellystone Park.


As a matter of fact polar bears love cloudberries.


Vegans would provide very little nutritional value.


On the other hand, the bears wouldn’t need to spend too many calories catching one.

Old Man Winter

Problem solved- feed them a generous ration of grains,
beans, nuts, molasses, and natural vitamins for a month
before we drop them off so the polar bears can have
the vegans for dinner! 😉

Yeah, too skinny and boney.

Old Man Winter

I bet they would like some vegans!!!! 😉

Curious George

Vegetarians taste better.


I tried a vegetarian diet once, It didn’t work out….
It turns out that vegetarians can run faster than cows. 🙂


Ouch………..that was so bad it was good.

Tom Halla

What they are stating is that if their model is correct, and their claim that polar bears are dependent on certain levels of sea ice are correct, then polar bears are in trouble. And with sufficient genetic engineering, pigs will fly.

Neil Jordan

“And with sufficient genetic engineering, pigs will fly.”
Why not devote the genetic engineering to making polar bears fly? Then they can migrate like the Canada geese. Oh, wait. That didn’t turn out well in the polar bear advertisement.

Mumbles McGuirck

Pigs (and polar bears) will fly given sufficient velocity.
Tain’t the fall but the landing that’ll alter social standing.


Oh My Groot! I hadn’t seen that video before. And I still can’t believe I saw it.
Seriously, do the Climate Faithful never think before making these things? That was almost as nasty as the 10/10 video.


It all began with Schneider who famously advised to scare the sh**t outa them – to get attention – boy did the they cotton on to that bit of advice.comment image?w=640


“Session leader Mark Bayer, an Arlington, Virginia–based consultant and former longtime aide to Senator Edward Markey (D–MA), opened up with some cold water for the crowd. ‘Facts were never enough’ to make a convincing case to people, he said, ‘so let’s just get over that.'”
This is what was said to a group of scientists at the recent AAAS meeting. This is the– ‘If we just explain it right they will understand,’ used often by the omnipresent (omniscient may be more correct) who are selling something so lacking that it needs considerable assistance.

Louis Hooffstetter

Scientists don’t try to sell things so lacking that they need considerable assistance. But witch doctors do.
Once again, don’t call these charlatans scientists. Call them out for what they really are: Witch Doctors!


Tom Halla
After a couple of large whisky’s, everything in my house flies!
Well OK, maybe more than a couple.

Another solution to a non-existent problem.

Old England

It exists as a very real problem to them … if the Polar Bear numbers keep increasing then their funding and salaries will dry up ……..

Bryan A

The scientists producing the number of bears counted will use a new Reverse-Karlization tecnique to reduce the numbers reported by homoginising the number of bears counted for a single study area over the entire arctic region.

Old Man Winter

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there!
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away!
(loosely plagerized)


I would bet the blubber on Al Gore would be quite a treat. If he really believes in the cause, then he should do the noble thing and volunteer. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Instead of food dropping, how about food stamps…give them a cell phone too with the Tinder Seal App on it…..Swipe right bears and you will have all the food your heart desires…
Makes a lot more sense…

Wayne Townsend

From my wife — “Tinder Seal App” — since when are we studying trans-bears.

Old Man Winter

We could just model dropping cell phones with Polar Bear
Apps on them & treble the population in no time flat.
No fuss no muss, with the models giving us the desired
successful results! We may even win a Nobel Prize! 😉


It would be cruel to airdrop baby seals.

Old England

Just use small parachutes


Biodegradable chutes no less

Old Man Winter

It wouldn’t be cruel. We’d be good SJWs and club them
first!!! (i can see green heads exploding to the tune of
Boston Pops (who’s he?) playing the finale of the
“1812 Overture”)

Thomas Homer

Club sandwiches,
not seals

Old Man Winter

Seal club sandwiches- fixed it for you!
For the discriminating palate- anything less would
be uncivilized! How gauche!


If you are buying one at the store, I would hope they are sealed.

Is this where all the fuss over seal evels is coming from.


Aaaarrrgggghhhh………that was too Bad!
Funny, but bad.


Stop! My ribs are killing from all the laughing!
As for you Old England – small parachutes indeed! – Had me spraying tea everywhere.

Louis Hooffstetter

No more cruel than clubbing them.


The fact is Canada is on its heels now with U.S. corporate tax rates below Canada and farther below when you factor in carbon taxes. Good luck with that Justin.

Wayne Townsend

Using helicopters to drop food. How much fuel/tons co2 per pound? Kinda like de-icing wind farms using helicopters.

2 things: 1. I’m sure it’s just pure coincidence that this latest bid for alarmism is published on the very same day as the “State of the Polar Bear Report” sponsored by the GWPF and presented by Dr. Susan Crockford in Toronto;
2. If you feed these bears the young ones will not learn necessary hunting skills. A fed bear is a dependent bear.


“A fed bear is a dependent bear”
Perhaps they are planning on allowing them to vote in US elections as dependency on liberals is requirement for any new group in the US to be allowed to vote.


Even the Canadian ones?


All are welcome, liberals do not have a problem with non-US citizens voting in US elections.


They consider it to be an act of bigotry to try and prevent non-US citizens from voting.
After all, US policies affect the whole world, therefore the whole world should have a say in how we run this country.


Actually, I think it is simpler than that; what voters think of US policy doesn’t matter at all to politicians so long as they get (re)elected to office by what ever means necessary.


In the past, I’ve heard various “activists” complain that plants and animals have no representation in government.
They’ve actually proposed that the biosphere be granted proxies and that the proxies should be voted by the activists. Of course.

And that particular suggestion is made by an alleged polar bear expert, Derocher.
The same researcher used real odd mathematics in preparing his polar bear counts. Not to overlook his utter failure to see copious sea ice right in front of him as he made incredibly delusional “lack of sea ice” claims.
Courtesy ‘Dr. Susan Crockford’s excellent site about 2017’s freeze up and polar bears heading out on the ice:’
Here is a video of last year’s early freeze up starting the last week of October:
While Derocher claimed over a week later:
“Andrew Derocher
No significant sea ice in western Hudson Bay yet. Back in 1980s, #polarbears would be leaving about now. Freeze-up still a ways off but cold weather there this week will help thicken the ice.
10:20 AM – 9 Nov 2017”

Derocher makes this absurd claim regarding polar bear fertility rates:

“And research on bears living on the Arctic islands of Svalbard shows that the animals are now reproducing at a rate one-fifth of that seen just 20 years ago.
Given these dismal statistics, scientists now predict that the global population of polar bears could fall from 20,000 to 30,000 today to fewer than 5,000 by 2100”

A prediction eerily similar to previous “Polar Bear International” claims that are to date completely falsified. It is simply amazing that a PBI researcher would double down and make the same prediction, again.
Meanwhile, real polar bear researchers note how healthy and fecund are the polar bears.comment image

“Both scientific data and traditional knowledge prove that nothing threatens our bears. During spring counts of dens we often find female bears with three cubs, which proves that the population is in good shape and there is no danger of a decrease in the population,” Mr. Vereshchagin said.”

It’s almost astonishing that only alarmist viewed polar bears are in dire straits…
Apparently, some people will never be described a brainiacs.
It is curious Derocher wasn’t a co-author on the character assassination paper slandering Dr. Crockford. It appears that pal reviewers can’t be co-authors.


Look at all of that wood fuel casually thrown away. Get rid of that and other needless waste, and then the bears could more easily get at the food scraps.


I agree, it should be collected, pelletized. and immediately shipped to the DRAX power station in the UK which will insure us all a wonderful, Green future.

The Original Mike M

Is it just me or does anyone else notice how animal rights groups express outrage at the sight of humans clubbing baby seals but become real silent about polar bears eating them alive?
“Estimated Total Population for Northwest Atlantic Harp Seals, 1950-2012”comment image

Why do the error bars grow as the graph gets closer to present. Isn’t it usually the opposite?

They ran out of fingers for counting.

The Original Mike M

Jeff – Answering that question is above my pay grade. Could it have something to do with model hindcasting? Here’s another even weirder –


Feeding wild critters is detrimental in tne long run. Most dogs could not survive on their own since they started hanging around people back when they were grey wolves. It’s been a good symbiotic relationship but unlike cats which when turned feral do quite well, dogs do not. Bears are much like dogs as they are intelligent enough to know how to get a free meal though as solitary hunters, unlike dogs, who need a pack to make a kill they can cope more like a cat. As long as we don’t eradicate their habitat through encroachment or elimination of their prey they seem to do quite well. Size might be their biggest drawback as large predators need large prey. Note there are not too many big cats around, other than mountain lions who can get along on smaller kills when necessary as they are not as big as bears. Coyotes can live on mice and grasshoppers, not so much wolves as they are too big. Lots of factors to consider but global warming ain’t one of them. Bears have adapted and are still here, not so much the larger predators of old. Being omnivorous is also a big advantage to the bears. Look at them feasting at the dump! Dogs also have that trait. They will eat anythjng they can chew and if it’s not food they’ll puke it up and eat it again just to make sure!


More of the same from the warmists. When reality gets in the way of their prognostications they try to manufacturer a new reality. “You think polar bears are multiplying? Then why are we feeding them?”


“The latest estimates suggest that Arctic sea ice is disappearing by 14 percent a decade, drastically limiting the bears’ ability to hunt the seals on which they feed.”
No ice? No problem. Polar bears float. Disappearing ice limits the seals’ ability to hide from the polar bears. Bon appétit!

The Original Mike M

“Polar bears float.” My dog told me that because polar bears are kind of white like ice they can play dead floating in the water and the seal is fooled into thinking they’re just a piece of ice. (But then my dog is a notorious liar!)

J Mac

Is it possible that +30,000 polar bears represents overpopulation of their natural Arctic range and food supply? Overpopulation in other predatory mammals causes precipitous predation driven drops in their food supply, and subsequent sharp drops in the predators breeding success as food becomes scarce. Naturally.
That NBC article is a real ‘study’ in hand wringing, over wrought emotional appeal to the genetically gullible.

Based on “Original Mike”‘s graph above, I don’t think there is over predation. The seal population seems to be stronger than ever.
However, you are correct that this is all hand wringing. So far the polar bear population is growing or stable. But somehow, these goofballs have figured out how to project that into shrinking in the future. The biggest question is “How accurate is the statement: “the animals are now reproducing at a rate one-fifth of that seen just 20 years ago.”? That seems like an extraordinary claim that would require extraordinary evidence. So far I haven’t seen any evidence.


Even if a small population of bears manage to hang on, they’re not out of the woods.
Well, actually … being “out of the woods” is part of what makes them polar bears.

J Mac

Environment eclipses cliche!

Smart Rock

Darn, beat me to it.


Why not drop a few polar bear researchers with the chow? – just to check the bears are actually eating the food you understand.

Old Man Winter

+1000- that is, researchers!!!! 😉


Meanwhile, Susan Crockford has an article in the Financial Post.
Polar bears keep thriving even as global warming alarmists keep pretending they’re dying
Susan Crockford: Polar bears are flourishing, making them phony icons, and false idols, for global warming alarmists

John Bell

Think…needing to use petrol (aircraft fuel) to solve a “problem” created by using petrol. Perfect liberal solution.


Then clearly what we need to develop are solar/battery-powered helicopters. There is no need for putting gas-hungry turbine engines on every helicopter. For hauling heavy loads, the weight saved by replacing tanks of jet fuel with batteries should greatly increase the payload and range!
Hopefully, this was not necessary, but just in case… /sarc off


“Scientists say…”
“Scientists believe…”
“Scientists predict…”
Some scientists say that, but… Guess what; plenty of other scientists say differently.
Since Marx and Engels said communism is the best form of government, does that mean that I could write an article for NBC news that confidently asserts “Political leaders say communism is the best form of government.” ?

Bryan A

That does follow the same logic so …Absolutely…

They’ll happily pay you for it.


Salesmen say a lot of things too.


Does anyone have a link to the so called study that showed breeding success of one group of polar bears is down by 80%?


Probably refers to some zoo that had 4 pb sows, and one died…….

This is really the crux of their argument isn’t it. Maybe the Svalbard area has reached it’s natural population limit.

Socialists come up with hand-outs as a solution. Didn’t see that coming.


A proven means to cover-up their progress to minority (e.g. monopoly) consolidation of capital and control.


Max – excellent!


Real and imaginary Soviets are all the rage today. Relics of a progressive age that lurk in people’s minds, rallies, and Water Closets.
That said, it’s a cold “war”-ming.


5000 bears to avoid inbreeding? Normally inbreeding isn’t considered a problem for populations >500 individuals.
How many human populations numbered >5000 people before farming?


The polar bear population may well be close to the carrying capacity now. This is what happened when a whale stranded on Ostrov Wrangelya last summer:comment image


Oh, that brings up a question. Is whale oil considered renewable energy?

Truth is stranger than fiction

tim maguire

Wow, where to begin with this crazy ignorance? A decline in the bear population would be a boon the seal population, which would encourage growth in the bear population, but would devastate the fish population.
Another gang of short-sighted hubristic humans with an insatiable taste for micromanaging with taxpayer dollars. And in the end, they won’t stop any starvation, they’ll just warp the entire ecosystem.


At least they will feel good about the micromanaging in this era of the marketed feelings.


Bears are naturally lazy, they would rather find food in the garbage dump than hunt. At least when they scrounge around the garbage dumps, they get some exercise. If we are just going to food drop for them, we might as well train them to use cell phones and be gamers, just like many humans that are too lazy to earn a living and depend on handouts to survive while spending their lives with eyeballs attached to a screen.


Polar bears don’t hunt on land or in summer. Reputedly because they are so well insulated that they risk heat-stroke if they exert themselves for long.
In summer they scrounge garbage dumps, eat carrion, bird’s eggs and nestlings and berries, but mostly fast.


Bear cubs learn how to find and catch prey by watching their mothers. Now the idiots want to train cubs to watch the sky for incoming ‘cargo” just like those poor south-sea islanders.


Reminds me of Florida, which has banned feeding the manatees. They say it is because they will become dependent on humans for food.
Wow. Never thought I’d say this: Floridians are smarter than climate scientists. Wait a minute… isn’t everyone?
Are climate scientists also behind food stamps and welfare?


Manatees eat the stuff that grows on the bottoms of streams.
It’s not like they need their parents to teach them how to hunt.

Solomon Green

Thank you, Mr. Worrall for having drawn our attention to one of the stupidest suggestions that I have ever seen – and heaven knows that the CAGW apostles have come up with any number of stupid suggestions in the past. His posting has led to so many genuinely funny comments that I shall still be laughing next week. To those who have posted them “Keep it up” and thanks.

D. J. Hawkins

I’d reserve judgement on “stupidest”. The week is young.

George Lawson

“Arctic sea ice is disappearing by 14 per cent a decade”
So Arctic sea ice will be gone completely in seven years time!


Rob clearly got a calculator for his birthday.

D. J. Hawkins

It depends on whether the loss is linear to zero, or a compound function à la Zeno’s paradox.


I question the digits of accuracy being used.


Hey Rob,comment image

michael hart

As I walked along the local canal today, two beautiful swans approached me for food.
I had and gave nothing, but I remembered that swans have been doing this for generations. This is probably the best way of ensuring that swans will be there for generations to come. Polar bears are far more intelligent and adaptable than swans.

Joel Snider

You just can’t farce this.
‘Air-drop’. My God.

Me thinks that it’s best if they’d just leave Mother Nature alone. She’ll dish out whatever she wishes to dish out.

Bengt Abelsson

The article has, by mishap, obviously been published 32 days too early.


From the report PDF of the other WUWT post…… A bit of contradiction??
“The Svalbard area count was initially reported to have increased by 42% over the count per-
formed in 2004, with most bears found to be in good or excellent condition….”

From the NBC News article:

And research on bears living on the Arctic islands of Svalbard shows that the animals are now reproducing at a rate one-fifth of that seen just 20 years ago.

From Susan Crawford’s just released report:

The Svalbard area count was initially reported to have increased by 42% over the count per-
formed in 2004, with most bears found to be in good or excellent condition. The published peer-reviewed paper confirms that a 42% increase in abundance indeed occurred (685 bears in 2004 to 973 bears in 2015)


It may be that when population concentrations hit high enough levels, fecundity drops. Maybe more bears are living beyond the age to reproduce.
I doubt both notions. More likely someone is using bad numbers or inverted statistical results.

D. J. Hawkins

Is it reduced pregnancy rate or reduced cub survival? Either one might be explained by increased competition for food.


I’ve read that well fed sows have more cubs.

Those Polar Bears in the picture are definitely showing us that man-made climate change is real and we should prepare for it. They are foraging for wood, as shown by the wooden pallets in the picture, to build a Polar Bear Ark. After building the Ark with the scrap wood they will be prepared for the rising sea levels. They are adapting. So we all must prepare for the impending doom. Buy a kayak, row boat, or build a raft to prepare. 🙂


While I haven’t reviewed the counting techniques used for polar bears if anyone believes that some scientists in the game wouldn’t fudge the numbers to keep themselves employed they are very sadly mistaken. I was put in charge of a program that did exactly that for over a decade for a large listed charismatic megafauna. Once in charge I began to question their “science” I became the enemy, Darth Vader, the evil one, etc. [Note all those names and more were used to describe me to the public and in my face.]

high treason

It is similar to what welfare does with humans- we feed those that do not produce, then they multiply in numbers. This will eventually collapse the system. The same thing will happen with the bears- they WILL come to rely on CO2 emitting helicopter food drops.
The best and most evolutionary sustainable solution is for brainless warmists (natural selection) to go up to the Arctic so the bears can hunt them and eat them.


Worse, when given the choice of working for a living and just being given what they need, both humans and bears choose the handouts.

Bet any jobs associated with the dropping of the food to those polar bears (should it happen) gets counted as green jobs.

Gunga Din

Given these dismal statistics, scientists now predict that the global population of polar bears could fall from 20,000 to 30,000 today to fewer than 5,000 by 2100 — and beyond that no one knows.

Fixed that typo. I’m the king of typos. I can spot all but my own a mile away!

Even if a small population of bears manage to hang on, they’re not out of the woods.

Well, there’s yur’ problem!!!
Polar bears don’t live in the woods!!
Try counting them where they are!


Every wildlife biologist I have even spoken to or heard of emphasizes the same point: feeding the wildlife is a BAD thing. “DO NOT FEED THE BEARS!”

Michael Darby

The real threat to the polar bears is that global warming has killed every penguin in the Arctic so the polar bears are force to hunt unicorns

Louis Hooffstetter

comment image

With less hunting of seals need lots more polar bears, humans need to stop hunting polar bears. So many seals now, and they eat COD, less food for humans…
I dont know how many seals 1 bear eats, and how many fish 1 seal eats, but 1 bear may save lots of fish…although some bears eat fish…..my head hurts..