Claim: “Climate Denial” is Dead – But Climate Apathy is Preventing Action

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Willie Soon – Business Green author Leo Barasi is worried people still don’t want to act to save the planet, despite the utter defeat of “climate denial”.

2017 was the year climate denial died

Leo Barasi

27 December 2017

Reality has killed climate denial – but apathy will still condemn the world to dangerous global warming unless it is confronted, argues Leo Barasi

2017 has left climate deniers with nowhere to go. Merciless hurricanes, heatwaves, floods, and droughts swept the planet all year, along with impossible-sounding fires – in icy Greenland; and in California in December. All are an early taste of what life on a hotter world would be like. Public opinion recognises the link with climate change, with international polls showing that worries about global warming are now at record levels with vanishingly few people thinking it’s a hoax.

Yet the climate war is far from over. While climate denial may have lost, there is another problem: climate apathy. Most people understand climate change is happening, but just don’t think about it much and don’t accept they should change their lives to deal with it. This matters because stopping dangerous climate change won’t be possible with only popular measures like replacing coal power stations with solar panels. There will have to be difficult changes too, like cutting emissions from flying and meat eating. So long as many people are apathetic, governments will avoid the hard changes that are also needed.

One long-standing reason for apathy is the way climate change often feels like a distant problem, something for polar bears and future generations. So it matters that climate change is now devastating places where emissions need to fall. Those of us who want faster action shouldn’t hold back from pointing out that this is what would become normal if emissions don’t fall.

The death of climate denial is one of the most under-appreciated stories of 2017. When the climate deniers played their hand this year they found the world had left them behind. But climate apathy is proving more resilient than denial, and is stopping the world confronting what it will take to live up to its promise to stop dangerous warming. It will take more work to turn that apathy into action.

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I guess the kind of mind which can imagine that this year’s weather was the opening salvo of the coming climate apocalypse has no problem believing that everyone is convinced of the need for climate action, but nobody wants to act.

141 thoughts on “Claim: “Climate Denial” is Dead – But Climate Apathy is Preventing Action

    • So…
      It’s a done deal
      It’s happening now
      Just look at California

      This is such wonderful news that Climate Change has finally been proven as fact beyond a doubt…

      Now there is no more need to fund studies to prove it’s existence…
      Michael Mann and John Cook can now retire

      • Most people understand climate change is happening, but just don’t think about it much and don’t accept they should change their lives to deal with it.

        ie they now realise that though climate changes and some of that change is human induced it is not a sufficiently serious problem to require drastic action and destroy our economies and lives.

        Isn’t that basically what most “climate denierz” have been saying all along??

        Sounds like total victory to me. Great trick trying admitting that you have lost the argument and no one can be bothered to listen your alarmist BS any more, whilst claiming the opposition is “dead”.

  1. I think the subtext here is “The publication I work for is probably going to go under once the taxpayer dollars stop flowing in to the people who read my magazine.”

  2. Leo is just trying to sell his book by selling the delusion on which it is based. I guess he thinks if he shouts it loud enough, (that the majority of people are alarmed by climate change), then that’ll make it so. A typical delusion of grandiosity for Leo. Sad.

    But he is right IMO about 2017 being a cusp year in the climate hustle. This is the year their hustle began to die. From his perspective apathy.

    But from an informed perspective following the larger picture of “one year does not climate make” (while Leo ignores the 12 year major hurricane hiatus for the US) and lack of any atypical persistent drought across the world, and bulging agricultural crop productions, the climate hustlers are desperately clinging to their religion. They are very much like the doomsday cult claiming all the signs of apocalypse have occurred and the end is near… REPENT! or face damnation is Leo Barasi’s claim (while pushing his latest book).

    • ^ Contiguous US has still not been hit by major, Cat3 or greater, hurricane. I and others were watching the weather buoys as these recent hurricanes hit.

  3. “2017 has left climate deniers with nowhere to go”

    In a way he is correct.

    The facts show absolutely clearly that whole “climate change” farce has zero science to actually back it, but still plenty of political clout.

    No matter that the CC Agenda has been shown to be nothing but a empty load of mindless rhetoric, there is still a massive load of money and political corruption that has to be overcome.

    That is going to be difficult.

  4. When you can’t defeat the opposition with science, well let’s just say they lost and maybe that will move lots of people to our side. Hey, it worked for the Presidential election where we convinced voters not to waste their vote by voting for Trump; wait, what….

  5. Claim: “Climate Denial” is Dead – No, no, I can see that there is Climate going on outside the Window. I would not deny that there is Climate and therefore Climate Change. What is preventing ‘Action’ on Climate Change, however, is the sure knowledge that whatever I do will have a vanishingly small effect on the Climate so little in fact, that I have become totally Apathetic about it all. In any case, the Climate seems to be getting better. Cold areas are a little less cold and hot areas are exactly the same as they were before. The Earth is greening up and food production is increasing nicely. Catastrophes are occurring less often and deaths from them are falling. Even those poor old Poley Bears are doing well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  6. It is true. ‘Climate Denial’ is dead. It never existed except in the simplistic messaging of the CAGW propagandists.

    But looks like this writer is in a serious state of denial about the political climate and where things are going.

    • Yes. Many disagree with the IPCC, but few of them deny anything about the known laws and methods of science. Pointing out erroneous assumptions, misapplied methods, misleading terminology, un-testable hypothesis presented as immutable conclusions and their pathological blindness to contradictory evidence is not denying anything, but is rejecting the denial of the scientific method as the arbiter of what is and what is not the scientific truth.

      • Business Green author Leo Barasi is worried people still don’t want to act to save the planet, despite the utter defeat of “climate denial”.

        Leo wrote “,,, despite the utter defeat of “climate denial”? Really?? He wrote that nonsense???

        Clearly, this man is imbecilic and/or delusional and is unworthy of further comment.

        • If the planet needs to be saved, it’s not from climate change caused by CO2, but from people like Barasi who misrepresent alarmist rhetoric as immutable truth.

        December 28, 2017 at 5:16 am

        Business Green author Leo Barasi is worried people still don’t want to act to save the planet, despite the utter defeat of “climate denial”.

        Leo wrote “,,, despite the utter defeat of “climate denial”? Really?? He wrote that nonsense???

        Clearly, this man is imbecilic and/or delusional and is unworthy of further comment.

        This is a good spot for one of my favorite quotes, by William F. Buckley, Jr.:

        “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”

    • Absolutely. “Climate denial” only exists in the fevered brains of these idiots.
      No serious sceptics deny the reality of climate or indeed climate change. Ironically, a powerful sceptical argument is that the climate is always changing e.g. the MWP and LIA. I’m sure that the vast majority of sceptics do agree that some amount of global warming did occur in the 20th century, although the actual amount (and the honesty of the official measurements) are hotly debated.

      For almost a year now the most powerful man in the world is a “climate denier”, so any claim that the war is won is laughable.
      Despite his obvious faults, we owe Donald Trump a huge amount. Who knows, in the long run he may reverse this climate madness. Although a UK citizen I hope he does make America great again. Who knows, maybe he will also make the world great again.

      • As America goes so goes the world. Here’s to ya bloke! (I was going to say “mate” but it didn’t seem to fit)

      • “Although a UK citizen I hope he does make America great again. Who knows, maybe he will also make the world great again.”

        I think Trump’s common sense will “trickle down” to the rest of the world. When people see something that works, they want to emulate it.

    • More than anything else this may well be different people talking about two different things. Leo Barasi is partially correct.

      “Climate denial” existed as a only as a concept, and only in the minds of people like Leo Barasi. It was used as a tool to try to get rubes to accept that the people like Leo Barasi are smart, honest, and helpful. It is now obvious that trying to use the “climate denial” concept as a tool to get at the rubes is not working, and will not work (the rubes are not as ignorant as people like Leo Barasi thought).

      So this is where Leo Barasi is indeed correct … the concept of “climate denial” truly has been killed by reality; but the reality is that the “climate denial” concept was complete fabrication and as a result it has come to be ignored by the general public.

      Leo Barasi calls this apathy. This is where he is wrong. It is enlightenment.

  7. “There will have to be difficult decisions too–like cutting emissions from flying and meat eating.”
    Clearly this calls for bean-powered aviation. No, wait, there’s CO2 in farts…

    • ” No, wait, there’s CO2 in farts…” …….And methane — for God’s sake, don’t overlook or disregard the methane……Besides, without methane for pressure, would a fart still be a fart? And do you reckon that the millions of cattle that are living in the plains states today generate more methane than was being generated by the 60,000,000 or so buffalo who roamed the plains 200 years ago? Not to even mention the methane that was being generated by all the deer and the antelopes who were playing on the plains. I’m sure they were there — the song says so.

    • …..”There will have to be difficult changes too, like cutting emissions from flying and meat eating.”..
      What about Vultures, Buzzards, Eagles etc?

    • And yes Virginia, the climate does change, but nobody knows exactly why or how.

      Those who claim they do know why and how are lying to you, Virginia.

      • I believe that. in the future, if the causes are ever teased out, it will then become apparent that some individuals had it figured out by this time.
        Or were, at the very least, on the right track.
        Just because no one can really be very sure at this point does not necessarily mean no one has figured it out.
        In this way the situation re germs and disease in the mid to later parts of the 19th century could be a close analogue.

  8. Sorta like whosit’s defeat of JV ISIS. Where has this guy been hiding out? What on earth (or the moon) does he call “reality”?

  9. these climate catamites have killed satire.
    and the irony of the humorless BEING the joke somehow isn’t funny any more.

  10. When it comes to public opinion, the skeptics have won. In May, 2017, Gallup did a poll asking folks:

    What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?

    As far as I can tell, nobody said anything about global warming or climate

    It is one thing to directly ask people about global warming. They will then offer an opinion. On the other hand, if you don’t prompt them, they won’t even think about climate change. Compared with all the other problems facing the nation, it just doesn’t count.

    It’s an insult (or at least clueless) to accuse the population of apathy if they ignore your pet issue. The truth is that most Americans think the country has much more serious problems than climate change. The fact that the Democrat elite doesn’t understand that kind of thing is the reason President Trump won the election.

  11. Sounds like the author is trying to change the marketing meme. ‘Climate Denier’ hasn’t worked so lets try ‘Climate Apathy’. Calling people apathetic is less threatening and sounds less negative therefore it’ll get more traction and get people to join the Cause. If you coat your poison in a little honey it’ll be more palatable… At least that is my interpretation of what the author is trying to say. It’s still bovine scat.

  12. Gotta love the switch-and-bait technique: “with vanishingly few people thinking it’s a hoax.”

    Of course, that was always true — only a few real conspiracy-theory types thought it was a “hoax” — many of us, however, are quite convinced that the final results are not in yet, that the shenanigans revealed in the ClimateGate emails were very worrisome for the field, and that someday we may actually understand the climate and what it is doing and why.

    Almost no real person believes in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming anymore….it is only true in fairy tales and climate-scare propaganda.

    • Kip,

      “…with vanishingly few people thinking it’s a hoax.” . . Of course, that was always true — only a few real conspiracy-theory types thought it was a “hoax” —”

      Hmm . .

      “Almost no real person believes in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming anymore….it is only true in fairy tales and climate-scare propaganda.”

      . . hmm ; )

      • Re “fairy tales” he was clearly think of the totally ridiculous book for children published under Prince Charles’ name but apparently ghost written by the pompously absurd Tony Juniper. Both have zero credibility with the vast majority of people in the U.K.

      • These people are engaged in a massive telling of a web of lies for the purpose of enriching themselves and their cronies.
        Which part of the definition of “hoax” has not been amply met?

      • SCAM may be an acronym
        i was told that there was a manual at the FBI titled Sophisticated Criminal Activity Methodology
        “scam” became common use among the US “drug culture” in early 1980 after Operation ABSCAM, an FBI sting operation directed at public officials, became public

    • Anyone who claims Earth’s weather is being made worse because humans are burning fossil fuels is a believer in CAGW. That’s what CAGW means.

      There are plenty of people who think humans have disturbed the natural order of things in the Earth’s atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. You see it every time there is an extreme weather event. The Alarmists claim humans are responsible. They are in effect claiming that CAGW is here and now and adversely affecting our lives now.

      I don’t think you can say no real person believes in CAGW anymore. No, there are still lots of deluded people out there in the wide world who think human activity is already affecting the way the Earth’s climate behaves. That’s CAGW.

      • TA ==> Just a technical point — the “C” in CAGW stands for CATASTROPHIC — thus catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.
        There are a lot of folks, including most of us skeptical types, that think human activity has affected the climate of the planet, certainly locally in many cases. The disputed points are 1) How much? 2) By what mechanism? 3) In what ways? 4) Are changes beneficial or harmful? for who or what? etc.

      • “TA ==> Just a technical point — the “C” in CAGW stands for CATASTROPHIC — thus catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.”

        Kip, according to the Alarmists we are already experiencing human-caused catastrophic effects from the weather. No doubt you have read the MSM accounts of the last three hurricanes to hit the U.S., and nearly all of them claim the damage done was increased because humans have altered the atmosphere by injecting CO2 into it.

        The Hurricanes and California wildfires are surely catastrophic for those affected, and the Alarmists are attributing the fires to human-caused Global Warming i.e., CAGW.

        Anytime you say the weather was made worse because of human activity you are invoking CAGW.

    • Weren’t you paying attention in 2017 … all the climate all the time. Harvey, Florida, tornados, hot and windy fast burning brush, other stuff.

      If that doesn’t convince you that there is indeed a climate then you are beyond all hope.

      (but, giving you the benefit of the doubt … maybe your apathy just didn’t allow you to pay attention to massive and obvious 2017 climate?)

  13. I am not dead. And I still deny.

    I deny that the so-called called climate record is a reliable record. I deny that the true record of the weather (as opposed to the ones cooked up by so-called “scientists”) supports a claim that the weather is measurably warmer now than it was in the first half of the 20th Century. I deny that climate models are anything other than mathematical masturbation. I deny that increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has any ill effect on any biological system. I deny that the so called climate scientists are honest men. I deny that so called climate scientists have engaged in anything other than fear mongering. I deny that polar bears are in any danger from warmer weather in the arctic. I deny that sea levels are rising faster than they have in the recent past. I deny that so called “tropical” diseases have any causal relation with warmer weather. I deny that any of the weather events of the last year, or any other year are related to any changes in the general climate.

    I affirm that the whole miserable theory of anthropogenic catastrophic global warming was created and advanced for the sole purpose of scarring people into surrendering their freedom, their property, and their prosperity to a global socialist government. I affirm that a warmer world is a happier, healthier, and more prosperous world. I affirm that CO2 is absolutely necessary for the existence of life on earth, and that we, and all other living things, are better off at 400 ppm than we were at 280 ppm. I affirm that it is more likely that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is due to the end of the Little Ice Age than it is due to human activity. I affirm that humanity would be far better off by the aggressive exploration of fossil fuel energy resources to bring prosperity to Africa and Asia, than it would be by any change in the general climate.

    Please add your own denials and affirmations to this thread.

  14. I ask again, since I had no serious answers last time……..
    (just some children posting stuff starting in the late 1970s , coldest period in 80 or more years)

    1930s,40s were probably about the same temperature in the NH as they are now.

    SH’s warmest period seems to have been around the late 1800s.

    So, since those times, in what way has the climate changed?

    (apart from becoming slightly more benign and liveable……..

    although it seems NE USA is undergoing a “not so liveable” period of extreme cold at the moment)

    • Since the 1930s there has been a dramatic change in climate. This change is easily seen on many old photos of towns and cities – where you will see that almost invariably on the sunny days when people brought out their cameras, it was impossible to see more than a few hundred meters into the smoke.

      This change from burning smog creating fuels to that of burning cleaner fuels that started in the period called “the global cooling” scare and was largely completed just before we had the “global warming pause”, was one of the biggest changes in the climate in human history with a massive reduction in heat deflecting clouds within just a few decades.

      And apparently if the academics were to be believed, it had no effect on the climate. Instead during this period all we saw was a rise in temperature due to CO2 that occurred between the global cooling scare of the 1970s to the global warming pause starting ~2000 – which is quite remarkable, because there was no sudden change in CO2 in this period. It didn’t decrease to cause the global cooling scare, and it didn’t stop rising when we got the pause. But I suppose academics know best (sarc off)

      • Your last paragraph sums up the situation very well. The reduction in particulate carbon and aerosols such as sulphates, which arose from Clean Air Act and Anti-Acid Rain policies in the West from the 50’s onwards, reduced so called Solar Gloom: the reduction in solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface. The recorded temperature rises since then were in fact far more to do with this diminishing Solar Gloom effect than any CO2 rises.
        Hansen shot himself in the foot when he desperately published his Paper based trying to explain “the Pause”, telling us this was very largely due to a recovery of this Solar Gloom effect from late 20th Century onwards increased Chinese uncontrolled fossil fuelled power stations emissions which arose during China’s late 20th Century escalating industrial expansion. He was, in fact, admitting Solar Gloom had far more effect on temperatures than any CO2 rises during this period. He failed to mention, or may not even have realised, that he was in fact agreeing with the non-CO2 cause of the later 20th Century increase in temperatures from such decreases in Solar Gloom. Was he seen hobbling around after publishing this Paper?

      • Ok, the “calculated global temperature” went down a bit then came back up a bit .

        All within about ± 0.5ºC.. That’s margin of error sort of change. 🙂

      • For people that lived within a few large metropolitan population and industrial centers, there were no doubt many days of smoggy and hazy conditions brought about by burning stuff in a way that caused a lot of smoke and such, but there were vast areas of the Earth where this was never the case.

  15. Someone should tell Leo these weather events are SOP for Earth.
    The thing he is concerned about is supposed to happen about 2085, 2100, or 2150, or whenever RCP8.5 kicks in. Good luck there.
    If he’s got a friend — can you see that he takes his meds?
    Good, thanks.

    • Leo seems to think CAGW weather events are taking place today, not in 2085, 2100, or 2150. Leo says “2017 has left climate deniers with nowhere to go. Merciless hurricanes, heatwaves, floods, and droughts swept the planet all year,”.

      And Leo has a lot of company in this fuzzy thinking. As far as your average Alarmist is concerned, CAGW is already here and doing damage.

  16. Desperate claims to hold up what has been a spectacular bubble of lies, rhetoric and semantic manipulation.
    Poor little diaper-soilers do not want to be caught out lying so they keep propping the lie up. When it finally comes crashing to earth like a hot air balloon vainly searching for the hot spot, there will be some serious soul searching with respect to how the lie was propped up for so long and why.
    The People will not be too pleased they had been deceived and will be unlikely to want to believe the pathetic excuses that will come out the backsides of those that wanted to destroy our society because of their insane beliefs that they regarded as beyond question.
    I for one am looking forward to the climate SHTF so we can chuck out Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) along with it. Same heads which will roll the same.

  17. If denial were truly “vanquished”, there would be no apathy.

    Apathy proves that “denial” won.

  18. “The death of climate denial is one of the most under-appreciated stories of 2017.”

    Yeah, right…

    The reason “the death of climate denial” is under-appreciated is because it never happened…

    Leftists believe the logical fallacis of argumentum ad nauseam, argumentum ad populum, post ergo propter hoc, and argumentum ad verecundiam will always be effective devices in getting people to accept lies as reality, but eventually the preponderance of empirical evidence overwhelm these brainwashing techniques.

    Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord in June 2017 was the death knell for CAGW. Without the US, India and China paying CAGW extortion money, the remaining industrialized countries cannot politically and economically afford to increase taxes enough to cover the shortfall, especially with the competive advantage Trump’s tax-cut bill recently created.

    Moreover, the disparity between CAGW global temp projections vs. reality have become so huge (already exceeding 2 standard deviations) the CAGW hypothesis has already become untenable.

    CAGW is dead.

    • oh, climate cringe is just scratching the surface of the cult’s catechism.
      take comfort in the knowledge that nobody in the world is buying it- it is strictly for domestic consumption.

      白左(white Left)-White Liberal
      圣母(Holy Mother)-third-wave feminists (European version)
      圣母癌(Cancer Holy Mother)- Liberal NCO
      喷青(spouting youth)-SJW

      these are now common insults, apparently, and they all refer to the betamale, soyboy. fabianfags-
      apparently merkel inspired the holy.mother slur. these burly macho orientals know a passive partner when they see one – it doesn’t take a trudeau level furry to be an obviously indecipherable pronoun.

      there is practically nobody believing in the narrative- but there are many who wish to believe that others do as it is the only thing they have to sell apart from orogenital massage. this is not meant as metaphor, either- welcome to your millenial bonobo future. all those selfies are posing with lips made to look like little flowers for a reason.

    • That fact that there are people on this very page who argue that there was no hoaxing or scamming or fraud, that is, no deliberate deception, no outright lies, no wild-eyed exaggerating, no purposeful miseducation of our children…that it is all some sort of a disagreement or mistake or ongoing uncertainty…THAT is the biggest reason that the whole charade continues to this day.
      Anyone who has studied what has been going on and in any ways runs cover or let’s the fraudsters off the hook, even in any small way, is partially responsible for perpetuating the incredibly harmful, wasteful, and downright malicious evil which is being attempted.

      • Yep. Believing this is not an organized scam requires the suspension of disbelief. Their projections are almost always dead wrong but whenever ANY extreme weather event occurs they show up like ambulance chasers claiming it backs their hypothesis

      • “Their projections are almost always dead wrong ”

        Err, do you have a time machine?
        If so, what happened in 2050? 2100?
        Do tell.
        Including which RCP we followed such that these “projections” were wrong.

        Some idiots said stupid things but why would you expect projections to be judgable now as CO2 concentration advances at just 2ppm/year?

      • menicholas:

        That fact that there are people on this very page who argue that there was no hoaxing or scamming or fraud, that is, no deliberate deception, no outright lies, no wild-eyed exaggerating, no purposeful miseducation of our children…that it is all some sort of a disagreement or mistake or ongoing uncertainty…THAT is the biggest reason that the whole charade continues to this day.

        My wife argues that we should not use such harsh, accusatory language, because many CAGW believers are genuinely concerned about the fate of The Planet, and have been convinced by the Environmental Left (not to mention the sainted Obama) that humanity must take action to eliminate the depredations of humanity that are destroying the Climate. After all, she says, they mean well, and we will never convince them otherwise by calling them names, as I am wont, like ‘dupes’ or ‘fools’. To which I reply that no amount of rational (i.e. empirical) argument will persuade them, as they are True Believers, and they have been told that an amazing ‘97% of scientists’ testify to their belief. But no, she says, we must use honey, not vinegar.

        Contrariwise, I think menicholas is right: Neither honey nor vinegar will change the Believers, but we can indict the villains who created the hoax, and it is irresponsible not to.

        /Mr Lynn (Walking Creek World)

    • That is because you are likely looking at the situation rationally, and comparing recent years to years in the past.
      As such, you would never achieve success as a global warming catastrophist or mainstream “climate scientist”.
      To be one of those, you need to either be. or pretend to be. completely ignorant of the past.

    • “was last year particularly bad? I hadnt noticed”

      You’re not expected to.
      The clue is the G in AGW

      We have scientists to do that.

    • The first half of 2017 was a below-average period for costly natural disasters, according to one of the European reinsurance companies.

  19. Wow, just amazing. In one sense, climate change de_nial IS dead, or more accurately, it never existed in the first place. No climate skeptic has ever de_nied that climate changes, or that it doesn’t ALWAYS change. That was a stupid, empty straw man created by the climate Scientologists.

    But de_nial of the stupid-ass assertion that human CO2 emissions are guaranteed to cause our doom due to CAGW, well, that’s very much alive. I de_ny that CO2 “causes” CAGW, even if you want to include the naturally emitted portion. And I say this is the smart money position. I further say that more CO2 is going to create a boon for all living things on land and in the oceans. I say only idiots and greenies and crazy ideologues believe CO2 will kill off humanity. And of course, some climate Scientologists and their research university administrators along with Marxists, Progressives and Democrats will go along with the catastrophic certainty for the money and power, the trips, the prestige of jetting around the world and the cushy, public pensions.

  20. 20107 was for me quite a bad year climatically, the first summer in memory I didn’t go for a swim in the ocean due to the lack of warmth.
    Oh, wait….

  21. Actually, I am finding quite the opposite viewpoint by most ‘normal’ folks recently and most definitely this week as where I am visiting for Christmas in north central Saskatchewan (the Siberia of the prairies), it has been regularly in the mid -30’s C with a -50+ wind chill. Just weather, like we had in the 1960’s or 1970’s. Like freeze your unprotected ears off in about 3-4 minutes or less. Literally. Like being flash frozen. I don’t mind a dry calm -40 so much although is a bummer in general for starting a vehicle or doing much outside. But -25 and a real strong 30-40 mph wind is like death on steroids for the human flesh. Feels like about -120 below F. Way colder than the reported wind chill factor.

    I have been ‘canvasing’ people and total strangers here the the last week with an opening line such as…”So much for global warming eh?” or “don’t you just wish we would have actually got a little global warming by now?’ Not one has has brought up the CAGW meme and most mock it. Most ordinary people, like the ones that vote, privately know that there is a climate fr@ud going on since the only real evidence is that the climate has been so almost perfectly warm, stable and productive the last 150 years that 7.5 billion people have been able to successfully multiply to where we are today. People aren’t stupid.

    2017 was the year that CAGW got kicked to the curb by Trump, and the evidence is how badly business green author Leo Barasi is admitting it by desperately grasping at alarmist ‘victory’ over the skeptics. Sounds like he and the alarmists are having a panic attack, as the Pause continues.

    • Let us not forget that Trump was hired by some 65,000,000 Americans to do exactly what he is doing.
      As such, we all (Trump voters) have a hand in the kickin- to-the-curb.

  22. The climate alarmists method to always win the argument: When the facts are against you, no one believes your made up facts, ad hominems don’t work, etc. … claim that you always had the views of the winning side and that is was your opponents not you that had your crazy views.

  23. This shows the true extent of Green Blob delusion and deceit.
    2017 saw precisely nothing in global weather events and patterns that hasn’t been seen many times before, so his assertion-packed ‘evidence’ is next-to worthless. There is literally NOTHING unusual occurring.
    These endless assertions of ‘victory’ only serve to highlight their insecurity, borne of a growing awareness that their precious AGW theory is failing on almost all observable counts.
    They’re getting very desperate, and they know it.

  24. The only apathy I see is that of the people who know they have been defrauded of billions, lied to consistently for 30 years, had formerly trusted institutions infiltrated by CAGW leftists and eco-political mercenaries plus numerous politicians and scientists bought and sold with their taxpayer money. And have done little. Now that’s apathy.

    • ……Truth is that fossil fuels are finite and the day when they are noticeably being depleted and the various “renewable” “alternatives” are becoming the only alternative sources of energy will be the day when real and legitimate panic will set in globally.

      • The various “renewable” “alternatives” are not “alternatives” at all. Without fossil fuels, the so-called “alternatives” would not exist. Show me one wind turbine or solar panel whose raw materials were mined and transported without the use of fossil fuels, whose manufacture was accomplished without the use of fossil fuels, whose manufactured components were transported to the site where they were to be erected without fossil fuels, whose installation site was prepared (including felling of trees, excavating, pouring of foundations, etc.) without fossil fuels, whose erection on site was accomplished without fossil fuels, whose maintenance and repair is done without fossil fuels, and whose dismantling and disposal is accomplished without fossil fuels. Etc. ad nauseam.

        And all of that to produce erratic, unreliable, inconsistent, non-dispatchable electric generation that requires, once again, fossil fuels to back it up and provide the REAL electric generation.

        So yes, when/if fossil fuels become “depleted,” a panic SHOULD rightfully set in, if we haven’t found any ACTUAL “alternatives” (hint: NOT solar panels and wind turbines) by then. But we’re nowhere near that point for the foreseeable future, so what’s your point?

      • The peak cobalt, peak lithium, peak millions of tons of concrete, steel, and copper will happen long before peak oil ever does.

  25. If you wish to converse with me define your terms


    It is noticeable that those with weak arguments use imprecise terms repeatedly shortening them to the point of no meaning. So we have seen Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming become Global Warming, then Climate Change and now just ‘Climate’.

    What level of idiocy afflicts someone that they feel saying do you believe in or not believe in ‘climate’ has any meaning?

    There is nothing that generates more certainty that this entire tax carbon dioxide ‘pollution’ therefore close down ‘fossil fueled’ industries is a hoax of international proportions – than the unwillingness of its proponents to talk in precise terms.
    Strangely, the converse is also true once tied down the proponents will move to precise maths and challenge opponents to find errors. (Adding 2 apples to 2 oranges – they will say but 2+2 = 4 doesn’t it) This is actually another attempt to avoid explaining their hypothesis in precise testable terms.

    Their hypothesis is that increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration would inevitably lead to temperature increases in the Earth system leading to levels of warming that would be catastrophic (droughts and floods, seas boiling, ending up like Mars etc etc).
    This is falsified by for example:
    – Historic temperature and CO2 records that show temperatures dropping with far higher levels of CO2 and CO2 level changes lagging temperature changes. showing no effect of CO2 on temperatures but probable effects of temperatures on CO2 levels.
    – Atmospheric wet and dry lapse rates that can be accurately generated using just the gas laws with no reference to radiative gases. (Therefore no tropospheric hot spot)
    – All predictions (not heavily tuned hindcasts) made using the climate models being wrong (even when multiple wrong models are averaged in ensembles)

    The refusal to accept falsifications as a reason to stop closing down industries is also an indication that the the entire ‘climate change’/’global warming’ industry is based on a hoax or being used as cover for something else.

    Climate changes happen all the time. Some significant and rapid changes well before humans were available to cause them, are still unexplained. Most of them appear cyclic but not simplistically as the climate system is a non-linear chaotic system of chaotic systems. Everyone believes in climate change in a non-linear chaotic system – no-one should believe that one questionable parameter can govern that chaotic system.

  26. What we are witnessing are the last, desperate gasps of the dying Cult of Caterwauling Climate Catastrophists. People who may have cared somewhat about climate no longer do. They may not be able to admit it yet to themselves, but they were lied to, and they believed the lies. That’s on them, and brands them as weak-minded forever.

  27. It’s the old story: 4 guys (Somebody, Everybody, Anybody and Nobody) got a job to do. Everybody thinks Somebody should do it, Somebody says Anybody can do it, and in the end, as always, poor old Nobody does it!

  28. Maybe Climate Denial died because nobody claimed denial to begin with–of course, if you want the nub of the assertion, it’s that man is responsible for climate change, and that claim is just as ridiculous.

    If they ever want to quit politicizing Climate Change for their nefarious purposes, people will pay attention. Until then, most people view it for what it really is–a transparent attempt to assert power through dubious if not criminal distortions.

    Climate Change has been the Fake News of science for quite some time.

  29. ‘All are an early taste of what life on a hotter world would be like. Public opinion recognises the link with climate change’

    Nobody else does.

    ‘While climate denial may have lost, there is another problem: climate apathy.’

    Ah, yes, a new invented term devoid of meaning.

    “one year does not climate make”

    Exactly. The meaning of “climate” has been long lost to Climate Change, Inc.

    • It is written to mollify themselves… Overwrought rhetoric and exaggeration usually indicates a need to make themselves feel better…. even if they have to lie to themselves to do it….:)

  30. > “2017 has left climate deniers with nowhere to go.”

    Not true. While the public places are mostly clear there are still some halls of academia infested with alarmist roaches. Skeptics need to go there with brooms and sunlight. A good place to start is to vilify anyone sinking so low as to use the term denier.

  31. > “Merciless hurricanes, heatwaves, floods, and droughts swept the planet all year, along with impossible-sounding fires – in icy Greenland; and in California in December.”

    The old warmist trick. When the facts are against you; resort to assigning human characteristics to physical phenomena. Merciless indeed.

  32. DO an internet search for “climate change” and select images, most of the images presented are fake photos, photo shopped.

  33. Nobody “denies” that climate naturally changes. What skeptics are, is critical of the Hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming…. The Hypothesis of AGW has been wholly falsified and has no scientific validity. Temp precedes CO2 rise in ice cores rather than the other way round. There is no Tropical Tropospheric Hot Spot as modeled by Climate Scientists as the “fingerprint of AGW. There has been no significant warming for 20 years despite a 10 percent increase in CO2…. and then there is ClimateGate and the Emails that show the unconscionable conduct and corruption of the Climate Science cabal.

    Hyperbole and exaggeration isn’t going to change any facts… or the climate.

  34. Climate Denial was dead when the phrase was invented and applied to an inanimate straw man. That straw man was never living but was beaten daily by the political establishment cheerleaders of the world, who can’t seem to understand the complete failure of command control economies throughout the history of this world. These global government cheerleaders still reject the notion that free people doing what is in their own best interest is the only stable long term solution to the advancement of the human race. We enjoy the ability to move the human race forward, because we don’t spend the majority of our time providing the basics of life for ourselves. Most of us do productive work with the blessing of time that our ancestors bestowed upon us. A small minority of political hacks and media moguls dream of putting Liberty for the common man back into the prison of government control of ownership of the means to production. Those hacks and moguls have a large megaphone, but have sounded the alarm so many times most people ignore it. And when you lose credibility on one issue, all of their statements are now suspect.

  35. Here, let me put this new strategy in Month Python terms:

    “Would it help to confuse it if we run away more?”

  36. 2017 was the year climate denial died

    Leo Barasi
    27 December 2017

    2018 is yet another year Leo Barasi hopes to pay his mortgage writing about hot spurting global warming.

  37. Honestly – I don’t have a huge problem with people making up their own reality… until they force me to live their fantasies too.
    And that’s Progressivism all over.

  38. The climategate files reveal that warmism is spin that gets close to being fraud, that the warmists are looking for ammunition, not truth, that they do not care whether the world is warming or cooling, do not care whether humans are causing it or not, but are just looking for mud they can throw at western civilization.

    But I cannot find a good standard source and standard torrent for the climategate files and analysis of these files. It really needs to be all wrapped up in a single standard html tree with the climategate files in browsable form, analysis of the data linking to that browsable form, as a big bundle of files in a torrent, so that everyone can learn the truth, and also pocket the evidence supporting that truth and the anaylysis of the evidence on their own computer.

  39. Climate denial … a phrase invented by those who misrepresent the state of knowledge about climate.

    Ironic, isn’t it ?

    * Employ a phrase that describes an attitude that nobody embraces.
    * Condemn nonexistent people who would believe in such a concept that nobody embraces.
    * Declare the concept that nobody embraces in the first place dead.
    * Claim victory.

    … more than ironic, actually.


  40. …Public opinion recognises the link with climate change, with international polls showing that worries about global warming are now at record levels with vanishingly few people thinking it’s a hoax…
    This Fool conveniently failed to add the results of a survey of some 9,736,000 respondents to The United Nations MyWorld 2015. Vote For The World You Want.
    The UN clearly expected the people to vote for Climate Change as The Biggie but….
    See MyWorld Analytics 2015 for the result in which the usual suspects of Education, Jobs Health and Food reign. Climate Change where it belongs. Stone Motherless Last of the 16 subjects
    Eric and readers. I do not know how to capture this as an Archive. I suspect the UN would be happy for it to fade away into nothingness. Can anyone fully capture it to ensure this blatant rejection of Climate Alarm remains with us to present when Clowns, as above, make up lies.

  41. “…Climate change is happening.”
    I am certain that it is happening, as it has been happening on this cosmic rock since it was formed. The first question to ask is- “Is that a bad thing?” The next question would be- “Can you do anything about it?” Since the answer to the latter is “No” (you can no more change the climate of the planet than you can make it stop rotating…) the answer to the former is irrelevant.
    Live life while you can, and enjoy the experience. Feel fortunate to be alive at a time when the climate is in this minute period of favorable climate to all life on Earth. It was quite different 50,000 years ago, and it will most likely be different 50,000 years from now.
    Doesn’t that make you feel better?

  42. Climate denial – the denial that the evidence shows that man made global warming is a second order effect at best, is certainly dead in the scientific community…

  43. Why must we complicate things by using too many words to try to communicate how smart we are or by using words deceptively to try to win the argument. It’s simple, climate change was always believed by the vast majority of skeptical people, Man made climate change and the ability to control the climate by man, is what wasn’t believed. The apathy comes from a belief that Man hasn’t contributed enough to the issue to make any significant change, and that Man can’t control climate change. That belief is stronger than ever.

  44. Denial is dead according to search results in Google and using Beijing-style dictates over the internet. Reasoned inspection is lurking in the underground though allowing mullahs to sleep well at night with command and control and science to keep an ember going in the dark.

  45. Climate concern drops to zero on January 1 in California. There are other priorities there of the smoke and edible varieties. Although the science findings of more aggressive behavior in the young and dimished brain capacity helps keep the climate and other various advocacy drives alive.

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