President Trump Not Invited to the December Paris Climate Change Summit

President Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron. By, CC BY 4.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Reuters reports that an unnamed official has stated that President Trump will not receive an invitation to the Paris Climate Change Summit in December.

Trump not invited to Paris December climate change summit for now, says France

PARIS (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump, who pulled his country out of the 2015 Paris climate change deal, is “for the time being” not invited to a climate change summit due to be held in the French capital in December, an official in President Emmanuel Macron’s office said.

The United States would still be invited to the summit but at a lower level than the president, added the official.

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President Macron of France, who once bizarrely stated he would “govern like a Roman God”, who also according to his officials believes that his thought processes are too complex for mere journalists to understand, no doubt considers the provisional banishing of President Trump from his presence to be a devastating rebuke for the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

204 thoughts on “President Trump Not Invited to the December Paris Climate Change Summit

  1. Yet again it’s up to America to save the Old World from its insane -isms.

    We did our bit against monarchism, saved the world from both fascism and communism, and now we’re showing the way forward against climatism, which is just a stalking horse for globalist socialism.

    This year, it’s just the US. But in coming years, more and more states will see the light, wake up, embrace reality and CO2 as the planetary savior.

    • CACA is at least the third god in a row to have failed Euroweenies who need some kind of god, as long as it’s not the Christian God of their benighted, knightly ancestors. Cultural suicide isn’t pretty, especially when it’s the Enlightenment which is being ritually slaughtered in the mass Occidental equivalent of seppuku.

      • …. devastating rebuke for the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

        Trump has NOT withdrawn from Paris Accord. Check for any signed document to that effect.

        Since US has not made any official change it is hard to see how Macaroon or anyone else can justify not inviting the US pres. to the meeting.

        If they do not invite him it should act as the catalyst for him to finally DO what he has been talking about and formally withdraw. ie give 12mo notince on withdrawing from UNFCCCP. [sic]

      • This is how Europe likes to work now. UK is still a paying member of EU but no longer gets invited to EU meetings which are now EU27 not EU28. Why Britain accepts this is unclear.

        France has also just removed immunity from prosecution for MEP Marine Le Pen, so that she can be prosecuted for publishing images of ISIS atrocities to counter media claims that her party was as bad as ISIS.

        Retrospectively removing immunity means that immunity not longer exists for anyone, since it can be removed at any time.

        Europe is in a bad way.

      • Sorry for messed up quotes.

        Trump has NOT withdrawn from Paris Accord. Check for any signed document to that effect.

        Maybe Eric should post a link to his factual source for his claims.

      • actually France seems to fare better than under previous “presiflan” aka “flamby” aka “milked dessert” as Hollande was nicknamed (*), so Macron benefits, whether he deserves or not.
        (* just like US meaning “flan” — I guess borrowed from french. Flamby is — or was? — a brand of such product)

      • Greg,
        Officially the US is not in Paris and never was. Obama signed that as a Presidential agreement. Addendums to treaties are changes to the basic agreement and need new Senate approval to take effect in the US. Trump doesn’t need to do a thing!

      • Greg,

        Besides what Owen said, consider this:

        The Representative of the Unites States of America to the United Nations presents her compliments to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

        This is to inform the Secretary-General, in connection with the Paris Agreement, adopted at Paris on December 12, 2015 (“the Agreement”), that the United States intends to exercise its right to withdraw from the Agreement. Unless the United States identifies suitable terms for reengagement, the United States will submit to the Secretary-General, in accordance with Article 28, paragraph 1 of the Agreement, formal written notification of its withdrawal as soon as it is eligible to do so. Pending the submission of that notification, in the interest of transparency for parties to the Agreement, the United States requests that the Secretary-General inform the parties to the Agreement and the States entitled to become parties to the Agreement of this communication relating to the Agreement.

        The Representative of the Unites States of America to the United Nations avails herself of the opportunity to renew to the Secretary-General the assurances of her highest consideration.

        The formal withdrawal process seems to have been so engineered as to make FORMAL withdrawal difficult. All the President can do FORMALLY, at this time, is to FORMALLY emphasize his continued INTENT to FORMALLY withdraw.

        FORMAL actions speak louder than FORMAL words, however. Other than that, it’s all a word game, as far as FORMAL withdrawal is concerned.

      • Greg – source was in Eric’s quote:

        PARIS (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump, who pulled his country out of the 2015 Paris climate change deal…

        Do you see it now?

      • Owen , you are mistaken. Paris was expressly called an “agreement” to get around the US senate approval problem if it was a treaty. Obama did sign up to Paris Agreement and is marked as having “approved” it. It had pledged $2billion of which Obama signed over $500 million just before leaving office. Believe what you will you are in and you are paying.

        From Robert’s link:

        Unless the United States identifies suitable terms for reengagement, the United States will submit to the Secretary-General,

        “unless….. ” that is the only word you need to take note of. It’s huff and puff and does NOT mean that US has withdrawn or taken any legal steps to withdraw. It’s more like he is playing at renegotiation that any actually pulling out.

        You are simply reading what you wish to read , not what is written.

        The US can either get out of Paris agreement within four years ( far from sure that Trump will be there to see it through ) or more effectively can give 12mo notice to quit the underlying UNFCCC. Fast , effective and sure.

        This solution was identified by ‘ristvan’ who has serious legal baggage and knows the laws and treaties in detail from a legal point of view.

        Until Trump pulls out of UNFCCC there has been NO legal change to the situation. The only change is that Trump is unlikely to sign over any more funds.

        kaliforniakook : Reuters like the rest of the media are trying to demonise Trump and overstating what he has actually done ( which in reality is nothing but hot air ). I was suggesting that Eric show a reference to some legal document signed by Trump, not a misleading press clipping.

      • Would you consider the Founding Fathers, the supporters of the Declaration of Independence and signatories on the US Constitution as “far right thugs”?

      • Anti-Trumper gunman kills dozens in Las Vegas.
        Anti-Tumper activist neighbor attacks Sen. Rand Paul
        Anti-Trumper shoots Rep. Steve Scalise after confirming it’s the Republicans practicing on the field.
        Antifah goons shutdown speaking engagements by conservatives, often violently.

        I’m seeing a different pattern here.

      • what does the Rinkeby, Stockholm riot of Feb 20/2017 by “immigrants” (which is the source of this photo) have to do with “far right thugs in the US” ? Evidence?

      • The Las Vegas gunperson appears to have been anti-human, anti-country_music, and possibly pro-Pam, but not known for being politically active. That Gateway Pundit spread a Democrat Paddcok meme was unfortunate for its credibility. It has also raised speech against google and fb that were vehicles of this untrue claim. I’m afraid google might give up and strengthen their left bias by pushing conservative media further down.

    • CACA is nought but the latest sc@m for unelected, self-appointed, self-styled “elites” to lord it over the hoi poloi, the long-suffering workers who produce the excess value which they so lavishly appropriate unto their Marxist selves.

      Workers of the world, unite and arise! Take up your torches and pitchforks and ride to the sound of the guns, yet again near Brussels. You have nothing to lose but your oppressive carbon taxation.

    • To Bob, I call him Micron. Bizarre little twit, spent his whole life cloistered by one mummy or another who have stroked his ego until he thinks he is Jupiter!! Pluto would be a closer metaphor, insignificantly small and wayyyyy out there…or a piece of shit on the lawn steaming in the morning sun.
      To Gabro I kind of agree, but I could point out that you were rather late to both world wars and indeed only entered after the result was inevitable on both occasions. And if your leaders had listened to Churchill instead of Joseph at Yalta and beyond Communism would never have been the problem it became. Carter created the Islamist issue with the Ayatollah and Bill Clinton brought China into the mainstream with zero consideration of the consequences. Most recently Obama seemingly intentionally released the Arab Spring on the world and ignored the Nth Korean issue until like the Iran issue or China in the South China Sea it is be too late to avoid a real problem. Obama actually alerted the Iranians to a commando attack the Israelis had planned on the Iranian nuke program and warned the Israelis that America would militarily protect Iran against them. And surely you realize Globalization is the desire of most American politicians? You first signed up for it at the Rio Earth Summit when Bush senior secretly signed you up for the works, and then later ratified by Clinton…by executive order. Without that it would never have gotten off the ground. But yes the Germans in particular love a good goose step to the latest socialist rage. And France….
      Having said all that those of us around the world who are like-minded individuals such as yourselves on this superb site…desperately need you to save us from our insane Govs that just will not do what we want them to?! In Australia we are on the verge of a constitutional crisis on many fronts, it is a complete farce, Sydney and Melbourne will almost certainly have blackouts this summer if it is remotely hot. And pay the worlds highest power prices for that privilege. We didn’t vote for that…they just did it. Imagine where we would all be if Clinton had won!!!!!!!! You would not be so smug then with your remarks.
      Anyway guys…get out there and vote in the mid terms…please!!!!! We are all completely dependent on your boy, make sure he knows it.

      • iB: “Imagine where we would all be if Clinton had won!!!!!!!! You would not be so smug then with your remarks.”

        It would be a completely different world, had Hillary been elected. The decline of Western civilization would have continued.

        iB: “Anyway guys…get out there and vote in the mid terms…please!!!!! We are all completely dependent on your boy, make sure he knows it.”

        We conservatives in the U.S. are completely dependent on Trump, too, so we know what you mean. We are going to be paying a lot closer attention to who we are going to be electing in November 2018. Trump needs some help from the Republicans in Congress and he’s not getting enough in the U.S. Senate. Changes are required.

  2. “…who also according to his officials believes that his thought processes are too complex for mere journalists to understand,…” and if journalists cannot understand then who can?
    Wow, does anyone in France realize that he is so smart he must be the ‘annointed one’? Obviously way to smart to be allowed to be president any longer than necessary. Has he met Obama?

    • If he’s so smart how come he’s only the president of a minor wannabe country like France? He ought to have finagled his way by now to be the first president of the United Federation of Planets.

  3. It will come as an immense relief to President Trump to find that he was not Invited to the December Paris Climate Change Summit, as it will allow him a lot more time to get on with much more important matters.

    • Agreed.

      But why the hell is there a meeting in December when they have just met in October.

      is there no end to this waste? It is well past the time that these budgets were cut.

      I suppose the officials just wish to do a bit of shopping, or smooch with someone special in the City of Love.

    • ntesdoft…ha ha, like a couple of rounds of golf.
      The US should drop the UN altogether. Start our own trading block with the US, Canada, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan etc. and with any sane nation that wants to behave in a civilized manner, and those that cant bring themselves to behave…can go forth and multiply.
      Cannot allow foul language on this site! Mod

  4. “Trump not invited to Paris December climate change summit for now, says France”

    A compliment of the highest order.

    • “A compliment of the highest order.”

      Yep, and a weak attempt to pre-empt the royal snub that would come if they did invite him.

    • And a great opportunity .. The person representing the US can be someone who thoroughly understands climate science and can deliver a detailed lesson in where it goes wrong.

    • Whoever the low level person is, they should be a strong skeptic, preferably with an aggressive streak and an invitation to speak so they can force the other participants to listen to the opposing views. I seriously doubt that anyone going to that conference has a clue about how incredibly wrong the IPCC is about so much.

      • Wouldn’t it be wild if they did invite a ‘lower official’ and Trump appointed Mockton to be his emissary even though he isn’t a US citizen.

      • Rhoda R

        Or Nigel Farage.

        UKIP have/had a statement on their website expressing their scepticism. Their spokesman on the subject (his name escapes me) is very, very sceptical.

        And of course the Europeans are terrified of Farage, whilst Monkton is a bit pompous.

      • @HotScot
        From what I can see, “pompous” is exactly what you need when dealing with the French to counter their ill-founded sense of cultural and political superiority.

    • This is true. Leftists are against free speech so strongly I’m feeling sick.

      For example, in Europe speech against the EU is already politically incorrect to the level that national public radios and broadcasting companies do not allow it, don’t report it, and when they report it, they try to dismiss it with all possible ways.

      Why leftists appear to behave like Euro Nationalists, is intriguing. The old nationalists are now separatists, which used to be a left-supported idea.

  5. Who cares? It’s nothing more than an unneeded ‘Chicken Little’ Conference anyway. Macron is one odd duck…he is self-destructing already. I know, the US should send Tom Sater from CNN International…he’s great entertainment! Just watched him ‘meltdown’ describing CC/GW ‘hottest years-ever’ and the worst is yet to come due to CO2…he is truly ‘unbalanced’, more like ‘unhinged’.

  6. It is notable that the consensus fails again to be open to challenge or discussion, by excluding the nation that
    is needed to pay for the carbon fund and redistribute its wealth.
    If he came Trump would repeat what he told the American people.
    ‘As President, I can put no other consideration before the wellbeing of American citizens. The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers — who I love — and taxpayers to absorb the cost in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production.
    Thus, as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.
    Compliance with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates. This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs — not what we need — believe me, this is not what we need — including automobile jobs, and the further decimation of vital American industries on which countless communities rely. They rely for so much, and we would be giving them so little.
    According to this same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper down 12 percent; cement down 23 percent; iron and steel down 38 percent; coal — and I happen to love the coal miners — down 86 percent; natural gas down 31 percent. The cost to the economy at this time would be close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have $7,000 less income and, in many cases, much worse than that.’
    ‘China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants. So we can’t build the plants, but they can, according to this agreement. India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020. Think of it: India can double their coal production. We’re supposed to get rid of ours. Even Europe is allowed to continue construction of coal plants.
    In short, the agreement doesn’t eliminate coal jobs, it just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States, and ships them to foreign countries.’
    So no job is lost, it just moves somewhere else.
    I doubt they would let him say this to the people of Europe, who are going the same road.
    They may revolt.

  7. CAGW is simply a Leftist tool that’s exploited to destroy free-market economies and limited government societies…

    Trump not being invited to the Paris “Socialists-of-the-World-Unite!” Summit is a badge of honor that should be celebrated.

  8. Goodness me, what a self absorbed little megalomaniac Macron is. As if Trump didn’t already operate on the “don’t call us, we’ll call you basis” with respect to France

    • My invitation must be lost in the mail.
      For years I was able to avoid business trips to Paris by not renewing my passport. I spent a week there the year I retired. I was careful not leave anything behind.

  9. Perhaps all world leaders should uninvite themselves to save the massive CO2 emissions incurred by their travel entourage, that is if they really believed that CO2 is a planetary emergency.

  10. And as message to Macron, I think President Trump should send the White House Head Janitor to represent the US at the climate change summit.

      • “joelobryan on November 8, 2017 at 8:36 pm

        I frequently drive above the speed limit for example. As do apparently many others as they speed by me when I’m speeding.”

        Still laughing. Yes this happens all to frequently.

        Scott Pruitt should, indeed, go to Paris. Would be fun to see him view the minions from a position of strength.

      • Pruitt with Phil Robertson and his boys as his posse….That would work.

        Can you imagine the French state dinner for those guys when the foie gras and the escargot is served?


      • “joelobryan November 8, 2017 at 6:59 pm”

        The French are great at ignoring rules when it suits them. The EU banned the eating of a small bird, something like a sparrow I think it is as it is “endangered” or some such other rubbish. The French simply eat the thing over a bowl with a tea towel over their heads. Out of sight out of mind, ban does not apply.

      • Patrick,

        A bit of philosophy:

        We are all great at ignoring rules when they don’t suit us. I frequently drive above the speed limit for example. As do apparently many others as they speed by me when I’m speeding.

        Rules without consequence are of little value in life.

        Barry’s and Macaroon’s beloved Paris Climate Agreement has zero consequences for violations, thus it is of little value.

      • “Rules without consequence are of little value in life.”

        Well, you say that but they do have uses. I think that governments like to have far too many rules. Many of these are not enforced and, consequently, everyone will be guilty of something. So when the government needs to put someone in their place they can always find a law that someone will have broken.

        Take the Mueller/Manafort situation, for instance. Manafort has been accused of a Foreign Agents Registration Act violation. Podesta was just tipped off to make a retrospective application, so it is obviously not a real issue, but Manafort has been indicted. Without that seemingly pointless law Manafort would have remained a largely blame free individual.

  11. “The United States would still be invited to the summit but at a lower level than the president, added the official.”
    Maybe Donald can send Melania (although she probably ranks higher in his household). She might like a shopping trip to Paris.

  12. Today, America. Tomorrow, the world will be freed from the CACA delusion, which has cost a hundred million lives and ten trillion dollars. Ranks right up there with Communism, but in fewer decades.

    • I really don’t see any evidence of that.

      Outside America (and even in some US states) climate funding and roll out of renewables continues… even at an accelerated pace since Trump pulled the US out of Paris agreement.

      In terms of world govts the skeptic view is only found among Republicans/Trump appointees, mostly ones who have a close association with fossil fuel funded thinktanks etc. And a few colourful Australians.

      • You fail to realize that only liberals and progressives care about what “world governments” think. As for the rest of us, frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn.

      • Sure. And coal miners, who are overwhelmingly union democrats are in favor of cagw legislation. Please pull your head out of your, um, the sand.

  13. “Trump not invited to Paris December climate change summit for now, says France”

    Isn’t that sweet!? That nice man just promised to pay all the bills.
    The USA doesn’t need to feel the least bit guilty for pulling the financial plug on the CO2 scam. Now, that Macaroon promises to pay all the civilized world’s global bills.
    Get in line China, India, Pakistan and Syria; Macron is paying the bills!
    Surely any country that promises $1 million Euro for climate scientists will pay more than that for dutiful Paris members volunteers. Volunteers can pretend they’re cutting CO2 back at home, enabling them to claim more climate cash from France.

    • ATheoK
      November 8, 2017 at 6:17 pm

      Isn’t that sweet!? That nice man just promised to pay all the bills.
      The USA doesn’t need to feel the least bit guilty for pulling the financial plug on the CO2 scam. Now, that Macaroon promises to pay all the civilized world’s global bills.
      Get in line China, India, Pakistan and Syria; Macron is paying the bills!

      Micron will not pay the bills, French taxpayers will pay – always the taxpayer – you know, the socialist/progressive/lefty/democrat/marxist/communist/red/pink/watermelon way. (Have I left any out?).


  14. Good. The US is suppose to be the main sacrificial lamb in all of this. Without the US the whole thing will fold even faster.

  15. World leaders can go ahead and treat President Trump like Galileo on the climate change issue. Galileo turned out to be right.

    • Rob,
      I assure you that the ability to engage a computer program-driven spell checker before hitting “Post” is not the sign of intelligence. And conversely, not using a spell checker before “Post” is not a sign of ignorance.

    • Note Rob that I have not disagreed with your characterization of Trump as a “blowhard.” In fact I agree.

      After 8 years of “Liar Obama”, I’ll take 4 years of “Blowhard Trump” rather than 4 years of “Crooked Hillary, Inc.”

    • @ Rob Bradley

      First of all, my comment was not intended to compare President Trumps character, personality or behavior with that of Galilieo’s. That was not the intent of the comment, so your first comment is beside the point.

      Second, it certainly is true that Trump is no scientist, so he no doubt hasn’t any scientific writings or literature to his credit. My purpose was to point out Trump’s willingness to think and act independently of the crowd rather than blindly hop on the bandwagon of mass hysteria and group-think. If you have been following this website for any significant period of time, you would have been presented with enough scientific evidence to justify not jumping on that bandwagon of climate alarmism. I don’t know if Trump is aware of that evidence, but I hope that he is.

      Third, one of the biggest mistakes that everyone riding the alarmist bandwagon keeps making repeatedly is being unaware of how fallible scientists are. They assume scientists are something that they are not. Science has gotten things wrong numerous times in its history, and the issue of the climate’s sensitivity to the GHGE of CO2 is still far from being settled. Science also doesn’t know how much of the CO2 in the atmosphere is from us and how much of it is from nature.

      This is why thinking for oneself independently of the mass hysteria of the climate crowd is the smart and right thing to do. Regarding Galileo, history DOES repeat itself.

    • Outside of “the Big Lebowski,” the word “narcissist” seemed to be practically gone from the English language. Then the Trump-haters came along…can’t think for themselves, but they can keep using that buzzword.

    • Well, Galileo did get himself into a spot of bother after insulting the pope while the church was trying to assert itself over Martin Luther. It got him house arrest for quite a while.

      Even though Galileo was right…..

    • Galileo the accused

      That one, a right git,
      Put the Pope in snit,
      Inquisition had fit
      If the model doesn’t fit,
      You must acquit.

    • Ric Werme,
      President Trump been has excluded from the December Paris Climate Summit, even though President Trump is right! Going against the Orthodoxy has a price, in every century of humankind.

    • It’s said that a man can be judged by the quality of his enemies. On that metric, Trump looks better every day.

    • Strongly suspect from many accounts that Galileo was indeed an extremely narcissistic blowhard. Just not ignorant. But then again – given that Trump knows that CAGW is garbage pseudoscience, just like real scientists do, then he is exonerated from the charge of ignorance much like Galileo.

    • I see Rob wants Trump to be a wild eyed conformist in favor of a scam:

      “The difference between Galileo and Trump is that Galileo was not a narcissistic ignorant blowhard like Trump”

      It was NOT a legally binding situation anyway,since the Senate never ratified it. All Trump did was WITHDRAW America from the arena.

      Not only that,America has already REDUCED their CO2 emission flow over the last 10 years or so.

      You are a dumb fella..

    • @cephus0
      Sorry, also ignorant. At least about how the tides work. And orbits being perfect circles.

      [??? .mod]

    • @mod
      I suppose there is such a thing as being too terse. I was referring to cephus0’s statement “…Galileo was indeed a narcissistic blowhard. Just not ignorant.” I offered two examples where he was, in fact, ignorant. Apologies for any head-scratching I may have caused.

    • Ignorant? Look how far that ignorant man has come. The South Koreans were describing Trump as “Leader of the World” on Trump’s recent visit.

    • Actually, if you knew anything about Gallilei you would know that was EXACTLY what he was.

      Don’t believe me?

      Read some of his work. Particularly the hit piece that actually got the inquisition on his rear.

      We rightfully venerate Leonardo and his big gay life for being one of the greatest men to ever live in pretty much every way, since he was not only great intellectually but Good. However he was not every Renaissance genius, and most I have studied tend to be swaggering egotists of machismo and buffoonery.

      But that doesn’t mean they were not right or gifted.

  16. Huh…. probably off the Christmas card list too, eh?!
    Looks like Paris is becoming a ‘no-go zone’ for reality also.
    Oh the humanity…..

  17. aren’t they always saying that its Trump who has bad manners ? this will not end well for Marcon … he should spend more time in Normandy and ponder the blood debt his country owes the United States …

      • I watched one of the debates before the (French) election. Coming away from that I was pretty sure that Macron had blown it. Every time that Marine LePen spoke he would jump in and speak over her, in a pretty rude way. He just would not tolerate anything contrary to his beliefs. Obnoxious little turd hardly begins to describe him.

  18. It was bad enough that the US pulled out of the Paris accord. To add insult to injury, the US delegation to COP23 brought along speakers to promote coal and nuclear.
    It does have a bit of “theater of the absurd” around it.
    No wonder the invitations stopped coming.

    • It was excellent that President Trump rejected Obama’s non-treaty nonsense and extracted the USA from the wealth redistribution scheme designed to steal US taxpayer money and line the pockets of the Paris Accord Griffters! To emphasize reality over fiction, the US delegation promoted reliable, dispatchable, low land use, high energy density nuclear and coal electrical generation. Reality is a cold task master, in the European Theater of the Absurd!

    • That was Trump trolling of the very highest quality. Hard to trump the solar panels on The Mexican Wall troll but lectures on the beauty of coal at COP23 was pushing hard at the bounds of excellence. For me when Trump trolls:

      The lark’s on the wing;
      The snail’s on the thorn;
      God’s in His heaven—
      All’s right with the world!

      • “That was Trump trolling of the very highest quality. Hard to trump the solar panels on The Mexican Wall troll”

        Lol! That was a good one! Gotta love ole Trump! He’s a lot of fun. 🙂

    • If the COP attendees consider nuclear energy and clean coal to be insulting, they deserve to be insulted. Cleaning up coal emissions prevents *real* pollution, the kind that actually harms people. And if the industrial nations were really serious about actually eliminating CO2 emissions from the energy sector, nuclear energy is the only viable option for large scale base load.

      It says much about the Paris Accord that all those signatory nations are turning their nose up at the one nation that reduced CO2 emissions by more than any other on earth. They’ve also failed to notice that effect happened through free-market fossil fuel innovations; and happened in spite of a CAGW-preaching government instead of because of it.

  19. President Trump isn’t invited to COP23?… I’m trying, and failing, to figure out why this a bad thing… I wonder if it’s a reverse psychology thing… Please Br’er Fox, please don’t throw me into that briar patch.

  20. France and Paris are OK. Trouble is it is full of French speaking people, oh wait, no Arabic, sorry, my bad!

  21. But Marcon invited Trump to Paris for St. Bastille Day on July 14th, which Trump accepted and attended. They had a bash the likes that Paris hadn’t seen in some time. And that was after Trump had already exited the Paris Accord. So what has changed? I suspect Marcon is trying to shame Trump back into the Paris agreement, perhaps offering up some compromise if the USA stays in if it can get some significant changes. Note that the non invite only applies ‘for now’. Stay tuned…

  22. They can invite Hilliary, and then take up a collection after dinner to pay for their plans. I bet they don’t get enough to pay for dinner.

      • Hillary’s books end up being sold for less than a cord of wood. (And wood can at least provide warmth, which is more than I can say of her books.)

      • Buy one of those sordid burps of distortion and give her sales stats a noticeable bump? Not on your life.

        Besides, I didn’t say her book wouldn’t burn–I said it lacked warmth or any trace of humanity.

        On the other hand, other books and magazines I’ve tried to burn just to recycle them were horrendously difficult to combust.

        Have YOU tried that experiment?

  23. Oh my. Dis-invited to a social. I’m sure this will bother Trump to no end. I think he rather likes being the “last country in the world” not to participate in the Paris Whatever It’s Called. They’re figuring they can string the rest of the world along for 3 more years and hope for a change in Presidents. After all the planning and effort put into the CAGW scam a 3 year wait is a bump in the road for them. After all, no country is delivering to the agreement anyway so what could it hurt? But without the money how will they fulfill their promise of wealth redistribution? Most of the countries signed up can wait because they have nothing to lose but the few donor countries are all that is keeping the agreement together. Will they wait while the top economy in the world opts out and the second economy is a receiver? Why should or would they?

  24. OMG.
    Who is going to pay for the champers and canapés?
    Can a confluence of this magnitude survive on tea and bikkies alone?

  25. My advice to the president is to issue an executive order that prohibits the spending as much as one dime on any activity even remotely connected with this nonsensical conference.

  26. At least Trump won’t have to worry about getting another one of those queer handshakes again…

    • Except for the ‘We Are Still In’ coalition of businesses, states and cities which recently confirmed its membership has doubled to 2,584 signatories.

      (The group was set up in the wake of President Trump’s controversial decision to quit the Paris Agreement, in a bid to demonstrate that many parts of US society remained committed to the international accord’s goals)

  27. The forecasts are suggesting that it will be cold this year, blaming a La Nina, so if the forecast is correct (an unlikely event), it could be fun. Another Copenhagen irony, where so called leaders discuss concerns over a boiling globe, whilst freezing their b*ll*cks.

    Let’s hope it is a popcorn moment.

  28. That’s OK President Trump is busy trying to solve real problems . Enjoy the all inclusive vacation
    holiday on the tax payers dime . Canada will make up for it . How many going this time ? 100 + .

    Now if N Korea decides to light a few nukes up there will be a very quick change in temperature
    as it is turned to burnt toast .

  29. If Macron invited the heads of states of the full members of Paris Accord, he can shake hands with Kim Jong-un, Hugo Chávez, Bashar al-Assad, Raúl Castro, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Hun Sen et al instead.

  30. President Trump should accelerate cessation of all international climate funding that the U.S. past. I believe the U.S are still paying horrific amount that damage themselves.

    • It sounds like the US is not invited because he is like the uncle not invited to the family get together because he will not pick up the tab!

  31. If this climate summit is as useful as previous one’s then President Trump would not want to waste his time at it anyway.

  32. If they really cared about how much CO2 enters the atmosphere via the burning of fossil fuels then they would hold the summit over the Internet, on line so that people do not have to leave theri homes. The technology is already in place.

    • Foodstuff production benefits greatly from increased CO2. These buffoons unwittingly reveal their stupidity every time they denigrate that glorious gas.

  33. He will not be coming to the UK either, State visit or not. It may be difficult for US citizens to comprehend how unpopular the current POTUS is in the rest of the world. A right wing President forming a destructive alliance with a Right wing Russian president really does cause concern to anyone who sees how Putin operates. Trump appears to have a wish to be the Putin of the Potomac, an idea which should give everyone pause for thought.

      • This is a comment from a UK newspaper.

        “Trump has withdrawn from the Paris climate accords and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. He has threatened to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal, angering European allies who see America going back on its word. He has vowed to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement. He has left key State Department positions unfilled, impairing America’s ability to understand the rest of the world. And his blustery rhetoric on North Korea has raised fears of nuclear war.

        “It’s the worst of all worlds,” said Stephen M. Walt, professor of international affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. “The United States is continuing to intervene in various places … but we’re now doing it with an incompetent president. And this will not end well.”

        The biggest difference between Trump and his predecessors, Walt argued, is Trump’s seeming disregard for foundational American values such as freedom, democracy and equal rights. That, combined with ease around thuggish authoritarian presidents including Vladimir Putin in Russia and Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, directly undermine America’s standing in the world.”

      • Gareth, I don’t think ‘Huffpo’ counts as a ‘UK newspaper’. Perhaps that explains why you didn’t name it. Don’t count me in your list of Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers.

      • Gareth,
        What a bizarre non-factual spew by yet another academic.
        Academia has profoundly failed it’s task of educating and research and devolved into reactionary indoctrination.

    • It may difficult for people that trust official medias to understand how POPULAR trump is my part of the world.
      He is indeed unpopular among brainwashed old women, who still trust government-paid media (LOL!) when they paint him sexist, racist, dumb, russian-puppet, warmonger, and whatever.
      But youngsters that have rather use internet (and laugh at official medias, as everyone should) find him a funny kicking-ass guy

      • I’m sure he is…

        But Trump is not popular in large parts of the world, especially in Europe. There would be massive street protests against a visit in the UK

        And the Trump/pro-coal/climate skeptic thing is even less popular… it is widely seen as absurd and US as nobbled by fossil fuel lobbyists

      • Just like when large parts of Europe narched to a consensus a while ago.
        And it is so obvious which side you would choose,.

      • Griff November 9, 2017 at 3:43 am

        “But Trump is not popular in large parts of the world, especially in Europe. There would be massive street protests against a visit in the UK”

        At least you, unlike the American Democrats, are able to acknowledge one of the main reasons for the popularity of Trump in America.

      • Grff, Like the ‘massive street protests’ against Brexit no doubt (the usual sad collection of lunatics and exhibitionists).

      • I’m not sure you’re correct about that, Griff… Brexit has increased in popularity to roughly 80% in the UK. Maybe they’re changing their tune when it comes to the marquis of Brexit in the US, President Donald J. Trump.

      • Griff writes,

        “But Trump is not popular in large parts of the world, especially in Europe. There would be massive street protests against a visit in the UK”

        They can whine all they want,but America is NOT forcing England or other countries to leave the Paris Accords, therefore you can drop your hypocritical bashing of America for not being a part of the accords.

        “And the Trump/pro-coal/climate skeptic thing is even less popular… it is widely seen as absurd and US as nobbled by fossil fuel lobbyists.”

        Your popularity/funding drivel is so old now, that it is a sign of your lack of an argument on anything. You are obviously hostile to my President because he looks America first.

        Why can’t you jackasses stop bashing us so much,the nation that saved your asses in TWO World Wars, the wars America at first tried hard to stay out of…… The same nation that in the last few years of WW2 gave you the military and food stuff for nearly FREE!

        Maybe it is time for you quiche eaters to start paying it back?

      • Griff, there are massive street protests every time anything happens which the totalitarian left doesn’t like. That is because the left are ignorant totalitarian brownshirt-esque thugs. When you see them interviewed about what they are protesting none of them have the vaguest clue. Just like now. None of them have a clue about what Trump policies they violently disagree with or why. They’ve just been told that Trump is wacist, homophobe, misogynist etc. etc.

    • Stop watching BBC and change your newspapers. These are turkeys voting against Christmas. The Russian “probe” affair is an invention of the Democrats and is Hillary’s last gasp of her lost campaign. The bureaucracy is still loaded with Obama 5th column traitors to government including the intelligence services and if there was one small piece of evidence of collusion, it would have been leaked a year ago. Oh, the investigation will uncover a phony expense sheet by a campaign volunteer or some such, but its neomarxbrothers fake news personified. Gareth, you are a young guy and you will get it all later, I’m sure. You at least visit WUWT so you likely can’t resist learning something.

  34. So if the US is still officially in the Paris Climate Agreement aren’t the rest of the signatories in breach of the agreement by not inviting them to the table?

    Thank you Macron for making agreement null and void! ; )

  35. So he will have a lower carbon footprint than every other leader and NGO hack who will attend.
    So once again America is leading the way.

  36. In what universe does Trump care about them and their parties?

    It seems more likely that they are trying to shame Melania into pressurizing him. Whether she cares about a missed shopping opportunity in Paris appears equally unlikely. There are now many equally good ones, or better, in the far East.

  37. Trump should now impose a trade tariff on all exports of wood pellets to the UK and EU to cover damage to US forest land from clear cutting.

    • Has there been an academic study of the environmental effect in the USA and in the UK of the fueling of DRAX UK by the forest products of the South East USA?
      I heard that an expansion of the original conversion of DRAX from coal to wood was proposed and may already be in operation.
      The only article that I read, a year ago, on the environmental impact of the project pointed out the secondary effect on the natural flora and fauna after clearance , scraping the ground clean and resowing.
      All this for a fuel of inferior calorific value and , so far as I know , no local testing in the UK for , eg dioxin emissions and no balance sheet that I have seen of the carbon budget.
      Is there such a concept as ” peak sustainable wood”.

    • He should do the world a favour and ban it.

      wood pellet export/burning is not green and produces more CO2 than other fuels.

      Join your local green group in opposing it!

  38. Doing a little research, the Paris Agreement allows each nation to negotiate separate emissions targets, which are then voluntarily enforced. It is not made clear who does the negotiations with each nation. And this is, according to various pundits, not a legally binding treaty. Yet, by President Obama accepting the Paris Agreement through an executive order, the United States became a signatory, and was expected to start paying money for the honor of signing up.

    Then came a really odd part. In Article 28 of the agreement, parties are allowed to withdraw from the agreement after sending a withdrawal notification to the depositary. However (and this is a big however), notice of withdrawal can be given no earlier than THREE YEARS after the agreement goes into force for the country. And then, the withdrawal is effective one year after that notification.

    This means that an outgoing president was able to commit our country to this agreement, for a minimum of four years, based on his signature alone. For something that is said to not be a legally binding treaty, this is certainly feeling like a legally binding treaty.

  39. You mean Donald hasn’t been invited to sit at the table with the gaggle of gangsters? Good! About time we ditched them all for a very limited United Liberal Democratic Club and the gangsters can form their own gang.

  40. Last time I was invited to participate in a sub-committee of a working group of a committee, I bunged up the proceedings so well I’ve never been invited back.

    Remember, Trump in the dumb one…

  41. Not that I want him to go but I do hope that when the jihadis overrun the French government, which they will, the US president makes sure that they exterminate the elite first before intervening, if at all. The stupidity of the French simply knows no bounds.

  42. Ya, take that! Nya.. Nya.. Nya Nya..Nya…! That’ll teach him!

    Well what else can you do when your biggest show has been cancelled by the big guy and you know it’s all going nowhere, despite the soldiering on time wasting.

  43. Trump can start his own climate agreement. And it will be the greatest ever and people will know he saved the American people billions and billions and billions of dollars. The crowd that come to see him sign it will be the biggest ever (even bigger than his inauguration). Even the pen he uses will be like no other. It will be able to write in billions of colours at once. After he has signed it, the party afterwards will be the biggest ever with hats like no one has ever seen…….

  44. Is Macron invited to President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day dinner?
    How will they ever get the USA to return to the climate change fold?
    As others have noted the Marx Brothers would kill for a script like this to top “Duck Soup”.

  45. I’m late to this thread but although alluded to I don’t think this point has been expressly, er, expressed:
    How fragile must this event’s outcome be that even one dissenter might derail the whole apple-cart (to mix my similies).
    Others have raised similar points when alarmists have refused debate or attempted to shut out alternative views.

  46. If you are ever invited to party, where the celebration is defined by “who isn’t invited to this party”, don’t bother going. It will be a bunch of empty suits pretending they have something interesting to say. And all of them will be in competition to spout the party line, or else they might be on the “naughty list” for the next party.

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