President Trump: "We have near limitless supplies of energy"

Official White House Photo of President Trump

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

President Trump has promised Americans a new era of jobs, energy independence and American Energy Dominance – unlocking, exploiting and exporting American fossil fuel energy around the world.

We’re here today to usher in a new American energy policy — one that unlocks million and millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth. For over 40 years, America was vulnerable to foreign regimes that used energy as an economic weapon. Americans’ quality of life was diminished by the idea that energy resources were too scarce to support our people. We always thought that, and actually at the time it was right to think. We didn’t think we had this tremendous wealth under our feet. Many of us remember the long gas lines and the constant claims that the world was running out of oil and natural gas.

Americans were told that our nation could only solve this energy crisis by imposing draconian restrictions on energy production. But we now know that was all a big, beautiful myth. It was fake. Don’t we love that term, “fake”? What we’ve learned about fake over the last little while — fake news, CNN. Fake. (Laughter and Applause.) Whoops, their camera just went off. (Laughter.) Okay, you can come back. I won’t say — I promise I won’t say anything more about you. I see that red light go off, I say, whoa. The truth is that we have near-limitless supplies of energy in our country. Powered by new innovation and technology, we are now on the cusp of a true energy revolution.

Our country is blessed with extraordinary energy abundance, which we didn’t know of, even five years ago and certainly ten years ago. We have nearly 100 years’ worth of natural gas and more than 250 years’ worth of clean, beautiful coal. We are a top producer of petroleum and the number-one producer of natural gas. We have so much more than we ever thought possible. We are really in the driving seat. And you know what? We don’t want to let other countries take away our sovereignty and tell us what to do and how to do it. That’s not going to happen. (Applause.) With these incredible resources, my administration will seek not only American energy independence that we’ve been looking for so long, but American energy dominance.

And we’re going to be an exporter — exporter. (Applause.) We will be dominant. We will export American energy all over the world, all around the globe. These energy exports will create countless jobs for our people, and provide true energy security to our friends, partners, and allies all across the globe.

But this full potential can only be realized when government promotes energy development — that’s this guy right here, and he’ll do it better than anybody — instead of obstructing it like the Democrats. They obstruct it. But we get through it. We cannot have obstruction. We have to get out and do our job better and faster than anybody in the world, certainly when it comes to one of our great assets — energy. This vast energy wealth does not belong to the government. It belongs to the people of the United States of America. (Applause.) Yet, for the past eight years, the federal government imposed massive job-killing barriers to American energy development.


The rest of the speech is well worth reading or viewing, it mentions how President Trump’s cancellation of the Paris Agreement fits with this policy.

The following is a video of the full event;

In my opinion, this one speech and the policy initiatives it represents likely marks the end of the climate movement.

Who will ever want to go back to the misery of skyrocketing energy prices, stagnant economic growth and a moribund jobs market, and endless fake scare stories about the non-existent climate crisis, after having a taste of this kind of prosperity and hope?

How long will voters in other Western countries tolerate wallowing in the misery of politically imposed energy poverty, in the face of a constant stream of good news from the United States?

Greens will continue to rave and scream that the climate apocalypse is upon us. But the more extreme their claims, the quicker the demise of their remaining shreds of credibility, as even their friends come to see their empty bluster for what it is.

153 thoughts on “President Trump: "We have near limitless supplies of energy"

  1. This won’t be widely reported because Mika has hurt feelings and the MSM consider that WAY more important.

      • in Australia, our Trump story of the day was how his latest tweet was not up the standards of the office according to his republican party leaders. this is the typical trump daily. the media here hate him and will never report a victory or achievement etc
        this statement in the story above is incorrect-
        “How long will voters in other Western countries tolerate wallowing in the misery of politically imposed energy poverty, in the face of a constant stream of good news from the United States?”
        we will never hear anything good out of the USA while Trump is potus.

        • As Mr Limbow has explained, DJT starts these little dumpster fires so the fakenews poodles all run over and bark about it, all the while he is getting sh*t done for America behind their America hating backs. Simply brilliant!

        • mobihci,
          reading your comment reminded me for some reason about children in some areas in the Middle East, that are brought up with the idea that western countries are evil, especially USA.

      • Because this idiot of a president always overshadows his triumphs with a tweet showing what a buffoon he is. With a bit of luck he’ll come to realise that it requires a politician to deliver the goods and then maybe he’ll become one.

        • Yep, we get it, [snip]
          (Comments like this are completely unacceptable) MOD
          [BEHAVE ~ second mod]

      • Mario … I hope he doesn’t ‘become a politician.’ He seems to be experiencing one triumph after another in spite of being a Twitter ‘buffoon,’ as you put it. I don’t begin to understand his style, but I cannot deny that he is leading this country back on track from the last few decades of sliding into oblivion … especially the last 8 years. The man has been a breath of fresh air.
        Myself, I kinda wish he’d lay off airing his petty grievances. They give the MSM all the ammo they could desire to trash him … constantly. But, as long as he continues to strengthen the American economy and works at keeping us safe, he can tweet all he wants … not that he needs my approval!

        • I’m with you. I don’t like some of the stuff he tweets and the way he says things can be quite jarring when compared to the smooth, slippery tone and words of the professional politicians but I cannot find fault with anything he has done so far. No fault with what he is doing now and no problem at all with what he says he is going to do in the future.
          So the packaging is a bit rough but what’s in the box seems solid enough to me.

    • On their BEST day, Joe and Mika might have 300,000 TV sets. Given we now have approximately 330 MILLION people in this country, that means their audience is about 1/3 of 1%. Who’s home to watch them?
      The unemployed, who want Free Stuff. The rest of us are out there building America!

      • Ya know who is beating Joe&Mika? GetTV, MeTV, GRIT and INSP. Each of these runs 1960’s 70’s and 80’s prime time shows, and each of them has as high or higher viewership in the same time slot as Joe&Mika. Thats gotta hurt their tender little snowflake feelings! Trump needs to rub THAT in their faces, loudly and publicly and repeatedly.

      • Joe and Mika have gone off the deepend with their Trump Derangement Syndrom.
        They were fairly reasonable until it looked like Trump was going to win, and then their attitude changed drastically.
        I can’t stand to watch them anymore. Their show is all “doom and gloom” and a real downer, not to mention full of lies and distortions of the truth.
        I don’t blame Trump for being mad about the treatment he got from these two and their whole network, but he did himself and his supporters some harm by getting personal with Joe and Mika and just gave the MSM ammunition to use against him, which they are falling all over themselves to do.
        This controversy won’t amount to much but it did take Trump’s energy policy announcement off the front page.

        • “This controversy won’t amount to much but it did take Trump’s energy policy announcement off the front page.” Which is good! Those who care are keeping track, the medidiots can continue to cry&lie, more and more Americans see them for the fakenews spewing enemies that they are.

      • Exactly–took the energy policy, the travel ban, eliminating of WOTUS, etc. RIGHT off the MSM radar while they went Tweet Chasing. Just like my Labrador who happily chases invisible “biscuits!” Trump is the MASTER of the Ninja Smoke Bomb!

  2. But who will start the new coal mines, if coal power plants are still closing?
    Who is going to but exported US coal? I mean I note he mentions supplying gas to Korea, but why do the Koreans want the gas? Because their new president just announced they are shutting down coal plants…
    If the new nuclear industry is going to be thorium, maybe -but nobody wants to build a new nuclear reactor in the US. Look at the current state of projects (and Westinghouse)
    I have to say this seems to be entirely delusional…

    • You are right? Who wants abundant cheap energy on demand? Of what use is it?
      I ask you. Explain how reducing the human contribution of CO2 influx into the atmosphere from 3% to 2% is going to save the climate.
      You have no answer, do you?

      • I notice you don’t engage with the points I made.
        There’s no market for the coal or the gas

      • Griff,
        I’m not sure how you arrive at your conclusions. The only way Coal and Gas are uneconomical is when their use is punished. Take away the many and various renewable subsidies, take away the FF punishment beatings and …
        Trump has just stated that this is the energy policy he will pursue.

      • “There’s no market for the coal or the gas”
        Griff, the reason the Russians were allowed to annex the Crimea was because they were supplying the rest of Europe with Russian gas. The Europeans knew that winter was coming and they had no alternative.
        So to say that there is no market for coal or gas is just another lie from the green blob and their stooges.

    • delusional … from your perspective it is entirely delusional…. O.K.
      If I want expert advice I generally go to the subject matter expert; the guy that lives and breathes the subject. And I accept the opinion and advice that he gives.
      But if I want to know if a concept is entirely delusional, do I accept the opinion of someone that lives and breathes delusions?
      (Do you do this on purpose?)

    • A quick Google will reassure you that there are more coal fired plants currently being built than at any time in history ( even a Germany is building them )

    • “Who is going to buy exported US coal?”
      Japan. Possibly China, now that they’ve stopped buying from North Korea.

    • heya budddy i whant ta but me some of tha fine exported coal. 🙂 Alaska has a lot of gas it needs, coma , NEEDS, to export. And bye the way SK is shuting down their nucks not coal. have a good day . T

    • Griff, why are there protests to stop the”coal trains” from coming through Portland? And to stop the gas export terminal? Obviously because there IS a market. You just don’t want to see.

  3. “clean, beautiful coal”
    I’m sure a lot of greenies had apoplexy when they heard that.
    I wish he had addressed nuclear energy, but since the Russians now own our uranium….

      • Griff,
        Come to Germany, I have a 82m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, one has your name on the door, whats the catch ? you pay half the Energy costs ( winter $US 643.00 + – a month )

      • George Tetley:
        More details please. What’s the age of the building, condition of windows, etc? What kind of heat? Which city?

      • We’ve got plenty of time to figure out new fission or even fusion technologies, with centuries worth of fossil fuels. CO2 is not a problem.

      • As an engineer I really, really would like to see a thorium fueled reactor. More energy more better. Maybe before I die. Please, I will pay you, $20.00 luv u long time. 🙂

    • David:
      It’s actually spelled “不要”, or “Bù yào” and in Mandarin means “Don’t Want” with a forceful, emphatic (bordering on rude) connotation. It’s what you say to a persistent street vendor who follows you insisting you buy something. After the second or third time you shake your head and say “no”, then you trot this out. They usually quit.
      All things considered, the ideal phrase for us to use when other nations insist we sign on to their Climate Suicide pact.

      • While I was in US Army BooYah was a positive response to any number of queries from squad leader, platoon leader, First Shirt and Sargent Major. Delivered with feeling.

  4. It’s a catastrophe that sane energy policy has to come from the mouth of such a complete nut job. The message is totally undermined by the messenger.
    End of the Climate movement? You’re kidding yourself. Because of this loon, the rebound from the movement’s current nadir will be a shit storm of eco wackery we’ll be utterly powerless to stop. Any objective statements about climate will be dismissed with “yeah, well, that’s what Trump said.”
    Only 40 months to go.

    • Actually, I think the world is kind of tired of this teensy-weensy Dumpster fire. On the UN’s own site, it comes in near the bottom of people’s socio-political-economic concerns.

      • The greentards massively over played their hand, people are tired of their screeching and wailing.

    • Nut job? connotation crazy, dog fing bonkers, screw loose, A chip out of the old tea cup. Now why is your view of the world stage something we as the general readers need to consider?

    • Unfortunately a significant proportion of the population is either uninformed or stupid. My proof? Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau, all elected by a plurality of Ontario voters. As for the rest of Canada, BC now has a socialist premier propped up by another green socialist, and Alberta is being run into the ground by socialists.

      • The Church of Global Warming is a very active cult in Canada. Its chief technocrat/globalist schemer Maurice Strong is (was) a local, and the pope of the movement is David Suzuki.

    • “Green” has become a cult. Trying to explain (in simple terms) the problems (financial, technical, environmental) with trying to run the world on ‘renewables’ gets one verbally ‘burned at the stake. These people will maybe accept the truth when they are sitting in the cold and dark, unable to afford to turn the power back on.

      • “Green has become a cult.” Yes, and I’d even call it a “boutique ideology;” very trendy for young hipsters to espouse, right up there with veganism and “fair trade” “organic” underwear. All about empty virtue-signalling for tribe identity as an “elite,” nothing more.

      • The biggest problem with trying to run the world on renewables — which must be subsidized to remain viable (an oxymoron?) — is that the real money for the subsidies must be produced and provided by economic enterprises who are powered by tradition sources of energy — mostly by fossil fuels. And here we go loop-ta-loop.

      • It has been a cult with burning at the stake for over thirty years. I was living in Hawaii 30 years ago and I heard a piece on NPR’s All Things Considered about how great ethanol was and I wrote in a contrary letter pointing out how it would take food off the tables of the poor. A member of the “church of the green” in New England took the time to go the library, find a Honolulu phone book, find my name, and call me long distance (and it wasn’t cheap back then) to curse me out for wanting to kill the planet.

    • From the article at that link:
      It is imperative that we depoliticize what should be technical judgments regarding energy mix, generation, distribution, pricing and future investments in Ontario,” said Jonathan Hack, P.Eng., President & Chair of OSPE. “We are very concerned that the government does not currently have enough engineers in Ministry staff positions to be able to properly assess the balance between environmental commitments and economic welfare when it comes to energy.
      “Drain the swamp” comes to mind.

    • It’s interesting that they put Wind in the same class as Hydro and Nuclear. Wind not only is tiny by comparison, but it also costs much more and only is available when the wind blows (but not too strongly).

    • OK, Trump wants energy dominance for America. He wants American exports to power the world. Tell me this is the guy Putin wanted to be President. The last person Vlad wants leading America is someone like Trump who will “make America great again”. People who believe the nonsense about Russia-Trump election collusion are stupid or treasonous.

  5. Congratulations from Spain!
    Peak Oilers, Doomers, AGW Alarmists and Human Race Extinction Promoters crying and moaning in 3,2,1…

  6. The greens won’t leave energy alone until they find a better lever to move the masses; they can’t actually tout their policies and the inevitable outcomes thus need a scare. They tried cooling, ozone, particulate pollution, and now warming. Have been generally successful with ‘fear of nukes’. Prosperity will cause most real people to abandon the field and get on with their lives. The zealots never quit. There is no number of iterations of real world failure that cause a mind change. Unless the rational take back the schools, in a decade we’ll have another generation of useful idiots trying to destroy civilization over some false cause or other.

  7. And as for the ‘end of the climate movement’, well not in the rest of the world.
    Merkel has stated she will be making climate the main theme of the upcoming G20 and will challenge Trump on it.
    And she will have he backing of 18 other G20 countries…

    • The climate movement today is not about the climate. Look at biodiesel. Look at ethanol in gasoline. Would you care to tell us how those programs have helped the climate?
      BTW, who thinks we can control the climate by burning a little less coal and oil.
      Humans account for 3% of the CO2 which enters the atmosphere each year. So, if we reduce that to 2%, is the climate saved?
      I have NEVER heard a climate alarmist discuss this fact.
      What utter nonsense.

      • Ethanol is a US boondoggle from the desire to have energy independence, pre-shale.
        Its not a big deal in Europe: which rapidly realised the problems with it and scaled it back.

      • joel
        Anyone, Anyone ( high or low ) trying to save the planet would first address the African cooking problem ( HELLO GIFF ) 70% plus of all food cooked in Africa is cooked on shit !!

    • Griff, if “the rest of the world” want to bankrupt themselves, at the feet of “climate,” asteroids, or Purple Shroud aliens, they can knock themselves out. We’ll be selling them energy, and they’ll sorely need it if they try to rely on their roof tiles and bird-shredders. Expect a lot of high-quality, well-educated Germans, Dutch, Belgians, etc. applying to emigrate to the US for good jobs and a better quality of life. Y’all can keep the “refugees” . . .

  8. I would happy to see new pipelines built to move natural gas and natural gas liquids out of places like the Bakken. Currently we are flaring off about 35% to 40% of all the gas produced in the USA, as a waste product from oil drilling.
    That gas should be exported as LNG or refined into liquids and other chemicals.

    • As always, rhe devil is in the details. Building the infrastructure (pipelines etc.) is expensive, and the price of NG is fairly low already, so it probably just isn’t financially viable now to capture what is being flared off. And people tend to hate the idea of a pipeline running through their backards (so to speak), and enviros double-hate it.

      • I know lots of people who are ecstatically happy to have pipeline running through their “backyard”, it means money in the bank. Here in western PA the Evil Marcellus Shale has sorted out the kids from the farmers. The kids all bought toys(4wheelers,jetskis, honkin’big trucks,fishing boats) and took trips. The farmers built new barns, machine sheds, tractors and equipment, remodeled the old farm house,etc etc. The kids are now all broke and boohooing, the farmers are all working and making mo’money!

      • This is a company working with Texa A&M to develop a better more portable way to get gas to liquid
        Synfuels International has developed an alternative to the syngas/Fischer-Tropsch methodology of natural gas conversion with a patented and proven process that significantly reduces capital and process costs. The Synfuels technology is a GTL process that will produce similar or superior end products at a cost below competitive conventional technology. Since its inception in 1998, Synfuels has made significant progress, proving the Synfuels process works with the production of 95 octane fuel from natural gas in a pilot demonstration plant. The success of initial tests have generated worldwide interest resulting in our first fully operational demonstration plant operating for the benefit of gathering data for the construction of an economical and energy efficient commercial GTL plant.

        • Do you know if synfuels is operating in western PA? Seems like I have seen some work trucks with that name around here over the last few years.

    • Several years ago, my brother took me with him to a newly drilled NG well site where he was going to “make the connection” between the newly drilled “well head” and the “supply line” that transports or “feeds” the NG pipeline network.
      But before he could make that “connection” they had to reduce (release) the horrendous NG pressure at the well head, …… and MERCY ME, …… I’m sure they released enough NG into the air ….. (during the 15+ minutes that that well head was “screaming” so loud I couldn’t hear myself talking even though I was almost 100 yards away from it) ……. to supply a city the size of Atlanta, Ga, for an entire year.

  9. Donald Trump loves America and all its people and simply wants us to have a good and meaningful life. Furthermore he wants America’s friends and allies around the world to have an equally good life.
    Ms Merkel has already accepted his ideas about clean gas and coal. It won’t be long before she is forced to admit that Paris is as dead as a Dodo and she will have to find a different cornerstone for her plans of globalization.
    Donald Trump arrived just in the nick of time. I for one am looking forward to the shift in global thinking he is causing. Once the shock at his radicalism in both thinking and delivery has gone more and more people will get on board. He just wants things to be better than they are now and then build on that.
    Energy is the very basis of our civilization and the enabling power behind our inventiveness.

    • “Ms Merkel has already accepted his ideas about clean gas and coal. It won’t be long before she is forced to admit that Paris is as dead as a Dodo and she will have to find a different cornerstone for her plans of globalization.”
      absolutely not the case!
      “Merkel said she was “more determined than ever” to make the Paris accord a success since Trump’s decision to pull out, calling climate change an “existential challenge”.
      “We cannot wait until every last person on Earth has been convinced of the scientific proof,” she said.
      “Anybody who believes the problems of the world can be solved with isolationism and protectionism is making a big mistake,” Merkel said.”

      • Maybe Trump wants to solve the problems of America. Paris is a hoax. Just ask Dr. Hansen, who, BTW, seems to have been disappeared.

      • Griff – you seem to be up on Merkel’s thinking. How did she react to Norway putting out leases in the Arctic? Any thoughts on Canada allowing exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence protected area? The EU is in big trouble on several fronts. Merkel only has power because Germany still controls the purse strings. But the money is rapidly diminishing and the power will ebb.

      • Griff – I believe Keitho is just emulating your constantly-on-display enthusiasm for Globalistic, pro-‘renewable’ energy endeavors, except in the opposite direction. I cannot speak for him, but when I finished reading his post, in my mind I added a /SARC tag for him.
        Who knows, Keitho may actually believe his statements to be the state of affairs for the future (at least one possible future state). I also hope for such a similar future as Keitho.
        And for your mindset, Griff – I wish to acknowledge that any ‘renewable’ energy sources that economically fit in to the future energy-source mix for at least the US of A if not the planet, should be encouraged for development. Hydro, wind, PV, whichever. That is, economic when judged along with our conventional resources such as coal, gas, and nuclear. Using common-sense use and life-cycle controls to protect human health and the environment – other than those factors, all energy sources should be utilized without additional, created government mandates for any one energy source to be used in favor of another. Open competition, you know. The free market. Let the market decide the winners and losers. And we should reinvest any savings realized from such open competition into ongoing research for those future energy resources to take us beyond those we now enjoy.
        Personal note: Griff, as I read your recent posts, I am seeing a tendency on your part to ease up a tad on the polarized blathering regarding things Left coming from you. Are you moving a bit more toward the middle ground – or are you merely smoothing out your rough edges, to better fit in with the WUWT regulars? To win hearts-and-minds – from within the enemy’s’ lair?
        /SARC: Or has mommy allowed you to move out of the basement, into your sister-in-college’s recently vacated bedroom on the main level?? /END SARC (couldn’t resist that one, please forgive!)
        Anyway, Happy Birthday to the United States of America!!

    • … inventiveness, and competitiveness. It will give the U.S. a real leg up in the competition with other industrialized countries that look set to stick to their brain-dead “clean energy” policies.

    • When you take a calm view, Trump’s views are not radical at all. They are just common sense. We have been living in a madhouse for about two decades. The reason why there is so much hysterical anti-Trump behavior is that the inmates, who have been living in their delusional world for years, are being forced to confront reality. Trump hasn’t driven them crazy. They have been crazy for years.
      For example, the madmen in NYC, worried about soft drinks, sanctuary city status, and gun control, just had NY State declare a state of emergency regarding the NY City subway system. In the article in the NY Times, they didn’t even mention the mayor’s name.
      These people are out of touch with reality.

    • Germ mens seem to have a particular problem choosing appropriate leaders. It seems so odd in a country that has so much technical talent. Lesson: If you believe you are Super Men you may be fooling yourselves.

  10. Just info from Rush Limbaugh podcast (only went there due to a reference) – Rush said the Alarmists are using Global Warming instead of (CO2) Climate Change as it is summer. They will go back to using Climate Change when we get close to winter.

  11. I wondered why there was such a terrible din this morning. Greenie heads exploding. Music to my ears.

    • Thats not the market, that is tax funded subsidy whores cashing out while they still can. They will all be investing in coal again, as they have already dropped a lot of their stolen tax dollars into gas and oil.

  12. It’s music to my ears. But the global-warmers won’t go away quickly.
    Even today the BBC had a report blaming a few hot days in June on “climate change” despite themselves acknowledging that it produced the warmest June day since, wait for it, 1976. A climatalogical non-event. Just weather.
    Funnily enough, the BBC didn’t allow comments, but they did enable comments on the return of Cricket to BBC TV after 21 years. No mention, yet, of that being due to climate change.

    • And the BBC Cricket will be live electric rounders, plus highlights of the Test Matches [the five day games], shown, likely, at about twenty to midnight.
      Not like the Sixties!
      Auto – old enough to remember Fred Trueman as a player . . . .

  13. The best way to constrain Russia and the Persian Gulf states is to produce
    our natural gas and ship it anywhere prices are high enough for a profit.
    Making Western Europe invulnerable to fuel blackmail, and making Russia compete
    on price vastly reduces Russia’s economic power.
    We need to pipe natural gas from our vast sources to seaports which can ship
    enough to gas starved areas of the to reduce the political value of Russian
    and Muslim hydrocarbons to near zero.
    Sooner or later the rest of the world will realize that the shale hydrocarbons
    that they are sitting on, Paris Shale, Israeli shale, Shale under England and the
    North Sea, etc. can and should be produced. The energy starvation attempted
    by the left to starve capitalism is in the process of failing, thanks to Pres. Trump.
    There is no end to hydrocarbons. Trump’s programs are leading way to prove this.

    • I think you need to take a closer look at where western Europe gets its hydrocarbons… most of its oil and much of its gas still come from the North Sea and even if that is declining, so is gas use…
      and if the UK and other nations did exploit shale – it is banned in several countries -then where would the Us sell gas?

  14. This is wonderful & the best thing I’ve heard in years! Back in 2010, my colleagues and I wrote a book in an effort to educate the general public about the importance of hydrocarbons and the harsh realities of any energy transition. We highlighted the significance of hydraulic fracturing & the vast reserves of natural gas that could be unlocked and its importance for the future. When we updated the book in 2013, we updated the statistics & the emerging importance of light tight oil (LTO) also being produced as a result of fracturing in places like the Bakken (ND) & other liquids-rich hydrocarbon source rocks. Most all of our commentary (including chapters on the fallacies of CO2 being blamed for “Climate Change” & the risks of pollution) has been vindicated over the years and now, thanks to President Trump, it seems likely that good sense is returning to energy policy in th US. We’d like to offer digital copies of this book for free to any readers of WUWT. I would appreciate if Anthony or David Middleton (as the de facto site expert on energy) could contact me and I will make the manuscript available. We think the book would be valuable for anyone with an interest in the energy industry and we are happy to give it away – no strings attached. Thanks!

  15. I am wondering if nuclear energy will be the next step in Trumps ‘changing of the paradigm’. He states that we have near limitless energy, but then puts limits on our fossil fuels in his speech. Is that a subtle way of re-introducing nuclear energy to the discussion?

  16. Every president has his great moments, and great lines. I have a new favorite so far in this presidency:
    “We are really in the driving seat. And you know what? We don’t want to let other countries take away our sovereignty and tell us what to do and how to do it. That’s not going to happen.”

  17. Apparently Bill Gates and Microsoft are still in the Anti-Trump-mode . Not a positive word about Trump in their news-service . When there is mentioned a commentary on events reported from other msm-sources they are always stating that this someone elses opinion , for which they are not responsible . How convenient especially when you are only publishing the msm-party-line . The falseness is disgusting .

    • To be clear, MSNBC is no longer affiliated in any way with Microsoft. – “Microsoft divested its stake in the MSNBC channel in 2005, and divested its stake in in July 2012. The general news site was rebranded as and a new was created as the online home of the cable news channel.” So one can’t associate either Bill Gates or Microsoft with MSNBC’s crazy positions.

  18. We will export American energy all over the world, all around the globe. These energy exports will create countless jobs for our people, and provide true energy security to our friends, partners, and allies all across the globe.

    Both supporters and detractors of President Trump need to accept and discount his tendency for hyperbole, and then go on to discuss the actual meat of his proposal. We don’t have “limitless” energy resources and tapping them won’t create “countless” jobs. It is completely unnecessary to claim such absurdities in order to change our previous policy direction of “all renewables, regardless of cost”.
    I would prefer to see US energy resources used to revive industry at home and provide jobs here. I see no reason to export cheap energy to China, for example. I would like to see US companies involved in helping European countries employ frakking to develop their own natural gas resources so they are less dependent on Russia. Of course, those countries first have to want to be helped, which appears lacking at present.

    • If you look for the causes of WW II, you will find that restrictions on international trade and access to resources rank high on the list. We should not use oil as a weapon.

      • Joel:
        I’m not suggesting we use oil as a weapon; I’m suggesting that we should not be exporting cheap energy to China so they can continue to take over important industries to our detriment. We should be using cheap domestic energy as a strategic advantage to get new plants built here. Two very different things.

      • You are absolutely right!!!! Oil as a weapon is weak. We have to use coal, gas and nuclear as weapons against the enemies of the human race. And we have to do it NOW!!!!!!! Drive their asses into the ground, they are the enemy.

    • Well electricity demand and gas use is falling in the UK (Gas is still largest part of electricity generation)
      Since 2008, when the Climate Change Act was introduced, electricity demand is down 17% (despite all our gadgets) and gas demand is 23% lower, thanks to better insulation and UK rules on improved boilers.
      similar in Germany and other western European countries.
      where’s the demand for frakking? (where’s the market for US gas?)

      • Better insulation? Have you heard about a recent tragic incident in London? That was part of their reduction in energy use.

      • Grift has already whitewashed that pesky little incident in his own mind.
        That’s always the first step for these types. All part of forcing reality through the prism of their self-serving world view and assigning themselves the moral high ground.
        Set your watch by it.

      • Griff June 30, 2017 at 8:14 am

        Since 2008, (UK) electricity demand is down 17% and gas demand is 23% lower, thanks to better insulation and UK rules on improved boilers.

        Such silliness, Griff, …… such utter silliness …… being touted simply as a means of acquiring the attention of anyone willing to respond to your mimicry of outlandish claims.
        Griff. “ignorance can be fixed, but ——-” ……. it would require a minimum of 30 to 50 years before one could determine any noticeable decrease in electricity or gas demands as a result of “better insulation” and/or “improved boiler designs” simply because old-time homeowners do not rush out and contract the immediate re-insulating and/or new boiler replacement of/in their homes and houses just because the government passes new building codes.

      • The problem is that ‘efficiency’ tends to be low hanging fruit. Once I have insulted, Switched to LED lighting and double glazed my house further changes become increasingly uneconomic.
        Then there is the problem that, having done all that, my fuel bills continue to increase at an alarming rate. Where is the ‘reward’?
        One really good example is the attempted promotion of EV’s while simultaneously driving electricity prices through the roof. It only works while you subsidise the charging points and imaginary FF free ‘fuel’.

      • Demand is falling because people are poorer, colder and sicker.

      • Since 2008, when the Climate Change Act was introduced, electricity demand is down 17% (despite all our gadgets) and gas demand is 23% lower, thanks to better insulation and UK rules on improved boilers.

        And thanks to the closure of heavy energy-consuming factories. E.g., Tata, IIRC.

      • Griff, the boiler scrappage scheme has spawned a scam industry making millions of illegal cold calls every day. People fitted anonymous call blockers to stop the nuisance calls, in response to which the scammers started using fake or overseas numbers to make the calls. The consequence is that landline providers have hit hard times, with many people switching completely to mobile to avoid the incessant nuisance calls.
        At one time, ambulance chasers used to be the number one nuisance caller. They’ve been totally eclipsed by green energy hucksters.
        The authorities have handed-out massive fines to a few of these cold-callers, but the cold calls just go on. I can only assume that the profits exceed the fines, making getting caught a risk which can be tolerated.

  19. IMHO, the one piece that appears to be missing–perhaps glaringly absent–from President Trump’s energy plan is more emphasis on nuclear power. If we as a nation were to place more emphasis on nuclear, particularly with fourth generation nuclear power production, we could stretch out and expand our reserves of coal and natural gas — both for domestic use and export. Doing so would probably require an effort or program to convince the American people that nuclear power should be embraced rather than feared. That effort should include the evidence that wind and solar cannot get the job done as an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear.
    If I am not mistaken, GE is working right now with the NRC to get their PRISM reactor (which can use plutonium as its input) licensed for commercialization. Bill Gate’s Travelling Wave Reactor is another such technology, and he and his people are saying that a demonstration plant may be built sometime in the next decade. The TerraPower TWR also can use our plutonium stockpiles for input if I am not mistaken. The molten salt reactor is a third one. I am making no claim here that any of these technologies will find its way to commercialization someday. I am however keeping my fingers crossed that they will.
    Using more nuclear power in the decades ahead would (I believe) free up more natural gas and coal for the President’s export plans and perhaps reduce or trade deficit with parts of the outside world. And the sooner it starts, the better.

    • Absolutely. With the US expanding clean hydrocarbons while developing 4th gen nuclear as fast as can be arranged, the wind & solar halfwits in the rest of the leftist dominated Western world are very soon going to look even more stupid than they currently do.

    • Well, he has to go slow. And, with the Greens facing the reality of a lot more fossil fuel burning, it might be better to get the Greens to bring up nuclear energy. Smart politics, if you ask me.

      • Well the UK isn’t burning more fossil fuel… coal burning is at lowest for over a century and we got 26.6 % of electricity from renewables in Q1 2017

      • Sorry Griff but coal burning is lower because it has been effectively outlawed.
        Remove punishment beatings for FF use and power will be cheaper even were we to ship in coal from Australia.
        After all, with lots of taxpayer loot, we can claim that grinding up US forests and shipping them to Yorkshire is ‘economic’. Take away the subsidies and it all looks very different.
        We could even start digging the Coal right beneath those power stations. That was why they were built there in the first place BTW.

      • “we got 26.6 % of electricity from renewables in Q1 2017”
        Is it possible that that figure relates to capacity (Nameplate), not actual generation?

      • @ Griff. UK wind produces 17% of nameplate. UK solar produces 9% of nameplate. For them to meet 1/4 of demand, there would need to be more nameplate infrastructure than Total demand. That is far from the case. Therefore your claim is false.

    • I will make a bet that Fusion power plants will exist long before any fo these fission technologies can be licensed . Fission suffers from the problem of a large cache of radioactive materials in its core, that must be prevented at all cost from the biosphere,
      Don’t forget that it took forty years to simply improve LWR reactors and get lisences. It will take even longer for greenfield designs. Fusion suffers from no such problem.

      Look at what is the main generator in the UK right now. Nuclear, but is nearly maxed out. This is the problem with Griff’s 26% of uk power statement. It is massively misleading. Renewables may provide a majority of supply at times but it is intermittent and will NEVER supply stable grid power.
      My power guys were saying the UK grid was near blackout trip point in the recent hot spell. Why because when it is hot there is nearly always UK wide low wind but much higher and ever increasing demand for aircon.

  20. A great speech and a great new dawn for America!
    I wrote the following just a few days ago – sound familiar?
    I’ve been writing on this theme (Get Energy Right!) since 2002. We’ve known this truth for decades! Finally!
    I do have hope, especially for America. You have elected a President who gets energy right, and that is critical to success. If Hillary had been elected, I would share your pessimism.
    But when the USA gets energy right, many good things can happen: You can recover your manufacturing base and good-paying jobs and rebuild your economy. The very low cost of energy allows you to compete with Chinese labour, especially since you also have a huge transportation advantage and can use automation to further offset your higher labour costs.
    I see a rebirth of the American economy and jobs, based on primarily on sound energy policies.
    I am more concerned about Canada, where we have elected a naïve young Prime Minister and several provincial Premiers who still believe in the CO2 bogeyman and have adopted dysfunctional energy policies that are sure to cost us jobs and prosperity.
    But there IS hope, especially for America.
    Best, Allan

  21. “We have near limitless supplies of energy”
    Boy that’s the last thing these Progressive elites want to hear. Hasn’t easy access to energy been characterized as tantamount to ‘giving a child a gun’?
    Control freaks cannot stand the idea of all us plebians living free comfortable lives independent of their dictates.
    Here in Oregon, you can go to jail for ‘stealing’ rain water, and can be fined $50,000 or more for cutting down a tree in your own yard.
    And don’t even bring up the idea of washing your car in your driveway.

      • All them toxic chemicals spill into the river. Circle of life, man.
        It’s not the entire state… yet.

    • If they can’t get us on car washing, they’ll use “obesity.” Crank the numbers low enough and we’re ALL guilty of that.

      • I don’t take nutritional advice from anyone who looks like they are dying from cancer or just crawled out of a death camp. Same goes for following the dictates over energy, agriculture and industry from idiots who decry them while they benefit from and use same.

  22. A known source of natural gas is methane clathrate which exists mostly at the bottom of the ocean. It is estimated that those reserves are about twice the reserves of continental natural gas.
    The usual explanation for fossil fuels on Earth is organic, that is, the fossil fuels are the product of plants. However …

    Methane (CH4) is abundant on the giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — where it was the product of chemical processing of primordial solar nebula material. link

    There is the possibility of huge quantities of undiscovered methane on Earth from inorganic sources.
    Behaving as though fossil fuels are in short supply is just short sighted.

    • Yes, it’s these carbon demons which had me alarmed owing to the usual doomsday tipping-point scenario propaganda before I woke up and started looking for myself. For me it would be the ultimate and fittingly ignominious end of alarmism if we started mining methane clathrates.

      • The usual explanation of the development of coal is: peat, lignite, bituminous, anthracite. It’s a no-brainer that peat comes from plants. link

  23. This is a good chance to undo the path Jimmy Carter started the US on. Undo the scarcity enforced by government policy, and reverse the policies on nuclear energy.
    The problem is that Trump is deliberately vague, so determining just what he intends to do is calculatedly difficult.

  24. This vast energy wealth does not belong to the government. It belongs to the people of the United States of America. (Applause.)

    Bingo – And whiles he’s at how ’bout all that federal land?
    Exactly why does the government have it or need it?

    • Steve, that was akin to asking ……. Why does the US government still have a Bureau of Indian Affairs?

      The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), established in 1824, is an agency of the federal government of the United States within the U.S. Department of the Interior. It is responsible for the administration and management of 55,700,000 acres (225,000 km2) of land held in trust by the United States for Native Americans in the United States, Native American Tribes and Alaska Natives.
      The BIA is one of two bureaus under the jurisdiction of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs: the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Education, which provides education services to approximately 48,000 Native Americans.

      The Trust assets of native American Indians being closely managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the BIA amounts to several BILLION DOLLARS.

      • Yes indeed! The corruption of BIA and DeptInterior is astronomical and totally unaccounted for. Good catch!

  25. This is how European politicians use and abuse global warming, (nee climate change).
    This video is based upon the very successful BBC comedy series ‘Yes Minister’, which ended ten years ago or so. This was a pilot episode for a new series, but because it took the Micky out of climate change, it was axed. Typical BBC – no sense of humour, when it comes to climate (or lslam).


    • thank you, ralfellis, loved it – the only criticism I can make is that the BBC interviewer should have been complicit, not sceptical.

  26. I have two thoughts on this one. He says 100 years worth of gas, 250 years worth of coal. Sounds like a lot, but IF those numbers are correct, we can’t afford to export these commodities. We need to keep them “in house” until they can be replaced for what they are used. We should not consider exporting a diminishing, and non renewing product.
    Second thought was about this statement – “This vast energy wealth does not belong to the government. It belongs to the people of the United States of America.”
    Isn’t that fundamentally what Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi claimed? Isn’t that what the democratically elected government in Iran claimed prior to being overthrown for the Shah? Or Chavez in Venezuela? And remember that prior to “interventions,” the first two nations had rising standards of living, far above their neighbors.
    Just a thought.

    • I think he meant we have private property rights, unlike any of those places. In addition, in many places, including Europe, the resources are the patrimony of the State, not individual landowners. One argument for the shale revolution is that it happened precisely because of private property rights, and ability of landowners (in most cases) to deal with assign those rights to oil companies (mostly independent) in return for royalties. Maybe not a perfect system, but better than any other, from the point of view of increasing production.

    • Typical liberal response. In fact, a large part of the wealth does indeed belong to the people who own land. The people will prosper from the development of their land if they choose to do so. The use of our resources makes complete sense. The amount of resources remaining is understated by Trump. I would have a good chance of finding a few more billion barrels myself if I took the time to do the work. The U.S. has the resources and the time necessary to commercialize alternative energy sources over the next 50 to 100 years that will be needed. Alternative energy resources are nowhere near ready for prime time. With a socialist economy, they never would be ready, and we would all freeze in the dark. Get a grip!

      • … a large part of the wealth does indeed belong to the people who own land. …

        That’s likely true in America, but it doesn’t have to be. Almost everywhere else in the world, mineral rights don’t go with the surface ownership. link

  27. I can see why the Leftist Media in England, Europe and Australia suppressed this speech. It is embarrassing and doesn’t fit the Meme.

  28. “Who will ever want to go back to the misery of skyrocketing energy prices”
    Unfortunately, for those of us who live in CA, the Democrats will continue to raise taxes on energy. We will not see a reduction in prices. Down go production costs, up go taxes.

  29. Achieving this would also have another valuable effect: reducing dependence on, and income for, hostile oil-producing muslim states.

  30. The real nightmare for the greens is not oil and gas, but a fully clean, cheap and reliable energy alternative that accomplishes all that green rhetoric demands. If an alternative is found, climate change will cease being a viable cover for their political agenda. One strong positive in Trump’s position is that added wealth and free enterprise will help drive technological change
    ‘Who will ever want to go back to the misery of skyrocketing energy prices, stagnant economic growth and a moribund jobs market, and endless fake scare stories about the non-existent climate crisis, after having a taste of this kind of prosperity and hope?’
    Sadly, there are many who want this, but hopefully a majority of voters will not.
    There is always some see-sawing in policy, but hopefully Trump’s changes will be politically difficult to wind back.

    • Spot on, the last thing greentards want is cheap, reliable and clean energy. That would strip them of their power over “the masses” and leave standing around exposed for the frauds they are.

  31. Ha! The reason Trump got elected is because he is not a politician. The more the media trashes him the better I like him.

    • And the medidiots can not stop themselves from making DJT even more popular. For a long time people in America have been growing increasingly dis-enchanted with “news media” and that makes them angry, so they lash out and drive more Americans away. I love it.

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