Wild Claim: President Trump Quoted Hitler When Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – According to The Nation, anyone who suggests others are laughing at their nation’s past policy mistakes is channeling Adolf Hitler.

Trump Echoed Hitler in His Speech Withdrawing From the Paris Climate Accord

Seriously—it’s not a direct quote from the Führer, but it’s perilously close.

By Sasha AbramskyJUNE 2, 2017

On September 30, 1942, shortly after the death camps began gassing Jews, Hitler declared, “In Germany too the Jews once laughed at my prophecies. I don’t know whether they are still laughing, or whether they have already lost the inclination to laugh, but I can assure you that everywhere they will stop laughing. With these prophecies I shall prove to be right.”

Five weeks later, he declared, “Today countless numbers of those who laughed at that time, laugh no longer. Those who are still laughing now, also will perhaps laugh no longer after a while.”

On June 1, 2017, Donald Trump announced that he was pulling America out of the Paris climate accord. “At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country? We want fair treatment for its citizens and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be. They won’t be.”

It’s not a direct quote from Hitler, but it’s perilously close.

Read more: https://www.thenation.com/article/trump-echoed-hitler-speech-withdrawing-paris-climate-accord/

I would suggest that the ongoing efforts by some of America’s Mainstream Media to try to smear President Trump couldn’t possibly get any sillier, but I’m worried I might be accused of quoting Attila the Hun.


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Sheesh, maybe that’s what inspired this wardrobe malfunction by the SkS Kiddies. Yep, that’s der Fuehrer’s head on John Cook’s body !


Didn’t Farage say something similar to EU parliament just after the Brexit vote ?
Funny, I thought “they aren’t laughing now” was a common english expression. I did not realise it came from a translation of a german expression.

Funny, I thought “they aren’t laughing now” was a common english expression.
No, “they aren’t funny now” is a common English expression, used to describe German expressions.


Here we are Farage channelling Hilter 😉
‘You are not laughing now, are you?’ Nigel Farage at European Parliament

A related English expression is “it’s gone all quiet over there” – when your football (soccer) team scores an away goal.


Contrary to “Brad Keyes”, “They aren’t laughing now” is a common British expression, and “they aren’t funny now” is not.

comment image
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Crispin in Waterloo

That last important leader to pull out of Paris was Ayot’o’llah Ruh’o’llah Khomeni.
The only important leader to pull out of the Paris Accord was Donald Trump.
Paris is so much more than the Paris Accord.



The previous image should be replaced with this one:comment image

“The previous image should be replaced with this one:”
Why? People are trying to eat here. That face deserves a trigger warning, at least. Besides, my version was funnier.
Truth is funniness, funniness truth, and that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Sorry Phil, I messed up yet another URL, didn’t I? I’m fast becoming the John Cook of blogging.


If we want to know the last guy who pulled out of Paris, maybe should just ask her?

I wouldn’t know. I can’t afford to spend a night in a Hilton.

Gunga Din

Hmmm … Hitler and the Nazis invaded Paris. They occupied it for a number of years. The Allies (with a lot of US muscle) liberated Paris from a draconian Government.
OK. I can see the comparison.
But this time it’s more than just a city being liberated.

Lenin and Pol Pot both left Paris too, physically but not ideologically.


Phil, why are you posting pictures of evil murdering scum?
That man is no better than islamist terrorists.
Is this a climate blog, or what?

Griff, some restraint please:
“Phil, why are you posting pictures of evil murdering scum?”
Cook (or der Johannes Koch) may be scum, but when has he ever murdered evil?


So I guess Kathy Griffin is the new Goebbels in this scenario?


I highly suspect “we” are supposed to be outraged by this sort of ditsy crap, and agree that “hate speech” needs to be banned . . or at least earn a share of the “snowflake” label.


No hate speech shouldn’t be banned. Only ban it if it isn’t socialist hate speech.
Anything said by the BLIGT community (Bisecual, Lesbian, Inter-sex, Gay, Transvestite) is fine & just “fair turnabout”.


No, Goebels understood how to make propaganda work, not to fail totally and draw fire even from you own side.
Kathy Griffin is an idiot. No comparison.


I think closer to Heydrich or Eichman or Himmler since I don’t believe any of them personally killed anyone but had their proxies do the slaughtering. There’s no evidence that Griffin actually form the prop, script, organize the photo shoot, paint it, etc., etc. I.E., she had a cast of dozens, or maybe even hundreds actively working on the project — Goebbels only blew hot air around and killed his kids.


Wait, Griff is Kathy Griffin?


Can’t be. Whilst we may not often agree with Griff (well, perhaps never) – his comments are far too lucid to be the product of Kathy Griffin.


I thought that people always “laughed all the way to the bank.” – at least the U.S. economy will, while other countries will still be depleting their economies on the non-problem of climate change.


Hitler was a vegetarian, so then all ……

Tom Halla

At the risk of getting into an interminable argument about labeling in politics, the green blob is much closer to classical fascism than a populist like Trump. Psychological projection, anyone?

Can you name any attack by alarmists against skeptics which isn’t a case of psychological projection?
It would be hilarious how pathologically absurd the alarmists behave if the consequences of attempting to mitigate the catastrophe they model weren’t so dire and there weren’t so many, ideologically driven people who believe in the fake science behind the unverifiable models.

Rhoda R

And if some of them weren’t advocating elimination of people who disagree and some of them are unstable enough to actually try.

Can you really blame them for continually projecting, though?
We all know they can’t predict their way out of a wet paper bag, so what alternative do they have?

Oh. So that’s why the climate models are projecting rather than predicting.

There’s a reason the term ‘speculative science’ comes from the Latin meaning ‘mirror knowledge.’ The models, who (let’s face it) are all anorexic apart from the ones who are bulimic, reflect—no pun intended—something we see in ourselves.

Are you actually saying that climate change is in the eye of the beholder, like beauty?

Ron, I believe I’ve been as eminently clear as the written word permits:
Climate change is like any other kind. Pessimists see a glass half-full, optimists see a glass half-empty, and optometrists see a profit in claiming both glasses are wrong.


This “nothing burger” needs to be filed under “ridiculae.”


UNEP: Partnerships
Select: Partnerships > Commission on Sustainable Development > follow the links to NGOs and the Private Sector.
Page also has the whole structure of UNEP including the IPCC.
‘Accredited Major Groups and Stakeholders Organizations: Non-Governmental Organizations’
Atlantic States Legal Foundation
Climate Action Network
Greenpeace International
Forest Action Network
Friends of the Earth
Greenpeace International
Bird Life International
Environmental Defense
Sierra Club
And many others including religious organizations and Canadian organizations.


UNEP RONA, Washington, D.C., Est.2000, one of 6 regional offices
Global Environment Facility/GEF
International Union for Conservation of Nature/IUCN
International Institute for Sustainable Development/IISD, Canada
United Nations Foundation
World Resources Institute/WRI
UNEP RONA is UNEP Regional Office North America.


UN STAP/Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, Washington, D.C.
GEF UN Environment
The STAP was established as an advisory body to the GEF (Global Environment Facility).
Panel includes:
Rosina Bierbaum, Chair.
Michael Stocking
Thomas E. Lovejoy
And others
And: Secretariat
Christopher Whaley
GEF/Global Environment Facility was established on the eve of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.


‘EPA’s Role in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’
“UNEP is governed by the United Nations Environment Assembly, a council with universal membership that sets the UNEP agenda.”


UN Environment
About the UN Environment Assembly
“The United Nations Environment Assembly was created in June 2012, when world leaders called for UN Environment to be strengthened and upgraded during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also referred to as RIO + 20.”


“Goldrider June 5, 2017 at 6:23 pm
This “nothing burger” needs to be filed under “ridiculae.”

What are you writing about?
I’ve searched the page for “nothing burger”.
Whether you’re deriding, denouncing, ridiculing, etc. an author, article, publisher, whatever; that does not mean the one in your mind is also in anyone else’s; at least without strong hints.


According to the new left, f@scism is defined as anyone they don’t like.

That was a pretty quick invocation of Godwin’s Law.

I can hear them doing a Dana Carvey right now: “I said GodWIN, not GodLOSE!”

Psst: the idea that “invocation” and “violation/infraction” are synonyms is an urban myth.

So you confused me here. I did not mean to imply infraction or violation. Maybe I meant application who knows?
As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1

Yep, that’s the “Law.”
Interestingly, in its original form it doesn’t even imply that you *lose* the debate by mentioning der Fuehrer.
So “infraction” wouldn’t really make sense, would it? I guess we both should have said “fulfilment.”
In fact Godwin had nothing against the use of WW2/Shoah analogies when appropriate.
He must be rolling in his chair to see how daily misused and misquoted his contribution to science is on the Internet.

Even the wikipedia definition for Godwin’s law gets you robo-moderated review. Don’t use the H word.

Thanks taz. I thought I was careful to use the der-F word instead. (Not “der Fred”, as Aussie kids say when mocking their peers, but the German one.)

I like fulfilment that’s the word that wasn’t coming to my thesaurus addled brain in the original post


Godwin’s Law says nothing about the merit of the comparison, merely the likelihood (1.00) that it will be made. The usefulness of Godwin’s Law, for any debate length, remains nullity (0.00).

Jorge, that’s correct—you don’t “win” or “lose” anything by “Godwinning” yourself.

Since the election …?


As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1.

– Mike Godwin
Hitler is always mentioned by the warriors of good cause, unless they’re trying to implement a Holocaust.
Hugs’ corollary

Well, it wasn’t a direct quote and inferences are easy to capture while on the hunt. I’m apolitical but overthinking and making such far-reaching analogies works to polarize an already divided nation. Let’s work to galvanize instead.
-Sarah Sobieski

Bruce Cobb

How about we prioritize? America first!

richard verney

Clearly that post by Sasha Abramsky JUNE 2, 2017 demonstrates that he/she has not got 2 connected brain cells. Talk about scraping the barrel.

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Not perilously close. Not close at all!!!! Only through a mess of context mangling could anyone make the comparison..


Wadda you mean? They both used nouns and vowels, didn’t the??


Not to mention consonants and verbs.

not to put too fine a point on it, but our learned friends on the Affirmative team have a somewhat lower threshold for “peril” than the average well-adapted organism.
That’s what we mean when we call believalists “alarmists.”


Because Hitler loved animals and was vegetarian this mean that all vegetarians and animals lovers are like him and we are in trouble?

Bill Murphy

I once dated a girl named Eva and owned a German shepherd at one time. So did Hitler. Does that mean I’m a Nazi? If I was important enough to be mentioned in the MSM, somebody there would claim I am. The greenspeak in the press is out of control.


Because Hitler used to paint landscapes this mean all landscape painters are like him?
This cannot be more spurious. That is how this people do science. Find spurious trees in Yamal.

Actually, Adolf “predicted” (in 1942, during his endless “table talks”) that “clean, sustainable energy” is the way of the future (in his time, he meant hydroelectric and geothermal sources).
He was a progressive man all around, Bloomberg, Soros, and DiCaprio would hug him and kiss him… ahem.. if he would allow them.


Hitler’s abstemiousness was a carefully constructed, Goebbelsesque image. In actuality, he drank in moderation until late in the war. Officially, he was anti-drug, but Dr. Morell repeatedly injected him or supplied him with almost 100 substances, including puree of bull testicles and methamphetamines. Der Fuehrer was known to eat a bit of ham or other morsels that weren’t clearly of animal origin. Though he claimed to be “married to Germany,” he was sexually active with several women and, quite likely, based on statements of a number of high Nazis, more than several men. Did he love animals? He passed several strict animal protection laws. On the other hand, he ordered his dog poisoned with cyanide in order to test how effective it would be. Apparently it wasn’t fast enough, so he shot himself with his Walther pistol instantly after crushing his suicide pill in his mouth.

so der Fuehrer was a pharma hypocrite, eh? Clean living for dich but not for mich? That would make him the L Ron Hubbard of craziness.
Thanks for those (and your other) historical insights in this thread.
Stay venerable, Jorge!

Hitler did not laugh.

Now why might my Venerable-Jorge-like comment be moderated?
Jest sayin’ ‘ H+++++ did not laugh.’ (


Alexander, the progressives of his day loved H1tler. Right up to the time he invaded Russia.

Pop Piasa

If anyone wishes to take the time, you can find many excerpts from speeches by past American presidential candidates that can be matched up to similar statements by Adolph himself. This includes Gore, Bush and others who used euphemisms such as “family values” (for example) to endear themselves to the voters.
Just because leaders say the things popular with their electorate does not put them in the same category as a megalomaniac who wished to distill the human race into his concept of perfection.

Good point: like the birthday problem, the probability of some phrase being in common grows more and more likely.


There were 5 or 6 words in common, even though they weren’t in the same order.
That’s close enough for leftists.


“…perilously close,” is an overstatement, to be sure. The President is not justifying a prediction but rather viewing the economics of the Paris agreement as totally one sided. And he is absolutely correct!!!
I rather would have seen him highlighting facts that 1: CO2 has caused no worldwide acceleration in Sea-Level Rise whatsoever, 2: CO2’s rise actually correlates with a decrease in US Hurricane landfalls, 3: CO2’s rise actually correlates with a decrease in US Tornado frequency, and 4: CO2’s rise actually correlates with a decrease in US Tornado intensity.
Perhaps these will appear in future press releases?


An overstatement?
They put forth the position that objecting to being laughed at makes one a Hitler clone.


“Perhaps these will appear in future press releases?”
Let’s hope. Right now the Trump administration seems to be running away from explaining their position on whether humans are causing the climate to change of not, just as fast as they can.
One has to wonder why they are dodging answering this question. Instead of answering, they change the subject to the economics of the Paris Accord. Totally unsatisfactory. The Trump administration needs to answer this question.

Pop Piasa

True, I have not heard any mention of the global greening which NASA documented and then ignored.
Seriously, if someone had shot up Dr Mann’s research quarters at Penn State, Obama would have made it into an attack on our freedom. Why can’t Trump even mention the misbehavior of the left? Is it just not newsworthy, given the present ‘climate’ in the press?

Bill Murphy

“Perhaps these will appear in future press releases?”
Don’t hold your breath. We are one F5 away from 90% of the media freaking out on air in apoplectic rage and panic.

DJT is wise to stay out of making a DEFINITIVE statement on the science.
In the current political climate, all the MSM has to do is roll out Bill Nye (or Bill Kibbon) as the “expert” who would then demonize Trump to the applause of 1/2 of America.
On the other hand, what he (and his surrogates) CAN do is to continue to emphasise that the Paris decision is about global politics and economics, and that we lead the world in CO2 REDUCTION while China emits twice the amount and would be allowed to INCREASE at least until 2030. Continue to give uncontested data around the resulting loss in specific US industries, e.g. mining, steel and automotive jobs.
He could THEN “play a blinder” (as our friends across the pond would say) and agree that the possibility that increasing CO2 could be catastrophic is VERY concerning to him, and therefore he is funding Red and Blue teams to publicly study and then present their findings on the issue with interactive and public dialogue.


Trump needs to recruit Senator Rand Paul. I heard Paul give a very good rebuttal to the AGW/CAGW narrative. Paul was just brimming with facts, whereas, so far, Trump’s spokespeople are hemming and hawing rather than giving any kind of decent answer.
I’m not saying Trump’s people should refute the science in detail, I just think they ought to say one way or the other, whether Trump thinks humans and their production of CO2 are causing the climate to do things it would not ordinarily do. Trump has *me* confused as to what he thinks about it now.
Just remember, if he gives the alamists an inch, they will take a mile. Hemming and hawing are giving the alarmists an inch.


“I’m not saying Trump’s people should refute the science in detail, I just think they ought to say one way or the other, whether Trump thinks humans and their production of CO2 are causing the climate to do things it would not ordinarily do.”
He’s basically got the climate alarmists/UN team rotating on a spit as it is, as far as I can tell, stuck with trying to somehow justify that atrocious “accord” . . Let ’em roast awhile, I say. As they flounder with their supposed solution, their credibility regarding the supposed problem will naturally suffer, it seems to me. What’s the hurry? Let ’em cook awhile, I say . . I’m sure they’d rather be calling him a “climate denier” and parading out the “experts” to do some more brainwashing . . I would if I were them ; )


I do wish Trump would adopt Senator Paul’s take on CAGW. Trump should refer all questions to Paul. 🙂

Comparing Trump with a famous socialist leader … Wow! Those bad losers have already tried to connect him to Putin.
Who’s next?

Maybe Hit1er hacked the election too?

Anything is possible today. The imagination is the limit.


They Saved His Brain, you know.


He hacked anyone who opposedhis election.

Pop Piasa

Hacking was a bit different then. More permanent outcome.

Pop Piasa

“Those bad losers have already tried to connect him to Putin.”
Just curious, did anybody get a phone call from someone who sounded like Boris or Natasha telling them to vote for the Donald? I never did.
You have to give credit to anybody who can hack the results of all the rural counties in the country to offset the illegal voting in urban counties, I guess.


They still haven’t provided a shred of evidence to support the claim that it was the Russians that hacked Hillary’s wide open e-mail server.

Gotta love it when people who are slightly to the left of Che Guevara accuse me of being “slightly to the right of Attila the Hun” or, interchangeably, “…of Genghis Khan.”
I doubt they know the difference; and I doubt it matters.
Because, y’know, Genghis was notorious for his small-government ideology, distrust of supranational aparatchiks, flat-tax advocacy, contempt for PC speech codes, preference for laissez-faire markets and deregulation wherever reasonable, friendship to small business owners and belief in the power of entrepreneurialism.
Oh wait, what they mean is “slightly to the EVIL of EVIL.”
It’s a revealing insult, as most insults are.

I think guys like Attila and Temüjin are a little hard to peg as left or right leaning. Their main historical records were related to their war strategies.

You’re absolutely correct-wing, of course.
Personally, I’m harder to peg than a yurt in a mudslide. I may deny the existence of science, but contrary to cliché my politics might least-badly be described as extremely centre-leaning.
Whether it’s possible to lean centripetally is a question for another day.

Well Brad, I have always said that I am exactly in the centre. Everyone else is either Right or Left of me.
(ps most people would call me right leaning)


Depending on whether they were left or right handed they would have been riding their horses left leaning or right leaning. It is very difficult indeed, to lop of an enemy’s riding by while sitting centered on the horse.


Which strategies involved the erection of mounds of skulls of their enemies, sparing those craftsmen who might be of use as slaves, not washing so as to smell not just foul but scary and of raping nubile female captives in order to make more Huns and Mongols, as the case might be.

I Came I Saw I Left

“Seriously—it’s not a direct quote from the Führer, but it’s perilously close.”
Let me add some clarity:
“Seriously—it’s not a direct quote from the Führer, but it’s perilously close.[as I can make it]”


Note that the writer even sees peril in Trump’s words, which of themselves are innocent of such perils.

Gary Pearse

It’s ‘perilously close’ to end of the world because of climate change. Why so much hyperbole from these self loathing, pasty white scientists who run this climate show. Oh I see other races in it but they are just scattered among the cheerleaders, who are largely pasty white plump girls waving dumb signs printed on demand by other pasty white organizers. Man they sure know how to attract a crowd with this stuff.
It’s okay mods. I’m a pasty white guy, although I don’t loathe myself.


White men ran out of stuff to invent and had to come up with something to try to stay relevant.
The people have all the comforts in place and the white male is now to be discarded. I guess it will be up to the japanese to keep things running once we are gone.

Pop Piasa

Get out and buck hay if you’re able. That cures the pasty white syndrome and gives you an appreciation for how fast stuff grows anymore.

Jimmy Haigh

Didn’t JFK do that?..

I Came I Saw I Left

“We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be. They won’t be.”
That’s because the US is laughing at them gnashing their teeth.


Meh, just more noise. The Left are beginning to eat themselves. Hopefully nobody will appear and provide meaningful leadership to the Left.


How many did Michael Moore eat?

Reasonable Skeptic

I think Trump should quote The Pope a bit. Just find similar innocuous stuff, the throw it into a speech and have Spicer tell the media how the President quoted the Pope.

I Came I Saw I Left

Why validate that poser? That is so not Trump’s style..

Then his inner social conservative/anti-choice.fascist would be coming out.

Stephen Skinner

Both use the words ‘the’. That’s really perilously close. Unprecedented? Worse than we thought?

The Führer said a lot of stuff. I suppose most speeches made today could be found to have some parallel with something the Führer said at some point…

Henning Nielsen

Hitler liked dogs, though. He couldn’t attach himself to any humans, but at least to a dog. I don’t think Stalin managed even that.

That’s not completly true. He had a niece that he cared deeply for.


Until she killed herself.


Yeah but he forced his meat loving Alsatians to become vegetarians like him – as case of do as I say and do as I do. As far as we know the dogs weren’t forced to do like him and shoot up on crystal meth cocktails… Some attachment.
Stalin didn’t do meth as was less complicated: got his kicks from a few executions at Lubyanka prison every week, having a few million wasting away in the gulag and some nice ice pick work in Mexico City in 1940.


Until he killed her.

The Führer said a lot of stuff.
If you look on the Washington family coat of arms you see the famous Latin phrase from the Roman Poet, Ovid: “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT.” Roughly translated it means: “The result proves the acts.” It’s often translated to mean “The end justifies the means.” Hitler used that phrase, so both Washington and Ovid were directly quoting Hitler, and it’s perilously close–exact in fact. Shame on them both. /sarc


Profoundly so.
“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” – Adolph Hitler, 1935, on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany
Hitler shot himself…how fitting.


“He’s stealing my lines!” Cue the next Hitler parody…

Bruce Cobb

It’s all part of the elaborate liar-dance they are doing. They just can’t help themselves, being pathological liars.

Steve Case

Sasha Abramskycomment image

Curious George

Definitely a Big Thinker. From Balliol, as well.

John Bell

He rather looks like a leftist, eh?

Gustaf Warren

John he looks like someone educated to think magical insulation makes more light leak out of a rock, it makes less light reach.

Head tilted slightly left… check.
Don’t know why those types can’t just stand up straight.


Frank Zappa?


What a brilliant specimen of manhood.
Is he another who has stolen our rainbow, stolen our most beautiful word [gay] and bites pillows?

J Mac

There were lots of geeks like that, when I was on campus at UW-Madison WI back in 1982-86.
Teaching Assistants, Associate Profs, and wannabe socialist students. Skinny, scruffy, scraggly beards and hair….. yep, just like that on the ‘social sciences’ (east) end of campus.


A hack journalist,whines…..
Yawn…… Zzz…..


Strangely, when Plants and Phytoplankton get gassed with CO2, they produce more Food and Oxygen for animals. What’s laughable are the Paris Accord Nations who will continue their suicidal war on CO2, Plants, Phytoplankton, and Animals, when they”ll only tend to exterminate themselves.

The Quick SolutionTM


That’s final then?


Merely more ad hominem journalism, better suited for the playground.
It seems all we have today are publications more suited for the bird cage or fish wrapping. It used to be these quality “journals” were only found in the supermarket check-out lines.

Journalism was never a bastion of Truth At Last at the best of times, so its decadence is less heartbreaking than that of science. Clisci has been called a very expensive scientia ad hominem, by me, and I tend to agree with myself.


Just to be clear – anything Hitler said is bad, right?


Absolutely! When he said “I like Brussels Sprouts” it damned Brussels Sprouts as an acceptable dinner food for All Time.


When he said “I like Brussels Sprouts” did he know that Brussels would become the jihad hub of Europe?


Lots of urban leftivists probably drive through cloverleaf intersections on a daily basis, completely unaware that ol’Adolf invented it.

Wow, so you mean Aldolf was here in the USA in 1916? Did he work for Aurthur Hale?

Ed Zuiderwijk

Nigel Farage in June 2016 after the Brexit referendum in the UK, speaking in the European Parliament: 25 years ago I became member of this parliament with one purpose, to take the UK out of this organisation. You were laughing at me then. Well, you are not laughing now.
Was Farage quoting a) Julius Ceasar, b) Adolf Hitler or c) Dr Spock.
There a French brand of cheese called ‘the laughing cow’. I wonder who they are quoting.


You mean the laughing cow with Trump’s severed head – who’s now crying in her milk?

Jaakko Kateenkorva

Sasha Abramsky, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Apocalypse is not only a war against the mankind, but against all carbon-based life-forms on Earth. I challenge you to find worse atrocities written in the past.

Come on now, guys, human-Caused-CO2-Climate-Change skepticism is clearly genocidal, because by adopting the attitude of NOT taking steps to limit human-caused CO2, we are furthering the extermination of life, … no different than if we put all Earth’s creatures into a big greenhouse and turned on the CO2 gas that we heated up to kill them, … a striking parallel to death camps. How can you not see this ! And with Trump being a leader advocating such a mindset, … a leader who uses words in speeches, … specifically words about other people laughing at us, … well … what more do you need ? It’s history repeating itself on a grander, more sinister scale. Wake up !


You forgot the “sarc” tag, but your comment was funny just the same.


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
It’s not a direct quote from Hitler, but it’s perilously close.

Neo, Gandhi and the Reverend Martin Luther King used non-violent tactics. But, that only works against Christians. It wouldn’t work against the NAZIs, or Communists, or Muslims.


In ancient Rome (494 BC), the common people were being oppressed and retreated from the city and didn’t come back until their demands were met. link
Islam, like Christianity, has many branches. It does have a non-violent tradition. link By the same token, Christians do have a history of bloodshed. link

Janice Moore

I wish my countrymen to consider, that whatever the human law may be, neither an individual nor a nation can ever commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual without having to pay the penalty for it. A government which deliberately enacts injustice, and persists in it, will at length even become the laughing-stock of the world. …

Henry David Thoreau

A Democratic group is pressuring a trio of House Republicans to support an independent inquiry into President Donald Trump’s possible ties to Russia, launching radio ads in the lawmakers’ districts that feature the sound of a Russian voice laughing.
“That’s the sound of the Russians and Vladimir Putin laughing at us,” a narrator says. ….
The ads are being funded by American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, a Democratic firm

Democrat TV ad, April, 2017
(Source: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article145708054.html )
Moreover, there has been laughing at the U.S., largely thanks to B. Hussein:
(this is a typical example — other groups were also laughing up their sleeves — or guffawing out loud — including China, Mu$l!m j1had!s, and Europeans (see reaction to the “grand tour” by O in 2009))

as president, Mr. Obama and his aides have caved, leaving Sudan gloating at American weakness.

Nicholas Kristof, April, 2010 (here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/22/opinion/22kristof.html )


Well done! Bravo!

Janice Moore

Aw, Mr. King of the Great Cites — thanks you! 🙂


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi

J Mac

For the first time in quite a while, the ‘fight’ is out in the open and we are ‘winning’ a few significant skirmishes!

Laughter is the best medicine. … Up ! … dangerously close to a Hitler quote.
[Humanity] has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. … Mark Twain channeling Hitler.
As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul. … Jewish proverb talking about laughter in the same context as soap, implying showers, implying death-camp showers — WOW, blasphemous to the nth degree ! … Hitler !
Words about being laughed at = Hitler talk. … same old simple-minded correlation crap … No real surprise here.
Desperate to demean is what I see.
I’m trying to encourage myself not to laugh at myself. How Hitlerish of me.
ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME !!! I object. I’m asking you to stop. I am Hitler [placing two fingers above upper lip].

Brian R

It’s almost the same thing since they both used words in their speeches.

“It’s almost the same thing since they both used words in their speeches.”
Not even close. German oratory has no concept of the ‘word.’ It doesn’t even have a word for it. The atomic unit is the complete sentence, and these are strung together in a sliding volume scale, separated only by a variable number of exclamation marks to indicate one of the language’s five tones: plangent, trenchant, strident, and two others I can’t name within the character limitations of Anthony’s stupid WordPress setup.
So no.
Sorry for being such a German Nahtsee, but in linguistics, pedantry matters. It’s all that separates us from the lower races.


hahaha!! very funny
oh, the germanity!


“Putin is right, we do have too much time on our hands.”
Putin is talking about the MSM and the Left. And yes, they do have too much time on their hands because their side lost the election and they are reduced to sniping from the sidelines. Even Putin is mocking the MSM and the American Left.

The false-positive-prone hackademic wibbles:
…as a lecturer in journalism, I know that were a student of mine to try to pass such words off as original, they would be flying perilously close to a plagiarism citation.
Such mustelism gives weasels a bad name. Hey, I can do that too:
…as someone who can read and write, I know that Sasha Abramsky flies perilously close to being a competent journalist, a competent journalism teacher, and a guy who doesn’t owe his students a refund on their tuition (where “perilously” = “not”).

I just noticed the money shot:
“….a plagiarism citation.”
When Abramsky learns English, will it be his second or third language? I’m assuming his parents only spoke Gibberish in the house.
Hey genius, I think you mean “…a non-citation citation.”

F. Ross

What utter nonsense!

Pamela Gray

Laugh on laugh on my friend
Hee laugheth best that laugheth to the end
According to liberal logic, Hitler was paraphrasing a Tudor play?
(critique that Mosher)



♥ Bruno Ganz. He’s Swiss, BTW.

Also, Trump spoke in English. The other dude spoke in German.
I wonder whether the German language can be … adjusted … to come closer to the sought-after meaning, as temperature data can be … adjusted.

“Michael Mann” sort of reminds me of “Mein Fuhrer” — they both start with “m”.


Wow. Just wow. The historical literacy of the climate kooks is only matched by their lack of critical thinking skills.


All puppets parroting away!

Bruce Cobb

Abramsky. Abramsky.
Rhymes with Alinski.

Abramsky. Abramsky.
Rhymes with Alinski.

It’s not a direct copy of Alinski’s name, but it’s perilously close.
As a lecturer in journalism, I know that were a student of mine to try to pass such a surname off as original, they would be flying perilously close to a plagiarism citation.
By the way, in the second sentence of your comment (“Abramsky.”) you directly quoted your first sentence (“Abramsky.”).
As a lecturer in journalism, I know that were a student of mine to try to pass such a word off as original, they would be flying perilously close to a plagiarism citation.


Walter Sobchak

“He who laughs last laughs best”
The phrase is so old in English that it goes back to the time, if not the pen, of Shakespeare:
This proverb originated in Tudor England but, for once, wasn’t coined by Shakespeare. It is found in print in the play Christmas Prince, which was first performed, at Cambridge, around 1608:
Laugh on laugh on my friend
Hee laugheth best that laugheth to the end
Hitler? These people have lost it.


When you get the beauty or as you know them the BBC also on the fake news by planting people in audiences then lord Haw Haw is alive in londonistan, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ffRiUQPgDYo&feature=youtu.be


In 2018 it will be a cake walk to win a congressional seat running as a Republican. Just put together all the garbage coming out of these hater’s mouths in a political commercial and then ask the question, do you want these people to govern you?
I think the climate discussion is just about dead, I hope it can be replaced with wiser discussions on striking a long term balance between man and nature.

You are assuming the electorate is currently rational.
The anti Trumps are energised.
Donald will keep most of his base, but too many of my Republican friends and family have fallen for the “anti-science” frenzy effectively manufactured by the Dems and the MSM.
A similar scenario is occurring w/r/t health insurance. Many who shouted “repeal ObamaCare” are lamenting the manufactured statistic that 20 million poor will lose “health care”.
To AVOID a loss of seats Trump needs to:;
– avoid a major blunder (BHO made many and survived, Trump won’t survive one.)
– continue to deliver on campaign promises. (Obamacare replacement, budget, immigration)
…and in my opinion, stop IMPULSIVE tweeting. Pass them by SOMEBODY.
The problem is at present there are too many “intelligent” voters who AGREE with the garbage coming out of the haters mouths.

Joel Snider

Well, this is certainly not the first time Warmists/Progressives have cried ‘Hitler’ or the Holocaust. That was the whole point of the ‘denier’ label.

Oh this is ripe for a Hitler Downfall parody.

ooops delete , Gabro above has it covered.

Spent the precautionary principal argue that we should not spend any money on climate until we know for sure it won’t make things worse? What I’d the cure is worse than the disease?

Fred, shame on you.
You missed 180 degree day.
Just as the Consensus Scientists reversed the null hypothesis re natural variation, they also reversed the Precautionary Principle.
It now means that if an action to avert climate catastrophe is uncertain in its effectiveness you should still do it anyway as a precaution to avert calamity.
Now you think I’m being facetious, or exaggerating.
Google “Precautionary Principle” and you will get pages and pages of variations of the definition I just gave backed by references to Climate agreements (e.g the Rio Convention). You will NOT find any references to the original meaning (Think before you jump).


More material for the “Re-elect Trump 2020” campaign provided for free by his opponents.

Lee Christal

If Trump was quoting Hitler, I agree that he made a mistake. He should have used the following quote from Hitler to explain the global warming exaggerator’s insistence on perpetuating the scientifically incorrect proposition of catastrophic anthropologic global warming:
Adolph Hitler: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Better yet, he should have quoted Joseph Goebbels, who goes further in explaining that the State must also be involved to perpetuate the lie:
Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Ian W

People used to laugh at me when I said I was going to be a standup comedian.
Well they are not laughing now!

Does Godwin’s law apply to that as well?


British comedian Bob Monkhouse (1928-2003)


I guess you can’t say this anymore: “He who laughs last laughs best.” It’s just as close to Hitler’s quote as Trump’s comment is.

Ah, my video of Ash from Evil Dead quoting Hitler (“Who’s laughing now?”) got sent to another dimension. (Well, it’s as much quoting Hitler as Trump did, isn’t it? There were some words that were the same.)


Headline: “The leaders of France, Germany and Italy say the Paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated as President Donald Trump has demanded.”
Riddle me this: If pulling out of the Paris accord is going to destroy the planet, why is no one willing to renegotiate with Trump to save the world? They don’t really believe their own propaganda, do they?

Bruce Cobb

Nope. And Trump knows it.

Rhoda R

Nor did Pres Trump demand the treaty be renegotiated – he merely threw that out there as the only way that we’d come back. As a sop.

Yup. The twisted EU aren’t going to go anywhere near that ‘deal’ ever again. They know full well that any kind of actual public scrutiny of it – sans the hysterical lunatics in clown costumes in Paris – would reveal them in stark relief for the lying charlatans they actually are.
Trump’s fortitude here in the face of massive adversity is something beautiful to behold. Furthermore his offer to renegotiate, thereby sending the EU cockroaches scuttling back under their rock at the double, was a master stroke.

Just like you have to read and understand the WHOLE Constitution before you can interpret any phrase contained therein, you have to understand DJT’s entire speech before you can quote a sentence.
Whether it fits the definition of a “sop” or not, Trump’s offer of a renegotiation can also be treated as sincere (e.g. as an argument to Ivanka). When China’s and India’s agreements can be said to be comparable to the US commitments, the US will come to the table to talk about CO2 reduction.