Wednesday wit – Exit Stage Left

Josh writes: BishopHill has this story –

Republicans in the US House of Representatives are currently trying to get a grip on one small part of the Washington bureaucracy by trying to get the National Science Foundation to concentrate on funding useful science. Lamar Smith, the Texas Congressman who is leading the charge, is firing off shots over NSF’s funding for public necessities like a climate change themed musical, an effort that set the taxpayer back some $700,000. He wants standards set in place – things like “increasing the health and welfare of the public”.


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  1. The sums for the three projects quoted are less than US $1.5 million, that’s about 0.5 cent per head of population. Value of the return from these projects is most likely ‘zero’, but psychological ‘complaint value’ for a disgruntled citizen outweighs the initial investment by at lest one order of magnitude if not more.
    Value to the government is also considerable, it concentrates the anger of a disgruntled citizen on a minor frivolity, diverting attention from far more serious multi billion $ follies

    • Irritate citizens enough, they won’t care about original causes.
      They will take it out on the entire government.
      Stirring up a wasps nest does not usually end well for the one with the stick, or anyone nearby.

      • Obama is not worried about the angry buzzing. He has a foot out the door, just trying to see how much damage he can do before moving on to the UN.

      • If you mean as General Secretary, not happening. No citizen of the permanent members of the Security Council can become General Secretary. Of course, there’s been enough noise regarding his citizenship that maybe he’ll take advantage of the ambiguity 😉

    • “The sums for the three projects quoted are less than US $1.5 million, that’s about 0.5 cent per head of population. […]”
      Only 5 cents, vukcevic? A nickel here, a nickel there and after a while you’re $19 trillion in debt.
      @ Josh

      • Only 5 cents,… hmm… yes, …it should justify a bit louder disgruntled grunts and grumbles.
        I am continuously amazed how on this side of the pond, the british bear with the stiff upper lip, some far more extravagant follies. The government here gets more money out of HM subjects. I pay for a litre of petrol (1 US gallon = 3.8 litres) of £1.10 ( £ =$1.57) of which (if I got this one correct, well near enough) 18p is VAT(purchase tax) and 56p is petrol duty, or the government’s take is 74p out of total 110p.

      • Lettuce be clear about the waste of green paper.
        1.5 million/300 million people = 0.5 cents per person. 1/2 of one cent.
        But only half the people pay taxes, so 1 cent per taxpayer. (The rest spend tax money.)
        Now, half (46%) of MY income goes to taxes of one sort or another, or on “fees” discguised as taxes, so in effect I’m working half the time for this kind of scheme.
        My company requires budget decisions on tools and equipment costing $100.00 dollars, receipts for even printer cartridges cost $8.00 when traveling, has limits on ALL costs so that even projects costing only $1,500.00 or 3,000.00 are reviewed and approved. In front of clients, we have to justify the hours worked, the results earned, the problems and schedule impacts needed – often to an hour-by-hour basis on critical path jobs.
        Why should “friends of Oboma” in the very liberal, very unscientific arts and entertainment industries get MY 1.5 MILLION dollars to spend on THEIR music and dance? The money is NOT spent “on climate science” … It is given TO the singers and dancers in NYC, Washington, and the arts districts who vote FOR this kind of politician who thinks it is a good idea.

      • RACook
        I enjoyed reading your grumble, certainly worth far more than 1 cent. /sarc
        I came to the UK from a country where people were paid net, they were never told or knew what the gross might be. My surprise and a shock when I got my first pay were only equalled by my ignorance of the system I become part of, but eventually I got used to paying the taxes.

      • Vuk – government’s take is 74p out of total 110p.
        Well the US used to have a separate invoice for health care. Big government socialists. Another way to spell “someone to stupid to spend his own money.”

      • Vukcevic,
        I’v always encouraged those who issue the paychecks to show the total … not just the gross, but the total overall cost (insurance, employer match for social security, employer paid transit tax per employee, etc). As employers know, paying someone $20/hr costs the employer closer to $32/hr.
        Showing the totals would enlighten beginner workers that make $9/hr. They dream of making $15/hr, but don’t understand that is what they actually cost.
        So, everybody that pays employees … make your bookkeeper add the information. They will complain, but it is worth it.

      • Five cents? At least they got their money’s worth. It will make more money than windmills….

    • Referring to “multi billion $” theft as “follies” only enforces the propaganda that federal government “theft and corruption” is “waste and inefficiency”. I wonder whose bank accounts the “waste and ineffciency” is deposited.

    • People ask why oil companies are such notorious penny-pinchers. “Why worry about the $50,000 in overruns for the permit on this $50 million expansion”? It’s because if you control all the costs, small and large, then you control the cost. However, if you allow things to go through, like these obviously corrupt and irresponsible decisions, then they add up to a tidal wave of red ink.

    • Ya need to read the show poster again Tobias…
      That’s “I’m singeing in the rain” as bleated by the ‘singing fool’ and his devout agency chambers; epa, justice, state, nasa, irs and the other galleries of small peanuts loving their over the hill untalented ‘silliest sod’ rulers.
      Another brilliant wonderful drawing Josh!

      • @ ATheoK @5:40 pm, sorry I am missing something here Theo, I was just trying to add to Josh’s list. Who is the “singeing fool,” really I am not connecting. { I have been called a cheese head before so as I am getting older ( and better) I am also getting a lot denser}.

  2. “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives …”
    “What are you going to sing Miss Lamont?”

    Time to raise that curtain!

  3. 🎼 There’s no business like snow business
    🎼 I love Paris (By Co2 Porter)
    🎼 Thoroughly modelled Millicrap
    🎼 Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s always tomorrow
    and the big blockbuster finish…
    🎼 Freeze a jolly good fellow!

    • By 6 p.m. Tuesday, Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport had recorded 49 cm of snow. By 7 p.m., that had climbed to 50 cm. Everything is a record. All news media TV, Print, Internet, Government ect ect are involved in the people buying into Climate Change. They have a clear model how it’s done ! In the early 70’s through today we all bought into the cholesterol myth. Big Food and Big Pharma are behind this. Effects caused by USDA and UN’s World Health Org., Illnesses now recognised by many medical research papers as being caused by the metabolic syndrome include: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diet-induced obesity, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, as well as gout, tinnitus, schizophrenia and even autism.

    • ..She got mad at Anthony and stopped dropping by because she thought he insulted her, but he actually meant someone else ! Shame, she should have waited for his explanation…I think she’ll be back !

  4. Mark Steyn was excellent on this musical farce in his testimony to the US Senate sub-committee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. It involved a ship called ‘Great Immensity’ (there is such a ship according to AIS tracking sites).
    This from a gravestone at Ashbourne in Derbyshire seems quite appropriate: ‘She was in form and intellect most exquisite. The unfortunate parents ventured their all on this frail bark, and the wreck was total.’
    Let us pray for a total wreck of warmist plans too.

  5. Probably they will only use model actors.
    They will run the AC before the show starts and then shut it off and run the heat.

  6. I can feel it warming in the air tonight – Phil Collins
    Go with the floe – QOTSA
    You are the Chinook wind beneath my wings – Bette Midler ft L Di Caprio

  7. Camelot
    Broadway Musical
    Camelot the Musical – Camelot Lyrics
    Music by Ken Darby, Frederick Loewe
    Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
    It’s true! It’s true! The crown has made it clear.
    The climate must be perfect all the year.
    A law was made a distant moon ago here:
    July and August cannot be too hot.
    And there’s a legal limit to the snow here
    In Camelot.
    The winter is forbidden till December
    And exits March the second on the dot.
    By order, summer lingers through September
    In Camelot.
    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
    But in Camelot, Camelot
    That’s how conditions are.
    The rain may never fall till after sundown.
    By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.
    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it gives a person pause,
    But in Camelot, Camelot
    Those are the legal laws.
    The snow may never slush upon the hillside.
    By nine p.m. the moonlight must appear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.

  8. He wants standards set in place – things like “increasing the health and welfare of the public”.

    Oh dear, he has not been paying attention has he?
    EPA has their endangerment finding saying CO2 “pollution” is a danger to public health and welfare.
    Maybe someone needs to calculate all the “carbon footprint” of a season on Broadway, all those wasteful resources , the taxis to get people there and home , the heating, the lighting, months of rehearsals … OMG , I can almost smell the toxic CO2 from here !!

  9. I know this is Godwin’s Law in effect, but I suggest for your musical…
    “Springtime for Hitler, Winter for Poland and France” by Mel Brooks

    • I was always puzzled why Mel Brooks didn’t include his song “A Little Piece” from “To Be Or Not To Be” in “The Producers”. Mel is well known for recycling his music (compare “Jews In Space” from “History of the World” and “Men In Tights” from “Robin Hood”). It would have fit perfectly into “The Producers”.

  10. (Mary Poppins)…..Scary Plottins?
    Frazzle-Dazzle Em (Chicago)
    Increased the Lightning!
    (CO2+heat) We go together, like ramalamayamal, ourdatawasstinkypoo
    (Porgy and Bess)….Poorly at BEST
    (Summertime) “Dumber times, getting published is easy, change the numbers…make the low ones real high”
    (Sound of music)
    (Edelweiss) Adelie
    “Adelie, adelie, we were eager to greet you
    Black and white…nowhere in sight
    We can’t let that iceberg deplete you!”

  11. “I could have warmed all night I could have warmed all night” My Fair Lady
    “I’m a believer” The Monkey’s
    “Where have all the flowers come from?” Peter Paul and Mary see
    Oliver provides plenty of possibilities,
    “Soul for sale”
    “You’ve got to pick a model or two”
    “I’d do anything” and finally
    “Remodelling the Data”
    James Bull

  12. Purple Rain?
    It’s raining Mann?
    Insolation Row?
    Idiot wind
    Ballad of a green man.
    When the levee breaks
    But the prize has to go to this. Prescient or what?

  13. A full presidential debate needs to be devoted to climate change policy instead of canned statements. Let’s see who is most likely to maintain the current level of distortion with all federal and international agencies in tow. That would help answer who is looking for major new revenue sources and for what purpose.

  14. Where have all the photons gone. Long time passing.
    Gone to oceans everyone. Long time ago.
    When will those skeptics learn? When will they ever learn?

  15. I know many years ago, the chemistry division of the NSF made it clear that applied science research would be favored over theoretical musings. The quality of submissions rose. The workload went up and the round file was nearly empty.

  16. It would be truly amazing to add up all the idiotic, off task, irrelevant projects the government funds, Add to that the bridges and airlines to nowhere and other pork-barrel waste, and pallets of cash sent to Iraq and you are talking about real money!

  17. A few suggestions…
    We’re going to fund the Wizards, the wonderful Wizards of COz!
    I’m schemin’ on a jet plane
    California Dreamin’
    Where has all the data gone?
    Stand by our Mann
    Here I am, stuck in Yamal on a yew
    (Obama. La Bamba. There should be something there but I can’t come up with anything.)
    If Josh does one on Obama’s Presidential Library, we could open it up to book titles.
    “Barry Plotter and the Deathly Models”

  18. I just took another look at Josh’s cartoon and he’s going for musicals.
    The Marx Brothers always had musical numbers in their movies.
    (Monkey Business comes to mind.)

  19. Leo Smith;Yup best cut.
    Along with Tiny Tim’s;The Ice Caps Are Melting
    And the old standard: Oh Susanna.
    However anything modelled on the Pirates of Penzance By Gilbert and Sullivan should capture the combination of corruption,ignorance,arrogance and religious certitude that is Climatology.

  20. Drawing Obama in “White Face” would be both “Half Correct” and “Half Correct”. But which one would HE decide. Ah Ha.
    Ha ha

  21. Here’s one for George Monbiot
    Moon Beamer
    Or as John Robertson February 17, 2016 at 7:37 pm made me think of Gilbert and Sullivan but from the Mikabo
    I’ve got them on my list I’m sure they won’t be missed!
    James Bull

  22. Somewhere Over the Bore Hole skies are blue….
    The Girls are hotter than Hell in Saigon, but if we stop burning oil, they’ll be cool again

  23. ice ice byebye
    Coal miner doubter
    You saved the BEST for last
    My heat will go on
    We Did So start the fire
    Blame it on me?
    Under the Paris Lies

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