Climate Activists Bracing for Failure at Paris


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

As the upcoming Paris COP21 climate conference hurtles towards an inevitable train wreck of green disappointments, climate activists are already starting to prepare the faithful, for the bitter upsets they are likely to suffer over the next few weeks.

According to Australian SBS;

There’s no question that we must hold our political leaders to account in Paris and push in every way possible for a strong global agreement, which includes Australia carrying its fair weight in emissions reduction and climate finance.

But, instead of expecting these talks to deliver final solutions to the climate crisis, we should also pay close attention to the many forms of action occurring all over the world, particularly on the streets where the largest ever People’s Climate March will take place in cities from Melbourne to Montreal, from Brisbane to Barcelona.

What occurs inside the negotiating rooms of the Paris climate conference is obviously crucial, but the real barometer of global momentum is taking place elsewhere.

All over the world we are hearing from people who have found themselves impacted by climate change and are increasingly frustrated by governments pressing on in a ‘business as usual’ mode, ignoring accumulated and compelling climate science and blithely approving new coal mines and thwarting the transition to clean energy.

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Given the dramatic Asian race for coal, driven by billions of poor people demanding a better life, it seems very likely that Australian coal production, and coal production elsewhere, will rise dramatically in the near future. Greens are in for a lot more disappointments, if they expect politicians to stand in the path of this coming deluge of new resource tax revenue.

287 thoughts on “Climate Activists Bracing for Failure at Paris

  1. Most probably don’t want a deal to happen and would be happy with just keeping the money and media attention flowing.

    • The poor nations sure do want the deal to happen. They don’t understand the fable about killing the goose that lays the golden egg.
      All sane people want these talks to fail. Success would be satanic.

      • I noted in the body of the quote of the Aussie Greens”the final solution.”
        Hmm… vaguely familiar…

    • It’s hardly surprising. 18 years without warming according to the satellites, corroborated by growing Antarctic ice, global sea ice is back to normal and even greenland surface ice has grown since 1990. There really is no physical evidence supporting the warming hypothesis. The theory is busted.
      What we see is a bunch of people with their snouts in the trough: NASA cooling the past, NOAA breaking the law by refusing to comply with constitutionally required oversight. Who can forget Climategate and “Hide the decline”, “getting rid of the medieval warm period”.
      And out in the real world, what is actually happening? CO2 is rising, but CO2 the plant food is a massive benefit to humanity, leading to record harvests this year and the deserts are greening.
      So, isn’t that great! By burning fossil fuels we are helping to feed the world’s poor – not through some daft bung of money to some UN scheme where all the money gets syphoned off by the rich and powerful and almost none reaches the poor – but CO2 is directly improving the lives of those poor farmers who need it most.

      • I think you’ve nailed it there. If satellites show us there’s no warming then whatever is happening cannot be the consequence of ‘global warming’, yet even being generous towards the stupid theory we look and see almost nothing unusual is happening to the global weather & climate system. Rising CO2. No warming. Nothing of consequence outside standard weather & climate parameters. Checkmate for alarmists.

      • To be fair though, we can’t show what part human emissions are playing in the increase in CO2. It’s one of those ‘settled science’ things.

        • The argument by the IPCC is that they can tell by the isotope ratios. Fossil fuels allegedly have less isotope ratio since they have been buried for so long.
          However, the accounting for the amount of co2 in the atmosphere, the amount that is sinking, the amount that is produced doesn’t match. Historically, the amount that was sinking was about half. How they calculate the amount produced could be by seeing how much the rate goes up ppm per year doubling that and working backwards. The more correct way is to estimate the amount of co2 by taking the amount of fossil fuel mined. But then different plants have different efficiencies. Burning of forests and other agricultural fuels, don’t count in the calculations. The current sinking is currently 150% of all the co2 produced in 1965. That raises some interesting questions and problems for the IPCC mime.
          I don’t think they know.

      • All what you say is true but you would not think so if you read the Melbourne Age and dozens of newspapers like it around the world
        They just go on ignoring the mounting evidence and keep repeating those stories of how CAGW is resulting in increased storms cyclones etc when even the IPCC 5th report says it has low confidence in such outcomes

  2. The sea ice and sheet ice is expanding not shrinking, polar bear population is the highest in decades, the weather (30 years = climate) is less extreme not more, the sea level rise is not accelerating, the GCM’s are repeat failures, the CAGW hypothesis is coming unraveled, COP21 has all the makings of yet another embarrassing fiasco, IPCC AR6 will mimic SNL’s Rosanna Rosanna Dana, “Well, neeeveeer mind!!”

  3. ‘All over the world we are hearing from people who have found themselves impacted by climate change’
    Simply not possible. People can be affected by weather; they cannot be affected by climate.

    • Perhaps that is a little bit of an over statement. When this inter glacial ends, and the planet returns to the deep throws of the ice age in which it is in, people living in mid to high Northern latitudes will be severely impacted by climate change.
      What people do not understand is what is an ice age, and what it is truly like. Every building that he been built in Canada, north of the Midlands in the UK, north of mid Germany etc will cease to exist having been bulldozered by about a mile of thick ice.
      You can bet you bottom dollar that when this happens, there will be many climate refuges as those people head to warmer climes to the south.

      • Can I apply for climate refugees status? Every year about this time I have a longing for Sun Valley, AZ. An all expense paid stay via the UN would be nice. That is the definition of climate refugee isn’t it? I can’t live here without heat, I’ll freeze to death, literally. Don’t they care? Please help! ( I’m not picky. Hawaii, almost any Caribbean island, Tahiti, Marco Island… any of those places will do. ) give and take, we can help those from excess heat and they can help us from cold. I think a tax on those that live in such comfort without a thought of how they are going to survive the cold is in order.
        I’m sure that there must be other people who feel the same way. Maybe we could form a lobbying group to bring this vital matter before government. It is extremely urgent, yesterday we had another rare and exciting snow storm. Oh the horror! On tv they were showing cars and trucks off the road! And worse, snowplows! Night time temperatures are already below freezing.

      • Here in the South, we are preparing to build a 30 foot wall topped with concertina wire for just this expectation. We will vet each prospective entrant fleeing the advancing ice. One simple question: do or did you believe human emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels would cause Thermaggedon, and did you vote for or support candidates who do or did?
        Those who answer “no” will be granted admittance. Those who answered “yes” will be turned back, rejected, but given some nice parting gifts, including ice picks, ice axes, and a warm sleeping bag, all useful as they return to blue states to face frozen global warming advancing upon them.

      • I consider that a reification fallacy. Climate is a concept; it is not concrete. Climate is the general weather experienced by an area or region over a period of time, say 30 years. It is the weather that affects people.

      • On this very site I recently learned of a frightening prediction from the other camp, that a synchronization (more correctly an exact out of phase relation) of solar magnetic fields is very likely to occur in or around 2030 (solar cycles 25-26, see “PREDICTION OF SOLAR ACTIVITY FROM SOLAR BACKGROUND MAGNETIC FIELD VARIATIONS IN CYCLES 21–23”, Th e Astrophysical Journal, 795:46 (8pp), 2014 November 1). The cycle is predicted to reproduce conditions last experienced during the Maunder Minimum (Little Ice Age) of the 1600’s.
        Were this to occur, the impact on global food production and energy demand would be devastating, resulting in the death of very large numbers of humans, cattle, horses, dogs and cats, and would likely end civilization as we know it. That’s about 15 years from now. Message to Greenies; you made the wrong bet. The sad part? The sun is a relatively simple machine that’s much easier to model than the Earth’s climate.
        So for the folks sweating bullets over the prospect of Manhattan disappearing beneath the sea by 2100, there’s a new kid in town… Tinkin’ ’bout goin’ on a vacation dis yeeah? Why not come to Uganda? (Idi Amin).
        Today it’s 52 degrees F in Atascadero CA. Last night my tomatoes froze. That’s it. I’m moving to Costa Rica. Or not.

    • Interesting that in the UK news this morning, they’re saying that it’s better to now ‘adapt’ to ongoing coastal erosion than to ‘build’ and ‘rebuild’ costly sea defences. Shame that the same ‘adaptation’ cannot be considered by green zealots for the minuscule rise in global temperature.

    • Perhaps we can arrange for the jobless British steel workers to attend so they can show how green taxes killed off their jobs.

  4. The tears will be copious. According to Only a handful of micro-states led by mighty Bhutan have filed CO2 reduction plans “in compliance with the [bogus] science”.
    Role Model (Above and beyond)
    Sufficient (Fully consistent with below 2°C limit.)
    Costa Rica
    The “Medium” category (“Insufficient to meet the 2 degree warming limit)” is populated by China (with an emissions growth of up to 50% higher than 2015 emissions!); the USA; India (70% growth projected by 2030)…
    The largest list is the “Inadequate” category… (tears!) … In Asia alone this year power companies are building more than 500 coal-fired plants, with at least a thousand more on planning boards.
    Make no mistake, the real message coming out of Paris is a devastating blow to the AGW Nexus: The vast majority of the world rejects AGW Hysteria… building 1,500 coal-fired generating plants in Asia during the next few years is the most unkindest rebuke possible… far more cutting than an army of skeptical denialists arguing with loopy Greenies and professional opportunists posing as Climate Scientists.

    • There is no way 100 countries will commit to the 450 ppm CO2 limit (the real number that the 2.0C limit is based on). We are well on-track to blow right by that number.
      But 100 countries can easily pretend they are doing their part. Last minute 2:00 in the morning agreements can be heralded as a great accomplishment.
      There is already enough country commitments to make up a pretend agreement.
      Once again, the great sticking point will be the $100 billion per year slush fund of graft and commissions. So far, countries have only paid about $200 million total in actual cash into the Green Climate Fund which is where the $100 billion per year will be held. Long way to go for the cash siphoning that many want.

      • Why is it 450ppm?
        Isn’t pre-industrial levels about 260 to 270ppm which would suggest that 520 to 540ppm is one doubling, and of course, if Climate Sensitivity is less than 2 degC, then the world can exceed the 520 to 540ppm level before breaching the claimed catastrophic 2 degC of warming.
        What would appear clear is that given the logarithmic nature of CO2 forcing and given that temperatures have said to have risen by about 0.8degC, and leaving aside what component of that is natural and not CO2 driven and/or simply an artefact of poor measurement and homogenisation, and given that CO2 has already risen from about 270ppm to over 400ppm, which is one half of a doubling, Climate Sensitivity cannot be at the high end, ie., it cannot be circa 4.5degC.
        It is clear that Climate Sensitivity (if any at all) must be no more than about 2 degree C. This means that should man carry on emitting CO2 unabated such that CO2 continues to rise by just less than 2ppm per year, by the end of this century we will still be at no more than one full doubling over pre-industrial times, and the likely rise in temperature (given the logarithmic affect of CO2) will be no more than a further 0.8degC.
        So in any event, it is difficult to see how we shall see a rise of more than about 1.6 deg C (ie., the 0.8degC already happened consequent upon half a doubling of CO2 from say 270ppm to 401 ppm plus the further 0.8degC yet to come consequent upon the other half doubling between now and the end of the century).
        The ‘pause’ has shown that Climate Sensitivity (if any at all) must be less than 2 degC. Given that in the last 36 years, temperatures have risen by only about 0.09 to 0.1degC per decade (and not linearly at that), we do not have to do anything at all to avert the alleged scary scenario of a 2degC rise. Such a rise would require a rise of 1.2degC between now and the end of the century, and due to the logarithmic affect of CO2 such a rise is simply not going to happen.
        The attendees at Paris have nothing really to discuss. They can simply have a good time because mother nature has shown that even without a binding deal being struck, the alleged scary scenario just will not happen.
        As they pass the caviar around, I can hear them saying: Anyone for champers?

    • “In Asia alone this year power companies are building more than 500 coal-fired plants”
      Let’s bear in mind that some of these, especially in China, are upgrades to existing dirty power plants.

      • Just like most coal fired power plants in the US and Canada, some of the cleanest on the planet since the “Acid Rain” scare of the 70’s. Those evil clouds coming out of the stacks are water vapor. The twists and turns in the MSM are disgusting.

  5. “All over the world we are hearing from people who have found themselves impacted by climate change and are increasingly frustrated by governments pressing on in a ‘business as usual’ mode, ignoring accumulated and compelling climate science … ”
    There had been no warming for over 18 years and the atmosphere by satellite measurements has not warmed in 27 years, 1988. So, it is patently impossible for all these people to be impacted by global warming. They may find ways to perceive it that way, but they are de facto wrong. When it is not warming, you cannot be impacted by warming. Thus, they are all either mislead badly or delusional.
    There is absolutely NO compelling science to support manmade global warming. There is not one shred of defensible data or science they can point to. They have the dishonest hockey stick graph, produced by finagling the data and disappearing the Little Ice Age and medieval Warm Period, and the dishonest historical CO2 graph, which blends ice core data with volcano data. Their “science” requires that the upper tropical troposphere, the hotspot, must be warming faster than the surface. Thousands of measurements have failed to find the reputed hotspot and, in fact, satellite data has shown that this region of the atmosphere has been cooling gently for 30 years. Completely failed warmist “science,” completely, dead, moribund, and smelling badly.

    • Higley7..”There had been no warming for over 18 years and the atmosphere by satellite measurements has not warmed in 27 years, 1988. So, it is patently impossible for all these people to be impacted by global warming.”
      . . I think the damage..errr.. I mean impact is Psychological…..

    • All over the world we are hearing from people who have found themselves impacted by climate change
      That sounds suspiciously like starting up a website, getting one visitor from each continent and claiming a “worldwide audience”.

    • And anyone under 25 has seen no global warming to mention. Another 5 years and probably half the world population will have to rely on a 30 year ago vague idea.

    • What they have been impacted by is governments wasting money on AGW schemes. Further impacted by job losses due to AGW driven green agendas by many utility companies and laws enacted to stop the non existent AGW.

      • The economic fall-out could be a big issue. Large companies do long range planning for suitable locations.
        Better to seek locations where they won’t be harassed by eco-nut mobs. Corporate headquarters can be moved as well.

      • Barbara writes: “Better to seek locations where they won’t be harassed by eco-nut mobs.”
        Been there, done that. Do you have any idea how cold it gets in Wyoming? The first time my hand froze to my tractor at -25F in late November (2005) I decided to vacate the premises. Sold the ranch, sold the damned tractor and moved to California, home of the eco-nut mobs you mention.
        The problem is these fools have occupied all the good land and they’re just too stupid to figure out that “warm” is the reason they’re here. Morons.

      • Also for Barbara and the other folks who bear no goodwill for the eco-nut mobs that occupy condos in CA and most of the NE coast: Wolves are NOT cute cuddly creatures suitable for dancing with. They will eat your livestock, your pets and your children. They will eat you alive and they will leave most of you for the crows. You want to save the wolves, we’ll be happy to ship them to you.

    • And people know this now. 251 MILLION views and counting for WUWT have had a farther reaching impact than we are aware. The man in the street has basic math and common sense; the warmists have only models and an agenda. The minute the political worm turns, expect a TORRENT of media articles trotting out the science that debunked this, because the media roll with the tide.

      • Science is nice and all that, but if you really want to wake up the simple man let him know how much this is costing him. Better yet, propose taking it away from his retirement account or his kids education fund.
        Make his wife unhappy and then you’ll see some poo poo hit the fan.

      • Sorry Goldrider but we are stuck into this with no end in sight. It will get worse before it gets better. If we happen to have some additional (natural) warming for say 30 more years, we will probably not see the end of this current Marxism fad that is sweeping the globe. People around the world are voting in these socialist governments so it is my opinion is that it will not go away in our lifetimes. Sad and unfortunate.

  6. Given the weak state of the world economy I don’t think many nations will be willing to compromise on strong CO2 reductions. I would be surprised if the meeting is deemed a success by alarmists.

      • This zombie will never completely die. Any time something becomes about control, there will be a certain class of people who will flock to it in a chance to be the ones to finally tame humanity to the lash. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

      • “This zombie will never completely die.”
        If you give a zombie a transfusion, it becomes a vampire.

      • I rather suspect the “last chance” like ohbummers “redline”
        they just keep redrawing it over n over n over again..
        give up, shut up and go AWAY!
        Parisites indeed.

      • Greg, I predict there will be a brief hiatus in Green activity, after which we will all be chased into the pen by the alarms of the impending ice age, which we also can’t do anything about but will be a rallying cry for global action. Real estate in the Congo, the Amazon and most of SE Asia (including the S. Pacific and Indonesia) will go through the roof. Hong Kong (maybe Singapore) will become the new capital of Earth.

  7. I don’t know about anyone else, But, I’m bracing for “success” at Paris.
    “Success” would be the greatest failure. Requiring a world-wide failure of intelligence.

      • Hopefully one day climate activists and their successful failure will be consigned to the dustbin of history.
        Along with the Third Reich, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pol and all the other grand bureaucratically engineered schemes and power-grabs throughout history.
        What is notable is just how wonderfully successful these failures were in their days of glory.
        Catastrophically successful for those on the receiving end.
        One thing that we can always be sure of – is that each successive scheme aimed at concentrating power in the hands of a tiny group of demagogues, will present itself in an entirely surprising and unlikely form.
        With new language, new goals and new justifications.
        That way, it can often fool the instigators just as successfully as it fools the rabble who support it.
        So let us always resist tyranny – however cleverly it disguises itself.
        And one more minor point – can we please have science back in the hands of scientists.

      • Frog, would you ever have thought as a kid that this could be the future? A planned silent global coup by bureaucrats, lobbied into key positions by formerly beneficial ecology-fronted organizations now run by Marxists.

  8. Hey all you Eco-Terrorists, you ain’t seen nothing yet . Wait till the liberals get kicked out of the White House, then it will be Dig Baby Dig and Drill Baby Drill ! Zoom Zoom………………….

    • I’m worrying about that. Soon Republicans will start to see the possibilities of tax revenues from it. It could be already too big to fail!

      • That’s why we need Conservatives that are not career politicians….AKA…Ben Carson or Ted Cruz …….

      • I’ve been pushing for raising the minimum age of all political offices to at least 50 combined with a lifetime cap of 20 years for any person in political office.

      • @MarkW
        Not a bad idea. You shouldn’t have your hand on the tiller until you’ve been up and down the river a few times. It seems to me that 75 years or so ago, twenty-somethings were more likely to have been out and about, doing constructive things in the world. Now, thirty-somethings are, with disturbing frequency, likely to have not left Mom and Dad’s basement.

      • At the time the Constitution was written, most people were married by the time they were 15 and dead before they were 40.

    • Can’t happen until the EPA and the rest of the bureaucracy is also cleaned out. Thanks to civil service protections, it’s hard to impossible to fire them.

      • The EPA should be eliminated altogether. It has shown it has too much power and it has shown a willingness to abuse its power. It is too dangerous an agency to keep around in a democracy.
        We did need the EPA back in the early 1970’s. I remember the air and the water pollution back then was bad. But that was mostly cleaned up over thirty years ago. In place of the EPA we could have just a small staff of perhaps a dozen or so specialists attached to the Department of Justic or the Interior Department just in case of an emergency like a major oil spill. For the rest of the agency, just zero it out and be done with the craziness.
        Even if we get a conservative President, it too risky to keep the EPA around.

    • Marcus,
      We in the UK have experience of decent non-leftists, but they were simply not electable in that milieu.
      I’m not overly familiar with 16’s Republican front runners (a Bush or two, of course, a Latino, a saw-bones [I think – or a Doctor of Divinity], several rightist pollies) – but I did notice the Duck.
      In what universe is that hairdo, and those views, electable?
      Look, I have some sympathy for the frustration the Duck feels – we had a decade of Mister Tony B, who had power, had a mandate for some popular reforms – welfare, perhaps health; and then went all misty-eyed over that contradiction in terms, at least in the Twenty-First century, Arabian democracies . . . .
      But – Jeeeez.
      To enact [sensible] policies kinda needs being elected.
      [And – memo to the UK Labour Party: read sentence above three times a day. Don’t we here deserve a vaguely credible opposition?]
      If you find a right-of-centre candidate, electable, you may get 40% of your policies. Maybe 60%, over two terms.
      If you back a loser – see 2008, 2012 – you get 0.000% of your policies. At best!
      So, please America, have a heart and get real!
      Auto, well aware that a Duck is dismissal in cricket for the lowest possible score.
      You judge, this time next year.

  9. I live in North Carolina. every day there are many adds trying to get NC to not support fracking and to support wind and solar to fight climate change. These adds are high quality. It is amazing the amount of money the local green groups have.

    • You should only wish you had shale to frack. North Carolina does not. Lots of luck tomyour protesters. Rather like New Jersey in essay No Fracking Way. Utter futility.

      • It’s rather like this crackpot motion some members of the Scottish National Party asked the Scottish Parliament to approve:
        S3M-07072# Bill Kidd (Glasgow) (Scottish National Party): Scotland’s Nuclear Weapons-free Zones—
        That the Parliament believes that New Zealand has set a good example with the establishment of a succession of nuclear weapons-free zones; would welcome the establishment of such zones in Scotland in homes, classrooms, places of work, communities, local authorities and in the environs of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, with the aim to register Scotland as a single-state nuclear weapons-free zone with the United Nations, and would further welcome the development of a protocol for Scotland requesting that the nuclear weapons states honour such a zone by not deploying nuclear weapons on Scottish territory and by guaranteeing not to threaten or use nuclear weapons against Scotland.
        Nuclear free zones in classrooms? Who are these people kidding? (Note that the proposer of the motion was called Bill Kidd.) These are the same folk who want to prevent any fracking in Scotland. No fracking in my classroom!

      • I know the Scots are a strange lot for us southerners but just how many of them have nuclear weapons at home? Will it become a social problem when you friends turn up for dinner with a nice bottle of wine – of cask of Wee Heavy as it might be different there – only to find that the cruise missiles they are carrying are not welcome?

    • That’s because they’re trying push wind farms on the Carolina coast. It’s not just the green groups, the wind farm developers expect high paybacks.

  10. The Poop Swastika
    “All over the world we are hearing from people who have found themselves impacted by climate change …”
    Huh, could you name one, please?
    Having heard that the unrest at the University of Missouri was sparked by reports of a “poop swastika” (yes, yes, a swastika made out of human fecal matter!!!) discovered on campus but that not one person could be found who had actually seen it — I have to ask if all this talk about climate sufferers and refugees isn’t just another “poop swastika”.
    “Poop Swastika” is a new red hot (well, maybe body temperature) phrase that certainly needs to immediately become an English language standard. It so descriptively fits all the leftest hype that permeates our mainstream media.
    I would just love seeing Hillary Clinton being asked by a reporter — isn’t all your talk about a Republican war on women just another “poop swastika??”
    Or Trenberth being asked — isn’t your claim that climate skeptics have committed crimes that can be prosecuted under the RICO law just another “poop swastika”??
    Poop Swastika — a phrase to be employed and enjoyed. So very very perfect for our times.
    Eugene WR Gallun

    • Note that they now feel impacted because they’ve heard that there is compensation to be had.

    • The GOP does want to eliminate serious rights women fought for and gained in the last 40 years. I am one who began suing the schools way back in 1965 after the Civil Rights Act passed. This includes the right to access birth controls.

      • emsnews
        Why just Republicans?
        To be honest you really ought to remind us of some of the stances the old “stalwarts” of the Democratic Party took forty years ago? You were there. You know the truth. Tell it like it was.
        Why today do you ignore that so many of the leading people who take positions you abhor are women? Apparently if a woman disagrees with you she is not a woman but a Republican.
        Whatever you may have been in the past today you are nothing but a Democratic Party hack spreading “poop swastikas”.
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • Evidence ?? Liberals don’t need no stinking evidence, it just gets in the way !! (See climate change arguments for proof )

      • The GOP does want …

        Members of the GOP may want certain things. The party establishment wishes a bunch of those members would keep their mouths shut.
        The genius of Canada’s Stephen Harper was that he was able to shut up the more radical members of the Reform Party. What the party itself wanted was to be elected which they were after they hijacked the PC party. The GOP probably wishes they could do something like that.
        The poor GOP is being driven crazy because it fears that The Donald’s policies will lose the Latino vote. Before that the Tea Party was doing the same thing. The party is deeply conflicted and I don’t think you can say what the GOP wants. The GOP wants an aspirin.

      • Huh? Who’s taking away a person’s right to access birth control. You are confused by something altogether different. I do not except the notion that taking away is the same thing as being given free pills from people who find it against their moral belief to give away birth control. Free is not free either. Anyone can go and buy birth control pills… That will not change.

      • No, seriously. I think Elaine means for example the right of women to choose their gender freely and go to whichever bathroom feels right. Should the GOP prevail then Caitlyn Jenner would lose the right to turn back into a man if she felt like it. She’d be stuck being a woman and going to the ladies room even if she didn’t feel like it anymore.
        There are other serious rights at stake, I think. California Representative Barbara Lee announced that greenhouse gases cause asthma, toxic dump sites in communities of color and drive poor mothers into sex work. In response, House Republicans denied climate.

      • Denial of reality doesn’t work.
        The GOP has been against abortion rights ever since I can remember. Still are. I am NOT a hard line Democrat, I despise Hillary, for example. But I also understand how real things work and it is quite revealing how people who comment at this site often are also very ideological about other things that matter a great deal to many people.
        It is quite odd seeing how various things become ideological divides and anyone that crosses over the lines is unusual. I am such a person. Neither left nor right, I do support basic human rights for all people for the simple reason, it makes life tolerable for humans and giving people the right to live their own lives is highly important to me.

      • @emsnews
        Where do you suppose your “denial of reality” fits in with the abortion proponents’ view of life and consciousness? To what extent would their bloody practice continue, if the whole political/intellectual structure supporting the abortion industry were to recognize the concept that there is consequence to our thoughts and actions?

      • emsnews says “The GOP has been against abortion rights…I do support basic human rights for all people”
        baby lives matter.

      • Another leftwinger who actually believes that birth control begins and ends with abortion.
        There is no right to kill your baby.

      • One thing I’ve noticed over the years, is how left wingers keep going on and on about how they aren’t political.
        It’s the people who disagree with them who are being political.
        BTW, claiming that there are should be no limits on abortion is just about as political a position as one could possibly take.

      • One thing I have always found fascinating, is how left wingers have actually managed to convince themselves that they aren’t political. It’s the people who disagree with them who are being political.
        BTW, your no limits on abortion position is about as political as one can get, less than 10% of the population agrees with it.
        Having to lie about what your opponents believe is hardly non-political either.

      • To make it worse, in Canada, the left has managed to make us pay for abortions (via our free healthcare). I really try not to think about it; it makes me ill thinking that I am paying to have babies killed.

      • emsnews
        Strange that you cant remember the old Democrats who were against abortion? And many people who identify as Democrat today are against abortion. (By the way, I personally support abortion as a medical procedure that a woman has a right to choose. I have not quite figured out who should pay for it yet.)
        And the claim that Republicans are trying to end access to birth control? Just a Poop Swastika.
        And your memory of past time is quite faulty. Strange that you can’t remember who it was that stood in the school house door? That was not a Republican. Forty years ago if you were suing school boards you were suing Democratic school boards. Reminded of it, will you admit to that now and stop implying it was Republicans you were suing? Poop Swastika.
        Strange that you can’t remember that the “Solid South” meant “Solidly Democratic South” and the South keep electing the same racist Democratic Crackers year after year until the Republican reformers made inroads. Yet you smear southern Republicans as the racists? Poop swastika.
        Poop Swastikas — which you tell about the Republican party — constitute almost your entire political spiel. You ARE a Democratic Party hack. The words out of your mouth say exactly what you are.
        Eugene WR Gallun

    • Fire investigators know that the owners of properties are involved in 85% of arsons. Painting a swastika on your church before you burn it fools none of them.
      I am positive the purported poo perp participated in the protest.

      • Barbara Lee D-Ca represents the best argument I have ever seen for congressional term limits. 12 years max, followed by a minimum 2 year prison term.

    • Love you Eugene! I Love people that know’s a lie when they hear it! Chicken Little the sky is gone? What’s the next lie from green fools?Maybe worms are killing the ground?

      • Actually, derek nee, “the worms killing the ground” is bandied about quite frequently in the lands of the Canadian Shield.

  11. There will be just enough ambiguous, vague and wishy-washy commitments that the politicians can go home and talk about how they have committed their own taxpayers’ money to combat global warming. This will of course be a failure to the activists, who will just have to get ready for another conference (taxpayer funded of course) where we will be urged to act now, because this will be the last chance before we all fry (“and we REALLY mean it this time”). It’s a foregone conclusion, the scripts are already written, and the circus will go on.

  12. Anyone who thinks the 40,000 climate “science” troughers meting in Paris next month are going to make any decisions that will deny them the chance of perpetuating this annual p1ss-up at five star resorts for ever is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  13. Regarding: “Given the dramatic Asian race for coal, driven by billions of poor people demanding a better life, it seems very likely that Australian coal production, and coal production elsewhere, will rise dramatically in the near future”:
    Don’t bet on major future coal sales yet. It’s entirely possible that China has agreed on the world stage to reduce its future coal consumption, not because it is concerned with CO2 production per se, but because of the associated detrimental air pollution from coal burning. “With nearly 1.4 million deaths a year, China has the most air pollution fatalities (worldwide), followed by India with 645,000 and Pakistan with 110,000.”
    Beijing will close the last of its 4 coal burning power plants next year. They are switching to natural gas.

    • Beijing is not China.

      When finished, the plant, run by a company owned by the Beijing government, is expected to have a generating capacity of 700 megawatts of power, more than the total of similar plants in Ohio. But whether it will actually be used to its fullest is questionable, despite the investment of $580 million.
      That is because the plant is scheduled to come online in three years amid a glut of coal-fired power plants — an astounding 155 planned projects received a permit this year alone, with total capacity equal to nearly 40 percent of operational coal power plants in the United States.

    • last article I read on Bloomberg was introducing us to our new President – Hillary – enough said
      coal scrubbers work just fine and enable excellent H2O and CO2 emissions (and not much else)

    • I guess they did’nt hear of scrubbers or other why’s to stop their own pollution.1974 was when a republican called R.Nixon created the E.P.A. we got clean & are the greenist country(per POP.)on the planet.Please don’t include the U.S. in anything that the rest of the world does.We lead on “how it’s done” for a very long time.Not forced by gov’t, but by innovation.Thank us for all the food in the world!

    • “Beijing will close the last of its 4 coal burning power plants next year. They are switching to natural gas.”
      What I read in the National Geographic is that they are switching to gas derived from coal in Inner Mongolia that is being piped to Beijing. The NG story, by Bill McKibben, also said that the gasification process releases twice as much CO2 as burning the coal. And the area near the gasifiers is polluted and hazy, IIRC.
      BTW, the Bloomberg story, from March, also claims that China reduced its CO2 emissions by 2% in 2014. That claim is no longer operative; it has been overtaken by the recent revelation that it has actually been under-reporting its emissions by 17%.

      • There is currently a massive amount of construction in australia in the coal seam gas industry.
        The plan is to ship the gas to asia via a new port facility in queensland.
        Big dollars spent, and a massive payoff expected.

    • I love the way the fools actually think that coal means air pollution. All you need are scrubbers dear heart.
      Please learn a little about the subject before you go out of your way to make an idiot of yourself again.

    • Sunny,
      As Mark Twain might have said, reports of coal’s death are greatly exaggerated. You might want to add the Wall Street Journal and other sources which better reflect reality to your reading list. Relying on and former society gossip columnist for “The New Yorker” Bill McKibben for your information is not in your best interest. BTW, had you noticed we passed 400 ppm CO2 and the sky didn’t fall?

  14. What detrimental air pollution from coal burning?
    All modern coal fired power stations have either electrostatic precipitators or bag filters which remove particulate.
    If the coal is high in sulphur, scrubbers are used remove oxides of sulphur by converting them to gypsum.
    The last of metropolitan power stations, in western nations, were pretty much all shut down during the seventies.
    In the meantime, consider the WHO report, summarised below. These deaths can be curbed by burning coal to produce cheap electricity.
    Household air pollution and health
    Fact sheet N°292
    Updated March 2014
    Key facts
    Around 3 billion people cook and heat their homes using open fires and simple stoves burning biomass (wood, animal dung and crop waste) and coal.
    Over 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributable to the household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels.
    More than 50% of premature deaths among children under 5 are due to pneumonia caused by particulate matter (soot) inhaled from household air pollution.
    3.8 million premature deaths annually from noncommunicable diseases including stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer are attributed to exposure to household air pollution.

    • Dave
      Linear thought isn’t getting you there.
      It’s not about the babies. That’s an appeal to emotion.
      Coal fired power plants have done a great job removing soot.
      Particulate matter used to be a problem and NAAQS were the basis of some class action lawsuits.
      The industry, however, took that away.
      CO2 however is the new pollutant.
      It now forms the basis for the next wave of lawsuits (tax via class action)
      In the US, Latinos are likely to determine this next election.
      They are strong advocates of CAGW/CO2 because they live in industrialized areas.
      The Dems know they can gain a tremendous edge by catering to this.
      If the Democrats have another 8 years in the WH, they’ll be able to more methodically implement the things they wont accomplish in Paris. Paris carbon tax was never really the big prize.
      8 more years in the WH was.
      And apologies to the rest of the world.
      You matter, but not as much as the battle going on in the States.
      Moving back to linear thoughts now.
      Wow honey, i love those jeans.

        • yeah … well .. ya know
          latinos do have a lot of pride.
          they wouldn’t take it too well if they found out they were being used for a con
          even if it did put money in their pockets.
          (mostly though the lawyers get the money)
          call it dirty money
          they’ll hear ya then

      • And no, I’m not gay !! I apologize in advance for any …errr… misunderstanding…..But my friends thought it was funny….( no Toronto hockey tonight, too many Canadian beers..ya da ya da ya da …….)

    • CarbonFarmerDave, i don’t know where you found your ‘key facts’, but let’s be aware that the people who cook and heat their homes using open fires do so because in their countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, their govts don’t know how to manage raising the standard of living for their people higher, in all respects.

      • Lets be honest, the money that could have been spent raising people out of poverty , ended up in the swiss bank accounts of the politicians of those countries.

  15. The Paris carbon tax is not the prize folks, neither is the slush fund.
    It’s a distraction.
    You’re missing what the Democrats in the US want.
    They are leading this bus ride.

  16. People should know that Indonesia surpassed Australia as a coal producing nation in 2013.
    They have HEAPS of coal, as does PNG, and are more than willing to let China, Japan, Korea etc get at that coal. Also heard rumours of big finds in Borneo.
    Newcastle needs that 4th coal terminal if they want to keep up.
    And the Adari mine also needs to be pushed past the green blob.

    • What I am saying that no matter what happens in Paris, CO2 emissions will continue totally unabated.
      As an anti-CO2 scam it has TOTALLY FAILED.
      Let’s see how it fairs as a totalitarian bankster/socialist scam.

      • Andy
        Hmmmmm, could this burst a few investments from the financial houses ?
        I wonder how deep in the game they are ?

      • Very deep i would bet Knute !! Much deeper than the pig shit I use to shovel as a kid…and that was DEEP !!!

  17. Hang on a second. Reading sarastro92 November 11, 2015 at 5:01 pm. Is there an agreement coming which, although disappointing to alarmists, will be economically damaging to the U.S. or other countries? What is the “medium group” going to suffer?

  18. “But, instead of expecting these talks to deliver final solutions to the climate crisis …”
    I’ve learned to never like “final solutions”

    • Me neither Neo, but it looks and sounds more than ever that something along those lines is in the planning for those who think the wrong thoughts like us.

    • Knute………ARE YOU CRAZY ???? Have you ever tried to make a logical comment on her Twitter account ?? The piranha’s try to eat you alive !!! That’s why I’m skin and bones…… I’ve had a new ass torn out of me….but not with any actual facts / data / intelligence or even the opportunity to debate anything,..Just hatred from the oh so tolerant liberal left !!!

    • Dear Knute…so instead of tweeting …your twitching ???? I think I’ll stay with commenting on WUWT…much safer and you actually learn something new !!! LOL.. good night …

  19. Just trying to keep score here. If there are 7 billion people on earth and each person lived a full life to say 100 years, then that means 70 million should die each year. Trying to comprehend the 1.4 million deaths in China attributed to air pollution and what sort of blip it is. If China has a population of 1.5 billion then they should have 15 millions deaths on average. 1.4 million is a tenth of this number. Big problem yes or no.

  20. Since hundreds of thousands die each year from smoke related diseases and people like the ACF are pulling out all stops to prevent the switch to electricity, and understanding that these deaths are virtually all “non white persons”, is there a case to be made for “Attempted Genocide” by the Green Groups.
    I would think that pursuing policies that they know will kill millions, the answer would have to be “Yes”.

  21. The question for us Americans is: What kind of ‘climate’ abomination will The Puppet President attempt to sneak past the Congress as an ‘executive order’? And will the Timid Nellies in the Republican leadership let him get away with it?
    /Mr Lynn

    • Very good TE
      And will it be targeted at a particular voting block to get his party 8 more years.
      Hmmmmmmmm ???
      Better yet, is the GOP being timid because they want the same voting block ?

      • Knute, I know you said, above,

        In the US, Latinos are likely to determine this next election.
        They are strong advocates of CAGW/CO2 because they live in industrialized areas.
        The Dems know they can gain a tremendous edge by catering to this.

        But I have seen nothing that suggests that ‘Latinos’ (who might be less of a voting block than glib pundits and overpaid consultants suppose) are at all interested in CAGW/CO2.
        The Dems want to keep the Soros-funded Trotskyite ‘activists’ and the deluded corporatists who make and bundle huge donations (like Tom Steyer), and the academic Useful Idiots happy. And of course all the urban dwellers who want to keep the stream of Free Stuff coming—some of those are Latinos, to be sure—which has nothing to do with CO2.
        /Mr Lynn

      • Knute:
        “according to a poll conducted last month by The New York Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future. The survey … found that Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanic whites to view global warming as a problem that affects them personally. It also found that they are more likely to support policies, such as taxes and regulations on greenhouse gas pollution, aimed at curbing it.”
        And polls are never rigged, for example, by wording that influences the answers, right? Or participant selection choices, right? And the New York Times is an unbiased source of news, which would make every effort to make sure the methodologies were unbiased, right?

        • Of course , they are skewed and rigged and full of bias. Everything man gets involved in typically is.
          Nevertheless, they are clues, hints, lines of evidence. It’s not like a physics experiment, so expectations of a physical science uncertainty versus political science is not applicable.
          The NYT has their own bias. As does FOXNews or the FInancial TImes.
          Typically to ground truth and reduce the bias you can send out interview teams to localized areas that are representative of the demographic you are looking at. “Obama Zombies” (its a book) describes how the Dems did this in the run up to the 2008 election. It’s how they targeted distinct precincts.
          The quickest way to do it without sending people out these days is by examining LOCAL NGOs and their memberships. Just by joining a group that identifies its objectives tells you the interest that the local community has. It’s also not linear, but it helps ground truth the reality of why you are being clued into.
          You can tell this intel is being honed. If you notice, the GOP is not attacking Mr Rubio as much as you would expect. You could see it in the last debate. Punches pulled. At the same time, the Dems are slowing gearing up that he might be the challenger because they to see the courting of the Latino voter.
          It’s messy and chaotic, but the one who hones in on the clues of a divided electorate wins these days.

      • That ‘poll’ eliminated doubters by asking,

        Q17B. [Assuming it’s happening1] If nothing is done to reduce global warming in the future, how much do you think it will hurt you personally—a great deal, a lot, a moderate amount, a little or not at all?
        1 This phrase was read to respondents who previously said they thought that the earth probably has not been warming during the last 100 years.

        and has a +/- 12% margin of error (for ‘Hispanics’) to boot!
        Not to mention that ‘Resources for the Future’ is apparently a pro-government-action organization.
        As for NGOs, are you talking about churches, charities, schools?—or ‘activist’ groups which are invariably far-left-wing and obviously going to spout the ‘climate justice’ litany. They are doubtless a teeny-tiny minority of people who call themselves ‘Latino’ or ‘Hispanic’.
        My guess is that most ‘Latinos’, like most people not in government or academics or ‘NGOs’ have no interest in ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’, and if questioned would agree that it’s a load of hooey. The Dems may get the majority of self-described Hispanics to vote for them, because they support amnesty and free stuff, not because of ‘climate change’.
        /Mr Lynn

        • “The Dems may get the majority of self-described Hispanics to vote for them, because they support amnesty and free stuff, not because of ‘climate change’.”
          Advantage Dems and thus CAGW.
          Makes things like Paris progress all the more meaningless.

      • All the more reason to get a Republican in the White House, and hold his feet to the skeptical fire.
        AFAIK, only Ted Cruz has publicly proclaimed he is a skeptic.
        /Mr Lynn

    • This administration has already stated that they will mandate US climate measures by skirting Constitutional treaty requirements.

  22. Don’t expect that to emerge from the PR and media coverage.
    With contradictions in silence, they will hype impending doom and glorify the valient at COP21.

  23. My expectation is that a lot of countries will sign up for this insanity. They’ll be backed into a corner via pressure from the United States and the prodigious negotiation skills of President Obama, anxious to leave office with both a legacy, and a brand new job at the United Nations running their Climate Enforcement division waiting for him. I expect, given Obama’s track record, that the agreement will look something like:
    Countries will self inspect to ensure they are meeting their commitments
    Countries suspected of circumventing their self inspection regime will be given a 3 month advance warning of an impending audit.
    In order for an audit to proceed, evidence must be presented proving what the results of the audit will be, even though the audit hasn’t been done and is the only way to actually verify anything.
    Countries who feel that the audit is unreasonable, will be able to appeal to a 5 country arbitration committee, such committee to be made up of themselves and at least two of their allies, which will vote on the need for an audit
    The agreements will be signed by puffed up plastic officials with great fanfare, while the actual dictators running the countries will repudiate it (which the media will ignore).
    Everyone will go home and do whatever they were going to do in the first place

  24. “Everyone will go home and do whatever they were going to do in the first place.” Yep.
    “…a brand new job at the United Nations running their Climate Enforcement division…” Yep, my thoughts exactly.
    The only thing is, he will be less and less credible as time goes on…

  25. Jairam Ramesh, minister of the environment under the previous prime minister, Manmohan Singh, told NYT’s Eduardo Porter yesterday: “By 2030 India’s coal consumption could triple or quadruple” and Fairfax Australia’s AFR has a piece today admitting “South-east Asia and India the mainstays of Australia’s future coal exports” on the IEA’s projections, which see Australia regaining the mantle of the world’s largest coal exporter from Indonesia by 2020 as surging domestic demand in south-east Asia absorbs more of that regions’ coal production.
    meanwhile, that RENOWNED climate activist DiCaprio has flown to India:
    9 Nov: Tech Times: Katrina Pascual: Leonardo DiCaprio Visits India To Witness Impact Of Climate Change
    The ***renowned climate activist held extensive discussions with experts and local townsfolk about the links between poverty and climate change, as well as promoted renewable energy sources in the area…
    DiCaprio, who visited New Delhi and then proceeded to Kheladi village in Mewat, Haryana, also attended a conference with Delhi-based organization Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) delving on climate change’s effects…
    According to Chandra Bhushan, deputy director general at CSE, the per-capita emission of the U.S. per year would be 12 tons while the European Union’s would be five by 2030. **“Americans need to scale down their lifestyles,” Bhushan warned…
    ***DiCaprio scale down his lifestyle? not when there’s a casino opening to attend in Macau:
    27 Oct: LA Times: Julie Makinen: Did a Chinese casino really just pay $70 million for a 15-minute Martin Scorsese film?
    Did a Chinese casino really just spend $70 million on a 15-minute film/advertisement directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio?
    That was the eye-popping number that started circulating last year even before a trailer for “The Audition” was released online in January. Outlets including Page Six, quoting anonymous sources, said the actors pulled in a cool $13 million each for the gig — though the whole thing only took less than a week to shoot…
    On Tuesday, as Melco Crown Entertainment threw open the doors to its $3.2-billion Hollywood-themed casino resort called Studio City in Macau, Scorsese, De Niro and ***DiCaprio were on hand for a red-carpet event…

    • meanwhile, that RENOWNED climate activist DiCaprio has flown to India:
      This particular tactic amuses me to no end. There’s an saying about lawyers and the law. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound the table. Well there is a corollary in marketing.
      When your product has a functionality advantage, sell on functionality.
      When your product has a cost advantage, sell on cost.
      When your product has neither cost nor functionality advantages, get a celebrity endorsement.

  26. every night on TV we have a program trying to convince us – to frighten us about insects, what going to happen to animals, trees, etc …….. so they want us to feel guilty if we do not adhere

  27. Not only have Politicians and central bankers to find a way to wean the world off loose money and QE, they need to find a way to draw back from the cAGW scam without pushing the globe into another recession. They are almost damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.
    To commit the developed world to the reduction of CO2 on the scale suggested would be economic suicide, and would have drastic consequences, but so too would simply declaring that cAGW is a scam and will no longer be supported.
    There are so many large companies and banks very heavily invested in the market that a pull back would have serious consequences for those companies and financial institutions. It might make the sub-prime mortgage issue look like small beer. Don’t forget that this is a multi billion, possibly even a trillion dollar industry worldwide, and to withdraw tax payer subsidies of that extent is bound to have knock on effects.
    It is just possible that Politicians are aware of this, but have not yet been able to formulate an exit strategy and therefore need to give the appearance that the bandwagon rolls on but without doing anything of substance, or perhaps I am ascribing too much intelligence to the beast.

  28. Not only have Politicians and central bankers to find a way to wean the world off loose money and QE, they need to find a way to draw back from the cAGW sc*m without pushing the globe into another recession. They are almost damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.
    To commit the developed world to the reduction of CO2 on the scale suggested would be economic suicide, and would have drastic consequences, but so too would simply declaring that cAGW is a sc*m and will no longer be supported.
    There are so many large companies and banks very heavily invested in the market that a pull back would have serious consequences for those companies and financial institutions. It might make the sub-prime mortgage issue look like small beer. Don’t forget that this is a multi billion per year, possibly even a trillion dollar industry worldwide, and to withdraw tax payer subsidies of that extent is bound to have knock on effects.
    It is just possible that Politicians are aware of this, but have not yet been able to formulate an exit strategy and therefore they need to give the appearance that the bandwagon rolls on, but without doing anything of substance, a deal which is aspirational in nature with wishy washy targets and devoid of legal consequence that can be sold to MSM and the greens to keep the wheels on the bandwagon and keep it rolling on. Or perhaps, I am ascribing too much intelligence to the beast.

    • Richard
      “They are almost damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.”
      Strike out “almost” and I agree. I track money flow. Since the end of last year and continuing into this year there has been a net flow out of nasdaq and s&p. Later time I saw this was pre housing crisis.
      Obviously, the current leadership doesn’t want a bubble pop prior to next November so insiders may be getting out while a the market is held up.
      Can’t prove it because I’m not an insider but it’s the most realistic scenario to me.
      Other sidebar trends are occurring. Traditional commodities have completed there multi-year cycle and the slow accumulation (buying has reappeared) aka Soros buying coal.
      Top tier realtors are encouraging their sellers to not quibble over pricing.
      I’ve never really thought about the effect of investment money leaving the green machine, but I do now. Thanks for the insight. Btw, that’s how crashes happen. They happen because people don’t see it coming and think all will be the same.
      I’m no pro, just a guy refusing to be poor and trying to see the world for what it is.

  29. Paris – just another expensive talkfest:
    11 Nov: Financial Times: Paris climate deal will not be a legally binding treaty
    by Demetri Sevastopulo in Norfolk, Virginia, and Pilita Clark in London
    John Kerry, US secretary of state, has warned that December’s Paris climate change talks will not deliver a “treaty” that legally requires countries to cut their carbon emissions, exposing international divisions over how to enforce a deal.
    He said it would contain measures that would drive a “significant amount of investment” towards a low-carbon global economy. But he stressed there were “not going to be legally binding reduction targets like Kyoto”, a reference to the 1997 Kyoto protocol…

    • Yup, it’s all about money, and always has been, with the movement well supported by a seemingly endless supply of rabid useful idiots.

  30. Our beloved PM Trudeau Junior will ensure that Canada, with 1% of the “pollution” willbear most of the cost…

      • Perhaps morbid humor on my part.
        So Canada pays more annnnnnnd since we don’t have a pipeline they increase shipments via rail.
        Pretty risky trade off in threat to da people’s made by the world’s leaders.
        Such stupid decision making over a made up risk.
        Clankity clank
        Clankity clank.

  31. Crossing party lines: no political push works unless one can appeal across ideological lines. When ‘liberals’ like myself talk about how the global warming business is going to hurt poor people the most, I am concerned about the welfare of these people. I can warn ‘liberals’ that their push for the poor is being destroyed by their belief we are going to roast to death unless we freeze the poor, for example.
    But all this is in vain if people on the right can’t see how their own actions isolate themselves! Mocking basic fundamental rights and actions of the left that improved the lives of say, women, means people are turned off of this message and they will reject anything and anyone the right endorses if this means losing basic human civil rights.
    The mockery I got here when pointing this gently out is revealing. Being haughty and snide while attacking my suggestion reveals the ideological hatred of anything ‘liberal’ which is a big, big turn-off. When pushing for a coalition to support a change of direction, one has to be flexible on other elements. This is how movements are created, by appealing to the middle.

    • emsnews
      Coming out against a catastrophic global warming that is a political fantasy of the socialist Democratic party, (it is just a huge Poop Swastika used to smear Republicans) is really big of you. I bet you think it would be reasonable to compromise — you know some solution halfway between socialist fantasy and science?
      Saying that the Republican party is against birth control is a Poop Swastika. Painting the political fringe as mainstream Republicanism is a favorite Poop Swastika of people like you.
      Implying that all the actions of the Democratic Party improve the lives of women and all the actions of the Republican Party harm women is a Poop Swastika. The inner cities have been under the control of the Democratic Party for at least fifty years. Crime? Education? Drugs? Welfare mothers? etc. Have any of those things improved? They have all gotten worse. There we have seen the “revealed” wisdom of the Democratic party at work Why doesn’t the Democratic Party tout its successes in the inner cities as a reason to vote Democratic instead of concentrating on spreading Poop Swastikas about Republicans?
      No one is mocking you here. Pointing out what reality is to someone not living in it is not mockery.
      Reminding you that forty years ago when you were suing school boards that those boards were composed of elected Democrats — that it was Democrats who stood in the school house door — and pointing out that you never mention that but always leave the impression it was Republican you were suing — well, is that mockery??? The old Jim Crow south was solidly Democratic and reform didn’t come until Republicans began making inroads. So is telling that truth making a mockery of you?
      Eugene WR Gallun

    • Declaring something to be a fundamental right, doesn’t make it one.
      Nothing that has to be provided by others can ever be a fundamental right, unless you are of the belief that enslaving others to serve you is acceptable.
      BTW, going out of your way to insult those who don’t accept your distortions of reality is hardly “pointing this out gently”. But considering the fact that most leftists want to send to prison those who disagree with them …

  32. No doubt the forthcoming COP 21 conference will have many enlivening moments, but after all the platitudes, beatitudes and pieties have been fulsomely expressed by the assembled troughers, I’m looking forward to the business end of it, the bit where pledges of funds are made.
    The target of $100 billion a year, which UN Climate Change supremo Christiana Fugueres recently described as “peanuts”, should theoretically therefore be easy to raise. However, while this may not be very much gravy by the standards of a UN salary train, it may be enough to cause dyspepsia among certain financially beleaguered nations, i.e. most of the nations on Earth.
    It will be instructive to view the contents of the hat after it’s been passed around the room for a whip-round. At best I can see a bunch of loose change, some Weimar Republic deutschmarks, a Zimbabwean trillion dollar note (= 1 hamburger), some Monopoly bills, a bunch of IOU’s from Europe, and one of Xi Jinping’s trouser buttons. Trumping them all, of course, will be a handwritten note from that nice Mr Barry O’Barmy, promising to keep the printing presses running over the weekend and knock out a few extra bucks for them, at least enough to finance the early planning stages of the next conference.
    To the struggling Indian villager wondering when she will have enough light to cook the the family curry over the smoking dung fire in her living room I say, “Patience, my dear. Much more important people than you are gathered together to delay your illumination indefinitely, in the interests of you and your children, and your children’s children.” I can already hear her two-word response ringing in my ears.

  33. Frankly I think that other than a lot of dead tress , used to print out all the BS it generates , and welcome boast to Paris’s high end hotels and rental outlets at the tax payers expense , what will come out is the oxymoron of claims that it was a ‘great success ‘ and claims that ‘it was not enough’ and we are still doomed .
    My super duper models , and we know models are ‘never wrong’ , have told me the result of this meeting , they are.
    Indian , no but shows us the money
    China, yes but shows us the money and by yes we mean no
    USA, Obama , yes but in practice its never going to get implemented and we can always blame the republicans
    Russia, no and ‘pi** off ‘
    Africa/South America , shows us the money
    Europe, we can promise the world but cannot give you a deliver date
    Asia, no , yes’ish , no , yes’ish , and a bag of peanuts , and shows us the money
    Has with this year was ‘ALWAYS ‘ going to be the hottest on record , no matter what the facts were , the script for Paris has already been written it remains only for it to be read out .

  34. A far more positive (if that is the correct word) picture is being given however by the British press , as illustrated by the article today from one of the daily telegraph’s main journalists , Ambrose Evans-Pritchard .
    He has been expressing admiration of China’s defeat of CO2 pollution by its transformation to renewables as a source of energy for quite a while and now is attacking Saudi Arabia’s oil price policy and along the way predicting the near extinction of fossil fuels by 2040 .
    Just one excerpt will give the flavour :
    -“The next leap foward in technology is going to be in energy storage. Teams of scientists at Harvard, MIT and the world’s elite universities are in a race to slash the cost of batteries – big and small – and overcome the curse of intermittency for wind and solar.
    A team in Cambridge says it has cracked the technology for lithium-air batteries that cut costs by four-fifths and enable car journeys of hundreds of miles on a single charge. By the time we reach 2040, it is a fair bet the only petrol cars still on the road will be relics, if they can find fuel at all.
    “Everything will be electrified. The internal combustion engine is a dead-end. We all know that, and the car companies ought to know that,” said one official handling the COP21 talks. ” –
    His reputation as a journalist was damaged for some people by constantly claiming the exit of Greece from the euro and the collapse of the euro itself , whereas in fact the whole Greek default business has been relatively easily defused and presents no further problems . In this case however he is quoting in the article some impressive projections for the growth of wind and solar power, which strengthen his forecasts , so he may be on stronger ground.

    • “…enable car journeys of hundreds of miles on a single charge.” I can do that in my diesel. And then I can fill the tank again and go off for another few hundred miles while Mr electric car is sitting there waiting for his battery to charge. And in every claim of range for electric cars you then find the speed restriction required in order to eek out the range and you can forget heating or aircon.

      • Agreed , Gerry , and as someone on , I think Bishop Hill(but it may have been here) , pointed out there will not be the capacity to allow every commuter to charge his/her vehicle overnight for the morning’s commute .
        However the Govt has a cunning plan : smart meters. So, on a rolling basis, postcodes will be allowed power at different times so you will have to queue up for your charging slot and your morning tea/coffee and microwaved porridge and croissant.
        Of course there will be exceptions for essential workers like MPs, Party officials, town councillors and anyone associated with a Green movement.

    • “whereas in fact the whole Greek default business has been relatively easily defused and presents no further problems.”
      It was kicked down the road, and is in the process of re-emerging. Greek unions are now demonstrating against the cuts agreed to by the gov’t., and the IMF (one of the troika) hasn’t changed its position that it will not contribute to the bailout unless the EU agrees to debt forgiveness, which it has said it won’t do. Evans-Pritchard will have the last laugh. (PS: Portugal is now getting into the act, with its new gov’t. saying it won’t accept the austerity the previous bunch had agreed to.)
      Evans-Pritchard’s reputation will be more damaged by his gullibility about battery breakthroughs. Those things have been “on the verge” for ages, but they never make it to production. Maybe a battery that’s 50% better will be developed, but that’s not good enough to massively displace the ICE. (A much more effective battery would be an explosive hazard in a crash.)

      • Roger I was a bit surprised by the mention from AEP of significant improvements of Li based batteries . I am a member of the electrochemicals Society ( but not the battery division) and have noticed mention of the Al-ion battery as a more suitable replacement to Li – ion for storage and EVs – some of the work being done in India and China .
        There is a recent review of metal air batteries I notice :
        which suggests that improvements in this general field can be expected, but not immediately, to judge from the short extract of the abstract:
        “In the last few decades, there are some exciting developments in the field of lithium (Li)-ion batteries from small portable devices to large power system such as electric vehicles (EVs). However, the maximum energy density of lithium-ion batteries is insufficient for the extended range of EVs propulsion. On the other hand, metal-air batteries have a greater power storage capacity, a few times more than the best performing lithium-ion batteries. Mechanically rechargeable zinc (Zn)-, magnesium (Mg)-, and aluminum (Al)-air batteries are receiving increasing attention, due to the advantages of using safe, low cost and abundant materials. If successfully developed, these batteries could provide an energy source for EVs comparing that of gasoline in terms of usable energy density. Nevertheless, there are still numerous scientific and technical challenges that must be overcome, if this alluring promise can be turned into reality. ”
        interestingly , for those who in recent times have despaired of Australian science , the paper is from a university in Victoria . The authors have Indian and Chinese names . This does not of course mean that they are not Australian citizens rather than visiting post docs.

  35. Sarah’s 15 minutes of fame, plus plenty of CAGW propaganda from the writer, Jamie:
    12 Nov: New Zealand Herald: Student sues Government over climate targets
    by Jamie Morton, science reporter
    Sarah Thomson wasn’t happy with the targets the Government has set to combating climate change – so now she’s taking it to court.
    The Waikato University law student, 24, doesn’t consider herself a climate activist but felt “urgent action” was needed over climate change.
    “I guess I just saw something needed to be done and I felt like I couldn’t stand by and watch the country pretty much just do nothing.”
    ***Backed by a group of lawyers, she filed papers with the High Court this week, in a law suit believed to be the first of its kind – but today dismissed as a “joke” by Prime Minister John Key…

    • I can clearly imagine the examination of this peroffspring (must be totally non-sexist) being examined by Mr. Keys barrister about her personal activities to reduce her “carbon footprint”. The hypocrisy she exhibits should make her a pariah in all civilised communities. Unless she uses no more fossil energy products than the world average she does not have a leg to stand on as she is suing the wrong peroffspring which should be herself.

    • Too funny. I recall a good few years ago a “political science” student tried to sue Parliament House (The Beehive) because the seats were not the right size for her “ample figure”. She lost!

  36. The reality is that the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans and no one knows how we can possibly change it. There is evidence that the climate sensitivity of CO2 actually equals zero but the IPCC will not admit it for fear of losing their funding. There are many good reasons to be conserving on the use of fossil fuels but climate change is not one of them. The real ecological problem is Man’s out of control population in a world of finite space and finite resources but the meetings are not about that.

    • The solution to that is birth control which happens to be a liberal issue, they support this. The GOP is against this.
      See how the two extremes clash? Both are quite illogical.

      • emsnews
        You just can’t see your own goosestep Democratic Party bias.
        The GOP is a political party that has a manifesto. Nowhere does the GOP come out against birth control. Therefore when you say the GOP is against birth control you are lying. Or you are just dog dumb. The GOP political party takes no such stand.
        It would be a safe bet that most of those who are against birth control are ardent Catholics — and ardent Catholics populate both the Democratic and Republican party. So using your ludicrous standard it is safe to say that both the Democratic and Republican parties are against birth control because both have small numbers of members who oppose it.
        You keep blindly making these Poop Swastika smears against Republicans Don’t you ever stop to think about what is coming out of your mouth???
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • Unfortunately for you, the real world shows that there is no correlation between the availability of birth control and the number of babies being born.

    • Population growth is not out of control and never was. In fact it’s slowing down and will stop in a few more decades.
      Regardless, the earth could easily support 10 to 20 times more humans than we have at present.

      • The you tell me, what is the optimum human population and what exactly is controlling it? We are already way over the amount required to live well and perpetuate our species. 20 times more humans means that each of us will have only .05 times the amount of space we now enjoy and Mankind will require 20 times our current resource usage. When we reach 20 times what is going to stop our population from increasing even further? Then what about other species on this planet? Our already huge numbers have caused drastic habitat loss and even extinction for many other species. I would understand if we had other worlds to populate but we don’t.

      • Agreed: And willhass’ rhetorical question, which seeks to imply we should limit the mankind species, is short sighted. Education and a higher standard of living has been shown to limit polulation increases… as you can see all of the major population growth is in the poorest of countries where living standards are very low. I have a good solution. Let’s increase the CO2 in our atmosphere, which will increase bio-life and so called diversity… More stuff of life, which the anti humans camp has flat wrong.

  37. US Says Paris Deal Will Not be Binding
    US secretary of state John Kerry has warned that December’s Paris climate change talks will not deliver a “treaty” that legally requires countries to cut their carbon emissions.
    The EU and other countries have long argued that the accord should be an international treaty with legally-binding measures to cut emissions. But in an interview with the Financial Times, Kerry insisted the agreement was “definitively not going to be a treaty.” He said it would contain measures that would drive a significant amount of investment towards a low-carbon global economy. But he stressed there were not going to be legally binding reduction targets like Kyoto. (The Kyoto treaty failed to stop emissions rising.) The US signed but failed to ratify that treaty, largely because it did not cover China.
    The Paris deal is supposed to cover all countries, but Mr Kerry’s comments underline the differences between the US and other nations over how to shift billions of dollars of investment away from fossil fuels and towards “greener” energy sources.

    • Kerry also knows that any treaty coming out of Paris will not be ratified by the current Senate and that would give Obama another failure, this one coming in his last year. Once again it is politics over substance.

  38. Don’t trust the claim that these talks will be a ‘failure’.
    That’s a standard leftist tactic to disarm the opposition. What it means is ‘the fix is in’.
    Remember, they proclaim a promise of a hundred billion dollars a year was made at the ‘failed’ 2011 COP.
    Look at the harm they’ve done with no more than the ‘motherhood statement’ of ‘the precautionary principle’.
    These meetings are an ongoing threat to the people of the world. We must actively campaign against politicians who attend, and parties that support these collusions against the public interest.
    Make sure they know climate campaigning is the end of their political career.

    • Leo,
      That’s exactly what I thought when I read it. They have set the bar so low that anything ‘accomplished’ will be trumpeted as a win.
      If we assume that anything they say has an ulterior motive, we can’t really go wrong…

  39. these talks to deliver final solutions
    Oh dear, yes, the Warmistas ARE looking for a “final solution”. We all know how well this will end.

    • At least their “final solution” is funny: they press a red button and skeptic children explode.
      Well, they thought it was funny anyway.

  40. People’s Climate March
    … and a little Mao to boot!
    What a sad but overt statement of the Watermelon ideology – sneak communism in under the guise of enviromentalism [sic].

    • How many actually turn up to these marches in reality? Even more so when it is cold, snowing or pouring with rain.

  41. What cannot be justified by the science may be won in the street. They pin their hopes on astroturf pressure and a friendly echo chamber. We will see.

  42. The Paris Climate Conference will not be a failure. It will end up with a global “Accord”, after having been extended a couple of days.
    The fact that this accord will not be binding will be of secondary importance. The “historic” Paris Accord will provide all that is necessary to make sure the climate change meme goes on. Political leaders will be under pressure from the green lobbies and most of the media to take measures to meet the non-binding Paris targets.
    Climate skeptics will continue to be ignored and/or ridiculed, and generally left to talk between themselves.
    The end of the climate change collective histeria is not in sight.

    • “The fact that this accord will not be binding will be of secondary importance. The “historic” Paris Accord will provide all that is necessary to make sure the climate change meme goes on. Political leaders will be under pressure from the green lobbies and most of the media to take measures to meet the non-binding Paris targets.”
      Yes. (And to pay into the climate change slush fund.)

  43. rishrac November 12, 2015 at 6:55 am
    “However, the accounting for the amount of co2 in the atmosphere, the amount that is sinking, the amount that is produced doesn’t match.”
    If you work the numbers on IPCC AR5 Figure 6.1 you will discover that anthro C is partitioned 57/43 between natural sequestration and atmospheric retention. (555 – 240 = 315 PgC & 240/555) IMO this arbitrary partition was “assumed” in order to “prove” (i.e. make the numbers work) that anthro C was solely/90% responsible for the 112 ppmv atmos CO2 increase between 1750 – 2011. C is not CO2.
    PgC * 3.67 = PgCO2 * 0.1291 = ppmv atmospheric CO2
    IPCC AR5 Figure 6.1
    FF & Land Use Source…….8.9……….4.22
    Ocean & Land Sink…………4.9……… 2.32
    Net Source.…………………..4.0……….1.90
    If the anthro 8.9 Pg C/y (4.2 ppmv CO2/y) suddenly vanishes the natural cycle that remains would be a constant sink of 2.3 ppmv CO2/y. Reverse extrapolation (GCMs & RCPs apply forward extrapolation) calculates that 121 years in the past (278 ppmv CO2/2.3 ppmv CO2) or the year 1629 (1750-121) atmos CO2 would have been 0, zero, nadda, zip, nowhere to be found.
    Oh, what a tangled web we weave!
    The 8.9 Pg of anthro C simply vanishes in earth’s 45,000 plus Pg C cauldron of stores and fluxes. Mankind’s egoistic, egocentric, conceit means less than nothing to the earth, the solar system and the universe.

  44. What a heady wave of optimism to a Paris failure. Since Canada and Australia have been transplanted firmly to the climate change activist side… I would have to call such optimism premature wishful thinking.
    Scientific facts will not stop ideological and political fanatics and their fantasies. We can win all the scientific battles and still lose the world political battle. The masses will still be driven by warm fuzzy feelings and decide things by a popularity vote. GK

  45. I heard John Holdren on late night radio last night. He said we are out of the “cautionary stage” and into the “catastrophic stage”. The Apocalypse is upon us!

    • We could also be approaching Peak Adjective Crisis also. The number of new crisis adjectives being invented is not meeting demand by growing needs of scare communique writers and their policy weaver masters.

      • They’ll have to start making up new words to describe the horrors we face. That’s why I now own, .net and .org

    • He may be correct but not in the manner he expects , if the latest news from Putin’s nuclear arsenal is correct:
      Apparently whilst cobalt bombs are certainly not new concepts, the construction of an effective stealth delivery system maybe.:
      -“Rossiskaya Gazeta also hinted it may well be intended purely as a deterrent. “Experts believe cobalt bombs cannot be used as strike weapons … because of the risk of totally destroying the planet’s biosphere,” the paper noted.
      “But it could be considered a deterrent … guaranteeing a return strike with all the power of Russia’s nuclear forces even if all command points and the country’s leadership have been destroyed.” “-
      But of course compared to a 0.5C rise in global temperature total annihilation of the biosphere is a prospect so trivial it is only right that Obama and Kerry should not waste time thinking about it.

  46. Paris is all good for activists, they can spin it either way. Failure in Paris is all the more reason to scream louder, people to donate more money, and the poor to be further marginalized in averting impending doom. Or they can spin an infinitesimal sliver of progress as small but important progress requiring much higher donations to come to full fruition. Ugh. Yes climate activism smells worse than a clogged sewer.
    But their approach is endemic to their species. Successful reformists get the changes they want and then call it a day and go home. Activists want to be funded in perpetuity much like local and national governments.

  47. Knowing that there is no escape from THE FOUR LAWS WITHOUT WHICH NOTHING WHATSOEVER IN THE UNIVERSE THAT HAPPENS, HAPPENS – and cannot be overruled by edicts from whoever, be it Dalai Lama, Pope, Obama, Merkel, IMF, UN, EU, IPCC, PIK, the Supreme Court, EPA, or anyone, it is high time to remember Alexius Meinong: TRUTH IS A PURELY HUMAN CONSTRUCT BUT FACTS ARE ETERNAL. My result of following this tenet is: Knowing that there is no escape from THE FOUR LAWS WITHOUT WHICH NOTHING WHATSOEVER IN THE UNIVERSE THAT HAPPENS, HAPPENS – and cannot be overruled by edicts from whoever, be it Dalai Lama, Pope, Obama, Merkel, IMF, UN, EU, IPCC, PIK, the Supreme Court, EPA, or anyone, it is high time to remember Alexius Meinong: TRUTH IS A PURELY HUMAN CONSTRUCT BUT FACTS ARE ETERNAL. My result of following this tenet is:

    • That article is several years old and appears to have been dredged up for Paris. It seems to be mainly about Eric Rignot’s pension – the incredibly slow motion ‘collapse’ of ice sheets. We may have to wait tens of millennia to see the time-lapse movie.
      They don’t tell you that the Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island is a relic of the last glaciation and that hasn’t finished melting despite having had 20,000 years to do so.

  48. Al Gore has promised to be at COP21 from start to finish.
    Is there anyway to invest in parkas, mukluks, and tire snow chains in Paris?

    • Just in case any one is worried , St Gore will of course not to mix with the ordinary folk in his flight over , he wil be one of the many that will make use of private jets , so we can all sleep easy now.

    IF you are interested in seeing whats coming before it hits mainstream, this is a good source.
    I think there is a free trial if you like.
    For instance, I saw this morning that there were a few projections on topics to be discussed in Paris as well as green group plans to block oil by rail to the Pacific NW in the US.

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