UN IPCC climate head Rajendra Pachauri resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

From the “the hornier they are the harder they fall” department: The head of the United Nations climate change panel (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, has stepped down amid sexual harassment allegations.


Pachauri and his “smutty” romance novel

The BBC reports as of 12 noon GMT today:

The head of the United Nations climate change panel (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, has stepped down amid sexual harassment allegations.

A spokesman for Mr Pachauri told the IPCC that he had resigned from his position with immediate effect.

Indian police are investigating a complaint from a 29-year-old woman working in Mr Pachauri’s office in Delhi.

Mr Pachauri has denied the allegations.

Lawyers for the woman say the harassment included unwanted emails as well as text and phone messages.

On Monday, the 74-year-old had pulled out of a high-level IPCC meeting in Kenya because of “issues demanding his attention in India”, as an IPCC spokesman put it.

The IPCC has since confirmed that the meeting will instead be chaired by its vice-president Ismail El Gizouli.

Mr Pachauri had chaired the IPCC since 2002. In 2007 he collected the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the organisation for its work in the scientific assessment of the risks and causes of climate change.

We all knew it was simply a matter of time.

h/t to WUWT readers John V. Wright and Harold Ambler

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No great loss.

couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


… or a more sinister character.


This did NOT make the front page news at the New York Times.
Unlike the hit piece on Dr. Soon, this was buried in the back pages!


That was, in fact, the objective of the Soon piece, to divert attention from Pachauri’s scandal.
And, btw, let us please keep in mind that these are “big players” swimming in money and living up the high life. There is a chance Pachauri has been stabbed in the back in some form of coup d’etat. I myself prefer this option because it means no women (two, so far) would have been assaulted by the creep.

Whatever we may think of him from afar as a somewhat comical and arrogant character let us remember that this is all alleged and he is innocent until proven guilty.


Well, Tonyb, considering the people he associates with, he will remain innocent after proven guilty.
And if things work out as they have with FOIA requests, he might yet go on a world tour to brag about his repugnant actions while lecturing other perverts on how to get away with it.


Let’s see if his Anthony Weiner defence holds up. Ten years or more of perverted text message advances directed at women young enough to be his grandchildren.
Advances at married women. Offers of pool memberships.
I’m assuming there will be a trail of women who succumbed to his predation, who were then shamed into silence.
But those receipts for pool parties… hee hee heh.
No, he ain’t getting away.
I urge his other victims to swallow their tears, confess to their significant others, then ram this creep into the dirt where he belongs.


Indeed. Just imagine the “green” pressure on those women at this very moment. They will try to force them to drop the charges and, failing that, at least the will put the fear of god into the minds of other victims that are considering speaking up.
It’s repugnant.
To our resident trolls, could you please engage so we get to find out the instructions you’ve been handed from the “experts” and others that tell you what to think and do because they claim “to know better than you”?


As such, you know that the NYT is in the bag for the redistributionist/alarmist money seekers.
But….you already knew that didn’t you?….:-)


Please elaborate, Scott.


I enjoy a little schadenfreude, but is it really fair to photoshop the guys picture to make him look like a Halloween decoration?




This guy looks like the mad monk Rasputin.
Would you trust you future energy policy to someone like this?
I’m sure Al Gore will find a place for him in his organization.

We can only wonder for now what strange hobbies the new acting chair Ismail El Gizouli has. Mind you, it will be difficult to top Pachauri’s sideline of writing soft pornographic fiction.

A day in the office of the IPCC… 🙂



50 Shades of Green is his next novel hear.

Eugene WR Gallun

haha, nice
Eugene WR Gallun

Steve E

Jimbo, I always thought it was this forum. 😉


Up, up and away……………………2 women now. Let the floodgates open!

Telegraph (Calcutta, India) – 21 February 2015
‘Harasser’ who lifts staff like little girls
Rajendra Pachauri, the chief of the Nobel-winning UN climate change panel, preyed serially on women employees for at least a decade at his New Delhi-based non-profit energy organisation, senior lawyers claimed today, citing a police complaint and a testimony filed by two women.
The lawyers’ claims and interviews with two long-term employees at The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) suggest that Pachauri reigned over a culture of high-fives, hugs and other forms of physical contact that some women found loaded with sexual innuendoes….

This is going to be a long thread folks.


A culture of “high-fives and hugs”? What a monster! But then Joe Biden behaves worse than that. I hope the “other forms of physical contact” have more substance than just high-fives and hugs or this will turn out to be some kind of joke.


You would have thought that Pachy’s hobby’d be model railroading.


Appears that he would prefer railroading models.


Don’t know why but it’s a little anti-climactic (forgive the pun) I personally wanted him to resign over the really poorly presented science and the political advocacy rather than this…. but hey ho… I guess I’ll take what I can get


Gary Pearse

You can probably be sure that most, maybe all, of the world domination control stars are sexual harassers, too. I wonder what other psychological traits can be surmised for this group.


Excellent news, perhaps we can have a replacement who recognises that the climate changes naturally and that the ‘Built Environment’ and a high population must be addressed too.


Do you believe Santa claus too 🙂 There is no honest politicians. Money talks bs walks.


that, my Dear Sir, is about as likely as seeing an airborne flock of even toes ungulates.


Maybe Joe Biden is looking for a change…



M Courtney

We don’t know he’s guilty of sexual misconduct. He is only under investigation.
We do know he leads a rubbish pseudo-science club.
And he hasn’t got what he deserves for that.


@ M Courtney –
Excellent points.

He should have resigned years ago when the infiltration of his organisation by non-scientific green groups was revealed. He should have resigned years ago for all sorts of other reasons related to the work and workings of his organisation. The irony now is that he has resigned for a reason that has no direct bearing on the output of the IPCC, no direct bearing on the science or even on the politics. But then, the people who are scientific, who do care about climate science, and who have tried to question the ridiculously high levels of confidence in the IPCC reports and the ridiculously expensive “solutions” to problems that occur only in computer models and not in the real world, these peope have been subjected to relentless and merciless personal attacks and in some cases have had their careers destroyed. I do care if some women have been harmed by this man, and I do care whether justice is properly done for them, but other than that I just don’t care what happens to Mr Pachauri now. He’s gone. Good riddance. Now there are a few dozen more IPCC green activists, shonky scientists, dumb journalists and grasping politicians whose poisonous activities have been damaging too many people for too long, who need to be removed too.

We know he resigned, that says something.

2014: “0.02 Shades of Gray” by “Randy” Pachauri. A self-decapitating snake.


Surely “A 97% shade of Gray”?



If he is convicted does that mean we have a sex offender as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient?
[“sexual harassment” and “sex offender” are two different categories of crimes, Pachauri is only accused with the former -mod]

björn from sweden

What about the “sex poodle”?
Two prize winning sexoffenders.
“A masseuse has accused Al Gore, the former US vice president, of sexually assaulting her at an Oregon hotel during a global warming lecture tour in 2006.”
Alber got divorced when the news broke.
He seems like apassionate lover indeed….


Global Warming got them all hot and bothered.


Now if only more people would figure out that the IPCC has been doing to the world what Pachauri has been doing to his intern.


Well, technically, he has only been an enabler of the abuse of data.

Paul Westhaver

This action was anticipated by the NYT, which is why they threw up the “Soon” smoke and mirrors funding canard. Don’t look over here at Pachauris resignation, or the new peer reviewed attacked on the climate models, rather look over there at the Smithsonian fake story.
This is why WUWT MUST carry these so-called salacious stories about the Climate Parasites.
What a pack of despicable people in the IPCC and at the NYT.


I thought it was the fossil fuel industry that threw up the Pachauri scandal to hide the Soon story? Infiltrating female agents (“honey traps”) and all that? Anyway, who can keep his hands in their proper place with all this moral-destroying co2 in the air?
But seriously, nothing has been proved, we will have to wait until a trial. And in any case, Mr. Voodo was due for retirement in a few months time.


Since the NYT is seriously into investigating oil money then maybe it should look at the various fossil fuel funded climate change and green bodies. There are more HERE too.
As for Pachaur’s Teri taking oil money it’s just a thing of the past (while Pachauri was head of the IPCC). It’s worse than we thought!
Delhi Sustainable Development Summit
[Founded by Teri under Dr. Rajendra Pachauri chairman of the IPCC]
2011: Star Partner – Rockefeller Foundation
2007: Partners – BP
2006: Co-Associates – NTPC [coal and gas power generation] | Function Hosts – BP
2005: Associate – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, India | Co-Associate Shell


Going back to 2010, Big Oil in the form of BP, sponsored his book promotion and lots more:
“It has also emerged that Teri’s biggest single sponsor, BP India, which has provided £6million, paid for dinner and drinks at an event publicising Dr Pachauri’s debut novel. A BP spokesman said it was entirely legitimate to fund the dinner, the company having enjoyed a “long association with Dr Pachauri”.


Pachauri has had a long standing relationship with the oil industry. According to his Teri profile he has served on the:
• Board of Directors of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (2006 to 2009)
• Board of Directors of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (1999 to 2003)
• Strategic Planning Group on Restructuring Oil Industry, (‘R’ Group), Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (1994-1996),
In 2005, while head of the IPCC, Pachauri founded the now defunct residual oil extraction technology company called GloriOil (Now known as Glori Energy – Pachauri is no longer linked to the company).


Teri used to be called tata energy research institute because it was initially funded by the big indian conglomerate tata. Tata is also a major player in the indian energy sector. I dont have an idea as to how tata evolved into “the”. Maybe readers could tell us.


AGW/Climate change politics is all about controlling and taxing the use of oil, thereby controlling the catt…I mean humans. If it was about science, IPCC would have been dumped a long ago.

DD More

Interesting to note Pach’s story of hacked computer sending e-mails and Dr Soon’s hacked computer sending out Twitter feeds. Cause & Effect? Enquiring Minds want to know.


Pachauri is telling porky pies about his hacked email account. The woman said this has been going on since 2013. If someone wanted to give Patchy trouble why didn’t they just leak his emails – a bit like Climategate. How do you hack handwriting? Yeah, I know there are experts but a hacker expert too!! LOL.


“Yeah, I know there are experts but a computer hacker expert too!!”

George Tetley

But is he not a railway train driver ?


No, an engineer building railways.
If he was as good at building railways as he was at running the IPCC I doubt if he would have risked driving a train on one of his creations.


“Never marry a railroad man”
Mariska Veres and the Shocking Blue


He is a railway signal man of the highest caliber.

Reblogged this on Aussiedlerbetreuung und Behinderten – Fragen and commented:
Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!

John V. Wright

I have to say folks that submitting a story to my favourite blog and seeing it make the lead is just one of the best feelings there is. Thanks to Anthony and the mods and all the contributors for all the good work you do here. There is a little army of (well-read) supporters who quietly applaud your efforts every day from afar (in this case, the UK). And yes, Phil, at 5.07am – no loss whatsoever.


This is entertaining news, but as I have indicated elsewhere, I am so looking forward to the Bollywood blockbuster –
“Two if by Gravy Train”
*Staring Rajendra Pachauri*
”Their passion would melt the Himalayan Glaciers”

Oscar Bajner

Mr Pachauri has denied the allegations.

Not only a sleazeball, but a denier too! Quick, tattoo something on his forehead,
the mark of the yeast, inform the Grauniard, there is a denier on the loose,
or maybe it’s just another version of Elvis has left the building?

Holy Watermelons, Pachauri says that climate change is his religion in his resignation statement.

Paul Westhaver

7Kiwi… This is a very important observation. Thanks!
Pachauri says ” For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than my mission, it is my religion.”
It is one thing for religious people to engage in science like Mendel, Copernicus and Newton etc. It is quite another for a so-called scientist to make his science a religion. This has been my central argument with the AGW wack-jobs for the past 10 years. They are religious adherents, corrupting the idea of science to promote their wealth-sharing eco-religion. Now he admits it!
What a-holes!


Well spotted:
This has got to be publicised, Head of IPCC declares Global Warming / Climate Change to be a religion.


If anyone thinks this is some sort of “victory for our side”, think again. The man has been successfully played; the ball is still firmly in the alarmist’s hands.
Of course a new chair of the IPCC will be needed. The organization will select the right person, and nothing will have changed.
Think about it: suppose the manufacturer of salty snacks needs a new CEO. The organization is going to select someone who believes in the current business, not some health food nut. The IPCC needs a new chair; they’re hardly likely to select Steve McIntyre because the cultures don’t fit. Instead, they’ll go to someone with the necessary skills for running an organization and has the appropriate cultural fit for the organization.
I’m not shedding any tears for Pachauri. If a person writes soft porn novels and there is the allegation of sexual harassment… well, you become what you think about. But as visible as he is, he is only a bit player.


Lighten up. we need as much ridicule as possible and it wasn’t created by ‘sceptics’.


Indeed , like any UN body its primer task is to ensure its own survival , so any replacement will be of the very same type to ‘ensure the IPCC keeps meeting its objectives ‘


You are right of course, but on the other hand Mr. P and IPCC loses the blaze of glory which I’m sure the media had in store for his planned resignation soon to come. Notwithstanding he has not been a prime asset of the alarmists lately, but he could still be useful for a final publicity stunt.


The new chair of the IPCC should be a woman.
a woman.with passion

Jim in spring has finally sprung south london

Shes not exactly [trimmed] .
[She was harassed. Enough said. .mod]


A shrike!

I stopped as I heard “we are going to need more and more global government muscle”
Totalitarianism has no gender.

Like it or not, Robertv is on target. Christiana Figueres is in effect the executive director of the organization that controls the IPCC. The IPCC is clearly in failure mode. It would be irresponsible if she did not do whatever is necessary to guarantee its survival. .

Oh Donna!
The delinquent teenager grabs for more.
See “Pachauri Defrocked”, at http://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2010/09/01/pachauri-defrocked/ (September 1, 2010).

Non Nomen

I am not sorry that the Pachauri train derailed. I’m sorry for the victim. And I’m angry because a man with such a somehow bent character could have been placed into office.
And I will apologize if the allegations turn out to be completely false.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the alarmistas start placing rumors that the lady might have been paid by some opposing, sceptic force or even the Koch bros. and it was a honeypot.


My thought exactly 🙂 I do hope they will make these claims, and that the ensuing court case ends with a conviction.
But this story has some ingredients of an old-fashioned spy-tale, honeytraps and all, maybe Mr. Gleick will come forward to take on the task? No lack of imagination there, and for the juicier stuff, who better qualified than the defendant?

There is damning pysical evidence in the form of retained emails, including the victim insisting on cease and desist. Pauchuri did not deny they existed. He claimed he was hacked and they were not from him. That is when two other past victims stepped forward with sworn accounts now reported by India Times. From there, it was 24 hous to his resignation. The ongoing police investigation is criminal, not civil, law.

Pat Frank

Pachauri’s explanation of fabricated emails and texts, etc., of course, also explains the UAE FOIA emails. They’re all fabrications. All of them.
Phil Jones never wrote that he used Mike’s nature trick or would downwardly revise the peer-review system, Mike Mann never wrote that he’d contact others about deleting emails, Kevin Trenberth never wrote about explanatory travesties. The whole gemisch was a cynical fabrication, including Harry ReadMe.
That explains everything. Evil denier fabricators funded by big oil, besmirching the pure-as-the-driven-snow, want-only-what’s-best-for-humanity, laboring-in-altruistic-poverty climate researchers.

Go on Pachauri – burn them all down, for how they treated you. Write a total expose on the rotten core of the climate establishment! 🙂

The job description said he would be required to study models……


Models have curves….


So it’s settled – if model railroads’ tracks curve upwards too much (like, say, a hockey stick) gravy trains go off the rails worse than we thought.


IPCC business as usual. On the other hand MSM will love it. Lots of talk on blogs whether the man is the organisation. I think it’s funny. Looking forward to how it pans out.

The other Phil

We’ve known it was a religion, not science. Thank-you Pachauri for admitting it.


I am surprised he hasn’t blamed gorebul warming ” made me do it”


Perhaps “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a more appropriate excuse.


So said by an ancestor of the Vice-Chancellor of University of East Anglia. Oh, the irony ….


Mark Styen has a spot-on (and humorous) wirte-up:
“Fake Nobel Laureate Facing Sex Arrest for Wandering Hockey Stick”
From the article:
“Now, on the whole, I’m not one to go in for guilt by association: The fact that Michael E Mann’s boss at the IPCC is facing sex charges for harassing women is no more relevant than the fact that Michael E Mann’s boss at Penn State – Graham Spanier, the guy who hired him – is under indictment for obstruction of justice, failure to report child abuse, and child endangerment.
But guilt by association is the entire modus operandi of Mann’s Big Climate enforcers. They clobbered poor old Lennart Bengtsson, one of the most respected men in his field, simply for having the temerity to associate with Nigel Lawson. They’re currently taking the tire-iron to Willie Soon for taking money from fossil-fuel corporations. You mean, like the head of the IPCC took money from a fossil-fuel corp for the sex-book launch that emboldened him to try out his character’s best lines on real-life gals? Or is that kind of fossil-fuel money okay?”


From the Steyn article above:
“But you can understand why a guy who’s spent the entire 21st century insisting cooling is evidence of warming might well conclude that, when it comes to the IPCC office party, no means yes”

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

I find that Mark Steyn is very often spot-on and almost always humorous. He is also an increasingly lonely champion for freedom of speech, whether discussing climate research or administration policy (any administration; take your puke pick).
He is definitely the point man in standing up to the climate gang, most notably the thin-skinned and litigious Michael Mann. You can support him by buying books, coffee mugs, or gift certificates at The Steyn Store . You may enjoy a good feeling, and if you buy one of his books you should get a good laugh or two to go with it.
I have come to believe it is very important for the future of the climate debate to keep Steyn in the battle.


“I have come to believe it is very important for the future of the climate debate to keep Steyn in the battle.”
I agree 100%. I bought both of his books as a show of support.

M E Wood

Sorry gentlemen, that is an Ice Hockey Stick not the kind of field hockey they play in India. That stick is curved and bent.

Would have been interested if he had stepped down because of science fraud. Correlation between a-hole and fraudulent scientist does not equal causation though. An Inconvenient truth I know.


Since everything they’ve ever done has been an orchestrated pack of lies, I’m assuming this is business as usual. He’s stepping down without having to admit to the world what a scientific fraud this whole exercise was. I can see why he would exit via the open back door, so to speak. What world class slimeball is next up?


Climate change causes increased creepy behavior, with overtones of molestation. Raj is a victim of skyrocketing CO2.


Don’t forget about the “increased risk of middle aged male suicide” we read about a few days back…

Pamela Gray

This whole story is about as distasteful as you can get. Yes it had to be revealed and all that. But the stain it leaves on science and those who wish to practice it honorably and without bias must now scrub this putrid stench off, indeed if that can be done.


Pamela Gray
Actually it is not a bad thing. It may effect the IPCC but not science. Pachauri will be linked with the IPCC. The man is not the organisation but the MSM will not separate it. Those sharks will attack him and the IPCC at the same time. Probably a win for sceptics and God knows we need something on our side to battle the MSM bs..


The MSM will separate Mr. P from the IPCC, but it willl be more difficult for them in the future to smear sceptics with “guilt by association”. The MSM will report the case and put the lid on it (Guardian does not allow any comments on their article).


He just promised human induced warming.


I applaud (or should I say clap) Pachauri’s resignation.
It seems that it’s not only temp data that the IPCC fiddles with…


I hope he doesn’t have clap. That would be gilding the lily.


I suspect there will be attempts to adjust the tramp data as well.


The man is an idiot and deserves everything he gets.
I am 65 years old and have been teaching in a chinese university for 10 years. I have had numerous offers from young girls ( I am handsome) and didn’t go there. Am I a saint? No. I am just not an idiot. Universities in China don’t care if students have relationships with students, as long as there is no ‘drama’ about it. The laws have changed recently but no-one really cares about it that much. I am still not interested even though the girls are very cute. Too much trouble and too many possible problems.
I could possibly understand if he was 24 or 34. I would still think he’s an idiot. But, [snip] he is 74. He has to be suffering some mental disorder with his bs conversations.
He should go away and have a wank or organise some prostitute or something. I am sure there are many lovely Indian girls out there who would be happy to satisfy him (for ever).
Maybe he wants what he can’t get. I suggest he joins the rest of the human race and gets over it. Wanker

Coach Springer

Self-center4ed, fantasy-crazed, ferret-faced creep. (Talking about his climate work.)

Sounds like things were heating up


I guess Pachauri can always blame global warming for his touchy, feely ways on young, innocent women who were just trying to make a living.


What is reallly surprising is that the BBC reported because they have not said a word about this since it began (the scandal) last week. If fact no major US or British paper has covered this (MSM I Mean) which shows their complicity in the AGW scam clearly.


Guardian does, they have realized it is no good to silence the case, it would be the opposite of damage control. It is better for them to write about it (in a very quiet way, not as if they would have done if a sceptic had been accused of this) and hope it will blow over. No doubt a sensible tactic.

I love that you all think he’s guilty, without evidence. Ironic, no?

Non Nomen

Carbon dioxide is considered being guilty without evidence as well. So what?

John V. Wright

GET IN Non Nomen, you will do for me!


Guilty as charged or guilty of arrant stupidity, which is the same thing. Several years of contact with her and the only ‘hacking’ was his conversations with her. No other conversations in the world that he had were ‘hacked’. Give me a break

M Courtney

Do not say all. We don’t know he did it. And some of us have said so.
But we do know that this is embarrassing for an organisation that claims moral authority for its SPMs.
Also the observation that he confesses Climate Change as is his religion is important. As well as blasphemous.
He should avoid Saudi Arabia.


But saving the planet is so much more important than minor infractions…

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

I also have no opinion to express on his guilt regarding the accusations. I am entirely ignorant of the prevailing Indian law, so I can’t even comment on the process. My only comment is that in terms of IPCC policy and practices, the resignation and replacement of Pachauri will make no difference.
The lack of transparency, political selection of principal authors, copious citation of activist “grey” literature, and claims of diplomatic immunity to FOIA requests will all continue as before.
If you like your Global Warming Alarmism, you can keep it.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

… and if you don’t like your Global Warming Alarmism, well you can still keep it.


No one can be sure until there is a verdict. But consider all the media blaze he was in for when he would be leaving the IPCC, all the glamour and praise from politicians and greenies. I doubt he would refrain frmo all this if he was in a position to easily defend himself against the accusations.


Who is accused (that, we know) ot what, precisely? When, where, with whom, by whom? The principles of press agencies should apply. The journalists -and some other persons- are a bit shy at telling us what it’s all about.


You haven’t done much reading on the internet (Indian newspapers). There is enough information to draw your own conclusion. Unless, of course, you don’t want to believe it. I read what I read from many sources and draw my own conclusions

Indeed good news. But we know this idiot and sometimes it is better the devil you know than the one you don’t. i.e. who will replace him? Maybe Bankeymoonie. ☺
No matter, this still taints the IPCC and adds doubt to its credibility.


feeling hot hot hot…


Stop reading his novels and seeing 50 Shades of grey.


Mr Pachauri has denied the allegations.
Lawyers for the woman say the harassment included unwanted emails as well as text and phone messages.

Pachauri had claimed someone hacked into his online account[s]. If a handwritten note was part of the harassment then he would have had to wriggle out of that.
On the 18th February 2015 it was reported

The complainant, who works as a research analyst at the New Delhi-based energy think tank, has cited unwanted physical advances besides being the recipient of SMS and WhatsApp messages, emails and a handwritten note with dates and time that began soon after she joined TERI in September 2013.


Maybe the physical advances were hacked too? Hacked hands…


Did she ever reply to the alleged communication?


I just flashed on something….
During the discovery process of the sexual harrasement investigation, all of Pachauri’s computer hard drives and e-mail accounts will be confiscated….
Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Pachauri’s sexcapades inadvertently led to the discovery of scientific corruption at the IPCC?


He is probably not privy to the lies. He is just a CEO of an organisation and doesn’t really have a clue about anything(my experience of many CEOs). He just wants to use his position to ‘stick his end’ into a junior staffer. Good luck if you can get away with it. Oops! Didn’t work that time.


Going by my own expertise (watching the teevee), that would be inadmissible.

Tim Groves

I would much rather he’d resigned amid allegations of institutional corruption and scientific fraud.

Jimmy Haigh.

I’m glad I’m not a woman. I’m not sure I would have welcomed his advances.


I may have to reassess my thinking. You mean most women don’t throw themselves on the ground, wet and expecting sexual exstacy with a 74 year old man? I think I will kill myself.

Ralph Kramden

Small potatoes, Bill Clinton is still the gold standard against which all other horn dogs are measured.


And he’s a rockstar for it!


He comes up wanting. Although I will grant he had the balls to do it as the President of the USA (while in office).


Well, Bollywood or not, you just can’t beat the Americans in that game.

Chip Javert

Well, I’m not so sure. All we know is (besides more than a few credible rape accusations) is Clinton molested at least 2 of his White House staff.
Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi and France’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn seem to be giving our guy a run for his money.


‘Small potatoes, Bill Clinton’
Really? Funny. 🙂

The hockey stick got him down.


…and Pachaurigate is a woman.

Patchy’s resignation letter is here…
…courtesy of Donna Laframboise:
Adios, Patchy. No novelist, other that yourself, would have bothered to invent a character like you.


Sometimes reality beats fiction. Like in climate change.


What about the unwanted harassment of science and science process?


The most Pachauri will get is a slap on the wrist or some fine. He didn’t actually do anything apart from the occasional touching. Probably some annoying perv that didn’t accept ‘no’. It was true love from his part. The reason the girl was resistant was because he chose the wrong words and wrong time to communicate with her. Not his fault. The stupid bitch should have known he truly loved her and cared for her. He showed much patience by doing this over an extended period of time. Stop picking on a man in love.


It is alleged that there was some kind of ‘forcibly kissing’. I suppose it’s touching by another name.

A previous article in that newspaper reported that her statement alleges a persistent pattern of groping and physical force on the part of Pachauri:

On many occasions, against my wishes and despite knowing that I am totally against any such behaviour/act, Dr Pachauri has grabbed my body by hugging me, holding my hands, forcibly kissing me and touching my body inappropriately.


Maybe our man Pachy got real life and fictional all mixed up. He thinks the IPCC reports belong in the non-fiction section of your local library.


Is he dementing?

Appears to have been quite a hacking job. The question is why now? Why has this been covered up for so long, only to break now as the world races towards a legally binding agreement?

She wrote in a letter to lawyer Vrinda Grover how she and other women who have worked in Teri “have in different points of time and capacities either been through similar harassment through his hands or known someone who did”.
Grover said that this was not the only victim who had reached out to her after a 29-year old employee of Teri filed an FIR with the Delhi police on February 18, accusing Pachauri of sexual harassment.
“I know of at least three such cases, and the pattern is the same in every case,” Grover said.

Bob L

Sad to see him go. I mean, who better than a railroad engineer to drive a gravy train? On the plus side Geico is getting another caveman.


I think his resignation letter should be described as “Take the money and run”. Sexual harassment is only one aspect of the malfeasance perpetrated by this fraud. His and Al gores climb to wealth was built on the back of AGW. Why these obvious conflicts of interest is of no concern is mind boggling.
So I get a few scientists to claim the road salt used in winter could cause the zippity frog harm. I petition the government for relief for the zippity frog, greens come to the rescue of the zippity frog and oh by the way I have a company that has developed a product that may counteract the effect of road salt on zippity frogs. I make a bundle, even though it was never really clear if any zippity frogs were in danger and everyone is happy except the taxpayer who would rather have money spent on safe non-icy roads rather than perhaps averting possible ambiguous harm to zippity frogs.
Replace road salt with CO2, the zippity frog with climate and you get the idea.
They should also follow the money with Patchy.