UN Chief: Give me more money

Eric Worrall writes:ban-ki-moon

General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has announced that countries have not lived up to their responsibility to give him and his teams of bureaucrats more money.

According to The Guardian;

“The world’s action has not so far matched its responsibilities, said UN secretary-general at Lima summit on climate change

“Ban said there was still a chance of limiting global warming to an internationally agreed ceiling of 2C above pre-industrial times in the hope of limiting floods, droughts, desertification and rising sea levels.

“But the window of opportunity is fast narrowing,” he told the delegates of about 190 nations.

“This is not a time for tinkering; it is a time for transformation,” he said. Despite signs of progress he is “deeply concerned that our collective action does not match our common responsibilities.

“We must act now,” he said.


Ban urged developed nations to “meet and exceed” a goal set in 2009 of mobilising at least $100bn a year, in public and private finance, by 2020 to help developing nations.


Ban Ki-moon didn’t explain, in the Guardian article, how giving him and his bureaucrats more money would help prevent global warming. Presumably the donors, once parted with their money, wouldn’t be able to afford as much gas for their cars, which might reduce their carbon footprint. However, given that UN eco-warriors seem to spend a lot of their time flying between climate conferences, their enlarged carbon footprints might more than compensate for the poverty constricted carbon footprints of the taxpayers who are paying their bills.


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Jimmy Haigh.

Awww! Diddums!!!
It’s well past time to scrap the UN.



Tom in Florida



Leon Brozyna

Fifth !!
Yes, by all means, I’ll have a fifth …


Make mine a quart

Olaf Koenders

Ban Ki-moon needs to be banned..


Only in govt do programs that don’t work, not only not get scrapped but get enlarged.

Gerry, England

Of course – all part of the culture of the left where they can’t admit to failure and if something isn’t working it needs more money and more controls. In the private sector where cash is king, how many times have we seen companies that have grown by acquisition decide that it has got too large and start selling things off the get back to ‘their core business’, ie the one they started with? Is that not an admission that the big corporate failed?
And are governments not the experts in the law of unintended consequences brought about by acting in haste and ignorance in order to be seen to be doing something because there are perceived to be votes in it. Then they add more legislation to try to tidy up the mess and make it worse rather than dump the original.


Mike M


george e. smith

Well I can fix his problem pronto.
Mr Moon, just levy a tax on free clean green renewable energy producer’s profits. That should net you a nice nest egg; Well either that or egg all over the face.

Jim Mayer

“net profits” FIFY, minus taxpayer contributions

Joe Crawford

Make mine a mason jar of mid-run corn thank you.

Rick K

Ban Ban!


“Ban Ki-moon didn’t explain, in the Guardian article, how giving him and his bureaucrats more money would help prevent global warming. ”
Simple. Ice redistribution. They will simply use the money to transport Antarctic ice to the Arctic. See how simple that is? All it takes is cash.


Come on everyone I really believe we should whole heartedly support the UN in its single objective to reduce the evil CO2 and save the planet.
I strongly support the UN idea of carbon sequestration, it’s a great idea and so simple – just burry the whole UN, we get rid of a huge amount of useless carbon and actually RECYCLE it!! God that will get the Greens 🙂 and we get an economic bonus of being able to actually direct our money where it will function and not be gobbled up by an oligarchy bent on world domination!


“They will simply use the money to transport Antarctic ice to the Arctic”
Wouldn’t it be better to build a gigantic ground source heat pump?

Jimmy Haigh.

Someone on Bishop Hill linked to a brilliant article by Rex Murphy where he called mass greenery: “…a parasitic endeavor…” . I’m travelling now – once I get back to Terra Firma – and stop burning carbon and killing the planet in the manner of an IPCC delegate – I’ll post a link…

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

But the comments descend immediately into puerile abuse.


Yep I did not know what “tumid” mean”t

Dang, I shoulda refreshed first.


The UN has outlived its usefulness.
Russia is slowly devouring Ukraine, with sights on either Kazakhstan, the Baltics or Finland next. China is slowly occupying the South China Sea low islands despite Filipino or Vietnamese objections. Iran is going to enter the nuclear club within 2 years.
End the UN. Shut it down. Stop funding the stupid waste of the IPCC and its inane and unscientific ARs.

Leonard Lane

Agree. Regional agreements between countries with mutual interest could do more than the bloated UN with only an interest in more bloat from the donor nations.

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

Joe, don’t worry about Russia – it won’t have any money to pay its own government workers 24 months from now, let alone pay for land-grabbing. It’s a nation living on the precipice of degradation and misery. Russia is only dangerous when it has wealth, so never then. China WILL undergo a popular revolution, it’s just a matter of when. The cause will be something tiny and insignificant (mark my words). Iran will be dealt with by Israel. They will simply have to! If you want to worry about something, then consider some random Islamist, with a phial of something, in a crowded place. I’m afraid that too, is only a matter of time. Regards.

jolly farmer

If you want to worry about something
…and you live in North America…

jolly farmer

My money is on them extending the fraternal hand of friendship to Georgia, South Ossetia and Azerbaijan next. Meantime forging closer alliances with Iran and Iraq and also Turkey.
We live in very very interesting times indeed…

End the UN. Shut it down. Stop funding the stupid waste of the IPCC and its inane and unscientific ARs.
I believe you misspelled the last word…it’s spelled arses.
Must be that spell checker.


Not one zac for the fat cat pack !!

Well it must be a nice change for Mr. Moon. Almost every issue he addresses, Ukraine, Syria, ebola, women’s rights, you name it sounds like this:
blah blah blah blah blah…must stop.
I make a game out of it, trying to shout “must stop” in unison with him at the end of his statement. All the while you can see this look in his eye where he’s thinking to himself “I can’t believe they pay me to say summarize every world crisis there is and just put “must stop” at the the end of it!”
So now he throws a curve and ends with “gimme money”. He’s now a two act puppet.

Jimmy Haigh.

What did bankymoon do before he became head honcho at the UN? Did he drive a train? Did he organize a community?

I think he ran a take away.

Chris in Australia

Was that the school tuck shop ??


No Chris, it was the one at the back of the dog pound.


If you want to fix the UN for all time just nominate Obama as UN Secretary General after Ban is finished his term.
Obama seems to have had a lot of practice at doing not much other than riling up some of America’s best friends.
And he does have a record that will ensure the UN is completely broke and therefore incapable of causing much more harm by the time his tenure of the UN Secretary General’s position was done and dusted.
With Obama at the UN helm and slinging homilies around on how everybody else should run their business, I reckon by about midway through his term there might be a consensus to shift the entire UN operation to somewhere safer and easier on the ears for everybody,
Tristan De Cunha would be ideal and it does need a big boost to the 300 population that lives there in any case..
Perfect for UN operations
And the bonus;
The UN minions would die in their thousands from sheer boredom.

jolly farmer

time he ran away

It’s not too late. I thought we were past the tipping point. 2015. It’s not too late,give me money,but we have to act NOW. 2016,we have to act NOW. 2017. We have to act NOW,before it’s too late. Give me more money. Etc.usv,usv,usv.

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

Ah, but 2017 is when Prince Charles’ ‘100 months’ are up. After that, it’s too late!

Stephen Richards

Didn’t The Plonker Prince gives us 4 mths to save the planet during the approach to Copenhagen?

Alberta Slim

He’s coming back as a virus. The WHO will have to deal with him…………..;^D


PBS pledge break or TV preacher?


Responsibilities according to…?
The people asking for the money.
Sounds like my ex wife.


Poor old Banky should acquire kindy level maths. Here’s the 2013 report from the EIA that gives the co2 emissions for OECD and non OECD up to 2040.
The OECD will just about flat-line until 2040 while the non OECD emissions will keep soaring, adding about another 14 billion tonnes per annum by that date. And the RS and NAS report tells us that we could stop all human emissions today and we wouldn’t see a change in co2 levels or temp for thousands of years.
So how many thousands of trillions of dollars do they have to waste for a guaranteed zero return on their idiocy?

Brian H

kindy level = kiddy level?

Richard of NZ

“Kindy” is an English abbreviation for “kindergarten”. Kindy level is pre-school level.


I am sorry as far as these types are concerned (as in snake oil sales men and rip off artists) I have no more words left, other than the ones AW won’t let me print.

Jimmy Haigh.

As I mentioned above, Rex Murphy calls them “parasites”. we could call them “Copenhagenites, Limaites…”…

Are you sure he said that…..this year? Isn’t that the speech from last year?

No, it’s from a speech next year. ☺☺
Welcome to 1984.


It is a great example of recycling, forwards and backwards.

Pete of Perth

Dear UN,
Tough Bickkies.

Pete of Perth

Correction: Tough Bikkies.


Never heard that expression here in Hooterville, wait ’til the barbershop crowd hears that one! I’ll even use my Steve Irwin voice. Thanks Pete, love looking at OZ on Google Earth, wish I could visit before I’m too old.


Instead of asking governments to provide funding, the UN should host a worldwide telethon similar to what Jerry Lewis started for the MDA. Al Gore could host it, and Hollywood could provide the free entertainment. It would be as easy as asking fools to part with their money, and it would be entirely democratic. It would allow us to see how much people really do care about climate change by asking them to vote with their own money.
If for some strange reason, that doesn’t raise enough funds, then I guess a tax could be installed on the imaginary 97% who believe in catastrophic global warming. Those people should be anxious to help, right? Just leave me out of it.

John F. Hultquist

“… a tax could be installed on the imaginary 97% who believe in catastrophic global warming
I think the 2 questions were “Has the Earth warmed?” and “Are humans partly responsible?”
Those do get a high percentage saying yes.
The “catastrophic” part, not so much. And that % seems to be getting smaller and more shrill. Those few are not imaginary but can be considered delusional. Please limit the tax to them.

Jeez not another lovies “selfrighteousathon” give Ban the money and leave out the middle hypocrites!

Moon wants the money to pay developing countries to not burn oil.
For his next trick, Moon will cure world hunger by paying them to not eat food.

Lank sees red
Phil B.

I wonder what happened to the coalition to get them to fork over the $$ to the UN? Obama’s NSA remind Abbott of the dirty emails he sent to Gillard?


Abbott had no intention of sending anyone to Peru, then Foreign Minister Bishop demanded the right to go and confronted her cabinet colleagues. Nobody was game to speak against her, so Abbott agreed to let her go with a minder, a sceptic of renown.
Obviously a fall back position was put together on the long flight to Lima.


Aw, Barking At The Moon yaps yet again.
Best ignored.


Based on the physics and empirical evidence to date, CO2-induced warming by 2100 looks like it will be closer to 0.5C~1C under business as usual CO2 emission levels, which is less than UN’s 2C target, based on destroying developed-nation’s economies, starving impoverished countries of cheap fossil fuels, and wasting $10’s of trillions on CO2 sequestration schemes to avoid a “crisis” that only exists in unskilled climate model projections….
I say we don’t send one DIME to the UN, continue burning fossil fuels under business as usual levels, and switch to Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs) or possibly to Lockheed’s new Compact Fusion Reactors (CFRs) when these new energy technologies are ready for prime time and the market decides it’s best to do so.

In other news, amid concerns that the $100 Billion would all be properly used, Moon vowed that every penny would be accounted for. “We’ve got a crack investigative team,” said Moon when asked about the issue. “They are very experienced in tracking international aid expenditures. Several of them worked on the Oil for Food program for example…”


They are very experienced in tracking international aid expenditures. Several of them worked on the Oil for Food program for example…”

jolly farmer

What could possibly go wrong……

All these politicians, advisors, and heads of departments stepping down would certainly have a place to go, if they managed to secure the $100bn/year in “public and private finances,” in their own countries, for the World Empire (“UN”).
If this gets done, it will be the blackest treachery that any generation ever carried out against their own countries.


Why is it every time I need to save the world…all I have to do is give up more of my personal freedom and money?


Because it’s [your] personal freedom and money causing the problem in the first place, according to the dogooders.

“Ban said there was still a chance of limiting global warming to an internationally agreed ceiling of 2C above pre-industrial times in the hope of limiting floods, droughts, desertification and rising sea levels.”
Reminds me of watching Flash Gordon in the 50’s and Ming the Merciless causing weather disasters on Earth; Where is professor Zarkov when you need him?
Talking of Gordon our previous prime minister of that name was supposed to be fixing the climate; looks like a case of overmanning, these guys must have a good trade union!


parasites or pawns of those really running the scam….whatever…. the public needs to insist the UN divorces itself from the army of NGOs that follow the CAGW gravy train around the world:
9 Dec: MyrtleBeachOnline: Peru riled by Greenpeace stunt at Nazca lines
Associated Press writer Frank Bajak contributed to this report.
LIMA, Peru — Peru will seek criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who damaged the world-renowned Nazca lines by leaving footprints in the adjacent desert during a publicity stunt, a senior government official said Tuesday.
“It’s a true slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred,” Deputy Culture Minister Luis Jaime Castillo said of Monday’s action by the environmental group at the famed drawings etched into Peru’s coastal desert, a U.N. World Heritage site.
He said the government was seeking to prevent those responsible from leaving the country while it asks prosecutors to file charges of “attacking archaeological monuments,” a crime punishable by up to six years in prison.
The activists entered a “strictly prohibited” area beside the famed figure of a hummingbird, the Culture Ministry said in a statement. They laid big yellow cloth letters reading: “Time for Change; The Future is Renewable.”…
Castillo said no one, not even presidents and Cabinet ministers, is allowed without authorization where the activists trod, and those who do have permission must wear special shoes…
Greenpeace spokeswoman Tina Loeffelbein said that the activists were “absolutely careful to protect the Nazca lines” and that the group is taking the case seriously and investigating.
She declined to answer further questions, such as whether Greenpeace intends to identify to authorities the people involved. The government has asked people to do so…


10 Dec: UK Telegraph: Emily Gosden: Homes with electric heating face paying £360 a year in green levies
Green levies will account for more than a quarter of an energy bill by 2030 for those with electric heating, Committee on Climate Change forecasts
Households with electric heating face paying £360 a year in green levies by 2030 – more than a quarter of their total energy bill, the Government’s official climate change adviser has warned.
The 7 per cent of UK homes – almost 2 million households – who rely on electricity for their heating will be the hardest hit by the Government’s drive for green energy because subsidies for the technologies are levied solely on electricity bills, a report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) shows.
These households, typically isolated rural homes or urban flats, already paid an estimated £90 – about a tenth of their £925 annual energy bill – to subsidise wind farms, solar and nuclear power in 2013. The figure is double that paid by households who use gas for heating…
***The increase is likely to push many such households deeper into fuel poverty unless ministers take action to help them, the CCC warned…
It suggested these households should be given financial help to install new kinds of efficient renewable heating systems such as heat pumps to replace old electric storage heaters….
As well as subsidising green power projects, households face additional levies to fund energy efficiency schemes. These schemes are intended to reduce carbon emissions to help tackle climate change, as well as to help households save money by using less energy…
***so the CCC who are responsible for all these electricity price hikes warn they will lead to more fuel poverty, so even more money needs to be given to those affected, or those affected should use less energy?

I bet the scammers are jostling for position to get a part of this loot stream when it starts flowing good…coming out of your very own pockets too…

The Infidel

If all the money was taken off each and every climate alarmist, the UN would have every cent they need to fix the problem. I suggest starting with Mr Moon’s bank accounts, all of them.

Barry Sheridan

What is endlessly frustrating is that we have the capacity to reduce CO2 emissions significantly without having to flirt with economic disaster. The technology that allows this harnesses the nuclear process, preferably through developing the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, though there are other solutions that might be worth pursuing such as the Small Modular Reactor.
The UN should recognise this and provide genuine leadership for the long term to the benefit of all mankind by advocating an international programme to develop and deploy such answers. Instead it has brought into the ‘we are all doomed drivel’ that is the stock in trade of the environmental movement. There is little to say about this other than it is pathetic. Mankind has the ability to deal with the problems of his own making, unfortunately that requires both strategic thinking and effort to overcome many of the false inhibitions that limit the will to do what is necessary.
Even so, the United Nations is the only body that can do this, though regrettably the abilities of those within its ranks, often supremely talented individuals, are all too often defeated by bureaucratic inertia, the efforts of well funded determined lobbyists or suborned by the chance of personal gain. Despite these reservations it should be recognised that the UN does deal with international problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of individual countries. Those who call for its dismantling are neglecting these contributions, though I do understand the sentiment. The UN can do better. It needs to do better. To do so it should stop acting as a shill for fanatics and represent the hopes for all mankind, which after all was its primary goal.

Alberta Slim

No one has to reduce CO2 emissions as CO2 has next to no affect on global warming, if any.
The whole UN IPCC is a political agenda, and nothing else.


I’m not sure where you’ve found “supremely talented” people at the UN. Are they working in the group that decided to appoint Zimbabwe’s genocidal President Mugabe as Ambassador for Tourism, or were they the ones responsible for the election of Iran to the Commission on the Status of Women? Perhaps they’re the geniuses at the WMO who arbitrarily defined climate as the average weather conditions over a 30 year period, despite the knowledge that there are quasi-cyclic phenomena that create changes which persist for decades.
The world would be a better place if the UN and it’s collectivist, anti-American agenda were relegated to the ash heap of history.

jolly farmer

Maybe this sounds good to some, but have you considered the metallurgy of a reactor cooled with a liquid sodium salt?
An alternative? Burn coal.


Give me a break. Right now in winter, when my wife, our dog or I walk just twelve feet from our cold kitchen conservatory into our warm lounge, we experience a temperature difference of fifteen degrees Celsius. As I am reliably informed that civilization is unable to adapt to even a two degree difference, our household will perish. All domestic species that live here are threatened with extinction. Unless, that is, Ki-moon can raise enough financial support and give us fifty pounds towards a replacement conservatory radiator.
As our conservatory is so cold, as an interim measure, I’ve removed the screw tops of 30 x 2 litre bottles of lemonade and lined them all up on the floor – hoping that those little evil effervescent bubbles of fizzy gas will escape and warm us all up.
Sadly, as I type this, I notice that the escaped CO2 has caused the water level in our dishwasher to rise, escape from the door seal and flood our kitchen floor. Armageddon.
(Sarc Off)


Yes, the UN Fund starts by funding an extra layer of bureaucracy as it does with in all its agencies. There are some good agencies who deal with emergencies but those supposedly dealing with the climate change are wasteful
All Governments should follow the example of Australia and NOT provide the requested money into Mr Moon’s fund, but manage any programs they think important themselves — directly. That way there will be much less waste, money will be targeted where it is most likely to do some good, and the People of each country can ultimately have a say because they can vote out governments that waste their money (at least that is the theory).

Baa Humbug

The UN Development Goal has been asking developed nations for 0.7% of their GDP ever since I was a kid.
Andrew Bolt summarized this quite well
The same old dream.

In 1970, the United Nations called on rich countries such as Australia to give 0.7 per cent of their wealth to the Third World – minus handling fees for the UN, of course. This was necessary to ensure “human dignity”:

Read the rest
These constant demands for money to line the pockets of these carpetbaggers reminds me of the song “Do that to me one more time, once is never enough..”


“Give me a break. Right now in winter, when my wife, our dog or I walk just twelve feet from our cold kitchen conservatory into our warm lounge, we experience a temperature difference of fifteen degrees Celsius. As I am reliably informed that civilization is unable to adapt to even a two degree difference, our household will perish.”
Now that is really silly. A world where it’s an average of two degrees warmer means some places such as Australia will get heatwaves that are more than two degrees warmer on top of the extreme hot temps we are getting now during our recent record hot Summer temps.


You sound very defensive Martin.
Reminds me of Python’s ‘Four Yorkshire men’ sketch – if you want ‘really silly’:
“Of course we had it tough. Two degrees warmer on top of Australia’s already extreme hot temps. Luxury. We would dream of living in Australia. We used to wake up every morning in a cold sceptic tank, have 400 ton of rotting polar bears poured over us, lick road clean with tongue, pay pit owner permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle – if we were lucky.”
It’s called weather Martin – and no amount of money or CO2 reduction will make a blind bit of difference to Australia’s heatwave, the snow in the USA, the UK Indian summers – or Yorkshire wind and rain.
Note: See that I replied directly to your comment.


“…and when we got home, our Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle – if we were lucky.”


Yeh Klem, and you try and tell the warmists today and they won’t believe you.
Cue another brilliant Python Sketch – The Cheese Shop in the style of our faithful WUWT ‘denier’ community . . . .
“Well, how about a little heat hiding in the deep oceans then?”
“Not today sir – but we were expecting it next week”
“Er, unprecedented flooding?”
“Er, tell me something. Do you have any warming at all?”
“Yes sir”
“Splendid, I’ll have some of that then”
“The cat’s eaten it”
“Um, not my day is it”
“You haven’t asked me about 2014 being the hottest year since records began”
“Is it worth it?”
“Could Be”
“Ok, I’m game, is 2014 going to be the hottest year since records began?”
“No sir”
“Yes, I suppose it was foolish for an alarmist like me to pose the question in the first place. Ok, let’s keep it simple, how about an enormously vast amount of naughty extra man-made carbon di-oxide up there in the atmosphere then, you know, loads and loads and loads of the stuff, lots and lots of it. Buckets of it?”
“Not much call for man-made CO2 sir. As a fraction, CO2 is only 1/2,500th of all the total air in the sky, and about 95% of that CO2 is entirely naturally occurring sir. Maybe I can interest you in some Nitrogen, got quite a bit of that”
“Nitrogen eh?”
“Yes sir”
etc, etc.


Martin, can you reminds us how a global average is calculated?


Yeah, right Martin.
I live in Melbourne. If I want to see what my world will be like with 3 degree warming I only have to drive less than 24 hrs north to Sydney.
Wow, place is flooded (or a partched desert) and full of corpses.
You’re an idiot and they shouldn’t let you out.


In 8 hours I can drive to where it is usually 10-15 degrees higher, sometimes a lot higher than Perth
Martin is an idiot if he thinks Aussies don’t read this.
Oh yeah – summer started last week. On Friday it was more like a dismal winter day than summer, it was worrying because my daughters wedding was next day and we had been having rain and cold weather all week.
Summer did turn up to [make it a nice] warm spring day for the wedding – though still waiting for a good summer’s day though..

Peter Miller

The UN and EU bureaucracies are like cancerous growths.
Every year these bureaucracies grow, require more funding and do less. They are obsessed with their own growth and the top bureaucrats will do or say anything to accelerate this. They are run by people who do not have a clue about good business practices and are riddled with cronyism.
Ecolunacy is exploited by these bureaucracies, as it acts a major stimulus for their growth.

William Baird

Christiana Figures said a few days ago that the price had gone up. She was talking the equivalent of $6 trillion a year.
Obama will, no doubt, offer at least half of this (please impeach him for treason USA).
I trust the good old UK will pay the Chinese and Iindians to reduce our CO2 by taking the last of our industry.
That being the case we should get a discount on our contribution, Abundant cheap or free energy from wind and solar will, as we all know, massively increase our wealth. With all this in mind perhaps the UK (who invented industrialisation) could limit its annual payments to say 200 billion per annum.
I am sure that Ed Davey will, in the words of the reviled Jimmy Saville, ‘fix it’ for the UK once and for all.
I have been reading some of the discussion posts by warmists at Lima. The most frightening thing (as a career engineer as well as former Chartered Environmentalist) I have ever heard in my life is these people discussing energy. They have not a clue, they are in a dream world they share with Banky and our two ‘Ed’s..
I agree that we have only a short time to save man and civilisation, perhaps 2 years. This is not from climate change (except possibly from freezing), but from the complete collapse in energy and food production that these fools are rushing towards.
Unless governments stand up for real science, integrity and sanity billions will die of cold and starvation.

High Treason

Wake up world, the UN was a massive fraud from day one. The respectable veneer is the type of cover LIARS make for themselves.One of the mottoes of their Fabian founders is “above all else, appear respectable.” The UN are finally revealing their true colours and they are distinctly RED. The goal of the Fabians was to continue the “work” of Karl Marx. One World Government is their goal. Oh dear, the leaders are unelected. Nice of them to tell us. The cat is out of the bag- the UN itself is a massive fraud.


I am always amazed at how well some people are paid who provide little to no value. It is like evolution working in reverse or meritocracy turned on its head where class and wealth privilege supersede talent or ability. Ban Ki-moon appears to be an example of this.


Christiana Figueres certainly is.

The UN collects folks who have achieved their “Peter Principle”, they have risen to their level of incompetence. The UN is unique in that their folks can rise to “Super Peter” status where they are not only incompetent but able to do harm worldwide. Sadly this is not sarcasm.


the best)only) good thing about Bishops funding promise is that it isnt “new” money but outta foriegn aid funds already allocated
the got cut a lot:-0-
I noticed bleeding heart Milne managed to get her sorry whingeing butt there as well
wonder what taxpayer fund she suckered for that?

Lord Jim

How long must we suffer, under the yoke of these unelected tyrants?


as at Copenhagen, the less-developed Countries are standing together and standing firm, no matter how the MSM spins the facts. however, the annual $100bn and free transfer of technology will not happen minus a multi- trillion-dollar-a-year carbon dioxide emissions trading scheme, so best we call the whole CAGW scam off and end these talkfests & get down to dealing with the pressing domestic concerns facing all nations. carbon dioxide is not an enemy to be defeated, period:
10 Dec: Times of India: Lima climate talks: India tells rich nations not to use disasters as tools to make profit
by Vishwa Mohan
Addressing the gathering of ministers and key representatives of many countries, the Indian environment minister also sought not to clear only his country’s priority and development paradigm but also of most of the developing countries which need to grow economically to deal with the problem of abject poverty…
***”If we believe that the global warming threat is real, then we must deliver on the agreed commitments as a matter of priority. It is important therefore for developed country parties to urgently fulfill their legal obligations in the pre-2020 period. They must scale up their mitigation ambition now and urgently fulfill their promises for providing financial and technological support to developing countries”…
9 Dec: Economic Times India: Lima COP20: Deep divides on key issues
by Vishwa Mohan
The developing countries including India and China are on the same page on both the key issues of adaptation and review. They have sought inclusion of adaptation in the final deal and strongly opposed to review of their actions arguing that these will be the “nationally determined” contributions where there should not be any role of second party from outside.
Indian environment minister Prakash Javadekar and Xie Zhenhua, vice chairman, NDRC, China met on Monday and pledged to take common stand on these issues during the remaining four days of negotiation process…
The BASIC nations (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) too held a meeting separately where ministers resolved to move unitedly on key issues of adaptation, technology transfer and climate finance to achieve an ambitious and positive outcome of the talks in Lima, while preserving and strengthening the unity of developing countries to protect their common interests…

I*t’s hard to remember back to the days when Dag Hammarskjold was head of the U.N. In those days the U.N. was a somewhat respected Institution. Hammarskjold was murdered and the U.N. decline began. Now it is a sort of International Mafia Organization.

Barry Sheridan

A good point. He was the best General Secretary the UN ever had.

You guys are too inflexible. The right approach is to have a special global warming soft loan fund. The loans can be tied to performance parameters, such as achieving democracy, a low corruption rating, a commitment to provide women’s education and equal rights for everybody, regardless of religion, ethnic background, etc. These loans can be used to build hydropower plants, transmission grids, and if applicable a small amout of wind power. If hydro isn’t feasible then the money can be spent on high thermodynamic efficiency coal plants. Isn’t this a much better idea?

Not more money for the poor. Not more money for world peace. More money to be wasted (line the pockets of corrupt politicians and lazy scientists). That is some kind of message, and should be enshrined above their doors for all to see – how the UN is a waste of money, time, and carbon.

The reasons both Lima and Paris will largely fail are:
1-Failure to agree on mandatory $100B(+)/year agreement
2-Failure to achieve binding CO2 reductions for ALL nations
3-Failure to require validation checks on CO2 reductions
4-Failure to address vast BRICs nation CO2 emissions
5-Failure to redefine China as an Annex I country
For starters. But they will declare both conferences successes anyway.


“UN chief: give me more money”
It’s time for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations and evict them from their headquarters in New York City.
I’m sure that there are many other great cities who would be glad to host them. Pyongyang, for example.

Tom in Florida

The choice is simple.
1) Can we live with a warmer world?
2 ) Can we live with a world where we are controlled by a privileged few who limit our energy use and deny our freedoms.


The most worthless entity on the planet right now not named climate model.


LogosWrench, I’m not too certain about that. What about the gullible minions out there right now, feverishly posting on every news item, blog post, and youtube video that is the slightest bit about “climate change”, the ones who think nothing of calling me a “Denier” and imply that I’m one of the stupidest people on the planet, while simultaneously screaming that sea level rise is “dangerously accelerating”, we’re in the “warmest few years since MILLIONS of years ago”, somehow think hurricanes and tornadoes are at the highest, weirdest levels ever, and think the UN is a pristine, lily-white pure organization dedicated to global equality, peace, and love?


Ok but it’s up there. ☺

At least PBS would send you the DVD, companion book or music CD for your donation…..

Mike M

How many divisions does this UN have?


“Ban said there was still a chance of limiting global warming to an internationally agreed ceiling of 2C above pre-industrial times in the hope of limiting floods, droughts, desertification and rising sea levels.
But the window of opportunity is fast narrowing,”

It’s funny hot the window of opportunity. NEVER actually closes. Even Ban Ki-Moon likes to keep it open. Here are a few examples from the link provided.

National Post – 2009?
… In the summer, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon insisted “we have four months to save the planet.”
Moscow-Pullman Daily News – 5 July 1989
“governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.”
[Noel Brown – New York office of the United Nations Environment Program]
New York Times – November 18, 2007
…..The IPCC chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, an engineer and economist from India, acknowledged the new trajectory. “If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late,” Pachauri said. “What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment
Independent – 20 October
Gordon Brown: We have fewer than fifty days to save our planet from catastrophe
……..Copenhagen must be such a time.
There are now fewer than 50 days to set the course of the next 50 years and more. So, as we convene here, we carry great responsibilities, and the world is watching. If we do not reach a deal at this time, let us be in no doubt: once the damage from unchecked emissions growth is done, no retrospective global agreement, in some future period, can undo that choice. By then it will be irretrievably too late….
Guardian – 18 January 2009
‘We have only four years left to act on climate change – America has to lead’
Jim Hansen
is the ‘grandfather of climate change’ and one of the world’s leading climatologists…..


Surrender your middle class, or else!


He’s proposing a vise architecture with the elite (and bureaucrats) and “poor” (and poor) forming opposing jaws that compress everyone in the middle. It would be nice to talk about the real issues and their likely causes, but that is not on the agenda, ever. Meanwhile, the Chinese are colonizing Africa with some positive effects as other colonials before them.