Hilarious! Sierra Club & 350.org ditch polar bears as climate mascot, try 'cat videos' for climate change instead

climate_march_catsIn the past we’ve seen polar bears dropped from the sky and animals committing suicide rather than face climate change.

Those didn’t go over very well. So, the Sierra Club and the McKibbenites muse to themselves; what to do? Why “kittens” of course.  We”ll borrow from the old National Lampoon Magazine cover and say “do this or the kitten gets it!”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Now it’s “March or the Kitten Gets It!” as a way to promote the “March for Climate” in New York City on September 21st. I can just see weepy Bill McKibben breaking down again like some crazy cat lady for dramatic effect. If that had been an actual wind turbine at the end, that cat would be history…just like so many birds. Watch the video:

The video, posted three days ago according to comments on YouTube, so far has about 228 views as of this writing. I’d say they’ll likely get more views from WUWT readers than they ever will from people who might be convinced to march the streets due to some cat video.


93 thoughts on “Hilarious! Sierra Club & 350.org ditch polar bears as climate mascot, try 'cat videos' for climate change instead

  1. Leave it to the darned Liberals to use a little hot pussy, to get attention….LOL! Too bad cuckoo-birds are not an option. They would have made perfect climate alarmist mascots!

  2. We”ll borrow from the old National Lampoon Magazine cover and say “do this or the kitten gets it!”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    I remember a National Lampoon page (I don’t think it was the cover.) that had a Horace Greeley quote that went something like, “Show me a magazine that has a pretty woman, a baby or a pet on the cover and I’ll show you a magazine that will sell!”
    Of course the picture was of a pretty mom serving the family pet (with an apple in it’s mouth) to her baby.
    Maybe the dog was cooked in a solar oven?

  3. “If that had been an actual wind turbine at the end, that cat would be history…”
    Nah. They’re not even spinning. I guess it’s an honest representation since it seems that half the real ones are static monuments to the stupidity of wind as a mainstream energy source.

  4. Are there any depths to which the alarmists won’t sink to get their message across?
    The answer is still “no”

  5. I would like to understand the campaign. Since some “climate change believers” come by every so often, here is my question to them: These organizations have assets well into the tens of millions, some into the hundreds of millions, what am I to make of their use of these resources? Please use this kitten video as context in your reply. In case there is any doubt, the question and interest are both honest.

  6. Hah! What kitten doesn’t like it warmer!?
    If I were in business, I’d want to know who were the idiots at the add agency that came up with this drivel so I could avoid them like the plague. If they came up with it themselves, then “Someone who is their own lawyer has a fool for a client” should also apply to someone who does their own PR promotions.

  7. Well, one does have to give credit where credit is due. They had the good sense to use a Tuxedo Cat, in the second scene, driving the car. Everyone knows tuxedo cats can do almost anything. On the other hand, I know that if there really was a problem my cat, an elderly tuxedo cat, would have told me by now so I know there is no problem with man-released CO2.
    Note: there is an hypothesis that all radical libertarians are cat lovers. We need funding to get to the bottom of this crucial issue!

  8. I don’t get it. First they say “march or the kitten gets it”, then it’s “stop climate change or the kitten gets it”.
    Either way, “gets it” is slang for gets offed. In other words, if you don’t do what they say, they will kill the kitten.

  9. Next step is the 9:9 video. Cats that disagree about “climate change” get exploded nine times; once for each life.

  10. Notice how they have given up on even pretending science is involved?
    I suppose they figure they don’t have to mention it because it is “settled.”

  11. Bruce Cobb:
    Nope, you got it. That’s the “joke”. You have to remember the group we’re talking about here. You know: the types who visually bristle at any joke that doesn’t conform to the boundaries of political correctness. These are their knee-slappers.
    Lord help all those who have been or ever will be stuck at a dinner party along side these “jokesters”.

  12. I don’t know why mobs like this aren’t sued for false advertising.
    They all talk Climate Change when they mean Global Warming ( note flames in background )
    Bit like selling a car and describing a V8 when the company only makes V6’s and then claiming that everyone knows what we mean

  13. While you denigrate people by believing that they have a room temperature IQ you won’change their mind you will harden their resolve to read real science and to switch off childish propaganda.
    Despicable arrogance has replaced any semblance of science.
    Sceptics love accurate scientific data
    On this subject we believe you have very little hence the desperate meaningless cartoon.

  14. Perhaps polar bears got ditched for kittens in forest fires for a reason. Arctic ice is increasing (Northwest Passage still impassible this year as of this date), and the Inuit (Nunavut areal survey) and Dr. Susan Crawford were right about polar bears thriving. IPCC and USGS ‘Oops’.
    What else is an increasingly desperate Warmunist to do? Not a rhetorical question, since I have a list and think starting a fantasy league on CAGW would be most amusing. Already called ocean acidification despite the pause (see amusing previous today thread for indirect verification).
    One problem. According to OBummer’s 2014 NCR, increasing floods are happening. (Not, deconstructed in a forthcoming book essay.) So the cute kittens should be drowning, not roasting. Or, this ad plays in Steyer’s California, and the drowning ad will soon play in New York post Katrina. That is how all sophisticated operations now target their advertising. A humble advert prediction.

  15. Good god. They include windmills in all their ads. I’d like to see their investment portfolio and see how much they are vested into those airboats. (great big holes in the air into which one pours money; mostly other people’s money too)

  16. The NatLamp cover was (paraphrasing) “Buy this magazine or we’ll shoot this dog” accompanying a very nervous looking pooch with a pistol to his head.
    Both the dog and the kitty elicit belly laughs but only one intentionally.

  17. If that’s all the views they have then I’m not going to give them the pleasure of counting one more.

  18. I can haz climate burger?
    Seriously, don’t they realise that most people associate internet cat videos with stupid jokes and memes? The humorous connotations of “cat video” are so strong that the format itself totally undermines any attempt to deliver a serious message.

  19. We need a “march and the kitten gets it”. Promise to contribute to an animal shelter local to where the march is planned, UNLESS the march actually happens. An animal shelter that euthanizes kittens.
    Maybe we can reuse some of the footage from one of those ads I only vaguely remember as they are on at 2am.

  20. But did they ditch the polar bears out of the plane so we can watch them fall majestically from the sky and splat on the cars and ground?

  21. “But did they ditch the polar bears out of the plane so we can watch them fall majestically from the sky and splat on the cars and ground?”
    As god is my witness I thought polar bears could fly.

  22. Lord help all those who have been or ever will be stuck at a dinner party along side these “jokesters”.
    don’t remind me. I usually ask if they would like to move outside to enjoy the pleasantly warm evening.
    which is neither warm nor comfortable in Vancouver much past sunset on the warmest day of the year without a patio heater, gloves, parka, toque, and mukluks.

  23. For extra chuckles, I just emailed the Sierra Club and offered to sell them the rights to my GNKSHF video. I neglected to mention it’s a spoof because I could use the money, and I don’t think they could tell the difference (to be honest, several WUWT commenters thought it was a real — demented — lefty product).

  24. I heard their first choice was The Dramatic Chipmunk, but he was already booked. And their second choice, Toonces The Drving Cat is (sadly) no longer with us.

  25. Bruce wrote: “These organizations have assets well into the tens of millions, some into the hundreds of millions, what am I to make of their use of these resources?”
    It is a good question. I think it is very significant that the preferred use is to make ads which are basically “Repent, the End is Near” sign boards.
    Pious moral posturing is right at the center of the hair-shirt environmentalist movement: “My intentions are better than yours because I at least care about the earth. If you disagree you are a selfish, hard-hearted, greedy American. Therefore you should be on the moral defensive while my ideas, and I, take precedence.”
    If one understands that self-important praying in public IS the point, then spending all their money on these ads makes perfect sense.

  26. That’s really out there.
    Is that going to cause a person to show up at a march? If anything, it is just saying this march is a complete crock and why would any potential molotov thrower show up to such an event.

  27. They are joining an ever-larger crowd of folks abandoning polar bears as an icon for global warming.
    Tom Nelson tweeted this morning about a new guide about “climate change” for visitors to Alaska National Parks. http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2014/08/new-guide-looks-climate-change-national-parks-alaska25545
    The 24-page pamphlet has a number of testimonials on various topics, with the following goal:
    ““In developing this visitor guide, we’re providing our rangers with a much-needed tool for raising awareness about this critical issue. It’s likely to be a topic of conversation in the parks for many years to come,” said John Morris, one of the project leaders from University of Alaska Fairbanks who helped develop it.
    Wonder of wonders, however, there is no mention of polar bears – even though several National Parks in Alaska are in polar bear territory (Chukchi Sea and/or Southern Beaufort).
    Who would have thought?
    I don’t think kittens will work for them, somehow.
    Susan Crockford, PolarBearScience

  28. Can you imagine any other scientific question of empirical fact where the proponents of one side feel compelled to resort to cute images and propaganda to convince the public of their case? “What will happen to the little lemurs in SE Asia if the continents keep moving as Alfred Wegener proposes?” “You must defeat the theory of quantum mechanics. Look what happened to Schroedinger’s Cat!”
    The inanity of the Warmist believers knows no bounds, and clearly has nothing to do with science.
    /Mr Lynn

  29. Do these duffers even know just how environmentally destructive little pussy cats are ??
    Now from my mouth, to your ears; I am one maxi cat lover. Don’t have any right now; no place to let them run around. Last one I had, ate everything that came in our yard, gophers, moles, snakes, mice, even ate a whole jack rabbit, as big as the cat, except for just the hind legs. They evidently taste just like chicken.
    But cats, are hell on wheels, when it comes to wild life. Mine ate my tame Blue Jay, that I had rescued from it, when it was just a dumb kitten.
    So let’s here it for these wild feral varmints, that are decimating the bird populations in cities..
    Well we could use a good bit of raining cats and dogs in California, right now; beats the shakeys any time.

  30. Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger
    August 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm
    > Oh dear Bog. Do you think I can sell them my old “Gender Neutral Kitten Salvation Happiness Fund” global warming video?
    Ah yes, that post. First class bizarre.
    I expect that you will find that the Sierra Club is more interested in getting money than giving it out….

  31. L. E. Joiner
    August 25, 2014 at 6:31 pm
    “You must defeat the theory of quantum mechanics. Look what happened to Schroedinger’s Cat!”

    Would there be such concern if it had been Schroedinger’s Polar Bear?
    Just wonderin’.

  32. Notice that the “People’s Climate March” sounds a lot like “The People’s [Communist] Republic”.

  33. Likely to confuse the greenies here in Australia where feral cats are considered a significant threat to native mammals and birds. They hate cats. I once saw a graph presented at a national meeting showing the effects of culling introduced predators on a cute little native marsupial and the histogram bars were formed from stacks of dead cats. The audience applauded.

  34. Join me in celebrating Skeptic Weekend, but begin on Friday, Sept. 19th – the march is on Sunday. Anyone that grills anything, drinks any carbonated beverage, burps, or passes gas, or uses electricity on Fri/Sat/Sun can be a part. Usually there are harvest celebrations but the Harvest Moon is on the 9th and the Equinox is the week after the march.
    We should know by then what the Arctic sea ice came to. Maybe that calls for a celebration.

  35. We were warned some time ago that global warming would seriously impact our pets.
    Someone pointed out that the people who issue such warnings had obviously never had a cat!
    Mine knows exactly which part of the conservatory gets the most sun in the mornings and she also knows where the central heating pipes run under the floorboards. She makes a bee-line for any hotspot.

  36. So 350.org blows up our kids if we don’t agree with them on CO2 and Sierra Club threatens our kittens if we don’t agree with them on CO2.

  37. The appeal to emotion (argumentum ad passiones) is a logical fallacy used when you aren’t winning minds win with facts, you appeal to the heart.
    See also the weepy letters and scaredsientists.com.
    People who can think rationally will recognise this for what it is. I wonder if there are enough of us to bring the edifice down.

  38. hunter
    August 26, 2014 at 2:44 am
    “So 350.org blows up our kids if we don’t agree with them on CO2 and Sierra Club threatens our kittens if we don’t agree with them on CO2.”
    350.org didn’t blow up kids, that was Franny Andersons 10-10.org . Franny later retreated into the woods to give birth to a human child, ironically.

  39. 1957chev August 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm:
    Cuckoo’s would be the perfect mascot. They are opportunists, reproduce using the all the facilities of someone elses efforts. Killing the next generation of their hosts, to support their next generation.

  40. As the servant to 10 cats (dogs have masters, cats have servants), I can state with authority that cats have a present for McKibben and his ilk. Personalized tootsie rolls. My oldest even made one in the shape of Mann.

  41. oh thats truly BAD!
    and seeing as cats kill so much that the sierra mob wants to save
    even bad funnier:-)

  42. OK, here’s the plan. For the Sept. 21st march we each go to a NYC animal shelter and buy all their cats and kittens. We then attend the march and release all the cats there. Mayhem and merriment ensue.

  43. Is that a forest fire in the top image? If it’s a boreal forest then maybe they don’t know that there has been a decreasing frequency of boreal forest fires in north America since the end of the Little Ice Age.
    According to US fire data 1960 to 1980 saw more fires than after 1980. All this despite bad fire management practices and more people going camping and lighting fires.

  44. The kitten thing doesn’t pull hard enough at the heartstrings of the general population, now a cute puppy getting toasted might have gotten them more hits. People love puppies, kittens only make them think of cleaning litter boxes.

  45. @ DirkH August 26, 2014 at 3:43 am
    Thanks for clarifying which claptrap organization was killing off our kids for not agreeing with their views on global warming.

  46. This suggests that climate change propaganda has entered a new phase. It involves test markets of stage props for the message management. Next to come will be gender specific and ethnic variations of the props and talking points. Don’t forget the kids segment.

  47. Next they’ll rub two cats together, harness the static and sell the electricity to dumb countries for exorbitant fees… Oh wait they already do that, well at least they rub the cats, sheep and anything else that gives them jollies.

  48. these pseudo environmental groups failed to support any solutions, but collected a lot of money, ensuring that Fossil Fuel power plants remained ant the POLAR BEAR was a lost cause.
    Continued use of the Polar Bear would cause some people to wake up to the Charade, so now its a cat.

  49. Well, I don’t get it. Sierra club cannot really wish kittens to h€ll, whether they drive or not. If the idea was to communicate they are ‘getting it’ themselves, no objections from here.

  50. But . . . don’t they remember that the cat is always looking for the Door into Summer, not a door into winter?

  51. Oh boy! When are they going to release the videos of the SPCA blowing up kittens for not being excited about climate change.
    How many kittens do they have to drop out of an airplane to equal one polar bear?

  52. I was anticipating that they would have the kitten explode like 350’s prior “no pressure” ad of people exploding who didn’t agree with their thuggery. Apparently they have more regard for kittens than people.

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