Friday Funny BONUS: Funniest Things Blamed on Climate Change?

What are the most ridiculous things the media has blamed climate change on? Heartland’s Andy Singer breaks down the thirty funniest claims the media has made yet.

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44 thoughts on “Friday Funny BONUS: Funniest Things Blamed on Climate Change?

  1. I remember seeing that site years ago. Maybe even before I found WUWT.
    Just what has CAGW promoters predicted/projected back then would happen by 2020 actually HAS happened?

  2. What species of spider is that? The biggest one we have is the Madagascar baboon spider, so I’m intrigued but don’t want that critter as a pet or neighbor.

  3. Dear Gunga,

    Without a doubt human brains have shrunken considerably. It might be correlation rather than direct causation, but you have to give the CAGW promoters credit where credit is due.

  4. My Favorite
    ‘Not even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dam(n)s and our river systems’

  5. Climate change heat caused my hair to fall out.
    Climate change wind blew the toupee off my head.
    A mangy dog grabbed it, and ran away with it in his mouth.
    That was an expensive toupee.
    Cost me $19.95, not including the glue.

  6. I visited the US in the mid nineties and found the Americans loved an Australian few Australians had heard of – Steve Irwin. I screwed up my face and the Yank went on about how he knows hardly any Aussies had heard of the guy but Americans love him. I said that I had heard of him but dismissed him as an idiot who would get himself killed. Sad to get that one right but boy did he press his luck, especially in the early days.

    • In the end, it wasn’t getting eaten by a crocodile or envenomed by a deadly snake that did him in (he had plenty of experience with handling those animals), but getting run through by a stingray, something outside his comfort zone.

      When you call yourself the Crocodile Hunter, you might want to stick to crocs.

      • “he had plenty of experience with handling molesting those animals”

        Fixed it for you.

        As an American, I never could stand the idiot or his family. You don’t learn about animals by watching some moron lay on top of them.

        I remember watching a portion of one of his shows, only once. They had some grossly contrived scene where someone had forgotten to turn the light off in the room filled with giant snakes.

        So, they filmed his wife entering the room. But, here’s the kicker, the light switch wasn’t by the door, oh no. It was ALL the way on the other side of the room. So she carefully tiptoed her way through giant snakes just to turn off a light, and back again.

        I thought, “Really?? This is more contrived than professional wrestling, and not nearly as interesting.”

        I don’t wish death on anyone (well, there might be a couple), but I’m glad he’s not out terrorizing poor animals any more. They can fend for themselves. It’s just a shame that his kids are taking up the moron mantle.

  7. We need a list of The Saddest Things Caused By The Fake Issue of Climate Change. 1. The children whose young lives are being ruined horribly by so-called adults filling their minds with Total Lies about how the planet is being destroyed by humans simply wanting to live comfortably, or even just wanting to survive. Greta Thunberg comes to mind, although she is getting close to adult status now. Her childhood was stolen from her, not by “Climate Change”, but by Total Lies about it. There is now even a documentary about her on Hulu, called “I Am Greta”. Here is the
    trailer, which I did watch. I may watch the actual documentary, just out of curiosity. though I already know the story, and how it will be spun. In Greenie Weenie’s eyes, she is a modern-day Joan of Arc – part heroine, part martyr, sacrificing her childhood for the “Greater Good”, when in fact, she’s a victim of what can only be described as a horrendously evil ideology.

    • Bruce,
      Eleven or twelve centuries ago during Viking times, Greta would have been the mother of three most likely. At 17, nearly 18, she would be middle aged, with perhaps 15-20 winters ahead of her.

      It is absurd to absolve young adults from their crimes as if they do not have any capacity for reason. A society that teaches victimhood begets amoral sociopaths and results in chaos.

      • Or would have died in childbirth, something all but unheard of in places with modern medicine.

        A culture of death can only form in decadence, where living has become so easy that people lose sight of the value of life.

  8. Did you also notice the books in the background with the cover facing the camera? “Socialism is Evil”, “The Patriot’s Toolbox”, and “Capitalism” (the last one is not the entire title).
    Can’t be a coindence that he chose those books.

  9. From NTZ/Jimbo, 30 opposite things caused by climate change:

    Warmer Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming
    Colder Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming

    Global warming to slow down the Earth’s rotation
    Global warming to speed up the Earth’s rotation

    North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty
    North Atlantic Ocean has become more salty

    Avalanches may increase
    Avalanches may decrease

    Plants move uphill due to global warming
    Plants move downhill due to global warming

    Monsoons to become drier in India
    Monsoons to become wetter in India

    Plankton blooms
    Plankton decline

    Reindeer thrive
    Reindeer decline

    Less snow in Great Lakes
    More snow in Great Lakes

    Gulf stream slows down
    Gulf stream shows “small increase in flow“

    San Francisco more foggy
    San Francisco less foggy

    Less winter snow for Britain
    More winter snow for Britain

    Africa to get less rain
    Africa to get more rain

    Winds speed up [USA]
    Winds slow down [USA]

    Monsoons to become drier in India
    Monsoons to become wetter in India

    Bird migrations longer
    Bird migrations shorter

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