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    • I don’t think Stinky Steyer really wants to be President. I think he just wants to own the President as he does already of many Congressional Democrats.

      • I think he would RATHER own it through proxies, but doesn’t trust his current field of contenders to get it done.

        • Agreed. When your current field includes the likes of AOC, you have to step carefully. These kids don’t understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Joel,
        Agreed. That’s the next step of his acquisition strategy. He buys useful tools to to help fix his socialist ‘problems’ like we buy a hammer, nails, and shingles to help fix a leaky roof.

      • Well, those two buffoons have one thing in common. Neither of them know what “climate sensitivity to a doubling of carbon dioxide” means. Nor do they ever want to.

        ….. but they will one day.

      • Although I do not endorse the views of Prince Charles, inbreeding is not the cause of his errors re:climate change.
        Just think of his ancestry . It includes Norman , Plantagenet , Welsh (Tudors) , Scottish(Stuarts and his Grandmother ) , English (occasionally), French , German (Hanoverians) and Danish( D of E).
        He is less inbred than you or I , probably.
        His environmental concerns come from listening to people like the S African naturalist ,Van der Post(?) at a young and impressionable age.

        • I suspect his environmental concerns come from his inability to understand basic math and science. He does not seem to be in the extremely bright catagory. Also, he has a need to feel important, since he’s not king and it may be a while yet. Then there was the Diana fiasco. Climate change preaching let’s him be among the rich and famous, with the media trailing after him. You have to admit, the media loves anyone who backs global warming, no matter what said person is in real life. Look at the 12 year old Swedish girl they now worship. Charles knows how to get attention.

          • I agree that his environmental concerns come from his background , in particular mentors at an impressionable age when many youngsters become idealistic . In my experience it is not the most stupid of our society that are attracted to abstract ideas, but the more intellectual.
            The less intelligent are more attracted to sex, violence , alcohol and crude prejudice. Charles was an environmentalist long before it became fashionable and endured many taunts about “talking to plants” from the media before they in turn became interested in Green ideas. He has turned his Duchy of Cornwall into a successful organic farming enterprise , so that if commercial acumen is a sign of, at least reasonable, intelligence, (vide DJ Trump) then he is not the congenital imbecile that some claim. Greta (16 not 12) is a case in point. Her school record is excellent in nearly all subjects . She is above average , and for that reason more , not less likely to be attracted to the subject of climate change . Unfortunately her mentors are global warming fanatics, not rational academics who could point out the various alternative explanations for the slight warming of recent decades .
            This is an important point , at least for those of us in UK. One day , shortly, he will be King – Head of State . although constitutionally above decision making his influence is likely to be a factor in decisions . If , as some claim he is a congenital idiot , then nothing can be done . But if his opinions are the result of early indoctrination there is hope for a change if enough people with unimpeachable facts and data can get to him.

          • Mikewaite: There is a line of thinking that the Queen is trying to outlast Charles because she fears his reign and the negative impact it would have on Britain and the monarchy. We pray for her good health and that she might outlive her beloved mother.

            God Save the Queen.

        • I have to disagree. The current ‘House of Windsor’ is directly descended from the Saxe-Coburg dynasty, and Victoria and Albert were first cousins. Phil the Greek, Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Elizabeth II are second cousins once removed through Christian IX and also third cousins as they are both great-great-grandchildren of Victoria. Quite a shallow gene pool.

          • The only thing saving the HoW from another genetic shitshow like hemophilia is a regular injection of commoner DNA like Diana Spencer, Kate Middleton, etc.

          • Diana was THE BEST that could have happened to the Royal Family Future Genetics
            And the apparent strength of her Genetics are evident in how much her first born resembles her brother

          • Absolutely, correct. If you study the genealogical charts of the European Royal Houses you understand that they were a single large family with an extraordinarily large amount of inbreeding.

        • Ask not what you are doing to the environment.
          Rather ask what can you do for the Sierra Club.
          John Finklestien Kennedy

    • He heard it from his plants. Plants can forecast climate, so it must be true. The forecast is settled.

  1. Steyer’s entry to the race is a clear indication of several things:
    1. He recognizes the current crop of losers can’t defeat Trump.
    2. His ego is in control of his money.
    3. No one in his inner circle has the cojones to tell him he doesn’t stand a chance either (Trump ran as a populist.He won’t/can’t.)
    4. The upper ranks of the Dumbocrats including Steyer haven’t come to grips with the reality that half their party are defacto Marxists intent on seizing billionaires’ wealth if they ever get the power to do so.

    It’ll be fun watching him and Bernie try to debate.

  2. Tom Steyer,
    Just another BIG$$GREEN buying influence in what would become BIGGER$$GOVERNMENT.
    He already has Paid Schills in the AG’s offices.

    A vote for Tom Steyer is definitely a Vote for BigGreen$$$

    Steyer would definitely create the Best Government that Money could Buy

  3. I would like to commend Shellenberger for calling him out and taking a stand, inviting condemnation from the left. Where he was once revered.

  4. Can’t wait to see him going that lovely reddish purple rage color in debates .
    How many Democrats sold their soul and tanked their chances by being puppets to this one trick pony ?
    Now watch to see which socialist wants to suck up the most to this chronic loser .

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