Off the rails – Godzilla and climate

I had thought to myself a couple of days ago that something like this might happen, but then I dismissed it as too #^&^#*@! stupid for anyone to even attempt.

Boy, was I wrong. I should have listened to the lessons learned from Sharknado!

Get a load of this, you won’t believe it. My brain still hurts.


Interview with the director:

Your version of Godzilla seems to be more rooted in current events, and centers on mankind’s tenuous relationship with nature, and the environment.

Yeah. Man vs. Nature is the predominant theme of the film, and I always tried to go back to that imagery. At the beginning when they find the fossils, it was important to me that they didn’t just find them—it was caused by our abuse of the planet. We deserved it, in a way. So there’s this rainforest with a big scar in the landscape with this quarry, slave labor, and a Western company. You have to ask yourself, “What does Godzilla represent?” The thing we kept coming up with is that he’s a force of nature, and if nature had a mascot, it would be Godzilla. So what do the other creatures represent? They represent man’s abuse of nature, and the idea is that Godzilla is coming to restore balance to something mankind has disrupted.


Yeah, natural balance, like stomping cities to pieces much like a Cat5 hurricane.



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MUTO: Mann Under Testifying Oath?
Will have to wait a long time for that monster to emerge from the slimy depths.

Mark Bofill

it was caused by our abuse of the planet. We deserved it, in a way.

No, these guys don’t hate civilization and humanity, why do you ask?


And if PT Barnum were alive today, he would have a climate change act under the big top. The show must go on—-to make a buck.

Godzilla, the real life mascot of climate alarm-ism. What a fitting character! And about as real!


Mann vs. Nature
How about a 3 ft. Godzilla as Mike Mann, ankle biting and knee capping everyone in sight


And wasn’t it PT Barnum who said there was a sucker born every minute?

Ok, it is seriously time to give these people some rank and file cultural pushback. They are using the draw of “Godzilla” to bring in kids for a “global warming” indoctrination. No. My kids will never see this movie and that is a shame but the real shame is on the idiots producing it.


all of the early japanese monster et al flics were thinly veiled slams at the US nuclear bomb usage, both during and after WW2. Pre-greenie stuff really.
You bad American, see what you did?

Janice Moore

Average Climastrologist: Well, yeah, like doesn’t everybody believe that? I put this little bobblehead god on my dash. Never had an accident since. The correlation is undeniable.

After, therefore, because of! #(:))

If you haven’t seen the original 1954 Gojira in Japanese, you should. The original was a very dark, very bleak, movie with a little hidden anti-nuke message. Transworld imported it in 1956, spliced in scenes with Raymond Burr and re-released it as Godzilla. Later versions had the actor in the rubber suit fighting other actors in their rubber suits with decreasing levels of seriousness. As I remember, at least one was an anti-pollution flick.
Appears the Big Guy has been social messages for over 60 years. Sadly, this is nothing new. Cheers –

Ron McCarley

I’ll just say that he’s a little confused, and 60+ years too late. It’s been done already – the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. And Gort was a lot shorter.

Robert W Turner

So to sum it up this yuppy flew himself and crew, as well as film equipment and material, in private jets from California to Vancouver and then to Hawaii so that he could make $millions on a piece of entertainment that symbolizes how we are destroying the planet and he’s a hero for it but industry providing the energy to partake in such frivolous activities is evil. Glad to see they are consistent in their illogic.

Frank K.

Again, let me reiterate the importance of just turning these people OFF. Don’t buy their “products”. Don’t link to their websites. Tell everyone you know how much you despise them and their politicization of the weather/climate. And especially, let us hold the climate fear mongers in science, politics, and the media accountable for their flat out lying to people about the climate.
Most of all, for all of us U.S. citizens, remember in November. The left-wing, eco-progressives are literally destroying our country, and together we can stop them…


I bet no one would be worrying about a potential 2 foot rise in sea level over the next 100 years when Godzilla is destroying cities like a nuclear weapon. So, my Godzilla would represent “perspective”. You think sea level rise threatens your survival? Well put on your high water boots and start running, because I’m gonna give you a REAL threat to your survival!


Ironically, as kenw points out, the Godzilla movies beginning in the 1950s were warnings about Mankind playing around with nuclear devices such as low emissions atomic power. Then again, liberals managed to turn their original Klanbake and Jim Crow policies into a myth about conservative racism too.

Steamboat McGoo

I usually wait to buy these types of flicks on DVD – on sale. Now that I know the tone of the flick I won’t bother at all.
The director should have kept his mouth shut.

John McClure

Well he just blew a chance at any Oscars. Even Hollywood isn’t this stupid!
Note: sorry if I’m commenting to much. I’m packing for a coast to coast move and have been taking [breaks] with WUWT for amusement. I hate moving!

Gunga Din

They represent man’s abuse of nature, and the idea is that Godzilla is coming to restore balance to something mankind has disrupted.

An imaginary creature avenging an imaginary wrong.

John McClure

last post error:
have been taking beaks with WUWT for amusement
have been taking breaks with WUWT for amusement
[Be sure to carefully move your beaks lest they break through your packs … Mod]

John McClure

So are the twins in the new version Gore and Kerry?

Gunga Din

‘Godzilla’ Director Gareth Edwards Says Godzilla Is a ‘God’ Protecting Mankind Against Climate Change



Posted on said subject the other day.
Just wait for Mechagodzilla! Sarc/


Why do so many of the celebrity climate alarmist have Godzilla-sized carbon footprints?


Skiphil says:
May 14, 2014 at 1:12 pm
Wielding a two foot-long hockey stick?


Janice Moore,
Are you sure that’s not a fertility goddess?

Now, see, didn’t I say this a few days back? I told ya they were going to try to find a tie-in between CAGW and Godzilla. I got it partially wrong apparently, I figured they would say that warming awoke the monster and that’s why he’s sacking Tokyo (again). Now he’s trying to save the planet from warming? How does a giant lizard that shoots nuclear blasts every time he sneezes help cool the planet?

Tom Bakert

I couldn’t get past the first paragraph of the interview, but my takeaway is that anthropogenic climate disruption is as real as Godzilla. Trite comment for a serious geopolitical fraud, but I am sick and tired of this chicanery.

Jaakko Kateenkorva

The AGW policies themselves ravage civilization, but more like Lernaean Hydra than Godzilla.

John McClure

mjmsprt40 says:
May 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm
You’re thinking to hard. Pop some Corn and enjoy the side-show. Its bound to get better ; )


“Skiphil says:
May 14, 2014 at 1:12 pm
Mann vs. Nature
How about a 3 ft. Godzilla as Mike Mann, ankle biting and knee capping everyone in sight”
Yep….all the while singing M4GW’s “Hide The Decline” … gosh, what an image….


Given all the composition associated with Godzilla, perhaps Nature is disappointed that we haven’t been producing enough CO2? I hope he takes on some wind farms.

David L. Hagen

Ancient wisdom
Remember the ancient wisdom taught to Job:

Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook
or tie down its tongue with a rope?
Can you put a cord through its nose
or pierce its jaw with a hook? . . .
Can you fill its hide with harpoons
or its head with fishing spears?
If you lay a hand on it,
you will remember the struggle and never do it again!
Any hope of subduing it is false;
the mere sight of it is overpowering.
No one is fierce enough to rouse it.
Who then is able to stand against me?

Job 41 NIV


… Josh fodder for sure….
Godzilla wielding hockey stick, laying waste to universities across the land… Earth saved only when AlGore swoops in with his coal powered jet chair…
There’s bound to be some seed for Josh in this somewhere… 🙂
Kinda like the guys who came up with the idea (seriously) that Superman is really the story of Jesus. I do hope AlGore grabs this and runs with it. MannBearPig….


Aw, nuts. Here I was hoping Godzilla would be a good old fashioned fun-time movie. Looks like I’ll be skipping this one.


what’s the footprint of Godzilla’s poo? The methane has to be off the chart….I bet he shoots flames at both ends…..

John McClure

David L. Hagen says:
May 14, 2014 at 2:17 pm
David and Goliath — WUWT belt buckles are available in the Museum Store.


John McClure

mfo says:
May 14, 2014 at 2:24 pm
10+ — thank you for the vid!


This is what religion of global warming spawns. Idiots and more idiots. Nothing more sentient than a monkey is given to the world by this dumb religion. It’s a large waste of time and resources of human beings. The religion of global warm only generates ignorance and violence.
It creates small cranky child men like Mann and the brain dead like Al Gore. And makes women ugly.
It’s a plague of stupid.


And the sequel would be Jesuszilla, the son of Godzilla.

So there’s this rainforest with a big scar in the landscape with this quarry, slave labor, and a Western company.

It was Western Civilization (Christianity in particular) that ended slavery everywhere except for some holdouts in the Islamic world and the Far East. But yeah, they might as well pretend that Western companies are into slavery, if they’re already pitching the human-increments-to-CO2-are-killing-the-planet lie. In for a penny in for a pound.

Gary Hladik

agimarc says (May 14, 2014 at 1:20 pm): “Later versions had the actor in the rubber suit fighting other actors in their rubber suits with decreasing levels of seriousness. As I remember, at least one was an anti-pollution flick.”
“Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster”? 1971.
So now I’m guessing the new Godzilla movie will be a comedy, like this eco-flick:


I can’t wait for a sequel. I’m picturing Daryl Hanna et al in silk and olive leaf crowns chanting to Gia and dancing around mothra to undo all of the unintended consequences from Gozilla. Should be fantastic.

There is a very deep theme to Japanese fiction and especially Japanese science fiction in the ~40 year period after the end of our war with Japan.
It is much much deeper than the nuclear bomb theme that several others mentioned by several commenters above. I would name it the dichotomy of the Chrysanthemum and the Sword. (not very related to the Ruth Benedictt book by that name).
What did the defeat at the hands of the USA deeply mean to the post war culture of Japan? I think it meant to post war Japan that human spirit and human community as a source of strength was overestimated by the pre-war and wartime culture of Japan. And I think post war Japan realized that pre-war and wartime Japan greatly underestimated the culture that can create all the scientific inventiveness and embracement of high technology (as the Japan saw the USA culture in the post war period).
So, in my view Godizalla was originally scientific / technological emphasis emerging over the old pre-war and wartime cultural emphasis.
When Hollywood got involved in Godzilla, it became a tongue in cheek parody and then pagan Gaia agitprop.

The funny thing is the quarry in the rainforest was for aggregate for the use in building windmills.


Awwww, and I was looking forward to the thing. Not “go to midnight opening” forward, but “see on opening weekend” interested.


…So there’s this rainforest with a big scar in the landscape with this quarry, slave labor, and a Western company.

Yeah, probably Koch Industries. The stupid, it burns like Godzilla’s breath…..

This just went from being “Must See This Weekend!” to “Meh, I’ll get around to it.”


Many people in the Entertainment industry are foolish outside their area of expertise. There are many actors who are downright idiots. But that does not mean they can’t do a good job playing a part, or making a movie.
Judge Godzilla on the takeaway by the actual audience and not what the director might be projecting into it. After all, it’s nothing new. Just about every monster movie ever made had a background theme that we are responsible for the monster. We either created him through mad science, pollution, nuclear power, or we went into his territory and poked him with a sharp stick.

george e. smith

Does this grandified gecko, fart out of his mouth, and ignite it, like the old Japanese one did ?