Snow in 49 of 50 states, meanwhile, cartoon pokes fun at Dr. David Viner while media is doing spin cycle

It is surprising to see this headline in USA Today:



This calls for a song and a cartoon about Dr. David Viner.

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It doesn’t show signs of stopping

And I’ve bought some corn for popping

The lights are turned way down low (because we can’t afford electricity anymore)

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

And here’s the cartoon:

snow_thing_of_the past

Reference for the cartoon:

Here’s the current snow map. Note Florida has no snow. Alaska, not shown, does, and Hawaii, not shown, does according to the USA Today article.



In other news, the media spin cycle is on FULL WASH set at cold temperature:

CBS Blames Global Warming for Harsh Winter Weather

CNN Hypes ‘Global Warming’ as ‘Catastrophic Ice Storms’ Descend on Atlanta HQ

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  1. OK, even if CAGW was causing the cold, won’t this kind of ‘news’ just turn the alarmists into a laughing stalk? I would think it is in their best interest to pretend that the cold isn’t here, and focus on some place that is hot.

  2. So, admittedly, the meandering of the polar vortex probably has a lot to do with it — and the torrential rains Britain is dealing with. I could be wrong, but it seems logically that it will also be a global cooling event, as high albedo snow pushes farther south is some places and hot air gets pushed farther north into others, increasing reflected and radiated heat.
    I’d say it’s fun, but I just spent an hour or so digging my car out of it.

  3. Will CBS and CNN start to blame global cooling for the heat waves and bush fires in Australia? Naw, didn’t think so. LOL!

  4. This is not a joke: The snow in my yard is rotten snow! About 4 inches of slush from an 8 in. fall last Saturday. However, storms are lined up over the Pacific heading for the Great State of Washington.

  5. We just don’t get snow down here.
    Well, okay there was that one time. 15 years to the day before I was born.
    You know, I miss the days when an article on a weather event, even a historical one, had nary a mention of “climate change” in sight.
    Although that’s probably at least partly to avoid reminding people that, at the time, the event was probably “evidence consistent with the coming ice age.”

  6. I can’t find the result, but four years ago we had 49 states with snow until astronomers from the observatories on Mauna Kea went out and found a stray snow patch that got global attention.
    A grad student, Patrick Marsh, asked for photos of snow from every state and used to have the results on the Web.
    WUWT’s story is at
    but I don’t see a follow up story or a comment about Hawaii.

  7. After the absolute certainty that AGW would manifest as warmer nights and less harsh cold periods.Now its warming causing record cold.
    Climate Change can only be answered with;”Yes we know”.
    The climate that is changing has little to do with the weather.
    Allowing fools to hold public office and positions of authority, has proven toxic to civil society.
    The current climate change may not be comfortable for this generations crop of parasites and the kleptocrats who enable their existence.
    Strange how unforgiving people can be, when you lie, mortgage their childrens futures, steal the return of their labour and burn it at the altar of your green gods, while becoming fat at their expense.
    Oh yeah, I think the climate is changing.

  8. Well on this side of the pond we now have “Climate Weirding” – and yes I know that phrase has been used before but it seems that the dear old BBC cannot handle the copious criticism being levelled at the numpties who said no to dredging the Thames because of the Depressed Molusc (happier to have depressed people than depressed snails apparently) and those same numpties who ceased dredging on the reclaimed land that is the Somerset levels and which one of them (Baroness Young – head of the UK Environment Agency (EA) a while back) who actually stated on record that she would like to place Limpet Mines on the pumping stations on the Levels.
    The UK EA spent £31Million on a bird sanctuary (very laudable – I am not complaining) but refused £5M to dredge the rivers on the levels so we now have a catastrophic disaster.
    Now it seems that the flooding along the Thames is in part due to the lack of dredging caused by the EA’s decision to put a snail ahead of people and property.
    So maybe not so much climate weirding – just the common muppetry weirding of Government Agencies desperate to blame “Climate” for their stupidity.

  9. Anthony, That is a major mistake in your headline. I ask you. It’s in the headline of all places. Your great leader said there were 57 states. Come one now 🙂

  10. It’s not just Viner. Here is a reminder (60 quotes) of what they said about milder winters with less snow as well as Spring arriving early CLICK (links to sources provided there).
    Here is a sample:

    Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms but could cause an increase in freezing rain if average daily temperatures fluctuate about the freezing point.”
    IPCC Climate Change, 2001
    “Snowlines are going up in altitude all over the world. The idea that we will get less snow is absolutely in line with what we expect from global warming.”
    WalesOnline, Sir John Houghton – atmospheric physicist,
    Former IPCC author, helped set up the IPCC 30 June 2007
    “Warm Winters Result From Greenhouse Effect, Columbia Scientists Find, Using NASA Model …
    Despite appearing as part of a natural climate oscillation, the large increases in wintertime surface temperatures over the continents may therefore be attributable in large part to human activities,”
    Science Daily, Dr. Drew Shindell, NASA, 4 June 1999
    The rise in temperature associated with climate change leads to a general reduction in the proportion of precipitation falling as snow, and a consequent reduction in many areas in the duration of snow cover.”
    Global Environmental Change, Nigel W. Arnell, Geographer, 1 Oct 1999
    “Computer models predict that the temperature rise will continue at that accelerated pace if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not reduced, and also predict that warming will be especially pronounced in the wintertime.”
    Star News, William K. Stevens, New York Times, 11 Mar 2000
    In a warmer world, less winter precipitation falls as snow and the melting of winter snow occurs earlier in spring. Even without any changes in precipitation intensity, both of these effects lead to a shift in peak river runoff to winter and early spring, away from summer and autumn.”
    Nature, T. P. Barnett et. al., 17 Nov 2005

    Then the climate changed and they changed their tune, entirely in line and not inconsistent with their earlier pronouncements. What a load of garbage.

  11. joshuah says:
    February 13, 2014 at 11:49 am
    NOAA says it was an average January, only the coldest January since 2001… also says Alaska was third-warmest ever but behind the Januaries of 1981 and 1985.

    Blame it on the jet stream.
    A killer winter storm paralyzed the South yesterday, but it was sunny and warm in Alaska, with record high temperatures. What’s up with this weather?
    Blame it on the jet stream.

    They then talks about inconclusive research which attempts to find linkages. Why try to find linkages? Why don’t we try to find linkages between the brutally cold winters and the possibility of a new mini-ice age????

  12. We are getting the same stupid connection between our current floods and CAGW, here in the UK. And, of course, when we were snowbound last year: that was due to CAGW. Anyone who questions this is a denier, and is shouted down.

  13. I was intrigued by today’s news reports on Toronto’s main news and talk radio this morning, in which the increased snow cover was reported to be caused by “global warming” and not “climate change”. Two observations:
    1) I’ve not heard or seen much about “global warming” or even “climate change” in the news media for the last couple of years. Indeed, this must be an effort to convince people to not believe their lyin’ eyes and frozen toes. ScientIFic “experts” remain grimly certain that a catastrophe is unfolding.
    2) In a way, this is vaguely encouraging, as at least the supposed underlying fear of global warming is being linked, in a patently ridiculous fashion, to the most consistently cold winter I’ve experienced here in 29 years. Even in the downtown core, there has been lasting snow cover since mid-December, which I’ve never seen here. I’ve heard people in the street lamenting the apparent end of global warming. Myself, I like this ‘traditional’ Canadian winter, which is more like what I used to experience as a girl. Much better than the snow, rain, slush, re-freeze, slip and injury cycle that has been typical of recent decades.

  14. RACookPE1978 says:
    February 13, 2014 at 11:21 am
    Come on NORTH Florida! You can do it!
    Actually I think they did earlier this winter…
    YES, missed February by a couple of days.

    January 29, 2014, 3:53 PM PENSACOLA —
    I-10 is shut down between Pensacola and Crestview after a rare winter storm brought snow and ice to the Florida Panhandle.
    The Florida Highway Patrol shut down at least a half-dozen bridges around Escambia and Santa Rosa counties due to ice on the roadways.
    Icicles have formed on signs and buildings in Crestview. The ice has built up on power lines causing outages to 1,200 customers in Walton County.
    Schools are closed in most of the Panhandle counties, including in Tallahassee.

    Thursday 13 February 2014 All 50 US states are below freezing – and even Hell’s frozen over (My goats certainly think so. They have yet to poke anything but a nose out of the barn. They are worse than the cats.)
    On Feb 13th 2010 there was Snow in all 50 U.S. states

  15. Imagine what the Warmists would be saying if 49 of 50 states were experiencing record heat waves and a drought right now? But since it’s cold and snow, it’s just weather, or extreme weather which is proof of climate change.

  16. So, global warming causes “harsh winter weather” according to CBS, and “catastrophic ice storms” according to CNN. Does that mean if next winter is mild, then global warming is over?

  17. tommoriarty says:
    February 13, 2014 at 12:40 pm
    So, global warming causes “harsh winter weather” according to CBS, and “catastrophic ice storms” according to CNN. Does that mean if next winter is mild, then global warming is over?
    No, Global Warming also causes mild winters and warm winters. Basically Global Warming causes everything. (do I really need to sign /sarc )

  18. It snowed in Orlando (and parts slightly south of there) back in 1989. It;s snowed in the Panhandle twice since the beginning of this year.

  19. Folks you don’t understand. This is not regular snow. It is global warming snow, completely different from regular snow.
    20 years ago, I threw a snowball at my son, who was 5 at the time. Knocked the poor kid on his butt, earned me a scolding from his mother. I decided to repeat the experiment today. I was careful to make a snowball of the same size, throw it from the same distance, and I hit the exact same son.
    It just bounced off of him. Who know that global warming could have such an effect on snowball density?
    I was going to cut the snowball open and count the rings, but said son elected to wash my face with it instead.

  20. NOAA’s report issued today, February 13, about January winter in the U.S.:
    … January was an exceptionally cold month across much of the Southeast region.
    … A bitterly cold air mass overspread much of the region on the 7th and 8th of the month, resulting in subfreezing temperatures as far south as central Florida. For several locations, including Raleigh-Durham, NC and Atlanta, GA, this event marked the strongest cold outbreak not associated with snow cover in nearly 20 years. Maximum temperatures failed to climb above freezing across southern Georgia and Alabama.
    So what did NOAA’s Winter forecast look?…
    NOAA’s Winter Outlook October 2013 …”warmer-than-average temperatures this winter are expected from the Desert Southwest into the Southern Plains and Deep South.”..
    …Another concern is winter’s potential dearth of precipitation in the Southeast. Drought is likely to develop across parts of the Southeast, according to NOAA,

  21. It seems to me that CNN and CBS owe much to the techniques of mass indoctrination pioneered by Goebbles and the Third Reich. But, as I recall, the Third Reich’s pronouncements were more accurate and believable, at least before the war started not going their way. I wonder if those two
    baindead networks publicized Viner’s “No more snow” predictions back then?

  22. These frequent storms in the UK are actually a sign of global cooling.
    Very cold air moving south from Canada and western Greenland have caused major instability over the North Atlantic ocean during recent weeks. With cold air moving south this strengthens the jet stream and moves storms east usually towards Iceland. The very cold air instead has moved the storms east towards the UK. (current image, will change)
    Usually these would often move towards Iceland during warmer climate periods, but now they are one after another hitting the UK instead. This happened often during the Little Ice age, but it is now starting to happen in 2014 after a recent number of cold/very cold winters in the UK. This is exactly the type of weather pattern that occurred during the LIA, with more often cold winters and even the mild ones had the usual frequent storms hitting the UK instead of Iceland, giving very wet winters when Atlantic driven.

  23. It snowing like crazy here in New Hampshire…but that’s perfectly NORMAL for this time of year (ahh, normal — word not known to the CAGW maniacs).

  24. Peter Stroud says:
    February 13, 2014 at 12:13 pm
    We are getting the same stupid connection between our current floods and CAGW…
    Yes, a recent ecoboob survey (cant remember the org.)showed that more Brits are believing because MOST media there are connecting any major weather event to CAGW or whatever they call it now. The L(ame)SM in the US is picking this up apparently.

  25. Is it ‘old snow’ or some of that ‘fast snow’, similar to that ice seen recently near Antarctica? 😉

  26. Remember, folks, we’re dealing with ideologues, who ALWAYS have only ONE explanation for anything, no matter how WRONG it is.
    Hey, ideologues, I can tell you why the globe is warming! It’s because water freezes into ice when you heat it! /sarc
    The cartoon is priceless – we should demand that every TV and cable network and every newspaper show it.

  27. Gail Combs on February 13, 2014 at 1:03 pm
    While poking around the internet I ran across this article. (Have an air sickness bag ready)
    Is Extreme Weather a Result of Global Warming? (POLL) – CBS News
    WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I thought weather wasn’t climate. How can extreme weather be climate????

  28. This high albedo condition is happening right when the sun angle is accelerating as we approach the equinox. Think of the effect.

  29. Stephen Richards says:
    February 13, 2014 at 11:53 am
    Anthony, That is a major mistake in your headline. I ask you. It’s in the headline of all places. Your great leader said there were 57 states. Come one now 🙂
    Correction: Dear Leader said he had visited 57 states with one to go.

  30. For February 14, 2014
    Dear An-th-ony, Mod-er-ators, Hero-scientists, Commenters,
    and Silent Readers,
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    And know that whenever one of you regulars shows up,
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    and who is always glad YOU came.
    Keep on posting!
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  31. Not one mention of climate change or global warming confirming once again that cold is weather and hot is climate. Another example was their article this week on Great Lakes ice shutting down shipping. No mention of climate, but in 2013 they were running stories of the demise of the Great Lakes and the lack of ice due to climate change. Cowards wouldn’t run my comment pointing that out.

  32. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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    How about in non-leap years?
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  33. @ Mario — thank you for saying something. My pleasure.
    And, I’m so glad you showed up, Mister Busy. #(:))

  34. So how is all this snow affecting that energy balance thingie Ken T?
    So I take it that the SE area of the USA is a big energy exporter since none of the sun’s energy can make to the ground?
    (The surface of the earth is way up there at the edge of the atmosphere, right?)

  35. I read somewhere that a glaciation starts when snow and ice from one winter survives the summer and is augmented by the snow and ice from the following winter. Watch the snow line.

  36. “Snow is a thing of the past” – like about 10 minutes ago. 🙂
    Paradigm shifts in future scientific consensus (within ~~10 years):
    Earth is cooling, not warming.
    CO2 lags temperature at all measured time scales – and the future does not cause the past.
    Grid-connected Wind Power – It doesn’t just blow – it sucks!
    Grid-connected Solar Power – Stick it where the Sun don’t shine!
    BTW, we predicted most of these “emergent truths” in papers and articles written in 2002.
    Really, good people – try to keep up. 🙂

  37. Dr. Viner is so far correct, my son just does not know snow like I have. Of course, he’s only 2 years old so he wasn’t around for the 96″ of snow we got in 2009-10, he’s had to settle for the mere 66″ (and counting) this winter. The “average” winter here is 30″.

  38. Kevin K. says:
    February 14, 2014 at 10:25 pm
    That was the year of the big snow. At one point every state in the US had snow. In answer to Andres Valencia,s comment up above, looking at the snow line for that winter made me remark in 2010 ‘that it looked like the footprint of where the ice sheets would form’. It would not be hard to imagine a heavy snow like that in combination with an extra cold spring, could well be the first step to leaving a portion of snowfield for the next winter to enlarge upon.

  39. I froze my ass off in snow, in January or February 1982 while on basic training Bivouac at . . . . . Ft. McClellan, ALABAMA.
    This is nothing new, or “unprecedented”.

  40. Ric Werme says:
    February 13, 2014 at 11:39 am
    I can’t find the result, but four years ago we had 49 states with snow until astronomers from the observatories on Mauna Kea went out and found a stray snow patch that got global attention.
    A grad student, Patrick Marsh, asked for photos of snow from every state and used to have the results on the Web.
    WUWT’s story is at
    but I don’t see a follow up story or a comment about Hawaii.
    G P Hanner says:
    February 13, 2014 at 7:37 pm
    Most times I’ve seen the top of Mauna Kea (on the Big Island of Hawaii) in the winter it has been white. Here’s the 7-day forecast for Mauna Kea and for Mauna Loa

    Saturday on my radio show I mentioned the “Snow in 49 states” report. A listener from New Jersey wrote in to say,

    I had to double check on your comment about there being snow in 49 states. Coming from Hawaii orginally I had to check it. I was sure that it should be all 50 and sure enough I was right. Here is a link to a snap shot from the live cam on top of Moana Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii with today’s date.

    Yep, there’s snow in Hawaii.
    /Mr Lynn

  41. RE:February 13, 2014 at 5:06 pm
    Janice Moore says: “For February 14, 2014 . . .”
    And we’re all glad you came to join us . . . and a Happy V. Day back at ya’ Janice. (Late as it is)
    Too bad we don’t have a Coach quote on global warming/change/disruption/whateverhappens . . . come to think of it, wouldn’t an episode of Sam and Diane arguing the climate change debate be funny? No doubt where/with whom, Cliff and Norm align with . . . IE: picture Cliff with a hockey stick about to ‘explain’ the science behind it . . . and Carla ready to destroy him. I know! Enough material for a reunion special . . . maybe a series . . . if only . . .sigh . . . the good ol’ days.
    Now back to your regular programming . . .

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