Greenpeace disappears a founder, much like 'The Commissar Vanishes' in Soviet Russia

kommisar_FOURTHREETWOONEOn our Friday Funny, which pointed out that Dr. Michael Mann labeled Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore as a “garden variety troll”, we thought it was funny that Dr. Mann couldn’t make the connection to who he was labeling.  But then, something funny happened on the way to the forum; we discovered that Greenpeace had been actively erasing Dr. Moore from their history page.

It’s just like the famous communist propaganda photo series The Commissar Vanishes

Thank goodness for the Wayback machine.

From a comment:

CaligulaJones says: January 24, 2014 at 8:54 am

” David Sanger (@davidsanger) says:

January 24, 2014 at 8:22 am

Well certainly Greenpeace does not think that Patrick Moore was a “co-founder of Greenpeace.”

Unfortunately for the Peas, this is 2014, not 1984, where unpeople are memory-holed:

And here are the screencaps of those two pages, note that five people in one photo are reduced to three in the later one.

From 2002, five people:



From 2005, five people:



From today, just three people:



And even Wikipedia notices the effort to erase Dr. Moore. From this comment (bold mine):

alex says: January 24, 2014 at 9:08 am

From Wiki:


According to Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World by Rex Wyler, the Don’t Make a Wave Committee was formed in January 1970 by Dorothy and Irving Stowe, Ben Metcalfe, Marie and Jim Bohlen, Paul Cote, and Bob Hunter and incorporated in October 1970.[6] The Committee had formed to plan opposition to the testing of a one megaton hydrogen bomb in 1969 by the United States Atomic Energy Commission on Amchitka Island in the Aleutians. Moore joined the committee in 1971 and, as Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter wrote, “Moore was quickly accepted into the inner circle on the basis of his scientific background, his reputation [as an environmental activist], and his ability to inject practical, no-nonsense insights into the discussions.”[7] From as early as September 2005 until its alteration in March 2007, the Greenpeace International web site included Patrick Moore in a list of “founders and first members”.[8][9][10]


So, Greenpeace is desperate to re-write their own history…


Why would Greenpeace do such a thing, erasing a founding member?

It is likely because Dr. Patrick Moore has become a climate skeptic, and appeared in a skeptic film in 2007. From his Wikipedia page:

In 2005, Moore criticized what he saw as scare tactics and disinformation employed by some within the environmental movement, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.”[30] Moore contends that for the environmental movement “most of the really serious problems have been dealt with”, seeking now to “invent doom and gloom scenarios”.[31] He suggests they romanticise peasant life as part of an anti-industrial campaign to prevent development in less-developed countries, which he describes as “anti-human”.[32][33] Moore was interviewed in the 2007 film documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, in which he expressed similar views. In 2007 The Guardian reported on his writings for the Royal Society arguing against the theory that mankind was causing global warming, noting his advocacy for the felling of tropical rainforests and the planting of genetically engineered crops.

And perhaps most infuriating to the greens, he advocates for improving the third world with the introduction of Golden Rice, which the GMO activists in Greenpeace see as an evil thing.

Since Greenpeace is now a multi-million dollar industry, we can’t have idealistic former founders mucking up what they want their donors to believe. I wonder how long it will be before we hear Greenpeace was actually founded by one person?


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Nice sleuthing! Bookmarked!

Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

I seem to recall someone telling me at least 5 years ago, in a comment somewhere, that Roger Moore had nothing to do with the founding of Greenpeace. So they’ve been working at this for quite some time.

He was never a “true believer” so he must be purged for his own good, right? Isn’t that the way it works in this type of cult?

Memory holes are to the 2010s as bomb shelters were to the 1950s.


I first ventured into sceptical waters when I read , in 2007, that this hero of my youth had received death threats for his honest opinion. Since then the green spiral into totalitarianism has become more and more obvious.

I’m sure that one of Greenpeace’s original ironclad principles was that there should be diversity of opinion, etc.


Patrick Moore is also the only founder with any real science credentials- the rest are lawyers and social workers. He actually has the education and experience to change his mind.


@Otter: I am quite certain that Roger Moore had nothing to with the founding of Greenpeace.

Phillip Bratby

Greenpeace is a thoroughly discredited and thuggish organisation. I’ve seen its thugs in action. Of course it is loved by the BBC, one of its first ports of call for the “facts” on anything to do with climate change or the environment.

arthur4563 says:
“I’m sure that one of Greenpeace’s original ironclad principles was that there should be diversity of opinion, etc.”
It is in their Open Information Policy, if you can believe it (pdf)


Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter) says:
January 25, 2014 at 11:10 am
Roger Moore? But then they were both Saints in their own way.

Well they disappeared me.
“We do not want to see you back here, “vietnam vets like you are not welcome” , your ideas are just wrong about John Kerry. If you know what is good for you do not come around talking like you do.
Nice bunch of commie thugs in fact.

Jim CH

The Greenpeace history page you cite does mention Moore:
Marie Bohlen was the first to suggest taking a ship up to Amchtka to oppose the U.S. plans. The group organised a boat, the Phyllis Cormack, and set sail to Amchitka to “bear witness” (a Quaker tradition of silent protest) to the nuclear test. On board were:
• Captain John Cormack, the boat’s owner
• Jim Bohlen, Greenpeace
• Bill Darnell, Greenpeace
• Patrick Moore, Greenpeace
• Dr Lyle Thurston, medical practitioner
• Dave Birmingham, engineer
• Terry Simmons, cultural geographer
• Richard Fineberg, political science teacher
• Robert Hunter, journalist
• Ben Metcalfe, journalist
• Bob Cummings, journalist
• Bob Keziere, photographer
Stowe, who suffered from sea-sickness, stayed on shore to coordinate political pressure. Cote stayed behind too, because he was about to represent Canada in an Olympic sailing race.

He started the group
Then said “Mission Accomplished”
He then disappears

mucking up what they want their donors to believe–it’s not just donors Anthony and the key word is in fact believe. Everything going on in education globally now (I have UNESCO’s blueprint and planned curricula and end beliefs and desired mindsets so I am not exaggerating) in K-12 plus higher ed plus law schools and business management schools (UN has founded PRME-Principles for Responsible Management Education) are all guided by altering beliefs to influence perception.
Reality can supposedly now be ignored unless it is politically compelling in desired ways because the theory goes if you can change beliefs and values you can alter the future reality. And that’s as concise a definition of what dialectical materialism really means as we are likely to find. GreenPeace is a huge part of gaining these transformative mindsets and skeptical founders are barriers to creating a uniformity in what is believed.

Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

@Akatsukami ~ Oooops……!
But… are you sure one is not acting like he’s the other?


” … It’s just like the famous communist propaganda photo series The Commissar Vanishes …”
Infamous, surely 🙂

Steve from Rockwood

It’s refreshing to hear an environmentalist admit that many environmental problems have been solved.

Yep, Greenpeace erases things. Back in a 2010 AmericanThinker piece of mine, I linked to the bio page for Greenpeace’s Executive Director Phil Radford, which noted his ties to Ozone Action ( , 8th paragraph), the organization I have termed the “epicenter of the smear against skeptic climate scientists”. In a revist to the page in November 2012, I checked the link, and had to get an update placed in my article, because Radford’s revised bio erased his Ozone Action job title.
Current Greenpeace bio for Radford, sans Ozone Action:
And thank heavens for the Internet Wayback Machine, scroll down this page for the original format, where Radford’s section says he was “field Director of Ozone Action from 1999 to 2001”:

john robertson

Greenpeace meets the requirements under RICO for prosecution.
The criminal groups laws in Canada.
Also truth in advertising, as a business, statutes.
Watermelons plain and simple.
Wrapped in the green ethos, they worship every behaviour the communists discredited.
Anti-humanist ecosystem destroyers.
Or if their lack of activism on certain fronts is any indication, they are paid propagandists.
Whores to who-ever pays them off, or puts them in prison.
Eco-whores and Presstitutes, what a worldview.


I wonder if UNSW will disappear Turney in the same way 🙂

lurker, passing through laughing

Yet another example of how the slippery slope from idealistic advocate to obseesive totalitarian can occur.
The real lesson is that this is a human foible, not a facet of a specific ideology. Any of us can fall into the institutional corruption that Greenpeace is now demonstrating. Even skeptical groups and blogs.


They should rename themselves.. Watermelons,… green on the outside, red on the inside!

A very similar chain of events to this is described in Animal Farm, complete with one of the original founders becoming an ethereal external threat to the new regime with a re-written backstory to boot.

It was true
It was inconvenient
…… Today’s DramaGreens take the lead in burying Inconvenient Truths
Once again showing their hallmark of PROJECTION

Leon Brozyna

Becoming an unperson in the finest of totalitarian traditions (can’t be seen to be fallible, to be charged with having made a mistake).

“Combining creativity with strategic thinking and a hard-nosed journalistic sense for a good story – he helped to shape…what would come [to] be known around the world as “Greenpeace action.” Fascinated by media theory, the often audacious Hunter wanted to change the world with “media mind-bombs,” – consciousness changing sounds and images that would blast around the world in the guise of news. The approach worked brilliantly.”
For example the rat with tumors supposedly caused by GMO’s:


Patrick Moore:
I write in hope you are reading this.
Please do not go near ice picks especially if you visit Mexico.

C’mon … nobody rational is stupid enough to ‘erase’ history like this in this day and are … are they?


Jim CH says:
January 25, 2014 at 11:30 am
And this has nothing to do with the point being made. The initial paragraph is a direct attack on Dr. Moore.

J Martin

If Greenpeace can’t be honest about their history, what statements of theirs can anyone trust. None.

Paul Milligan

In 2003 Moore appeared in Penn and Teller’s program “Bullsh*t!”. Criticizing Greenpeace for using “Sensationalism, misinformation and scare tactics…to cloak agendas that had more to do with anti-corporatism, anti-globalism, and anti-business, and had very little to do with science or ecology.” The effort to disappear Moore from the list of founders and the list of former presidents of Greenpeace may predate 2007.


I’m 95% certain that those who think they are contributing to a worthy cause are blissfully unaware of any of this. Great presentation.


Of course Greenpeave (sic) wants to disappear Moore. He’s become a thorn in their side.
I remember late last year, Patrick Moore and his brother Michael, were protesting Greenpeace’s opposition to golden rice.

George Santayana’s demand that we remember OUR PAST, not history written by the victors, writ very small (George Santayana (1905) Reason in Common Sense, p. 284, volume 1 of The Life of Reason Accessed 25 Jan 2014)


RichardLH wrote –
“I wonder if UNSW will disappear Turney in the same way :-)”
remembering google’s involvement with the Turney Fiasco – doodle4google – do a google search of “chris turney” & click “news”.
for a week, i’ve been regularly doing this, & the google al-gore-ithms “news” results have always begun with a group of 551 results, BUT for OLD 5th Jan stuff. only these three results show until u click on “all 551 news sources”. how does Raw Story get in there?
Leader of ill-fated Antarctic expedition, Professor Chris Turney …
Radio Australia-5 Jan 2014
Expedition leader Professor Chris Turney has been criticised for inexperience and for taking risks by entering Commonwealth Bay. However …
Leader Chris Turney defends Antarctic expedition against critics of …
Raw Story-5 Jan 2014
Antarctic expedition: ‘This wasn’t a tourist trip. It was all about …
The Guardian-4 Jan 2014
there is no chronological order whatsoever when it comes to Turney news coverage. whilst i’ve seen that on other searches, i can’t recall 3-week-old news remaining as the top “news” grouping in this way. on top of that, Turney doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. surely someone has tried to start one!


It’s amazing. Even Russia has no use for these Greenpeace pinkos. This was the organization that they arrested for “piracy” a couple of months back when they protested Russian oil drilling in the Arctic.
It’s no surprise that Greenpeace is disappearing Roger Moore. That tactic is at least 100 years old. They have no respect for the truth unless it serves their ends.

Bruce of Newcastle

Entertainingly the MV Arctic Sunrise, which the Russian authorities detained along with the 30 Greenpeacers, is still stuck in Murmansk as of 3 days ago. Port fees are mounting.
I wonder if Greenpeace will ever get their ship back?

@ richardscourtney
Up-twinkles for Trotsky references.

Alan Bates

Some years back I had an interesting doorstep discussion with a member of Greenpeace. Her purpose for calling was to get me to join Greenpeace and to contribute to saving the world (no less).
She talked about the Great London Smog, about pollution from chemical factories. Did I know how terrible the pollution was from cars, lorries, power stations etc etc. How awful it was to cut down forests. (One of Patrick Moore’s interests.)
I totally flummoxed her by telling her there was no further need for a big organisation like Greenpeace because they had already won!
I went through each point she raised and showed how government and (more commonly) industry had changed. Smokeless fuels and catalytic converters had been introduced. Modern power stations were far more efficient and less polluting (and did she know cooling towers do not emit smoke – she didn’t, of course). Sometimes (and I cited a specific example) power stations change the fuel to reduce the pollution but at greater cost to themselves. Forestry was carefully managed with replanting and with care for the ecology. For chemical works a classic example was the ICI chemical works at Billingham where the constant white haze of ammonium chloride had been totally eliminated with a great saving to the environment and in overall cost (a win-win).
There was no need for Greenpeace to FIGHT for change – change was going on everywhere and all they needed to do was to talk sensibly with industry and any fine tuning could be achieved.
She had no response and left. I felt sorry she had been so mislead.

Rud Istvan

Nice post. Disappearing seems to be growing in warmista popularity. Mann disappeared the MWP. AR5 tried to disappear the hiatus. Susan Solomon is trying to disappear Santer’s ’17 years of no statistical warming falsifies CMIP3 and 5 models’. Gergis et. al. attempt to create an Australian hockey stick disappeared. Turney tried to disappear the Antarctica events of Dec 23 for which he was responsible (details at Climate Audit). SkS disappeared pictures discovered by Brandon Shollenberger of themselves in Third Reich uniforms. W. Connolley disappeared hundreds of Wiki climate edits and facts, after which he was officially disappeared from editing Wiki. Scooter Nucitelli regularly disappears comments on his Guardian rambles, which may be one reason Guardian readership is itself disappearing (details at WUWT).
And let’s not forget Trenberth’s heat disappeared. Except the Warmistas did not want it to. Got to be very careful with the disappearing voodoo.

Patrick Moore follows the data, no matter where they lead.
He is a scientist. I can offer no greater accolade than that.

In America, you take picture. In Soviet Russia, picture take you.

Henry Bowman

Erasing evidence of people’s existence is one of the things that Reds do, so it’s no big surprise that sandias such as Greenpeace would do such.
Lev Trotsky was utterly erased from all Soviet publications, both photographic as well as print.

Gunga Din

Henry Bowman says:
January 25, 2014 at 2:09 pm
Erasing evidence of people’s existence is one of the things that Reds do, so it’s no big surprise that sandias such as Greenpeace would do such.
Lev Trotsky was utterly erased from all Soviet publications, both photographic as well as print.

Reminds me of “Animal Farm”.
(But in the book the animals didn’t rise up again at the end.)

If, in any country in Europe or any state in the USA or indeed any country in the developed world, half a million children were going blind each year because of a simple preventable vitamin deficiency, something would have been done about it long ago and quickly too but that’s the problem, the victims are in the developing world which is well out of the way and everybody’s football to kick around anyway.

I have been a fan of Dr. Patrick Moore for over a decade, since he defended certain uses of chlorine in products/production, at the same time condemning Greenpeace against their stance against all chlorine uses. He has always reasonable proposals for making a better environment, without killing the economical and human benefits.
Another name not to be forgotten is Ben Metcalfe, first chairman of the Greenpeace Foundation in 1970, which also seems to be erased from the recent lists of Greenpeace founders. Probably because he accused Greenpeace of getting far away of the principles of the founding group in a film made by the Icelandic producer Gudmundsson “Survival in the High North”, saying literally: “I created a monster”.
The main bad spirit in the whole case seemed to be David Mc Taggart, who turned the mainly idealistic organisation of that time into a multi-million dollar industry centrally dictated by one man, even after his retirement, until his death in 2001.
To restore the balance between what Greenpeace (and Wiki) says about the role of Mc Taggart in Greenpeace, have a look at the article from Toronto Free Press:


The transnational corporation knows as Greenpeace has an annual budget of approximately $300 million, which means the corporation has to raise roughly $1 million every day just to keep the lights on. So of course they will do “whatever it takes” to keep that money flowing.


lurker, passing through laughing says:
January 25, 2014 at 12:12 pm
Yet another example of how the slippery slope from idealistic advocate to obseesive totalitarian can occur.
A view I most definitely subscribe to.
History tells us that the most vicious revolutions of the past and present such as the “ism’s of the 20th and 21st century such as communism, nazism, fascism, islamism, japanese imperialism and now environmentalism and all the other so called revolutions throughout history have all, almost without exception, either started with the good intentions of removing or wiping out a percieved and serious wrong against the community or society and thereby improve the citizens lives and freedoms and etc.
A worthy aim which nearly all such so called revolutions bar the French and American revolutions in modern history have eventually failed to do.
Instead they have morphed into a dictatorial fascist type revolution where gullible, easily swayed people, particularly the young are used, “used” being the operative word, by cynical morality free manipulators to impose yet another dictatorship even more savage than the original it replaced.
The Greenpeace leadership is arguably one of the most notorious of such manipulators of the young and the manipulators of propaganda out of all the quasi political operators in our world of today.
They are now being shown to be adept at altering, changing and modifying the records of past history to further their own agenda, something which they have obviously gone to considerable lengths to try and hide.
In trying to alter history and eliminate any references to matters that reflect unfavorably on the organisation and particularly on it’s trending towards a dictatorial status, Greenpeace is doing nothing more and nothing less than going down the same vicious humanity destroying road that innumerable dictators from the world’s nastiest and most pitiless dictatorships of the centuries past have also followed.
Greenpeace with the forcing of the cessation of the manufacture of DDT for malaria control in the 1970’s, a situation it is still attempting to enforce,today, it’s legal maneuverings, it’s intensive propaganda against and the destruction of experimental rice crops to try and stop the release of the live saving, vitamin A creating Golden Rice because it is supposedly a GMO has led to a consequent large surge in malaria cases and large consequent increase in avoidable deaths from both malaria and Vitamin A deficiencies mostly in small kids across rice eating Asia inm total with the death toll from preventable malaria has now cost some estimated 60 or 70 million avoidable deaths over the last 45 years.
And that places Greenpeace, the WWF and other radical green organisations amongst the greatest destroyers of human life in history and on a par with Mao Zedong and his Chinese communist revolution and his Great Leap Forward and on a par with the combined death tolls of Hitler, Stalin and the Japanese imperial empire.
And Greenpeace has done all of this without even getting supreme power, something it strove for and which it intended to achieve at Copenhagen in 2009 when it’s leadership was quoted as saying they intended to have a seat at the table when the body to regulate all global economies, energy systems and the emissions was created at Copenhagen.
That intended body would have had effective control over the world’s energy sources and therefore over the entire global economy and the consequent control of most of the global population.
That was and still is a morality and ethics free, humanity and freedom destroying Greenpeace’s ultimate goal.