'Polar Vortex' – the movie

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the phrase ‘polar vortex” in media today, you just knew, this had to be coming. At least it looks more interesting than “Sharknado“.

polar_vortex_the_movieIn case you are wondering why Al Sharpton has a lead role, it is because of this.

Thanks to Elmer Beauregard of Minnesotans for Global Warming.

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  1. So, Chris Turney did find polar bears at Mawson’s Hut in Antarctica after all.
    It is truly amazing what climate scientists can find.

  2. Soundtrack Suggestion: (MOST of the lines are right on — could change a few words and take out the teen-aged-boy sexual innuendo in the middle and it would be PERFECT — even has wolves howling and Arctic wind blowing (distant echoes of “The Cremation of Sam McGee,” heh (wave of the hand to Mrs. Beardsley)) — from Vincent Price’s narration, e.g., “and though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver… — Aaaa HA, HA, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” )
    “You start freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes.”
    “Chiller” — (“Thriller” by Michael Jackson)


  3. They keep playing the 97% of climat4 scientists surveyed say game. Let’s do our own cherry picked survey of WUWT readers.
    Let’s make it about affirmative action racism. I’m pretty sure we can find a hand picked 97 % of California Democrats who believe AA is government enforced racism that should be abolished by the Supremes.
    That aught to set Sharpton’s weave on fire.
    Show of hands?

  4. M Courtney says:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm
    You joke but The Day After Tomorrow was a real movie.
    We know perfectly well that it was a real movie. A Real Movie of the Science-less Fiction kind…

  5. Pity about all that solid CO2 he’s turning into gas in his “lab”. No wonder it is warm in there!

  6. Nylo, sorry I thought I was obviously mocking the delusional Grauniadista who couldn’t tell fact from fiction.
    The sneer doesn’t come through so well in text. My accent is quite disdainful in person.

  7. Yes, Nylo (how’s one of our finest math geniuses doing, these days, btw? — Huh? You, of course! — hope all is well)
    And, while that movie was a blatant attempt at propaganda (based on l1es), this would be a devastatingly accurate satire and mocking of the l1ars.

  8. Janice Moore says:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:45 pm
    Thanks for the reminder of “The Cremation of Sam McGee”. My dad used to recite that and “The Shooting of Dan McGrew”. Brought back memories. Thanks again.

  9. “The Right Wing needs a new talking point” says the buffoon spouting talking points.

  10. M. Kelly — No problem. Thanks for saying so! That is the only ballad I memorized entirely — thanks to my dad! “There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold, and the Arctic trails have their secret tails that would make your blood run cold. … ” ah, well, better stop, hm?

  11. Oh, BROTHER! For me, this is “Spell People’s Last Names Wrong Day.” Arrgh. Kelly. (only excuse is I have a lifelong girlfriend whose maiden name is “Kelley.”) Sorry.
    [ Reply: Fixed that one too… Might I suggest a nice cup of coffee or tea?… -ModE ]

  12. M Courtney says:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm
    “You joke but The Day After Tomorrow was a real movie.
    And it is quoted by concerned commenters as a prophetic vision:”
    I think Emmerich is indeed a visionary. Consider the timeline of the movie – first, Manhattan gets flooded – like in real life during Sandy – then, it gets frozen – as in now; by ultra cold air from above – like the polar vortex.
    Of course, Hollywood forced him to compress his visions to a voyage of the hero timeline; and forced him to overdo the flooding and the freezing, but in general, he was right.
    Let’s say, an enigmatic prophet; but aren’t they all?

  13. elmer says:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:34 pm
    I was thinking if calling it “BearNado”

    That would have been good. The ads could have been, “Watch BEARNADO!…if you think you can bear it!”
    That leaves room for the sequel, “CUBNADO…It’s not just cute anymore!”
    (Of course “BareNado” might get more viewers, depending on who was in it.)

  14. timetochooseagain says:
    January 7, 2014 at 1:17 pm
    ““The Right Wing needs a new talking point” says the buffoon spouting talking points.”
    Angry that all the GCM’s got it 100% backwards? Time to try again! We’ll wait 30 years before we trust you again, kay?

  15. @gunga, “Cubnado: The Son of Bearnado” that is much more commercially viable because if you did not see “Bearnado” you’d be forced to go and watch that first (or again because it is so memorable)

  16. So, Tawana Brawley’s Godfather needs only a white lab coat to become a climate scientist peer to Vice President AlGore, Earth Band Manfred Mann, and Christ Turney.

  17. Yes, yes, thanks for the correction, Mr. F.. This is just not my day. Always good to be reminded to proof read more carefully. Sigh.
    [ Reply: Not fixing “tails”; over quota ;-). Go get that coffee! -ModE ]

  18. It’s been done. Terrible movie from 2004 called “Day after tomorrow” with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal.

  19. Hey, what was not to like about Sharknado? The only thing that would have made that movie better is if Al Gore and his partners in crime were some of the people being eaten by the flying sharks.

  20. Just listened to some of their songs,’Brilliant’.
    Are they ever played by the Media over there in the U.S.A.?

  21. Last night when the wind kicked up to almost 40MPH, making a whistling around the front door, shaking the windows, and the cold was making any sound outside seem louder, I’m thinking I could have ventured outside at midnight. I could have quietly asked “What is this?” and Tom Hanks would have bellowed “THIS IS THE POLAR VORTEX!!!!”
    When your nose falls off from all the cold is anybody’s guess
    ‘Cause that’s the way things happen with the Polar Vortex!

  22. I was watching The Day After Tomorrow, the day before yesterday, and my favourite line is when Dennis is talking to Jake on the pay phone that still works after the giant tidal wave, and Dennis the environmentalist says; “Burn whatever you can to stay warm”.
    I guess that when an environmentalists kids gets cold, anything goes, eh? That’s probably the most realistic part of the entire movie.

  23. The Statue of Liberty should be shown raising a ‘swirly bulb’ (instead of her torch)…
    and at least one of the polar bears (lower left?) should have a Coke in the paw!
    Really like the Flamingo too!

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