Dr. Michael Mann's dishonest political messaging

When something is this ridiculous, all you can do is point and laugh. Michael Mann lends his image for political purposes in campaign video for called “Crusades Against Science 101″ with Professor Michael Mann”. Here’s the laughable imagery:


The imagery is dishonest. I challenge Dr. Mann to find any home in Norfolk that looks like that due to sea level rise. Just one will do. And no, a photoshop tricked-out house like your buds at NCDC used won’t qualify.

Dr. Mann seems to have no problem lending his image for political purposes, as this frame from the video shows: 


The video footnote says:

Dr. Michael Mann is a world-renowned climate scientist and former University of Virginia professor. This animated interview recounts the grievances Prof. Mann faced at the hand of gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, and details the threats to all Virginians caused by climate change.

“Vote climate in this election, Virginia’s future depends on it.”


Anything for “the cause” I suppose. Dr. Mann once referred to me as a “denier for dollars” (he imagines huge budgets at my disposal, but reality differs), I suppose it is only fair to return the favor by pointing out his involvement as a political science shill for VA gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Here is the video:


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Mann , doing good for years ,undermining ‘the cause ‘ that is . If he did not exist, sceptics have a much harder time . Keep him in the spot light, keep him under pressure and watch him blow .
One of must interesting things that will occur when ‘the cause ‘ falls will be to see who by and how often Mann is thrown under the bus to save themselves. Could not happen to a ‘nicer ‘ guy


And had that sea level rise continued on its pace from 1930-1940 the number would have been substantially higher–but it flattened, then resumed, then flattened, etc. Also, anyone know what is happening to the ground where this gauge is sited? Is it subsiding?
“Oh Mann, that’s a lot of hype!” Grrrr….

Pippen Kool

I think it is pretty fitting that Mann is going after Cuccinelli after Cuccinelli basically said Mann was guilty of scientific fraud. This is even _after_ study after study keeps reaffirming the hockey stick. Pick your enemies carefully.
REPLY: So that makes it OK to lie with fake imagery then in your opinion? – Anthony


How can Norfolk, VA have a larger sea level rise than other places? That doesn’t make any sense. Sounds to me like a big component of the so-called “sea level rise” is actually subsidence.


North East Canada was the centre of a huge glacier, known as the Laurentide ice sheet, with a thickness of several kilometres. The weight of the ice bowed the Earth’s surface down.
The vast majority of the ice eventually melted at the end of the Ice Age, leaving a depression in its
wake. While this depression has endured for thousands of years, it has been gradually recovering or
“flattening itself out.” The term “glacial rebound” refers to this exact behaviour, whereby the land in
formerly glaciated areas rises after the ice load has disappeared. The Hudson Bay uplift is about 2-3 meters/century.
Consequently areas further south (mainly along the east USA coastline) are slowly sinking as the continental balance is maintained, the consequence of th last Ice age and nothing to do with the s.c. AGW.


Norfolk does have a flooding problem, as it is not a very high elevation and has poor drainage. Except for under passes the water seldom gets more than a foot or two high in the streets. I believe the rise in tide level is mostly due to the land sinking.

If one averages the temperatures for the weather stations in Virginia (see Bit Tooth Energy-Virginia”) you will find that there was a significant temperature drop in the period from 1950 to 1968 that the state average temperature has yet to recover from. Thus the statements concerning average state temperatures are incorrect.


What is a “relative increase” in sea level? Is that different from an actual increase?

John M

I guess short and squat folks can get away with low ceilings.

Once upon a time Gavin was the skeptic’s best friend. Now it’s Mann’s turn, since it’s just too easy to point out how counterproductive/stupid/silly his initiatives are.

“Here’s the video…”
Ah, no thanks, no interest in seeing or hearing what that fool has to say.


Pippen Kool says:
October 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm
Please cite the studies which you imagine support the bogus Hockey Stick.
Mann is a blatant fraudster, as shown by the HS itself, hiding the decline in Briffa’s line behind a mass of spaghetti.
Cuccinelli was right to seek the emails he wrote on a work computer while a VA public employee.


Michael Mann does not like publicity.

More than a year removed from that controversy and with a book on climate change now under his belt, Mann reflected on the experience in an interview before his speaking engagements.
“I’ll often characterize myself as a reluctant and accidental public figure,” he said. “I found myself at the center of this debate because of the efforts of some to discredit my science, and I had to make a decision. What am I going to do with that?”

Michael Mann loves nothing more that to debate his critics. 🙂


Mann is great in the art of selling disaster. Perhaps I’m wrong here, but this seems to be his sole purpose, selling fear. Science was never the intent.


Pippen Kool, “study after study keeps reaffirming the hockey stick.”
You just destroyed any scientific credibility you might have had. Mann’s hockey stick has been refuted numerous by the best minds in the world. It is not any longer kool to try to defend that fraud. Don’t embarrass yourself.

Gary Pearse

As an earth sciences professor, it is tantamount to fraud to exploit a natural sinking of the coast caused by a down-flexure in response to the rise in land surface in Canada from glacial rebound. These guys have no shame. Useful idiots like Pippen Kool at least have ignorance on their side.


Bloody hell. The more I hear the real Michael Mann , the more I realise he’s bluffing in the lucrative wind. Really, really desperate b*llocks. So bad I’m shocked.


He has fallen down a Mann hole and is surely in over his head on sea level rise. A fitting mental image suitable for a coffee mug cartoon.

Lady Life Grows

I couldn’t finish it. The number of flat-out lies outraged me too much.
One–he never admitted that even he had to retract his original hockey stick.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

From Pippen Kool on October 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm:

I think it is pretty fitting that Mann is going after Cuccinelli after Cuccinelli basically said Mann was guilty of scientific fraud. This is even _after_ study after study keeps reaffirming the hockey stick.

You’ll have to specify if you mean the earlier “weak” version with the visible Medieval Warm Period, the flat-handled “there were no high temperatures until now” highly-discredited one the IPCC no longer can use, or one of the newer “obfuscated spaghetti” versions.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013
“Mr Mann’s graph is perhaps the most laughable and widely-discredited object in the history of bad science supporting worse politics.”
Thursday, April 15, 2010
There He Goes Again: Mann Claims His Hockey Stick was Given “Clean Bill of Health”
Monday, September 26, 2011
There He Goes Again, Version 4.0: Mann Claims His Hockey Stick was Affirmed by the NAS
Monday, December 5, 2011
There He Goes Again, Version 5.0: Mann Claims His Hockey Stick was Affirmed by the NAS
If he keeps getting reaffirmed like this, there’ll be no need for the formality of official falsification.


Anthony: This not photoshopped image shows that Mann clearly knows what he is talking about.


With friends like Dr. Mann, who needs enemies. Keep up the good work, Dr Mann, you are helping to expose man-made global warming scientists as fraudulent hucksters.

Shock news. Mann links subsidence to . So predictable it’s boring.


Mann is the sad fool that did not know when to shut up and run with the money. This is one of the few guys that will eventually pay for this mess.


Two Norfolks (VA and UK) with a similar problem, isostatic depression completely unrelated to CAGW but that won’t stop Mann et al claiming otherwise. Question is: how to debunk him and his charlatan friends so thoroughly and publicly that no-one will ever take the blindest bit of notice of them again?
Coaloffire, as Vukcevic says, isostacy explains the relative increase in sea level i.e. the land is falling in relation to a fairly static sea.

Janice Moore

The Tale of Two Desperados:
one so badly in need of ANYONE to say he’s fit to govern a state that he’ll hire a known fraud to endorse him;
the other so desperate for money he’ll even expose himself to get it.


the main problem with Mann he will not take this medication

Hey, at least he isn’t a “Nobel Laureate” any longer. There has been progress!


I despise “single issue voters”, they completely destroy the entire democratic process.
Popular single issue voter issues:
* Abortion
* Gay marriage
* Minorities
* For the children
* Climate change
* Immigration
* War in Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam/Korea
None of these, or the many other single-issue hot buttons are important enough to disrupt our entire society to “address”, and yet voters will completely ignore all of the catastrophic and often fatal flaws of a candidate if they appear to support their single issue.
Today the most viable campaign method is to determine which single-issues your electorate will be most passionate about, announce that you’re on their side for those issues, and watch your opponent drown. Then, once elected, either completely ignore the issue or do some token thing toward it and laugh at how stupid people are.

Anthony’s “reality differs” link showing Mann’s reaction to an inexpensive gift is priceless.
And Pippenfool, please. Mann is absolutely part of the scientific misconduct endemic to alarmist climate ‘science’. Once someone reads the Climategate emails, there is no doubt about Mann. You should try it sometime; learn something truthful about your bogus HE-RO. In reality, Michael Mann is a scoundrel. His own words convict him.


Unfortunately its NOT funny. Lie big enough, often enough and you can bluster it through. I am sure he is a real believer and thinks he is an eco-warrior for the ’cause’. But he also knows that its about the power to compel others to your argument by using an elected office. We should all be aware and concerned that these people will pervert public office to pursue their views. Science?
Come on…people don’t believe it any more so they have to abandon that and change tack.

Climate kook Michael Mann apparently cannot even read a simple Wikipedia page, most likely because this one deals with actual science. Glacial Rebound

The Great Lakes of North America lie approximately on the ‘pivot’ line between rising and sinking land. Lake Superior was formerly part of a much larger lake together with Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, but post-glacial rebound raised land dividing the three lakes about 2100 years ago.[9] Today, southern shorelines of the lakes continue to experience rising water levels while northern shorelines see falling levels.”

So, from about the USA-Canada border to all points North, the land is rising, and below that it is sinking. So where do the climate kooks decide to go to cherry pick sea-level? Yep, coastal cities in the USA which are doing precisely what they are supposed to be doing, sinking. Climate kooks are liars and scoundrels of the highest order.
It is entirely possible that sea-level ‘should be’ rising even faster than we currently see. In other words it may not be rising fast enough to still confirm our place in an interglacial. This is troubling because it’s very likely that the only detectable warning indicating the winding down of the current Holocene interglacial will be the slowing of sea-level rise before it turns the corner and sea-level begins to decline ( that would be truly alarming news ).
All someone needs to do is ask Mann, McKibben, Romm and the other kooks one simple question … What should sea-level be doing on the USA coasts?. Demand that they answer it.

David L.

ZootCadillac on October 8, 2013 at 3:38 pm
That’s excellent!!!

Janice Moore

lol, “14.5 inches” and the water’s about 8 feet up on the house. Anyone fooled by that is either:
1. Not eligible to vote for another 10 years or more; or
2. Never has been eligible to vote.
(yeah, a Dem would vote “for” that person, but why waste money on the video; well, okay, McA. isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer… hm. Looks like we’ve just uncovered the lastest Mann scam, promo-gate.)
Result: no net gain for McA. — Mann scams some more cash: robbing slumlord to pay loan shark. Shrug.

“Crusades Against Science 101″ with Professor Michael Mann”.

– – – – – – – –
Mann is the crusader for ideology à la the IPCC quest for alarm. During his crusade we see Mann sitting faced backward astride his ignoble steed, the donkey of statistical ignorance, armed with a fearsome lance made from the lone miraculous Yamal tree.
Skeptics, behold the Crusader Mann and shake with fear a little loathing and a lot of giggling.
Pimping for campaign cash, is he.

Janice Moore

Mann needs a ton of cash to fund his frivolous lawsuit against Mark Steyn, National Review, and CEI in D.C. Courts right now. Can’t have the DNC directly funding him… .


I hope Mann keeps opening his mouth and digs a deep deep hole for the global warming cult . What scientist came into his /her field thinking propaganda was part of the job description? He must be considered a goof within the climate industry .


Excuse me, what study reaffirms the hockey stick?

Janice Moore

True, Amber. But, a USEFUL goof. (% o/) He’s long past his sell-by date, though. The IPCC crowd aren’t having a whole lot to do with him, these days. Now, Ma-n-n (arrgh! no more m-dr-ation on this thread for me!) is (unbeknownst to him) on OUR side, lol.
As Jeremy said at 3:39pm, “keep up the good work”!
Nice list, there, Kevin Knoebel — I tried to create just such post and gave up the research after 15 minutes of trying.
LOL, John at 4:32pm — fun imagery (much better than above vid). Backward. Exactly.


Hard to see how anyone would fall for the house shot. The house photo has no reflection of the house in the water and we can see the full house through the water. Real water wouldn’t be that clear.

Janice Moore

@ Alvin — A “study.”


All is right with the world. Saw the picture of the house under water and wondered for a moment why you would be rewriting about subprime mortgages.

Janice Moore

Jquip — lol. You’re right — that image will only confuse a semi-intelligent voter. The intelligent ones won’t fall for it; the low-intelligence ones won’t vote (well, as I mentioned, yes, they may “vote” — but, no need for vid for them).

Janice Moore

Further to 4:47pm — and “a confused mind says, ‘No,'” i.e., rejects the proffered information or “sale.”
Bwah, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa!


Heh … A crook campaigning for a crook.
Imagine that.I doubt that it’ll do any good. Anyone stupid enough to consider herself a “climate voter” is already going to vote the Democratic ticket anyway. If this has any effect whatsoever, it will probably just help to energize Cuccinelli’s base, which could be an important factor in this race. Keep in mind that turnout for this election is going to be very low, because most of the voters in Virginia don’t like either candidate. Their ratings are in the basement.

It’s true, the hockey stick keeps coming back. Every time one of Mann’s assistants uses poor proxies, throws out the proxies that don’t fit their predetermined results, uses wrong statistical processes to graph those proxies then grafts a high resolution temperature record on the low resolution junk result they get a hockey stick.

Luke Warmist

Dang video wouldn’t load. I suspect the site is overwhelmed by WUWT folks. Just as well I guess, it’s nearly dinner time.
…and like Mann, P. Kool has never heard of the Urban Heat Island effect, AKA ‘The Hockey Stick’.


Anyone who doesn’t believe in isostatic rebound ought to look at the massive sea level FALL in southeast Alaska (see Juneau, for example) associated with the rapid glacial recession in Glacier Bay.

Mann is now claiming he’s got 14.5 inches and a hockey stick! Is this science or an unbelievable advertisement in a seedy publication? No it’s a headline in The Washington Post! Sad but true!

Does a rising oceans rise faster in some parts than others? How can this be?