The bull and the Borg

NOTE: This satirical piece is rooted in facts. Having been to Australia on tour myself, I also heard the claims of bureaucratic abuse from many of the farmers who attended my talks. While Monckton’s essay has some biting satirical humor in it, laugh at it, but know that the issues he writes about are all too real. – Anthony

Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2013.67: Antipodean climate extremists are going to have a field day with this one. In Australia (where else?) a pedigree Hereford bull has been named “Lord Monckton”. And the Prime Directive forbids me to intervene.

Peter Manuel, who farms many thousands of acres in the Lofty Ranges, became so exasperated with the Natural Resources Management Board of South Australia for interfering with farming that he arranged for Lord Monckton (the real one, that is) to visit the state and give a series of talks to farmers.


Lord Monckton’s semen is now available at premium prices

Peter is chief executive of Farmers’ and Landowners’ Group Australia (FLAG), which campaigns to defend farmers against the ridiculous environmental over-regulation that is destroying their livelihoods.

Earlier this year, I spent ten days with Peter and his family on their beautiful, impeccably-maintained spread high in the hills above Adelaide. The only way for us jackaroos to cover all the rolling acres and herd the cattle and sheep (in Australia, the word “sheep” is spelt “IPCC”) was on off-road motor-bikes, keeping a sharp eye out for snakes as we thundered across the rock-strewn terrain at speeds that would have been illegal on the roads.

After I had ridden (or slidden) fearlessly after my kind host down a shifting, rock-strewn 60-degree brae that no visitor had dared to attempt before, Peter announced that this year’s best pedigree bull on the farm would be named Lord Monckton, and would make an early appearance at the Adelaide Show.

Australia has more poisonous critters than any other continent – including the spooky, spiky officials of the ever-expanding Natural Resources Management Borg, who now outnumber police officers by a handsome margin in the country districts, where former precinct houses and cop-shops have been Assimilated and are now nests of Borg, dedicated to the eradication of farming throughout South Australia in the name of Saving The Planet against non-existent “global warming”.

Farming is Australia’s biggest business. Or, rather, it was. The number of farms in this vast, desert continent is down by 100,000, and, remarkably, the state of Victoria has already become the first in the Federation to become a net importer of food – in Australia, of all places, where a vast continent the size of Europe feeds a tiny population the size of greater London. Peter Manuel is determined that South Australia shall not be the next net importer of food.

The pretext for the Borg’s cruel attacks on farmers is Agenda 21, the U.N.’s sinister plan for global domination via environmental over-regulation.

The Borg, a universally-hated bureaucracy, are actively putting the U.N.’s nihilistic, anti-irrigation, anti-pesticide, anti-farming, anti-business, anti-environment, anti-population, anti-human, anti-capitalist, anti-Western, anti-everything Agenda 21 program into ruthless effect.

During my visit to the Lofty Ranges, Peter introduced me to a local farmer with a shocking story. For weeks bureaucrats with binoculars had hidden behind a shed and spied on his farm. Then, one night at 11 pm, They pounced.

Three of Them drove at the farmer in a pickup truck with a massive roo-bar on the front. He ended up hanging from the bar, with an agonizingly bruised leg. He had to be taken to hospital with bruising, lacerations and post-traumatic stress, and remains in pain to this day.

The Borg got to the police before he did, for he was still crook. They alleged he had driven at Them and not the other way about. Wisely, They did not pursue that allegation, but it was enough to ensure that the police disregarded his allegation against Them.

Instead, They took him to court for unlawfully extracting water from a nearby creek. In his absence – his injuries had rendered him unfit to attend – the rube judge in the local criminal court, on no evidence and taking no account of his condition, savagely fined him $18,000 for allegedly having used water from the creek near his property to irrigate his crop of lucerne on the day of the bureaucrats’ raid.

Fortunately, the farmer neither paid the fine nor did the 320 hours’ community service the hanging judge handed down on learning that he had not paid. Though the judge had inflicted what – even if a real offense had been committed, which it had not – was a flagrantly disproportionate fine, not everyone in the civil service is heartless. The judge’s order was simply ignored. The farmer went unpunished.

Just as well: for he had committed no offense. True, he had extracted water from the creek that day, but he had used it to fill his cattle-troughs. I have seen his permit granting him the lawful right to extract water from the creek for his household and for his cattle.

The court is soon to be asked to set aside its judgment and expunge the victim’s record of this non-offense. It may yet also be asked to issue a summons against the Borg ex proprio motu for conspiracy to attempt to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to perpetrate wilful misfeasance in a public office.

The farmer who wanted to water his cows is by no means the only victim of the Borg’s regime of terror here in South Australia. Another farmer told me They had used satellite photos to estimate the size of his reservoir.

The dam’s true capacity, when professionally surveyed on the ground, was found to be 6.1 million liters, but their Mickey Mouse method, using satellites monitored by zitty teenagers eating too many Krispy Kreme donuts and doing/drinking too much coke/Coke, had incorrectly overestimated it at 10.2 million liters – a shocking error. The satellites can assess the area of a reservoir but not its depth. The Borg’s rule of thumb is calculated to exaggerate the depth of just about every reservoir.

All reservoirs above a threshold capacity are cripplingly and expensively regulated, allegedly to conserve water. As a result of this incident, farmers all over South Australia with reservoirs that the Borg say are just over the threshold for regulation are now demanding surveys to check Their math. But farmers have to pay for the surveys themselves.

In any event, there is no need for regulation at all. Farmers’ reservoirs represent less than 1% of the land area; and, aside from evaporation, they do not cause a net loss of water flow through the creeks and rivers. For Lord Monckton and his fellow cattle do not so much drink the water as rent it.

While I was in South Australia, at the height of the blazing summer drought, the Borg decided to let out a third of the water in the Mount Bold Reservoir, the only major public dam in South Australia and the main water supply for Adelaide, which is now desperately short of water. You couldn’t make this up.

Of course, They were not billed for the water They used to top up the ocean. Their excuse for this monstrous waste? “To maintain environmental flow”. Yet in the summer months the natural “environmental flow” is vanishingly different from zero. They should have left well alone.

Another farmer who cleared silt from a river on his land to assist the river flow was fined a staggeringly disproportionate $35,000 by the vicious judges, who are in the Board’s pocket and act as though they were in Their pay.

Yet another farmer was told a costly water-meter had to be fitted to his borehole, so he could be charged for using his own water, even though water used for his household and his cattle is by law exempt from any charges. No one had been to read the meter ever since its installation several years previously.

Another farmer who had annoyed the Borg by refusing to comply with an unlawful attempt to enforce upon him a regulation that did not apply to him, was told: “We can fine you for shifting a rock.”

Bullying notices along the roadsides here tell passers-by that they must not touch or disturb soil or vegetation at all. Presumably people are expected to hover a few inches above the ground. But most of the population are not Catholic, so they cannot do that. So going for a walk in the countryside is now illegal in much of South Australia.

The Borg are ordering farmers all across South Australia to plant thorny weeds all along the road verges: and Their reason is that “some clusters of acacia paradoxa will protect the river banks from kangaroo intrusion.” The kangaroos, an indigenous species, were here long before the Borg. But now, in the name of saving the natural environment, the natural environment and its iconic symbols, They are out to destroy the kangaroos.

Acacia paradoxa (Hedge Wattle)

Acacia paradoxa (Hedge Wattle) (Photo credit: Arthur Chapman)

Planting acacia paradoxa is a bad idea. Only bureaucratic panty-waists who have never ridden a farm bike would have thought it up. Spiny acacia is also known as the kerosene bush. As its name implies, it catches fire explosively. The bushes planted on the Borg’s orders will help bush fires to spread. One farmer put it to me bluntly: “That’s what the Agenda 21 maniacs want. They want to burn us out and drive us off our land forever.”

He is right. I have spoken to a sheep-farmer whom the Borg menaced with massive fines because, They said, he had more stock on his land than the arbitrarily low permitted maximum. They had double-counted his lambs, math not being a strong point with the hive mind. In any event, that farmer had plenty of feed for his stock, which were in magnificent condition.

The Borg wrote ordering the farmer to reduce his stockholding. He complained to a senior administrator (Locutus of Borg, perhaps). Eventually They climbed down – but without any apology. Instead, an official, furious at having been caught out in yet another error, told the farmer They would now arrange a forced sale of his farm.

Many other tales, such as the story of the prawn-farmer and the bogus koala claw-marks, will have to wait for another time. But the Borg felt the lash of the Viscount’s tongue. Towards the end of my visit to South Australia, they began turning up at my speaker meetings and muttering angrily to Themselves at the back.

No doubt Ban Ki-Moon, secretary-general of the useless United Nations, is delighted that his willing agents at the Natural Resources Management Borg are making the corrupt U.N. and its environmentally destructive Agenda 21 program even more hated than it already is.

Time to arrange a forced sale of the U.N.’s lavish New York HQ and send its pampered officials to do some real work on Australian farms. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Let us convert the U.N. building to fancy apartments for the rich and famous. I shall take the penthouse.

Meanwhile, may the Natural Resources Management Borg and all their works wither and perish in the drought Their mad policies have needlessly created, and may Lord Monckton and his vigorous progeny thrive not merely ad multos annos but usque in saeculum. Make it so!


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Farming is still Australia’s biggest industry. Many are being converted to carbon farms now. Used to be productive farms, now they just sit there doing nothing but acting as carbon sinks. This is what some of the AU$10bil/pa get’s wasted on.


Hmmm. Judging from this article, Australia is still a net food exporter, by a large margin, and that rather than the ‘Borg’, much of farmers difficulties can be tied directly back to multinationals who are off-shoring labor to increase margins.
Fancy that.


Ah, Lord Monckton…. A bull in the borgish China shop. What great read. Loved it.
Keep up the good work…. With the sweeping changes of state and federal Governments in our fair land down under….. Let us hope the Borg bureaucracy can be purged and their plugs pulled. 😉
Saturday the 7th is Federal election day…. I have my bottle of champagne chillin’…. Sportsbet has already paid out on a LNP win. It now just remains to be seen how big a win…. The adults are going to be in charge again. We’ll be putting their feet to the fire regardless.

Looks like we need to send in the Daleks. Borg V Daleks sounds good to me.

Conservationism has got out of hand, and conservationists who harass their honest hard working fellow man in this manner are the worst examples of humanity, Unfortunately, with the way the world is going, their numbers are becoming legion.


Great !
If the issue were not more dependency on bureaucracy for matters as important the world over as the supply of food is, this piece would just be great black humor, but as it is, it gives me the creeps. I too would love to have the UNO , the IPCC, undone, dismembered, and it’s assets publicly sold to redress the damages done to farmers, to home owners, to builders, to real estate workers, to the automobile industry , etc etc , everywhere.
Thank you Mr Anthony Watts, and Lord Monckton. Again .


Jdallen….. The Sydney Morning Herald is a Socialist rag and pro Labor party, pro Union and pro Green…. Most of it is misinformation crafted to look like informed opinion. At the moment they are trying to stir tensions by creating a media narrative that portray Australian farmers as Xenophobic rednecks destroying a “Sensitive environment” and Multinational business as rapacious vultures, when really they are merely investors who hold a 49% stake in the agribusiness that they have chosen to invest in.
The ecofascists want to pit farmers against each other so that they can get farmers fighting among each other then get Government to come and arbitrate and buy out “unprofitable” farms with taxpayer funds. “To save the environment you know.” The Eco fascists love that. Worked a treat with the Fishing industry decimation.
The fact remains that the Government eco regulation that farmers struggle under, including multinational concerns…. Makes agribusiness unprofitable. Nothing to do with land use and they have no financial reserves or ability to diversify their farmland, because of regulation, so as to undercut economic changes in the market.
As an example Government interference in private agribusiness enterprise, I hold up the Banning of Live cattle exports in Northern Australia…. overnight it decimated a whole industry. All based on propaganda and a Four Corners ABC anti live industry program.
Other examples would be water allocation restrictions in the Murray Darling basin…. Then there’s the QLD East Coast Prawn Fisheries, and other fisheries…. almost completely wiped out by eco regulation. Plenty of prawns. Too much bureaucracy. etc ad nauseam.

M Courtney

Let’s just wait for the inevitable comments:
That Bull is not a member of the House of Lords and so can’t be called Lord Monckton.

I would be a lot easier for multinational agribusinesses, which are interested in acquiring Australian farms, to buy said farms if all the farmers are broke.
Why would they be interested in buying Australian? In the next 20 years agricultural production in the North will crash, as the world grows colder. Farm land in countries unaffected by global cooling will be very valuable.


M Courtney –
Why not? We had Duke Ellington, Screaming Lord Such, Count Basie, etc., and I would be most flattered to have a fine animal like that called after me.


There is a clear difference between stock and domestic use of water, and irrigating a lucerne paddock – starting at the basics one would need irrigation equipment! I suspect there is more to this tale than told.


There is a popular bumper sticker here in OZ.
“Fertilize the bush, bulldoze in a greenie”
There is a federal election here on saturday, and our soon to be prime minister is already promising to remove the current Carbon Tax .
I suspect he is a closet skeptic, just needs to get into power before he can dismantle some of the current governments’ policy disasters.

Bloke down the pub

What happens when the men from the ministry turn up and say Lord Monckton should be castrated? I hope they get the paperwork right for that job.

I did not find this article funny at all. The situation is horrifying. There should be more of this exposure. Thank you Lord Monckton – heartfelt from Australia.


Note well. Agricultural land is the investment to make. And there are those who know that.


Expect next MSN headline: South Australian Natural Resources Management Board shuts down all Barossa Valley vineyards north of Adelaide. “Despite being the fourth largest exporter if wine in the world, we have discovered extremely high CO2 levels when yeast ferments with grapes” said a spokesman. To prevent people destroying our planet, the NRMB monitor the 379,725 square miles of South Australia in a fleet of Utes. “The Brits sent a Lord over to question our decisions, I mean, you could fit four countries the size of the UK in our vast territory, and they only have a piddly wine industry, so here we have a huge problem. We’re gonna target every wine producer in the Mount Lofty Ranges before Christmas.”
(Sarc off) UK area: 94,060 square miles.


Australia is still home to some of the most committed alarmists on the planet. The SMH mentioned above had 3 scare stories on it today, and I expect them to hype the upcoming IPCC report to the max.

Joe Public

@ M Courtney 12:58
Neither is God.


South Australia are the home of the Australian Greens Party, and if that isn’t bad enough they keep voting in Labor (left) state governments who are the Greens natural allies. The state of despair is no surprise to this New South Welshman. What does annoy me is the other states have to prop up S.A. with our taxes, because of course S.A. doesn’t like mining anymore than they like agriculture despite their riches underground. So while S.A. was stagnating the rest of Australia was reaping the rewards of the Chinese desire for these minerals, but as they get some of the money indirectly anyway, they have no need to bother. Socialism on a state level.


“redc says:
September 4, 2013 at 1:48 am”
Indeed, but it is rather funny as well IMO. Last night I was talking to a self confessed Greenie who told me, with absolute confidence, that the oceans were turning acid with a pH of 8.1.
There is a very good chance the Greens will lose the balance of power in the Senate on the 7th with the upcoming Federal election. Given Bob Brown resigned from the greens before further rot set in I am hoping the result this Saturday will send a message to the South Yarra and Toorak yuppie latte-sipping city based “green belt” a strong message.
The SMH recently posted an article that suggested the “reverse” of global sea level rise was due to the big wet in Australia in 2010/2011.

Lewis P Buckingham

Predictions that the South Pacific Forum would warn about rising sea levels drowning coral atolls prove prescient.
SBS news just reported this just after a description of a volcanic eruption that was ’caused’ by snow falling into the crater.
We Australians really need a real scientist to do fact checking on our national broadcaster.


The green believers want desperately to have full powers and control, but have little economic credibility, but they do exploit their electoral leverage well beyond their numbers, especially in the upper house (Senate) due to proportional representation and every trick in the trade, by trading of preference deals to get them over the line even by one vote. In such a system the least popular and competent person can often be elected and the closer an election, the more likely they will hold the balance of power in the senate. But that is not the whole problem.
The great problem is that “borgs” tend to like rule by regulation. In Australia laws get passed and in the fine print there is a clause that allows creation of regulations to make the law function smoothly, but instead they are expanded to include powers not contemplated by the actual lawmakers, thus the EPA, petty officialdom and the experts of borgdom now rule far beyond the laws that were created in parliament. They also have another trick and that is to make a reversal of the onus of proof, it is now by way of regulation that all the government official has to do is claim a breach of a regulation and the onus is on the defendant/accused to prove to the court that they didn’t commit the breach as alleged. Judges have a hard time calling officials to account as the legal onus is reversed and the officials make it difficult if not impossible to prove otherwise.
An easy way to lose democratic freedom and the right to appeal such dictatorial :”borgs” is to just allow legislation to pass without extreme and close inspection of regulatory clauses. Everyone who respects freedom should insist on such scrutiny and the inclusion of “sunset clauses” specifying a date by which regulations become invalid unless returned to open parliament for full discussion and debate as they get misused by the secret ambitions of the control borgs of our society.
The right of access and examination, and a right to a proper appeal process and open parliamentary processes must be maintained as it is so hard to reinstate the freedoms that we have already lost in Australia.

Joe Chang

The farmers/ranchers should claim carbon credits for combatting sea level rise in withholding water from the ocean? While technically not carbon related, sea level is key to AGW so close enough? Does someone want to take a crack at writing a “scientific paper” describing a new breed of “methane-free” cattle? This research could be completed with only another $1B grant money. perhaps low-methane? either way, cattle must be net carbon sinks? or there would not be beef?


I am a leftist liberal by design. But even I think that it is high time for the Australians to vote a conservative government into office, which will roll back the excesses of the Ex-Gillard-Whatshisname-camarilla.
Agenda 21 amounts to nothing less than state terrorism. Enough is enough. Drive these borgs into the sea and let their entrails rust away, I say.

Old farmer

Have been wanting to ask this of others for some time. The above Oz theme seems an appropriate time to do so.
In the region of Oz where I reside we have our fair share of rabid enviro nuts as do other places in the world. Being a very small population and therefore knowing the history/life story of many of these folk I find a disproportionate number of these people have, in at least one previous life, failed dismally to succeed. This particularly is the case with regard to their business success but also often in their social and personal lives where they have covered their failure by quietly selling off the farm or closing the business and joining a local authority and are then given the imprimatur to tell every one how it should be done.
Is this unique to my corner of the world or is there a pattern?
As I sit for hours on my old tractor and think about this I have asked myself why such people are drawn towards “the environment” and I believe I have the answer!!!
Because all levels of government, local, state & federal are now “infested” with these people they have developed a system for their “on the ground” funding schemes. The major attraction for all the failed-but-now-environmently-dedicated receivers of this funding is that there is ZERO chance of the success or failure of any one of these taxpayer funded junkets or projects ever getting audited much less any of the promoters of this waste being held accountable.
I will describe just one of many examples: Several years ago thousands trees were planted amidst much hullaballoo in a nearby river flat/swamp. This project drew busloads of eager city folk from 300km away and with free trees to plant, free BBQ’s, free return bus ride, free accommodation, free evening entertainment, free water bottles etc, etc, it really made our local e-facisists look good.(even though nothing was actually “free” because local rate payers footed the bill through their council rates)
Now even the dopiest individual not involved in this exercise knows that ALL Australian rivers are “wild rivers” that run only on a seasonal basis and that when it rains big time in them there hills its gonna flood down that ole river and spread out for miles across the floodplain and temporally fill the normally dry swamp. Oz, being so flat, dictates that in such circumstances the water hangs around on these river flats/swamps, often for several months, before either soaking into the heavy clay soil or evaporating off in the summer heat as the river returns to its normal dry state. Any Australian native tree that is not designed to be inundated is going to drown. In fact very few Oz trees are designed to withstand longish inundation at all. Guess what these leaders in our environmental movement planted? Yep, 4 years after planting them, the few that actually survived the 4 years of drought were drowned during the aforesaid flood event last year!
And has anyone called these clever organisers to account? No, the silence is deafening! Zero accountability and Zero conscience as they prepare to apply for another fully taxpayer funded disaster.
Has anyone else observed people of a similar ilk repeatedly doing similar stupid things?


I would assume that the Borg have a price; and that that price is somewhat lower than the fines they threaten to hand out.


You just couldn’t make it up. thanks Lord Monckton.
Australia does have some real scientists, one being Prof. Bob Carter but your stupid government ignores him. Perhaps the forthcoming election will change things??????

Sounds like a bit of a ‘cock and bull’ story to me!
But having said that, it is a fact that under the politically correct, microcephalic post modernist Gen X regimes of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, Canberra bureaucrats have, from 2007, been dispensing real Strine taxpayers dollars to fast buck scumbags owning at least one helicopter apiece to scour the Outback for evil methane-farting donkeys, goats and camels and to gun down said evil creatures.
A bounty is then paid by said bureaucrats (to said scumbags) for every single one of those said creatures seen biting the dust on Minicam.
You wouldn’t read about it – and don’t!
Strange but true…..or at least more true that his Lordship’s spiel.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
The Borg possesses an abundance of both.

Old farmer said:
‘…..Has anyone else observed people of a similar ilk repeatedly doing similar stupid things?’
My oath I have.

Gail Combs

oldseadog says: @ September 4, 2013 at 1:14 am
M Courtney –
Why not? We had Duke Ellington…
We had a big black (dark chocolate) ram named Baaaarack O Baaaa Baaaa. He was much more useful than his namesake too.

Chuck Nolan

KenB says:
September 4, 2013 at 3:33 am
………An easy way to lose democratic freedom and the right to appeal such dictatorial :”borgs” is to just allow legislation to pass without extreme and close inspection of regulatory clauses. Everyone who respects freedom should insist on such scrutiny and the inclusion of “sunset clauses” specifying a date by which regulations become invalid unless returned to open parliament for full discussion and debate as they get misused by the secret ambitions of the control borgs of our society.
The right of access and examination, and a right to a proper appeal process and open parliamentary processes must be maintained as it is so hard to reinstate the freedoms that we have already lost in Australia.
An organization for that type of controls in the US is .
They have loads of ideas and information and ways people can help the country.

Paul Maeder

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were prescient in these things. One should read Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength” and Tolkien’s chapter on “Cleansing the Shire” in the last book of his Lord of the Rings trilogy (an episode sadly left out of the movie). Sad depictions of our bureaucratic enemies.

Hot under the collar

Some things confuse me about this article. Why is everyone demonising a Swedish tennis champion, and is Lord Monckton also the “Wizard of Oz” ? 🙂
If you believe the above questions are for real, you have been assimilated.
But seriously, I feel for the farmers under this bureaucratic nightmare, I am sure they feel “resistance IS futile”.


“johnmarshall says:
September 4, 2013 at 4:22 am”
Maybe. However, none of them are in a position of influence unlike Karoly and Flannery et al.


I cant believe SA is planting prickly acacia…we have it here in Vic and a recent lightning strike in a paddock wouldnt have been much of an issue,,until?
it hit the roadside verges that are FULL of acacia some 10ft high impenetrable dense masses of it, the Foxes love it! so do the bunnies.
both feral and both eating lambs and wildlife..well that small lowburning paddock fire took off!
boy did it. we lost a couple of miles of fences both sides of the road probably 100 or more redgums got a savaging(most will regenerate.).but many had to be cut down, the towns entrance rd still looks pretty bad after a year on. The firies were fuming cos they simply could’nt GET access into the area due to immense heat, they had to work edges only..
greentards wont hear of it being removed cos birdies like it.
then we have Bracken fern
grows in degraded soils only toxic to stock, nothing eats it, rabbits n foxes again love it, sheep occasionally shelter at the edges., the daring ones with short lifespans:-)
in Vic we can burn and remove it.
In SA its protected.
soils that are so acid and degraded the next step down is moss n slimes, cannot! be cleared and renovated and brought to productivity or even used for pasture grazing horses cattle or sheep etc
let alone a foddercrop.
you betcha!
and I have a full warren of DPI Lands dept ferals over the rd, nice state of the art vehicles roll out everyday, and especially for triple time work on every public holiday!! they also seem to have a free use of whatever…system going cos cars private come n go at all hrs of day n night. yes like 2 and 3am.
they are free to invade your land if you dont have a locked gate and a biohazard warning up.
the biohazard signs are brilliant. IF you have any animals you can legitimately refuse access due to fear of THEM bringing seed weed or infectious material on your land.. I use one.
and to the chap above re failed n useless gits then getting power possies to ride roughshod over the remaining few farmers. YUP in spades mate!
come will hopefully take a turn for th better. KRudd and labor green scum OUT of our lives
green/red tape cut! and we can maybe? get back to being productive
of course we now have syria war ( thanks USSA)to screw things up fuel prices and transport wise for added fun.


South Australia (and Tasmania) are parasites on the rest of Australia – we all subsidise them – and funnily enough, are both infested with greenies who oppose any economic initiative that might pull them out of the mire. SA has not only the highest power prices in Australia, but among the highest in the world because of the government’s infatuation with windmills and other energy boondoggles. The only reason Tasmania isn’t the same is because hydro power was installed before the rise of the greenies. It would never be allowed nowadays.
People with drive and talent leave both States to live somewhere where they can better themselves. Business finds them hostile, and does the same. Unfortunately, this is not an option for farmers who want to stay on their land.
It is a self-reinforcing cycle of decline. I don’t know how it can be reversed.


I’m sure most of these Borg sheep must live somewhere.
Clearly, in the spirit of fertilising the ground they live in, farmers should go take a leak inside the Borg sheep’s dwelling.
But actually, as they’ll unlikely get inside, maybe a piss through the letter box would be all they could manage just for now……….

Well, if the Oz farmers run into too much trouble, we could always use some more hard workers in the Canadian West.

Jeff Alberts

LMVoB: “For Lord Monckton and his fellow cattle do not so much drink the water as rent it.”

PeterB in Indianapolis

From the article you linked, “These compete with Tasmanian potato farmers, who, a McCain Foods study found, have among the world’s highest production costs.”
Could that, perhaps, be because of OVER-REGULATION that their production costs are so high? The article utterly and completely fails to even speculate as to why production costs in Australia and Tasmania are so high, yet most of us here are intelligent enough to figure out that the high production costs are directly related to what Lord Monckton is speaking about.
If you sought to disprove anything Lord Monckton said, I fear that you failed.


As long as they don’t throw your namesake on the barbie 🙂

Abundant Water for irrigating Australia, as patented by A. Pedrick in 1966.
See page 2, starting at line 86 for the idea’s description.

Beta Blocker

Is there an increase in corporate farming going on in Australia driven by environmental protection requirements which only large corporations have the resources to implement?


The British Powers That Be, not always the from the top of the gene pool regards intelligence, have declared that to keep cool in summer and warm in winter they will need to burn trees grown in the US to fuel their power plants. When the Aussies can no longer feed themselves will they come for our cattle and sheep? If so I strongly recommend we first send them hogs with the mandate they be fed raving bureaucrats, exclusively.

Crispin in Waterloo

@Steve Short
Sounds like a crock and bull environment more than cock and bull. Maybe ‘cock-up and bull’.
The Aussie greens are surely a special breed. The combination of ignorance, para-science and enthusiasm is devastating the place. The lack of accountability is also interesting to watch from afar – as far as possible. The same lack of accountability seems to pervade climate ‘science’. Perhaps social science can tell us why.

Just to clarify for those who may be in any doubt, all of the stories I tell here about the sinister operations of the Natural Resources Management Borg are true. I have spoken personally to each of the farmers affected, and have verified the facts by discussion with officials and parliamentarians and by looking at the original paperwork, visiting numerous farms, and hearing the agonizing combination of fear and fury in the voices of those whose livelihoods are menaced by the new regime of terror.
I have couched the serious material in a light-hearted environment because in Australia that is the way: they are at their most serious when they are cracking jokes. The Roman poet Horace put it this way: Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci.. In plain English, “He who sugars the pill brings home the bacon.”


My, I do seem to garner a lot of fury. Regarding agribusiness, how might this factor in?

En passant

Here in the USA there is a law dating back to the ’70s called the Wetlands Protection Act. Among other things this Act has spawned a host of local Conservation Commissions, which are empowered to protect wetlands, waterways, and other bodies of water. These local Commissions can prevent a property owner within a couple hundred feet of the water from so much as moving a stone, erecting a fence, or cutting up a dead tree without filing a permit and gaining a permit from these Lords on High.
It has been pointed out that, while the goals of this Act are in principle laudable, its modus operandi is punitive, and encourages property owners to ignore it whenever possible, which is of course counter-productive. Moreover in effect it gives local authorities an ‘eco-easement’ on private property, without the compensation that an easement would ordinarily require. A much better strategy would be to reward property owners with tax breaks for following good-practice rules. But, of course, such an approach would be contrary to the bureaucratic mindset that loves to reward the enforcers of the ‘public good’ with draconian power over the hapless citizen.

En passant

Correction: Last sentence should read: “. . . without filing a permit and gaining permission from these Lords on High.”