Friday Funny: Fracking protestors and their petro-sourced belongings

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo in the UK over the Balcombe fracking protests. WUWT reader Eric Worrall writes in with this comparison photo.

Original picture source:

Here is a tagged version of the same picture of all the plastic high tech synthetics used by anti fracking protestors in England, captured in a single photograph.


It really makes you wonder – do anti-fracking protestors think nylon tents, PVC groundsheets, and plastics grow on trees? No doubt the tents also contain high tech synthetic fibre sleeping bags, and gas powered camp cookers.

Do these hypocrites actually think about what sort of world they would have to endure, without the cheap hydrocarbons, and cheap plastic synthetics, the petroleum source of which they oppose?


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short answer – NO

Kevin Schurig

For them to see the hypocrisy would mean that they have an open mind. Their minds are as closed as a rusted trap.

Trevor H

You missed the sign. It was written on using a marker. Every marker I’ve ever seen is made of plastic.


We really shouldn’t be surprised–as a society we enjoy plastic Christmas trees, plastic fruit baskets, and plastic foilage through office buildings and many municipal settings.
With so much plastic foilage and the undeniable evidence they produce fruit, it wouldn’t be surprising to expect nylon trees that bear nylon fruit, and metal trees that bear metal fruit.
Just pick a lot of the appropriate fruit off the tree (plastic, nylon, aluminum, steel, etc.), get some factory to form it into a useful item, and voila`!–we get all the useful “environmental” items seen in the picture above!
Sad thing is, that’s the current state of our educational system–and trying to convince these people otherwise is probably a lost cause. Just show them where a carton of milk actually comes from, and they practically swear off the beverage. Can you imagine how they’d react if they found out how highly carcinogenic crude oil can be? Any bets they’d swear off plastics and nylon forever?
Hmmmm…. I sense a Josh cartoon in the making…


Dont make hippies like they used to

Lets posterize these people for all to see. Nicely done.

As I told the “Bobbies” protecting Stonehenge on June 21st, 1989…from the “hippies” who wanted to perform some ritual ceremony there, “Why not simply put up Hippie repellant?” They asked, “What would THAT be Yank?”
I said, “Simple, soap on a rope strung up all around the monument!” The usually staid Brit Coppers, actually cracked a smile and said: “That’s a good one Yank.”
Same here, only I’d use water cannons with Dove or New Dawn (dish soaps)…probably the first time these protesters would “come clean” in all their lives!


Ha,,, don’t forget the poncho, and nail polish, and other required,,,,,, you know what I mean. Let alone the bug spray and ,,,,,nough said.
How about the components of the necessary smartphone, and how did she get there, or find out about the whole thing anyhow?
Oh the horror of hypocricy!


Consumers of plastics have their concerns with fracking mute by their consumption? Cool.
So as a meat eater i can have no objections to the way animals are grown and harvested for food. That’s brilliant!
As i use electricity, likely generated by nuclear power stations, mum is the word…shhhh


As an anonymous coward hiding behind a pseudonyn, I really liked the quotation from Oscar Wilde.

Trevor H says:
You missed the sign. It was written on using a marker. Every marker I’ve ever seen is made of plastic.
Good point, thanks – and the sign itself looks like plastic coated cardboard.


You might almost think that this protest is a form of satire, but the humor would be lost on them.


97% certain she has an iPhone under that poncho, too.


And they probably got there in a car made in and shipped from a factory halfway around the planet.

Colorado Wellington

Nothing is as it used to be, not even plastic people.
In the good old days The Plastic People of the Universe were an anti-totalitarian dissident Czech rock band.
These newfangled anti-something-or-other protesters seem to be just a bunch of cheap plastic collectivists.

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Yep, their protesting would take on more meaning if they lugged a moldy canvas Coleman bell tent out to their dung-fired steam wagon for the trip, purposely avoiding all paved roads.

Mike Bromley the Kurd

….not to mention, that there is always more protest when hypcrisy is pinned on the protest donkey. “we had no CHOICE! I mean, like, where can you even GET a bell tent these days?”

Jeff Condon

We shouldn’t apply names like hypocrite inappropriately. Hypocrite implies basic knowledge of the surrounding materials, the more accurate term is idiot. You might say that ignorant is a better word, however, these people truly “feel” they are qualified to lecture to the rest of the world on how to behave.

Patrick B

Odds are some or all of their clothes include fabric derived from petroleum.


Ha, that’s not a protest…

Gail Combs

At a science fiction convention many years ago I happened upon one of these hypocrites spouting off about the evils of plastic. This was just after the anti-polystyrene campaign had shut down five factories in my state and I had been ‘let-go’ the week before. Needless to say I was not in a good mood. So here stands this overweight hypocrite dressed in polyester and nylon with her expensive running shoes made of various co-polymers. I asked her for her house and car keys stopping her in mid tirade. She sputtered HUH? I said put your money where your mouth is, your car and your house are made of plastics and so for that matter are your clothes, Take them off. While she stood there sputtering her rapt audience sniggered as they slunk off.
Nothing like pointing out their hypocrisy to take the air out of the wind bags. Too bad it has never worked as well on the Goricle. You would thing his large carbon foot print and his beach side home would penetrate the thick skulls of his worshipers, and even some of his detractors.


A person in a mask will tell you what they want unfettered by morals; that is not the truth, that is immature and irresponsible thinking.
It is the unmasked person who has to mediate what they say with morals and ethics, as they will be identified with what they say.
The masked persons are the ones most likely to throw stones, not those without masks. As long as protesters in the Mideast wear masks, they have absolutely no credibility except as targets.

Consumers of plastics have their concerns with fracking mute by their consumption? Cool.
I see, your assertion is the group in the photo are pro fossil fuel climate skeptic anti fracking protestors…


A little bit of old Frank Zappa:
A fine little girl she waits for me
She’s as plastic as she can be
She paints her face with plastic goo
And wrecks her hair with some shampoo
Plastic people
Oh, baby, now you’re such a drag


“one word: PLASTICS”
(famous scene from “The Graduate”)

Colorado Wellington

Skiphil says:
August 23, 2013 at 9:38 pm

If Ben listened to Mr. McGuire he would have made money on every anti-fracking protest out there.


So, is it hypocrisy, or ignorance? (or stupidity?)

In Oscar Wilde’s case, telling the truth may have been inconvenient.
I never needed a mask to tell the truth as I know it.
Maybe that’s why I am “welcome to leave” is some places.
So what? It’s better to be welcome to leave than to be welcome to lie.
Friends who admire you for what you are not will be the first to stab you in the back.


Is she wearing shades?


Reminds me of a lady we talked to while on vacation in Costa Rica. I was discussing windmills and how they kill birds with a fellow at the pool. A lady overheard me and came over to state that my comments were a BIG OIL statistic, how she knew better because she is a member of the Sierra Club. She is anti oil, anti gas, anti nuclear, anti coal and anti fracking. We asked her how she got to Costa Rica and she murmured something about Virgin Airlines developing or buying more fuel efficient planes.
We later discovered she flies to Costa Rica from New England 6 times a year, is building a monster house in Costa Rica with a pool and imported Italian marble. Her and her husband drive big SUV’s and we’re not sure if everything they do is powered by fossil fuel or magical fairy farts. A good example of ‘Do as I say”, not “Do as I do.”


Eric Worrall writes “Do these hypocrites actually think about what sort of world they would have to endure, without the cheap hydrocarbons, and cheap plastic synthetics, the petroleum source of which they oppose?”
If they were protesting about drilling for oil your comments might make sense.
Since they are protesting about injecting chemicals into the ground to extract gas ( not commonly used for making plastics) your whole article is pretty STUPID and you allegations of “hypocracy” totally unfounded.
Looks like fracking debate is going to be a mindless left/right polarised issue devoid of facts just like climate.
In fact, deliberately confounding oil extraction with gas extraction in order to make a false criticism of hypocracy is pretty hypocritical in itself.
This is called projection. Nice work Eric.

En Passant

I have lived the green energy free dream – and it was a nightmare, I would attach the link if I knew how!

Leo Morgan

I would add the picture at this link as well.
Can anyone tell me how to post images on WordPress? I tried the tag with both angle and square brackets, but couldn’t see it on the preview.

Leo Morgan

@ en passant
to insert a link, just copy and paste it.
I’d be interested to see what you’re referring to.

Phillip Bratby

“Do these hypocrites actually think”? Answer is a resounding “No”.


“If they were protesting about drilling for oil your comments might make sense.”
They are drilling for oil.
Balcombe is a oil drilling test site.
It seems you are as uninformed as they are.

Greg says:
If they were protesting about drilling for oil your comments might make sense.
Greg. you do know that is exactly what Quadrilla are doing, don’t yoou? Drilling for oil, not gas?

This misses the mark, badly.
Is the host hypocritical when he both advocates reducing electricity usage and uses some electricity?
REPLY: Oh puhleeze, does the host go camp on neighbors lawns, chant, protest, hold up signs, and demand the power poles be shut down? I really grow tired of your high minded concern trolling. Don’t make this thread about you again. The post is labeled humor/satire, get over it.- Anthony


And can please , PLEASE ask them how they can afford to show up all over, England Holland, Germany, the rest of the EU, now Canada, the USA and for that matter all over the place in their tents waving their pla(stic)cards?? all of you have said this as well but I wonder ?? WHAT do they use to brush their teeth!

Janice Moore

Dear Mr. Dollis,
Does A-th-y advocate reducing electricity usage per se, or simply because it is too expensive? Where does our host decry the use of electricity per se as you say he does? Please provide a cite to back up your insult. He would gladly, I believe, use MORE electricity, but he cannot afford it.
A grateful guest of A-th-y’s,

Ann in L.A.

What’s amazing that there is almost nothing in that picture that is *not* a petro-product.

Janice Moore

Okay, Greg, have it your way. The lady in the green poncho who heated her shower water this morning with natural gas, turned up the NG furnace to take the morning chill off the house, cooked her morning serving of algae stew with NG, phoned her boss in the NG-heated building where she usually works to say she had to attend her mother’s funeral today, and whose retirement fund has significant investments in companies with NG holdings, is sitting beside the road until it gets dark when she will drive to an NG-heated restaurant for dinner.
GREAT SATIRE, Eric Worrall! Thanks for the laughter with a point.

I apologise, Anthony. It was humour, and that very spoil-sport over me over something so trivial.
And Janice, while I’m not going to search archives at this hour, I’m certain Anthony has said he believes in conservation for conservation’s sake, not just to save money. That’s to his credit, of course.

*of me

Margaret Smith

Never mind everything else, think basic. They all have water bottles. With no plastic then what…glass (expensive,energy-hungry)? leather (requires cattle business)? ceramic (energy-hungry)? The water will require boiling needing…wood? peat? Multiply the problem by sixty million and that alone collapses everything.


Don’t forget the iphones they use, charged by fossil fuels, & the telecoms networks that would collapse if run entirely from renewables. Also the media coverage they so desparately craved, also powered by fossil fuels, no doubt watched by people on their wooden TVs, and recorded using tablets of stone or papyrus. Also, how did they get there & home again? Horse and cart?


Hey all! I visit WUWT multiple times a day and I enjoy this site very much. I am very much concerned with the state of affairs in our “Once Great Country” and for the life of me I can’t figure out how we let the Nuts take control of the Asylum! On a serious note though; I have decided to make it my goal to become more environmentally friendly and do my part to curb emissions. Can some one point me to a site where I can purchase a small cheap carbon capture unit? I have decided that I will pull as much of the poisonous gas out of the atmosphere as I possibly can and put it in my Beer Kegs!
Thanks in Advance!

Man Bearpig

I think next time they have a protest, why not join them? bring your own 4×4 only one person per vehicle. Then we can make them really look like hypocrites and will be so obvious that the press will pick up on it next time. Good plan ?

Peter Miller

And, of course, you have to ask the question: “Who, or what, will be the greatest beneficiaries if these Ecoloons are successful in stopping fracking in the UK and the rest of Europe?”
Answer: Step forward Gazprom and Big Oil.
Fracking will be Europe’s economic salvation, so not surprisingly the goofy and clueless are against it.