The National Wildlife Federation Jumps The Shark

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach


It doesn’t happen often … some would say not often enough … but I’m speechless.

Truly, I don’t know what to say about this. I can only shake my head and point and laugh. They are truly getting desperate.



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Michael in Sydney

Avatar blue – love it.


Possibly should be more accurately titled: Psychological effects of global warming propaganda in the United States…?
Has our professorial friend Kari got a chapter? Something like: The relative of efficacy of eugenics, psychotropics and brain electro-stimulation to the treament of climate change denial syndrome in a californian cohort of WUWT moderators…?

Now this is just getting ridiculous.

Paul Coppin

They are not getting desparate; they are winning. This is a full-fledged, full-on, take-no-prisoners media assault. The vast majority of casual viewers will see this as a topic with substance, even as they do not understand the content. Communications companies exist for a reason. Perception iseverything, and will trump substance everytime. Never, ever, under-estimate the power of guilt and fear, and never, ever over-estimate the intelligence of the mass audience. The vast majority of people would still sell Manhattan for $24 in beads and trinkets, if the sales pitch was properly crafted, and these people vote…
Any product or service that can be delivered on the shoulders of individual and societal morality can totally capture the intended market, if the message is strategically and properly delivered. In this age of manipulated media and warp speed communications and sound bites[bytes], you can tell a million people ANY message you want to deliver in seconds. Even if they don’t believe it, if it sounds plausible, the seeds of doubt, fear and guilt are planted. Focus on what people ought (they think) to do and you’ll drive them to what you want them to do with the right message. Religions have known this for thousands of years, Madison Avenue perfected it over the last 100.


The alarmists curiously claim that “the science” is settled.
Guess what guys, there’s no such thing as, “the science”. That phrase is only ever used by politicians and bureaucrats.
Ultimately there’s only ‘science’ and I have no doubt that truth will prevail.


If all you have is a couch, every problem is shrink wrapped ( to butcher a cliche’).

Nicholas Harding

There is no evidence for this. I just returned to Connecticut from a wonderful week of enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica. I know people who go to Florida each winter. I know people who moved to Arizona and California. Those places are warmer than Connecticut in the winter, actually year around. There is actually a large travel industry devoted to transporting people to warmer climates; most who spend money on these trips enjoy the experience and return refreshed and wondering why they choose to live in cooler climates. Cold climates are related to misery, discomfort and depression. And while the Army taught me that I am responsible for my own happiness and I learned that I can be happy anywhere, given a choice between sleeping in a snow bank and sleeping on the beach in a tropical climate, I will take the tropical climate. I think most will.

Lawrie Ayres

Why are you surprised; they are correct. Global warming has caused mental problems for an increasingly small segment of the population. The warmers are depressed because the thing they most believed in has been shown to be a figment of their imagination. They were riding a wave but now the rip is pulling them into deeper water. The smart people didn’t go surfing and are standing on the beach waving them goodbye. Now don’t tell me you wouldn’t be in a panic too.


Well, I can answer the basic question right now: the psychological effect has been to bring zombies out of the woodwork to worship Al Gore and Hansen. Now every time somebody sees a cloud, or starts to sweat, they start running in a circle, like somebody form Monty Python’s Ministry of Funny Walks, screaming ‘It’s CO2! It’s CO2! The sky is falling!’
Sound about right?


As has been pointed out time and time and time again this is about jobs, careers, money and grants and has nothing to do with CAGW sending people mad.
From the source :-

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Having the reality of the destructive forces presented by climate change fully register with people, so they will to act with the needed urgency, is indeed a challenge. And,
while the physical and environmental effects of global warming are studied and described, what has rarely been addressed, and is as compelling a topic as any, are the
psychological impacts. This report aims both to fill in the gap in our awareness of the psychological impacts of climate change, and by exposing the emotional side of the issue, to find the place in our hearts that mobilizes us to fly into action, forewarned, determined, relentless. It also is a call for professionals in the mental health fields to focus on this, the social justice issue of all times, with their capacity to work through denial and apathy, to bring insight and commitment before it is too late.

Best bit ‘exposing the emotional side of the issue, to find the place in
our hearts’ If you don’t believe in the ‘Cause’ your heartless?
Oh and second paragraph why not slip in the ‘D’ word and imply that it can be treated.
[Formatting fixed -w.]


a trivial point not mentioned in Lisa Van Susteren’s bio at the end of the “report”:
Greta Van Susteren is a journalist and well known television personality, currently on the Fox News Channel, and earlier, from 1991 to 2002, on the CNN Channel…
Her sister, Lisa Van Susteren, a psychiatrist, ran unsuccessfully for the U. S. Senate seat in Maryland in 2006…

hmmm….looks like most of this was written by Greta Van Susteren’s sister Lise.


…whoops! Following on from my previous post of Prof Kari’s hypothetical paper, I really should have added to its title: ‘a proposed trial design’…. (hate to think that you might think that I was implying she had already got you guys!).

Ray Hudson

This is the setup “science” so next they can claim that AGW causes people to flip out and use firearms to kill people in public places. You watch, it will happen, as sad as this may be.


This surprises you? How far from this are we from this really?;
[google Apocalypto Sacrifice Scene, if you must ~ ctm]
Warning, video not for the faint of heart. Nor is climate science of course. It all feeds into the defective “Republican Brain” needing treatment. It’s been all over and everywhere of late. Just a happy accident for the warming community? This meme has been carefully developed.
There is something else aside from “desperate” involved. Who do you think the modern high priests of AGW want on the table in the video? Who do they want to “treat” in the process at the WWF??

The Soviets had a policy with regard to dissenters back in the 70s. Anyone who resisted the power of the state must be mad, therefore they were mad. The cure was to imprison them in lunatic asylums, which they did.
With the latest meme of skeptics somehow being mentally ill, do you get the feeling the alarmists would like to apply the same theory and solution to climate realists?

David, UK

The ironic thing is, these shysters are [b]contributing[/b] to ignorant people’s anxiety about climate change.


Q one…what is a JD?
and as for mental effects of climate change AGW whatever label they slap on it..
well the Major issues are FROM idiots like gore and hansen and their lies..
like the couple that killed their son tried to kill their baby and did kill themselves over it.
the old lady who wanted to euthanase her only friend, her dog because she was worried he might suffer if she was to die first.
people who have been evicted or had land resumed over this conjob.
people whos water or other amenities have been removed or cut by green laws enacted by fools like WWF and the rest pushing their barrow to local councils etc. CIGIAR agenda 21 millenium lies..
the stress and worry over nothing..the hikes in insurance meaning folks really do risk losing the lot cos they cant pay for coverage.
the fastest and easiest cure would be stopping the liars from spreading muck and untruths.

Priority for guidelines, models, training and other support should be given to mental health professionals
There’s the money quote.
As in, “Give us more money”…

greg holmes

Could only happen in America, I hope. Still we have our fair share of crackpots over here in the UK.
God bless canada, they have seen through this c**p.

(Posted April 16, 2009)
Pffffffff, and she calls herself a psychiatrist.
Lord, have mercy with her patients.


In the source piece the use photos from 9-11 and the World Trade center aftermath including workers in despair.
Pathetic is a better word to build on.

Geoff Alder

This gang should definitely have their own heads read. The brainwashing to which they have been subjected and to which they have succumbed is evident from a reading of the Preface. Certain word associations have been crafted and cultivated into the minds of those authors. Little lights illuminate and little push buttons pop out upon receipt of mere whispers of carefully cultivated ‘catch phrase’ stimuli. The trigger words are heard, and immediately comes the chorus of response “We must save the planet–we must save the planet–do something–do something–NOW!”
They are beyond help. The world will continue to have a largely healthy population way after they have all become dust.
Geoff Alder (Old, but reasonably healthy)


I.R.Engineer says:
Now this is just getting ridiculous.

I can promise you that there is a lot more to come.
Sharks had better hide in the run up to the Rio bongfest.


Actually, I’d have to say that the constant doomsaying on the part of the Warming proponents and government tax collectors are likely to have untold psychological effects on a defenseless population. I know they had numerous effects on me up to and including intense feelings of anger in being taxed $23 a Tonne for CO2 from 1st July this year ( Actually that’s $84 per Tonne for the carbon bit – since we aren’t supposed to be taxed on the Oxygen bit). This is especially psychologically damaging when one does the math and determines that the tax won’t do a thing to reduce the globes temperature but will transfer $11Bn of welath from people like me to government coffers.
Actually, the psychological damage will probably be so severe, that I’ll be waiting on my veranda with a baseball bat come next october with a whole pile of like minded respectable people, waiting to exert retribution on my federal government, who are likely to be subjected to the biggest slaughter in living memory at the election booth – sending the ruling labor party (Read liberals in the US) into political oblivion for a decade.
PS> Just so I don’t get the cops around, the reference to Baseball Bats and Verandas comes from a famous quote by the Australian Labor Ex State Premier Wayne Goss in 75 when he famously said of Keatings Federal Electoral Defeat “voters had turned so violently on then-Prime Minister Paul Keating that they were “sitting on their verandas with baseball bats” waiting for the writs to drop” ( ) It’s a lovely turn of Aussie phrase that really does encapsulate the depth of feeling in the Australian Electorate right now.

A lot of scientists who used to believe in global warming / climate change no longer believe in it. After all, they are scientists.

Error in the very first sentence: “Having the reality of the destructive forces presented by climate change fully register with people, so they will to act with the needed urgency, is indeed a challenge.” Presumably the ‘to’ shouldn’t be there.


A psychosis has been built around AGW, it has been deliberate and the use of panic and alarm via the media, including the particular use of language has created a disconnect for many people from reality. But the reality of nature is very hard to hide from and this man made edifice will collapse causing massive amounts of cognitive dissonance in the AGW world. Buy your popcorn now!


Scarface says:
April 4, 2012 at 4:10 am
(Posted April 16, 2009)
Pffffffff, and she calls herself a psychiatrist.
Lord, have mercy with her patients.

We are already seeing wildfires, floods, sea level rise, storms, droughts, risks to our national security, and a mass extinction.
Lethal global overheating – strike the innocuous sounding “global warming” – is not something that may happen in the next century or even mid-century – it is happening now.

I have worked with individuals who were “on the ledge” emotionally.

I have to confess a deep psychological problem with the recent warming. I made plans to get my boat and gear ready based on the assumptions of a normal winter. I’m doing things other than fishing because of the warm weather. I’m terribly depressed by having missed the peak of the crappie season. Ah, the agony imposed by global warming.

ozspeaksup says:
April 4, 2012 at 4:05 am
Q one…what is a JD?

Latin abbreviation for a law degree — Kevin Coyle’s a lawyer.
although when I was growing up, “JD” stood for “juvenile delinquent”…

greg holmes says: April 4, 2012 at 4:08 am
God bless canada, they have seen through this c**p.
Somebody please inform the Vancouver Aquarium. Last time I visited many years ago they were going on about the destruction of the Amazon, and how all the forests would be gone by the year 2000 or so. Last year John Nightingale, president and CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium was telling anecdotal tales about the destruction of the permafrost. Today he is babbling about the destruction of the Arctic Ice.–vancouver-aquarium-makes-breakthrough-in-cod-breeding


JD. They get a Master’s degree or maybe the equivalent of an MBA, but because they are lawyers they call themselves doctors. Go figure.


If really does read like the wildly confident brochure for a conspiratorial self-help cult. They need to invent CO2 exhalation “audit” meters and camp out at train stations.
I’m a bit confused though since even ill adapted light skin folk thrive in Australia where it’s already much hotter than the US.
Remember skinner boxes and blank slate development theories that held for decades? Psychology can approach science if it want though, like when they finally tested various talk therapies to discover that none of them were effective except those that completely emulated what the better personal development gurus had been shouting about all along: make a plan and work it instead of wallowing miserably in the past. Also worth noting is now the 97% failure rate of AA based addiction treatment programs compares with the fact that 80% of reformed alcoholics become moderate drinkers. Or how inheritance of various types of intelligence and temperament are still grounds for being locked up in politically correct Europe. The drug war put an end to the study of higher consciousness in humans, so psychology as a science is mostly just treading water.

Tom in Florida

Last evening I was sitting by my fire pit (yes I burn wood) with a cold beer as the sun set in the western sky. It was one of those perfect evenings, deep blue sky over head, not a cloud to be seen; the blooming bougainvilleas contrasting with the large green leaves of the banana plants. Yellow alamanders and blue plumbagos added to the colorful arena. It was warm but not hot, a slight sea breeze kept the air refreshing and sweet. No stress, no worries just total relaxation and peace. These so called “knowers of everything” should get out of their dungeons and see what it is like to enjoy a warm climate; to be part of a beautiful world. Perhaps then they would then understand why warmer is better.


The RWF Foundation, is that like the Heartland Institute?

Luther Wu

The obvious solution is the Gulag.
It can be funded under the auspices of the EPA.
No vote from Congress needed- just the stroke of a pen.
After all, the scientists have reached a consensus.

Keith Battye

Good grief !
That is the most appalling “reasoning” I have ever had to read. They really do want to disappear us.


Paul Coppin says:
April 4, 2012 at 3:46 am
“They are not getting desparate; they are winning. This is a full-fledged, full-on, take-no-prisoners media assault.”
Paul, get a grip. Warmists have become irrelevant. From the brochure, or is it a paper:
“Forum participant Dr. Edward
Maibach confirms this in his research.
“People are aware,” he says, “but they
are largely indifferent.” His team’s
2009 public survey found that while 17
percent of people in the U.S. express
some worry about global warming but
most people do not.”
Look, they can’t even get that sentence right; they have nobody skilled enough on board anymore. We’re seeing a total collapse.

Luther Wu

Bob says:
April 4, 2012 at 4:28 am
I have to confess a deep psychological problem with the recent warming. I made plans to get my boat and gear ready based on the assumptions of a normal winter. I’m doing things other than fishing because of the warm weather. I’m terribly depressed by having missed the peak of the crappie season. Ah, the agony imposed by global warming.
Not to mention the sand bass run didn’t happen… what next?
No walleye?

wayne Job

Let me see if I have this right. These charlatans in our schools brain wash children and subject every one to a chicken little propaganda for decades. Many people become anxious and paranoid about global warming because of all this. Then the charlatans blame this on the people that refuse to believe BS. Did I get it right. No wonder Willis is speechless, these useful idiots have no shame.

Has anyone else noticed when arguing with Warmists that they inevitably end up accusing Skeptics of things they do themselves?
It’s a strange kind of ‘inversion’ of reality that has resonances of pre-school playground arguments of the ‘No, you are!’. ‘No YOU are!’ variety.
A prime example is the relentless assertion that the Skeptic ‘movement’ which has so comprehensively demolished their case, is a sinister, well organized, conspiracy, well funded by shadowy interest groups. When it is blindingly obvious that this is a precise desription of their own movement.
Indeed the recent attempt to fabricate evidence of such a ‘conspiracy’ on the part of Dr Gleick was a strange almost childlike attempt to come up with something that would undermine the Skeptical cause in exactly the manner that Climategate has devastated their ’cause’.
And it goes further, Skeptics are often ridiculed for their lack of ‘expertise’ or ‘authority’ to speak on the subject of climate…and yet Warmists hang on the every word of amateurs like Gore, or James Cameron, or Tim Flannery in Australia…Warmism relies on these celebrity mouthpieces for its public face to a far greater degree than Skepticism.
Most bizarre of all is the regular accusation that Skeptics simply ‘make up facts’ to suit their case. (I often point to the reference pages of WUWT and ask warmists which sources of data they regard as suspect; Nasa, Noaa, perhaps? Or maybe those crazy loons at NSIDIC or the whacko denialists at HadCru?) No, of course when it comes to ‘making up stuff’ it’s the Warmists themeslves that have been caught out time after time. They abolished the Medieval Warm period, they doctored the US temperature data and relegated 1934 from its position as warmest year of the 20th century. The have lied about Himalayan Glaciers, Ice Free Artic Oceans, abrupt sea level rises, droughts and the link between climate change and extreme weather events…when it comes to making stuff up and just being plain wrong Warmists are in the A-league. They are the masters of manipulation, false linkage and failed prediction.
I’m sure by now you can see where I’m going with this. Their latest theme that Skeptics are; apathetic, in denial psychologically disturbed or in short mentally ill is merely another example of that weird inversion that they practice. It is themselves they are seeing…in a mirror…darkly.


Goodness, we spent years treating purulent nasal discharge and chronic suppurative otitis media often mixed with maggots or drowned flies in the greenie-socialist controlled communities of central and northern Australia. I expect the same as in the jungles and communes of Central and South America.
And the gonococcal conjunctivitis that spread like wildfire through the population, the exudate excoriating the facial skin around the eyes in children and elderly, brought about by the dreadful living conditions. Living conditions directly related to those [that] pushed policies and grant expenditure of maintaining the culture, the under-development and communal property rights of peoples, deliberately un-educated, particularly the girls, for eons.
Why can they not see they have the chance to offer change from such suffering?
There has not been great change since 1972, as described below.

will gray

Can I sue All Gore for the mistakes in his film? One things for sure it affected the world, and thats me and everybody here innvarious ways.
I can understand people feeling a little off themselves.

How does the US Mental Health Care system interact with the creatures that the National Wildlife Federation is (or should be) concerned with? I imagine it is a fairly safe bet that the US Mental Health Care system is not going to cope with deranged deer, mad moose, crazy coyotes, bonkers beavers, psycho squirrels or demented damsel flies.


In the old Soviet Russia the way they dealt with political dissidents was to declare them mentally ill and lock them up and drug them. This looks like a step in that direction. Really very dangerous! We have to get rid of the big Zero, and clean out all of the “Utopian compassionists”!!


More from the Source:
“Global warming…
in the coming years…
will foster public trauma,
depression, violence,
alienation, substance
abuse, suicide, psychotic
episodes, post-traumatic
stress disorders and
many other mental
health-related conditions.”
That pretty much covers it all!

Put yourself in the shoes of a believer – if you really truly believed the world will be destroyed along with your own children by a climate tipping point, and some people in society, for reasons your don’t understand or hold invalid, are blocking a remedy, what would you do? Go gently into the good night night? Or fight to the death?
I predict this will get uglier by a small minority of alarmists.

John Gf

This is increasingly similar, and as irresponsible, as yelling fire in a crowded theater. When these people lose their political cover in 2012, perhaps a few well-placed civil court actions could take care of the worst offenders. Deliberately causing emotional distress can be a tricky issue, however, the cost to defend such suits can usually force compliance. Just as the legal system can be misused by green fanatics, realist may need to consider similar tactics. Like many of the ‘green’ nuisance suits, the objective is not necessarily to win, but to force action or inaction.

Frank K.

Shevva says:
April 4, 2012 at 3:55 am
“As has been pointed out time and time and time again this is about jobs, careers, money and grants and has nothing to do with CAGW sending people mad.”
Bingo! This is ALL ABOUT the CLIMATE CA$H!
BTW, where ARE our trolls?? Why don’t they ever comment on these stories? Embarrassed? (They should be).