Netherlands testing car use meters that tax your environmental impact as you drive

Looks to me like a system ripe for hacking and fraud that will turn ordinary citizens into criminals. The New York Times reports that the Netherlands is testing a new car use tax system that will tax drivers based upon how much they drive rather than just taxing the vehicle itself like we get now…


Open Thread

I’m off on a small adventure today, chasing and logging a USHCN weather  station which had been misidentified in the early days of the surfacestations project.

Pielke Sr: Climate Includes Extreme Events

A Forecast Extreme New Zealand Weather Cold and Snow Event By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. While it is common to state that weather is not climatology, the reality is that climatalogy is composed of a collection of weather events over some time period. 30-year average temperatures and precipitation, for example, are two examples.  NCDC has recently…