Australian government prepares for massive climate disruption

This film, being shown all throughout Australia, and now available here at WUWT shows what the Gillard government is doing to prepare for the worst unstoppable effects of climate change. It’s quite something. RealClimate has declined comment.

Happy Friday Funny everyone! That’s the best laugh I’ve had since Elmer’s M4GW original “hide the decline” video.

h/t to Rosalind Smallwood via Andrew Bolt


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I love the draw from When Worlds Collide, which points out the difference between science fiction and this “We’re All Gonna Die!” government crap.
Which is that science fiction – as a genre of literature – is written chiefly to appeal to a technologically literate and reasonably well-educated consumer base, and has got to make sense.
La Gifford and her co-conspirators, though…..
Well, not one teensy little bit.

Gary Hladik

“When Worlds Collide”! Boy, that takes me back. Decent sci fi flick for its time.
Yes, it could happen, except that ship everyone’s fighting to board is actually headed for China. I wonder what their policy is on illegal immigrants?
Thanks for the chuckle, Anthony.

Mike Smith

Ozzies.They’re a weird mob.


What the hell is Climate Disruption?


What the hell is Climate Disruption?

You see, the climate of the Earth, if left to its own devices, is perfectly stable and never changes. There is never any variation whatsoever. So if the climate shows a period of warming or cooling on a decadal scale, then we must have caused it. If the climate is warming, it is because we are burning coal and creating CO2 but if it is cooling, it is because we are burning coal and creating aerosols. Any variation from a model developed in a Columbia University lab is caused by us. This model is certified perfect in every way. It is so perfect that we have no problem spending billions of dollars in ways to minimize this “disruption” of the climate away from the perfect model temperature.
There is no natural climate variability. All variability is caused by human beings because the Earth’s climate is exactly perfectly stable and never varies (ever). If you don’t believe me, just ask a prominent climate scientist how much natural variation is “normal” on a decadal scale. You will get a response pretty much the same as if you were a man from Mars who suddenly appeared on Earth.
Climate disruption is any change from perfectly stable climate that we must be responsible for. In fact, maybe the simple act of having thermometers makes the climate vary. Before thermometers we didn’t have nearly as much worry about the variation of the climate. Yes, that’s it! There is something in thermometers that drives the climate crazy. That is why there has been a move to reduce the number of stations observing the climate.
Next we will go into how cheese causes earthquakes unless moderated by fish molecules of certain types.

Thank goodness I left Orstraya last year. Anything to get a way from the big polluders


Good on ya. Don’t burn that evil coal in Australia where it will create jobs and wealth for the average person in Australia. Instead tax the average Australian to pay the cost of shipping the coal to China, where it can create jobs and wealth for the average Chinese.
If a few Australians that own the mineral rights get filthy rich as a result, well they will just have to live with the burden. Some well placed political contributions and plum patronage jobs to loyal politicians will no doubt ease their heavy load. The hard work and self-sacrifice of the rest of Australia will no doubt be good for the average Australian and build character. They would only waste the money otherwise on drink.

Idiocracy the movie deja vu all over again

Steve Schapel

Wow, that is so funny! Thanks. I also really enjoyed

That’s as funny as a 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe reserve note! We can really, really fight climate disruption when we start printing ours.

Ed Moran

Thanks Crosspatch! I don’t normally laugh out loud at 06:15.

I’ve passed this on. I remember the film I was a kid then and it was a good flick for its time. Aussies are organizing a convoy of no confidence in the present government. It’s coming from all over Australia to arrive in Canberra on 21st July (I think) more info on Jo Nova site. Retrovirus
calamity. Coming from an open gay politician I think that’s a bit un-smart.


Tim Flannery, the Gillard government’s Chief Climate Commissioner, has predicting AGW would cause massive flooding. Could it be to drive down waterfront real-estate prices in Oz for personal gain?
“Professional alarmist Tim Flannery in 1996 warned that global warming would drown beachfront houses eight storeys high … But the very next year he bought a house just four or five metres from the edge of the tidal waters around the Hawkesbury estuary:.. Five years later—even as climate scientists, including Professor Flannery, claimed evidence of global warming and rising sea levels was even more solid—the couple bought the property next door…”
That pretty much sums up the case for AGW in Oz. Better sell good old Tim your beachfront property soon before it floods. It really isn’t worth anything. He will just be doing you a favor.

Boar Breath

Don’t worry..Greenieman will save us, he and his faithful sidekick Gullibilelard. They won’t let the plastic bags and fried chicken and hot chips destroy us. We will throw away our evil air conditioners and monstrous automobiles. We will all eat a gray pasty substance made from recycled feces. Yes, our world will be saved from us, thanks to Greenieman and his trusty sidekick.

Bikini Bottom is also preparing for massive climate disruption.

Jackie Brooks

How’s this for Ozzie weirdness Mike Smith !!!!!
” Something beautiful is unfolding. From all over Australia,people whose businesses and jobs are being driven into the ground by spectacular government mismanagement are gathering to drive from the corners of the continent to converge on Canberra to demand an election.”

I’m speechless!
Are Australians so dumb as to believe in 0.001% of what the film says?

Ecotretas @ 10.53 pm. No we are not! Something like 80% of people in Oz don’t believe we should have a carbon tax. It was a skit! But that lady on last Mondays Q & A ABC repeated all the crap you see on this.
There was a B grade film produced in Australia titled ‘They’re a weird mob?’ Through the eyes of an Italian immigrant. I think it was made in the 1960s.


It gets funnier on repeat viewings. Shame Flannery wasn’t included.


I am Australian and couldn’t believe the video until I saw Andrew Bolt’s name – and then I completely understood.
One of the comments in video wasn’t even about climate change, but a reply to the claim by a right wing British journalist that those on the left were exploiting the shooting tragedy in Norway for political gain.
This shows just how low people like Bolt are prepared to go to smear the science of climate change.
Meanwhile, back in the real world.
The region where I live (wintertime) has been below average temperatures and above average rainfall because of La Nina. But temperatures over the past 10 consecutive days have been above 20 degrees C (68 F).
This equals the record for winter and if 20 C tomorrow a new all time record will be set. Today is 24 C (75 F) and it’s forecast to be 20 tomorrow.

Nigel S

I hoped the film would end with the alarmists getting on the space ship and giving the rest of us a break like the telephone sanitizers in ‘Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’. Did I miss something?


Ocean assification. Priceless.

Brian says: “The region where I live (wintertime) has been below average temperatures and above average rainfall because of La Nina. But temperatures over the past 10 consecutive days have been above 20 degrees C (68 F)”
At last! We have a proxy for global temperature! No need for HADCRUT or GISTEMP or UAH, just a thermometer on Brian’s paved patio, near the A/C vent.


G’day! No, Aussies do not believe – that is why the Convoy of No Confidence in the Federal Government – Coalition of industries is happening.
The grass roots people have had enough!

Gary Hladik

Ecotretas says (August 5, 2011 at 10:53 pm): “Are Australians so dumb as to believe in 0.001% of what the film says?”
Dunno, but check out Brian’s comment (August 5, 2011 at 11:28 pm) and draw your own conclusions.
Hey, Brian, thanks for the weather report from Down Under, and– Hmm? Kool-Aid? Why, yes, thank you, I am a bit thirsty…


Fact check: the British journalist you are referring to, Brendan O’Neill, is, in fact, a Marxist. I suppose a Marxist might be considered to be right wing in some alternative universe where the absurdities of Green policies could be considered as normal. Unfortunately, he committed the unpardonable sin of arguing for free speech. Ms manufactured outrage had made a statement along the lines that the Norwegian nutter did what he did because of hate speech from the people who dared to criticise something the Australian government did; and criticising the government is the same as inspiring nutters to kill people. Or something incoherent like that.
You can see it here:


I’m Australian too and I think Brian might be onto something. I just rang our department of labor to inquire about working on the ark building project and was told no such thing was in progress. Also when Bob Brown mentioned chlamydia if I recall the interview correctly he wasn’t talking about climate change but was explaining the medical grounds for his recent absence. Could it be those shifty right wingers have pulled a fast one on us?


The books “When Worlds Collide” and “After Worlds Collide” were written in the 1933 and 1934 as racial/ social commentaries disguised as Science Fiction. This was pretty much the only way the authors (Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer) could explore the topic at the time. Still, the books were much better written than the movie, which deviated considerably from the story.


You are right Brian,they did quote her out of context,but she deserves the ridicule,she is a mouthpiece for Bob Brown.
During Monday night’s Q&A program, Ms Plibersek claimed – straight-faced amid a chorus of derision from the crowd – that inaction on climate change was “a serious threat to our economy and our environment”.
We’re looking at losing the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, the ability to feed ourselves,” she said.
It wasn’t Ms Plibersek’s first appearance on the ABC panel show. She’s a regular guest, having evolved into the Eddie “Everywhere” McGuire of the Gillard government’s push to explain its carbon message.

Brian I am Australian and I live in an area where today’s temp is 13 C and tonight will drop below
minus again. It’s got nothing to do with Andrew Bolt is fine anti-climate change TV and Radio journalist. And you have not mentioned the recent Q & A program on ABC 1st August, available for you to view, where Tanya Plibersek was spouting the climate change disaster old hat alarmist propaganda and featured on this clip. Bob Brown was referring to koala bears. I don’t know where the Norwegian massacre was at all mentioned. Put your glasses on mate! Or put them down?

The upside is that Australia can advertise itself to the world as: “The Gateway to Antarctica–New Frontier of the 21st Century.”


We have a carbon tax in the province of British Columbia Canada, hope the government idiots take notice of the Australian protest. Andrew Weaver and David Suzuki you guys may have to learn how to duck.

John R. Walker

10 seconds in – I’m sure Gillard says “assification” instead of acidification… Just about sums up her ‘policies’ really…

Regress Australia, poor. So long and thanks for all the amusing beer and lager adverts.

John of Cloverdale WA Australia

Get a life Brian. And enjoy your government’s recent mail out brochure on a clean energy future. It might give you a better laugh.

charles nelson

Brian lives in the real world…no…he does….honestly.
Next door to Tim Flannery….On the Delta.

I think the only response to this is…

Brad at August 6th 1.08 am (American time) LOL. Donna yer know, last ice age, or mini ice age
Australia was a nicer place to live than Northern Europe, America and Asia. But all illegal immigrants are now being sent to Malaysia for assessment. Another ALP mistake.
Only joking mate. I would not wish this government on anyone. Particularly Australians. LOL


Thanks everyone for confirming my point.

John R Walker at 1.10 it’s her talk through the nose accent. She actually is Welsh by birth.
John of Cloverdale WA – Haven’t received mine yet. But I was told to return it ‘Paid replied’ so the government pays for the return mail. Unless it’s gone into the junk mail trash for recycling.


Brian, MMMaaaaaaaatttee, Take a Bex and have a good lie down. The video is taking the p&^s out of the scare campaiging that’s been goin’ on for the last 15 years.
If you think that has anyrhing to do with science, you need more then a Bex 🙂
For those not farmiliar with austraian medications, Bex was advertised to the point of making it into the Australian Venacular during the 50-60’s. Most ills could be treated with a Bex (Asprin) and a “good lie down”.
And if you want to learn about the science, you’ve come to the right place Brian.
Bolta will sort out the politics for you though.


A good laugh! Thanks.

Peter J

Its very embarrassing being an Australian right now. I can laugh along with jokes about beer drinking Aussie stereotypes etc etc but now we look seriously nutty to the rest of the world. One guy I heard being interviewed on radio recently was being roundly praised because of his bold plan to relocate the entire population of the Gold Coast (about 1/2 million) inland in the case of flooding due to global warming. People like that once used to attract psychiatric assessments.
Can anyone out there please save us? We are about to pay for the privelege of burning our own coal through Carbon Credits and our Prime Minister is threatening the only news media who are disagree with her.
It used to be such a nice place.


In all their history? What? Just over 200 years of actual history…in the true meaning of the word.
Thanks for the laugh Anthony. Mind you, I wonder how many unthinking people will swallow it whole?


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M Wilson

They missed this one from Ghostbusters:


Kelvin Vaughan

Long long ago in old London Town everyone had a coal fire, even the trains ran on coal. In the winter you could see the smoke rise up from the chimneys. Some times an inversion layer formed. You could then see the smoke fall from the chimneys to the ground. This smoke would cause a smog that you could taste and traffic would come to a standstill. The brickwork of the buildings had a permanent black layer on them . All that trapped CO2 then reached a tipping point and the trapped smog became so hot it scalded everyone. Not really, bronchitus was a bit more common but we all survived and got on with living as normal with a few minor adjustments to our schedules.

John Marshall

Gillard has completely lost the plot. It must be possibly to remove her on grounds of madness. (And being Welsh not a born Australian). You can expect this sort of rubbish from the Greens though.
I do not believe that any sane Australian could buy into this.

Nick 1.51 am. Yeah and it caused kidney damage, people were swallowing it when they had
a vapor or nervous strain. LOL. David how have we proved your point? Can you please
expleenn? (With a Pauline Hansen accent)