Gore FAIL – Gore starts cussing in climate talk

Al Gore speaking in Aspen earlier this year. Photo: Troy Hooper, Colorado Independent

The fact that he has started cussing while addressing audiences(even supportive ones) clearly shows that he has lost the battle.

“There’s no longer a shared reality on an issue like climate even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened. People have no idea! … It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamn word climate. It is not acceptable. They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it.”

And that’s just part of the rant. More below plus  a collection of news bytes from the past week that all point to Gore’s inability to restart the success of AIT he had in 2005. My personal view is that the battle was lost the moment Gore and his acolytes started trying to link severe weather events (see photo above of Gore pointing to a big mesocyclone aka thunderstorm) with global warming.

Morano on Al Gore

August 6th, 2011

Source: Climate Depot 

[Climate Depot Comment: ‘This is psychologically healthy development for Gore. He needs to face the reality that despite his film, an Oscar, a Nobel, a compliant shoddy news media, the UN, Hollywood, untold tens of billions of dollars spent, propaganda directed at school kids, and twisted science – the movement Gore helped found, is dying scientifically, politically and economically. It is time to celebrate the utter and complete failure of the sub-prime science of man-made global warming.‘ More analysis on why Gore has failed here.]

Defeated Gore unleashes: ‘It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamn word ‘climate’…we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it’

Gore: ‘They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it’

Gore laments his failure: ‘When you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again’ 

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The Failure of Al Gore: Part One

August 6th, 2011

Source: The American Interest 

by Walter Russell Mead

It must be as perplexing to his many admirers as it is frustrating to himself that a man of Vice President Gore’s many talents, great skills and strong beliefs is one of the most consistent losers in American politics.

“All political careers end in failure,” said Enoch Powell; Gore has not won an election on his own since his 1990 re-election to the Senate from Tennessee.  His 1988 presidential bid ended well short of the nomination.  Many observers felt Gore was headed for defeat in a third Senate campaign as the south continued to swing Republican; Clinton’s offer of the vice presidential slot in 1992 gave Gore the opportunity to reach a national audience as his home state cooled.  On his own again in 2000, gifted by the departing Clinton with the most bubbliciously expanding economy in American history and a comfortable budget surplus, and insulated from the innuendo and scandal of the Clinton White House by his still-vibrant marriage, he found the elusive road to defeat against a flawed and inexperienced challenger.  Tennessee voted for Bush; Florida or no Florida Gore would have gone to the White House if those who knew him longest and best had rallied to his support.

Once out of office, he assumed the leadership of the global green movement, steering that movement into a tsunami of defeat that, when the debris is finally cleared away, will loom as one of the greatest failures of civil society in all time.

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World Oceans stop Warming

August 5th, 2011

Source:  UK Met Office

4 August 2011 – Two research papers shed new light on why the upper layers of the world’s oceans have seen a recent pause in warming despite continued increases in greenhouse gases.

The independent studies from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and the Met Office show how natural climate variability can temporarily mask longer-term trends in upper ocean heat content and sea surface temperature.

The upper 700 metres of the global ocean has seen a rise in temperature since reliable records began in the late 1960s. However, there has been a pause in this warming during the period from 2003 to 2010. The papers published this week offer explanations for this.

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Arctic ‘tipping point’ may not be reached

August 5th, 2011

Source: BBC

Scientists say current concerns over a tipping point in the disappearance of Arctic sea ice may be misplaced.

Danish researchers analysed ancient pieces of driftwood in north Greenland which they say is an accurate way to measure the extent of ancient ice loss.

Writing in the journal Science, the team found evidence that ice levels were about 50% lower 5,000 years ago.

They say changes to wind systems can slow down the rate of melting.

They argue, therefore, that a tipping point under current scenarios is unlikely.

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Radical Environmentalists’ Continuing Campaign Against Economic Freedom

August 5th, 2011

Source:  The Foundry

Recently, radical environmentalists have waged a campaign to stifle free enterprise and economic freedom. Here are some of their recent skirmishes, ranging from crop destruction in Australia to attacks on toy companies like Lego and Disney:

Floods of the Upper Midwest United States: A 75-Year History

August 5th, 2011

Source:  CO2 Science


Villarini, G., Smith, J.A., Baeck, M.L. and Krajewski, W.F. 2011. Examining flood frequency distributions in the Midwest U.S. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 47: 447-463.


The authors write that the Upper Midwest United States — consisting of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Illinois — “has been plagued by flooding over the past 100 years,” and they say that “these events are responsible for numerous fatalities and large economic damage (e.g., Changnon, 1997, 1999; Pielke and Downton, 2000; Otto, 2009), in particular over the last two decades, with the 1993 and 2008 floods causing economic losses in excess of one billion dollars.”

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The Ethics of Biofuels

August 5th, 2011

Source:  CO2 Science

In a Policy Forum article in Science, Buyx and Tait (2011) say that “climate change is predicted to impose increasing harms, in particular on those most disadvantaged,” and they go on to state, in their very next sentence, that “thus, climate change mitigation is a vital common good.”

With this declaration as the starting point of their discussion, the two academics approvingly note that “mandatory targets for introduction and blending of biofuels have been introduced” by both the European Union and the United States, even though, as they acknowledge “there are serious concerns about negative effects on food security, the environment, and the rights of farmers and landholders in developing countries,” after which — using various derivatives of the word ethics some 20-plus times — they strive to make the production and use of biofuels as palliative as possible. But have they not put the cart before the horse in terms of the ethics of biofuels?

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Things More Worrisome than AGW: various determinants of human well-being

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered


by Craig Idso

van Vuuren, D. P., Isaac, M., Kundzewicz, Z. W., Arnell, N., Barker, T. Criqui, P., Berkhout, F., Hilderink, H., Hinkel, J., Hof , A., Kitous, A., Kram, T., Mechler, R., and Scrieciu, S. 2011. The use of scenarios as the basis for combined assessment of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Global Environmental Change 21: 575-591.

This paper summarizes the results of several analyses that investigate the global impacts on various determinants of human well-being, including malaria, agricultural productivity, water stress, sea level rise, and heating and cooling demand through 2100 under a “no climate change” scenario and two “policy” scenarios. The first policy scenario, which serves as the “baseline,” assumes no climate change policies and would increase the global mean temperature by 4 °C above the pre-industrial level by 2100. The second is a Mitigation scenario which would stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations at around 450 ppm CO2-equivalent leading to a 2 °C increase in 2100. Its aim is to assess the effects of an aggressive mitigation policy on the global impacts of climate change.

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Pre-Industrial Climate Change and Human Population

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered


Zhang, D.D., Lee, H.F., Wang, C., Li, B., Zhang, J., Pei, Q. and Chen, J. 2011. Climate change and large-scale human population collapses in the pre-industrial era. Global Ecology and Biogeography 20: 520-531.

According to Zhang et al. (2011), it has long been assumed that “deteriorating climate” — defined as either cooling or warming — “could shrink the carrying capacity of agrarian lands, depriving the human population of sufficient food,” with “population collapses (i.e., negative population growth)” the unavoidable consequence; but they say that “this human-ecological relationship has rarely been verified scientifically,” noting that at the highend of the temperature spectrum, “evidence of warming-caused disaster has never been found.”

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AGW and Malaria — IPCC Wrong, Again

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered


Nkurunziza, H. and Pilz, J. 2011. Impact of increased temperature on malaria transmission in Burundi. International Journal of Global Warming 3: 77-87.

Authors Nkurunziza and Pilz (2011) — a mathematician and a statistician — introduce their study by stating that “malaria is the main public health problem in the area of Burundi,” citing Protopopoff et al. (2007) and the World Health Organization (2005), while further noting that malaria is responsible for some two million clinical cases that result in more than 15,000 deaths each year, including 50% of all hospital deaths of children under five years of age.

Nkurunziza and Pilz then proceed to employ Bayesian Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) to assess the impact of an increase in temperature on malaria transmission, which in addition to monthly maximum and minimum temperature data, utilized monthly rainfall and humidity data, as well monthly malaria morbidity data for the period 1996-2007, all of which were obtained for each province of the country.

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Dynamics of the Greenland Icesheet

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered

by Craig Idso


Sundal, A.V., Shepherd, A., Nienow, P., Hanna, E., Palmer, S. and Huybrechts, P. 2011. Melt-induced speed-up of Greenland ice sheet offset by efficient subglacial drainage. Nature 469: 521-524.

According to Sundal et al. (2011), “fluctuations in surface melting are known to affect the speed of glaciers and ice sheets,” but these authors say that “their impact on the Greenland ice sheet in a warming climate remains uncertain,” citing Meehl et al. (2007), while further noting, in this regard, that “although some studies suggest that greater melting produces greater ice-sheet acceleration (Zwally et al., 2002; Parizek and Alley, 2004),” others have identified a long-term decrease in Greenland’s flow despite increased melting (van de Wal et al., 2008).”

In a study designed to further explore this important subject, and based on data for five different years (1993 and 1995-1998), Sundal et al. used “satellite observations of ice motion recorded in a land-terminating sector of southwest Greenland to investigate the manner in which ice flow develops during years of markedly different melting.” So what did they find?

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Climate Models Fail

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered

by Craig Idso


Vecchi, G.A. and Knutson, T.R. 2011. Estimating annual numbers of Atlantic hurricanes missing from the HURDAT database (1878-1965) using ship track density. Journal of Climate 24: 1736-1746.

In a recent paper published in Climate Research, Trenberth (2011) compares the projections of state-of-the-art climate models with what is known about the real world with respect to extreme meteorological events related to atmospheric moisture, such as precipitation and various types of storm systems, as well as subsequent extreme consequences such as droughts, floods and wind damage. So what does he find?

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69% Say It’s Likely Scientists Have Falsified Global Warming Research

August 5th, 2011

Source: Rasmussen Report

The debate over global warming has intensified in recent weeks after a new NASA study was interpreted by skeptics to reveal that global warming is not man-made. While a majority of Americans nationwide continue to acknowledge significant disagreement about global warming in the scientific community, most go even further to say some scientists falsify data to support their own beliefs.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that 69% say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs, including 40% who say this is Very Likely. Twenty-two percent (22%) don’t think it’s likely some scientists have falsified global warming data, including just six percent (6%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Another 10% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here .)

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Things More Worrisome than AGW: Heat waves pushes Texas power grid into red zone

August 5th, 2011

Source:  Reuters

The Texas power grid operator has scrambled this week to meet soaring electricity demand in the face of a brutal heat wave, and residents of the second most populous U.S. state are one power plant shut-down away from rolling blackouts.

Power demand for Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc, or ERCOT, which runs the power grid for most of the state, hit three consecutive records this week as Texans cranked up air conditioners to escape one of the hottest summers on record.

The grid operator on Thursday cut power to some big industrial users, and businesses and households face a repeat of the rolling blackouts they faced in February, when a bitter cold snap interrupted power supplies.

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h/t to Bob Ferguson, SPPI



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The rumble is barely audible, but it will be deafening when it all comes crashing down.


“It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamn word climate. It is not acceptable. They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it.”
This is a perfect example of a politician who thinks the other guy is always wrong. It’s the “why won’t the other guy give in ?” mentality. We used to call that sort of behavior (i.e. not giving in) as a “principled stand,” but now their “evil” or “terrorists.” The corollary to this is “bipartisanship” when it means the “other guy finally agrees with you.”


well damn………………………;-)
It’s really inconvenient when people start asking questions………


Al Gore made a fortune spreading this false religion called CAGW. He can not really believe that “the science is settled”, so he must be as big a liar as when I voted against him in Tennessee.
The best he could do for mankind is to go to one of his very expensive houses and just stay there.


Do temper tantrums cause global warming?


You see these signs of desperation everywhere in the pro-AGW community these days. They are lashing out indiscriminately and letting their anger and frustration show as they can see that their edifice is crumbling.

mike g

I have to take exception to Mr. Mead’s statement: “On his own again in 2000, gifted by the departing Clinton with the most bubbliciously expanding economy in American history …” The US economy was in a mild recession when Clinton left office, although it wasn’t realized for a few months because Clinton’s administration had been cooking the books. The numbers are always revised after they’re released. The revisions shortly after Clinton left office were off the scale.


I am not really aux fait with Gore or what he means to you Americans – but to me he just comes across as some horrendous political jerk milking all and sundry for whatever he can get, be it money, fame or ‘appreciation’…….Hmm, so that’s a typical politician then!


Might I disagree Anthony? In my opinion Gore is still a massive winner – he has convinced the UN and virtually every government worldwide – in fact your previous story on the Australian Government and their green agenda is going ahead and virtually all scientific bodies active today are 100% on board with the Gore program. Not to mention that almost every media outlets in the world are on board with the Gore program. Go in any store and those places are crawling with “green” schemes of every description under the sun even if only to take advantage of the green monopoly eco-fanatics have in place – every major company world wide is on-board with their green nonsense and few politicians are courages enough to buck the green machine. Politicians are terrified of the eco-fanatics. Only a few Republican are courages enough to stand against the green machine – and at this stage even Romney has buckled to the eco-pressure and he’s the leading Republican contender at this point in time.
Gore might be losing support is some public opinion but we don’t know how solid the numbers at this point in time worldwide – however he who controls the purse strings gets to make the decisions that will effect us all – see Australia or the Brits or perhaps the EU. I’d like to think we’re winning but until and unless our side has better access to public discourse outlets we’re still a minor player in the game if at all in the game.

mike g

Searching for the citations I remembered for my earlier post, I found this by Robert A Cook, PE, which seemed to be a name familiar as a frequent poster on here: http://www.fathersmanifesto.net/votefraudstats.htm
I wonder if he’s the same. At any rate, people need to get over thinking Bush stole the election in Florida. He won despite massive voter fraud for Gore in Palm Beach and surrounding counties.

Coach Springer

There’s that abused word “pollution” again, Al. You can’t get at science by compromise, averaging the hypotheses, or by consensus. And it is nobody’s responsibility to agree with you.
I, for one, am able to find only two principles that Al Gore’s climate hysteria stands on: misanthropy and anthropolgical myopia. Al will save the world with the knowledge that the world revolves around us and we are evil.


Two more explanations for “the missing heat”. Although they deny it, they are contradictory. One explanation is the heat is radiated back in space. This seems somewhat similar to what Dr Spence found. Of course it means that there was no serious CO2 heat buildup to begin with. The heat is from the sun, not the atmospheric CO2. So they have merely confirmed that the circa 1998 temperature ramp up was likely solar in origin. In essence, they have confirmed that there is no CO2 AGW.
The second theory goes back to hidden heat reservoir. Now the reservoir is found in the infamous -700 meters to -2000 meter zone. And I will surmise it is lurking there waiting to attack methane ice so as to release catastrophic global warming, or so we will be told.The problem with this hypothesis is that not only is it thermodynamically awkward, but it is extraordinarily easy to confirm or refute.

Mac the Knife

Geez… Al keeps running into inconvenient truths! The poor guy lost huge sums ($100 million?) on a ponzi carbon trading scheme and is probably really struggling to maintain all of his energy gobbling mansions around the country. Pile that on top of his home state of Tennessee voting for ‘The Other Guy’ in his failed presidential attempt years back, his wife subsequently reaching her own personal ‘Tipper point’ and dumping him, and you have the recipe for an irrational person with a reeeeaalllllyyy fragile ego. It is painful to watch, as physical reality keeps refuting the irrational belief systems of folks like him, but absolutely essential to restore fact based rational decision making as the foundation of our global economies.
In fine irony, it is his AGW oxen that is being ‘gored’…..

P Walker

Wil ,
Give it some time . If the world’s economic , social and political problems continue on their present course the climate issue will likely fall by the wayside . There are far more pressing matters to deal with . That said , I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Mead’s piece .

j ferguson

I don’t like it either, but Wil is right.

Doug in Seattle

Although not usually an optimist when it comes to the on-going battle with Gore and his acolytes, I have to disagree with Wil above.
I have long been outspoken among my colleagues (I work in the environmental field) about the false confidence in the science of AGW. Over the past year I have seen a shift in how my words are received. People who used to (metaphorically) cover their ears and chant “la la la la la la”, now listen. In the face of much cooler weather and huge snowpacks here in the PNW, even the most strident ideologues have been forced to reconsider their positions.
The shift is not yet complete. Government is still wedded to policies that waste billions on AGW. But the peak has passed and the roller coaster of public opinion is just beginning to descend.
Hang on tight. I expect it will much more interesting.

Hugh Pepper

It is saddening that the message which Mr Gore has been communicating so ably is not perceived by more people. I’m sure he feels this sadness, as do many of us. He has accurately reported the findings of mainstream scientists, as have many others, and I’m sure he would like to see more action being taken by North American governments. Actions to curtail CO2 emissions and develop alternative energy sources are evident in other parts of the world, notably Europe, and perhaps part of this has resulted from Mr Gore’s efforts.
It servers no useful purpose to be slagging Gore. He is not your enemy.

Hugh Pepper,
What color is the sky on your planet?? A judge ruled that Gore’s movie was filled with misinformation. He is simply a self-serving snake oil salesman, and he’s mad because he’s losing customers.


“Mark my words on this: we became the greatest country on earth because we made better decisions than any other nation,” he continued. “And we made better decisions … .”
And we made better decisions when we didn’t elect him as President. Gore is still a loser and will always be a loser.


Hugh Pepper
7% of American still believe Elvis is alive as well. Now the latest polls indicate that as many as 34% say that they think UFOs are real. January 2011 Rasmussen Energy Update, fully one-third, 33%, “see AGW as a Very Serious problem.” Notice more people believe in UFOs than Gore? To me that’s not very able communicating on Gore’s part when more folks believe in aliens, is it?


How could there be a shared reality if Gore insists on living in a dystopian fantasy land? Who else would want to share it with him but the self-loathing?


Hugh Pepper says:
August 6, 2011 at 10:57 am
“Actions to curtail CO2 emissions and develop alternative energy sources are evident in other parts of the world, notably Europe, and perhaps part of this has resulted from Mr Gore’s efforts. ”
Yep. We developed that. We pay about 16bn EUR a year in subsidy in Germany alone and it works some of the time. To make sure we can still run our industry and TVs we run all the old fossil fuel power plants in parallel and build some more.
It has one advantage, though: Most people really love it because it gives them the feeling that something is being done. And it kills less birds than our cats do.

Gary Pearse

I think its time for another Josh cartoon: showing Al tramping in a blizzard in Tennessee in September with a placard over his shoulder “damning climate” (all those cartoon * # symbols) and the lack of a “shared reality” on global warming.

F. Ross

Hugh Pepper says:
August 6, 2011 at 10:57 am
What, pray, are you talking about? He’s a snake oil salesman.


“Once out of office, he assumed the leadership of the global green movement, steering that movement into a tsunami of defeat that, when the debris is finally cleared away, will loom as one of the greatest failures of civil society in all time.”
This is well said. The liberal intelligentsia and their leaders, from Al Gore to the NYT’s to at a guess 80 percent of college educated Democrats are in this thing up to their necks. At a certain point, and I’m starting to believe that point is fast approaching, these people are going to have to admit that there are “doubts” after all. The hand-wringing and the self-analysis (“how could we have been so wrong?”) will be a thing to behold. There will be plenty of finger-pointing as well. If anyone wonders why establishment climate scientists are so hostile, wonder no more. Michael Mann et al are increasingly desperate to fend off the annihilation of their careers and reputations that’s now all but inevitable. These are smart, if self-deluded people. With every new paper that casts legitimate doubt on the orthodoxy, their panic levels rise. You might even see some suicides.
Thank God for blogs like this, and for the individuals behind them. IN the fullness of time, they’ll rightly be called heroes.

Steve C

Unfortunately, for now, Wil’s invocation of the “Golden Rule” – “he who has the gold, makes the rules” – is still probably a fair assessment of the situation. ‘Twas ever so.
On the other hand, though, I think things are changing, if slowly. The Western economic system is pretty much in the position of one of those cartoon characters who has run off a cliff, but not looked down yet. We have recently heard that about 7 out of 10 Americans now doubt that “scientists” are always dispassionate, honest individuals. We hear of the convoys in Australia … there are signs that we are reaching what Churchill called “the end of the beginning”, at least. Perhaps even we staid Brits will begin to stir once more of us realise that we’re currently paying over twice as much for our “electric” as we were ten years ago, the figure racking ever upward.
Let’s hope that Gore loses it more often. It means we’re getting our message through, and that more of the public are aware that the AGW Emperor has no clothes. It’s a sort of linguistic equivalent of the old (and most likely apocryphal) Chinese rules for debate: violence is freely allowed, but whoever strikes the first blow loses the argument. Keep on cussin’, Al, keep calling us seven shades of sh**, feel free. And meanwhile we’ll keep up our modest requests for any evidence at all to prop up your, er, arguments, and we’ll smile nicely while we’re doing it. 🙂

Justa Joe

Hugh Pepper says:
August 6, 2011 at 10:57 am
“…Actions to curtail CO2 emissions and develop alternative energy sources are evident in other parts of the world, notably Europe, and perhaps part of this has resulted from Mr Gore’s efforts.”
Take AlGore… please.
What alternative energy sources are evident in other parts of the world, notably Europe, that we don’t also have right here in the good Ol’ US of A?


Well Smokey… Micheal Mann was also found to be innocent.
Hockey Stick’ Climate Scientist Found Innocent of All Charges.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/07/02/hockey-stick-climate-scientist-innocent-mann/#ixzz1UHFKgPWp


And we made better decisions when we didn’t elect him as President. Gore is still a loser and will always be a loser.”
[snip off topic – your comment will start a whole different argument unrelated to the issue at hand ~mod]

F. Ross

Brian says:
August 6, 2011 at 12:05 pm
Well Smokey… Micheal Mann was also found to be innocent.

Well so were OJ and Casey; what’s your point?

If Gore wants to be taken seriously I guess he shouldn’t have bought that gosh-darned luxurious Montecito beachfront pad after he told us to expect monster sea level rises if we didn’t go back to living in caves, should he…


To paul. Temper tauntrum does not cause global warming. Only CO2 can. However, global warming will cause a sharp rise in global average temper tauntrums, according to our newest computer models.

Douglas DC

”A group of six of Mann’s Penn State colleagues found him innocent of 3 out of 4 charges on February 3, but the investigative panel requested a deeper, more thorough look into whether his conduct deviated from standard scientific practice.”
From the FNC article
Foxes clearing the one who has feathers on his lips…


If Gore wants to be taken seriously I guess he shouldn’t have bought that gosh-darned luxurious Montecito beachfront pad after he told us to expect monster sea level rises if we didn’t go back to living in caves, should he…”
Sceptic…. Gore will be dead before the sea levels become a problem. So what’s the problem?

R. de Haan

Gore is an authoritarian parasite who has committed betrayal on the world, his own country and the American people for political power and financial gain.
I think he’s a monster and a disgrace to humanity.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Rhoda Ramirez

Al Gore is worse than a snake oil salesman, he’s a Southern Tent Revivalist. He flunked out of theology school, but apparently not before learning about preaching the word. You see younger versions of him on the street corners in the south, holding a Bible in one hand and screaming Biblical verses. Gore isn’t stupid, look at Scientology and tell me that he’s not using it as a business model.

Ken Harvey

Gore failed miserably as a politician. It is as a propagandist that he has found his forte. He has probably influenced received attitudes more than any who went before him and that influence has extended worldwide. What disturbs me most is that his success (if that is the word for it) seems likely to be emulated by other wealthy but failed politicians in the future. I am not happy with the thought that my great grandchildren will have to live in a world of budding Al Gores.

Jeff Mitchell

Looks like the beginning of a preference cascade. Even though media and many governments are on board with Gore’s bad science, the fact that he’s losing it will get more and more attention. The more desperate they get, the less credible they will look. I think things are swinging back to better science, but we still have a ways to go. The sillier they act, the faster the collapse goes. I think more and more people are coming to the idea that they have a right to know the science.
The biggest sign of bad science is not being willing to engage in debate with one’s opponents. And you can’t win if you won’t let people see the magic that let you come to the conclusion you came to. Which is even worse when you consider the economic damage they want to do to to fix a problem that may not even be there. I think Big Green is worse than Big Oil. Big oil is at least providing value for the money they get. I’m thinking Gore will become a bigger laughing stock as time moves on. He laughed all the way to the bank, but karma may play turnabout with him.

Jaap de Vos

Before the presentation of Mr Gore and his film ‘An inconvenient truth’ in 2007 I had already read the book ‘State of fear’ (2004) of Michael Crichton. In this book an American environment organisation (Greenpeace ?) ask a marketingconsultant how they must introduce a worldwide action around the theme ‘global warming’ with a rise of the global temperature of 2-5 degrees. After investigation they advise them not to use the rise in temperature as the eye-opener, because people cannot imagine much by such a rise. No, they must take ‘severe weather events’ as a central theme of global warming. They happen from time to time all over the world and people has a bad memory of such events in the past, so global warming can easily be accepted as the reason.
From that time I was interested in this subject and was wondering how long this fairy-tale would last.


Wait you here a moment, what do you mean he cussed during a presentation, he is the bloody demagogue curse. :p

Wayne Delbeke

Wil says:
August 6, 2011 at 10:22 am
Think Gore is a winner? Look at what the green agenda has done. Wasted billions, If rational energy and political policies were followed would the US have a downgraded credit rating, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada and England are are suffering from “green” energy policies that are sucking the life out of our economies – it isn’t alone but it is a big contributor – and perhaps it has a “forcing” affect. I am all for pollution control – I’d make littering a $10,000 fine but the green power thing is just dumb. I recycle and do most of the things a responsible person should do but Gore – total hypocrite.

Brian, the problem is that Gore doesn’t practice what he preaches. That makes him a hypocrite. And having read the mendacious, post normal science easily refuted CAGW tripe that he laughingly presents as “fact” contained in Climate of Denial, I have a big problem taking seriously anything he says on the subject.
What’s your problem?


And just who polluted the topic of climate?
The profiteer whose movie made millions?
GE making billions and paying no taxes?
those who hid the decline?

mike g

What the hell is wrong with GE making billions and paying no taxes as long as they’re obeying the law? Take away the corporations and what have you got? Somalia.


“I am not one of those who thinks him a hypocrite; I think rather that he shares an illusion common amongst the narcissistic glitterati of our time: that politically fashionable virtue cancels private vice.”
This is the problem with our narcissistic glitterati and those who think like them: they can’t admit to seeing hypocrisy when it’s in front of them. Instead, they calm themselves with an illusion to make them believe it’s not really there.
It it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

Justa Joe

mike g says:
“What the hell is wrong with GE making billions and paying no taxes as long as they’re obeying the law? ”
Normally nothing would be considered wrong. However, in the case of GE you have a company that supports an administration that demagogues corporate taxes and profits incessantly particularly those of “big oil” You have the CEO or chairman of the boardof GE, D. Immelt, serving as a so-called jobs “czar” in the administration. You also have GE owning major news media outlets, NBC & MSNBC, which are incessantly calling for higher taxes on the “rich” and on “corporations” while acting as a defacto PR outlet for the administration. It has an unsavory appearance of duplicity and hypocrisy on the grandest of scales.


I looked up the topic “GE pays no taxes” and found that, lo and behold, the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, has been advising Obama on taxes and business in general.
With any other president, there might just be an investigation going on as to why such a close chum of the Prez is getting such a break (though to be fair, they are following the tax code as is written). I can (once again) only imagine the vitriol that would be in the press if a good ol’ oil buddy of GWB hadn’t paid taxes on his billions of profit in two years.
Regardless, what polluted the topic of climate was the blatantly unscientific behavior of the team et al. Once I heard Jones’ “Why should I give you my data when all you’ll try to do is find something wrong with it,” I knew we weren’t talking science any more. Suppressing rival papers; declaring a “consensus,” as though that’s how science is done; engaging in ad hominem attacks: none of these things is how science is done, nor even how skeptics are dealt with. It’s certainly not how the biologists deal with the still-ongoing bother of creationists they have hanging around badgering them.

Wait, the same guy who thinks we shouldn’t be allowed to buy music with naughty words in it* issues actual profanities when giving a science-like talk?
*reminder: the warning labels were a compromise to keep Al & Tipper’s PMRC from lobbying to outright ban the sale of naughty music. Funny how having the wife of a sitting senator as a professional lobbyist can get hearings that directly contravene the spirit (if just skirting against the actual letter) of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Wil says:
August 6, 2011 at 10:22 am

He gets traction with government officials in the US and abroad because they see how his government-imposed regulatory markets can make them and their friends rich. Why else would PoW Charles give Al G the time of day? Al’s burning up not because of AGW, but because his carbon credits are not going to be worth much soon.
Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. – Curly Howard


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