Admission of unfair dealings by DEC to the Thompsons

For those of you following the governmental abuse of the Thompson farm case in Australia, here is an update, from their own meeting minutes:

And there’s a second admission along the same lines:

Jo Nova has the entire story here.

23 thoughts on “Admission of unfair dealings by DEC to the Thompsons

  1. from JoNova’s: Matt and Janet are the kind of people who don’t want to cause anyone pain, even as their life savings are being taken away. In other words, every step of the way Matt and Janet have tried to be nice, and what have they got for it?

    this is why people think I’m an a$$—e. I stand up for myself. How sad that we, as a people, have devolved to this. to have to act like a jerk to avoid being done in by the tree-huggin, frog-lickin, gun-bannin busybody do-gooder professional liberal beauracrats.
    Atlas Shrugged.

  2. Bout friggin time. But, I fear that use of the word…. “process”. When you hear a bureaucrat talk of “going through the process” then you know, they are covering their arses!!!

  3. I posted this over at JoNova’s site.
    “Call me a cynic if you like, but over thirty years of Police service has taught me that the milk of human kindness is often found to be curdled. In the Thompson’s case I would be looking for the person(s) or institution(s) which would profit from the closure of this beef feed-lot (and its subsequent sale at a knock-down price because of previous problems which just might magically disappear?)
    Never attribute to malice that which arises from stupidity or incompetence. The DEC has been dragged around by its metaphorical nose by someone highly skilled in institutional manipulation. The alleged culprit has fed in just enough “evidence” in the way of complaints etc. at just the right time to make the DEC jump just the way that was wanted, in an effort to remain just out of sight The bureaucrats involved are simply too stupid to realise this manipulation, they go along the “desired” pathway blithely thinking that they are operating within the confines of their ‘legal’ remit even when this is not the case.
    The solution to many cases used to be “Cherchez la femme”.
    I think in the Thompson’s case it is much more likely to be “Follow the money”.

  4. If I read this right, the new revelations say nothing about the current process and deadlines. Is there or is there not an imminent deadline/foreclosure?

  5. ‘Enneagram says:
    September 29, 2010 at 11:23 am
    Just pondering: What does smell the worst: a pig’s farm or a congress full of corrupt politicians?’
    As a pedant, could I just note that the adjective ‘corrupt’ is here a tautology!

  6. Mark Wagner says:
    September 29, 2010 at 10:55 am

    This isn’t about politics or the environment (footnote: Liberal doesn’t mean left wing in Australia).
    Interesting comment Stephen Brown, let’s hope this ends well. We’re still waiting for news about the meeting with the CEO of the National Australia Bank.

  7. re: Stephen Brown says:
    September 29, 2010 at 11:50 am

    I think in the Thompson’s case it is much more likely to be “Follow the money”.

    yup, agree, allways ask – cui bono? – who will profit?

  8. AGMates | HERALD
    September 26, 2010 in Agribusiness, Agriculture, Banks, Feature Articles, Steve Truman, farm
    Thompsons Saga shows what lies ahead in Australia
    Matt & Janet Thompson’s story is a human tragedy playing out before our eyes and all credit and power to them for sharing it with us and the world as it happens. You can follow their story in four places – all on the web. Jo Nova’s superb coverage , Anthony Watts and of course Dale Stiller’s coverage here on the HERALD on the AGMates members community in the Property Rights Australia Community”
    “The Thompson’s story is a big one and encompasses some of the biggest issues at play in our society today.”

    “Over zealous governmental environment enforcement officers can wage war on any business or landholder without any form of accountability. Most businesses rely on the good will of a bank or lender to continue to operate. The Thompson’s case is a graphic illustration that paid government officials can create sufficient and even unreasonable restrictions on any business, to the point where the banker loses confidence in the business. Once a lender loses confidence the personal and family consequences for the business owner / landholder are dire.”
    “The result of this is that the entrepreneur goes bankrupt and losses everything as we are seeing in the Thompson’s case and Peter Spencer before them while the government employees continues to collect their taxpayer funded pay cheque.”

  9. I am relieved. I hope this puts some attention into governemnt officials so this will never happen again. Political correctness is suffocating the Western World.

  10. captainfish,
    I suggest that to properly process a bureaucrat, 235 degree steam at 15 pounds for 90 minutes if in 4 ounce cans and soybean oil.

  11. This sounds like hopeful news, on two scores
    (1) officials are for the first time saying “what was done is not ok”
    (2) more reporting beyond Jo Nova and the skeptics blogs.
    I wait to see if the officials can jump in time to save the Thompsons, or if they are prepared to make recompense……… or if there is some way of bringing home accountability in terms of human misery caused by insane greenies.

  12. I just think “Atlas Shrugged”.
    Sometimes I think environmentalists all read those distopia novels and thought they were really utopian novels…

  13. Climatechange Truth and the Hidden Agenda
    September 21
    The Price Of Standing Up To Global Warming Alarmists in West Australian Govt.
    “This is a particularly nasty story about warming alarmist facism by the Government of Western Australia and the retribution they let rip on a family resulting in the Thompsons receiving an eviction notice with just 4 days warning.
    Taking the fight to the enemy part 1
    “There’s currently a lot of that currently going on in Australia, where farmers are being forced off their land following complaints from vociferous minorities. A case in point is that of the Thompson family; law abiding, taxpaying people who complied with all the rules and regulations concerning an agricultural operation, yet now find themselves facing eviction from their own property after 21 complaints about the odour from their beef raising feedlot operation, for which the correct permissions had been obtained.”

  14. I used to think of the greens as well-meaning, often on the right side of an issue (whale protectors), often misinformed, always a bit naïve. They have proved to be danvgerous, unscrupulous, dishonest, horribly destructive, hateful and sinistef (greenpox: “We know where you live…where you work…you be few and we be many”. Who contributes to such organizations?

  15. It’s interesting that these issues are being covered more in America. Not a surprise, the Australian MSN are towing the party line on “clmate disruption”…
    I wonder how far this would have gone if it weren’t for the likes of Jo Nova and Anthony Watts rasing the issue?

  16. It is time for a tax on all do gooders.And a drastic pay cut for some Australian govt nitwits. It strikes me the “we are here to help you” crowd would vanish if it was their own money at stake.

  17. OT but, on Seven’s Afternoon News weathercast, Melbourne had it’s coldest September in 16 years!!! Similar figures for the east coast states. But this is just cold, so it’s just weather. Yeah right!

  18. excerpts from the Countryman
    Bank rolled
    News | Kate Matthews
    WA farming family and Property Rights Australia (PRA) have launched a public pressure campaign in an eleventh-hour bid to stop the National Australia Bank (NAB) from closing down a Narrogin feedlot.
    PRA vice-president Lee McNicholl said they would be doubling their efforts to ensure a just outcome for the Thompsons.
    Mr McNicholl said he was personally involved in a farm foreclosure fight in Queensland and said public pressure resulted in the receival paperwork being pulled, receivership costs refunded and a solution hammered out.
    Online farm forum AGMates is also running a lobby campaign on behalf of the Thompsons, calling on its members to contact local media.
    Countryman understands NAB chief executive Cameron Clyne and politicians mediating on behalf of the Thompsons met this week.
    Full story:

  19. comment on JoNova:
    Douglas Dc Oregon,US: 
September 30th, 2010 at 12:38 pm
    Hi been a while, but this made a local farm/ranch radio show in the Pacific NW US. If I can find the show URL I’ll try to get it in.
I told the Cattleman’s assoc here in my area about this.

    Our National EPA is trying to regulate DUST!

    we are in this together.
    Looks like the message is sinking in. If the EPA regulates CO2e on farms under any licensing scheme, are we likely to see the same abuse that currently plagues Agri-Business in Australia.
    Probability in my opinion is 100%.

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