"You wouldn't accept that at a grade 9 science fair…" – CBC finds a moment of clarity on Climategate

Wow, just wow. What an editorial. The CBC’s Rex Murphy on Climategate.

h/t to WUWT reader David Davidovics


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Wow, when all else fails, you can still count on a Newfie to just tell it like it is. Hat tip to the people of The Rock, and Rex++.

\o/ It’s over Rex has spoken, this man carries weight of opinion. Let the rout begin. Tally ho!

About time!.
Everyone needs to see that. Spread the word.
Tim, Vic, Australia


Fantastic. You can’t get more fair than that.
Alarmists claim that these e-mails “do not disprove man-made climate change.” That is true, however, these e-mails demonstrate clearly that man-mide climate change was never fully proven to begin with, it was manipulated into existence through selective omission of counter-argument.

Jim Steele

Superb! Just Superb!

Richard Lawson

Wow Climategate and ipcc review news headlines on BBC Radio 4. Tipping point 4 UK news.

Paul Vaughan

FYI: “The National” is a very serious program. This video is not partisan. I suspect the delayed MSM response in Canada is because media higher-ups wanted to “wait & see” and do careful research before going public.

Evan Jones

He sure said a mouthful!


At long last…

Jack Green

And still no “lame-stream media” has covered this. CNN has done a couple of pieces but they will when it blows up at Nopenhagen.
This is wonderful and so true. We need hit the reset button and put these guys (scientists) on real problems not political ones. The vast majority of them are good guys with good intentions just caught up in trying to make a living. It’s the Gore’s of the world that are making a living off of people’s fears.
Since Gore invented the internet it will destroy him and his money greed scheme from spreading fear.

Doug in Seattle

I don’t know how much the CBC has changed since I left Canada 16 years ago, but I doubt it has become less left leaning in its bias.
Even Canada’s Conservatives (at least eastern ones) had pretty much either drank the the kool-aid or given up their fight. For such a liberal/left bastion as the CBC to backslide toward skepticism is quite amazing.
That to me makes Rex’s opinion piece that much more important.

Bill Frumkin

Wow, the truth will out. I hope the flood gates will now open and mainsteream media will start to report the truth. I advise my friends who believe in AGW to not be the last ones on board this sinking ship.

David Davidovics

He blew me away too. Found reference to this on a newspaper blog so I started looking for it and gave my family in canada a heads up so they can catch the 10:00PM broadcast (I’m in austrailia at the moment). My Dad replied back with a youtube link and I got it here as fast as I could.
As I mentioned earlier, there is also a CTV report from the same night to keep an eye out for, but its not as scathing as this.


wow.. i am blown away.
if only all reporters could speak like him and not be bound by the pressures of the MSM. and to actually report things


Outstanding! Thank you CBC, you did good. 😉

Jesper Berg

Powerful speech. Maybe CBC actually followed the advice of this activist:


Rex’s aim is true. A perfect bullseye.
Here’s some Christmas cheer from our furry friends for the moderators, if not for the rest:


I am speechless

Mark Fawcett

Now that’s a piece of journalism – even-toned, eloquent, measured and objective.
There used to be a time I’d look to the BBC to be the standard bearer, sadly that time has long since departed.

John Peter

On BBC’s main News page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8394483.stm
“UN body probes climate e-mail row
The United Nations panel on climate change is to probe claims UK scientists manipulated global warming data to boost the argument that it is man-made.
The organisation’s chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri told BBC Radio 4’s The Report programme the claims were serious and he wants them investigated.”
That will be an interesting investigation. I wonder who will be appointed to provide an “impartial” report.

Claude Harvey

I never saw an editorial I didn’t think I could have improved upon; until this one.

Roger Knights

What a contrast to the Nature editorial. And how sickly the latter looks in comparison. I hope they are both printed side-by-side in in books of the future.

Alec J

BBC R4 Today programme Fri morning carried a ten minute slot on Climategate in their flagship 08:10 slot. This is usually the preserve of talking to government ministers on major policy issues.
An interesting small point was that the presenter John Humphries referred to the emails as being leaked – not stolen.
The sceptic (whose name I did not catch unfortunately) had by far the better of the discussion with Jonathan Porrit, one of the UK’s main cheerleaders for AGW.
It would appear that the BBC have finally started treating the story with some measure of their required impartiality.


English is not my native language, so there are many concepts I didn’t learn yet. Yesterday I learned a new word: ‘HIPSTER’. Hipster culture, and its huge spread since late 90’s, makes a lot of sense to me as, possibly, one of the main sources of public’s active support and belief in AGW. If hipsterism wasn’t so popular among young men and women as it is today, I bet the support in AGW and its ‘science’ wouldn’t be as strong as it is today. Simply because being anti-AGW is being eco-friendly, and being eco-friendly is ‘cool’!


Mr. Murphy
Your piece on Climategate was in my humble opinion the first piece of true Journalism from a Mainstream media outlet not just on this topic but on any topic seen in at least the last 10 years.


Rex at his best, he simply nailed it.
Maybe he can continue this during ‘Cross Country Checkup’ call-in show this weekend?


The CBC is in general very left, but Rex Murphy is not house trained like most there. Still I don’t think he could have done that without some internal support.
He is mostly ‘editorial content’ or talking to ‘phone in’ people on the radio. He has one of the best ‘pulses’ of English Canada, but then again, he is one of the few that speaks openly so that’s hard to be sure of. He is often able to present things in a way that cuts through the left/right smokescreen BS and get to the heart of the matter — no small feat.


Sir Muir Russell to head the Independent Review into the allegations against the Climatic Research Unit (CRU)

P Gosselin

A lie has to be repeated many times before it becomes “truth”. A truth needs to be exposed only once.
A few more reports like that on MSM, and the issue is is over! That is it’ll be back to square one and the debate begins.

Julian in Wales

tipping point?


there are so many ways this whole thing can go wrong, i dont know where to start… ;[ ’cause it wouldnt be the first time, an obvious lie ‘turns’ into truth.


A trusted voice of sanity for many CBC viewers. Let’s hope people take his advice and start actually investigating as opposed to gate keeping and spouting irrelevant figures that have been pressed upon them by those with a vested interest. Science, transparency, and objectivity above all.


Very impressive !
Well Done Rex! Now if the other so called journalists will take a hint and follow suit and actually do their job and make similar even handed reports in the other major media outlets. If not they will be co-conspirators and willful accomplishes in fraud, and accessories after the fact.
Edward R. Murrow went down in history as the man that stood up to the abuses of McCarthyism and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Rex Murphy I think Edward R. Murrow would be proud of you.
I tip my hat to you for a job well done!


This was a very nice report. To bad that overhere (Netherlands) it is still very much a non-issue. I think that the media is still waiting how it plays in the rest of the world.
The most funny thing i thought was that http://www.rt.com was one of the first stations that actually did some reports where you had a pro-warming and a sceptic discussing the problems, and i thought that it was strange that i had to depend on russian media for coverage 🙂

Rhys Jaggar

For some reason YouTube won’t work on Macs.
Any way of summarising this in words?


Nail, meet Mr Hammer.
I won’t hold my breath for something like this on the BBC

“The networks’ silence on ClimateGate is deafening. Scandal, cover-ups and conspiracy are the bread and butter of the media. Yet they have selectively and deliberately decided not to report this bombshell – or any of the incriminating details surrounding the scandal – because it goes against their left-wing agenda.
“To pretend this story simply doesn’t exist is damning to journalism. The so-called ‘news’ media are protecting scientists because it exposes their underbelly. That’s not journalism. That’s a cover-up. And we will continue to call them out for ignoring these allegations and the mounting, inconvenient evidence against them.”
media research centre

Kum Dollison

We need a couple of those, Stateside.


Listen guys,
the biggest economical decision of the humankind was supposed to be made partly on the basis of the CRU data.
If you really believe, that the the evidence is incriminating, somebody should file a criminal charge, before the whole thing is whitewashed.
This is also necessary for the sake of your own credibility. Web posts are nice, but RL actions are needed.

Methow Ken

This Rex Murphy editorial would have been great anywhere.
But to have the CBC put it on the air must surely amount to a major breech of what has effectively been an embargo on ClimateGate by the non-print MSM (or close to it, if count George S. on This Week and few other meager instances that very gingerly touched the subject).
The thing that makes me guardedly hopeful that the ClimateGate dam could break even in a large swath of the video MSM:
Probably even more important to most of the MSM than being politically correct, is the desperate fear of being (and being seen by the viewing public) as having been seriously ”left behind” on a major story. If the BASIC countries DO end up walking out in NoHopenhagen, that could break the dam; at least for any media organization that is not directly an arm of George Soros Inc, etc.


> That will be an interesting investigation. I wonder who will be
> appointed to provide an “impartial” report.
Probably Pachauri himself. After all, he’s the expert ….

Well spoken!


Excellent editorial form CBC. I woke up to news of the IPCC investigation on Radio Scotland this morning. The BBC have been complicit in trying to underplay Climategate for the past two weeks, presumably because they can’t get a refund on their flights to Copenhagen.
The world is changing. You would think that the warmers would be delighted that AGW seems less likely now than it was last month. But they would rather the world remained in imminent danger of “Thermageddon” than admit they might have got it all wrong.


An interesting segment in Newsnight from the BBC, uses a programmer to look at the source code.
11:45 mins into the vid.


Just speechless 😀

No wrath like a journalist (or politician) discovering they have been hoodwinked… and he’s right about the humor index of shows like Stewart. When the late night talk shows and the Comedy Channel political humor shows start making fun of you, it’s all over.
John Peter (00:33:00) : That will be an interesting investigation. I wonder who will be appointed to provide an “impartial” report.
The last rat off the ship? But seriously… remember that the IPCC is first and foremost a political body. Politicians often have a keen nose for when the cheese is over ripe and it’s time to start biting the hand that brought it to the cocktail party… Promise a politician anything, but never never lay a scandal near (or for the IPCC at) their door… The result of a scandal among politicians makes Roman Imperial family relations look positively cosy in comparison. (Nepotism is the insiders sharing booty with family members, is there a term for insiders killing off family members? A heck of a lot of “Emperor Wanabees” died at the hands of family and “friends”…)
So this could be the start of a coverup (or self posterior cover); or it could be a start of a lynching of the guys who showed up at the back room party with a narc … only time will tell. And it will be an interesting time.
FWIW, I’ve seen Rex a few times (he shows up on some of the satellite news programs, though frankly I’ve lost track of which one… I don’t think CBC in on the little dish so I think it’s other folks quoting snippets, but I surf so many news shows looking for an edge, it’s possible one of them is a CBC extract.) At any rate, he tends to get his facts straight and covers things with truth. As you may have noticed, he likes to give it to you straight too… A little old style… Did I mention I really really like my news a little old style? I’m going to have to see if I can find Rex on a more regular schedule somewhere…
At about 2:57 he has a marvelous scowl… I love it when a hard news guy is scowling at someone’s deceit. I always get the feeling that, after months of reporting “movie star has pet dog” they feel like they finally have a bit of what attracted them to reporting so many years before. One can only hope the rest of the reporters are feeling just a bit “left out of the fun”.


Wow. And powerfully presented.
Just wow.


Compare Rex Murphy with yesterday’s item on the BBC’s “Newsnight” program.
The Newsnight item
Starts 11 minutes 47 seconds into the program.
Ends at 21 minutes 23 seconds into the program.
Two weeks ago, I had never heard of Robert Watson, but the CRU data fraud disaster has smoked him out as Jone’s chief supporter at the UEA, and now he is all over the media and seems to be living in the Newsnight studio. Last night, the CRU’s climate program was condemned by a software engineer as something that “I don’t know what it’s doing, or why it’s doing it”. This was followed about two minutes later (I kid you not) by Robert Watson declaring that in spite of all that we have just heard about this joke of a computer program, the underlying message from the CRU is correct, the glaciers are melting, the sea levels are rising and the climate is warming, etc.
Watch, and wonder who are the deniers now?


Rhys Jaggar (01:06:16) :
Worked just fine on my Mac. My dilema is to either support Bill Gate’s company or a company with AlGore on board.


No Doug, it’s as left-wing as ever. However, Rex has always had a way of cutting through the political BS from both sides, and is probably the only non-biased journalist at the CBC, which is odd considering that he largely focuses on editorial content.
However, just to be clear for those that are unfamiliar with this organization, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (and its sister French language Radio Canada) are Canadian Crown Corporations that are largely funded by tax dollars. With the exception of Rex (and Don Cherry of Hockey Night in Canada fame), the CBC is a very left wing organization. Just as this aired tonight, one of the CBC News cable news channels is scheduled to show ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for about the 30th time over the weekend.