$10 million plus X Prize offered for a 100-MPG car


Now here’s something I can get behind.

The X Prize Foundation, which spurred innovation by offering $10 million for the first privately built spacecraft plans to offer millions for the

first practical car that increases mileage five-fold. The specs for the competition are out in draft form and call for cars in two categories that are capable of 100 MPG in tests to be run in 2009. The categories are:

4-passenger/4-wheel; and 2-passenger/unspecified wheels.

The cars must meet manufacturability requirements, and not be “science projects”. The prize is expected to top $10 million. The X Prize Foundation says that so far it has received more than 1,000 inquiries from possible competitors.

I’m hopeful Chico State will get their engineering department involved. They have a shot.

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