Newspapers to add smellovision stickers


As newspapers look for new ways to attract and retain advertisers, some are going for the nose.

USA Today is launching its first national campaign using scent technology. Omni Hotels, which hands out about 10,000 copies of USA Today to its guests daily, will use a front-page label to promote muffins, as part of its coffee partnership program with Starbucks Corp.

According to a statement issued by USA Today, the top ply of the label says “Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee and …” When the top layer is peeled off, a picture of a muffin is accompanied by the aroma of berries and reads “pair it with a fresh muffin. Available at Omni Hotels.”

I suppose its only a matter of time before the Chico Enterprise Record starts doing this on the main page. Some smells around Chico we might get could be:

– Fresh Coffee at Bidwell Perk (Mangrove Morning Blend)

– Sierra Nevada Taproom (hops)

– Hula’s Mongolian Bar-B-Q (Stir Fry)

– Bidwell Park (wildflowers in the spring)

– City Plaza (smell of the day at your own risk)

– Taskers House (empty pizza boxes and wet dog)

– Lon Glazners House (electronic soldering iron flux)

– Dan NT’s House (stereo smell; sometimes left sometimes right)

– Jack Lee’s house (freshly fired gunpowder)

– Roger Aylworth’s house (tuna and catnip)

– Steve Brown’s house (well worn shoes)

– David Little’s house (venison steaks on the barbee)

– My House (the sweet smell of success)

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