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Aurora Borealis and surface temperature cycles linked

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. writes about a new paper from Nicola Scafetta.: New Paper “A Shared Frequency Set Between The Historical Mid-Latitude Aurora Records And The Global Surface Temperature” By N. Scafetta 2011 A new paper has just appeared Nicola Scafetta … Continue reading

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A short anthology of changing climate

Guest post by Tony Brown Context is everything, and nowhere more so than in climate history, where a graphic such as this seems to illustrate an alarming uptick in temperatures that has been blamed on modern man and his profligate … Continue reading

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UAH monthly global temperature, down again slightly, daily data closing in on record cold territory

UAH Global Temperature Update for September 2011: +0.29 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for September, 2011 retreated a little again, to +0.29 deg. C (click on the image for the full-size version): … Continue reading

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GAO report on the poor quality of the US climate monitoring network

Senator Inhofe’s EPW office issued a press release today on the subject of USHCN Climate Monitoring stations along with links to this report from the General Accounting Office (GAO) …the report notes, “NOAA does not centrally track whether USHCN stations … Continue reading

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Perth’s summer- hottest or not?

Perth temperature history Guest post by Chris Gillham It’s worth digging a bit deeper into claims by the Bureau of Meteorology that Perth endured its equal hottest summer in 2010/11 and its hottest first four months of the year on … Continue reading

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NCDC cites “controversy” with the UAH temperature record, and the search for a “true climate signal”

This article in the January/February edition of WIRES Climate Change doesn’t surprise me at all. With the uncertainty of the surface temperature record in question, the Met Office’s Peter Thorne and NCDC’s Tom Peterson, who once wrote a ghost authored … Continue reading

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The surfacestations.org paper – accepted

After months of work, I’m pleased to announce that the paper that I have jointly written with several co-authors, including Dr. Roger Pielke Senior (who acted in the capacity as corresponding author) has run the peer review gauntlet and has … Continue reading

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The climate sensitivity and the surface temperature record question – answers from major players

Dr. Roger Pielke Senior posted this today, since he has no comments on his blog, I felt it would be good to repost it here to allow discussion – Anthony Repost Of Weblog Climatequotes.com “Climate Scientists Answer Question: Should Climate … Continue reading

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Hard Freeze: California Wine Country

I mentioned earlier today that my friend Jan Null, former lead forecaster for the NWS in San Francisco and now operator of Golden Gate Weather Service pointed out that a number of cold records were set overnight. Looks like we … Continue reading

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USA record lows outpace record highs 19 to 1 this week

539 new snowfall records were also set. Since we are often treated to lists of record high temperatures when heat waves occur and they are improperly linked to global warming (like in Russia’s heat wave this summer), I thought it … Continue reading

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