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A request to readers: write a “connect the dots” letter this weekend

Note – this will be pinned as a top post for a few days. Other posts will appear below this one. UPDATE: Josh weighs in with a Friday Funny. UPDATE2: McKibben has a Forrest Gump moment with his latest propaganda … Continue reading

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James Hansen – off the rails

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Monckton addresses California Assembly Committee

This was a live blog of this event held at the State Capital in committee, meeting room 127. Brevity is due to blogging on my cell phone. Live Blogging Maintenance guy adjusting thermostat down to keep people from keeling over … Continue reading

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Kos asks about Michael Mann – hero or zero?

I was surprised to see this essay and poll on the Daily Kos tonight. Don Mikulecky writes: Michael Mann is a Modern Hero and we need to acknowledge that! I have been both a scientist and a political activist for … Continue reading

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Editorial: The Guardian doesn’t give a damn about accurate reporting nor its own editorial code

UPDATE: I’ve made a change to my policy on media interaction. See below. -A Strong headline, I know. But the headline is rooted in actions (and lack thereof). Readers may recall the smear job done by Guardian reporter Suzanne Goldenberg … Continue reading

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Forecastthefacts.org – Political Activists Gagging Our TV Meteorologists on Climate Issues

UPDATE: 1/23/12 11AMPST Exposed – Forecastthefacts.org is a George Soros funded activist website. See details below. By Michael A. Lewis, PhD. and Anthony Watts Some one or some organization is attempting to influence the upcoming annual meeting of the American Meteorological … Continue reading

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The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:

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Penn State to lecture on “climate ethics”

I got this late, but this must be the most clueless thing I’ve ever seen, especially coming on the heels of the biggest ethics scandal ever in the history of Penn State. Maybe clueless doesn’t even describe it. I’m at … Continue reading

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“Stop Mr. Climate Change”

That’s a sign in one of the videos below. This is what college churns out these days, at least in UMass Lowell, but I’ll give them points for not wasting state funding or seeking grant money. From their YouTube website: … Continue reading

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CAGW – the pessimists choice

Submitted by Professor Bob Ryan The debate between advocates of CAGW and ‘sceptics’ is a rerun of an old argument between those who take a pessimistic and those who take an optimistic view of humanity.  Following the collapse of communism … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – climate catastrophe deja vu all over again

With apologies to the late great Yogi Berra, who surely would have something to say about this climate inanity, and via Bishop Hill, we have this reminder of the ghost of alarmism past: Sir John Houghton once famously said: Unless we … Continue reading

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Well, which is it?

Andrew Bolt (via his reader John Coochey) of the Herald Sun notes an astonishing incongruity with expert claims on CO2 warming retention times made about 24 hours apart on radio programs in Australia.

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The Economist on “climate cranks”

I watched some of this yesterday, noting that Mr. Hertsgaard seems to simply be making a ruckus to promote his new book. There doesn’t appear to be any depth beyond that. The Economist seems to agree. – Anthony Who are … Continue reading

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Reconciling the irreconcilable in Lisbon

Since I did not attend Lisbon even though invited and initially accepted, (other business and family obligations took precedence) the very least I can do is to help elevate the discussion. Here’s a report from Dr. Judith Curry, and I … Continue reading

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Spin, span, spun: now it’s “climate challenges”

You’d think with something so devastating, so frightening, so certain, they would not need to keep changing the name to make it more marketable. Maybe they can take a cue from Coca-Cola and call it: “New post normal science AGW” … Continue reading

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Naked bodies and a new Messiah

Guest post by Robert Zimmerman If anyone had any doubt that the global warming movement is undergoing a serious collapse, this so-called news article from Spiegel Online, entitled “Naked bodies and a new Messiah: Green groups are trying to sex … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Corruption of Science: Where did it all go wrong?

Guest post by Bernie Lewin As it is the time of year for reflection, let us consider for a moment the Climate Change scare in the bigger picture. One thing that became more evident as the year progressed was that … Continue reading

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AGW Defender Flowchart

Submitted by bsfootprint in WUWT Tips and Notes I’ve been following the online global warming climate change climate disruption debate of late, and I thought it might be helpful to diagram common pro-AGW responses to skeptics. So: here’s a flowchart … Continue reading

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