Kos asks about Michael Mann – hero or zero?

I was surprised to see this essay and poll on the Daily Kos tonight.

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Don Mikulecky writes:

Michael Mann is a Modern Hero and we need to acknowledge that!

I have been both a scientist and a political activist for most of my 76 years.  But the situation regarding Michael Mann is very different.  I just finished a very moving experience reading The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines and I have lots more to say than I can fit in a single diary.  So I will devote this diary to trying to convince you that this Mann is a hero.  There are too few heroes among the scientific community because of the nature of what we do.  

Michael Mann was not someone who chose his role.  Military persons can anticipate the possibility of being in situations where acts of heroism are called for.  Scientists are certainly not in the same situation.  Or at least, they have not been for a long time.  Galileo comes to mind and it was the Church then that made his life one of great sacrifice.  In these times the situation has deteriorated so rapidly that few of us have had a chance to evaluate the impact of what is going on.  Science is a threat to the dark forces that are moving to control us all.  People like Carl Sagan and Stephen jay Gould were out there early on fighting against these dark forces.  They did a lot for us.  Rachael Carlson and many others were  on the front lines.  

Yet the situation with Professor Mann is something beyond all that.  He has become a symbol for what our future is all about and he did not chose his role.  No sane person would have.  Read on below and I will try to paint a broad picture of how much is at stake and give you a perspective on how this one Mann has focused on the threat to all of us.

The full essay is here:


And, there is a poll at the end which has some surprising choices.

Update 3/14: One of the comments there is by somebody who posts here regularly, John Sully. He writes:

Anthony Watts posted about this over at his site and told the trolls to come and freep the poll. This is why year after year his site gets voted “Best Science Blog” or whatever.

Mr. Sully please point out exactly where in the 35 words I wrote (the rest are from Kos) in this essay I have “…told the trolls to come and freep the poll.” Otherwise sir, you are a liar. – Anthony


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They shouldn’t have asked me.
Michael Mann is a hero the same way Bernie Madoff is a hero.
Madoff was great until they found out what he was doing.


Link is broken without the last “-” that didn’t make it from the text to HTML

Tom B.

Thanks for pointing this out. Went over there to vote…. Please do the same.

Michael Palmer

Link not working – the hyphen at the end must be made part of the url.


“You can see from the poll that we have some trolls….” Heh


is this serious? n i can only conclude that this 76 year old is a senile fool/….


The only way anyone could believe that Michael Mann is a hero, is if they can rationalize the use of deception in science because the end justifies the means.

Paul Westhaver

link blocked when referred from WUWT (I think)
Whenever I select the link above I get a Dailykos blank page. If I copy the url and paste it, It loads fine. I suspect the daily kos wankers don’t really want a link from Anthony Watts. Or maybe they are desperate for the click revenues but don’t want votes for the options we will likely choose.
Anyway,I chose “is distorting evidence to prove his point” as did the majority so far.
Dumb poll…populism proves nothing.

Dr Burns

This link works : http://tinyurl.com/7t49zkr
Already not many people who think much of Mann.

Mark in Oz

Anthony, how could you, I just lost my breakfast!

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Poll results after I voted:

is distorting evidence to prove his point
49% 37 votes
should be fired from the university
26% 20 votes

“Get fired” would be an excellent choice for those wanting to enhance his climate martyrdom. I am glad to help.

James Allison

LOL the poll results would suggest Don has got that one wrong.


Michael Mann
did not choose to became a symbol
2 votes
has been attacked in many of the same ways that the President and John Kerry were
0 votes
Is an outstanding scientist and human being
4 votes
all of the above
12 votes
is distorting evidence to prove his point
89 votes
should be fired from the university
38 votes
| 145 votes | Results

Dave N

Going by the results of the poll, and what comments actually appear, it seems likely that any negative comments are censored. Either that, or the people who disagree haven’t bothered to comment, possibly indicating that they think they’ll be censored anyway.

Dale Gribble

Access from the link on your blog now seems to be blocked…

Harold Ambler

I think I’m dreaming. Or this is simply the most satisfying poll I will ever be allowed to be part of.

Jim S

I threw up a bit in my throat.

The last two poll questions are intended to split the vote. They should have been combined into one question: “Should Michael Mann be fired for distorting evidence?”
I voted for firing him, because it is an indisputable fact that he distorted evidence, cherry-picked proxies, and hid evidence that would have falsified his hockey stick in a file labeled “Censored”.


All polls about Michael Mann should include the option:
Should abandon failing career in climate science and return to producing TV shows.

jonathan frodsham

WTF. A hero, well really now; what do you expect? These watermelons have all sorts of Heroes, Michael Mann has a hero you know, who it is?; wait for it?; yes: Paul Ehrlich, Mr Population Bomb, and the everything I say, write and think is wrong lunatic man. And lets kill 95% of people as people are maggots man.
How do I know this about Mann, because he said so in his so called book. The book that had me howling with laughter; really my wife thought I was going to die laughing.
I have a hero too: His name is Stephen McIntyre. No wonder I despise Mann so much.

P. Solar

“This is but one example of the lies and deceit out there on the web. These blogs and postings are part of a coordinated effort financed by the oils and coal industries,… ”
I had no idea what ‘kos was about , but I’m quickly getting the picture.
Whoever, wrote this about having an “emotional” experience reading the book is probably telling the truth. Fiction can be very moving. I’m sure I cried the first I read Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
He probably thought “The Titanic” was historically accurate as well. 🙄
Get a grip!

Robert Morris

Don is not liking the “trolls”.
Mind you, troll is not liking Don, although I suspect Don is right when he asserts that no one sane would choose Mann’s “role”.

170 votes for distortion, 57 to remove of 247 votes. Lol.


I wonder how long it will take for them to nix the poll?
At the rate that Mann is getting “zeroed”, it shouldn’t be too long.

P. Solar

[snip – over the top – Anthony]

Rick Bradford

Last 2 questions: 228
All the rest: 20
Mann’s corner should throw in the towel (but not before someone takes a screenshot)

Seems as though the author himself doen’t like the poll results

You can see from the poll that we have some trolls (0+ / 0-)
from the deniers here
An idea is not responsible for who happens to be carrying it at the moment. It stands or falls on its own merits.
by don mikulecky on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 08:31:01 PM PST


John F. Hultquist

now at 70% clicking distortion


It reads like Mark Anthony speaking of Caesar.
Was that intentional?

Robert Austin

I couldn’t figure out how to comment on Kos but if I had been able to, I would have commented that Mann’s apt nick name is “Piltdown Mann” and that his book should always be read along with “The Hockey Stick Illusion” and “The CRUtape Letters”. I voted that he had distorted evidence and rather than for being fired because I think he should remain at Penn State as a permanent blot on their academic reputation.


How awfully funny – reducing Dr Mann’s work to a popularity contest; and at last check he is losing badly in his home court. Pathetic.
I can see the World Climate Widget on your blog from my comment box and I’m sorry but Global Temperature Anomaly looks like noise about a non-alarming mean to my engineer’s eye . And I don’t mean that in any sort of demeaning way. I am very interested in improving our understanding of climate and atmospheric science; but again, as an engineer I think we should be paying a lot (and I mean a lot) more attention to fundamental measurement of real-world climate variables in real time before we make too many rash statements about Mankind’s alleged contribution. For every dollar generated one way or another by Dr Mann’s Hockey stick, if we would contribute one dime to Mr. Watts’ surface station project; our returns would be tenfold over again in returns in our understanding.
Statistical wish fulfillment ala Dr Mann has proven to be silly exaggeration now apparently reduced to nothing but PR.


Now 195 votes for distortion and 62 votes for sacking out of 277 votes. That is a condemation rate of almost 93%.
I did notice that there were 4 positive choices including an “all of the above” which is where to pro votes are meant to accumulate and 2 negative choices which are meant to split the anti vote. Pretty transparent and completely ineffectual.

Anybody running a pool on when they pull it down? near 100% in the two bottom choices.

20 (sum of four favorable), 196 distorts data, 61 “should be fired” of 277 votes.

70% of the vote ~ 209 votes out of 279 are currently listed for he’s distorting the science.(If you can get thru to see it!) Seems the poll is closed… ;o)

Our trolls are better than their trolls. Site won’t let me comment.

Rogelio escobar

Hopefully Santorum wins tonight will probably mean Romney is finished. This is VIP for the global warming story. If this guy gets elected the whole AGW fabrication will be brought to task and terminated.

R. Shearer

Michael Mann suffers from personality science distortion, so says the poll.


I’d love to leave a comment there, but can’t figure out how,

William Martin in NZ

I voted for sacking.If I did what he did,I’d be passing my cigarettes through the bars.


I can just see the oversized picture of Chairman Mao over Mikulecky’s fireplace, joyously ablaze, as he sacrifices all reason on the altar of liberal utopianism…

If I could only vote in that poll without increasing DKs traffic count.
Where is the selection “Mann is a modern fraud and we need to acknowledge that”?


OK so there’s a lot of skeptics voting on their poll, possibly from here. But why aren’t they balanced by climate change believers? This happens all the time, the skeptics are frequently a majority presence at the front line where the non-stupified (e.g. Guardian) debates are had. Though if you go to the Guardian you find many people supportive of the cause regurgitating the worn out 97 % settled science style arguments. Does seem to be a dearth of climate change supporters who actually inhabit the more remote corners of the internet where real debates are had.

Wayne Delbeke

Of course Mann is a hero to some. Take a look at the profile of Prof. Mikulecky.
That pretty much says it all.

Ted G

What a joke, only a fog brain could believe this man Don Mikulecky on Mann idolatry.
See the poll, Mann is getting his butt well and truly kicked!!
Michael Mann
is distorting evidence to prove his point
70% 242 votes
should be fired from the university
23% 80 votes
Total: 343 votes
Don’t be surprised to see some warmist pole/data fudging very soon, they won’t like whats happening poll wise!!!

Sam The First

If you put ‘daily kos michael mann’ into the google search box this preposterous article is the first link which pops up.
It’s quite amazing that people can still write such unsubstantiated stuff… But I had a row with an old friend, a Democrat activist, on FB only two days ago merely for pointing out that there is NO scientific consensus, He responded that he wasn’t prepared to listen to Republican deniers.
I’m not even an American! The AG propaganda machine has really done its work, and will still take many years to dismantle – it’s very depressing

R Barker

When I read something like this, I wonder how one person’s perspective could be so different from my own understanding of the facts. A look at Don’s profile cleared that up for me.
“don mikulecky’s Profile Retired prof. still active in teaching and writing. See my web page for more. Charter member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)”.


Poll is still open apparently, screenshot linked above.


Hero? Nah. Zero? Well, no with that as well since he has benefitted greatly from his poor science. He’s been to Hawaii how many times?
I think Nero is a better fit, fiddling while his theory and schtick go down in flames. The man is truly delusional. I don’t know what it is, what strain of Denial hansenitis Mikey suffers from, but I’ve seen my share of Amherst activists (was almost one myself in fact) and they rarely yield an inch.
Mann is a truly special case of ego gone awry. The Climategate emails show he doesn’t have many fans even amongst his closest colleagues. He seems a rather nasty little bully if you ask me.
Yes, Nero indeed, Emperor of snakes with a venomous tongue and marshmallow teeth…and an empire in flames…and the wind’s picking up.
Good luck Mike. Good luck, that is, recovering from the inevitable Fall of Mann. It’s “very likely” you won’t stop swinging all full of piss and vinegar and tiger blood, but they make a jacket for that. Methinks it would fit you nicely. I kid, kind of. Sorry. The dude gets under my skin.

Sam The First

PS The poll isn’t closed, I just voted. It’s only closed if you try to go straight from this site